July 21, 2019

Gorillas getting Depressed from Global Warming

Timothy Birdnow

Yes, they are actually saying this:

Anxious gorillas, thirsty koalas and lame cows - how climate change is making animals miserable

I suppose the gorillas need some valium.

You know how they did the study? They went looking for Gorilla poop. Does it ever occur to them that poking around their poop might make these animals anxious\\?

It's official; they've blamed everything on global warming now.

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Purple Paper Beaters

Selwyn Duke's latest; a dirty little tale of stench:

Wipeout: Now Leftists are Coming for Your Toilet Paper

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Keep Calm, Honor an Imam!

Timothy Birdnow

We elected Trump to end this kind of stupidity. Now he's gone and given a radical Imam a medal!

President Trump Awards InternationalReligious Freedom medal to Muslim Imam

I thought we were going to stop kowtowing the Sharia and Muslims. Trump is starting to become a huge disappointment; he stopped fighting and learned to love surrender!

Hat tip; Tim McNabb

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Facebook Patents Shadow-banning tech

Timothy Birdnow

Take a look here.

Yes, Facebook just patented a sysstem to allow automatic shadow banning. Look ma; no hands!

From the article:

What just happened? In 2015, Facebook filed a patent for "Moderating content in an online forum.” The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted the social media giant its request on Tuesday.

On its face, the patent claim seems banal — an automated system to weed through user content, so humans don’t have to. However, what makes it interesting is Facebook’s description of the system’s methods of moderation in the abstract.

"The social networking system may receive a list of proscribed content and block comments containing the proscribed content by reducing the distribution of those comments to other viewing users. However, the social networking system may display the blocked content to the commenting user such that the commenting user is not made aware that his or her comment was blocked, thereby providing fewer incentives to the commenting user to spam the page or attempt to circumvent the social networking system filters.”

As specifically portrayed by the patent document, what Facebook has been working on is a system to automatically shadow ban specific (proscribed) content. Proscribed is a legal term that means prohibited, usually by law. In this case, since speech cannot be prohibited by law, it means content banned by Facebook.

Not content with doing things manually, Zuckerberg and his radical cohorts have found a way to shut the mouths of people with whom they disagree.

Here is the abstract from the patents

Users of social networking system are provided with user interface elements permitting the user to post comments on pages within the social networking system. Pages may be provided for any non-user entity, including for example, pages for businesses, products, concepts, etc. Embodiments provided herein permit page moderators to ban certain content from being displayed on a page. For example, the social networking system may receive a list of proscribed content and block comments containing the proscribed content by reducing the distribution of those comments to other viewing users. However, the social networking system may display the blocked content to the commenting user such that the commenting user is not made aware that his or her comment was blocked, thereby providing fewer incentives to the commenting user to spam the page or attempt to circumvent the social networking system filters.:

Hat tip; Warner Todd Houston.

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Discretion and Kamala Harris

Rachel Alexander posted this on Facebook yesterday:

Image may contain: text that says 'Kamala Harris finds it bizarre that Pence won't meet with women without his wife present. Oddly, if other men followed his example, Kamala Harris wouldn't be in Congress.'

Hat tip: Selwyn Duke

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Victory at P (lanned Parenthood)

This from Concerned Women for America courtesy of Bev:

D\ear Friend,

In February, the Trump Administration finalized the Protect Life Rule to ensure the taxpayer-funded Title X family planning program is not used to support abortion – a key point of the law from its inception. We asked for your help in submitting public comments telling President Trump you supported the Protect Life Rule.

Predictably, Planned Parenthood sued, and a court injunction blocked the Protect Life Rule from going into effect. The good news is the Ninth Circuit just overruled the injunction allowing the Trump Administration to proceed with requiring compliance while the courts continue to determine its ultimate fate. Family planning clinics who get Title X grant money will no longer provide abortion referrals and must be financially separate from any abortion procedures.

This is a day to celebrate life-affirming policies and the rule of law. For way too long, abortion advocates have relied on activist judges to carry out their bidding, despite the many situations when the letter of the law clearly expressed the American people’s desire to promote the intrinsic value and respect of every human life. They tried that in this case again and delayed the implementation of these common-sense rules through misplaced and overreaching nationwide injunctions that prevented HHS from doing its job. But they have failed. And failed even in one of the most liberal courts in the land, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

We know this rule is aligned with the letter of the law, and so does Planned Parenthood; that’s why they are panicking. Just yesterday, the board of Planned Parenthood fired their CEO Leana Wen after only eight months on the job.

Title X has been Planned Parenthood’s second largest government funding stream, after Medicaid reimbursement. If they refuse to comply with President Trump’s new rules that align with the intent of the Title X program, Planned Parenthood will no longer receive $40-$60 million in taxpayer funding. HHS is now finally free to carry out the will of the people who overwhelmingly support a clear separation between taxpayer dollars and abortion advocacy.

President Donald J. Trump’s unwavering commitment to the protection of human life and his focus on confirming constitutional judges who follow the law, instead of promoting personal policy preferences through judicial opinions, shines brightly as we contemplate this victory.

As you can see, both the confirmation of judges and the rulemaking process yields real results! We will have more opportunities for you to have a say in the rulemaking process soon. Make sure to check out our weekly update this Saturday to learn about a new rule that President Trump has issued that needs your help.

Penny Nance
CEO and President
Concerned Women for America

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The Mind of a Liberal

Tlimothy Birdnow

I had an interesting and a bit contentious argument on Facebook between myself and a friend an a big liberal. I thought I'd reproduce the thread here; it's interesting.

First, my friend John says:

It’s not all sunshine & rainbows for AOC in Queens. She will have challengers in the next election...

Jim (the liberal)  says the following

She’s 1 of 5 republicans running in that race in a district where democrats traditionally win by 30%. I don’t think AOC will get much heat,

This from John

Jim Yes it is a Dem district but she will also get a challenge from the Dems. She got the district because the incumbent thought it was a slam dunk and no one got out & voted for him.

Jim says:

That’s a theory. Another is she organized a massive volunteer canvas that outworked the 10 time incumbent. But I’ll bet you a Woofie’s Hot Dog lunch she wins again and continues to trigger conservatives! Speaking of lunch, it’s been too long. Next time you’re in the area and have time, ring me up and I’ll treat you to a Village Bar burger. We need to catch up!

John says:

Trust me, she’s triggering Dems worse because behind the scenes, Reps in the House would love to strangle her. The further left she goes, the more people are going to vote for Trump!
Yes, we need to catch up

I ansswered:

She also received a lot of outside the district money  from Progressives. But she's a burr under Nancy Pelosi's saddle, and it may wind up the House Leadership pulls the rug out from under her come the Primaries. Trump has been playing it smart, severing AOC and the other Horsewomen from the Dem leadership.

John said:


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July 20, 2019

Moon Landing Couldn’t Happen in Today’s Deindustrialized America

Dana Mathewson

According to Ret. Gen. Robert Spalding, "We've lost it all to China."

In a compelling article on Breitbart, quoting a lengthy interview,

Lessons learned from the Apollo 11 moon landing — particularly the need for nationalized industrial policy involving investments in research and development and protective policies for vital industries — are being lost, said Retired Gen. Robert Spalding, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, in a Friday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Rebecca Mansour and special guest host Rick Manning.

Spalding began by noting China’s usurpation of America’s prior dominance in the realm of telecommunication technology manufacturing and development since the Space Race era.

"Let’s just look at the state of our telecommunications,” Spalding said. "There was such a large industrial effort for the Space Race. Back then, we were spending two percent of GDP on research and development. We had the industrial base that was the envy of the world. AT&T, at the time, was a monopoly, and with Bell Labs, was the standard for telecommunications.”

Spalding continued, "When you look at America today, we have no telecommunication equipment manufacturers left that are American companies. When China entered the WTO in 2001, from that time period to 2017, we lost 78,000 factories. We unemployed 3.4 million manufacturing jobs. In the same time, we spent trillions in the Middle East.”

Opportunities for nation-building at home are being squandered by misappropriation of funds abroad, assessed Spalding. He said American investment in education, particularly in STEM fields, is falling behind Chinese competitors.

"We have, today, 152,000 Chinese kids in STEM education,” said Spalding, "where in one year [of spending] in Afghanistan, we could afford to put 200,000 kids through four years of STEM education here in the United States. Back then, for that Space Race, we educated the scientists that built the technologies that grew this economy to be the number one economy in the world.”


It's a long article, and a must-read! https://www.breitbart.com/radio/2019/07/20/ret-general-robert-spalding-moon-landing-couldnt-happen-todays-deindustrialized-america-weve-lost-all-china/

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Fertilizer, Pollution hurting Florida Coral Reefs, not Global Warming

Timothy Birdnow

Turns out the coral reef in Florida isn't being killed by Global Warming - it's regular old pollution.

According to Science Alerts:

Thirty years of research in the Looe Key Sanctuary Preservation Area (LKSPA) on the southern tip of the Florida Keys has now revealed the cost of a devastating threat to coral that rivals even climate change: direct human pollution.

For years, agricultural run-off and improperly treated sewage have flowed into Florida's ocean waters from the northern Everglades, elevating the sanctuary's nitrogen levels and lowering the reef's temperature threshold for bleaching, researchers say.

As a result of this deadly combination, coral cover in the region has declined from nearly 33 percent in 1984 to less than 6 percent in 2008.

In their analysis, the authors found that three mass bleaching events that occurred during these years only happened after heavy rainfall and increased land-based runoffs. In other words, if we can reduce the amount of local pollution that makes its way into our oceans, we might be able to reduce the worst of the damage.

Naturally the researchers - and the writers of the article - try to blame Global Warming as a prime cause of reef failure, but we can take that with a grain of salt. These articles ALWAYS kowtow to AGW alarmism, and researchers know what side their bread is buttered on.

Also from the article:

"Citing climate change as the exclusive cause of coral reef demise worldwide misses the critical point that water quality plays a role, too," saysecologistJames Porter from the University of Georgia

But that doesn't change the fact that these researchers found a powerful new influence. Oh, and the planet isn't warming, nor or the oceans. Argo probes show that.

Just another nail in the coffin of hysterical warmist rhetoric.

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The Guy Stuck Watching the Car

Timothy Birdnow

This is interesting. Michael Collins - the guy who drew the short straw and had to babysit the car while his siblings got to walk on the Moon - was not lonely at all, despite being the only person orbiting a planet a quarter of a million miles from home.

In fact, he rather enjoyed the solitude when the Columbia spacecraft went behind the Moon and out of contact with NASA; they were always bugging him about something.

At any rate, it's a pretty interesting read. Michael Collins Remembers the Apollo Moon Landing.

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Prenatal Pot Use on Rise

Timothy Birdnow

Gee; whoda seen THIS coming?


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New Research Proves "Gender" is Indeed "Binary"

Timothy Birdnow

While we all understand (at least all Aviary readers) that there are differences between men and women and that this is related to our genetic makeup, we have been forced to argue with radicals who want to say that "gender is fluid" and that we're just a hodge-podge of sexual traits. There has been no real science done to either affirm or deny the assertion. Until now.

According to an article in Physorg:

A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in the U.S. has discovered genome-wide variations in gene expression between male and female mammals. In their paper published in the journal Science, the group describes their RNA sequencing studies in several types of mammals and what they found.

Physiological differences between mammalian genders are quite often easy to spot—in addition to organs involved in reproduction, there are skeletal and facial hair differences, as well as height differences. Prior research and anecdotal evidence has also suggested there may be some differences in the way the brain works. But what about variations in gene expression? The researchers in this new effort report that very little research has been done in this area, which is a problem—recent studies have shown that there are many gender-based health issues. Women are more likely to suffer from autoimmune diseases, for example. And men are more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases.

Get that? There are clear cut differences in the expression of genes between men and women. This puts the lie to the claim that the differences are primarily cultural and educational.

There's more:

To learn more about gender-based gene expression, the researchers sequenced the RNA of both genders of four non-human mammals: rats, mice, macaques and dogs. As part of their efforts, they tested different tissues in each of the animals to ensure that each germ layer was represented. They also sequenced tissue from all of the most prominent organs. They then compared what they found to similar data collected from human subjects stored in the Genotype Tissue Expression Consortium database.

The researchers found examples of hundreds of conserved gender-biased gene expressions in each tissue. As just one example, they found that 12 percent of the gender differences related to average height in humans could be attributed to conserved gender-biased gene expression. They note that such findings are significant because they prove that gender biases in gene expression can lead directly to differences in traits.

So, what have we learned? Sex - or as the Left likes to mislabel it, gender - is a fundamental genetic characteristic. In short you ARE BORN EITHER MALE OR FEMALE. It is clearly a "binary" choice. There is no "spectrum" of sexuality.

The researchers admitted there has been virtually no research done in this direction. Does anyone wonder why? Science is paid for almost entirely by the government these days, and there has been a move afoot for a while to fundamentally redefine the nature of being male or female. Any researcher crazy enough to go here will be in for a world of hurt. I feel sorry for these people; they are going to find their careers just went over a cliff.

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No Cowardly Dumps

Judson Phillips observes:

Have you noticed that since President Trump took office, there are no more Friday afternoon document dumps?

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Space - a Casualty of the Left

Timothy Birdnow

Fifty years. Half a century. That's how long it has been since we went to the Moon,. What have we done since? Wasted time building a pathetic three to five man low Earth orbit space station which doesn't even act as a way station to anywhere else. And we had to bring in international partners to do it, too, so it's not even an American enterprise. We didn't even try to build the ISS (formerly Space Station Freedom) to rotate for artificial gravity. It is a terrible tragedy; we gave up on space at our moment of triumph!

By now we should have had several stations in orbit, stations that were more useful, to be used as way stations to the Moon or Mars or whatnot. We should have had a permanent lunar colony. We should have gone to Mars by now. Instead we just languish in low Earth orbit, not even venturing past the protection of the magnetic field.

What went wrong? Liberals.

Tthis may sound conspiratorial but I rather suspect the Left hated the space program precisely BECAUSE they understood we would be settling the Moon, and eventually the solar system. I think they feared people being able to escape their influence in that way, just as people escaped the old political order by immigrating to America in the 19th century. They believe that past attempts to change Humanity failed because there were always some people who were beyond the reach of reformers, and so they want EVERYONE in their grasp. Space exploration would restore the American style of pioneering - something they hate because it leads to individualism and self-reliance. So they mocked space exploration as wasting money on rocks while REAL problems fester on Earth (and no doubt some believe that) or they hate that the First World can do it and others can't (it's not FAR!) but I also think that in their gut they fear letting anybody out of their grip. Socialism is always a universalist ideology, and by it's nature it restricts, represses, and destroys any sort of expansionistic dreams.

Space settlement simply cannot be allowed because it gets people out from under their thumbs. They may not consciously think of all this, but I think they feel it in their guts.

And America underwent a bloodless revolution in the late sixties and early seventies - just as we were reaching the climax of our space program. The Left began their final triumphant march through every American institution, and they control;ed the media and academia and the schools. They were able to turn people away from wanting to follow this grand vision, a perfect substitute for the Manifest Destiny dream that made America great, turning her from a sparsely inhabited agrarian society into a superpower. Manifest Destiny, you may remember, was the vision of America expanding all the way to the Pacific, becoming a continent-girdling nation. It was about the most fundamental human drive, to grow, to expand, to tame the dark and forbidding. It was about CHILDREN and about civilization. A civilization needs goals, dreams, aspirations.

In 1893 Frederich Jackson Turner proposed what came to be called the Turner Thesis or the Frontier Thesis. Turner argued that the definition of America, the defining feature of the nation, was the frontier. While most people did NOT live on the frontier they always had it in the back of their minds. It provided a psychological safety valve, the sense that you could always go there if you were down on your luck or bored. Even the most onerous job could be endured with the knowledge you could run away to the frontier at some point. It provided hope, a place for the poor to prosper, a place for people to get a fresh start. When the frontier closed, Turner argued, America was going to undergo drastic psychological and cultural changes.

Turner was proven right.

Settling the frontier was the goal of this country, it's raison d'etre.

America hunted for new reasons to exist. The Cold War proved to be America's second cause, and we waged it for decades, imposing a kind of simmering peace on the world and spreading prosperity in the process. When that ended we looked to other things, particularly the war on Islamism. But that has failed; people are tired of wars and rumors of wars. So now America is rudderless, a nation without a purpose. We have lost our soul.

That's part of why so many young people are turning to social justice warfare; they know there needs to be a purpose, goals to attain, and they are choosing this as the new path, because their teachers and professors and cultural icons are telling them to do so. It is a modern crusade, not at all unlike the Crusades of yore, where people from all over Europe poured into the Middle East to free Palestine from the iron heel of the Turks. The Crusades were a religious movement, first and foremost, but they were a movement of peoples to find meaning in their lives.

And America was settled by Christians, which was a big part of our identity. But we have rejected the Christian faith at a time when our nation is in need of a spiritual and moral purpose.

One such purpose could have been the exploration and settlement of space. We were poised to create a new frontier, and return to our roots as a pioneer nation. But the Left killed that.

I cannot help but believe this was by design. The average foot soldier on the Left might not understand it, but I strongly suspect the intelligentsia did and they knew that for their project to succeed they had to keep America rudderless, soulless, without purpose. Only in that way could they offer a ready-made reason for this country. Social Justice is the new religion, the new heart and soul of America.

And the settlement of space is now pie-in-the-sky daydreaming. Our greatest achievement, indeed, perhaps the greatest achievement in human history, was for nought.

We should all be very angry about that. The Left spoils everything.

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July 19, 2019

Hot Summer Weather "Proves" Climate change?

Timothy Birdnow

Hew Boy!

Climate crisis: extremely hot days could double in US, study shows

Now, it has been pretty cool all summer here in the States, and now we are approaching hundred degree temperatures - in the hottest part of the summer - and we're being told it's proof of doomsday. In point of fact we are not even close to temperature records (except maybe a daily, which happens on a regular basis.)

Weather is not climate, too. But these dimwits refuse to admit that.

Of course, if it were cold they would be saying the exact same thing.

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Socialism, Fascism, and Environmentalism

This from our old friend Tim McNabb:

There is not enough difference between them to matter. One major difference between a free(ish) market and the murderous S.F.C. regimes is the nature of sacrifice.

Take conservation/

environmentalism (I think there is a huge difference). Taking environmentalis ts at their word, I will presume they mean well. I too think that we should conserve our resources, and that includes the beauty of our environment.

Today, our streams and waterways are pretty clear, because people have voluntarily adopted a conservationist mindset. When you go on a float trip, canoe rental places will give you a big mesh bag, and people will pack out their garbage. All this is voluntary and self-regulated. It works well.

Socialists expect OTHERS to sacrifice for the greater good. They think a particular sacrifice is a good thing, and therefore should have the force of law. They prescribe a solution without regard to either it being voluntary or even effective, and enforce it with guns and handcuffs.

The difference is subtle, but most of us will voluntarily make self-sacrifice for the good of our future self, our family our communities and our nation - but we need to volunteer for the sacrifice. Being forced to sacrifice is ALWAYS going to breed resentment, which is why socialism is such a murderous ideology - in short order the dissenters are identified as the obstacle to utopia, and are the eggs that must be broken in order to make the omelette.

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Racist Chuck Schumer?

Timothy Birdnow

Is Chuck Schumer a racist?  There is evidence he is.

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Donald Trump"s "Read my Lips" Moment

Timothy Birdnow

Conservative HQ has an article discussing President Trump's comments about how the Four Harpies, er, Horsewomen, er, the Squad should consider returning to their homelands of origin if they don't like America. I

I left the following comment:

Donald Trump has stated in the past that he never apologizes. He's right; in politics even the most mild of apologies - done for civility if nothing else - will be used against you with extreme prejudice. That is why I am so puzzled by his disavowing of the chant "send her home!" at his rally. Trump really screwed up there. He said he "wasn't happy" about the chant. Why not? It is, after all, what normal people think when an immigrant, or children of immigrants, badmouth the country that gave them respite, and where they prospered enough to become members of Congress, a huge honor.

This reminds me of George H.W. Bush's "read my lips" comment. After swearing he wouldn't raise taxes he caved in to Democratic pressure and the Left screamed "ah ha!" and went on to destroy the feckless Bush. Trump, after making these very comments, then threw his own supporters under the bus. I cannot imagine why. He has now handed the Democrats and the media sound bytes to use against him in the next election.

I don't know who convinced him to cave, but that person needs to be fired. I doubt Trump is the architect of this flip flop.

When dealing with the media and the donkeys one must never give an inch. If they ask for a cup of water you should pour them a cup of sand. If they say it is a nice day you should sneer at their assertion. They never do ANYTHING without a political attack in mind. Our side - even our best - forget that fact all too often.

1Corinthians 14:8 says it best:

"For also, if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for war?"

Sadly, our side is forever sounding an uncertain trumpet.

Mr. Trump's trumpet has largely been certain. But now he's waffling.

I fear this mistake is going to cost us down the road. Trump should have doubled down on this rather than pulled up short.

If Trump stops defending his supporters he's finished. The Left knows that. It's fight or die. A walk down the middle of the road will lead to a squashed President.

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Hawley takes aim at Big Academia

Timothy Birdnow

Missouri's freshman Senator Josh Hawley has been a pleasant surprise to me. I was quite unhappy with Hawley when he left Missouri Governor Eric Greitens to twist in the wind (Greitens was falselely accused of violating state privacy laws and of blackmail for supposedly taking nude photographs of his mistress, photographs that never materialized. Hawley stayed out of the fight, even assisted in some ways, despite the fact the Prosecutor was a partisan hack intent on bringing Greitens down - and she was a Soros funded candidate.) Since coming into office Hawley has been more a lion than a lamb - I had feared he was a RINO waiting to happen. But he's been fighting the good fight. Take this as a prime example.

Yes, Hawley is taking aim at the monopoly over higher education.From the article:

A Republican senator says that American universities have a "monopoly” on higher education, and he has some legislation aimed at breaking it up and putting more federal support behind vocational and skills training.

Tuesday morning, Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., announced a pair of bills to expand federal aid available for vocational training and to hold universities accountable when students can’t pay back their loans, calling the ideas a "bold reform of higher education.”

The first bill would "amend the Federal Pell Grant Program to support career training opportunities for young Americans,” according to its description. It would do this by telling the Department of Education to develop "an alternative certification program” in order to allow Pell grants to go toward toward things like apprenticeships and certification programs.

How would this work? As an example, background materials from Hawley’s office say a company that partnered with a local technical college to create an employee training program would be able to grow it using Pell grant dollars, which are not available now.

The second bill would impose on institutions shared responsibilities with students for their college loans. It would require colleges and universities to pay half the balance of the student loans accrued at their school if students default on them.

These are both good ideas. They address a major concern, and may help sever some of the loyalty of the Millenials to their overlords, er, the Democrats. Second, it addreses a major shortage in the trades. Third, it helps to defund the University system, which is hopelessly bloated and continues to raise tuition despite declining quality of education.

The Universities are the citadel of Satan these days. It is there that all the terrible, radical neo-Marxist ideas are spawned, and it is there that young people are brainwashed into becoming radical leftists. We need less college, not more. College no longer teaches thinking skills, but rather promotes "social justice" radicalism and the brain-dead belief system of activism. And while the media and Big Tech are serious problems for our national survival, it is Academia that is the brain of the entire evil enterprise that is Leftism. Cut off the head and you can kill the Hydra. THIS is the most dangerous and important branch of the modern Progressive movement.

Hawley is taking some steps to weaken it. It's well past time.

Hawley has been writing a lot thiese days about civilizational foundations, and he clearly understands the flow of civilization, and the importance of maintaining a healthy moral and intellectual fibrer. I just hope he doesn't RINO out in time, as so many of our good young prospects have done. Take John Boehner as an example, or Paul Ryan..

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The Left is Following Communism's Playbook for Revolution

Selwyn Duke

We Americans are currently in a civilizational state historians William Strauss and Neil Howe would call the "Third Turning”: an unraveling. The so-called Left is making it happen, too, with conservatives enabling it by conserving yesterday’s liberalism and being those nice guys who finish last.

In Marxist circles, this stage would be called "destabilization”—the second of a four-part process to subvert a society and seize control. The first, third and fourth stages are, respectively, "demoralization,” "crisis” and "normalization.”

The demoralization stage, which essentially is the undermining of a target nation’s morality (the process of radically changing the population’s "values”) was actually "over-fulfilled” in the mid 1980s already, as Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov put itat the time. This process continues and is manifested in the widespread antipathy for sexual propriety, faith and all that is great and good; and in the lust for perversion, socialism, feminism, multiculturalism, "transgenderism” and anti-Americanism in general. We see it in the tearing down of statues, removal of long-present Christian symbols, leftist propaganda and decadence in schools and entertainment, prioritizing of illegal aliens over citizens, revising of American history and impugning of whites; and in attacks on the Constitution, the Founding Fathers and all things traditional.

This destabilization of the American mind and moral compass now has begotten, as it must, societal destabilization. This is reflected in, most obviously, the flooding of our nation with unassimilable foreigners via a purposely porous border. This serves the Cloward-Piven goal of overloading the system to cause breakdown, necessitating replacement of it with, the theory goes, a socialist one.

Of course, this human flood strains schools, hospitals, and services and resources in general. But it’s also used for propaganda purposes, with simple efforts to enforce immigration law—ones pursued by Barack Obama himself—used to demonize ICE agents and the current administration. Vile, divisive lies such as claiming that detention facilities are Nazi-like "concentration camps” lead to hatred, violence, protests and terrorist attacks such as Saturday’s assault on a Tacoma, Washington, ICE facility.


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