September 30, 2022

Rising Inflation

Timothy Birdnow

A picture is worth a thousand words:

May be an image of text

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Government is Violence

Timothy Birdnow

Government is force applied to the individual to compel obedience according to tthe direction of the rulers of the government. The benefits it gives are at the expense of some and are always the lowest common denominator in how things will be handled because there can be no finesse or subtlety where brute force is the key to the whole operation.

The Mafia is basically a government too, but one that acts at odds to the society at large.

Governments operate no differently, just they usually have a veneer of benefit to the society at large and people look to them as if they were some sort of demigod. It's a violation of the First Commandment, frankly.

And don't kid yourself; the Left always knew that. Read Rouseau's The Social Contract. He speaks about the Collective Will as the new god and the State as the new Church.

"It is curious that people tend to regard government as a quasi-divine, selfless, Santa Claus organization. Government was constructed neither for ability nor for the exercise of loving care; government was built for the use of force and for necessarily demagogic appeals for votes.

If individuals do not know their own interests in many cases, they are free to turn to private experts for guidance. It is absurd to say that they will be served better by a coercive, demagogic apparatus.”

- Murray Rothbard, "Power and Market”

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Stupor Models

Scott Snell

The Climate Change intervention movement, thirty years old and counting, has been based less on actual events than on future projections generated by mathematical models. There are numerous such models, and their projections range from "meh" to "be afraid." Climate activists have enthusiastically seized on the more alarming predictions as a done deal.

Climate modeling is frequently criticized for failing to adequately account for key variables such as cloud cover or solar variance, and for being too coarse-resolution to produce usable results. It's worth noting that of dozens of models in use, the vast majority significantly overestimate the amount of overall warming. Skeptics (of which I am one) have enthusiastically seized on these weaknesses as evidence of their overall unreliability.

As if to underscore this point, recently, a group of climate modeling experts carried out a study in which 37 different climate models were run for a range of possible future temperatures for three different metrics in four different major cities. The cities were Beijing, New York, London, and Mumbai. The metrics were wettest day, hottest day, and windiest day. The range of future temperatures was from +.05C to +4C. The results were so scattered as to be nearly useless, with no identifiable trends. As Jo Nova put it, the results "look like a painting done by a jet engine."

The authors of this study explicitly used these non-results as a cautionary statement to economic planners and investors. In other words, "Don't bet the farm" on these models.

Jo Nova's summary is here

And the original article is here:

It should surprise no one that all climate models have major weaknesses. This thing we call "climate" is a fantastically complicated entity involving hundreds of dynamic variables interacting over large swaths of time and distance through enormous volumes of ocean and atmosphere and over millions of square miles of highly variable terrain. It is literally the most complicated problem humans currently contemplate. Even the best models operate at very coarse resolution, take major shortcuts, and rely on highly simplified representations of physical phenomena. It's just too big a problem for our current technology.

So follow their creators' advice. Take these models' predictions with a large allowance. And whatever you do, don't use them to make major economic, technological, or social decisions.

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Please Make Him Stop!

James Doogue

Oh, my. Biden just said that Hurricane Ian could be the deadliest in Florida history. In 1928, the Lake Okeechobee Hurricane killed over 2,500 (total number unknown). So far, Ian has 12 storm-related deaths. Please, someone, make him stop.

The above was a post from Dr Roy W. Spencer who's Wikipedia entry reads:

Roy Warren Spencer (born December 20, 1955)[1] is a meteorologist,[2] a principal research scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and the U.S. Science Team leader for the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer (AMSR-E) on NASA's Aqua satellite.[3][4] He has served as senior scientist for climate studies at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.[3][4] He is known for his satellite-based temperature monitoring work, for which he was awarded the American Meteorological Society's Special Award.[4] Spencer disagrees with the scientific consensus that most global warming in the past 50 years is the result of human activity, instead believing that anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions have caused some warming, but that influence is small compared to natural variations in global average cloud cover.

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Global Warming? Nah.

Jim Church

The new observational data has strong implications for predictions of future global warming due to greenhouse gas forcing, suggesting it might be significantly lower than most models suggest.

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Don't Cry for Britain

David Nabhan

Don't cry for the Brits this winter with Russian gas no more, dooming thousands of UK grandparents to freeze to death. In normal years, ever since Marxist wolves among them magically turned enviro-gurus, the hapless Brits have stood by and watched as 3,000 elderly perish yearly from "cold domicile" deaths. Two years ago when UK dolts capped their last gas head in Blackpool, Ireland's 2nd largest newspaper allowed me to hold them up and roast them in public (see here). Don't pity, or imitate, Britain.

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Penn County Sues Dominion Voting

Timothy Birdnow

So....Dominion voting was clean as the wind driven snow? Apparently one Pennsylvania County doesn't think so.

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The End of War - and of Civilization

Jim Church forwards this:

Digital darkness: the third apocalypse

From this article:

"Autonomous electric cars are being pushed via policy and distribution to replace petrol and diesel cars. The old technology is sturdy and de-centralised – perfect for coping with prolonged periods of global conflict and power outages. No one is going to win a war with a fleet of Teslas after the first power station is taken down. What really interests the global bureaucracy about e-cars is the possibility of locking GPS maps so that the government can prohibit vehicles from travelling to certain destinations. Instead of being guided by satnav, it becomes a digital prison – the purpose is to stop citizens entering re-wilded areas of the country which have been given to the government for environmental reasons. If you think that sounds a bit like China citing United Nations environmental policy to kick out native Tibetans, you’d be right.”

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Burning Manchin

Lance Sjogren

Democrats reneg on a deal they made with Joe Manchin.

What else is new. A political party that believes in getting its way by any means necessary is not going to honor any agreement they make. When this deal was first made anyone with eyes open knew that they were going to stiff Manchin.

This guy will be resoundingly booted out by the voters of West Virginia in 2024. I just hope the Republican who runs against them is a good one. There are still a lot of rotten Republicans out there.

Tim adds:

A lot of Republicans didn't support this either because it was tied to a big spending bill.

Manchin was a fool. His own party hated him and was prepared to give up the seat rather than let him hold up their agenda. And if anyone didn't think they would throw him under the bus they don't know the Democrats.

Granted he deserved it; anyone foolish enough to trust the radicals in the Democratic Party deserves what he gets.

There was no way the Democrats would allow streamlined oil and gas drilling. They want to kill fossil fuels - not aid in their production. There whole scheme of empire rests on killing off the old economic order and accepting the new one they have created (which greatly benefits themselves.) This would throw a lifeline to oil and gas. Manchin should have understood this was never going to happen.

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Giving Putin the Poles

John Lees

A few more thoughts on the possibility of a Ukrainian Baltic Raid.
We have already seen, in this war, that the Ukrainians are highly adaptable and ingenious. They also have a relatively decentralized command structure with room for autonomously planned and executed missions.
But, they would have needed to get a vessel, plus a whole heap of equipment and depth charges out into the Baltic.
They likely borrowed the boat.
There are millions of Ukrainians currently in Poland, as far as I am aware. Poland has a port on the Baltic at Gdansk? But many Poles would also be happy with this plan. There is already a massive flow of trade between Ukraine and Gdansk (see map).
The Poles have shown strong support for Ukraine and are widely extremely anti-Putin in their views. They really do not look forward to the idea of being incorporated into a new Russian Empire.
It's not so far from Kiev to Gdansk, as long as the Poles are happy to stamp your papers and not look inside your shipping container(s). This is not at all outside the realm of possibility,
Maybe we should be wondering why they didn't do this earlier in the war:

May be an image of map and text that says 'Găvle Rauma Helsinki Hanko Jelsa Nynäshamn Norrköping Newcastle/Tyne Riga Kotka St. Petersburg Ust-Luga UKRA INIAN TRANSIT TIN CARGO Istanbul/Karasu- Chornomorsk Gdansk 4DAYS Klaipeda Kalingrad GDAŃSK Wilhelmshaven Felixstowe iFlushing Bremerhaven Hamburg POLAND Rotterdam Portsmouth Antwerp Zeebrugge UKRAINE Odessag Chornomorsk TRANSPORT CORRIDOR BLACK SEA BALTIC SEA Istanbul GEORGIA Poti Karasu Batumi Samsun Ankara TURKEY Mersin'

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Dumb and Dumber

James Doogue

It doesn't seem to matter whether or not President Joe Biden is reading from a script. He's bound to go off script trying to prove how relatable, or on point he is.

"Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie?” He was asking after recently deceased congresswoman Jackie Walorski who died in early August in a motor vehicle accident. He had forgotten she was dead despite being scheduled to visit her family members in a couple of days.

Anyone who thinks Joe Biden is mentally up to the job of being US President by now is clearly delusional or lying. They certainly wouldn't have been so forgiving if Donald Trump had made similar gaffes and lapses of memory.

It's becoming more and more likely that Joe Biden will not complete his full term, which means Vice President Kamala Harris could be the next President of the US. But she doesn't instill confidence either. The other day she was reading from a prepared speech but still managed this gaffe:

"The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with the Republic of North Korea,” She meant South Korea. "And it is an alliance that is strong and enduring.”

Kim Jong-un must have had a chuckle over that just before firing some new missiles.

Kamala Harris also had a tour of the DMZ between North and South Korea. You'd think that maybe having viewed a secure border she might bring some ideas to her job as the Biden Administration's 'Border Czar'.

But illegal migrants and drug cartels and South American criminal gangs can rest easy while the US are lead by Dumb and Dumber.

Tim adds:

While Biden's mental status is up for debate (I wonder if he doesn't play senile at times to reduce criticism) the fact is America isn't run by him anyway, but by the cabal who put him in power - the same people who put Barack Obama in power and who want a new internationalist world order.

I think Biden agreed to this arrangement because it meant huge amounts of wealth and fame - something he couldn't do for himself as a Senator.

I don't think Biden even tries to get the facts straight because there is no need.

He's basically Max Headroom - a computer simulation saying what his programmers tell him to. In fact, that might be why he makes so many gaffes; he is asserting his independence in the only way he can, by stumbling about so.

On the other hand he might just be senile. But again it doesn't really matter; he's not the guy in charge either way.

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Going Dutch

Gregory Wrightstone

Yeah, how is that Green New Deal working out? Not so much. Dutch are turning to coal big time.

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Riding the Storm Out

Bill H. discussing riding a hurricane out on a submarine:

You have not experienced the best that a hurricane has to offer until you have ridden one out on board a 300' long 1800 ton ship, which I assure you is a very small ship.

For reasons that take too long to tell, a diesel submarine could not simply dive in very heavy weather. (Actually, we could dive but then we might not be able to surface.) Fortunately, when "rigged for surface running,” such a boat is very nearly unsinkable. We could take 90-degree rolls and recover, and I believe we did a few times.

Being unsinkable does not mean it was comfortable, or that it did not scare the crap out of most of us.

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September 29, 2022

A Plan Afoot?

John Lees

I just found this video from earlier in the month.
It's actually now quite amusing to see this, now.
"By the way. What were you planning on doing with these sub-sea UAV's?"
"Oh, ve vere just going to use them for, you know... looking at zee fish..."

Something that I just chanced across.
Not proof of anything, I know, of course. But now moderately amusing and interesting. Check the date. This went up on Youtube at the start of the month.
Why are sudden requirement for undersea UAV training from the U.S?
Could it be that there was a plan afoot?

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Did Ukraine Sabotage Nordstream?

John Lees

The Ukrainians have been asking the E.U. politely, to stop using this pipeline. They have been asking since April.
Let's imagine that they got tired of asking nicely.
Then, what would be the next step?

Volodymyr Zelensky slams EU countries for 'earning their money in other people's blood' by refusing to veto Russian energy supplies

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The Bureaucrat Who Killed Us

Nikki Grace

After the end of history, if a history is ever written, a pudgy little candida ridden bureaucrat in the State Department, Victoria Nuland will have her fingerprints on all the misery and destruction caused over decades visited on many countries. She stated in early February that Nord would be gone and Joe parroted her shortly thereafter.

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What are your pronouns?

by Alexis Worlock, September 29, 2022

The point of language is to communicate, not to confuse.

As a linguist, I know the importance of clarity in language. Its primary function is its ability to transport the perceptions and knowledge of one person to the minds of others, quickly, efficiently, and without distortion.

Pronouns are a shorthand for conveying person, number, and gender in the fastest and clearest way possible. They cannot do this if they are up for grabs.

The only way language works is if the meaning of words is reliable and consistent. If their meanings vary, there is now just noise; it is no longer language. 'She', for example, in English, means 'an individual female'; 'he' means 'an individual male'. 'They' means 'more than one'. 'It' refers to something inanimate or non-human.

There is a widely accepted theory that what set humans apart from all other animals, early in our evolution, was language. While other creatures communicate to some degree, none do so with the uniquely human system of abstract words (like pronouns, conditionals, tenses etc) that give us the ability to express and connect extensively and clearly, and thus coordinate actions and share information within groups and even across generations. Language is what gave us the edge, and allowed us to survive and advance despite our many physical weaknesses compared with other creatures.

When pronouns become inconsistent and subjective--'they', for example, used to refer to a single individual, or standard pronouns replaced with nonsense syllables--communication is distorted and misleading. Without reliable clarity of language, the advances of civilization begin to be undone. I am not willing to be a party to this. It is destructive and retrogressive.

Tim adds:

Couldn't agree more Alexis. It's why Confucius said to restore a nation one must first true the language. Our langauge has become fuzzy and failes to serve it's purpose of communicating - exactly as some want it. You can't think with bad language any more than communicate, I might add. It's why when arguing with liberals they often start using jargon designed to obscure what is being discussed. They need that - they can't think properly and they don't want you doing so either.

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Who Will Rebuild After Hurricane Climate Change?

Gregory Wrightstone

My statement for NewsMax on Hurricane Ian:

As the owner of a home 20 miles south of Tampa and having our family evacuated on Sunday, I know better than most how this major hurricane impacts the local population. I also know that this storm is not caused by global warming or increasing levels of carbon dioxide. I am angered that politicians would use the misfortune and dangers to me and my neighbors to advance a climate agenda that will cause much more economic destruction than this storm. Our family can restore and rebuild after the storm if needed, but can America rebuild after this administration intentionally destroys our energy sector and economy?

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Flip Flop

Willis Eschenbach,

Webline of the day:

"I still can’t get over how rapidly the progressive narrative went from "gender stereotypes are for bigots” to "if your son likes dolls, he’s a girl”"

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American Sabotage

Timothy Birdnow

So, someone sabotaged the Nordstream pipeline. Who?

There have now been four leaks along the Nordstream pipeline, the pipeline bringing natural gas from Russia to Europe.

It is commonly held now that this is sabotage and who do you think the media is blaming? Putin of course.

Now why would Putin resort to sabotage when he could just shut the thing down?

No, this is likely the work of the U.S. intelligence agencies.

Remember Joe Biden threatened to do this very thing. And indeed the Russians are fully aware the U.S. is behind this.

Who gains from this? The European leadership can force deprivation on their populations without complaint - or much - if they can say the Russians damaged their own pipeline. The U.S. can further demonize Putin. The Russians? They have nothing to gain from this. It means they will sell less gas. It means they lose a strategic asset.

No, it's America that is going to make Europe freeze this winter.

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