June 30, 2024

Those Wonderful Lithium EV's

Timothy Birdnow

Well that's 22 people not polluting the planet with their carbon pollution! Those Lithium-ion batteries and green EV's are just sooo wonderful!

22 Workers Killed After Single Malfunctioning Lithium Battery Sets Off Disastrous Chain Reaction

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Democrat Options

Diane M. Kimura

The real disgrace is not only Biden’s, but those of the men and women around him who have kept him more and more under wraps. He is a captive, and as he rapidly diminished over the past six months. I have been hearing for months about the increasing isolation of the president, from his one-time pals in the Senate, who find that he is unable to return their calls.

Another old family friend, whose help has been sought by Biden on key issues since his days as vice president, told me of a plaintive call from the president many months ago. Biden said the White House was in chaos and he needed his friend’s help.

The friend said he begged off and then told me, with a laugh: "I would rather have a root canal procedure every day than go to work there.” A long retired Senate colleague was invited by Biden to join him on a foreign trip, and the two played cards and shared a drink or two on the Air Force One flight going out. The senator was barred by Biden’s staff from joining the return flight home.

I have been told the increasing isolation of the president on foreign policy issues has been in part the doing of Tom Donilon, whose younger brother, Michael, a key pollster and adviser in Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign and in the current re-election effort, was part of the team that spent much of the week briefing Biden for last night's debate.

Tom Donilon, who is 69, was President Biden's national security adviser from 2010 to 2013 and sought unsuccessfully to be named as Biden's director of the Central Intelligence Agency. He remains very much an insider.

Given Biden’s obvious decline in recent months, it is impossible for an outsider to understand why the White House agreed to any debates with Donald Trump before the election, let alone committing to the earliest presidential debate, the first of two, in modern history.

One thought, I was told, was that if Biden performed well, as he had in his State of the Union speech in March, the issue of his mental capacity would be tabled. A poor performance would give the Biden campaign time to do a better prep job for the scheduled second debate.

There also was pressure from the major Democratic fundraisers, many of them in New York City, for the campaign to do something to counter the perception of the president’s obvious growing impairment, as reported and filmed by major media. I have been told that at least one foreign leader, after a closed meeting with Biden, told others that the president’s decline was so visible that it was hard to understand how, as it was put to me, "he could go through the rigors” of a re-election campaign. Such warnings were ignored.

What now? One of Washington political savants told me today that the Democratic Party is now facing "a national security crisis.” The nation is backing two devastating wars with a president who clearly is not up to it, he said, and it might be time to start drafting a resignation speech that would match or outdo the one given in March of 1968 by President Lyndon Johnson after his narrow victory over Senator Eugene McCarthy in the New Hampshire primary.

"They’re trapped,” he said of the senior advisers in the White House who hoped that Biden would somehow do well enough in last night’s debates to carry on, with the much-needed support of the more skeptical financial supporters in New York City.

Not everyone I talked to today agreed that it is time to force a Biden resignation and hope for the best at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in August—to dump the ticket and seek new candidates. "My humble opinion,” one longtime contributor to the Democratic Party told me, "is to let the dust settle. Must examine the realistic options before some quick reaction creates an internal Democratic Party split with far-reaching consequences beyond 2024. Accept reality . . . 2024 is likely beyond recovery at this point. Too steep a hill to climb. Plan and execute a long-term plan to counter Mr. Orange and build a moderate platform for the recovery . . . and let Biden wander off to the Jersey Pine Barrens.”

A differing view was expressed by another political guru. "This is the age of social media—TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and X—and a political campaign can go very far very fast.”

Whatever happens, we have a president—now fully unveiled—who just may not be responsible for what he does in the coming campaign, not to mention his actions in the Middle East and Ukraine.

Whatever happened to the 25th Amendment that authorizes the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet to declare the president incompetent? What is going on in the Biden White House?

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Dazed and Confused

Diane M. Kimura

Washington is the only ecosystem composed entirely of apex predators. Yet, this week everyone seems to be eternally shocked by what has been obvious for years.

The press and pundits are coming off an embarrassing couple of weeks where the Hunter Biden laptop was authenticated in federal court as real. This occurred in the trial of the president’s son almost on the anniversary of a debunked letter of intelligence officials claiming that the laptop appeared to be Russian disinformation. Biden then repeated the claim in the last presidential debates to avoid answering questions over the massive influence peddling scheme of this family revealed by the laptop.

After the story was suppressed before the 2020 election, it took years for the media to admit that, oops, the laptop is surprisingly real.

For years, the press and pundits piled on experts who suggested that Covid 19 escaped from a Chinese lab. The New York Times reporter covering the area called it "racist” and implausible. Now, even W.H.O. accepts the lab theory as possible and federal agencies now believe it is the most likely explanation.

The response: surprise and spin.

This week, the Supreme Court ruled that the Justice Department has unlawfully charged hundreds of people with obstruction of an official proceeding after the January 6th riot. For years, objections to the excessive treatment of these cases were dismissed as the view of the radical right. Now, even Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson voted to toss out these convictions.


Whether it was the false story about agents whipping migrants in Texas or the photo op claim in Lafayette Park, false stories were disproven only to have a collective shrug from those who spread them.

For years, the press and pundits have repeated like gospel that Trump had called neo-Nazis "fine people.” At the time, most of us noted that Trump condemned the racists and neo-Nazis and made the statement about fine people on both sides of the controversy over the removal of historic statues.

Six years later, Snopes finally decided to do a fact check and, surprise, found that Trump never praised neo-Nazis as fine people. The only person not surprised was Biden who repeated the false story on Friday as true.

Heading into the presidential debate, the White House and the media attacked Fox News and other outlets for "cheap fake” videos designed to make the President look confused and feeble. For months, politicians and pundits have insisted that Biden is sharp and commanding in conversations even after Special Counsel Robert Hur cited his decline as a reason for not charging him criminally for the unlawful retention and mishandling of classified material.

On MSNBC, Joe Scarborough stated "start your tape right now because I’m about to tell you the truth. And F— you if you can’t handle the truth. This version of Biden intellectually, analytically, is the best Biden ever. Not a close second. And I have known him for years…If it weren’t the truth I wouldn’t say it.”

Then the presidential debate happened and, after years of being protected by staff, tens of millions of people watched the president struggle to stay focused and responsive.

After the debate, there was total surprise, if not shock, on CNN and MSNBC. Suddenly, it is not a cheap fake but reality.

Just seven days before the debate, the New York Times was running cheap fake articles on how Biden was being wrongly portrayed. The day after the debate, it was calling for him to withdraw from the race after expressing shock at his appearance.

On CNN, Biden biographer and CNN contributor Evan Osnos admitted that many Americans were likely "shocked” by Biden’s appearance: "I don’t think there’s any other way to put it. This was clearly a person who was diminished from where he was on the debate stage four years ago.”

Pro-Biden columnist Thomas Friedman wrote that he was floored by what he saw and that "heartbreaking” appearance of Biden made him "weep.”

Washington is now full of surprises. It is a city of people who display that practiced faux shock that you adopt when you learn in advance that your friends are throwing a surprise party. The key is to look stunned and then mingle.

It is a city of Claude Rains:

The laptop is real, the President is really old, and Washington is really really phony.

The only thing that would be more surprising is if pundits and the press started being a lot less shocked and more honest.

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Backed in a Corner

Diane M. Kimura

What Obama probably grasps and others miss is what replacing Biden in these circumstances for THIS reason would mean. He is President. If he cannot excercise the duties of a candidate he can't exercise those of President . And if the party admits it, then it means they admit they lied.

This is not Biden deciding on his own he cannot do the job. This is other Democrats deciding he will lose because too many people found out.

It is bad enough for voters to suspect he lied. It is another to admit it. For over a year every major Democratic figure has come forward to gush about Biden's cognitive abilities in private. To force him out now is to admit they were gaslighting the American people. Gaslighting them over the most important and consequential issue imaginable.

This is especially true of any plan to displace Harris. To suggest that not only is Biden unfit to be President but so is Harris to succeed him is to admit that the Democratic elite for its own ends, installed a President and Vice President who are unfit for office. At a time of domestic and global crisis. Furthermore, that for the next seven months including the campaign, America will be governed by two individuals whose own party has repudiated as competent for their roles, all because the voters trusted the Democratic party.

For the Democratic party to go into November with the above message and then expect the voters to forgive them is akin to the UK Conservatives believing that the UK electorate will reward Rishi Sunak for removing Liz Truss after she crashed the economy.

Obama gets this.

Tim adds:

I would agree. I suspect they will find a way to remove Biden without it looking like they're removing Biden. An "unfortunate" injury perhaps? Remember when Harry Reid has his "accident" with an exercise machine (which was a patent lie; sombody beat him up). Reid retired just weeks later.

Any way you slice it the Democrats are now backed in a corner. I fear an assassination, either of Biden or Trump. I think the Democrats could live with a Nikki Haley president if something should happen to Trump before he is formally nominated. Or, as I suggested on another of your posts Diane, an assassination of Biden would work for them too as they could blame it on Trump and MAGA. Granted, they are stuck with Kamala, or are they? For a few months anyway. Not sure how it would play out at the Democratic convention. But I fear these are possible scenarios.

Rats are normally non-aggressive critters until cornered. The Democrats are normally quite aggressive when NOT cornered so how will they be as November approaches?

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Takeaways from the Debate

Jues Kunofsky

Two things came to my mind as I watched in astonishment the pathetic performance by Joe Biden:

First, Biden was Captain Queeg of "The Caine Mutiny.” Captain Queeg panicked and froze up on the bridge during a typhoon due to mental illness. Queeg was relieved of his command by the next in line who claimed Queeg showed signs of mental illness. At trial, a team of psychiatrists pronounced Queeg completely sane. On the witness stand Queeg (played by the great Humphrey Bogart) revealed his mental illness and charges were dropped to the commanding officer who took charge.

Second, I thought of "The Emperor has no clothes", an idiomatic expression used to describe a situation in which people are afraid to criticize something or someone because the perceived wisdom of the masses is that the thing or person is good or important. It is used to describe a situation in which the general population is unwilling to recognize or admit the obvious shortcomings, issues, or flaws in a powerful or popular person or thing. The expression comes from a tale by Hans Christian Andersen where a vain emperor is tricked by two swindlers who promise to make him a set of clothes that are invisible to anyone who is unfit to hold their office or is stupid.

What both situations have in common is that the masses were grossly lied to by the authorities or the powers that be. The United States is run by the Democratic Party, which is controlled by the Deep State, which is controlled by globalists. They hate Donald Trump because he represents Americanism, Capitalism, the Constitution, Democracy, Freedom, Liberty, and of course, "Making America Great Again.” So, to stop Trump they initially lied about him, spied on him, made up conspiracy theories that were repeated over and over by a controlled media. But Hillary Clinton had a 95% chance of winning so the Democrats got caught with their pants down. Trump won 2016!!!!!

To Stop Trump 2020, the Democrat Party and the Deep State produced 51 intelligence agents to lie about the Hunter Biden Laptop, that the cocaine addicted son left in a computer shop and forgot to reclaim the damning evidence. Look away, Russian disinformation. That lie, of course was election interference. We know the truth now just as we found out about the fake Russian "ties" with Trump in 2016 election.

So now, they must stop Trump again in 2024. They continue to call him a Nazi, a person that will never leave office, Hitler-like, a rapist and a criminal. Since that did not work, they indicted him as many times as possible, fixed the judge, the jury, made up crimes, ignored the statute of limitations, tried him of federal crimes in a State court, gave him a gag order, and tried to steal his wealth and threatened to confiscate his property. NOTHING has worked!!!! His poll numbers continue to rise.

All of America saw the other day that "The Emperor has no clothes", and that Captain America Queeg’s brain cells were misfiring. The Gas Lighting has been revealed. What are they going to do? Harris is a loser and anybody else they have is on record telling us how quick minded and sharp Biden is. Do they lock Trump up? Do we have another pandemic? What will the Democrats, the Deep State, and the Globalists do? Believe me, they are meeting right now about this. Only a few months to go until the election. NOTHING is off the table. My only prediction is that the day after will be ugly!!!!!

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He Can be Made to Quit

Timothy Birdnow

So now Biden has made a complete spectacle of himself in the debate, and the media spin machine is in full damage control mode, making multiple excuses. Biden "had a cold" they say. Biden "made a few missteps" they admit, but he's still just fine. Biden was forgetful but TRUMP "lied" repeatedly (completely ignoring the fact Biden told some enormous whoppers in that debate, going back to some lies that have been completely rebutted.) Etc.

I am mindful of John Belushi in The Blues Brothers when trying to wriggle out of trouble for not showing up at his wedding to Carrie Fisher:

"There was a traffic jam, a parade, I had a flat tire, there was a fire, a storm, a terrible flood..."

And, if,like Fisher in the BB, they forgive him and kiss him then America will be tossed into the mud just as Jake Blues tossed Fisher after he got her gun away.

At any rate it's almost comical watching how the media and Democrat operatives are twisting themselves into pretzels to assure America they didn't really see what they saw. "Believe us and not your lying eyes".

We know what we saw and know that Joe Biden not only embarassed himself but also got his clock cleaned. He would have lost that debate even if he had been in his right mind.

The Democrats will remove Biden by hook or by crook, and failing that will remove Trump by...more aggressive means.

In fact I think the debate moderators were moderate in the debate. Sure, they carried Biden's water, but not as badly as one would expect. That tells me that they probably WANTED Biden to implode onstage so they can force him out in some fashion. If he won't succumb to pressure perhaps he will succumb to pressure on his family? If not that perhaps he can meet with some sort of accident? Even if not a fatal one; imagine if someone drugs Biden's ice cream and he starts speaking gibberish publicly? Falls down? The CIA used to do that all the time to foreigners, and they certainly ran a black op on Trump. They have the knowledge and the motivation and are not afraid to do it.

They could assassinate Trump but that might be too obvious. Assassinate Biden and blame it on MAGA and you not only win with the replacement but you wind up destroying the MAGA movement in the process AND can then justify gun control measures "in Biden's memory".

If Joe won't go he must be compelled.

I am mindful of the '70's movie Rollerball where Mr.. Bartholemew (the corporate executive/unelected dictator played by the great John Houseman) tells Jonathan E. "you can be made to quit" and then goes about a series of rule changes, culminating in a game with no substitutions and no time limit - to the death. Bartholemew didn't want it to go there but every effort to pursuade Jonathan E.(James Caan) failed.

There are other ways to handle this and I'm sure our friends in the Deep State are weighing their optins as we speak. World War might justify suspending the elections, for instance,and so we may go Crazy Eddie and attack Russia or China,then stop the elections based on the national emergency. Shoot; I wouuldn't put it past them to nuke one of our own cities just to justify suspending the elections! At this point I wouldn't put ANYTHING past the Ruling Class's lust for power.

But more than likely they will try to do this subtly. Biden leaving would be the optimal for them. Not sure who they will replace him with; my money is still on Michelle Obama, who, Caesar-like, has refused the crown publicly. Certainly her husband, who has been the one runnign things with Biden as his puppet (and Obama answers to the TRUE rulers of America) would love to have his Paul Bunyon-esque wife in the Big Chair. But it could be many others. It could be Gretche Witmer, Michigan's tyrant Governor, you know, the gal who set up a fake kidnapping to blame Trump and MAGA. Most people won't know that, of course.

In point of fact every Democrat elected President since Kennedy, certainly, was largely an unknown when they were elected. It's the only way the Democrats can win the top slow; they have to have someone with no record so they can fool the general public into thinking this is a "new", more moderate Democrat. Biden is the first time since Kennedy they nominated someone with a long and easily examined record. Biden was an outlier; he represented "normalcy" to the public after the four years of chaos fomented by the media and Democrats against Mr. Trump. And Biden was not known as a radical while a Senator. In fact, it was Joe Biden who wrote the crime bill in the nineties that Black Lives Matter so objected to and so Biden could claim to be a "law and order" candidate in the era of BLM riots. But of course Biden turned hard left after winning the Presidency, something entirely predictable because we did not elect the hisotrical Joe Biden but a craven corruptocrat who sold his soul for the prestige and influence the Presidency offered.

So the Democrats will probably go back to their traditional tactic of running an unknown, hoping to fool America again. All they need to do is win back a portion of the Trump Democrats, and the Independents, and they turn the tide.

So Captain Peachfuzz Biden has to go. If he won't "we can make you quit". And failing that...

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June 29, 2024


Carlos F Velázquez

Too bad Michael Crichton has passed away. He'd write a best selling novel about his favorite theme, scientific hubris, based on this latest proposed geoegineering idea that ignores a whole host of possible unintended consequences.

Scientists Resort to Once-Unthinkable Solutions to Cool the Planet

Tim adds:

Utter insanity. They clearly don't remember the childhood song about the old lady who swallowed the fly.

Cool the Earth down from a degree of warming? They are MAD!

Crichton would have a field day these days, what with AI and geoengineering and computer/brain interfacing.

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SCOTUS Gets it Right!

Carlos Velazquez

Great SCOTUS decision. This was anticipated by conservative legal scholars who believe in strict interpretation of the Constitution and the law. The law was strictly applied by SCOTUS whose ruling cancelled the "expanded" DOJ interpretation. Not surprisingly statist Amy Barrett voted with the liberals while, very surprisingly, liberal judge Ketanji voted with the conservatives. The ones already convicted under the now invalidated interpretation should appeal.

"The Supreme Court's decision could affect the ongoing prosecutions of nearly 250 defendants charged with obstruction for their participation in the Jan. 6 assault. It could also upend cases that have already been adjudicated, since those who were convicted of violating the obstruction statute or pleaded guilty could seek resentencing, withdraw their pleas or ask for new trials. There are 52 cases in which a defendant was convicted and sentenced on charges where the obstruction count was the sole felony, and of those, 27 are currently incarcerated, according to the Justice Department."

Supreme Court limits scope of obstruction charge levied against Jan. 6 defendants, including Trump

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Kicking and Screaming

Timothy Birdnow

They are going to have to drag Biden out kicking and screaming (or rather messing his pants and losing his false teeth...)

Biden addresses poor debate performance, attacks Trump at Raleigh rally

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Who is in Charge?

This is a post on X by Vivek Ramaswami:

If you were shocked by what you saw last night (as many of my centrist & Democrat friends were), ask yourself why you were shocked. Biden’s cognitive deterioration has been evident for a *very* long time: if you weren’t aware of it, or were convinced those claims were "right-wing conspiracies,” that tells you something important about the quality of the news you’re consuming & the institutions you trust.

Ask yourself whether it’s possible that those same outlets which lied to you about the mental fitness of the sitting president might have lied to you about anything else. Look into the Russia collusion hoax, the "fine people” and bleach hoaxes, the origin of COVID-19, Hunter Biden, the evidentiary basis for climate change policies or pediatric "gender-affirmi ng care.” Seek out original sources & uncut video footage, instead of relying on the filter of mainstream media coverage.

Ask yourself this too: who is actually running this country? Do you honestly believe Joe Biden is in charge? Is the "deep state” a conspiracy theory, or is it a reality hiding in plain sight?

Last night was a sad moment for our country to see a mentally debilitated President, but it can still catalyze positive change & open minds that were previously closed. Once you see it you can’t unsee it.

For my own part, I will never fault a fellow citizen for coming to these conclusions "late.” It’s more valuable to unite around the truth than to gloat over who was right first. We’re all human, we’ve all been wrong & been misled before, but we are best off as a nation if we can openly admit it and improve in the future. We’ll have our opportunity to do that this November & beyond.

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June 28, 2024

The Big Swindle

Timothy Birdnow

Donald Trump's team is seeking to subpoena the real estate lawyer who advised judge Erdogan, er, Engoran on the value of Mar-A-Lago. And they seek to recuse the crazed judge for his bias.


Mr. Bailey said the judge had "a lot of questions” and Mr. Bailey "gave him everything I knew.”

He said he did not mention the former president by name.

A court spokesperson has denied that anything improper occurred.

"No ex parte conversation concerning this matter occurred between Justice Engoron and Mr. Bailey or any other person,” court spokesperson Al Baker said at the time.

"The decision Justice Engoron issued Feb. 16 was his alone, was deeply considered, and was wholly uninfluenced by this individual.”

Mr. Bailey was not involved in former President Trump’s case and had been quoted by multiple media as an expert voice throughout the trial.

He said he had told the judge that the fraud statute used in the high-profile case was not meant to shut down a company, especially when there were no clear victims.

Prior to the trial, Justice Engoron had ordered the cancellation of Trump Organization business certificates, a move that the industry regarded as a corporate "death penalty.”

The order—which had not been requested by the state attorneys—was so unusual that lawyers asked how it would be executed, and the judge said he had to think about it.
The Associated Press analyzed 150 cases using the fraud statute and found that no defendant had ever faced penalties as severe as former President Trump and that his case was especially unusual because there were no victims.
An appeals court shortly halted the order, and the judge vacated it when he entered final judgment in February.
Bailey Responds
Attorneys for former President Trump have moved to recuse the judge, arguing that the Bailey interview indicates that Justice Engoron spoke with outside parties about the case.
In doing so, they have also filed a motion to subpoena Mr. Bailey, whose attorney responded with a motion to quash or modify the subpoena.


The New York attorney general’s office opposes the subpoena entirely, arguing that no hearing has been called.

It argued that the defendants have offered only the Bailey interview as evidence of alleged impropriety, which the court has already denied was an ex parte conversation.

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On the CIA Election Interference

Diane M. Kimura

The level of corruption here that John Solomon alleges at the hands of the US government is simply staggering.

He dropped some FIRE, alleging that several of the 51 Intel Offers who said Hunters laptop was "Russian Disinformation” were… you guessed it.

Active CIA Contractors.

Details from the report:

•At least two of the 51 signatories of the infamous letter labeling the Hunter Biden laptop from Hell as"Russian disinformation” were CIA contractors when they signed the letter the House Weaponization Subcommittee revealed in a new report.

•The report ALSO found CIA Director Gina Haspel and other senior CIA officials (under the Trump Admin) knew ahead of publication that the letter was coming… but did not intervene.

•The report sheds new light on one of the most controversial public debates of the 2020 presidential election; the reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell — which was originally posted by The New York Post just before the election.

The 51 intel officials chose to mislead the American people in the most awful way: John Solomon

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Rare Earth In America

Carlos F Velázquez

Discovery of over 2,000,000,000 tons of rare Earth minerals found in the US could make our country the new 'world leader'. It's a modern-day gold rush.

Discovery of over 2,000,000,000 tons of rare Earth mineral found in US could make country the new 'world leader'

A word from Tim:

How long before Biden and the Democrats lock this land up and otherwise make it impossible for us to go after it?

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De Dummy at de Debate

Timothy Birdnow

So the first debate is behind us and it was pretty much a disaster for Joe Biden.

Biden mumbled and stumbled and became confused a couple of times. He seemed weak and obviously not up to four more years of the Presidency.

Trump held himself in check, looking presidential and composed. He answered Biden well on most of his points. He attacked Biden where vulnerable. He was aggressive without being rude. I think Trump knocked it out of the park.

The amazing thing was the moderators, both of whom despise Mr. Trump. They almost seemed to do their jobs. Yeah; they kept the abortion topic front and center as long as they could, but I expected them to pull a Chris Wallace on the former President. They ALMOST acted like journalists.

Biden came alive over abortion at one point and seemed like his old self for a bit; he loves murdering babies. But Trump pretty much tore him apart, accusing him and his party of wanting to kill babies wherever they could be found.

Trump could have answered a few questions better. When asked what he would do about Putin he didn't give a concrete answer, saying he would never have let it happen. True, but he needed to offer a plan. That plan to me is obvious; get the price of oil and gas down. Putin is only able to sustain this war because he is flush with windfall profits from the high price of oil - a high price purposely imposed by Joe Biden to force Americans into electric vehicles. It's the green agenda.

And Trump never did answer them when asked what he would do about the environment. The answer is simple; improve the economy. Rich nations are clean, far cleaner than developing countries. The environment is actually cleaner now than it was twenty years ago, and that was cleaner than forty, etc. Wealth leads to cleanliness. Trump should have said that.

Trump also touched on Biden's racism, but never really got into the meat of it. He should have pointed out that it was Joe Biden who wrote the '90's crime bill that led to the incarceration of so many black men. Trump could have gone after Biden on that.

Be that as it may Trump did a fine job and clearly won last night.

The moderators moderation speaks volumes; it's clear they want to replace Captain Peachfuzz and so did not throw him a lifeline. And after-debate analysis all admitted Trump won - by Democrats. It's clear they plan to dump him before the Convention and substitute a dark horse candidate. I still suspect it will be the Mooche, Michelle Obama. It could be a governor - from Wisconsin or Michigan. But they will pick someone largely unknown to the American People and who will help secure the swing states and the Trump Democrats.

I assure you there are many dirty tricks awaiting. Right now they are apparently fattening the Donald up for the slaughter.

But at least we can enjoy last night. Nobody can claim Trump lost last night - not even CNN.

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June 27, 2024

Cowards in Black Robes

Timothy Birdnow

Justice Sam Alito is furious with his collegues on the Supreme Court for their ruling in the lawsuit over Biden's collusion with and strongarming of social media and the tech industry to suppress opposition and censor opponents.

Amy Coney Barret, the increasingly useless supposed conservative, wrote the majority opinion in which the Court did not rule on the merits of the case but simply punted, dismissing it based on standing.

Not sure how any American does not have standing in such a case; it affects all of us.

Thomas and Gorsuch also dissented. All three Trump appointees hid like little cowards.

Alito wrote:

"If the lower courts’ assessment of the voluminous record is correct, this is one of the most important free speech cases to reach this Court in years,”

And yet the Court punted. How could they? We have a First Amendment which is quite clear about our government not prohibiting speech - any speach.

At least this can come back at a later date and perhaps the Court will do it's job - and particularly Barret, Kavanaugh, and the little coward John Roberts.

BTW the weenie wing also appears to be ready to reinstate an appalate court ruling forcing IDaho to allow "emergency" abortions when the "health" of the mother is allegedly at stake, overturning state law. Barret - who was touted as extremely conservative and pro-life, called SCOTUS involvement at this point "premature" and thus the order is reinstated.

Barret is a huge disappointment and disgrace. She was highly recommended by the Heritage Foundation. You know, the same guys who wrote what would become the Obamacare bill.

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Rumors of Wars

Timothy Birdnow

Norway is going to start stockpiling grain ostensibly out of fear of "climate change". I think we all know the real reason; war is increasingly likely and they may need it for their citizens.

The world is hell-bent on being Hell-bound.

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The Liar Mr. Smith

Timothy Birdnow

Jack Smith argues to prevent the dismissal of his case that:

"The FBI agents who conducted the search did so professionally, thoroughly, and carefully under challenging circumstances, particularly given the cluttered state of the boxes and the substantial volume of highly classified documents Trump had retained,"

This in response to accusations that the boxes were out of order and reorganized, making the Trump defense difficult, and that the FBI destroyed exculpatory evidence.

I would like to know how the disorganization of those files was Trump's fault, given the National Archives dumped them on him en-masse at Biden's behest in multiple pallets then demanded them back from him. Trump would have had to hire full-time people to sort through it all, people with the security clearance to actually open the boxes and LOOk at them!

And there is evidence these were purposely mislabeled in the photos to make Trump appear guilty.

This was a setup all along.

As for Smith's claim this was done professionally, may I ask how it is professional to root through Trump's wife's drawers and likely sniff her underpants? I call that extremely creepy, not professional.

And who made this a "challenging circumstance"? Garland had the FBI show up for a pre-dawn raid with SWAT teams and orders to "shoot to kill" and that is somehow TRUMP'S fault? If it was challenging it was the result of an armed and outrageous raid on a former President, one protected by the Secret Service.

So now Smith has released new photographs of Trump's "haphazzard" storage of "classified documents". I guess Smith doesn't know Trump had every right to those documents, and that Trump could declassify anything he liked. Smith and the FBI are the ones without authorization for any of this.

And they themselves have admitted to staging such photos in the past. In fact they apologized to the judge for it (but not to Mr. Trump - the victim).

Not only should Jack Smith's case be dismissed with prejudice but he should be prosecuted for abusing his office and framing an innocent man.

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The Big Gang Up Tonight

Timothy Birdnow

If anyone is expecting any sort of fairness in tonights debate you arre going to be sorely disappointed.

Here is a precursor.

From the Blaze:

" Trump 2024 national press secretary Karoline Leavitt noted in the interview that it "would take someone five minutes” to google Jake Tapper’s name with Donald Trump’s to find that Tapper has "consistently likened Trump to Adolf Hitler.”

As she was trying to finish her sentence, Hunt interrupted, threatening to end the interview.

"I’m going to stop this interview if you continue to attack my colleagues,” Hunt said angrily.

"I am stating facts that your colleagues have stated in the past,” Leavitt fired back, before she was cut from the screen.

"She is welcome to come back and speak about Donald Trump, and Donald Trump will have equal time to Joe Biden when they both join us now, at next, early, later this week in Atlanta for this debate,” Hunt said, clearly flustered.

The issue began when Hunt had asked what Trump’s strategy for the debate was, and Leavitt initially said that Trump’s plan is just to point out what a horrible job Biden has done.

"She did give a very clear answer,” Sara Gonzales explains. "But then she did, I mean I think that very rightfully so, pointed out, ‘Your moderator has a history of anti-Trump sentiments, so obviously this is not right, it’s not going to be fair.’”

This shows they have absolutely no intention of being the least bit fair. Trump's mic will be off more than it will be on, I suspect. And Jake Tapper will no doubt have some dishonest suprises to spring on Trump to force him to waste time answering lies.

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Timothy Birdnow

The Biden Junta can do nothing but gaslight the American People:

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