April 14, 2020

Please Don't Feed the Spammers

Dear readers,

(This post will remain on top for a long while.)

The Aviary is under attack from a blizzard of spammers. We ask all readers in the strongest terms not to click on any suspicious link in the comments section, or any commercial link therein. Links in posts themselves are fine. The Aviary staff and management are in no way responsible for these ads and encourage everyone to avoid them in the strongest terms.

These people are despicable weasels. Please do not feed the animals.

BTW we are going to report have reported spammers to the DOJ, especially those trying to illegally sell narcotics. We are working with the authorities to stamp out this behavior.

Tim, Dana, Jack and the Aviary team.

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November 24, 2020

TREASON: GA Gov. Kemp and CA Gov. Newsom bought off by communist China in covid supplies kickback and money laundering schemes

Dana Mathewson

You all knew the ChiComs have their hands in things up to their elbows. Well, didn't you?
In July of this year, Natural News reported how California Gov. Gavin Newsom was caught wiring half a billion dollars to communist China as part of a "massive face mask money laundering scheme."Back in April, even the mainstream media was questioning what Newsom was up to when it was revealed that he had wired half a billion dollars to an electric car company in China to supposedly purchase "N-95 masks” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). This decision was never voted on or approved by legislators, and when pressed about the details of the deal, Newsom refused to disclose them.Keep in mind that this half a billion dollars was just the first of two installments amounting to a full billion dollars being sent China to supposedly purchase face masks for Californians – face masks that never actually arrived, by the way. As of this writing, the Chinese electric car company in question, BYD, still has the money and has yet to send over a single face mask.Now, bombshell information is emerging that indicates Georgia Gov. Kemp may be involved in exactly the same scheme. These state officials send huge amounts of money to China under the cover of buying "covid supplies," then China launders the money into financial kickbacks for the Governor's family members or business entities. This is exactly what is now being alleged by attorney Lin Wood, and it describes a shocking pattern of communist Chinese infiltration and corruption of U.S. governors. (See the full interview posted below.) Listen at 6:17 as Lin Wood explains:I believe that Brian Kemp is corrupt, and I think he was corrupted with Chinese money. And I don't think he wants this election overthrown and the real results posted because then Brian Kemp is going to be facing a Trump administration Attorney General, and Brian Kemp would find himself in jail. It's that simple. He sold himself out, now he's trying to hide to try to get this election validated even though it's illegal, because if it's invalidated, Brian Kemp and a lot of other Georgia people are in trouble, including the Secretary of State.Also, at the 17:00 mark:I'm a defamation lawyer. I have stated publicly that Brian Kemp and Raffensperger are corrupt and they took money from the Chinese on the covid deal and on the Dominion voting deal. I bet you anything Brian Kemp won't sue me for defamation. Because he knows if he did, he'd go into court, I'd have discovery, and I would prove that he did it, that it's true.Other indy media sources are also reporting that the Trump administration, via the NSA, has proof of the financial transactions that show Kemp and Raffensperger taking bribery money from communist China. Trump was waiting for Kemp and Raffensperger to complete the crime of "certifying" Georgia's voting results before moving against them for criminal fraud and corruption. We are now hearing that communist China ran a web of financial kickbacks and bribes to multiple governors and state officials across America, including California and Georgia, with many other states soon to follow. In every case, governors and state officials transferred huge sums of money to Chinese front companies for "covid supplies" that were either never delivered, or delivered as low-cost, low-quality items nowhere near the stated value. A portion of the extra funds was paid back to family members and specially structured business entities connected to the state officials, giving them control over the illicit funds. We fully expect Oregon Gov. Kate Brown to soon be implicated in this same criminal corruption scheme. NY Gov. Cuomo is likely also involved This story is developing, and more information will be emerging this week. Expect criminal indictments soon.

There's a video interview and more stuff, found here: https://www.distributednews.com/476677.html Highly recommended!

I'd like to know where Gruesome Newsom is coming up with a billion dollars for scams like this, when California is in such rotten financial shape!

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Going After Trump's Lawyers

Timothy Birdnow

They are going after Trump's Lawyers.


Is this America?

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Chicom Election Tampering

Warner Todd Huston

Chinese Propaganda Outlet Paid U.S. Mainstream Media Millions in Fake Advertising Campaigns

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How the Grinch Stole the Rockefeller Chrismas

Timothy Birdnow

The War on Christmas continues. From Warner Todd Huston:

Liberals Demanding New York City Cancel 'Offensive' Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

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About Those Electric cars

This from Stephen Heins:

One in three motorists cannot afford even the cheapest electric car, warn experts in blow to Government plans to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2030


* Figure equivalent to ten million households, shows ordinary family will struggle
* Middle-earning households may not be able to afford cheapest electric cars
* Analysis shows drivers need to be spending at least £2,100 on their current car
PUBLISHED: 17:08 EST, 20 November 2020 | UPDATED: 19:38 EST, 20 November 2020

A third of motorists are unable to afford even the cheapest electric car, experts warn.

The figure – equivalent to ten million households – highlights how many ordinary families will struggle to finance the switch from petrol and diesel cars being pushed by ministers.

Even middle-earning households will have difficulty paying for one of the cheapest leased electric vehicles – the £170-a-month Skoda Citigo.

Tim adds:

That's the idea; get everyone OUT of private vehicles and onto the strictly controled public transit. Then they have everyone udner their thumb. See Agenda 21/30.

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Coming Climate Disaster

This courtesy of  Steven Milloy

The actual coming climate disaster:

"Chinese leaders will be only too happy to make future promises on climate in return for American acquiescence today to their security priorities of Taiwan, the South China Sea and Huawei. Sending Mr. Kerry to negotiate with Chinese President Xi Jinping on climate is a recipe for returning home dressed in a barrel. An obsession with climate will turn a U.S. security strength into a vulnerability."

Biden's Liberal Internationalists

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November 23, 2020

Losing the Rodent War

Timothy Birdnow

Things have been quiet on the rodent front and I thought perhaps my efforts to liquidate them was starting to pay off. No such luck; last night the two brown speckled mice set up a tennis court, and the gray mice hosted a game of pinochle on my dining room table, complete with open bar and Cuban cigars. It felt like a Caribbean resort for rodents!

Later in the night I heard one of the snap traps pop and thought I had nailed at least one of the little love children, but when I looked there was nothing there; it had set the trap off just to mock me, I fear!

I fear I am losing this war.

My wife will no longer hang out on the main floor since it is now occupied enemy territory. I don't know why they haven't come upstairs yet but I am thankful they have not.

I thought about trying to shoot them with a bb pistol, but I doubt even when I could see I could hit them; they are so very fast (although I used to be a crack shot.) Maybe I could toss a net over them or something. Perhaps The Cone of Silence from Get Smart...

Anybody have any suggestions?

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New Military Mission; Stop Climate Change!

This from Steve Milloy

Potential Biden Secretary of Defense pick Michele Flournoy has stated that climate is an existential threat to humans and the planet. She would use the military to advance the climate agenda. Apparently the Biden Defense Doctrine will be to make our enemies laugh themselves to death. As our enemies will fight to win, we would only do so as far as the Green New Deal allows.

Transition: Biden Considering a Climate Hawk to Lead Pentagon

Tim adds:

Reminds me of the "killer joke" sketch on Monty Python where a comedian wrote a joke that killed people and it was used by the military to kill the enemy. Laughter is now the best weapon!

Remember, Obama did this mixing up of deparments, making NASA do Muslim outreach and the like. It's part of the Left's monism, where everything connects to everything else. In this case it is to make it impossible for the Administration to be held accountable as nobody knows who is doing what.

From the article:

A top choice to lead the Defense Department under President-elect Joe Biden is a climate hawk who would make the military an unlikely but powerful driver of his carbon reduction policies.

Michèle Flournoy, a former undersecretary of Defense in the Obama administration, views the Pentagon as a first responder to the effects of climate change. Flournoy has said the military can be an essential part of Biden's climate policy by decreasing its significant carbon emissions and by being a large investor in clean energy.

"Over the long run, a greener Defense Department won't just be more cost-effective — it will play an important role in addressing the climate crisis while also advancing U.S. economic competitiveness as a leader in green technologies," Flournoy wrote in a CNN opinion piece last month.

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The Wuhan Investigation

James Doogue

This is a world class investigative report by Sharri Markson. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=UdPjX-4Vcok

What has happened with the UN sanctioned investigation into the origins of the Wuhan Covid-19 virus? Why aren't global media chasing this matter given the global impact of the virus?

Tim adds:

Because all ships were sailing in the same direction with this and the media wants it covered up because it helped the Left regain power in America and elsewhere.

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The Masochistic Left

Timothy Birdnow

Progressivism is a religion, and like the dour Puritan the Progressive is only comfortable when suffering in what they see as a righteous cause. Like the Monk who beats himself, the Prog seeks to suffer because then they feel their lives hold some meaning. They know they don't have any real purpose otherwise. So they hang on their crosses, enjoying the pain and suffering which they think is coming their way because of their moral and intellectual superiority when in fact it is a pointless exercise done to make them feel superior to others.

Are You Addicted to Unhappiness

I believe we call it masochism.

From the article:

Is there a certain comfortable familiarity with being dissatisfied that becomes an obstacle to change? After getting a glimpse of joy, why do some people immediately shift back to what doesn't work?

There are a number of possible explanations for this "addiction” to unhappiness:

  • Deep-rooted insecurity or lack of self-esteem may cause some people to feel undeserving of happiness.
  • People who grew up with a parentingstyle characterized by excessive discipline and unrealistic expectations may have learned to equate unhappiness with love and success.
  • Lifelong struggles with trauma or other negative experiences may fuel an unconscious desire to continually return to the status quo of unhappiness.
  • Some people who seem comfortable in their misery actually may be suffering from an underlying mental health disorder.
  • Some people pride themselves on realism, believing that being practical or realistic also means focusing on the negative.
  • Because of decisions or experiences in their past, some people are consumed by guilt or regret that they cannot overcome. Instead, they choose to punish themselves and/or others.
  • Some people are afraid to feel joy since positive feelings might be a "setup” for disappointment.
  • The prospect of happiness strikes fear of the unknown for those who have never felt anything but unhappiness.
  • Dissatisfaction becomes a motivator to work harder, change jobs, eat healthier, spend more time with friends and family, or prevent unwanted behaviors or situations.
  • Some people make it a personal mission to take on the world’s problems as their own. While noble in some respects, these individuals cannot allow themselves to feel happiness when, for example, people are starving or global warming is damaging the planet.

Then there’s the theory that people like negative feelings. A study by Eduardo Andrade and Joel Cohen, which evaluated why people enjoy horror movies, concluded that some viewers are happy to be unhappy. The researchers found that people experience both negative and positive emotions at the same time, meaning they not only enjoy the relief they feel when the threat is removed but also enjoy being scared. This same theory, they argued, may help explain why humans are drawn to extreme sports and other risky activities that elicit terror or disgust.

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Rotten Apple Fighting for Slave Labor

Warner Todd Huston

Apple Computers Desperate to Weaken Bill that Fights China's Slave Labor

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November 22, 2020

The Mark

Timothy Birdnow

We've been hearing rumors of this but now it's coming to pass.

How Ticketmaster Plans to Check Your Vaccine Status for Concerts

"And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”
Revelation 13:17

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WaPo Through the Looking Glass

Timothy Birdnow

The Media has gone mad and we have yet  more proof the Washington Post is immoral and intellectually bankrupt.

From the article:

President Trump continued Friday to deny the results of the election, pressuring state officials in Michigan and Georgia to overturn the will of voters and increasing fears that he might refuse to cede power to President-elect Joe Biden.

But those looking to the nation’s Founders, or the Constitution they framed, for answers to such a crisis will come up empty-handed. There is nothing in the Constitution about what to do if a president refuses to step down when his term expires, according to three historians and a constitutional law professor.

"No, the framers did not envisage a president refusing to step down or discuss what should be done in such a situation,” Princeton historian Sean Wilentz said. "There’s obviously nothing in the Constitution about it.”


First, President Trump is trying to FOLLOW the Constitution. He's going to court, exactly as he should. He is not simply stating he won't leave. He IS stating he won and had it stolen. Who is refusing to follow the Constitution?

And this business of no mechanism in place is purest sophistry. Congress holds the purse strings; how can Trump refuse to leave when he will have no money to enforce his orders?

The College of Electors meets to elect the President and their word is the law of the land. It is NOT the popular vote on election day. When the Electoral College votes and IF Biden is elected then Biden is the President. There is no way around that, and if Trump would somehow refuse to leave then President Biden could order federal agents to bodily evict him from the White House.

This is beyond stupid.

And of course the media and Democrats began talking about how Trump wouldn't leave well before this election, and they did that precisely because they knew they were going to cheat him out of the Presidency an wnnted to lay the groundwork in the public mind. They wanted to be able to say "see!" when Trump fought back against the swindle.

This article continues:

"Though not necessarily tied to an election loss, "there was a lot of discussion of the possibility that a president with control of the Army might refuse to relinquish power,” said Michael McConnell, a constitutional law professor at Stanford and author of the new book "The President Who Would Not Be King: Executive Power Under the Constitution.”"

But while the Army is under civilian control that does not mean they owe PERSONAL loyalty to the President (and it was one reason why the Founders had no provision for a standing army).  The fact is, once his term has expired Mr. Trump will no longer be the Commander in Chief and the generals will not obey him. Their commander will be Joe Biden.

The only way the military would support a President is if he were one of them AND had purged all of the career generals and higher ups and replaced them with men totally, blindly loyal. How likely is that? These military guys swear their allegiance to the Constitution, not the man.

The article finishes:

"So why didn’t the Founders plan for this particular scenario, of a president simply denying that he had lost an election? Because they couldn’t even fathom it, Engel said.

"They couldn’t fathom two things: a person who had become president who was so utterly lacking in classical virtue that they would deign or dare to put their own interests above the unity of the country. And the second thing is, I think they couldn’t fathom how any president who would so vividly display disdain for the unity of the country, and mock and undermine the legitimacy of American democracy, why that person [wouldn’t have] already been impeached and removed from office.”

Which I suppose they mean Donald Trump. But who was it who tried to overthrow this President from the moment he won? Who is it lacking in classical virtues here? Who is openly stealing the election? Who is undermining our system? President Trump is following the rules here. He has every right to challenge this as there is considerable evidence he was robbed. If Trump isn't following the rules then neither was Al Gore in 2000.

The media's hatred for this man is astonishing. It is only rivaled by their monstrous stupidity.

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Oops; My Bad!

E. Calvin Beisner observes:

Ah, but the damage was already done--ENORMOUS damage, withholding from the American public legitimate information of extremely high relevance to their determination of Joe Biden's fitness for the Oval Office. I'd like to see Dorsey do some kind of reparation for this. Perhaps a gift of $1 Billion or so to Donald Trump? That would be hardly a drop in the bucket for Dorsey. But it would be enough to indicate that he really meant something by this confession.

Twitter CEO Dorsey Says it was Wrong to Block New York Post Hunter Biden Story

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Famed Puerto Rican radio telescope is offline

Jack Kemp

The Associated Press reports that the famed giant radio telescope at Arecibo is closed down. It may not reopen.


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The National Science Foundation announced Thursday that it will close the huge telescope at the renowned Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico in a blow to scientists worldwide who depend on it to search for planets, asteroids and extraterrestrial life.

The independent, federally funded agency said it’s too dangerous to keep operating the single dish radio telescope — one of the world’s largest — given the significant damage it recently sustained.


Read more at the link above.

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Covid Journalism Scam

Ellen Birdnow Durnbaugh forwards this:

The Blizzard of Bogus Journalism on Covid

Here are a few snippets:

Take a look at Supermarkets are the most common place to catch Covid, new data reveals. It’s a story on a "study” assembled by Public Health England (PHE) from the NHS Test and Trace App. Here is the conclusion. In the six days of November studied, "of those who tested positive, it was found that 18.3 per cent had visited a supermarket.”

Now, if the alarm bells don’t go off with that one, you didn’t pay attention to 7th grade science. If the app had also included showering, eating, and breathing, it might have found a 100% correlation. Yes, the people who tested positive probably did shop, as do most people. That doesn’t mean that shopping gives you Covid and it certainly doesn’t mean that shopping kills you.


The New York Times pulled a mighty fast one with this piece: "States That Imposed Few Restrictions Now Have the Worst Outbreaks.” This would be huge news if true because it would imply not only that lockdowns save lives (which no serious study has thus far been able to document) but also that granting people basic freedoms are the reason for bad health outcomes, an astonishing claim on its own.

The piece, put together by two graphic artists and seemingly very science-like, speaks of "outbreaks,” which vaguely sounds terrible: packed with mortality. It’s odd because anyone can look at the dataand see that New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut lead the way with deaths per million, mostly owing to the fatalities in long-term care facilities. These were the states that locked down the hardest and longest. Indeed they are locking down again! Deaths per million in states like South Dakota are still low on the list.

How in the world can the NYT claim that states that did not lock down have the worst outbreaks? The claim hinges entirely on a trivial discovery. Some clever someone discovered that if you reflow data by cases per million instead of deaths per million, you get an opposite result. The reasons: 1) when the Northeast experienced the height of the pandemic, there was very little testing going on, so the "outbreak” was not documented even as deaths grew and grew, 2) by the time the virus reached the Midwest, tests were widely available, 3) the testing mania grew and grew to the point that the non-vulnerable are being tested like crazy, generating high positives in small-population areas.

By focusing on the word "outbreak,” the Times can cleverly obscure the difference between a positive PCR result (including many false positive and perhaps half or more asymptomatic cases) and a severe outcome from catching the virus. In other words, the Times has documented an "outbreak” of mostly non-sick people in low-population areas.

There are hundreds of ways to look at Covid-19 data. The Timespicked the one metric – the least valuable one for actually discerning whether and to what extent people are sick – in order to generate the result that they wanted, namely that open states look as bad as possible.

Read the whole piece; it is well worth it.

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November 21, 2020

Penn.'s "super efficient" Post Office Voting by Mail

Jack Kemp

The Epoch Times reports that

Tens of Thousands of Pennsylvania Ballots Returned Earlier Than Sent Date: Researcher

By Petr Svab 

More than 20,000 absentee ballots in Pennsylvania have impossible return dates and another more than 80,000 have return dates that raise questions, according to a researcher’s analysis of the state’s voter database.


Wow. I don't think you can even do this with Mr. Peabody's Wayback Machine. As a kid, I once saw that Superman, in a comic book, flew in the opposite direction to the earth's rotation so fast that he went a day back in time. But then again, in those days, Superman would only do things that supported "Truth, Justice and The American Way" so he wouldn't involve himself in such a time altering scam like this.

The article then states:


Over 51,000 ballots were marked as returned just a day after they were sent out—an extraordinary speed, given U.S. Postal Service (USPS) delivery times, while nearly 35,000 were returned on the same day they were mailed out. Another more than 23,000 have a return date earlier than the sent date. More than 9,000 have no sent date.


There is no way that a majority of the American People would continue to support a regime (to use the George Soros European style term) that allowed to stand. There would be major breakdowns in many institutions that run by agreement from military recruiting to payment of taxes. And I've just scratched the surface. The Supreme Court Justices - at least five of them - know what's at risk here.

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Amer. Thinker appears to censor me bout a post I wrote with their Editor in 2014

Jack Kemp

Now it appears Amer. Thinker wants to censor a post and a link to an American Thinker blog post written by me and Editor in Chief Thomas Lifson. This happened as I was adding additional information to an AT article that was critical of Tucker Carlson's and Erick Erickson's attacks on Sidney Powell's recent refusal to try 2020 election tampering in a public journalistic forum before heading to court.

The fine article I tried to comment on was called The Trump Team's Real Strategy by Sally Zelikovsky. If and when my comments are posted at Amer. Thinker, I will update the readers at the Aviary. 

UPDATE: I just received an email from American Thinker Deputy Editor Drew Belsky saying that my email (sent to them) was forwarded to writer Sally Zelikovsky.

I wrote these following words in an email to the Editors of American Thinker:

Subject: Amer. Thinker holds up my comment on 2014 Erick Erickson hoax

Thomas, Sally Zelikovsky,  and editors,

I just wrote a comment about a Sally Zelikovsky article at Amer. Thinker, a piece talking about Tucker Carlson and Erick Erickson both attacking Trump superlawyer Sidney Powell. I detailed and linked to a 2014 blog piece written by myself and Thomas Lifson (his part being a retraction of a lie and hoax Erick Erickson posted).

The first version of my comment I did not copy, thinking - perhaps foolishly - that it would be instantly approved. It was not. So a wrote another comment, this time copying it for my own records. Here it is below....

In 2014, Erick Erickson, then editor of the Red State website (Wikipedia will confirm that in its "Red State" listing), posted a hoax, a falsehood which was later admitted by them. I trusted Mr. Erickson's reputation and used his website's article in a blog piece I wrote for American Thinker which soon after had to be retracted by the Editor. See http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2014/04/firefox_expands_into_censorship.html

Erickson hurt himself and also hurt Amer. Thinker and myself with this outrageous hoax.


Whether your organization agrees to post this comment about a past embarrassment to Erickson, AT and myself - or not, I believe this this set of facts is background information worth knowing. I hope you find this email worth showing to Sally Zelikovsky.

Jack Kemp

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Good News on Appeals Front

Timothy Birdnow

Some good news for a change!

Conservative SCOTUS Justices Assigned to 4 of 6 Contested Election States

The Supreme Court on Nov. 20 released the list of circuit assignments (pdf) which shows conservative justices handling the circuits containing four of the six states where the Trump campaign has contested the election.

Conservative justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett will handle emergency appeals from the election battleground states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin respectively. Liberal Justice Elena Kagan will handle the circuit containing the other two contested states, Arizona and Nevada.

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