February 28, 2023

DeSantis Drops Disney Dominance

Carlos Velazquez

DeSantis officially ends Disney World's unique self-governing status in Florida. DW will now be treated like all other major theme parks in Florida, like Sea World, Universal Studios, etc. The best parts of the video are the statements by others talking about their personal experiences with DW.

Florida Ends the Corporate Kingdom

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US No Longer Land of the Free

Selwyn Duke


In the 1992 book The End of History and the Last Man, philosopher Francis Fukuyama posited that "liberal democracy” would become the world’s unassailable, default norm. Since then, many would argue, we’ve gotten much liberalism and the appearance of democracy, but the substance doesn’t match the style. And a recent study of liberty in the world vindicates that claim.

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Biden's Radical FCC Pick

Carlos Velazquez

She's a radical lesbian who opposes traditional religious views on marriage.

"Sohn is known as a radical lesbian who I fear will use the position to try to silence American Family Radio and American Family News for expressing its biblical views on marriage and human sexuality."

President's FCC Nomination is Bad News for Free Speech

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Lou Koncsol

Like a cancer metastasizing, moral perversion seeks to corrupt all areas of life into a deadly mutation. Unless excised by the spiritual rather than carnal scalpel, it will assuredly destroy all that is healthy in terms of truth and goodness.

Dem lawmaker, staunch 'defund the police' supporter, marries security officer — and her campaign paid him

Tim adds:

I always knew Bush was corrupt. I've been following her since she emerged during the Mike Brown/Ferguson riots.

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Aurora Visible

Roy Spencer

A geomagnetic storm that started last night continues, so those of you from PA-OH-IA-NE-WA northward have a chance of seeing the aurora tonight, weather permitting. This photo was from Ohio last night.

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Black Say Not O.K. to be White

Willis Eschenbach

Today I read one of the most depressing polls I've ever seen.

47% of black people polled disagreed with the statement "It's OK to be white".


The statement they disagreed with wasn't "White people are great", or "White people are better than black people". I and many others would strongly disagree with those statements.

No, the statement was merely

"It's OK to be white"

and almost half the black people answered no, it's NOT OK to be white.

This is the result of years of race-baiters and race grifters like the "Reverend" Al Sharpton and Nicole Hannah-Jones and Critical Race theorists and Barack Obama spreading their vile anti-white messages at every opportunity… and I voted for Obama.

The first time. Not the second time.

We have to stop this insanity, or I can assure you, it will not end well …

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Plagues of Persia

Timothy Birdnow

Just picture Charleton Heston in The Ten Commandments:

Iran Hit By Sandstorm & Earthquake As They Plan To Attack Israel!

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February 27, 2023

Scoldilocks joins the reindeer games

Dana Mathewson

As my brother-in-law would say, "good pea-pickin' grief!" Here we have Greta Thunberg coming out AGAINST wind farms. Will wonders never cease?

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg joined a protest group Monday at the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in Oslo in opposition to two wind farms over indigenous rights concerns, according to Reuters.

The wind turbines at the Roan Vind and Fosen Vind farms on central Norway land traditionally used by Sami reindeer herders continue to function despite a 2021 Norwegian supreme court ruling that they violated Sami rights under international conventions, the outlet reported. The protest group including Thunberg blocked ministry entrances, with Sami performer and activist Ella Marie Haetta Isaksen expressing demands "that the turbines must be torn down and that legal rights must be respected.”

"Indigenous rights, human rights, must go hand-in-hand with climate protection and climate action. That can’t happen at the expense of some people. Then it is not climate justice,” Thunberg told Reuters.

Sami herders say reindeer are frightened by the turbines’ sight and sounds, arguing they infringe on traditions. Thunberg has been an outspoken critic of fossil fuels, highlighting wind and solar power as renewable energy sources.

The court did not order whether the turbines or roads constructed to build them should be torn down, according to the outlet. Energy and Petroleum Minister Terje Aasland said the ministry understands the case "is a burden for the reindeer herders” and "will do what it can to contribute to resolving this case and that it will not take longer than necessary.”

The Swiss energy company Utility BKW, a part-owner of the Fosen Vind wind farm, told Reuters it expects the turbines will stay alongside compensatory measures to protect Sami herders’ rights.

"We trust that the ministry will find good solutions allowing us to continue the production of renewable energy while maintaining the rights of the reindeer owners,” Roan Vind stated, the outlet reported.

Meanwhile, Olive (the other reindeer) was unavailable for comment.

Hey, I'm just fine with protecting reindeer -- as long as I can have some reindeer venison on the table once in awhile. This article -- which I realize I quoted 100% -- is found here: https://www.wnd.com/2023/02/earth-now-greta-thunberg-protests-wind-farms/

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The King's Speech, the Usurper's Censors

Carlos Felix Velázquez

The Orwellian changes from culturally disapproved to officially approved language continues. Eventually, only Christian publishers who remain faithful to the original Hebrew and Greek languages will publish trustworthy Bibles and risk legal charges until they are shut down.

Admitting the "signs of the times" is no reason to become weary or despair. Nothing in history surprises God and He is still on His throne and holds the king's heart in His hand to do with it whatsoever He will.

James Bond books edited to remove racist references

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The Coming Intifada

Jerry s Rainforth

"The prime minister instructed that the forces on the ground be reinforced as much as possible and that all residents of Judea and Samaria, Jews and Arabs, be protected. This event is liable to lead to a severe escalation and turn into an intifada, and we will find ourselves in a tsunami of terror. The next few hours are critical," he said.

Israeli politicians were quick to condemn the violence by settlers.

After the killing of 2 Israelis, Jewish settlers burn Palestinian houses and cars in Huwara

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Is Trump Too Damaged?

Timothy Birdnow

In a discussion about the upcoming Presidential election, Carlos Velazquez and I had this discussion:


It's a shame. First, they've been hammering at Trump with lies, innuendos, exaggerations, investigations,

hoaxes, lawsuits, etc. for six plus years knowing that it didn't matter if any of it stuck. Folks would eventually tire of the Trump drama. I think it's sadly worked from looking at polls of low information independents. Secondly, Trump seems to have become Trump squared and I honestly don't think that's helping his cause for the reason stated earlier. I will never vote for Biden or any socialist Dem (I know, redundant) and will vote for Trump if that's the choice. But I don't think there's enough of us plus his die-hards, to elect him this time. I do hope I'm wrong.

Tim adds"

Carlos  that does seem to be the prevailing opoinion of the Conservatives these days. I don't know; Trump STILL won more votes than anyone in history in '20. Run someone else and all the excitement dries up, plus you have fresh meat for the DeSantis is the only guy who may actually try to move the ball forward and he's going to run into a buzz saw and we don't know if he can take it. Trump has already been through everything they can throw at him. I agree; the public grew fatigued of the whole drama (which is exactly what was intended.) I remember this is how the media took out Richard Nixon too; the public got sick of the endless drumbeat against Nixon and thought getting him out would end it. It did too, back then, but it won't now. I still think Trump can win if the election is not stolen. But if not at least it further exposes the lengths these people will go to. We could possibly squeek by with a Nikki Haley or a Greg Abbot or someone, but why? They would be another placeholder, and their policies would further damage the Republican brand and cement the RINO class into power. I see no good alternatives to Trump at this point. Of course the Democrats have no good alternatives to Biden either. No doubt they'll try a dark horse, like they did with Obama. Yeah; Trump doesn't do himself any favors doubling down on a lot of this. He needs to pull back a lot, at least during the campaign. BTW much is made of the off-year election and how it's all blamed on Trump. But the Democrats outspent the Republicans ten to one, and the GOP steered much of it's money to RINO candidates in New England and other lost causes. They defunded MAGA candidates who could have won. That was intentional; Rona McDaniels is a RINO, as is Mitch McConnell, nad both want to take back "their" party. I lthink they threw the mid-terms so they could blame it on Trump. Trump was not on the ballot, of course, nor even near any of the levers of power, so it clearly was not a referndum on him. In the end it all comes down to how badly the media has damaged Trump in the minds of voters, and how badly the public wants to end the long national nightmare of Bidenism.

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What Hath Feminism Wrought?

Jerry S. Rainforth

Then, what binds a society together?

"Correa Moylan Walsh, writing in 1917, on the connection between Socialism and the ideology of "Free Love" and "No Fault Divorce."

"The weakening process [of civil society] will be hastened in another way, by the influence of socialism on the family... the tendency of almost all socialists is to regard [the contribution of women], especially in view of their function of child-bearing, as clearly equivalent to that of men, and some even believe that in time, under the more equal conditions provided by socialism, just as men are to become equal to one another, so women will become equal to men in bodily strength and industrial efficiency. This is part and parcel of the general policy of equality and liberty.

Consequently, there will be no more subordination of the wife to the husband; there will be no one head in a family, and every dissension that is more than slightly serious will have one termination—sep aration. Marriage, being of equals, will be mere friendly partnerships for sexual enjoyment, and will be terminable at the pleasure of either party. Socialists advance varying opinions on this subject; but the one great fact stands forth that women, in spite of their mental and bodily inferiority, are to be as independent as men, and hence it will necessarily follow that not only the wife will not look up to the husband for their common status in the world, but the husband will have no responsibility for his wife, and neither will feel any duty toward the other except the good will of friends while they remain friends."
Koty Arnold

Tim adds:

How's that working out for us?

Do note that this is the notion of human beings being truly and totally independent. That is precisely what Satan wanted, what he gave his followers, and what he tried to do with Adam and Eve. Everyone his or her own god!

Feminism, the sexual revolution, socialism etc. have all had one goal - the total and complete isolation of the individual. Even when it is communal, as in socialism, the result is isolation. Anyone who has ever been lost in a crowd understands how terribly lonely and alienated one can be in a group.

And especially being isolated from God. Being your own god makes you empty and meaningless and angry. Many of the Progressives knew that too. They wanted this so they could remake society.

One need but look at angry feminists to see how alienating this philosophy can be. No man worth a woman's time would tolerate an angry feminist. So if she has one at all she winds up with a beta male she detests. More likely she'll wind up alone.

This is exactly how you wreck a civilization.

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Darkness Falls

Timothy Birdnow

The old gods are returning, and as they do the old problems are too, but those problems are with modern technology and we are witnessing the fall of a darkness that might well consume us all.

For example, many Greeks are reviving their polytheism.

We see the return to paganism in the environmentalist movement, in the Scientism of the modern era, in the irrationality of woke culture. We see an endless assault on the Judeo-Christian faiths and at the same time a rise in theosophy, the anschluss of many religions.

Darkness is falling over the whole world.

In an eye-opening essay the once-excrebale Naomi Wolf has a come-to-Jesus moment and is horrified by the rising darkness of paganism and spiritual warfare.

From her essay:

"What we have lived through since 2020 is so sophisticated, so massive, so evil, and executed in such inhumane unison, that it cannot be accounted for without venturing into metaphysics. Something else, something metaphysical, must have done that. And I speak as a devoted rationalist.

I concluded that I was starting to believe in God in more literal terms than I had before, because this evil was so impressive; so it must be directed at something at least as powerful that was all good."

Of course she still hasn't figured out that she was a foot soldier in laying the groundwork for this evil.  And I rather doubt she understands that the fury against Donald Trump stemmed from the exact same source. NOT that Trump was or is a paragon of virtue, but that he represented the old order and the New World Order refused to permit that.

But Wolf is right here; this is not just a polical debate or even a nasty civil conflict, but rather it is the descent of Evil onto the world. It is spiritual darkness. It is the coming of Satan in all his hideous glory. It is the rise of the Beast from the bottomless pit.

Jim Church adds:

I have long concluded this about global warming/
climate change/ climate emergency ideology. For it is an ideology based upon lies, half-truths, misinformation, bullying, collusion, etc. —ALL straight from the Devil’s wheelhouse. All designed to repeat the lie in the Garden, " You will be like God” —which in this case means you can control earth’s climate, which only God can do. Ergo, you humans are God!
Massive lies…perpetrate d by ‘the father of lies’.
Ontological Lies have always been around, but never on the scale of our day.
And now we see a resurgence of the pagan religions of old. Just today in the main shopping mall in our town witches, tarrot card readers and other pagans had literally set up shop in an open space!

Tim responds:

Agreed Jim Church. We see that more and more. For example, a group of Devil Worshippers challenged an abortion law here in Missouri. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-missouri-abortion-satanists/satanist-group-challenges-missouri-law-on-abortions-idUSKBN1FE05R It was dismissed, but we are seeing them assert their power more and more. There was a time when they wouldn't have dared take so bold and puhlic a stand. But now you can worship the prince of darkness and expect to be coddled by society.

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You Think Electricity Is Expensive Now, Wait Till Every Government Funded 'Renewable' Energy Project Comes In At Ten Times The Original Estimate

This from James Doogue down in Oz:

How many times have we seen this already. The Greens sell the public on getting 'free' clean electricity. A project is approved by a vote buying politician with a cost estimate low enough to get Cabinet approval.

The estimates conveniently don't include the cost of additional electricity distribution infrastructure such as additional transmission lines, not the cost of various back-up facilities including generators and batteries.

The real end cost comes in 1000% above the original estimate, but nobody gets sacked.

A case in point is the Snowy Mountains Hydro 2.0 project. The plan is to use excess wind and solar power to pump water from storage lakes up the snowy mountains to run back down the mountain producing hydro electricity when solar and wind isn't available.

The scheme, first costed by the Turnbull Administration as a $2 billion project. It is designed to expand the existing Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme by adding an additional 2,000 MW of energy storage capacity.

The government is only admitting a new cost estimate of $5.8 billion not including transmission. https://reneweconomy.com.au/not-happy-bowen-says-snowy-2-0-is-problematic-but-wont-be-canned/

At that cost the Government is not prepared to walk away. But that only covers the pump, storage and generation. Wait till the public understand it is now estimated to need up to $20 billion from taxpayers, including transmission upgrades, to be completed this decade. Ten times the original estimate. https://www.news.com.au/finance/work/at-work/supermax-prisoners-are-served-better-food-union-erupts-over-workers-abysmal-conditions-at-snowy-20-site/news-story/b8ccf3d69b6443b026c2bbfcc7962d53

It's amazing that to make renewable energy reliable, it is necessary to produce much more electricity than is utilised by the end users to provide many back-up options. Does anyone calculate the total CO2 emissions required to produce the excess power, storage and backup?

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February 26, 2023

Haley Fellow Well Met

Lance Sjogren

Kellyanne Conway mildly criticized Nikki Haley in this clip from Fox News. But she finished her comments by praising Haley because she "looks like America".

I would have expected better from Conway. The Republican Party ought to be about merit, not identity politics. I mean, just look at the Biden administration- a bunch of people chosen based on that they are a member of some minority identity group. So what if they're completely incompetent. Of course, the Democrats could argue that their prominent leaders who happen to be white heterosexual males are also completely incompetent. So theirs is perhaps also actually a merit system, except they're seeking the worst person for the job rather than the best.

Anyway, I posted on the comments thread for that youtube video. But there wasn't much need. There were already all sorts of comments there discussing the various reasons why Haley is a terrible choice as a Republican candidate for president.

1). Flip flopper. Alternately sucks up to Trump and bashes him depending on which is more useful to her politically at the time.
2). Panders to identity politics and destructive left wing extremist movements like BLM.
3). Her record as gov of SC was characterized not by any principles but simply whatever she felt would serve her own political career.
4). The one thing she does seem to have a strong opinion on is her neocon foreign policy: War is the solution to everything.

I was heartened by the very overwhelming negative opinion of her among those who viewed that video.

Kellyanne Conway: This is the problem with Nikki Haley's White House bid

Tim adds:

Agreed. She lacks principles at her core.

I heard her being interviewed by Glenn Beck yesterday. I didn't know who he was speaking with, but thought it was a particularly dim Republican. Easy platitudes and shibboleths and a meandering approach. I was surprised it was the "feted" Nikki Haley!  A true mediiocrity masquerading as a top political leader. I saw no leadership or sense of competence. But she'll probably get the Veep slot if she wants it simply because she's a woman and not all white.

BTW I still remember her caving on the Confederate Statue issue and the flag down there. If she is any sort of conservative leader she should know not to give an inch to the woke lynch mobs.

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WHO Dunnit?

Jerry S. Rainforth

Curious about opinions and alternate thoughts.

"COVID-19 is anything but a legitimate pandemic, and it goes far beyond a mere construct of enterprise fraud. Rather, COVID-19 is a functional mechanism that has already been leveraged to steal an election, remove one sitting U.S. president and install into the Executive a proxy for the Chinese government, the CCP, and its functionary, the World Health Organization [WHO.]

The WHO is the CCP’s functionary by means of funding. This is a very old analysis of COVID-19 revisited, and there are important distinctions to understand. The WHO is a subsidiary of the United Nations [UN] so beyond the funding of just the WHO, the funding of the entire UN must be considered"

COVID-19, WHO International Pandemic Treaty & Global Governance: At What Point Does An Internationally Enforceable Treaty Permit Foreign Troops On U.S. Soil?

COVID-19, WHO International Pandemic Treaty & Global Governance: At What Point Does An Internationally Enforceable Treaty Permit Foreign Troops On U.S. Soil?m more...

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Liberal Absolutism and Misinformation

Michael Smith

My wife and I were talking about politics last night and she mentioned how afraid the Democrats were to release the rest of the J6 videos. We began to talk about the various Twitter drops demonstrating just how hard the Democrats worked to shut down any opposing points. I began to think about how close our times have come to Ray Bradbury’s 1953 novel, Fahrenheit 451.

From Bradbury’s novel comes this:


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The Closing of the American Mouth

Lance Sjogren

California wants to keep up with New York as being on the forefront of fascism in the United States.

New York passed a bill that prohibited "hate speech". (what government identifies as hate speech, by the way, is nearly always speech that exposes corruption of the government)

California's new venture into the forefront of fascism is their "medical misinformation" law. This allows doctors to lose their license if they give advice that contradicts what the medical establishment says. By the way, considering the fact that Fauci and the rest of the medical establishment flip-flopped on so many things during the course of Covid, Virtually EVERY DOCTOR IN CALIFORNIA would be guilty under this law and subject to having their medical license revoked. Unless a doctor could show that they had followed the very same labyrinth of misinformation along the very same timeline as the medical establishment did, then the state would be legally entitled to revoke their medical license.

The first example of a specific medical procedure they discussed that could trigger this law is "gender-affirming care" for children. (i.e. genital mutilation, puberty blockers, etc. If a doctor advises a child and parent against this, they could lose their license.)

That was a fitting example to bring up, because it is the most horrifying medical policy of anything being currently pushed by the medical establishment.

Suing California over medical misinformation law || Dr. Mark McDonald & Daniel Suhr

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Who's the Boss?

Chester McAteer

Isn't it a little more than odd that our Congressional Representatives

take our money, and give it to people they don't represent? Consent is not what it use to be!

Tim adds:

Makes you wonder who their real constituents are. It isn't the American People, that's for sure.

BTW I wonder about the money going to Ukraine. How much of that will wind up in the DNC war chest? And how many refugees will the U.S. take in and let vote? I remember the Bosnian War. Bill Clinton let a bunch of Bosnians/
Albanians, almost all Muslims, into the country. They settled here in St. Louis mostly. And they are all loyal Democrats, loyal to the core to the party.

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Follow the Pea

James Doogue

Ten years ago I was pointing out how wrong the UN IPCC was in predicting that North Eastern, Eastern and South Eastern Australia would experience continuous drought conditions due to human CO2 emissions and resultant global warming.

The ten years since has seen the UN IPCC predictions, which were unequivocal back then continue to be wrong. In fact we've experienced a number of flood years since then.

Rather than admit they got their predictions wrong, the UN IPCC scientists who wanted to continue to push the man-made 'global warming' scare, simply pivoted their claims to catastrophic 'climate change'. Claiming both droughts and floods were the result of human CO2 emissions increasing atmospheric CO2 content.

These catastrophists try to claim every drought and flood as 'unprecedented' despite the fact that in both recorded history and geological history today's floods and droughts are far from unprecedented.

Unfortunately the mainstream media prefer to reprint the UN IPCC press releases rather than look up their own newspaper and film archives.

There are now far too many vested interests in pushing the climate catastrophe scare and forcing Australia down a path of energy poverty and deindustrialization despite having access to some of the cheapest and best quality fossil fuels in the planet.

Being accurate with my own reporting over the last 10 years or so hasn't helped. I fear only when the Australian government can borrow no more, and has drastically undermined our standard of living, will the mainstream media and public rise up against the biggest scientific scandal of my lifetime.

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