December 31, 2018

Roberts and Mueller

Timothy Birdnow

John Roberts - Chief Justice of the Supreme Court - has intervened in a case brought against the Mueller probe by a foreign power.

According to politico:

A mysterious grand jury subpoena case has been working itself through the D.C. courts since August. Doughty reporting by Politico linked the grand jury case to special counsel Robert Mueller. Some of us, connecting the dots, wondered whether Mueller’s antagonist in this secret subpoena battle might be President Donald Trump himself. Speculation heightened two weeks ago when the D.C. Circuit cleared an entire floor of reporters assembled for the oral argument, in order to protect the identity of the litigants.

Four days later, the D.C. Circuit judges burst the speculative bubble with a decision that halfway revealed the identity of the party litigating against the government: not Trump, but an unnamed corporation ("the Corporation”) owned by an unnamed foreign state ("Country A”).

End excerpt.

And John Roberts personally intervened on behalf of "the corporation":

The chief justice of the United States himself issued an order on a Sunday, in this very case. If you think that’s highly unusual, you’re right. And the action he took was equally unusual. At least for the moment calling into question the unanimous decisions of the courts below, the chief justice blocked the District Court’s order requiring the foreign corporation to comply with the grand jury subpoena, until the government’s lawyers could respond to the Corporation’s briefings.

End excerpt.

Vedddy EEnterestink!

Intriguingly, the decision revealed that a regulator from Country A had filed a submission claiming that compliance with the subpoena would cause the Corporation to violate Country A’s law. So whoever Country A is, this matter captured its officials’ attention and prompted them to send filings to a faraway country to block the subpoena. Why does Country A care? And, what is it trying to hide?

So, from the D.C. Circuit's decision we learned that a foreign government was actively involved in blocking Mueller’s investigation. That fact is intriguing enough. In the ordinary course, that should have been the end of it. The state-owned Corporation filed an appeal with the Supreme Court, which receives roughly 7,000 petitions a year but acts in fewer than 200 of them. There was unanimity below — all four judges (the District Court judge and the three Circuit Court judges) had agreed that the Corporation and Country A’s legal claims of sovereign immunity and of contrary foreign law were without merit.

End excerpt.

Does anybody remember John Roberts taking the unprecedented step of criticizing President Trump when he complained about Obama appointed judges? Normally SCOTUS members and the Chief Justice in particular stay out of the political arena. Of course Trump is right; activist judges have been overturning Trump on even the most trivial grounds simply because they disagree with him, and Roberts had no business shooting off his mouth. But given this strange, behind-the-scenes story here, one must wonder what exactly is going on with Roberts.

Strange things are happening in D.C.

Now, I know of one foreign company that was summoned to court by Mueller and they actually showed up. Mueller didn't expect this Russian marketing firm to appear, but they did and they demanded that Mueller give them his information in Discovery. Is this case tied to that?

I wonder; is it possible that Roberts and SCOTUS may shut the Mueller probe down? I wouldn't think so; Roberts is as swampy a rat as exists in D.C. and he's already shown his Establishment bonafides by rewriting Obamacare to squeeze it through the narrow gate of Constitutionality. But perhaps he's going to do the right thing here? I'm not holding my breath.

More than likely the Court is trying to find a way to keep the Mueller probe viable.

Time will tell.

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If Trump is Blamed for Shutdown, why hasn't it hurt his Approval Rating?

Timothy Birdnow

As of Friday Donald Trump's approval rating is still at 47%, according to the Rasmussen Presidential tracking poll.

This is interesting, since Trump is taking the blame for the government shutdown, so feared by Republicans. If the public was upset about the government shutting down where is the evidence in the tracking poll?

This is also interesting because this is the same percentage of Americans who blame Donald Trump for the government shutdown. According to a Reuters/Ipso poll taken Thursday:

Forty-seven percent of adults hold Trump responsible, while 33 percent blame Democrats in Congress, according to the Dec. 21-25 poll, conducted mostly after the shutdown began. Seven percent of Americans blamed congressional Republicans.

The shutdown was triggered by Trump’s demand, largely opposed by Democrats and some lawmakers from his own Republican Party, that taxpayers provide him with $5 billion to help pay for a wall that he wants to build along the U.S.-Mexico border. Its total estimated cost is $23 billion.

Just 35 percent of those surveyed in the opinion poll said they backed including money for the wall in a congressional spending bill. Only 25 percent said they supported Trump shutting down the government over the matter.

End excerpt.

Of course Reuters is a mainstream media news agency, and has no love for Trump, so this number may be high. I rather suspect more Democrats than Republicans were surveyed in this poll. And it did:

The Reuters/Ipsos poll was conducted online in English across the United States. It gathered responses from 2,440 adults, including 946 Democrats and 846 Republicans

End excerpt.

So a hundred more Democrats were polled than Republicans, and this says nothing about registered or likely voters. And that means 1794 respondents admitted to partisanship. How much do you want to bet the non-partisan respondents are liberals? I always take these polls with a grain of salt; they are so often intended to panic Republicans.

So, how is it the President is being blamed while he holds a high approval rating? His numbers should have dropped like a rock in the last week.

At any rate, I Find it odd that Trump's approval is a non-issue but public disapproval of the shutdown is a HUGE deal.

Keep in mind the admonition of Saul Alinsky:

"If you push a negative long and hard enough it can break through and become a positive". Trump needs to stand firm.

Notice, too, that the Reuters/Ipso poll didn't ask anybody what they actually thought of the shutdown. They merely asked who was at fault. Well, of course Trump is at fault; he's the guy who refused to sign the bill, after all. But he did the right thing.

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Crazy-Eyes' "Green New Deal" is truly frightening

Dana Mathewson

The Democrats' shiny new object supposedly earned high marks in her college economics classes. It is mystifying to see how, when she pushes the ideas detailed in this article. What is truly frightening is that the Left is enthusiastically buying every word of it.

Incoming Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., pledged to voters she would be a far-left outsider who would push her party toward adopting "democratic socialist” policies, including universal health care and free college tuition. So far, she has kept her promise.

Ocasio-Cortez has been calling for the creation of "Green New Deal” legislation, which would eliminate much of the United States’ fossil-fuel consumption [emphasis mine]. So far, Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Cory Booker, D-N.J., and 40 House Democrats have said they support the proposal.

Although the broad talking points of the plan have been circulating for months, it wasn’t until recently that Ocasio-Cortez provided any details of her proposal. On December 3, according to The Atlantic, Ocasio-Cortez spoke at a town hall led by Sanders and declared, "This is going to be the New Deal, the Great Society, the moon shot, the civil-rights movement of our generation."

The specifics have still not been worked out, but what we know so far about her plan is that it would have catastrophic economic consequences, dramatically increase America’s already skyrocketing debt, and transform the United States into a European-style socialist nation. (And no, these are not exaggerations.)

In a draft resolution to create a House select committee that would be responsible for writing the Green New Deal legislation, Ocasio-Cortez outlines the primary goals of her plan. Among them, Ocasio-Cortez proposes eliminating all fossil-fuel-powered electricity, closing every coal and natural gas power plant in the country, thus destroying the hundreds of thousands of jobs related to these businesses. Even more stunning, all this would occur by 2030, just 10 years after Ocasio-Cortez expects the legislation to be completed.

In its place, nearly all energy would be produced by renewable sources of power, especially wind and solar. This goal would create massive amounts of economic harm. Although economists have yet to provide an analysis of Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal to eliminate all fossil fuels, other studies have found less-extreme policies would be absolutely devastating. A study published in October 2018 by Capital Alpha Partners on behalf of the Institute for Energy Research found a national tax on carbon dioxide would cost the U.S. economy $4.21 trillion to $5.98 trillion, depending on the tax level chosen, in just the first 10 years of the tax scheme. By 2040, as much as $12.32 trillion would be lost. Nearly one-quarter of the country’s GDP, relative to what it would otherwise be, could be lost as a result of a nationwide carbon-dioxide tax. And this far left-wing plan is nowhere near as radical as Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.


Dear readers, this idea of generating "most" of our power by "renewable" sources (wind and solar) is totally unworkable. Alexandria should sit down and have a nice heart-to-heart with Angela Merkel and find out how well it worked for Germany (hint: it didn't).

Entire story here:

One can only hope that once she gets her feet wet as a Congressperson, her more experienced colleagues take her aside and give her a nice talking-to. However, that new bunch of leftists who will be sworn in next month may cause more trouble than we expect. San Fran Nan is going to have her shaky, wrinkled hands full! So will the House Majority Leader -- probably Steny Hoyer, who looks pretty old and decrepit himself.

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A Comprehensive Christian Worldview Needed

Fay Voshell comments on this article from before Christmas. Be sure to read the original post and the essay by Michael Brown if you want to understand Fay's point.)

I've read many articles similar to this guy's.

Here's what I think the usual misunderstanding about Christians being involved in politics consists of; namely, the idea that the Christian life is compartmentalized, with Christian piety and beliefs confined to specialized reservations like church buildings while the rest of society is given over to the world, the flesh and the Devil. Privatization vs. the overall welfare of society. Do Christians really believe the great commandment or not? For instance, do they believe that loving God and loving their neighbor as themselves is applicable to the society in which they live or not?

It has been a long time since Christians in America have developed a comprehensive world view--if they ever did. Perhaps they could start where preacher and politician Abraham Kuyper began. He wrote about the sovereignty of God and Christian responsibility toward society. One of his most famous sayings is "There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine"

Of course, the Old Testament is replete with similar themes about the sovereignty of God over the entire universe; a belief held by Orthodox Jews to this day, but utterly abandoned by Jews of the Left, who place sovereignty in ideas in the minds of mere men.

I recommend Kuyper's Stone lectures given at Princeton. He would not be allowed to speak there today; largely because Christian thinkers abandoned articulation of a comprehensive world view. T.S. Eliot also has some great things to say about the Church and the world. A sample quote:

" There is no doubt then that Christianity is imperiled by great and serious dangers. Two life systems are wrestling with one another, in mortal combat. Modernism is bound to build a world of its own from the data of the natural man, and to construct man himself from the data of nature; while, on the other hand, all those who reverently bend the knee to Christ and worship Him as the Son of the living God, and God himself, are bent upon saving the "Christian Heritage." This is the struggle in Europe, this is the struggle in America, and this also, is the struggle for principles in which my own country is engaged, and in which I myself have been spending all my energy for nearly forty years. In this struggle Apologetics have advanced us not one single step. Apologists have invariably begun by abandoning the assailed breastwork, in order to entrench themselves cowardly in a ravelin behind it.

"From the first, therefore, I have always said to myself,"If the battle is to be fought with honor and with a hope of victory, then principle must be arrayed against principle; then it must be felt that in Modernism the vast energy of an all-embracing life-system assails us, then also it must be understood that we have to take our stand in a life-system of equally comprehensive and far-reaching power."

Well, yes.

God bless as we endeavor in our small ways to uphold the truth.


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NY Unions: Sex, Drugs and Rock N' Roll

Jack Kemp

Retail unions plan to invade marijuana industry once it's legalized

From the New York Post:

This union is going to pot!

The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union hopes to organize "many thousands of workers" who handle or sell cannabis after Gov. Cuomo and the Legislature approve a law in 2019 to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

"When people buy marijuana, I hope they look for the union label" said RWDSU president Stuart Appelbaum told The Post on Sunday.

Read the rest at the New York Post.

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December 30, 2018

De Blasio's Needle Disposal Idea Proving Not So Sharp

Dana Mathewson

From the New York Post:

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to have junkies toss their used syringes into special receptacles has failed to clean up drug-infested parks, and the bins are serving more as suggestion boxes — spreading the message that the city is OK with them shooting up there.

Official statistics obtained by The Post from the first six months of de Blasio’s controversial program show that parks in the Bronx are still littered with dangerous hypodermic needles, with nearly 60,000 found on the ground compared with just 7,000 in Hizzoner’s 44 locked containers.

Even worse, the green metal bins are seen as a welcome mat for druggies to take over the parks, said one addict who openly injected himself in St. Mary’s Park in the Bronx Thursday morning with what he said was a speedball of heroin and cocaine.

"They’re giving permission with that box,” said Javier Martinez, 32.

"Kids don’t come here. They don’t build anything for them like a playground. If they don’t want us doing drugs, why are they putting the boxes here?”

Martinez also claimed that he’d rather get his fix elsewhere, "but if you go in a hallway or an alley it’s trespassing.”

From the horse's mouth, you might say. Now, the mayor apparently is aware of the problem, because there's another article linked on the page that indicates that "City will hire 6 workers to remove used needles from parks." I admit that it would take many more than 6 workers to remove the addicts, but still...

Entire article here:

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Psy-ops at Home and Abroad

Timothy Birdnow

A stopped clock is right twice a day, so the saying goes. Well, the left-wing Talking Points Memo gets at least some of it right when discussing foreign media influence in American elections.

From the article:

If you’ve followed the Trump/Russia story closely you’ll no doubt have seen that there are a number of these companies hovering in the background of the story. They are in most cases private digital surveillance and propaganda/influence services, usually staffed or founded by ex-intelligence officers selling their services to the highest bidder.

Rick Gates got a proposal from an Israeli company for such a campaign in 2016. The same company, Psy-Group, was part of an offer of election assistance from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, via their intermediary George Nader later in the fall of 2016. The Saudis meanwhile had already been hoovering up expertise in cyberwarfare from various private companies to use in their own operations, many of which targeted people like Jamal Khashoggi. Then of course there was Cambridge Analytica, which in addition to its campaign work and social media shenanigans was, at least in other developing countries, doing similar, often illegal, work.

End excerpt.

And indeed the author is right; most governments try to influence our elections to a degree as indeed we do with them. The whole point of Voice of America was to influence the old Warsaw Pact, for instance. And we've indulged in numerous open campaigns to change the outcome of elections; Barack Obama pumped money into the elections in Kenya, for instance, in an attempt to get his tribal kinsman Raila Odinga elected. He also interfered in elections in Israel, in Germany, in France, in Honduras, and even in Mexico. And that is just what is available in the public record; how many regimes have the CIA overthrown? America has filthy hands in that regard, and yet we complain because the Russians spent a few thousand dollars to roil the last election. Amazing. The Russians spent maybe a hundred grand on Facebook ads, in a campaign where Trump's opponent spent $768 million in direct money (we don't know how much soft money went in her favor) which was nearly twice what the Trump camp spent ($398 million). Is there any cause whatsoever to worry about a hundred thousand spent on dubious Facebook ads?

Shoot; even Robert Mueller engaged in election tampering in Russia.

And even if it is foreign intervention, does that make what was said in those ads any less true? It seems to me Hillary's problems were her own bad behavior, not some dark Russian conspiracy.

Now the WaPo article references "free media" which estimates how much free coverage each candidate received, and linked to MediaQuant. But what did THEY do to ascertain this? How much of Trump''s free media was positive? I guarantee you Hillary profited more from Trump's "free media" as most of the free press Mr. Trump received was negative (after he had the primaries sewn up.)

Question; why would the Russians want Trump and not Hillary? SHE was the one who cut the deal with the Russians for Uranium One. It was Bill Clinton who made speeches in Russia for half a million bucks a pop. It was Hillary who opposed hydraulic fracturing in the U.S., something that has made America energy independent and strangled the Russian oil industry. Hillary was a dream come true for Russia; a corruptible left-wing ideologue who has also shown gross incompetence and is extremely careless with classified information. Trump offered - not a lot. If nothing else Trump is the kind of guy who will alter a deal if he thinks he can get a better one.He had no reason to sell out to Russia.

Hillary opposed sanctions on Russia after the Clinton Foundation received money from Putin and his cronies.

And it was Hillary who paid for the Steele Dossier, the genesis of the entire Mueller probe. Hillary was setting the table for these insurgency even before she was beaten in the election. This is a case of accusing others of that which you are most guilty. If you want to find the real Russian collusion go to Chappaqua.

This whole thing is a psy-op on the American People.

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Let’s do follow the climate money!

Paul Driessen

Instead of debating me on any of the important substantive topics that I raised in a recent article, detractors just claimed that I’m "associated with right-wing think tanks that are skeptical of man-made climate change” – and have received money from fossil fuel interests. Citing Greenpeace and DeSmogBlog as their "reliable sources,” they claimed the Koch brothers gave "at least $100,343,292 to 84 groups denying climate change science” over a recent 20-year period. That is supposed to destroy my credibility – and the credibility of nearly anyone who criticizes the "catastrophic manmade global warming and climate change” tautology.

But what happens when we apply those same standards to climate alarmists – who are determined to shut down debate and impose their wind, solar and biofuel policies on the world? Where do they get their money, and how much do they get? Here we are talking about literally HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS over the past couple decades – dwarfing our funding by many orders of magnitude! Add in the massive funding for the renewable energy, climate consulting and related industries, and we are talking about many TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

My article lays out the sordid, disturbing details.


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AGW not causing increase in Tornadoes

Dana Mathewson

Our terrible Globull Warming should have been producing accelerated tornadoes -- among other things -- in the US. Of course. It goes without saying.

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U. MN prof, climate change expert, chokes his fiance

Jack Kemp

Maybe she was creating too much carbon dioxide...

Climate change expert Aaron Doering charged with choking his fiance'

A well-known climate change expert and professor at the University of Minnesota choked and brutally assaulted his fiance', who told cops she fears he will kill her, according to a criminal complaint.

Aaron Herbert Doering, a 47-year-old tenured professor and the director of the Minneapolis university's Learning Technologies Media Lab, was charged Thursday with two felony counts of domestic assault by strangulation in Hennepin County District Court, the Star Tribune reports.

Doering, who also serves as a fellow for the Royal Canadian Geographic Society and regularly appears on media outlets to discuss climate change, sustainability and related topics , had to be separated from his fiancée by responding officers when they got to the coupleâ€â„¢s apartment in Minneapolis, according to a criminal complaint obtained by the newspaper.

The woman, who had bruises on her neck and red marks on her forehead, told police Doering had dragged her through the apartment by her hair before beating her and choking her to the point that she thought she would lose consciousness, the complaint shows.

End excerpt.

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Gowdy, Goodlatte call for Special Prosecutor to investigate Mueller Probe

Timothy Birdnow

At the very end, our braveheart Republican representatives Trey Gowdy and Robert BadEsspresso, er, Goodlatte have belatedly asked the acting Attorney General to appoint a special prosedutor to investigate the abuses of the Mueller Star Chamber.

From Gateway Pundit:

On Friday, December 28, 2018, representatives from the House sent a letter to the Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker and others to investigate the actions taken by the DOJ/FBI related to the Clinton and Trump investigations.

The short version of this letter is that it's everything we already knew about the mishandling of the Trump/Clinton investigations and yet another request for a Special Counsel to investigate it. Also complaining about being stonewalled by the DOJ/FBI. Same old nothing, no action

— Shem Horne (@Shem_Infinite) December 29, 2018

In the last paragraph to the letter, the outgoing Reps state that they believe that a Special Counsel should be created to investigate the actions by the FBI and DOJ related to the Clinton and Trump investigations before and after the election –

End excerpt.

As TGP points out, Jeff ZZZZessions would likely have ignored such a request. But Matt Wittaker is a different critter, and may well open an investigation.

Good, but it's a bit tardy, if you ask me. In politics, it's not a simple matter of if something is possible but how. Gowdy and Goodlatte should have been demanding this all along, to make it reach critical mass in the public realm. Washington will operate like Washington without a fire raging under their posteriors. These two retiring gentlemen have been in D.C. long enough to understand that. Even if Sessions ignored them, they would have made the point.

Read the letter from G and G here.

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High Lander

Jack Kemp

Did you know that Ocassional-Cortex will soon claim to have another ancestry - not just Jewish. Because, as a bartender, she used to do shots with patrons, she now may claim to be one-fifth Scotch!

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December 29, 2018

Who Assigns the Democrats' Talking Points, Anyhow?

Dana Mathewson

From AT, via Tammy Bruce -- well, the beginning is from Tammy's contributor "Shifra:"

Pelosi & Schumer Send Identical ‘Shutdown’ Tweets

Chuckles and Nan obviously copied their tweets from the same Dem talking points.

But it would have been much more effective if they had included Tammy’s line: It’s ‘doom and gloom’ with the Shutdown, and we’re all scrambling for grubs and puddle water! 

Note from Tammy:

For politicians this remains a game, and the American people are an irritating side issue. For some reason, the shut down of the government is portrayed as the worst thing that could happen. Really? No one is working without pay, and there is a slight chance some may receive a delayed paycheck, but even that is unlikely.

The howling by politicians as though the shutdown is the end of the world is nonsense, but it is a reminder of how upset they "weren’t" when so many Americans remained out of work for years during the Obama debacle. Bottom line: politicians care only about themselves and the people who help them enjoy the daily party we provide for them with our tax-payer dollars.

Via American Thinker.

I have long wondered about who writes the talking points that keep Democrats reading from the same script. That person – or more likely, persons – evidently issues instructions that the office holder branch and the journalist branch of the Democratic Party mimic in their public statements. But in order to appear slightly authentic, they are supposed to speak extemporaneously and make it appear that they all came up with the phrases-of-the-day spontaneously. This works for interviews with print and television journalists, but the rise of Twitter has introduced new danger of exposure. Now we have proof that the current ostensible leaders of the Democrats’ party are often just actors reading from scripts supplied to them by people hidden from public scrutiny. Christmas Eve saw the presumptive new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi issue a tweet that was identical, word-for-word, to one issued 23 minutes earlier by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer….

It's Christmas Eve and President @realDonaldTrump is plunging the country into chaos. The stock market is tanking and the President is waging a personal war on the Federal Reserve—after he just fired the Secretary of Defense.

— Chuck Schumer (@SenSchumer) December 24, 2018

It's Christmas Eve and @realDonaldTrump is plunging the country into chaos. The stock market is tanking and the president is waging a personal war on the Federal Reserve — after he just fired the Secretary of Defense. #TrumpShutdown

— Nancy Pelosi (@NancyPelosi) December 24, 2018


And liberals will swear to your face that they are such original, subtle thinkers, and actually expect you to believe it.

The entire article from Tammy's (excellent) website is here:


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December 28, 2018

Ocasio-Cortez tries to replace Jesus with Leninism

Jack Kemp

Communists, Ocasio-Cortez and Jesus?

From the article:

Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live!

That was the first line in my Soviet textbooks when I was a little girl growing up in the USSR. Does that line sound familiar? Maybe too familiar. Think back to the Bible. Depending on the translation, the line reads something like this: Christ died, Christ is risen, Christ shall come again. The similarity is intentional. Communists came to power over Christians in Soviet Russia. They knew that they needed to replace the Christian beliefs with something familiar to the people, to ease the transition. So they replaced Jesus with Lenin.

It is thus not a surprise that communists in the United States similarly discourage Christianity, and similarly use the Bible and Jesus as political ploys to attempt to persuade Christians to align with communist beliefs. Over Christmas, America's darling socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, "For all the anti-immigrant pundits uncomfortable with and denying that Christ's family were refugees, too and cited a magazine article for the premise that Jesus, Mary and Joseph were a family of migrants. Yes, you read that right.

Read the rest at Townhall.

Tim adds:

Satan mimics Jesus and apes the Holy Trinity. It should surprise no one that Leftists try to co-opt Christianity for the promotion of their pseudo-religion.

Fay Voshell adds:

There are reasons the American Left hates today's Russia, which is now 70% Russian Orthodox. They used to love the Soviet Union and still treasure the memory of the soviet experience, which they hope to imitate here. Ocasio-Cortez is an almost exact duplicate of the Leninist model that has taken over so many American institutions, including the Church. Whittaker
Chambers delineated the Ocasio-Cortez model in his book Witness; and today's advocates of liberation theology (currently embraced by the pope as well as Ocasio-Cortez) is but communism dressed up with God-words--as is typical of all heresies. The God words will be dropped once the communist ideals are ascendant.

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New Idiotic Illinois Laws and Agenda 21 for the New Year

Timothy Birdnow

Twenty eighteen is coming to a close, and so naturally the Illinois state legislature has passed a boatload of new laws, most of which are inane or idiotic, while the debt bomb inexorably ticks down to zero.

Here are a few of my favorites from the Loonies from the Land of Lincoln:

"Family members or police may ask a judge to order a person’s firearms be taken away temporarily if they believe the person is a threat.

The Lethal Violence Order of Protection Act, created a process where a family member who recognizes signs of potential violence in another family member can ask a court can have firearms temporarily taken away."


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Bronx Democrat NY State Assemblyman charged with decades of racial discrimination

Jack Kemp

The liberal NY Daily News doesn't say it, but Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz is a Democrat. See below the short article to a reference.

EXCLUSIVE: Bronx assemblyman implicated in racially charged school segregation scandal has never hired a black staffer during 25-year career

A Bronx lawmaker implicated in a racially charged school segregation scandal said he never hired a black staffer in his 25-year career as a lawmaker, court documents show.

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz made the shocking admission in a deposition for a defamation suit he faces from a whistleblower educator who won a $230,000 settlement from the city in October over retaliation he faced for speaking out on the scandal.

Former Bronx Public School 24 Assistant Principal Manny Verdi claimed Dinowitz staffers blocked low-income kids of color from enrolling in the school in a mushrooming scandal that claimed Verdi's job as well of that of the school's principal and the district superintendent.

In a separate suit, Verdi charges the Bronx Democrat with defamation for saying Verdi caused problems at the sought-after school.

End excerpt.

Read the rest at the New York Daily News!

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African Brit Soldier Sues Over Cold Weather Training

Jack Kemp

Gee, I wonder how he would like Scottish winters...

African soldier sues MoD for £150,000after accusing the Army of "failing toprotect him" from Britain´s winter chill

Daily Mail [UK]

An African soldier is suing the military for £150,000 after accusing them of failing to protect him from the British winter. Michael Asiamah says he suffered from a "cold-related" condition after officers neglected to supply him with warm clothing during an 18-hour exercise in the freezing wind. The 36-year-old, who served with the Adjutant General´s Corps, said the army exposed him to the cold despite knowing that people of black Caribbean and African origin are more susceptible to cold injuries. Mr Asiamah, who was born in Ghana, told the High Court the exercises on Salisbury Plain

End excerpt.

A word from Tim:

I guess he wants a vacation in Barbados. I don't suppose it occured to tis fellow that British soldiers often serve in - I don't know - cold weather areas!

This is whatmuticulturalism gets you.

Dana Mathewson's 2c:

Good question, Jack. The British Navy certainly suffered in their base at Scapa Flow during WWI and WWII. It's cold as hell up there.

And right around this time of year we should be remembering the Battle of the Bulge, and the fact that Allied troops were not sufficiently clothed.

Not to mention that the German Wehrmacht was totally unprepared for the weather when it was sent into Russia -- similarly to Napoleon's Army.

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December 27, 2018

The Cult of Ginsburg

Fay Voshell

I thought you guys might be interested in Politico's take on the Ginsburg cult.  I was interested to see the Left sees what we see; though of course, their conclusions are very different.

Why We Should Worry About the Cult of RBG

Dana Mathewson adds:

Since this article is from Politico, I wasn't surprised to see "inaccuracies" in it. But "... Scalia ... creating a new individual right to bear arms?" Scalia did no such thing. He merely reinforced the Second Amendment, because he understood the individual right to bear arms which was explained (perhaps not strongly enough) there. Indeed, the Founders could not conceive of a situation where the citizens would question it, and that amendment almost got left out.


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Did Israel Request the U.S. Syrian Pullout?

Timothy Birdnow

Did Israel actually request the U.S. pullout from Syria? The decidedly pro-Trump Breitbart claims they did.

From the article:

In a report that has yet to be corroborated, Jake Turx, senior White House correspondent for Ami magazine, which serves the Orthodox Jewish community in the U.S., reported along these lines Tuesday that far from opposing the U.S. withdrawal from Syria, Israel requested it.

According to Turx, Israel asked for U.S. forces to withdraw from Syria ahead of an Israeli winter offensive against Iranian and Hezbollah forces in Syria. Recent events, including Israel’s nearly operation to seal Hezbollah’s underground attack tunnels traversing the Lebanese border with Israel, indicate that Israel may be conducting shaping missions ahead of a larger-scale operation in Lebanon and Syria against Iran and Hezbollah.

So too, reports that the Kurds have made deals with Syrian President Bashar Assad that will mitigate at least some of the danger of a Turkish invasion signal that the U.S. withdrawal may not have the widely feared, devastating consequences for the Kurds.

Certainly, the fact that most of Syria’s oilfields are in the Kurdish-held areas of eastern Turkey lends credence to the view that Russia, to which Assad gave exclusive rights over Syria’s oilfields this past January, will not be willing to accept Turkish control in eastern Syria.

End excerpt.

Interesting. I never doubted Trump had his reasons for the pullout, although I wasn't sure at all I would agree with them (and still wonder about it.) But a man who gets as far in life as Trump didn't do it by being purely irrational, as the media would have us believe. Even if we don't agree with his reasoning he had a reason. That is the missing variable in the equation, one the media simply will not touch.

There are phases to wars, and you cannot keep employing the same tactics forever.

That said, why are we selling Patriot missiles to Turkey? Turkey is a member of NATO, but Erdogan is not exactly a Westerner by heart. I think that is a terrible idea, and I find no good way to justify it.

I wonder; is Trump trying to buy off Erdogan so as to take the heat of Saudi Arabia? The Saudis are the key to pressuring Iran, which is the real terror master in the region and are very close to possessing nukes (which means they actually have them but haven't tested them yet.) Keeping nukes out of Iran's hands is a higher priority than the Kurds, I'm sad to say. This may be the price for keeping the Turks out of this. Remember the Kashoggi business.

I suspect the overall strategy here will unveil itself in due course.

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Mainstream Media News Flash

Jack Kemp

Fake News Central:

After being released from the hospital, Ruth Bader Ginsburg announced she will be a contestant on Dancing With the Stars and will also be running in the New York City and Boston Marathons next year. She also plans to join the space program and become an astronaut on the International Space Station orbiting the earth.

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