April 30, 2021

Arrested for Quoting the Bible in London

This from E. Calvin Beisner:

For several centuries, Christians---an

d because of the values we've brought to the public square non-Christians- --have enjoyed freedom of speech in the English-speakin g world. That freedom is being eroded, swiftly, by those who value comfort over truth and safety over liberty. We had better all be prepared to exercise that freedom, and defend it boldly, or we will lose it.

Pastor Arrested in London for Quoting "Homophobic" Bible Verses

Tim adds:

The persecution of the Church is returning. How long before Christians are arrested for just going to church? Well, it's happened already when some have violated the Covid shutdowns. We are in a perilous time and so many don't see it.

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Suppressing Free Speech

From Jim Church:

The state does not own the rights of its citizens. It’s an inversion of the relationship between citizen and government to think so. Citizens give orders to governments. Citizens are the ultimate rulers, which any definition of the word democracy will affirm: demos – people; cracy -rule.

Yet we have experienced a grave dilution of how these rights are presently understood, in parallel with a grave dilution of respect for them. The rot began and was sadly nursed in the very institutions by those which should most defend and explain them. Our decaying universities.


Tim adds:

Free speech and property rights are the cornerstones of all freedoms. We've lost property rights and now they are taking free speech. Without free speech you cannot change anything, which suits the ruling class just fine.

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Environmental Hegemonism

This from Jim Church:

This is how insane climate alarmists have become! And it doesn't matter the political stripe! Around the world its like these people have lost their minds in their unscientific and illogical headlong rush to worship St Greta and the climate 'gods'. In the process they are willing not only to sacrifice their nation's economies, their own citizens' well-being, but the blood of their soldiers!
Not that long ago those who suggested such things would happen were debunked as "conspiracy theorists". Well, no longer! Unheard-of and unthinkable actions are being considered by elites from progressive and conservative governments across the spectrum.

British Forces Could be Sent to Stop Countries Cutting Down Rainforests

Tim adds:

This was always the goal. The intention is to make an international community that can simply override a state's sovereignty with force if necessary. When you have that you have world government. It will grow from there.

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FDA to Ban Menthol Cigarettes Because they are Racist

From Steven Chase:

Gov't bans a product because it 'Impacts Blacks disproportionat ely' Wow... talk about a racist, nanny state!

Ironically, the Leftist Gov't reveals its true strategy regarding gun control.

FDA Plans to Ban Menthol Cigarettes, Citing Minority Impact

Tim adds:

Does this mean everything will be either banned or compulsory, as in the old Soviet Union? You can't find anything in this world that will not swing one way or the other.

Maybe we should ban AFDC and other social welfare programs for their disproportionate impact on minorities?

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The Ballad of Robert Byrd

Timothy Birdnow

On Facebook a friend posted a photo of Biden with Roberty KKK Byrd. It made me dig up this old song I wrote.

The Ballad of Robert Byrd - sung to the tune of My Daroling Clementine:

He was a kleagle in a klavern burnin` crosses for the Klan, he`s a white trash 99er glad his daughter isn`t tan!

He was born a West Virginie` in a cardboard paper shack as a boy he and his kin`un made their clothes of burlap sack.

Robert Byrdie, Robert Byrdie Robert Byrd, the Senate Dean though he may be forced to say it can`t believe Obama`s clean.

Walked to school with snow a blowin` in his bare or stockinged feet
through the coal piles that were growin` as he stitched his first white sheet.

Robert Byrdie, Robert Byrdie Robert Byrd, the Senate`s soul
found the Democrats appeal beat the work of mining coal.

Went to Congress as a liberal though he`d fought to segregate
now he guards the Senate`s conscience while he sees that pork inflate.

Robert Byrdie, Robert Byrdie Robert Byrd, we all agree
just ain`t nothin but a bumpkin a West Virginia hillbilly!

He was a Kleagle in a Klavern burning crosses for the Klan
sounds just like he left the tavern and he needs to eat more bran.

Robert Byrdie, Robert Byrdie Robert Byrd, Pro Tempore thinks he`s better than ``white...peoples`` and that coloreds should obey.

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"Net Zero" - Growth

Stephen Heins:

Net Zero is a harmless looking phrase, which it isn’t. A synonym for "net zero” in 2050 is no growth, or degrowth.

How can increased unemployment, increased poverty, and decreased income per capital be good for the world’s population?

How can energy poverty be good for the 3.6 billion people who currently live without enough electricity to power a single refrigerator?

Net Zero: A Disaster Waiting To Happen

You can almost smell the change in the air. A growing number of influential voices are beginning to ask the questions that everyone has been avoiding for the last few years.

A word from Tim:

"Sustainability" is akin to "net zero" which should be phrased "net zero growth". Both advocate no growth aka stagnation. A stagnant economy means a slide into poverty unless the population is dropping (and even then as there aren't enough people to keep the system running). The whole point of this is to phase out industrial civilization and to depopulate. They think they can reduce the surplus population by making everyone poor. (They fail to notice the poor in India do just fine repopulating.) The goal is to reduce the standard of living to a "sustainable" level meaning a level that people can't sustain THEMSELVES at. Then the population can be slowly reduced to about half a billion. That is the plan of the self-styled Brights.

In this world you must grow or you start to die. That is their hope.

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Why Adopt the Chinese Model?

Lance Sjogren observes:

Biden talks about how we need to compete with China. So what we need is more lying, cheatring, and stealing? Because those are the standards by which commerce is run in mainland China due to its Mafia-style government which dictates how businesses must be run.a

Tim adds:

I remember when Bill Clinton was running for President and all he could do was gush about Germany and Japan. Well, where are they now? Germany is still the industrial heart of Europe but has been faltering for a while now, and Japan, which everyone was terrified was "taking over" back then, is now an afterthought. Why? Because both of these countries adopted the "guided economy" principle. Had we modeled ourselves on them as Clinton proposed we would be stumbling too.

Just because someone is ahead temporarily doesn't mean they are actually better. Slow and steady often wins the race. But the Demo-Left wants us to recreate America in China's communist image. China may not be a major player in 20, 30 years. They really weren't 30 years ago. Why assume they are the future?

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Al Gore the Flim-Flam Man

James Doogue

A long read revealing Al Gore's political motivations behind his global warming alarmism. The article also reveals that Al Gore's climate science mentor flatly disagreed that the science was settled or that Corbin dioxide emissions were causing catastrophiv climate change.

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Does Covid Vaccine Cause Cancer?

Timothy Birdnow

I give this with a grain of salt.

The original article was in Natural News, a somewhat sketchy source, to be certain.

It claims that the new vaccines using mRNA are cancer causing. I don't know, but this IS a radical new approach and we don't know enough about this yet.

From the article:

"There’s a secret layer of information in your cells called messenger RNA, that’s located between DNA and proteins, that serves as a critical link. Now, in a medical shocker to the whole world of vaccine philosophy, scientists at Sloan Kettering found that mRNA itself carries cancer CAUSING changes – changes that genetic tests don’t even analyze, flying completely under the radar of oncologists across the globe.


The information carrying molecule, messenger RNA, can instruct human cells ultimately in the same way as cancer drivers, playing a major role in causing cancer to thrive while inactivating natural tumor-suppressing proteins the human body creates to save you from cancer. This is the complete opposite of what the CDC and the vaccine manufactures are telling everyone right now about the Covid vaccines, and this is based on clinical research by molecular biologists at the Sloan Kettering Institute."
End quote.

Again, I don't know how much stock to put in this, but it is something to think about.I've long worried about the long-term effects of genetic manipulation and what it can cause. This plays into my concerns.

Cancer.gov defines cancer as:

"Cancer is a genetic disease—that is, it is caused by changes to genes that control the way our cells function, especially how they grow and divide."

Well, what is the Covid vaccine doing but altering the way our cells grow and divide? We are telling cells to make a spike protein that is unique to Covid 19, which then triggers an immune response in the absence of the actual virus. Fine as far as that is concerned, but do we really know what other changes are being made to our cell structure? We are clearly giving the cells new instructions on how to grow and divide.

Chances are this is nothing to worry about, but I believe in gathering all information and weighing it myself. Accepting the solemn word of those who claim expertise is fine for children and the ignorant, but is does not serve the intelligent and mature adult very well.

Hat tip: Frederick Berry.

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"Factchecker" Follies

From David Redfern

"Accurate information about the vaccines and other vital COVID-related topics hinges upon the ability to disseminate the facts on major social media platforms like Facebook. In turn, Facebook relies on FactCheck.org, among other shady organizations, to rule on what information is admissible. FactCheck.orgis funded by a grant from an organization run by Obama's former CDC director, whose assets contain Johnson & Johnson stock. In other words, the vaccine companies control the flow of information about vaccines. Welcome to the world of "independent fact checkers.""

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April 29, 2021

The Problems with the "Conservative" Argument for Abolishing the Electoral College

Jack Kemp

In recent days I have seen an article or two by some conservative saying that there is a major silver lining to abolishing the Electoral College. It is an interesting argument and I will first state it and then rebut it

The argument states that in a place like California, since Republicans know they have been outnumbered, many of them stay home on election day figuring their favorite candidates will lose anyway - but if all the votes in America were pooled together, these GOP votes would have a positive influence. Look at a counties map of the United States and you will see many, many more Republican voting counties so the aggregate total votes will favor the GOP Presidential candidate.

This argument has limited merits and would work in a perfect world world. But it doesn't take into account that the same state Democratic officials in California and Georgia and Pennsylvania and elsewhere will not "lose" a number of GOP voting ballots or find even more Democrat ballots either in suitcases or car trunks or wherever than were allegedly found in the 2020 Presidential Election.

The argument essentially states that in a country the size of the United States, there is less likely to be vote counting problems if the entire three thousand mile wide country (plus Alaska and Hawaii) becomes one big election district. Smaller countries in Europe do a good job of vote counting but they do not stretch across so many kilometers and different autonomous regions. The European Union, a type of United States of Europe, has already found one major country has left it (Great Britain) and others are clamoring to do the same.

Imagine what a year 2000 Florida style recount would look like spread across three thousand miles. It is not a pretty picture.

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What are the Odds?

David Nabhan observes:

NASA puts the chances of an asteroid strike big enough to annihilate an entire major city at .1% while the hair-on-fire CDC shrieks that the probability of dying from Covid is .026%. For the "We’re WITH science!” college crowd who doesn’t do so well with those confusing things called numbers, the former is about four times greater than the latter. When do we all start wearing buckets on our heads along with the gags in the mouth?

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No Bull

Selwyn Duke

"Where’s the beef?!” asked 81-year-old Clara Peller in a famous 1984 advertising campaign. She probably never imagined where it one day wouldn’t be: on the pages of a company whose business is publishing food recipes.

Condé Nast cooking brand "Epicurious” announced the decision in a Monday piece entitled "The Planet on the Plate: Why Epicurious Left Beef Behind.” The site states that the move was made in "an effort to encourage more sustainable cooking.” Well, gee, thanks, dad.

What’s next, "woke” veterinarians refusing to treat cows?


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Antarctic Ice Movement

Timothy Birdnow

Hah! I've always thought that business about East Antarctica pushing out into WAIS and calving off was the case, and have used that in arguments with the Gang Green in the past. Now I have confirmation of my pet theory. It's fun to be right!

Richard Cronin says:

Linked is Herndon’s paper on the mantle plume tsunami phenomenon to drive the volcanoes of Hawaii, Iceland, and Yellowstone.

It is also known from satellite observations that East Antarctica is heaving up and down, pushing "rivers of ice” thru mountain passes in the Transantarctic Mountain range, out onto West Antarctica and calve off.

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About that Raid on Guiliani

Judson Phillips

For anyone missing the finer points of the FBI's raid on Rudy Guliani today, here is what it means.

This is their first step in trying to indict, convict and imprison Donald Trump. The feds will prepare indictments against Guiliani and he will be given a choice, cut a deal and name President Trump as the actor in a bunch of illegal activities or spend the rest of his life in federal prison.

What could or would Guilliani do? Who knows but Trump is the target.

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Democracy for Dummies

Lance Sjogren observes:

Headline from Vox:

"Joe Biden wants you to believe in American democracy"

Meanwhile, he called for HR-1, the bill that eviscerates safeguards in our election process that are essential to honest elections.

I just wish more Americans understood what a threat to freedom and democracy today's Democratic Party truly is.

Tim adds:

America is not a democracy, or isn't supposed to be one.

Plato warned democracy was the last stage of societal development before a collapse and then dictatorship, and the Founders understood that. That's why originally only the House of Representatives
were elected by popular vote; everyone else at the Federal level was appointed or chosen in another manner (Senators by the state legislatures, the President and Veep by the College of Electors). Neither Biden nor the dopes in the media seem to have a clue about that.

And so what is Biden asking? That we a.believe whatever the media tells us about our "democracy" b.that we believe in something we aren't supposed to have anyway and c.we have faith in a rigged game.

IF Biden were remotely sincere about this he would have called for a serious investigation into irregularities in the last election rather than simply deny, deny, deny. He would call for things like voter I.D. and purging voter rolls. That he wants to expand and ease the voting process shows he doesn't care about the core principle of democracy, which is one man one vote. So every word in that headline is a lie, including to and in.

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Covid as an Excuse

James Doogue

Have you noticed how so many businesses are blaming Covid-19 for delivering poor service or reduced services even if the relationship between the undelivered or poorly delivered service is scant at best?

The Qantas club in Perth is closed because of Covid restrictions. Yet the cafes and bars in the airport are operating on a take-away or sit down basis simply with Covid-19 distancing rules applied. A common sense approach. But they are charging customers. Qantas Club wouldn't be generating revenue by providing services members have already paid for!

Meanwhile all those who would be in the Qantas club are adding to the crowd in the departure waiting areas. We are spaced with a one seat gap.

There's people around coughing and sneezing. These masks aren't going to change anything if someone had Covid-19. But the fact is, as we saw by the unnecessary lock-down, the only place we have Covid-19 in WA, is in hotel quarantine and the occasional leak due to an incompetent Health Department and government.

Tim adds:

I had to go to get a shot in my eyeball the other day. The cab I called never showed up. The dispatcher blamed it on Covid. It's utterly ridiculous!

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Biden Proposes Destroying the Economy

This from E. Calvin Beisner

Takeaway: "Just in those first three Mad Libs bills listed up there — "The American [Noun] Plan” — Biden wants to spend an additional $6 trillion beyond what the federal government would ordinarily spend. That’s about a third of the entire U.S. economy, all on top of the $4.4 trillion the government spent in 2019, the last non-pandemic year."

But that's okay, we can just conjure more money out of thin air, the way we've been doing for decades. Of course, that cheapens the value of all the money already in people's wallets and accounts---i.e.

, it robs them. But who cares? The Eighth Commandment says "You shall not steal---unless you do it sneakily." Doesn't it?

Biden's Trillion Dollar Train Wreck

Tim adds:

Welcome to Wiemar Germany. We'll need a wheelbarrow of money to buy a loaf of bread if Biden gets his way.

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April 28, 2021

Arizona Recount

This from Richard Cronin:

Go Grand Canyon State, Go ! Lead the way, Arizona !!

Re: the recount in Maricopa County, Arizona. Maricopa County Supreme Court Judge Daniel Martin has filled the place of Judge Coury who recused himself from the case.

"A judge hearing a challenge to voter privacy policies during the Republican-cont rolled Arizona Senate's recount of 2.1 million 2020 election ballots in the county that includes metro Phoenix said Tuesday he is not convinced voter secrecy is being upheld.

The comment from Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Daniel Martin came at the end of a lengthy hearing where he also declined to extend a previous judge's order that auditors hired by the Senate comply with state voter privacy laws -- at least until he hears more at a hearing on Wednesday.

"I will share with you all, I am not yet persuaded that there has been a showing that the rights of the voters in Maricopa County are being protected,” Martin said. "And I think we will touch on this tomorrow when we address the policies and procedures and whether or not they can be withheld from public view.”

Dallas Stephens adds:

Hmm. Privacy concerns huh -- in a world filled with cameras everywhere; satellites; facial recognition software; thermal imaging: startlight scopes / cameras; body scanners; GPS tracking in cars, phones & TVs; 24/7 NSA / HSA hacking / eavesdropping of phone calls, emails & internet activity and listening devices embedded in 'smart' gadget we use or get near. Yeah, gotta love these judges concern over our privacy. Just one question though. Where the hell have they been up until now?

Richard replies:

Election processes are under each state legislature. The legislatures were superseded (unconstitution
ally) by governors and activist state judges. The courts can’t take action until a lawsuit is brought before them, so until the Arizona Senate initiated this effort nothing was going to happen and the Democrats may still snuff it out yet. They have 70 lawyers fighting the audit.

Tim replies:

I notice the original judge recused himself. That smells to me. Probably this new guy is a liberal who wants to kill this suit.

This is the state that gave us John McCain, Jon Kyl, and Jeff Flake. I don't imagine the GOP is too interested in proving Donald Trump right here.

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The Lie of Right Wing Terrorism

Warner Todd Huston

Nearly every cop show has repeatedly had "right-wing terrorist" shows with "homegrown terrorists" blowing people up, kidnapping people, attacking federal and local officials, and murdering people. And yet, in real life, there have been almost no "right-wing terrorist" attacks. Nearly every attack on America has been perpetrated by Muslims and Black Lives Matter.

Tim adds:

It's the Big Lie. The media and Southern Poverty Law Center have been pushing this falsehood for a long time now. There is no evidence of any "right wing terrorism". When the Left produces their "evidence" it usually involves somebody from Occupy Wall Street they are claiming is a "right winger". But they need to keep pushing this because they want to crack down on conservative thought and can only suppress free speech by equating it with violence and terrorism.

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