March 30, 2015

Hillary's missing organ

Jack Kemp

The language is crude - but it is the truth.
Beaton: Hillary's missing organ

"Yes, it’s true. This man has no d--k.” — Bill Murray in "Ghostbusters.”
A certain candidate for president who was not successful in the past but shares a name with a candidate who was has declared in the form of a campaign bumper sticker that we should be "Ready for Hillary.”
Hmm. Her pitch for the presidency is that we should be "ready” for her. OK, but "ready” in what sense?”
Well, you see, she has an angle. See if you can figure it out from these hints she’s dropped:
• It’s time for women "to crack every glass ceiling,” she proclaimed in a speech, for which she was paid her standard fee of $250,000.
• In another speech (she gives a lot of them — who wouldn’t at a quarter million a pop?) — she declared, "There cannot be a true democracy unless women are given the opportunity to take responsibility for their own lives.”
• Apparently feeling a bit subjugated before collecting another quarter mill for yet another speech, this woman intoned, "The subjugation of women is a threat to the common security of our world.”
You guessed the angle, didn’t you? "Ready for Hillary” is to remind us that after electing the "First Black President” we should be "ready” to elect the "First President Without a Penis.”
People doubt whether she’s qualified for the job of president, but no one doubts that she is without a penis.
So is my toaster oven. But my toaster oven isn’t qualified to be "First President Without a Penis” because my toaster oven lacks other qualifications. For example, my toaster oven has no "charitable” foundation to rake in millions. And my toaster oven doesn’t share a name with that aforementioned candidate who was successful in the past.
Her plan is brilliant. She’ll just put her name alongside the next group identity box for which Americans should be "ready” (i.e., obligated by liberal guilt) to check. Any voter who doesn’t check the box gets labeled "sexist” by those who do.
But there’s a problem. Hillary’s particular gender card comes with some baggage:
• That speech decrying the subjugation of women makes a strange bedfellow with the millions that her foundation has taken from foreign governments that specialize in exactly that — governments such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
By the way, is it possible that these governments expect something in return for the millions they’ve given her? Notably, she has deleted 31,000 emails that might have told us and refuses to turn over the server from which they might still be recovered.
• In initially denying and then later defending her husband’s depredations on women, she name-called Monica Lewinsky, the 22-year-old intern who was his most famous victim, "A narcissistic loony tune.”
Nice. She and her henchmen name-called other women that Bill preyed upon "trailer trash,” "bimbos,” "sluts” and "whores.” She has as many names for women as he has assaults on them. And that’s a lot.
• At one of her $4,166-per-minute speeches, she sermonized, "We should remember that just as a positive outlook on life can promote good health, so can everyday acts of kindness.”
I wonder how the women who were twice victimized by the Clintons — first by his sexual assaults and second by her name-calling character assassinations — feel about the Clintons’ "everyday acts of kindness.”
As a lawyer, she once got a rapist off on a technicality after implying that his victim — a 12-year-old girl — was emotionally unstable and not credible. In an interview later, she admitted he was guilty, boasted that she’d gotten him off and laughed about it all.
• She paid nearly a million dollars (her compensation for four entire speeches!) to Paula Jones to prevent the facts from coming out at a trial on her sexual-assault claim against Bill. Yet she later told us with a straight face that, "Probably my worst quality is that I get very passionate about what I think is right.”
Uh-huh. What’s apparently "right” for her is to pay the money and bury the truth.
• She once boasted, "I’m not some Tammy Wynette standing by my man.”
She took $416 from someone for the 6 seconds to say that.
But on this one, I agree. She doesn’t stand by her man so much as stand by her greed and ambition.
Here’s the million-dollar question: Will Americans be willing and "ready” to vote for this moneyed, manipulative mercantilist just because she has no penis?
And will they do so even though she enables and defends predations on individual women while simultaneously selling slogans about women’s group rights?
I won’t. I’m not buying Hillary’s expensive but empty words. I don’t care one way or the other that she has no penis. But I do care that she has no heart.

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March 29, 2015

No Escaping Common Core

A.J. Cameron

The info about Conformity Core and everything related just keeps coming.

As has been mentioned previously, opting out of Conformity Core is a temporary solution. We need to take advantage of it, but realize that CC must be eliminated to rescue our children/students from intentional ruin.

Most people have no realization as to haw serious this issue is, so we need to have the courage to inform people of the seriousness of this issue. The good thing about this issue is that parents are becoming informed and involved, and the more people learn, the more engaged they become.

A. J.

Friday, March 27, 2015

A 3D Research Report by a Grassroots Mother


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Filet or Food Stamps?

Dana Mathewson

Sometimes, being a liberal means you should keep your mouth shut!

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Liberals Refuse to Face Reallity, Accept that Andreas Lubitz had Muslim Ties

Timothy Birdnow

This morning AOL had a Huffpo story entitled "Struggle to explain what motivated co-pilot in doomed flight" and in typical liberal fashion they thrash about seeking answers that do not hurt their precious core beliefs.

From the article:

"A disgruntled worker shoots up a workplace. A student opens fire at a high school. A pilot crashes a planeload of people into a mountainside.

There may never be a convincing explanation for such devastating acts of violence, but experts say certain personality disorders such as extreme narcissism can help push people who want to take their own lives to take those of others at the same time.

But as German prosecutors search for what might have motivated co-pilot Andreas Lubitz to deliberately smash the Germanwings plane carrying 149 other people into the French Alps, many experts caution against speculating on a diagnosis.

"We don't have a clue what was going through his mind," said Dr. Simon Wessely, of the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London. "Even if we had all of his medical records and had conducted interviews with him, it would probably still be impossible to explain such an inexplicable act."

End excerpt.

First, the concept of EVIL never enters their empty noggins. Evil is a real thing, but it has been a core belief of the Left that there is no such critter, that Man is inherently good and only acts out because of circumstances. The Christian concept of Original Sin is anathema to them, and so they are forever flailing about in search of a cause that is better explained as a spiritual malady. They do not believe in spiritual causes, being absolutely grounded in materialism and pop psychology. In their minds there simply must be some condition that drives such actions; poverty, psychosis, rage at capitalism, etc. Liberals are like Magic 8 Balls; preprogrammed with specific answers that must fit into any and every situation. They are forever baffled by heinous acts like this, because such acts fall outside of their pre-planned structure. Evil does not compute to them.

But there is another reason why this baffles them. One of the problems Progressives have is that they hold certain notions dear, and sometimes those notions contradict each-other. One such notion is that minorities or Third World peoples are always victims, and that they, being farther removed from our "diseased" Western culture, are better people. Oh, there is terrorism, sure, but it is a response to OUR aggression, an act of self defense. As a result the Left is desperate to paint Muslims, for example, as the good guys. Many journalists and other liberals have lamented when, after such an atrocitiy, the perp turned out to be a Muslim, because it destroys their carefully crafted morality play.


Seems our puzzling co-pilot friend may have been a Muslim.

Here is the scoop courtesy of Gateway Pundit:

" According to Michael Mannheimer, a writer for German PI-News, Germany now has its own 9/11, thanks to the convert to Islam, Andreas Lubitz.

Translation from German:

All evidence indicates that the copilot of Airbus machine in his six-months break during his training as a pilot in Germanwings, converted to Islam and subsequently either by the order of "radical”, ie. devout Muslims , or received the order from the book of terror, the Quran, on his own accord decided to carry out this mass murder. As a radical mosque in Bremen is in the center of the investigation, in which the convert was staying often, it can be assumed that he – as Mohammed Atta, in the attack against New York – received his instructions directly from the immediate vicinity of the mosque.

Converts are the most important weapon of Islam. Because their resume do not suggests that they often are particularly violent Muslims. Thus Germany now has its own 9/11, but in a reduced form. And so it is clear that Islam is a terrorist organization that are in accordance with §129a of the Criminal Code to prohibit it and to investigate its followers. But nothing will happen. One can bet that the apologists (media, politics, "Islamic Scholars”) will agree to assign this an act of a "mentally unstable” man, and you can bet that now, once again the mantra of how supposedly peaceful Islam is will continue. And worse still, the attacks by the left against those who have always warned against Islam, will be angrier and merciless.

For now the German Islam supporters like never before have their backs against the wall.

Michael Mannheimer, 26.3.2015

Apparently from the comments at German PI – Andreas Lubitz was Muslim convert from his Facebook page."

End excerpt.

And Pamela Geller in fact has captured a screen shot of his page. Look here:

lubitz facebook muslim page

It never ceases to amaze how the Progressives struggle with reality. They cannot admit when they are wrong - ever. For a decade now (and even longer, actually) they have been excusing Muslims as just misunderstood and mistreated, and have simply denied that most horrendous acts in the modern world stem from Islam.

Science fiction writer Phillip K. Dick once defined reality as that thing which, when you stop believing in it, won't go away. By his definition the liberals are bat crazy.

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Darkness Falls on the Vatican

Nature Goddess

7lb Dave forwards this:

(Vatican Radio) St Peter’s Basilica will go dark for one hour Saturday evening, joining once again the international "Earth Hour" effort to raise awareness about climate change.

The annual initiative, which began in 2007, invites cities around the world to turn off the lights on their national monuments and public buildings, as well as in offices, shops and homes, to help raise awareness about the need to adopt more environmentally sound practices.

Earth Hour is being observed 28 March in major cities across the world, from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30, local time in each country. This year in Rome, the Great Synagogue and the Great Mosque will join the initiative for the first time.

End excerpt.

The Catholic Church spent a thousand years trying to move people away from nature worship and now they themselves are promoting it.

What GOD Has JOINED Together – Divorcing BAAL
Canaan god Baal

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climate spending iceberg How your tax and onsumer dollars finance Climate Crisis, Inc. and hobble America

Paul Driessen

Getting a hand on Climate Crisis, Inc.’s fear and money machine is not easy – and few people understand just how enormous, interlocking and self-perpetuating it is. My article this week presents an overview that will hopefully begin opening people’s eyes. It summarizes the six strategies the alarmist industry is using to advance its agenda and protect its access to tens of billions in taxpayer and consumer dollars: climate research, renewable energy research and implementation, regulatory fiats, a new UN climate treaty, vicious attacks on anyone who contests climate chaos claims, and thought control in every venue of possible debate.

climate spending iceberg
How your tax and consumer dollars finance Climate Crisis, Inc. and hobble America
Paul Driessen
Lockheed Martin, a recent  HYPERLINK "" Washington Post article notes, is getting into renewable energy, nuclear fusion, "sustainability” and even fish farming projects, to augment its reduced defense profits. The company plans to forge new ties with Defense Department and other Obama initiatives, based on a shared belief in manmade climate change as a critical security and planetary threat. It is charging ahead where other defense contractors have failed, confident that its expertise, lobbying skills and "socially responsible” commitment to preventing climate chaos will land it plentiful contracts and subsidies.
As with its polar counterparts, 90% of the titanic climate funding iceberg is invisible to most citizens, businessmen and politicians. The Lockheed action is the mere tip of the icy mountaintop.
The multi-billion-dollar agenda reflects the Obama Administration’s commitment to using climate change to radically transform America. It reflects a determination to make the climate crisis industry so enormous that no one will be able to tear it down, even as computer models and disaster claims become less and less credible – and even if Republicans control Congress and the White House after 2016. Lockheed is merely the latest in a long list of regulators, researchers, universities, businesses, manufacturers, pressure groups, journalists and politicians with such strong monetary, reputational and authority interests in alarmism that they will defend its tenets and largesse tooth and nail.
Above all, it reflects a conviction that alarmists have a right to control our energy use, lives, livelihoods and living standards, with no transparency and no accountability for mistakes they make or damage they inflict on disfavored industries and families. And they are pursuing this agenda despite global warming again being  HYPERLINK "" dead last in the latest Gallup poll of 15 issues of greatest concern to Americans: only 25% say they worry about it "a great deal,” despite steady hysteria; 24% are "not at all” worried about the climate. By comparison, 46% percent worry a great deal about the size and power of the federal government.
But Climate Crisis, Inc. is using our tax and consumer dollars to advance six simultaneous strategies.
1) Climate research. The US government spends  HYPERLINK "" $2.5 billion per year on research that focuses on carbon dioxide, ignores powerful natural forces that have always driven climate change, and generates numerous reports and press releases warning of record high temperatures, melting icecaps, rising seas, stronger storms, more droughts and other "unprecedented” crises. The claims are erroneous and deceitful.
They are  HYPERLINK "" consistently contradicted by actual climate and weather records, and so alarmists increasingly emphasize computer models that reinvent and substitute for reality. Penn State modeler Michael Mann has  HYPERLINK "" collected millions for headline-grabbing work like his latest assertion that the Gulf Stream is slowing – contrary to 20 years of  HYPERLINK "" actual measurements that show no change. Former NASA astronomer James Hansen received a questionable  HYPERLINK "" $250,000 Heinz Award from Secretary of State John Kerry’s wife, for his climate crisis and anti-coal advocacy. Al Gore and  HYPERLINK "" also rake in millions. Alarmist scientists and institutions  HYPERLINK "" seek billions more, while virtually no government money goes to research into natural forces.
2) Renewable energy research and implementation grants, loans, subsidies and mandates drive projects to replace hydrocarbons that are still abundant and still  HYPERLINK "" 82% of all US energy consumed. Many recipients  HYPERLINK "" went bankrupt despite huge taxpayer grants and loan guarantees. Wind turbine installations butcher  HYPERLINK "" millions of birds and bats annually, but are exempt from Endangered Species Act fines and penalties.
Tesla Motors received  HYPERLINK "" $256 million to produce electric cars for wealthy elites who receive $2,500 to $7,500 in tax credits, plus free charging and express lane access. From 2007 to 2013, corn ethanol interests  HYPERLINK "" spent $158 million lobbying for more "green” mandates and subsidies – and $6 million in campaign contributions – for a fuel that reduces mileage, damages engines, requires enormous amounts of land, water and fertilizer, and from stalk to tailpipe emits  HYPERLINK "" more carbon dioxide than gasoline. General Electric spends  HYPERLINK "" tens of millions lobbying for more taxpayer renewable energy dollars; so do many other companies. The payoffs add up to tens of billions of dollars, from taxpayers and consumers.
3) Regulatory fiats increasingly substitute for laws and carbon taxes that Congress  HYPERLINK "" refuses to enact, due to concerns about economic and employment impacts, and because China, India and other countries’ CO2 emissions dwarf America’s. EPA’s war on coal has already claimed thousands of jobs, raised electricity costs for millions of businesses and families, and adversely affected living standards, health and welfare for millions of families. The White House and EPA are also targeting oil and gas drilling and fracking.
Now the Obama Administration is unleashing a host of new mandates and standards, based on arbitrary " HYPERLINK "" social cost of carbon” calculations that assume fossil fuel use imposes numerous climate and other costs, but brings minimal or no economic or societal benefits. The rules will require onerous new energy efficiency and CO2 emission reduction standards that will send consumer costs skyrocketing, while channeling billions of dollars to retailers, installers, banks and mostly overseas manufacturers.
As analyst Roger Bezdek explains, water heaters that now cost $675-1,500 will soon cost $1,200-2,450 – with newfangled exhaust fans, vent pipes and condensate removal systems. Pickup trucks with more fuel efficiency and less power will nearly double in price. Microwaves, cell phones, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, toasters, coffee pots, lawn mowers, photocopiers, televisions and almost everything else will cost far more. Poor and middle class families will get clobbered, to prevent perhaps 5% of the USA’s 15% of all human CO2 emissions toward 0.04% of atmospheric CO2, and maybe 0.00001 degrees of warming.
4) A new UN climate treaty would limit fossil fuel use by developed countries, place no binding limits or timetables on developing nations, and redistribute hundreds of billions of dollars to poor countries that claim they have been harmed by emissions and warming due to rich country hydrocarbon use. Even IPCC officials now openly brag that climate policy has "almost nothing” to do with protecting the environment – and everything to do with  HYPERLINK "" intentionally transforming the global economy and  HYPERLINK "" redistributing its wealth.
5) Vicious personal attacks  HYPERLINK "" continue on scientists, businessmen, politicians and others who disagree publicly with the catechism of climate cataclysm. Alarmist  HYPERLINK "" pressure groups and  HYPERLINK "" Democrat members of Congress are out to destroy the studies, funding, reputations and careers of all who dare challenge climate disaster tautologies. At President Obama’s behest, even disaster aid agencies are piling on.
New  HYPERLINK "" FEMA rules require that any state seeking disaster preparedness funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency must first assess how climate change threatens their communities. This will mean relying on discredited, worthless alarmist models that routinely spew out predictions unrelated to reality. It likely means no federal funds will go to states that include or focus on natural causes, historical records or models that have  HYPERLINK "" better track records than those employed by the IPCC, EPA and President.
6) Thought control. In addition to vilifying climate chaos skeptics, alarmists are determined to control all thinking on the subject. They are terrified that people will find realist analyses and explanations far more persuasive. They  HYPERLINK "" refuse to debate skeptics, respond to  HYPERLINK "" NIPCC and other studies examining natural climate change and carbon dioxide benefits to wildlife and agriculture, or even admit there is no consensus.
They want the news media to ignore us but cannot put the internet genie back in the bottle. The White House is trying, though. It even  HYPERLINK "" sent picketers to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s home, to demand that he knuckle under and apply 1930s’ telephone laws to the internet, as a first step in content control
States must refuse to play the climate crisis game. Through lawsuits, hearings, investigations and other actions, governors, legislators, AGs and other officials can delay EPA diktats, educate citizens about solar and other natural forces, and explain the huge costs and trifling benefits of these draconian regulations.
Congress should hold hearings, demand an accounting of agency expenditures, require solid evidence for every climate claim and regulation, and cross-examine Administration officials on details. It should slash EPA and other agency budgets, so they cannot keep giving billions to pressure groups, propagandists and attack dogs. Honesty, transparency, accountability and a much shorter leash are long overdue.
Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (HYPERLINK "", author of HYPERLINK ""Eco-Imperialism: Green power - Black death, and coauthor of HYPERLINK ""Cracking Big Green: Saving the world from the Save-the-Earth money machine.

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But What Does the Supreme Leader Say?

Iran's Supreme Leader Sayyed Ali-Khamenei

By Alan Caruba

What Americans have a hard time understanding is that, for all the Iranian negotiators, the outcome of the nuclear arms deal that the United States is leading all comes down to just one man, Sayyed Ali-Khamenei, otherwise known as the Supreme Leader of Iran.

In the 21st century, it is hard to comprehend that a nation could be ruled by a man whose powers supersede that nation’s president, its civil government, its judiciary and its military. Iran has had only one other Supreme Leader since its founding in 1979, Ruhollah Khomeini who held the position until his death in 1989. The 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran overthrew the Shah in order to secure greater freedom, but the Iranians ended up more servile than before.

This is who Obama and P5+1 team (France, Great Britain, Russia, China, plus Germany) is negotiating with as they move toward the March 31 deadline for the talks. Khamenei has already said that the only thing he wants is the immediately lifting of the economic sanctions that are credited with bringing the Iranians to the negotiation table.

The negotiations have to be seen in the context of Iran’s daily cries of "Death to America” and "Death to Israel.” They have to be seen in the context of a history of Iranian aggression against America and Israel that has included the bombing of our Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983, attacks on U.S. embassies and countless other examples of their bad intentions, not the least of which has been its sponsorship of two anti-Israel groups, Hezbollah in Lebanon and, to a lessor extent, Hamas in Gaza.

Any nuclear deal that permits Iran to continue to enrich enough uranium to make its own nuclear weapons is a very bad deal. Netanyahu came to the U.S. at the invitation of Congress to make that point as the leader of the nation the Supreme Leader intends to destroy. We would be next.

All this is just slightly insane when one considers that President Obama has been obsessed with reaching an agreement with Iran before and since he took office in 2009. He has done everything possible to demonstrate his desire to remove the obstacles to conferring approval on Iran. In the process, he has made us look and be weak.

It is hopeful news, therefore, as reported in The Hill that "Congress is growing hostile to the emerging nuclear deal with Iran, leaving President Obama with little political cover as he approaches a critical deadline in the talks. Should a deal be reached, it would transform U.S. and Iranian relations and potentially give Obama the most important foreign policy achievement of his second term.”

His most significant foreign policy failure, however, has been his betrayal of Israel, the only ally in the Mideast that the U.S. truly has had. Declassifying information about Israel’s nuclear arms was pure treachery. That said, it was no secret and no doubt has protected Israel against apocalyptic destruction.

Consider the Middle Eastern foreign policy failures Obama has had to date. The Saudis and other Gulf States have abandoned hope that Obama would resist the Iranian proxies taking over Yemen. They are pursuing their own military operation there. Egypt which replaced the Muslim Brotherhood with a U.S.-friendly president has not seen any renewal of the former friendly relations that existed. Iraq is in turmoil thanks to Obama’s removal of U.S. troops in 2011 and even has Iranian military units fighting ISIS. Syria has been in a civil war that has killed thousands. It’s a long list but it comes down to Obama’s ending of the U.S. role in the Mideast.

Just as the Iranians are controlled by their Supreme Leader, we have a President who sees himself and his role in a similar way. He has demonstrated his dissatisfaction with the Constitution and the limits it puts on the Executive branch. He has ignored Congress and has been experiencing reversals of policy by the judicial branch. In the case of the Iran negotiations Congress has been kept in the dark along with the rest of the American people.

The Secretary of State, John Kerry, has declared that any outcome of the negotiations would legally non-binding. If so, why are they being pursued? Such negotiations at the treaty level have always required the consent of the Senate, but the Obama regime is seeking to by-pass that mandatory factor.

On the other side of the table, it has been reported that the main stumbling block to agreement has been Iran’s failure to cooperate with a United Nations probe into whether it tried to build atomic weapons in the past. If United Nations inspectors, in the future as in the past, are unable to verify that Iran is not continuing its nuclear weapons program, there is no way an agreement of any kind could be achieved.

On March 26, the Washington Examiner reported "The Obama administration is giving in to Iranian demands about the scope of its nuclear program as negotiators work to finalize a framework agreement in the coming days, according to sources familiar with the administration’s position in the negotiations.”

You can be very sure that the Supreme Leader is watching this closely. If he can continue to get the kind of negotiations—an accord—that will result in Iran becoming a sanctions-free, nuclear-armed nation, he will permit the deal to proceed.

The Iranians, as always, will cheat on any deal to achieve this goal. Sadly, everyone at the table knows that, but Russia and China have strong economic reasons to pretend otherwise.

If the Supreme Leader gets what he wants the prospect for war in the Middle East would increase immeasurably. The threat level to the U.S. and Israel would be off the charts.

© Alan Caruba, 2015

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March 28, 2015

The Eyes Have It! Reid's Eyeing Retirement

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 6.27.10 PM

Timothy Birdnow

Harry "Scary Quite Contrary" Reid aka Old One Eye is retiring from the Senate.

The former Majority Leader and door to door cleaning supply salesman announced he was retiring due to health considerations. Reid suffered an injury to his eye while exercising on New Years Day. Apparently he was attacked by a treadmill, which beat him senseless with a strap.

A doctor on the radio this morning said Reid suffered an orbital blowout fracture. This is the same injury that Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson purportedly suffered after being punched by Mike Brown.

Maybe Reid was meeting with Brown's accomplice Dorian Johnson, who showed him what happened that day? Or perhaps Reid was just still tipsy from the New Year's celebration?

At any rate, Reid apparently took the strap. At age 75 he is struggling to recover from the injury.

There is speculation that Reid did not suffer an accident but was beaten up. Perhaps; the man has ties to the mob, and it is possible they became displeased with him.

Rush Limbaugh advanced this theory (that someone beat Reid up) on his radio show. Erick Erickson at Redstate has a more colorful theory, involving San Francisco playmates. You be the judge.

Glenn Beck wished Reid well on HIS radio program, and I cannot concur; Beck is a more charitable Christian than I, I fear, because Mr. Reid has been a force for evil for a long time, a traitor to his country and a despicable political weasle. He is a bought guy, a man who sold his soul for power and money. He actively tried to make America lose the Iraq war for the benefit of his party, and he has supported President Obama's very worst impulses. He undoubtedly knows what he is doing; he has inside intelligence. He has worked to open our borders to all sorts of invaders, has supported abortion on demand, has given aid and comfort to Islamic extremists who mean to do us harm - all for his own personal political fortunes. I can hope for his eternal salvation, but I have a hard time wishing him well in this life.

Here is a limerick I wrote when Reid was busy blocking any effort by the Bush Administration to protect the country:

A Harry Reiding

Scary Harry quite contrary
How does your party grow?
With sleaze that sells, and rotten smells
And filibusters of our foe.


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Christians in America need to stand up

Jack Kemp

This applies equally to American Jews.

Christians in America Need To Stop Being Such Wussies

John Hawkins | Mar 28, 2015

Given all the bad press Islam has gotten over the last few years, it might seem surprising at first glance that Islam is still such a vibrant, fast-growing religion. Even setting aside the fact that Muhammad was a bad guy and Allah doesn’t exist, the press about Islam over the last few years has been almost universally negative. If you’re not hearing about terrorist attacks, suicide bombers or sanctioned wife beating, you’re reading about ISIS taking slaves or Iranian morality police beating women with sticks for showing their ankles.
If all of that is so, then why was Muhammad the most popular name for newborn boys in Britain? How is it that the number of mosques in the United States has risen 74% since 2000? How can it possibly be that France is now 10% Muslim?
There’s a very simple answer to that question that goes well beyond, "Muslims are immigrating to Western nations.” Muslims are perceived as being very devout. In fact, most people have concluded that Muslims really BELIEVE IN SOMETHING.
On the positive side, it takes a lot of devotion to pray five times a day. On the more negative side, it also takes a great deal of belief to blow yourself up for Allah, murder people for drawing a cartoon of Muhammad or spend your life encased in a burka.
Do you see the potential appeal of that to someone who’s lost and looking for meaning in his life? Religion isn’t all fun and games. There are a lot of rules and an often inconvenient moral code comes with it. So, if you’re going to turn to religion to help provide direction in your life, wouldn’t you want to at least turn to a religion where the adherents really seem to believe in what they’re preaching?
So, if that’s what people are seeing when they look at Islam, what are they seeing when they look at Christianity in America? They see that TV shows and musicians can trash Jesus in the most vulgar ways without fear of getting serious blowback. Public tax dollars are being used to fund art that smears Christianity and "liberal Christians” are fine with it. It seems like every movie that has a Christian in it portrays him as a psychopath, a murderous hick or just a sanctimonious jerk you’re supposed to hate. Who’s keeping these movies afloat in a mostly Christian nation? Who’s buying the records of artists who trash Christians? Who’s voting for the people who funnel your tax dollars into anti-Christian causes?
Meanwhile, way too many Christians are embracing this "Buddy Christ,” we-don’t-want-to-make-anyone-uncomfortable, watered-down version of Christianity.
We’ve accepted society’s idea that if you’re flawed, you can’t ever speak out against your flaw or you’re a hypocrite. Of course, since ALL OF US are flawed, many of us never speak out. Even if someone gets tempted to speak up, he stays silent because, "You’re not supposed to mix religion and politics.” Of course, politicians have no problem getting involved in religious matters, but that’s supposed to only go one way while Christians keep their mouths shut. Then if you still want to speak up and say something’s wrong, you’re told not to "talk about social issues.” Meanwhile, people who hate Christians are talking about social issues non-stop. But, we’re not supposed to fire back because that might be "intolerant” or make people "uncomfortable.” Then if all that’s not enough, if you want to condemn bad behavior, you’re told "Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Well, unfortunately, too many people seem to confuse the meaning of that statement with, "If it feels good, it’s okay to do it” or "If someone likes it, you can’t say anything about it because you might hurt her feelings.” The Presbyterian Church members, which have dropped their standards so much that I don’t even consider them Christians in any meaningful sense any more, has even stooped so low as to adopt gay marriage in a failed attempt to make themselves more palatable to a world that hates them.
However, what so many Christians are missing is that a neutered religion that has become so stale, timid and uncertain of what it believes in that it’s afraid to offend non-believers doesn’t have a lot of appeal.
Christians go overboard in the country to emphasize that God is all about forgiveness, making you happy and making you successful. Well, God will indeed help people who pray to Him, but He is not a genie who exists to grant your wishes.
We are here to serve God; He is not here to serve us.
God is also not all sunshine and roses. If our country makes Him angry, He may purposefully ruin us. If you displease Him, He will allow you to go to hell. Are you an atheist? A nice one, who’s generally a good guy? Well, life isn’t a pass/fail test and, yes, according to the Bible, you’re going to hell. Are you a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist? You may be a wonderful person and we can certainly be polite to you, treat you decently, and wish you well, but your gods don’t exist and according to Jesus Christ, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me."
Quoting Bible verses to people who don’t want to hear them, wagging your finger in their faces or treating sinners hatefully is counterproductive and ultimately, that’s not going to convert very many people to Christ. What will turn people around is showing some spine and standing up for what you believe in. Christians need to take a hint from Phil Robertson, Franklin Graham, Tim Tebow and other Christians who aren’t willing to sanitize their beliefs and their message because people who hate Christians don’t like it.
We should treat people with love and compassion when it’s possible, but we should also be inspired by the courage that early Christians had when preaching the gospel might lead to being thrown to the lions. If we’re not going to talk like we believe, if we’re not going to act like we believe, if we’re not going to live like we believe, then how are people going to become believers through our example?

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Black Thugs Beat White Man on Metrolink in St. Louis over Mike Brown

metro assault

Timothy Birdnow

A 43 year old white man was beaten by three black thugs on the St. Louis metrolink light rail after being asked what he thought about Mike Brown.

No passengers intervened.

Welcome to Obama's post-racial America!

The three thugs first asked to use the man's cell phone, When he declined they asked him what he thought about Mike Brown, then punched and beat him.

The Gateway Pundit has a video of the whole thing, courtesy of Dana Loesche.

Years ago, when the light rail system was first proposed, then St. Louis County Executive Gene McNary opposed it. I spoke with Mr. McNary on the subject in an informal discussion at St. Louis University; he feared that, since the only way the system could get government funding was to run to the Third World city of East St. Louis, the system would do little but promote a major crime wave. McNary has been proven correct; Metrolink does little but facilitate the movement of criminals and thugs. This assault is a case in point.

This sort of thing has been happening all over St. Louis. I myself had a run-in with a black gentleman a while back. I was going to the doctor and was in the process of pulling into a parking spot on the lot when a nice SUV behind me began blaring the horn, and a man began screaming at me. He had pulled right up on my bumper to prevent me from manuevering into the spot, and he and I wound up exhcanging considerable vitriole. He called me a White M-F, and kept intoning in a pontifical voice "those days are over". I asked him what days, the days of courteous driving? He didn't seem to have an answer to that. He insulted my car (a 1992 Toyota) and my clothing. I pointed out that this is what White Privilege has gotten me; old clothes and an ancient car, while he could afford to be nattily dressed and drive a nice new vehicle. I turned and walked away, fully expecting to be punched in the back of the head. It was clear he was a "hands up" type picking a fight with a white man simply because he was a white man. Oh, and my doctor nearly fell off of his stool when he saw my blood pressure during my appointment.

But this was no street thug, and I saw a brief glimmer of comprehension in the man's eyes that perhaps, just perhaps, he could not paint everyone with so broad a brush. It was a flash that came and went as his anger overwhelmed it. I do hope he pulls it out later and looks at it. He seems to have never questioned the proposition that white people are systemically prefered. That this may be a wrong assumption never seems to have dawned on the man. But it is equally true that a black person who applies himself in school, works hard, and plays by the rules is actually the beneficiary of preferential treatment. It's called Affirmative Action, and I have lost out to minorities on any number of jobs I applied for over the years. White privilege may exist insofar as white people are better positioned to comport with the requirements of the system, but blacks who are willing to work within the system (rather than demand to have their own way) do quite well. If two people apply for the same job and they are roughly equal (indeed, the minority can be less qualified) the minority will get it. I would call that privilege. And do not forget the many programs open to minorities that whites do not get to access; scholarships, job training programs, financial assistance programs, etc. 

I doubt the man considered any of that. Still, I can hope he may have come to realize that perhaps his point of view is not so set in stone. 

Nonetheless I walked away from this, turning my back in an act of sheer bravado; I wasn't at the doctor because I wanted a physical for my entrance into the Navy Seals. I fully expected a fist in the back of the head - or worse. 

But I would do it again. As long as there is no pushback this sort of thing will continue. Bullying 101 - pick on the weak, the timid, and the isolated. If other people would have stood with this poor man who was beaten then it word would have gotten out, and the next punks may be a little reticent about assaulting a guy because he is white.

And it's not just whites who had a responsibility to stand with this man. Had these been white skinheads bothering a black patron I would have expected other white people to defend him as well; why is the sentiment not returned? We are all children of God and Americans, are we not? A man who stands idly by while his neighbor is beaten is a disgrace, no matter the race, color, sexual orientation, etc.

The notion that aggression and hatred toward some will magically make life better for others is beyond a fools dream. What did the black man who verbally assaulted me think he was going to accomplish? If people want others to treat them decently they have to return the favor.

This is Obama's America, a land where we are all at each-other's throats while our enemies fear nothing.

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Hillary Clinton Scrubs her Server Clean

Timothy Birdnow

Oh dear, now she's done it; Hillary Clinton has gone all Mr. Clean on her personal server, scrubbing the just-subpeona'd incriminating evidence clean.

Meghan Kelly dishes on it:

"She scrubbed it clean.

Hillary Clinton scrubbed her private email server clean – after she was served a subpoena to hand over her emails to the State Department.
The Politico reported:

Hillary Clinton wiped "clean” the private server housing emails from her tenure as secretary of state, the chairman of the House committee investigating the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi said Friday."

End excerpt.

Trey Gowdy and the House Select Committee on Benghazi had issued a subpeona for all of Madam Clinton's e-mails and other correspondence related to her time at State.

Mrs. Clinton recently provided a hard copy of e-mails from her private server - e-mails that, according to Rep. Gowdy, had a big gaping hole where Benghazi should have been. (Please no double entre' jokes here.)

Now the server is scrubbed.

Hillary is playing the old Clinton game; foot drag, obfuscate, and then destroy evidence at the very end. It used to work when Bill was in office, because there were no competitors in the Democratic Party and the media was in bed with the Clinton's (I think my spine just snapped from the shiver of THAT thought, being in bed with, well...) I suspect Hillary doesn't know times have changed.

Valerie Jarrett was the one who leaked this to the press in the first place.

Hillary is willing to risk a Contempt of Congress citation, because she figures she can beat the system through legal manuevering. According to the legal dictionary:

"The Constitution does not explicitly grant Congress the power to coerce cooperation from individuals or to punish acts of disobedience or disrespect through contempt proceedings. However, the power was discussed at the Constitutional Convention and was implied in the Constitution. In 1795, Congress used the power of contempt for the first time when it arrested, tried, and punished a man accused of bribing members of the House of Representatives. Then Congress acted on its own authority—subsequently called the Self-Help power, which grants Congress the right to compel testimony and punish disobedience without the involvement of a court or other government body if the individual's actions obstruct the legislative process. By 1821, the Supreme Court recognized Congress's power to arrest and punish individuals for contempt. In 1857, Congress created a statute governing prosecution for contempt, which shifted the responsibility for determining contempt from Congress itself to the courts. Until 1945, Congress largely ignored this criminal statute and continued to compel testimony and deal with contemnors through its own power

In the late twentieth century, the Supreme Court noted, "Congress has practically abandoned its original practice of utilizing the coercive (self-help) sanction of contempt proceedings at the bar of the House" (Watkins v. United States, 354 U.S. 178, 77 S. Ct. 1173, 1 L. Ed. 2d 1273[1957]). Under the criminal statute, Congress must petition the U.S. attorney to bring a case of possible contempt before a Grand Jury. The case is then tried in federal court.

Most contempt citations arise from Congress's investigatory powers. In its decisions since World War II, the Supreme Court has outlined requirements that Congress must meet before it can compel testimony. The investigation must have a valid legislative purpose. It must be conducted by a committee or subcommittee of the House of Representatives or Senate, or the authority of the investigating body must be clearly defined in a resolution. The questions asked of witnesses must be pertinent to the subject of inquiry. Contempt proceedings cannot be used to harass an individual or organization. Finally, before individuals can be held in contempt, they must willfully default, either by failing to appear before the investigating body or by refusing to answer pertinent questions."

End excerpt.

Hillary is counting on the DOJ not bringing charges against her, since she is ultimately protecting her former boss. This is foolish of her, because the Obama Administration does not want to relinquish power, and by Administration I mean the entire Chicago machine. They took power from the Clinton Famiglia and they have no intention of returning it to them. Were Hillary to win the Presidency the Chicago people would be out.

Unless Hillary has some hole card to play they will allow her to be charged, at least. They probably have a contingency plan to save her from real legal peril, but the "seriousness of the charge" could be enough to finish her as a viable candidate - which is the whole point.

Many conservatives argue that there is no bench, that the Democrats would rather have Hillary than nobody. This is foolish; I suspect the Chicago people have a couple of alternatives on their short list. They would be foolish to bring such people forth now; Hillary cannot be given time to go after them, and neither should the GOP. Just like with Obama, they will bring someone forth as a reluctant hero, ideally after the GOP gets into a civil war over who will run on their side.

Waiting makes all the sense in the world from the perspective of the Obama people.

And it is in their interest to keep Hillary twisting in the wind. I suspect they will protect her only to the point that the GOP cannot turn this back on the Administration itself, or take Hillary out too early, since she will serve a useful purpose. Everyone in the GOP seems to believe she is forordained.

Obama's people now own Hillary; she is entirely dependent on their upcoming actions.

And so Hillary is trying her old trick, assuming it will work. She fails to take into account that it only worked for her husband because a. he was charismatic and likable b. the press was in his camp and c.there was no political opposition of any note in the Democratic Party at that time. Times have changed.

Any old codgers in the audience should remember Carol Burnett as the scrub woman:

"seems we just get started and before you know it, comes the time we have to say, so long"

Good night, Hillary!

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March 27, 2015

Surging Muslim Invasions

A.J. Cameron

Two friends contacted me on this issue earlier today.  Sadly, supposedly charitable organizations have facilitated in this subterfuge to our sovereignty, raking in tons of taxpayer money, much of which has gone to overly healthy salaries for those atop the pyramids of the organizations.

One of the organizations is Catholic Charities. I'm a Catholic who used to contribute to CC because the organization can and has done so much good, but I stopped contributing awhile back, when I learned of similar reports elsewhere.

We shouldn't be surprised by this. Satan has infiltrated just about every venue possible.

Hopefully, at some point, people will realize that both political parties are working against the U. S. citizen/taxpayer. Obama is just the current puppet president, and he is being aided by Boehner, in deploying the globalists' agenda, with the assistance of the puppeteer-controlled propaganda machine.

A. J.

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March 26, 2015

What's in a Word?

Timothy Birdnow

Here is a little something that caught my attention this morning. Pastor Hugh MacKenzie discusses the politicization of dialogue, and how we have come to turn everything into a public forum - to our detriment.

MacKenzie says:

"The slide or avalanche towards truth-as-I see-it continues unabated. We have become an "as if" culture built around a subjective view of reality as the handmaiden of our own wishful desires and presuppositions. Truth now services and services promiscuously the current social narrative.

Take as Exhibit A the ravenous desire to be "in dialog"...

AS IF...engaging in dialog is an accomplishment in and of itself. It really doesn't matter if the dialog: a) accomplishes nothing but the generation of huge amounts of green house gas; b) actually exacerbates the subject of said dialog by opening up old wounds. But, end results are not the focus when the process is all.

This process-as-accomplishment is actually a set-up lurking in the shadow of Lenin's directive to, "Make everything a political issue." Take personal choice and ethical activity out of the hands of the individual and plop it right down in the public square for all to cast the stones of politically correct opinion at any issue."

End excerpt.

Indeed he is correct. The recent "Race Together" stupidity at Starbucks is a case in point; it is not intended to actually foster any useful communication but rather is an attempt to extract a mea culpa from white people, to make them hang their heads in shame while being lectured on what jackasses they are. Morning coffee is non-political. Nobody wants to get into a tussle while waiting for their jolt of caffeine.

Mackenzie continues:

"I pastor a multiracial congregation. While standing in the buffet line at a recent judicatory meeting, a long time Minister acquaintance greeted me. The following "dialog" ensued...

"So", says he, "how's it going down there at the Shore?"

"Fine", says I.

"I understand it's a largely Black group?" I nod.

"How do you handle the racial thing. What kind of dialoging goes on?", says he.

"Well. We hardly ever talk about race... We're too busy talking about Jesus."

Scene fades to silence.
I'll Paraphrase the quote-worthy Mark Twain, who said, "Sometimes travel narrows a man's mind." (from Innocents Abroad). I would say, "Sometimes dialog narrows a person's mind." For our words and actions are always the servant of our motives"

End excerpt.

Now here he makes a very astute point; the meaning of words and the way they can be misused to change our view of reality. In some ways all human beings are alone; we exist in a bubble inside of our own heads. Our understanding of reality is derived from our five senses, and our perception of reality is predicated on those senses working properly. How do we know they work properly? Generally they are in agreement with the experiences of others. We constantly measure our sensory perception against the backdrop of conversation and of our memories. If we see a pink elephant dancing in a tutu we dismiss it as an hallucination, because we have never encountered a pink dancing elephant and nobody else admits to it either. If someone regularly encountered pink, tutu-wearing, dancing elephants it would be normal, and we would accept that as part of the general reality.

And this is not just a matter of what we think, because as quantum physics has shown, reality is actually dependent to a degree on the point of view of the observer. An electron does not occupy a specific point, for instance, but a wave of probability; it becomes a point when the observer actually looks at it, collapses the wavefront, as they say. To some degree perception and reality are linked. This is equally true in Special Relativity.

So what is it that defines reality to the individual? Ultimately it is our ability to communicate.

Words mean things. Man is the only animal capable of actual speech; other creatures can communicate in certain ways, but complex concepts are hard to transmit with a bark or a meow. For reasons that are quite unclear humanity developed the ability to speak, and the shape and structure of language is a huge determinant in how we view reality. There is a reason why, for instance, the West developed science; Western langauges are governed by grammatical structures that facilitate formal logic. This isn't true of any number of non-Western languages, which are often interpreted based on pronunciation or linguistic emphasis. Arabic, for example, is a very poetic language, one moved by imagery and symbolism. It is said Muhammad's sermons were electrifying in their imagery and emotional appeal. The differences between Arabic and, say, German explain in part the differences between how an Arab and a German think - and why Germans were on the vanguard of science and philosophy while the Arabs have generally been great warriors and poets. The Bible put it "as a man thinketh, so shall he be" and language is no small part of that. We think in our language, which itself is taught to us to replace the simpler, more animalistic thinking in pictures and symbols.

Formal language gives us formal logic. Sadly, that is something we have eschewed in modern education, prefering to promote "self expression" in the chopped-up pidgeon that is the maleducated tongue of many young people. It is no coincidence that the barbarism of modern times coincides with, say, the rise of free verse poetry; removing the formal structures from our language removes the emotional constraints. Self discipline - the cornerstone of civilization - cannot exist without training, and that training cannot exist without linguistic discipline, which must be taught.

And this is actually a carefully thought out action plan by the Left; deconstruct language and you can change the culture. It is why we keep hearing the phrase "gay marriage" which to any previous generation is a nonsensical phrase. The term marriage has a definite, specific meaning. It can no more be stretched to cover two men or two women than it can be stretched to cover sex between different species, or onanism, or behavior involving inanimate objects. One can engage in all manner of sexual congress, but only a specific condition can be called a marriage. But by careful propogandizing efforts the Left has changed the meaning of the word.

But because language is elastic some believe it is completely fungible, a mere social construct. That is not the case, and when you alter language you alter the way people perceive reality. This ends up having less than optimal results; bend a language enough and reality itself becomes suspect. Why are we now talking about transgendered rights? Saying there are nine sexes, with anyone choosing to be whatever sex they wish is preposterous from an objective view of reality, but people are starting to believe that anyway. Why? Because words are starting to lose all meaning. It is rather like a person addicted to morphiates; at first it helps to ease a certain pain and then it simply makes the user numb. Sensitivity is worn away as the meaning of words is flexed and twisted. Eventually our ability to understand anything becomes limited, because one can simply alter the meaning of things to suite one's taste. If we redefine words enough they no longer mean anything in our consciousness. If, for example, you give a trophy to every kid who shows up for an event then does the word winner mean anything? Winner, loser, whatever!

And as the language liquifies, the person's view of reality does likewise. Remember, we have to measure reality against objective standards, and those standards tie to our memories and to our interactions, verbal and otherwise. The Left decided they could become god by simply controling the interactions. "Visualize world peace!" That is essentially a magical concept, a view of reality as malleable based solely on an agreed upon convention, one they intend to alter by social pressure.

What is the point? Endless babble about certain subjects exaggerates the importance of those subjects. Constantly thinking about, worrying about, talking about race simply overexaggerates the importance of race. The idea that we are all pretty much alike save a few details gets lost in the flood of consciousness directed at race. Pastor MacKenzie is absolutely right to talk more about Jesus then about race; take the emphasis off issues of resentment and dissatisfaction and the wounds will heal. We don't need more conversation about race; we need less of it. We need to quit thinking of ourselves as hyphenated people.

The black community was especially hard hit by this. Dumbing down of education, high out of wedlock birth rates (meaning less parental guidance thanks to single parent families), etc. have dissolved the intellectual character of much of that community, while the rise of the hip-hop culture - actively promoted and aggressively marketed to black children - has had a synergy, whereby the base, primal urges are stoked and the restraining influence of the mind, of education, culture, tradition, are removed. As the black youth culture pushes the envelope the rappers have to become more outrageous to stay ahead of the game. More violence, more hatred, more hyper-sexuality. In turn the kids gobble this up, becoming the fantasy promoted by the rap culture, which means the rappers have to push even further. What happens? Unimaginable violence, hatred, rage engulfs the black community. As a man thinketh...

I am using the black community here but the same can be said of the whites. It is an equal-opportunity disease. And it all goes back to the Logos, or rather the anti-Logos. The Bible used that phrase for Jesus before His birth, and for a reason. Reality comes to us through words, through language. God is reality, and we, poor exiles to these clothes of animal skins fashioned by God to help us hide our mental and emotional shame, have no other way to touch and test reality. If words are changed to mean other things, if the truth is replaced with a lie, if we can no longer see where the lines are drawn because they have been blurred through semantical and grammatical error, where does that leave our society?

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The Section 8 Life of Reilly

Jack Kemp forwards this:

Section 8 housing vouchers pay for luxury apartments

Posted bystreiffon March 23, 2015 at 4:00 pm
Section 8 housing vouchers pay for luxury apartments

If I wasn't footing the bill for this nonsenseit would be funny. But I am, so it isn't.
Verde Point is a self-described "luxury apartment" complex with a rooftop pool and "personal wine storage" that is currently accepting public housing assistance recipients who will live there practically for free, courtesy of the taxpayers — at least until they become gainfully employed and their incomes rise. That's when the pool parties and wine tastings end and they will have to downgrade to a more middle-class abode.
The Gramercy is another luxury apartment, also in Arlington, Va., where holders of the federal vouchers formerly known as Section 8 can live, taking advantage of its "massage room and sauna" and "clubroom with bar." Also included, according to its promotional materials, are a "first-class sports club," "theater/screening room," and computer room.
"Someone will actually come and do a manicure right in your home," its promotionalvideosays, adding that the units have "Berber carpet, GE stainless steel appliances, granite countertops." There are 20 residences at the Gramercy set aside as "affordable," and where Section 8 can be used.
Parc Rosslyn has a whopping 101 units set aside. It also has a rooftop pool and other amenities common in luxury buildings. In exchange for government subsidies, its operators rent the 101 units at lower-than-normal rates, which can still reach as high as $1,000 a month.
Those units can also be filled, however, by the vouchers wherein the federal government picks up most of the tab. Recipients pay 30 percent of their income, and lose their vouchers if their income increases too much.
Section 8 is one of those well-intentioned programs, like good intentions in general, pave the road to Hell. The idea is that it is better to get poor people out of dystopic government housing projects. CueCity Journal:
Housing vouchers—in New York and across urban America—originated 30 years ago, with "Section 8” of the Nixon-era National Housing Act. The program’s rationale was straightforward: instead of placing an aid recipient in a housing project—viewed as a failed experiment because of the projects’ expense and disorder—the federal government would provide a voucher that subsidized the rent in a privately owned apartment. Conservatives have supported the voucher plan over the years chiefly because of its seeming free-market component, and because it does not impose on the government the considerable cost of building and maintaining public housing. But whatever Republican hopes, the voucher initiative operated from its inception just like any other no-strings-attached welfare program—and it continues to do so today, eight years after the nation ended the federal welfare entitlement and lifted hundreds of thousands of formerly dependent welfare mothers into lives of work and greater personal responsibility.
How this program has mutated is incredible. Not only is the entitlement open-ended but it has a unique feature that guarantees it stays that way:
Once a voucher holder is ensconced in a Section 8 apartment, the program then mires her even further in dependency, because all its incentives tell her not to improve her situation. Because Section 8 rent is pegged at 30 percent of income, any increase in a recipient’s wages leads to a dishearteningly steep rent increase. If she gets a job that boosts her income from $10,000 to $15,000, her rent zooms from $250 to $375 a month. In effect, she’s taxed as if she were well-off, at a marginal rate of 30 percent. (Conversely, Section 8 rents go down—potentially to next to nothing—if someone loses or quits a job or her welfare runs out.) Nor does getting married to a job holder necessarily make much economic sense. By pushing the household’s income too high, it could cause her to lose the voucher benefit entirely.
I would hope we can all agree on a couple of things: a) that people should not be penalized for being in financial straits and b) the assistance given to people be focused on creating self-sufficiency and independence. There is no doubt that programs designed to help those in need should not provide windfalls unavailable to similarly situated people, punish people for working, or hold the government up to ridicule.
Housing policy is not by area of expertise but, to the extent it sticks its hands deeply into my pocket, it is an area of interest. The Section 8 housing program is a travesty and it needs to be ended.
Receive the next issue of the RedState Morning Briefing

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Terrifying the Republican Establishment

Ted Cruz announces candidacy

By Alan Caruba

Would you vote for a man who openly says he would repeal ObamaCare?

Would you vote for a man who openly says he favors a fair tax and wants to abolish the Internal Revenue Service?

Would you vote for a man whoopposes Obama’s efforts to offer illegal aliens amnesty and promises to secure the borders?

Would you vote for a man who decries a federal government "that wages an assault on our religious liberty”?

Would you vote for a man who wants a federal government that "works to defend the sanctity of human life” and would "uphold the sacrament of marriage”?

Would you vote for a man who defends our Second Amendment rights and condemns the effortban ammunition?

Would you vote for a man who condemns a federal government that seeks to dictate school curriculums and wants to repeal "every word of Common Core”?

Would you vote for a man who would stand "unapologetically with the nation of Israel”?

Would you vote for a man who has pledged that he would do everything he could to ensure that Iran does not acquire a nuclear weapon?

Would you vote for a man who openly says he would do everything he could to defeat radical Islamic terrorism?

I said I would on May 6, 2013 when he was beginning to get attention. Columnist George Willsaid he was "as good as it gets” when it comes to being a true conservative in Congress.

I am of course speaking of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) who has announced his candidacy to be the presidential candidate of the Republican Party.

I suspect that his announcement probably terrifies the Republican "Establishment” who have managed to serve up some good men, but poor candidates, to be President. When Republican voters stayed home, we got Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

Now they want to get the Party faithful to vote for Jeb Bush, but from my vantage point, the real base is ready to vote for anybody else, Sen. Cruz, Wisconsin Gov. Walker, and Sen. Rubio come to mind.

First of all, there is no Tea Party in the sense of a political party with its own candidates. What there is are Republicans who believe in the U.S. Constitution, small government, fiscal prudence, strong national security, and all those other values outlined in Ted Cruz’s speech at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

As Cruz said in an email about his announcement "Washington, D.C. has become completely disconnected from the values of real Americans. That’s why we are now more than $18 trillion in debt, why wages have stagnated, and why our foreign policy is an absolute mess.” That pretty much sums up what Obama has delivered.

Does it surprise anyone that Cruz’s candidacy was instantly attacked, not just by Democrats, but by a number of leading Republicans? Rep. Peter King, appearing on CNN’s "Situation Room” with host Wolf Blitzer, said, he’d "jump off that bridge” when he got to it if Cruz becomes the GOP candidate. He also accused Cruz and Rand Paul of being "counterfeit conservatives.” Nonsense!

The March 24 Wall Street Journal had a lengthy editorial devoted to "The Cruz Candidacy” noting that on most issues with the exception of immigration they found themselves in agreement with him and offered an upbeat view that "The good news for GOP voters is that their field of candidates in 2016 is going to be deep, offering many varieties of conservative leadership” but ending with reservations about "his polarizing style” which was another way of saying he is not a wishy-washy centrist.

We will hear more such accusations and criticisms and, as often as not, they will come from the GOP Establishment.
The GOP Establishment regards real conservatives as unable to secure election, preferring RINOs, Republicans in Name Only, and candidates who move as close to the center politically as possible. It seems to have escaped their notice that theRepublicans elected in the last two midterm elections were sent to Washington, D.C. by Tea Party and other seriousconservativevoters.

It has been a long time since a real conservative Republican, Ronald Reagan, was elected President, but it can happen again as serious voters, particularly those who are independents, join with those who find Sen. Cruz a refreshing voice, Will he get the nomination? We are a very long way from the 2016 election, but at least we know it won’t be a boring one!

© Alan Caruba, 2015

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Black Lives Matter; Apparently White Ones Don't

Sgt. David Dunlap, 37, and Whitney Butler, 35

Timothy Birdnow

Black lives matter - but apparently white ones don't.

You have to go to the U.K. Mail to learn about this:

"The Colorado teen accused of murdering a newlywed soldier and his pregnant wife was found guilty Tuesday following a 12-day trial, officials report.

Macyo Joelle January, 19, was found guilty of murdering Staff Sgt. David Dunlap, 37, and his pregnant wife Whitney Butler, 35, after the two walked in on him burglarizing their Colorado Springs home Jan. 14, 2013.

Police say that the newlyweds arrived home separately to check on the alarm that went off at 11.10am.

Dunlap and Butler were both shot from behind as they walked through the front door. Officials say evidence suggests that Butler was shot in the head as she leaned over her husband's dead body, according to The Gazette.

A jury deliberated for three-and-a-half hours and the case that went on for 1 1/2 years -- overlapping what would have been the couple's two-year anniversary -- ended with January being found guilty of the slayings.

January will be sentenced Oct. 22. He is being sentenced as an adult which means he will face life in prison, however, because he was 17 at the time of the double-murder, there is chance for parole after 40 years, The Gazette reports."

End excerpt.

This outrageous triple murder was followed by violent protests by white people who looted local conventience stores and carried banners reading "white lives matter". International media decended on the Colorado community torn apart by the righteous anger of the white community, a community understandably angry at the racist treatment of white people by black criminals.

Oh wait, it didn't happen...

Dunlap and Butler join the nameless, faceless victims of black on white crime with little fanfare and no American media coverage. Like the gang rape and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome at the hands of five black thugs, or Jacob Kudla and Jourdan Bobbish whose murderers smirked at the sentencing and who apologized to Mike Brown, not the parents of the two white teens. The media simply yawned . Or whose black ex-boyfriend poured lighter fluid down her throat and lit her on fire. She was walking down the street with fire coming out of her eyes, nose, and mouth. She died in agony.

That almost happened to Gina Herring and her sons who viciously assaulted the fists and feet of ten black teens. Had it not been for a white man with a baseball bat they would have been killed. Naturally, the white people have been charged with crimes and accused of racism.

Some are more equal than others in modern America.

I have a neighbor with a "black lives matter" sign in his yard. Black lives do matter (and I wish more black people would take that to heart, since they are the ones taking most of the black lives) but so do white lives, and hispanic lives, and Asian lives, and Australian Aboriginie lives, and Moari lives, etc. LIFE matters; it is precious. The gangbang culture has so cheapened life in black communities that it is better to go to prison for murder and get "street cred" than it is to go to school and learn to do arithmatic. In a synergistic fashion life and art have comingled, with rap music becoming ever more violent and deviant, driving the culture to become ever more violent and deviant, driving the music... It is a runaway train, one that should have been stopped long ago. Media promotes it, and these young thugs think they are living in a rap video, where the violence and hatred are stage productions. They aren't, and death is permanent in the real world, unlike the videos.

As long as there aren't real consequences, as long as violence is glorified, as long as we as a culture tolerate the pillaging vandals of our society, white lives will not matter. None do.

Hat tip; 7lb. Dave.

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March 25, 2015

Democrats War on Walker

Dana Mathewson

Any more proof needed that politics is a full-contact sport? And any more proof needed that the left sees Scott Walker as a strong candidate, and fears him?

Ex-Walker aide fights to avoid being first prisoner of 'John Doe' probe.

"By this time next week, Kelly Rindfliesch could become the first political prisoner in what many see as a Democrat-led secret war on conservatives."

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Congress to Investigate Operation Chokehold, er, Chokepoint

Dana Mathewson

Aha! About time to look into this!
Congress launching hearings on complaints businesses targeted by 'Operation Choke Point'.

"A controversial federal law enforcement program that critics say targeted businesses the Obama administration didn't like is about to face a new wave of congressional scrutiny, with Capitol Hill hearings set to begin Tuesday."

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March 24, 2015

FEMA Holds Emergency Funds Hostage to Global Warmism

Timothy Birdnow

Obama's FEMA may withold funds from states that do not kowtow to the BHO's Global Warming beliefs.

"C’mon. This isn’t real, is it?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is making it tougher for governors to deny man-made climate change. Starting next year, the agency will approve disaster-preparedness funds only for states whose governors approve hazard-mitigation plans that address climate change…

The policy doesn’t affect federal money for relief after a hurricane, flood, or other disaster. Specifically, beginning in March 2016, states seeking preparedness money will have to assess how climate change threatens their communities. Governors will have to sign off on hazard-mitigation plans. While some states, including New York, have already started incorporating climate risks in their plans, most haven’t because FEMA’s 2008 guidelines didn’t require it…

Among those who could face a difficult decision are New Jersey’s Gov. Christie and fellow Republican Govs. Rick Scott of Florida, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Greg Abbott of Texas, and Pat McCrory of North Carolina – all of whom have denied man-made climate change or refused to take action. The states they lead face immediate threats from climate change.

So, good news — if your state gets leveled by an earthquake, you get help from the feds after everything’s been reduced to rubble. What you don’t get is help beforehand to mitigate the effects of earthquakes unless you’re willing to swear your oath of allegiance to the warmist cause. The biggest recipient of preparedness funds is Louisiana, so if a new hurricane ends up killing a few hundred people there, we’re all set for the mother of all blame games between Obama on the one hand and the state government on the other over whose fault it is that Louisiana didn’t get the money it needed up front to save lives. Bobby Jindal will play this to the hilt in the GOP primaries, using it as evidence of how he refuses to bow to Obama’s agenda even when big bucks are on the line.

"This story really brings together all the elements of Obamaism,” tweets Dan McLaughlin. which is true. It’s legally dubious; it ignores Congress, which might constitutionally have the power to let FEMA make this judgment but hasn’t been consulted; it’s an obvious political pander to the left with a bonus of putting right-wingers in a spot, even at the expense of placing citizens at risk; and it craps all over state autonomy. Basically, it’s the environmental equivalent of executive amnesty. All that’s missing is 18-24 months of Obama statements denying that he’d ever do something like this before turning around and doing it.

Jindal’s sure to give FEMA a middle finger on it but I wonder what Chris Christie will do. He’s got to resist too, right? Jerseyans will hate him for it, but they already hate him and he doesn’t much care what they think anymore. Besides, he’s already started to get right with national primary voters on the issue. The next time he yells at someone for not giving New Jersey the FEMA money it needs, bet that he’ll be yelling at the White House, not House Republicans."

End excerpt.

You will conform or you will be punished!

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Boys Using the Girls’ Bathroom at Church

Jack Kemp forwards this:

Boys Using the Girls’ Bathroom

By: Erick Erickson ( Diary) | March 23rd, 2015 at 11:50 AM | 5

Boys are going to be able to use the girls’ bathroom in Georgia.
Churches in Georgia will be denied building permits unless they build unisex bathrooms for the transgendered.
I’m not exaggerating. The Texas legislature has had to swing into action to roll all that back in Texas. In Texas!!
How did it happen in Texas? Well, Texas has a religious freedom law that has an "anti-discrimination” provision. Once it passed, leftwing advocates went to San Antonio, Plano, Houston, and other places and had the definition of discrimination changed.
Former Rep. Ed Lindsey, Speaker David Ralston, and House Judiciary Chair Wendall Willard support Texas’s version of RFRA. You will see church pastors subpoenaed, church buildings harassed, and Christians persecuted. It’s all part of the leftwing plan.
But I know how to fight it.
Governor Deal supports the law, but has sat on the sidelines. He needs to demand Speaker Ralston put S.B. 129 to a vote without amendment.
Here is how you can help. Below are the forty most conservative members of the state house according to their current rankings in my score card.
Call them and tell them to refuse to vote for Governor Deal’s Opportunity School District legislation until S.B. 129 passes the House without amendment.
The Governor’s plan is a great one. But it needs to be postponed until S.B. 129 passes the House without amendment and, if S.B. 129 is amended or killed, we must be willing to kill the school reform plan.
Governor Deal has the clout and floor leaders to get S.B. 129 passed without amendment. It’s time for him to get involved. He’s a good man. He has pledged to sign S.B. 129. The time to fight is now.
Call Governor Deal at 404-656-1776.
Tell the Governor it is time to get involved to support S.B. 129 without amendment.
Then call these Representatives. Tell them to refuse to vote on the school plan until S.B. 129 passes the House without amendment.

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