January 30, 2023

The Rain in Ukraine Falls Mainly in Vain

Timothy Birdnow

Here is an amazingly myopic and dunder-headed article about the whole Russo-Ukrainian dustup.

First the author claims this is destroying  Russia. I would say there wasn't much to destroy in the first place. Seventy years of Bolshevism had picked the meat off the Russian bones, and the West happily has been picking what was left. Putins' ascension to power was a bad thing for Russia, and killed the nascent democratic movement of Russia, but whose fault was that?

Putin rose to power thanks to George Soros, who crashed the Russian economy through his usual b.s. money manipulation. The Russians were already mad as hell at the West for the carpet-baggers and the rest who swooped in to pick the bones. Soros was the last straw. They elected Putin.

Then there is this:

"[Many...] seem not to understand that, as opposed to Las Vegas, "what happens in Ukraine does not stay in Ukraine." Even a partial win for Putin could end up costing America far more in the long run -- in both lives and treasure. It would have been so much easier to stop Hitler before he crossed the Rhine." End excerpt.

???? This is a lot of conventional wisdom but lacks any real proof thereof. The Russians did the exact same thing in Georgia back in 2008. Yes, since Putin got away with it once he figured he could get away with it again. But it hardly led to Russia expanding all around the globe as this suggests. Putin is not Hitler and Russia is not Germany. They don't have that kin d of reach. The notion that we must intervene or else Putin will attack the whole world is not supportable.

But apparently the U.S. doing so is just fine.

I would add that this intractable support for Ukraine and no diplomacy is beyond stupid and will push Putin's back against the wall, and we may find we don't like what happens next. THIS is what could widen the war, up to and including nukes.

Putin needs a way out to save face. He's not going down without a huge fight. The people pushing this idea of forcing him out don't realize he isn't Saddam Hussein; he's not a pushover.

"Western populations... grasp that to abandon Ukraine will lead to an even wider bloodbath."

End How so? Seems to me the wider bloodbath is more likely the longer we drag this thing out.

"Leaders in the West most likely see that without Putin's defeat, a return to stability in Europe is effectively impossible. To make the slightest concession to Putin would send all predators the message that they can invade a country, annex it in whole or in part, and commit war crimes to their hearts' content without any consequences."

But when we invade Afghanistan, or Iraq, or any other country it's different. (Well, in a way it is, but it doesn't change the fact this claim is pure hyperbole.) Remember, this whole thing is in no small part a coefficient of OUR meddling in the internal affairs of Ukraine; we fomented the Orange Revolution to install a puppet regime there.

"What is clear is that NATO will be strengthened, and fully emerge again as the defense structure of the democratic world."

Democratic world? Hah! NATO had no reason to continue to exist except as a tool of imperialist ambition, and it represents the E.U. which is about as "democratic" as Argentina. This statement is a farce.

NATO should have been dissolved at the end of the 20th century. It is the continued existence of NATO and it's expansion into the Warsaw Pact that caused this in the first place. Couple that with the deployment of missile defense systems in old Warsaw Pact countries and you had a recipe for Russian hostility. They don't like having old enemies on their border.

And I disagree; the U.S. is not going to come out the big winner - China will. This only empowers the Chinese, who get to sit back and watch their Asian rival Russia dry up and the U.S. squander it's prestige and military might and wealth on a war that is more civil war than fight between countries.

I disagree on the decline the author sees in Russia too. This war has actually boosted the Russian economy, and the demand for oil and gas was as much at the root of this as anything (and the high prices of both enriched Putin so he could afford this war.) I think this could damage the Russians, but not as much as the author thinks. If it comes to it the Russians can do what they are doing - sell to China and non-aligned nations and watch Europe freeze.

But economic collapse is the goal of current policy in the West towards Russia. They don't like those oil-mongers!

There is a reason why Biden made no effort to avert this war. The Davos crowd wants it, because they want to make Russia part of their internationalist empire. I don't cry for the corrupt Russian system but I also don't much like to see the Davos internationalists prosper. They are pushing so hard on this because they want to bankrupt Russia and force her into the New World Order. Putin may be an SOB but he does see that's what they are about.

Doubt that? The U.S. had been building a pipeline system designed to circumvent both Russia and Iran in the days leading up to the Georgian war. That was what pushed Putin to invade. And we continued that policy, trying to cut Russia out of the oil and gas system ever since. That is designed to bankrupt the Russian government and allow the plutocrats - the international banks, the carpet-bagging tech people, the "green energy" mopes, etc. to move in and exploit the country. They have long lusted after Russia, seeking to carve her up like a Thanksgiving turkey. So many of OUR actions led to this. And our arms merchants have grown rich in the international arms trade and the winding down of Middle Eastern war meant they were losing money.

Somebody needed to get a major war going. It serves so many purposes for the political left and the international community. It hides Joe Biden's sins.

He says the Ukrainians have been showing "breathtaking resiliance". Well duh! With the arms we've been sending they should. The Contras in Nicaragua did too with our backing. So did the Taliban in Afghanistan during the eighties. It's not that hard.

What we are doing is opening the door to another very bloody century. This won't go away in Russia, even if Putin goes down. The Russian People will hold a grudge over this.

Where they let the fall of the Soviet Union go (they never liked it) they won't let this humiliation slide. If you want to create another Hitler this is the way to go about it.

This situation looks much like Europe at the outbreak of WWI. And we are making the very same mistakes.

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Double Standard with Santos

Timothy Birdnow

Care to read monstrous hypocrisy? Try this article about George Santos and the indignation of the Democrats and media.

Here is a classic:

Early this month, Santos helped get Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California over the hump in his nail-biting, five-day bid to become House speaker.

"The operating principle of House Republican leadership is not ethics. It’s politics,” Rep. Ritchie Torres, a Bronx Democrat, said in an interview. "Kevin McCarthy needs every vote he can get. And he needs George Santos to remain in power.”

Can you believe the unmitigated gall of that excerpt?

The media never held multiple serial liars to account when they were Democrats. Where were they when Bill Clinton lied to America about his affair with (and subsequent perjury and obstruction of justice) Monica Lewinsky and a host of others? It didn't matter then. In fact, they argued it was good to lie about sex.

In fact Breitbart has a list of lies told by President Penis.

What of Whitewater? Charlie Trie? His selling our national security to China for campaign funds? He lied about all this.

The Washington Examiner covers that too.

Where were they when Al Gore lied about inventing the internet? Or his multiple lies in An Inconvenient Truth (which conveniently made him very wealthy.)

Here is a whole book devoted to the many lies of Al Gore.

What of Hillary Clinton? She claimed a number of things that were demonstrably not true. She did NOT fly into Bosnia under sniper fire. She was not named for Edmund Hillary. She has a legacy of lies

She lied when she said there was no classified documents on her personal server. She lied when she bleachbitted her server and smashed her blackberry, then said she didn't know what it meant to wipe a server "like with a cloth?"

In 2016 she falsely claimed a letter from James Comey "only went to Republicans."

Even the leftwing Politifact admits she's a serial liar. National Review gives a good account of her dishonesty too.
And what of the calumny she indulged when she framed Donald Trump for "Russian collusion"?

What of the lies of John Kerry? What abou double dealing with Iran? He has repeatedly lied, whether it was in his testimony over what he did in Vietnam or elsewhere. He lied about his service record.

How about Nancy Pelosi? That woman never told the truth in her life. Glenn Beck chronicles the many lies told by the Queen Bee over the years.

And what of Adam Schiff, who has repeatedly lied to the American People in his "get Trump at any cost" Jihad?  He lied under oath before Congress when supposedly reading the call between Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky.

What of Eric Swalwell?

What of Joe Biden? Biden has lied through his teeth on almost every issue.

Here and here are two posts about lies told by Democrats.

But now we are supposed to forget all that and see Santos as some sort of monster to be disposed of.

You first Dems!

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Theft of Copper at EV Charging Stations

Richard Cronin

And in other breaking news, thieves are stripping copper cabling off of EV charging stations in Portland, Oregon.

Ford’s slashing Mustang Mach-E prices in latest volley in EV price wars

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The Extinction of the Condor

Timothy Birdnow

Our old friend Rusell Cook shows how much things have changed since the '70's and the "Day of the Condor" movie.

It's a fine essay.

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Trillions and Trillions Served

Timothy Birdnow

How much do you think was laundered back to the DNC to stop a red wave?

$60 Billion In COVID Fraud? Try $4 Trillion

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Seattle Sues Car MAKERS Over Vehicle Thefts

Timothy Birdnow

The Left has gone batcrap crazy!

Seattle city attorney sues carmakers Kia and Hyundai over increased car thefts

The whole west coast needs to be sawed off America and floated away to China (sorry Bill H.)

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Easy Fix To Australian Labour Shortage

James Doogue

The Australian government is keen to increase immigration and special work visas to fix a claimed labour shortage.

According to recently published data, Australia has 450,000 job vacancies we can't fill.

Yet these job vacancies could easily be filled from within Australia with some adjustment to our welfare system.

We currently have about 500,000 people claiming unemployment benefits. Many of these unemployed people would be working if benefit eligibility was changed.

We shouldn't be paying unemployment by benefits to school leavers and university graduates with little or no tax paying employment history.

In addition any unemployed who refuse jobs they are physically capable of doing, or who refuse to relocate within reason to follow work opportunities, should not be entitled to tax payer funded unemployment benefits.

Unemployment benefits should be considered a safety net, not something which provides a comfortable lifestyle for some.

To discourage long term unemployed, the level of benefits should be reduced over time. We should make life on unemployment benefits less comfortable the longer a person is in receipt of this welfare. There needs to be a disincentive to long term unemployment. This may require increasing the initial level of unemployment benefits to produce a sliding scale to a lower level after 6 months.

We have about 2.6 million recipients of a full or part Aged Pension. Just 3% of those Aged Pensioners are in any paid employment.

$300 per fortnight of earned income is not counted towards the aged pension income test, above which their aged pension is reduced by 50 cents on the dollar.

Many more than 3% would be prepared to work casually or part-time if the punitive income test was removed or at least relaxed.

In New Zealand where the income test doesn't apply to earned income, 25% of aged pensioners have paid employment. If Australia achieved a similar figure that would add 572,000 people to the work force.

There's absolutely no need to boost Australia's immigration numbers just to fill the labour shortage. Boosting immigration puts pressure on housing, education, welfare, health, transport and other services.

May be an image of text that says '14 $3000 SIGNING BONUS!!! FOR ASSISTANT MANAGERS ONLY AT THIS LOCATION. MUST BE HIRED 9/27 11/27 NOW SERVING OPEN REQUIRED OVEN BAKED GOOONESS We C PULL'May be an image of 1 personMay be an image of 1 person, standing, fruit, tree and outdoorsMay be an image of 1 personMay be an image of 2 people

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Don't Tase Me Bro!

Willis Eschenbach

In my youth my mom gave me what black people call "The Talk", about what to do when stopped by the cops.

• Follow their orders
• Keep hands in sight
• Move slowly

Critical rules for people of all colors, as we saw in the recent Memphis killing of a black man by 5 black officers. Like a fool, he resisted arrest and ran away.

Does this excuse his killing? Not one bit. From all evidence it was murder, plain and simple … but if he'd just listened when his mom gave him "The Talk" he'd almost assuredly be alive today.

And in any case, cops aren't the threat to black people … nor are white people the threat. Here's what kills black people.

May be an image of text that says 'Who/What Kills Black People in the US DATA: FBI, kff.org, & WaPo Shootings Dataset, 2018 20000 15000 Deaths 2018 10000 5000 Killed by Police Murdered by White People Murdered by Black People Killed by Drug OD Killed by Cancer Killed by Cardiac Disease'

Tim adds:

Like it or not the police own the streets. (We should like it; it's what keeps the criminals from owning them.) Yeah it's galling sometimes to be harassed by cops with nothing better to do than pull you over for a taillingt out, but they are only doing what the electred authorities tell them to do, which means what the public wants. Bear that in mind; their power comes from above (remember when Jesus told Pilate that, absolving him to a degree of what he was forced to do.) You have to remember that the police own the streets and they have the power to take your life if they feel it necessary. To provoke such an action is madness. Resisting them is like resisting the tide; it's coming in whether you like it or not. You can either work with it or go under.

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January 29, 2023

Group Stupid

"Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.”


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Wokism and the Memphis Beating

Timothy Birdnow

The cops who beat Tyre Nichols to death in Memphis were - affirmative action replacements for cops who left because of Defund the Police.

Memphis cops charged in Tyre Nichols murder hired after PD relaxed job requirements

This is what Progressivism brings. The whole idea of "defunding the cops was to reduce police atrocities, but in reality it has probably increased them. Cerrtainly these gang-bangers in blue were likely plucked out of the ghetto and given a gun and clubs and told to have at 'em.  No real training, except for woke diversity training and the like.

Our obeisance of the leftist ideology is deadly.

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Hard Truths About "Renewable Energy"

Frank Lasee

Worth the watch. Some truth on the facts of renewables. After more than 1 trillion spent on them to make up a very small percentage of total world energy. They also mix in bio fuels and Hydro electric from dams into renewables Bio fuels are burning wood for energy like they did in the olden days.

Wind turbines around the world are 'collapsing at an alarming rate'

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Antitrust Suit Against Google

Timothy Birdnow

Why now? I suppose they need to restore some credibility as a watchdog, but Facebook has been very very good to the Biden junta and I see no reason why they would do this at this point. There is something we aren't seeing happening here.Why now? I suppose they need to restore some credibility as a watchdog, but Facebook has been very very good to the Biden junta and I see no reason why they would do this at this point. There is something we aren't seeing happening here.

Google Under Scrutiny as US Government Files Antitrust Lawsuit

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Feds Using AI to Strangle Vaccine Dissent

Timothy Birdnow

Our government is waging war on us. Revolutions have been fought over less.

Feds adapting AI used to silence ISIS to combat American dissent on vaccines, elections

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January 28, 2023

Pelosi Video Garners More Questions

Timothy Birdnow

So now the police have finally released the bodycam footage of their call on Paul "Shake that sweet thang" Pelosi and the media is crowing, claiming it proves there was no there there. But is that the case?

Hold your horses, says the Daily Mail:

Why was he smiling and holding a drink? The questions that STILL remain after Paul Pelosi police bodycam footage of hammer attack is released - and all the theories that are now debunked

  • Dramatic police bodycam footage shows the violent attack on Paul Pelosi which triggered a string of conspiracy theories
  • A court ordered the release of the video despite protests from attorneys in San Francisco, who said it could be manipulated to spread disinformation
  • But some questions remain, like why police didn't stop DePape before he struck Pelosi and what happened inside the house before officers arrived
Indeed Pelosi was smiling when the cops arrived, and he seemed to be enjoying himself.

This opens more questions.

I would add if the Left doesn't like conspiracy theories, why did they spin so many themselves against Republicans, and particularly against Donald Trump? And why did the prosecution fight to keep this from being released. Manipulation, they say. But how do we know this tape wasn't manipulated by THEM? And why would it matter if some people in the public manipulated it after they released it when they could just rerelease it and prove them wrong?

This thing still stinks worse than the defecated-drenched streets of the City of St. Francis (fitting that the current Pope shares the name of the city of sodomy and fecal matter.)

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How to Make a Serf

Timothy Birdnow

Brillian essay:

"The women’s rights movement had three goals. First, it got women into the workplace where their labor could be taxed….So, with more women entering the workforce the supply of labor increases and wages are depressed….

"Now couples need to have two careers to support a typical modern lifestyle. We can’t tax the labor in a home-cooked meal. We can tax the labor in takeout food, or the higher cost of a microwave dinner. The economic potential of both halves of the adult population now largely flows into the government where it can serve noble ends instead of petty private interests….

"The second reason is to get children out of the potentially antisocial environment of the home and into educational settings where we can be sure they’ll get the right values and learn the right lessons to be happy and productive members of society. Working mothers need to send their children to daycare and after-school care where we can be sure they get exposed to the right lessons, or at least not to bad ideas….

"They are going to assign homework to their students: enough homework to guarantee that even elementary school students are spending all their spare time doing homework. Their poor parents, eager to see that Junior stays up with the rest of the class, will be spending all their time helping their kids get incrementally more proficient on the tests we have designed. They’ll be too busy doing homework to pick up on any antisocial messages at home….

"Children will be too busy to learn independence at home, too busy to do chores, to learn how to take care of themselves, to be responsible for their own cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Their parents will have to cater to their little darlings’ every need, and their little darlings will be utterly dependent on their parents. When the kids grow up, they will be used to having someone else take care of them. They will shift that spirit of dependence from their parents to their university professors, and ultimately to their government. The next generation will be psychologically prepared to accept a government that would be intrusive even by today’s relaxed standards – a government that will tell them exactly how to behave and what to think. Not a Big Brother government, but a Mommy-State….


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Antifa Riots, Biden Silent

Steven Chase

This week a 'white' terrorist group (Antifa) burned, looted and destroyed a PRIMARILY BLACK CITY (Atlanta) with a majority-black police force.
Why no condemnation from the Biden Administration?
Proof it's all politics, not race.

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The Mandarins Want Biden Out

Richard Cronin

It’s obvious. Biden is a liability. The Praetorian Guard (FBI & CIA) plus the One World Order have decided that it is time for his disposal.

Biden's notebooks among items seized by FBI in Delaware home search

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RINO Ronna Re-elected

Jerry S. Rainforth

Arizona Freedom Caucus member and state Rep. Rachel Jones tweeted Friday: "The re-election of Ronna McDaniel was a huge middle finger to those of us who are fired up and ready to win our country back. This is why it's so important to take back our party at the state level! Choose people who are beholden to YOU. Not special interests and lobbyists."

Article III Project Founder and President Mike Davis tweeted: "Very proud of my friend, Harmeet Dhillon, for waging this crucial uphill battle. [Harmeet's] a bold, fearless, selfless American patriot. She said what needed said. She did what needed done. The DC Republican establishment won this battle. But they will lose the war.

With McDaniel reelection at RNC, GOP leadership trio all keep power despite calls for change

Tim adds:

Ugh. I didn't know that RINO was re-elected. How do the RINO's keep their hold on power? We cannot hope to save America without first changing the GOP into a vehicle that actually supports America and not the pocketbook of the Chamber of Commerce and the plutocracy.

If you change nothing, nothing will change. McDaniel presided over a lost opportunity, with the GOP fumbling the Red Wave. Why put a proven loser back in charge of coaching a Super-Bowl bound team?

As Einstein said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Across the pond Maurizio Morabito has a thought:

As 90% of Trump’s supporters disagree publicly and vividly with his noncommittal, inscrutable approach leading to the Uniparty candidate retaining her RNC Chair, expect thousands of geniuses repeat the newsmedia mantra that Trump supporters be in a "cult”…

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January 27, 2023

Biden Bans More EV Minerals

Timothy Birdnow

Biden closes off yet more land that holds minerals important to EV vehicles.

From El Zoro News:

"The Biden administration on Thursday announced that it would complete a 20-year withdrawal of 225,504 acres in a northern Minnesota forest area that is home to some of the largest domestic critical mineral reserves."

This shows that the whole EV thing is a red herring and not at all what this eco-terrorist junta wants. IF the truly wanted to convert us to electric vehicles they wouldn't keep tying up the minerals needed to make them.

The Chinese own most of these minerals and Joe Biden is working diligently to guarantee they own them all. Why?

Could it be they want to make us dependent?

After the Second World War the French, tired of fighting with Germany, came up with a novel solution; tie their economy intimately with the Germans so that neither side would dare attack the other.

The result was the European Coal and Steel Community. These industries tied the two rival nations together economically, and it was expanded into the European Common Market, then eventually the political entity of the European Union.

This is the model the Davos crowd, the WEF, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateralists, all the internationalists who celebrate the United Nations are implementing.

And that is why we have so very much foreign trade. We carved the world economy into slices and gave different groups different pieces of the pie. The Indians got call centers and customer service. The Arabs the oil. The Americans got the high tech sector. China got manufacturing . And with each group having their own specified industry they were all dependent on the kindness and mercy of the other countries. Nobody could go it alone.

That was why they were so enraged at "Make America Great Again"; it screwed up the carefully laid plans for world Anschluss. Trump was bringing back industry to the U.S. He was reinvigorating the energy sector here. He was bringing back the 'bad old days" of American hegemony in economics. That could not, would not be permitted.

You can't build a world governing system without "equity" among a league of nations. The resentments and rivalries will tear the fledgling system apart. So what do you do?

You get those with money and power to tie their own hands. That has been done via Climate Change and the green dreams of "renewable energy". It's a scam designed to get us to dismantle our technology so the Third World will be willing to join the new order.

And of course these brights at Davos intend to be the rulers of this Platonian philosopher-king empire. You they can do without.

Literally. They think there are way too many people on Earth and deindustrialization will lead to a slow, steady decline in world population. It can be helped along, with plagues, with bad food, with restrictions on medical care. If it is too costly to raise children people will stop having them. Fertility has always been a coefficient of hope. The MAGA dirt people must be purged of any hope in the view of these best and brightest, so they will stop reproducing and go away.

And these Brights believe Paul Ehrlich's failed "population bomb" theory. They never stopped believing in that '70's hippie stupidity.

All of these things are interconnected. When our government locks up minerals needed to make electric cars, it is done for a real, concrete purpose, one that is not immediately apparent but which was well thought-out by the mandarins of academia and the think tanks that drive the current junta.

Biden and the rest don't give a rat's tiny rectum about electric vehicles; they are a lure, bait for a trap. What they want is to control the movement of peoples and pen them into corrals where they can be handled like the cattle the elites believe we are.

This scheme only works because the Left has complete control of the news media. If we had a real alternative they would be saying this. But Fox news? They'll tell you the what but not analyze the why. And they are about the best we've got, at least with any reach.

This is all about the Great Reset and the dream of erasing America. Mark my words.

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