August 31, 2023

Another Climate Forcing

Timothy Birdnow

There are so many things that affect the climate that are not taken into consideration in the current models.

There is gravitational pumping, undersea volcanism, micrometeor bombardment, magnetic effects, cosmic rays, etc.

Here is yet another.

Southern Alaska acts as a source of climate-important dust - NCAS


Large-scale dust storms in Southern Alaska have a bigger than expected impact on the global climate system, by sending tonnes of fine vegetation-rich silt into the atmosphere.

The giant dust storms, which can last for many days, could be having more influence on the earth’s climate than previously thought – suggests new research from the University of Leeds and the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS).

Dust particles in the atmosphere are important agents in ice formation. Without dust, water in clouds can remain in liquid form even though temperatures may be well below freezing.

Dust composed of fine sediment and silt – microscopic fragments of rock, minerals and vegetation – can encourage the formation of ice crystals in clouds.

Whether ice formation in clouds will contribute to global warming or help cool the planet depends on how much ice they contain, how many ice nucleating particles are present and the nature of those particles.

Only a small fraction of the dust particles in the atmosphere has the capacity to nucleate ice and we are only just starting to understand their sources and global distribution. Whether a cloud becomes more or less reflective of sunlight depends on how much ice is in them, so we need to be able to understand and quantify the various sources of ice-nucleating particles around the globe. At present, climate models tend not to represent these high-latitude sources of dust, but our work indicates that we need to.

This is becoming a matter of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Yet they continue to cling to a theory that has never explained current climate much less is capable of predicting a hundred years out.

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Roy W. Spencer


Tallahassee has labeled Hurricane Idalia "unprecedented" because no major hurricanes have hit that location in Florida's "big bend" area since records began in 1851. Using this criterion, most major tornadoes (which have declined 50% since the 1950s) are also "unprecedented" because they hit locations that have never been hit by a major tornado before. That's what "rare" weather events do.

There are studies of sediments in coastal ponds in the FL panhandle that showed greater extreme hurricane activity there around 1,000 years ago.

Intense Southwest Florida hurricane landfalls over the past 1000 years

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European Energy Politics

John Lees

Anyone interested in the practicalities of European and Russian energy politics will find this discussion very interesting.

The existing Southern Corridor supplies gas to Hungary, and so the Hungarian Premier, Victor Orban here expresses keen interest in ensuring that nobody blows it up.

Money makes the world go round, perhaps. But primarily because money buys energy, and energy makes the world go round.

See the discussion here, particularly from 8 minutes, where they discuss gas politics. Prior to that they discuss the futility of the fight against Russia. So the whole thing is interesting if anyone has the time:

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God Bless the Hungarians

Timothy Birdnow

I like the Hungarians more and more!

Hungary's Orbán urges US to 'call back Trump' to end Ukraine war in ...

Is it any surprise the Internationalists like Samantha Powers want a color revolution in Hungary to make them more pliable?

They suffered under decades of the Soviet iron boot on their throats, and were crushed in what was the first "color revolution" in which they tried to throw the Soviets out. They know what is happening and see what is coming in the West.

I say God bless the Hungarians!

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Jerry S. Rainforth

I'll venture a guess: these guys probably aren't gaining wealth through a "climate emergency".

This courtesy of the Epoch Times:

Over 1,600 Scientists Sign ‘No Climate Emergency’ Declaration

"There is no climate emergency,” the Global Climate Intelligence Group (CLINTEL) said in its World Climate Declaration (pdf), made public in August. "Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific. Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of their policy measures.”

Read the statement from CLINTEL here.

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August 30, 2023

Israel's Great Political Crisis

Jack Chen

Israel is approaching the deepest political/judicial crisis in its history:

The Israeli Supreme Court is about to convene in the next 3-4 weeks to discuss two explosive issues it has no right to:

1. To allow a process that will declare Netanyahu as unfit to govern very similar with the Trump impeachment(s). What’s happening with Netanyahu in Israel and what’s happening with Trump in the US has uncanny similarities, two almost exact parallels with the exact same forces on both nations at work.

2. To cancel the parliament vote to change Basic Law - part of a type of laws that are somewhat equivalent to a constitution that gives the Supreme Court its power to begin with though Israel doesn’t have a Constitution. The law gives parliament rights to override the Israeli judicial decisions under certain circumstances.

Israeli Supreme Court to review law that limits its power, setting up showdown with government | CNN

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Anti-Terror Training in St. Louis and St. Charles

Timothy Birdnow

I'm in danger of becoming paranoid, I know, but paranoids have enemies too.

Take this, for example.

DHS is running counter-terrorism exercises at Busch Stadium here in St. Louis.

Now that seems prudent; it's a likely place for a terrorist attack.


They also did this

They conducted counter-terrorism exercises in St. Charles County. St. Charles County is pure suburbia, a series of bedroom communites with little in the way of large-gathering places.

It IS a heavily Republican county, though.

So what is happening? I suspect they are preparing for trouble next year, and are targeting potential right-wing protests when they pull whatever they have planned, be it vote fraud or something even nastier.

St. Charles county never had a mask mandate, for instance, during the Pandemic. So now DHS is teaching their people how to seize control of the county.

Which makes the Busch Stadium situation all lthe more interesting. Are they worried about keeping stadium-goers safe or are they preparing for major protests?  If so, why?

Missouri, with it's supermajority of Republicans and it's key central location with river and rail centers, would be critical to securing the country in the event of a mass uprising. They would need both St. Louis and St. Charles to secure the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.

Missouri would be a key state they would need to secure in the event things turned ugly.

Again, I may just be paranoid, but there is a rather unsavory odor to this at this time.

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A Message from Donald Trump

‘JUSTICE AND THE RULE OF LAW ARE OFFICIALLY DEAD IN AMERICA. This marks the 4th act of ELECTION INTERFERENCE by Crooked Joe Biden and the Communist Democrats who are absolutely destroying our Country. They are doing things to our Country that nobody ever thought possible. They know they can’t beat me in a fair fight at the ballot box so they are weaponizing the legal system to try and defeat me and you know what? This is the greatest political movement of all time. It’s called Make America Great Again. There’s never been a movement like it and they are not going to let it happen. They are not going to let it be dishonest anymore. But just as we’ve prevailed before, we will once again emerge stronger. Next November, we will win back to White House and we will indeed make America great again.’

President Trump

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Third of Americans on Serious Drugs

Timothy Birdnow

Proof we have a serious crisis with Fenatanyl and the legalization of marijuana.

One in three Americans think we are headed in the right direction.

Thirty-two percent (32%) of Likely U.S. Voters think the country is heading in the right direction, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey for the week ending August 24, 2023.

How can one out of every three people be so cognitively impaired? Must be narcotics.

It should be well under 10% by now.

Rasmussen also has Trump and Biden tied with both having -21% ratings.

How Biden could not be down at 5% approval is beyond me. Everything has fallen apart on his watch, and it was indeed his ideologically-radical policies and inept execution of his duties that are thc cause.

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Yes, Trump Can Win Independents

Timothy Birdnow

So Trump cannot win, they tell us, because he can't win Independent voters.


There were 43 million registered Republicans in 2020 (I've also seen a lower figure of 38 million, but we'll stick with the higher number for the sake of argument) and yet Trump won 74 million votes. That means that back then he picked up 31 million independents. Bear in mind the Democrats outnumber the Republicans anyway. So Trump won an awful lot of those Independents who supposedly hate him.

And after the '22 election over a million people switched their party affiliation to Republican from Democrat.

Bear in mind too that the NeverTrump wing of the GOP undoubtedly didn't vote for Trump, so he actually picked up MORE Independents as guys like Jonah Goldberg or Mitch McConnell undoubtedly voted for Joe Biden.

This "Trump can't win independents" claim is based entirely on politicized polling.

And even if the polls are on the up-and-up you must remember the Wilder Effect; Trump has been demonized by the press and many of those polled are going to say they are turned off by Trump but then they may vote for him anyway. Ballots are secret and they aren't telling a pollster something in a one-on-one conversation.

I would ask how is it Trump is leading Biden in polls if he has to have the independents and none of them are on his side? Trump would have beaten Biden in early July and in late July and as of August 1 even Politico, a very biased organization, had to admit Trump was in a dead heat with Biden. › news › 2023/08/01 › biden-trump-2024-poll-00109161 CBS News poll from August 20 shows Trump with a widening lead over Biden. So how is all this happening without independents? Republicans make up just This after the pounding Trump took.

Trump's mug shot has only increased his odds with traditionally Democratic groups like Blacks Hispanics. And it has led to a rise in Trump's poll numbers, as even a Democrat pollster admits.

I know that if you look solely at these polls you will conclude Trump can't win independents, but if you look at the larger picture it's clear he can and did - and will.

BTW Bill Clinton's numbers rose with his impeachment; it appeared to the public Clinton was being persecuted. Why would that work then for a scumbag like Bill but not for Donald Trump, who clearly IS being persecuted for political reasons?

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The Truth Might Be Out There...

Carlos Velazquez

Click bait headline to cash in on current UFO interest and to help a controversial, if not biased, scientist, Avi Loeb, who's findings are nothing but confirmation bias.

Loeb says: '...the data showed something new, never reported in the scientific literature. Science is guided by evidence.' Yes, science is guided by evidence, but you have to make sure you have a trustworthy baseline before arriving at this conclusion.

The obvious logical elephant in the room is that Loeb, or anybody, cannot possibly have an exhaustive and comprehensive catalog of ALL of Earth's minerals and, much worse for him, a reliable catalog of all the minerals on planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and the objects in the Oort cloud to make a claim that these fragments came from outside the solar system.

First ever 'alien' object is recovered on Earth by Harvard's Avi Loeb

Tim adds:

This is your usual overconfident statement to gin up excitement and draw funding. He cannot possibly know what he claims. Minerals from outside the solar system are not qualitatively different than those from inside, and he has nothing to compare it with anyway. How can he possibly know without having some minerals that are known to have come from outside the solar system to use as the baseline? If he was careful to qualify his findings with a huge "maybe" than fine, but this is so clearly aimed at making a splash. "Science" these days seems to involve dramatic claims without any solid foundation.

Here is the line that gets me:

"The notion of creating life in a laboratory may sound farfetched to most, but scientists have made single-celled organisms before"

No they have not. All that has ever been done is to use recombinant DNA to alter existing life forms. A world of difference between that and "creating single-celled organisms" which are incredibly complex systems beyond our ability to create.

Thus this whole thing is suspect.

Frankly I would say this is a kook atheist looking to find some way to explain away God and replace Him with aliens.

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Biden's Economic Combover

Diane Kimura observers:

This was interesting. Does it demonstrate the skew in the MSM?

From YouGov: "Many Americans say they are hearing mostly negative economic news, about four times as many say the economic news has been positive (43% vs. 11%).

What Dems are hearing is roughly split between positive and negative stories; among Republicans, 6% are hearing primarily positive stories, and 60% are hearing predominantly negative ones."

Tim adds:

They seek to put lipstick on a pig. IF the media is reporting more bad news than good it's not because the news is good. The mainstream media wants it to be, but even they can't hide the fact you need a wheelbarrow of money to buy groceries these days, or that a lot of products are no longer available, or that everything has shrunk down.

The Biden Administration wants to gaslight the public, and say "it isn't 1932" as proof of good economic news. The mainstream media goes right along with this attempt to alter reality by saying times are good when everyone knows they are not.

All the metrics are pointing to a catastrophe' in the making. All the Biden junta has is job numbers (messaged as they only include the employer surveys and not the household survey) and, well, that's about it. Underemployment
(and that is why the employment numbers are up; the same people are working multiple jobs) are not an indicator of economic health in this case.And the job numbers only count those looking for work; many people are still on the years-long vacation funded by the U.S. taxpayers that started with the Pandemic and the trillions in "relief".

We have rising interest rates, high inflation, weak economic growth, bankruptcies are up, business failures are up, real estate is hurting, fuel prices are up, etc.

Not seeing the good news.

The media is gaslighting Democrats, no question. Bidenomics bankrupted the country and got little in return.

A combover might hide baldness to people who don't know who see you from a distance, but it won't hide it from your barber.

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August 29, 2023

Black men flock to Trump after Fulton County spectacle

Dana Mathewson

Elizabeth Stauffer posted the following in Power Line a few days ago. Pardon my tardiness in sending this along; I was involved in some "interesting" surgery.

We’re told ad nauseam that the Democrats’ political persecution of former President Donald Trump was engineered to gin up sympathy among Republican primary voters and guarantee him the nomination. In the general election, however, independent voters, disgusted with Trump’s "lawless” behavior, would align with Democrats and President Joe Biden would cruise to victory.

There are some serious flaws in this logic and they’re just starting to manifest.

The spectacle of Trump’s motorcade winding its way to the Fulton County Jail last Thursday, followed by the release of his "defiant” mugshot instantly catapulted him to "legend” status. It may have already gained him the sympathy of independents and even some Democrats.

But it has most definitely elevated his status in the eyes of the black men who lined the street as the motorcade passed. They see the mugshot as a symbol of "the man” sticking it to "the people,” a feeling they are intimately familiar with.

And just a small percentage gain in support among this important group could turn the election.

On Friday, rappers Chief Keef and Lil Pump showed their support for Trump on social media. Lil Pump posted his own mugshot next to Trump’s on Instagram with the caption, "Free Trump.” Chief Keef posted a photo of Trump flashing a gang symbol, saying, "he good in da hood” and predicted that if Trump ever gets convicted, he would "run the prison.”

Most of the rest of this consists of Tweets, and a bunch of them certainly contain language alerts. But the gist of them is that the government is persecuting Trump the way they are abusing a great number of black men (or so those black men feel), and those black men are not liking it one bit.

Social media influencer @ImMeme0 said, "If that n**** Trump gets convicted of this crime, and can still run for president, I’m voting for his a**. I’m voting for that n****. I’m voting for him. …”

Perhaps the Democrats should have thought twice, or maybe even three times, before piling on Trump with those bogus charges?

Go here to see the entire article, complete with the Tweets.

I apologize -- sort-of -- for the language, but if Power Line feels it necessary to quote the article, so do I.

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Pardon Hunter?

Timothy Birdnow

The author of that Daily Caller piece is a dufus.

It's the old "take the high road" Republicanism whereby we surrender while they knock our teeth in. Hunter Biden committed serious crimes, felonies. This is not political, unlike what they are doing to Trump. Prosecuting Hunter only affects him (assuming his father is innocent, which is highly doubtful) and therefore it should proceed.

The idea we will give him a pardon stems from this false notion we can win the Democrats and media over with acts of magnanimoty. That's a damnable lie that has kept the GOP feckless for decades. We have to destroy our enemies politically, and there is no upside to pardoning Hunter, except to show weakness to the Donkeys.

"Sharp contrast"? Does this dope think we haven't done that repeatedly over the years? And what has all this contrast done for us? The Democrats SHOULD be a very small minority party. But they aren't because they own the media. Why does this writer think we'll get any benefit at all from it? The media will just ignore it, or find a new line of attack.

Better to hurt these people as much as possible to make them reluctant to run roughshod over us in the future.

Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results - Albert Einstein

The Next GOP President Should Immediately Pardon Hunter Biden

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The Many Names of Biden

Maurizio Morabitu

BREAKING: National Archives possesses about 5,400 emails and records linked to President Joe Biden's email aliases

The email aliases — "Robert Peters,” "Robin Ware,” and "JRB Ware" — were used to share government information and discuss business with Hunter Biden and associates, according to the Southeastern Legal Foundation, which filed a lawsuit to compel the agency to turn over the info

"Robert Peters" alias raised concerns among Republicans in paticular since 2021, as it is unusual for government officials to use an obscure government network with an alias linked to the DOD<<

Please support this criminal enterprise, it’s vital to keep Trump away from the White House

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Homeowners Insurance Through the Roof

Diane Kimura

Owning a home has become so expensive, that many people are cancelling their insurance:

The national average home insurance for $250,000 in coverage is up another 20% this year, to a record $1,428/year.

This is on top of an average monthly mortgage payment that just crossed $2,500/month.

Record levels of debt, the most unaffordable housing market in history, and now uninsured homeowners.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Geoengineering: a World Run by Rich Lunatics

Richard Cronin

We can laugh all we want but that "Solar Radiation Management” is very real. Spraying coal fly ash and acidic sulfate compounds to mimic a stratovolcano like Mt. Pinatubo in 1991.

How much is going on ? I have no idea, but Bill Gates is funding this Harvard lunatic David Keith on this stuff. Of course (Ahem): "We’re only studying this stuff”.

My universal answer to all of this is that the world is run by rich lunatics.

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The Waters of the Deep

Richard Cronin discusses the concept of an underground sea:

There are arguments against the premise of subduction, especially to the depths of the Transition Zone (410 to 660 km down).

Rather, water is bound up in hydrous minerals like Ringwoodite. The planet was formed by accretion and compressed. With planetary decompression, Ringwoodite releases its water and transforms into the mineral Bridgemanite which comprises the bulk of the lower mantle. The liberated water serves as the propellant for magma flow. The water also provides a lubricant or slip plane for seismic movement. Large earthquakes of magnitude 8 to 9 Richter occur at depths ranging down 700 km.

Balin King Khazad observes:

The waters of the deep - Genesis flood story.
7:11 When Noah was 600 years old, on the seventeenth day of the second month, all the underground waters erupted from the earth, and the rain fell in mighty torrents from the sky.

Richard Cronin responds:

Balin King Khazad-dum - There is more truth in Genesis than we know.

South of the Dead Sea is a region which is subject to rapid, unpredictable sink holes.

Recall that when Moses descended from the Mount and beheld the Israelites worshipping a gold idol, he cast the tablets into the ground and the ground split open, swallowing up those who had strayed from The True Faith.

The faithful Israelites, saw the earth swallow the unfaithful and said:

" Holy crap, kids !! That sink hole just took my favorite camel ! Let’s ride out into the desert ! It’ll be a lot better than what we have now !!”

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