December 31, 2023

Predictive Programming

Tim McGirl

Predictive programming is a theory suggesting that media, such as movies, television shows, and books, are used to subtly influence the public's perception and acceptance of future societal changes, events, or themes. According to this theory, when these predicted elements eventually happen, the public is more likely to accept them because they've been previously introduced through fictional media.

Proponents of this theory often point to science fiction movies and books that depict technological advances or dystopian futures, arguing that these works are purposefully created to prepare the public psychologically for similar real-world developments. For example, the portrayal of mass surveillance in George Orwell's "1984" is sometimes cited as an early instance of predictive programming, as it introduced concepts that later became more relevant in the real world.

Mr. Birdnow adds:

I would direct your attention to the movie Contagion. It was about a pandemic and featured social distancing, masking, and mandatory government shutdowns of social events and schools. NONE of those things were part of the emergency plans at the time. Furthermore the "villain" was a libertarian blogger who was promoting an alternative medication to treat the disease. Doesn't all this sound way too familiar?

That came out in 2011.

Oh, and the disease supposedly came from China. I refuse to believe all these things were coincidences. I believe the powers that be planned a pandemic all along and "prepared" us for it with films like this.

There are other examples; the '70's movie Rollerball was about a world ruled by multi-national corporations with no nation-states. And sports were a tool to promote international cooperation and the like. There are others.

I believe the Ruling Class has long used fiction, especially movies and television programs, to "prepare" the public for things it plans to do to them.

If you watch old movies from the thirties and forties you will see black couples at nightclubs dancing with whites - during the era of Jim Crow!  If you watch commercials today you will see white male/black female mixed race couples on a regular basis - something very rarely seen in the real world today. They WANT to make it the new normal because they believe race is a divisive thing and want to mix us all up so as to put an end to it  (mistakenly believing there will be peace if they do and at the same time giving themselves a sense of divinity by uncreating the races.) You saw this with the transgenderism issue long ago; you had Corporal Klinger on MASH, for instance, Some Like it Hot, Victor/Victoria, etc. All of this was toprepare the public to accept this current big push towards transgenderism and the idea that we can choose our own sex.

All of this started on the screen before it appeared in real life. There are countless other examples.

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The Gentle Islam

Richard Cronin

Had a friend who made a pretty good buck as an English teacher in various regions of the developing world - Indonesia, Africa, and the Mideast.

He related two stories about Islam.

1) Sitting on a hotel balcony with an Arab acquaintance in Cairo, and just up the street a mullah stood atop a minaret calling the faithful to prayer. Doug asked of his companion what was the mullah chanting.

"Oohh … chop off the unclean hands of the Infidel, rape his wife, slit his son’s throat and throw his carcass to the dogs” …. stuff like that …

2) Doug was invited to a "guy’s night out”. He had never seen such depravity. Strippers brought in from Europe. Twelve year old prostitutes — boys and girls. Booze flowed like a river.

Jim Church adds:

15 years ago I visited a friend in Addis Abba, Ethiopia. My friend was carrying on a ministry to young women caught in the evils of prostitution and helping them escape the grinding poverty, addictions and slavery - a VERY successful ministry I might add! As we drove by the HQ of some pan-Africa organization next to a luxury hotel, I asked her where all of the "clients" for these young women came from. Her disgusted response was "the Muslim world, mostly from the Arabian Peninsula!" When I asked how this corresponded with the strictures of Islam she said, "That's only for Western consumption. Once they get away from the all-seeing eyes of the mullahs and imams and press they are absolute animals!"
Seems hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Tim adds:

I worked with a number of Bosnain Muslims. They were just dogs. One guy we used to call Big Mac because he liked to get prostitutes to work on the cheap. He once convinced one to have sex with him for a coupon for a free Big Mac. He was PROUD of that, even though he had a wife. Theyall did and all thought nothing of cheating on them. But thatis Koranic; you are allowed four wives in Islam and asmany concubines as you like aka hookups. There is no sexual fidelity in Islam.

Also you cannot leave Islam. I knew a pastor doing outreach to the Muslim in my neighborhood. He told me the story of a convert whom they beat almost to death in his alley. It wasn't just a crime; the four menwore masks and jumped him and beat him almost to death but did not rob him. Why? He tried to leave the cult.

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The Real Reason for the Mar-A-Lago Raid

Beverly McCaul Goff

Very interesting article explaining why the raid on Mar A Largo was conducted. It makes a lot of sense.

The DC Establishment Is Deeply Concerned That Trump May Have Copies of His Declassified Binder

Tim adds:

Yes, we all know what they were REALLY worried about; Trump had the dirt on THEM. I believed that at the time; nobody would dare raid the former President's home - guarded by the Secret Service - for just some old documents the National Archives wanted. That was a crossing of the Rubicon. There had to be something very, very incriminating to those in power.

I hope Mr. Trump had the prudence to stash away proof of bureaucratic/Deep state collusion to frame him. And I hope he drops the bomb on them with it before the election is over.

As for this business about this binder being so super-secret, does it not occur to anyone that the CIA is not the ones who classify documents? I give you Federal Law on the subject:

(2) Original Top Secret classification authority may be delegated only by the President; an agency head or official designated pursuant to Section 1.2(a)(2); ...

So the President, not Langley, makes that determination. So how could this top secret information be classified by Mr. Trump if it is so damaging to Mr. Trump, and how is he not entitled to it?

Also, the CIA is not a branch of government and is not entitled to restrict information. Congress has every right to it, as does the President.

But it was the CIA who tried to run a black op on President Trump to install a President they could control.

Remember when Samantha Powers darkly warned "it's not a good idea to piss off John Brennan"? Brennan was running a black op on Trump all along. And it has since been proven false. (Brennan, head of the CIA when Trump took office, admitted to voting for the Communist Party in the '70's and also may be a likely Muslim convert. )

So we are to believe the CIA when it says it was Trump who "stole" highly classified information. The same CIA who crafted the whole Russian collusion hoax in the first place?

And the FBI and DOJ? Fuggetaboutit!


A few months back, we told you about a new filing from John Solomon that told the backstory to President Trump’s last-minute declassification order of his "Binder of Declassified Documents.”—and how the DOJ sucked those documents back in and blackholed them.
At President Trump’s request, the DOJ provided the White House with a binder of materials related to the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation on Dec. 30, 2020. According to the motion, "Trump reviewed them and decided that the binder should be declassified to the maximum extent possible.”
As you might expect, the FBI had been objecting to the release of these documents because "the binder contained embarrassing information about the Bureau’s officials and the government’s conduct in the case,” and there was a lot of fighting over redactions.
This was finally settled, with President Trump accepting the "proposed redactions” and declassifying the binder in a final Jan. 19, 2021, order. As this was ongoing, Mark Meadows, President Trump’s chief of staff, informed Mr. Solomon of the pending declassification and invited him to the White House to "review several hundred pages of declassified documents and to discuss a plan for publicly disseminating the entire binder to the American public.”
As Mr. Solomon and his staff were reviewing the documents, they received a call from the White House asking that the documents be returned because the White House inexplicably wished to make some additional redactions to unclassified information under the Privacy Act.
Which is odd, because as Mr. Solomon’s filing notes, "the binder was not subject to the Privacy Act.” But for some unknown reason and "without the President’s knowledge or consent, one of the President’s subordinates [possibly Mr. Meadows himself] decided that redactions consistent with the standards of the Privacy Act should be applied to the binder before it was publicly released.”
According to the filing, Mr. Meadows "promised Solomon that he would receive the revised binder.” But as Mr. Solomon notes, this never occurred and the documents reside within the DOJ to this day.
A legal back-and-forth continued between the two camps until June 17, 2022—when an agreement was reached and President Trump designated "Kash Patel and Solomon as his representatives.”
President Trump’s lawyer reached out to Gary Stern, general counsel of the National Archives, telling him that they would like to begin reviewing the documents at the Archives on June 21, 2022.” But here’s where the intentional confusion by the DOJ and the National Archives comes into play.
Mr. Stern agreed to the review. But then, on June 23, Mr. Stern suddenly told Mr. Solomon the binder was not at the National Archives—it had been transferred back to the DOJ 18 months earlier "per Meadows’s original memorandum to the Attorney General.”
Mr. Stern said they did have a box of 2,700 "undifferentiated pages of documents with varying types of classification and declassification markings.” But he also told Mr. Solomon that because the National Archives could not ascertain the classification status of any information in the box, it would treat its contents as "Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information.”
There were now effectively two binders—both of them considered classified, despite Trump’s declassification order. This was confirmed by Mr. Solomon, who told Mr. Stern that "he believed the records held by the Archives were the very same documents that Trump had declassified and that they were copied from the binder in preparation for release to the news media on the morning of January 20, 2021.”

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December 30, 2023

Yes PBS it IS Election TAmpering!

Timothy Birdnow

So I caught PBS speaking to some smug, stuffed shirt who sneered at the notion that the effort to kick Donald Trump off the ballot is a case of election tampering. He snickered and rolled his eyes - a sure sign he was lying as he knew full well this movement is being run by Democrats - and he pointed to this.

He tired to argue that since a couple of RINO Republicans supported kicking Trump off the ballot it means this is not election interference.

His condescension illustrated to me how weak his position is, and how ridiculous it is to try to deny this.

In 1860 when the southern Democrats all walked out of Congress but Andrew Johnson remained, did that mean the Southern Democrats supported the union? That is what one would conclude using this same reasoning. Or did everyone in France support Hitler because the Vichy government did? Or did Norway because of Vidkun Quisling?

Apparently the fair and unbiased folks at PBS don't know that there was a wing of the Republican Party willing to lose rather than win with Donald Trump. I suppose they never heard of Mitt Romney?

Norma Anderson, one of the four "Republicans" who filed the lawsuit to keep Trump off the ballot recently changed her affiliation from the GOP to the Democrats, so she is NOT a Republican. Did she suddenly have some "come to Jesus" moment? Doubtful. She was undoubtedly already recruited by the Democrats and kept her registration so she could file the suit while claiming to be a Republican.

But none of this matters to the partisan hacks at PBS; all that does matter to them is that they manage to fool the American People. No doubt some will even buy this.

These lawsuits to keep Trump off the ballot for a non-crime for which he has never been criminally charged and for which the U.S. Senate has tried him and acquitted him is nothing BUT election tampering. Any fool should be able to see that.

And, despite the fact that most state supreme courts have rejected this rush to judgment the state of Maine has followed Colorado into the abyss.

We must boycott both states,and punish them with great anger and furious wrath. This is banana republic-style stuff, the kind of thing you expect from Honduras or Liberia.

I would add Joe Biden has repeatedly withheld money from nations and imposed sanctions when they have pulled this. Yet now he remains strangely silent.

This suggests America is in the terminal stage. We no longer are a free or fair society, and the rule of law is replaced by the the rule of claw. If you have the power to do it you do it. There was a time when Americans played by the rules. No longer.

This moron on PBS knows all this, I am certain. But it's not about facts or accuracy or the rule of law. it's about power and the way to acquire it is to trick the gullible and the ignorant.

We are in a terrible position. The forces allied against Middle America will stop at nothing, and can only be constrained by superior power, not by reason or by persuasion. They will do everything, foul or fair, to triumph and to make America into a Communist entity. We have to stop them, and that won't happen just by winning an election or two and playing by the rules. We have no choice but to adopt the Left's methods.

Either way means the end of America as we knew it. SOMEBODY is going to have to lose. And that somebody will probably be us, as the collectivists have marched through our every institution and now dominate everything - they own the media, education, big corporations, the internet, the music, and movies and other entertainment, publishing, even the churches now. We let them take these things by inattention. Now we have no tools with which to fight back.

But we have the numbers and we still have political power in half the states and most of the countryside.

But this won't be won by political power alone. We can't hope for a quick fix; it took the Left over a hundred years to do what they have done. And they know how they did it so we won't be able to do it back to them. We must fight back as they would. This is for all the marbles.

And, if we turn from our wicked ways, humble ourselves and pray for forgiveness God will be on our side. He's not now because we went along with the Left and let them kick God out of America. God hates indifference more than active hatred of Him. Middle America has been indifferent to God and that's why we are in this pickle.

I remember the '90's when Bill Clinton was President. He was an immoral man, a very bad person. Yet many average Americans, even those who professed to be good Christians, didn't care. I remember people saying "but my 401k is doing great!" So America traded her soul for a few pieces of silver. God remembers.

We are at a crossroads. Either we wake up, change tactics, reform ourselves, and understand we are at war, or we wind up being like the aristocracy in post-revolutionary Russia. We have no eternal place in this world. We were not the Chosen People. And if we ever were we have tossed that gift away some time ago.

BTW It has been theorized by some that the Democrats want to run against Trump. If that were true then some of them would come out against this blocking of Mr. Trump. They would do more to save him than to fight him. I am convinced they hope to disqualify him, not run against him. This has Barack Hussein Obama's fingerprints all over it; Obama won every election he ever ran in until he was elected President not by winning but by clearing the field and winning by fprfeit. It is clear to me Trump is the only person capable of beating them and they know it.

I would add that in the fall Democrats themselves were dismissive of this move. Yet nary a one of them have come out against it, even though it clearly is unconstitutiona

l. They knew it back then and figured they'd get spanked by the courts. But now that the ball is rolling they remains either silent or are all in for it.

I think Republican Secretaries of State need to remove Joe Biden from ballots as well (although that might be doing Democrats a favor.) Biden has probably committed acgtual crimes. Mr. Trump is accused of, well, nothing that is real. But we have to answer this. We need Republican prosecutors to bring charges against Democrats. We can only restore balance here with mutual assured destruction. Sadly many Republicans don't want to do this because it means trouble and they don't want trouble - they want to make money and enjoy their lives. We need men of princiople. The GOP is not that.

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Unbelievable but this is what is happening!!!!

"The despair is there; now it's up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change.” — Saul D. Alinsky

Jules Kunofsky

America is starting the New Year in the midst of an incredible intentional invasion of our Country. Our Southern border is wide open despite repeated gaslighting by the United States Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. Mayorkas breathes therefore he lies.

This invasion can be stopped at any moment BUT because it is intentional, it has increased. It doesn’t matter that illegal drugs that are killing American children at record pace are entering the country. It doesn’t matter that child traffickers are crossing the borders. It doesn’t matter that woman are being beaten and raped and it doesn’t even matter that enemies that are on the terrorist watch list are entering the country. It doesn’t matter that Communist Chinese spies are crossing the border as easy as the Communist Chinese spy balloons float across America.

Nothing matters because THE LEADER OF THE INVASION IS JOE BIDEN, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Roll that last sentence around your mouth. How does it taste?

It also doesn’t matter that Biden violated his oath of office by, not only permitting but by LEADING the invasion. The words: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”, has been reduced to nothing but a punch line at an after-dinner party joke. Just show pictures of the invasion from all of the media, the TV, the newspapers, podcasts, magazines, etc. And then mention Article II, Section 1, Clause 8 of the Constitution and you’ll become Jerry Seinfeld. You can do a whole comedy act on this. It gets even funnier when you tell the audience that the American taxpayer (and point to the audience when you say this) is paying for the invasion because Joe Biden’s open-door policy demands it.


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December 29, 2023

Riding an Ass

Lou Koncsol observes:

This morning I learned that a donkey is the only animal in the world with a cross on its back.

Jesus the Messiah came into Jerusalem carried on a cross; He also left Jerusalem carrying a cross. The donkey wore the cross for Jesus; Jesus wore the cross for us.

Tim adds:

And the donkey is the symbol of the Democrat Party. Satan always tries to subvert anything belonging to God.

Since Jesus rode an ass in His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the antichrist will do likewise. How? Could it be a political ass? The Democratic Party perhaps?

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Professor Norman Finkelstein Is A Useful Idiot For All

James Doogue

I've been posting a lot about Israel and Gaza recently. In Response, I was directed to "watch or listen to a great Jew on the Israeli Palestinian terror - Norman Finkelstein. He states the facts and is a Jew. Many Jews are embarrassed and saddened by what the Nitinjew [sic] is doing!"

My response was far too long to post as a comment, so here it is in case anyone else has been listening to Finkelstein.


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Hamilton, Proto-Fascist

Timothy Birdnow

On Facebook I said there has been a war between statists and limited government people since the inception of the country. Tom Waeghe asked about that and I replied:

Alexander Hamilton is a prime example. He was bubbling over with ideas about how centralized government could do so many wonderful things for us.The Federalist Party was largely a collection of oligarchs who wanted big government. The tensions between those who sought limited government (as in Jefferson, Madison, and the anti-Federalists) bitterly resisted the big government types from the beginning. If you read the discussions from back then you will see real anger on both sides of the issue. The big government guys won out slowly over time (although they were given a big setback by Andrew Jackson later.)

Dita Sullivan, an argumentative sort, disputed that: more...

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The People's Republic of America

Diane Ethics

This is exactly what communists do! And how they remain in power. Under Nicolae Ceaușescu communist regime, my parents had to put in their votes but it always had to be for Ceaușescu or they would find out and arrest you for going against him. The "votes" were only there for the mere image of Romanians having some sort of "freedom" but it was all just for looks. The voting served no purpose but to order the people to go vote for Ceaușescu.

Anyone who rebelled against him or wrote someone else, would be reported to the regime and arrested, sent to work camps, or sometimes "disappeared".

If you look at what happened in America, Biden communist regime tried to enforce the patriot act on innocent parents speaking out at board meetings having concerns for all the radical changes in their schools. Yes, the Biden communist regime tried to do just that, make its own citizens disappear for not agreeing to their controlling tactics and manipulations.

The fact that these dangerous communist ideologies have entered our schools means they are after our children and after our rights to them. In communist Romania, they often made children become spies of their own parents, teachers, workers etc. We see a similar atmosphere now in America with teachers not being able to speak out against all these radical changes, children being indoctrinated into these harmful politics and parents trying to protect their children and their rights to their children.
Ceausescu Regime Used Children As Police Spies

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Why Obama Saved Harvard's Prez.

Timothy Birdnow

So why did Barack Hussein Obama help save Harvard's President? Here are some reasons.

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Biden to Mexico: I'll Grant Amnesty and Citizenship

Beverly McCaul Goff

I don’t remember hearing that Biden talked to the Mexican president about amnesty for the illegals! First off it’s not his place to talk about amnesty without it going through congress! Secondly, the "summit” was supposed to be about stopping the flow of illegals crossing Mexico to get to America which proves their asylum claims are lies! If they’re truly fleeing death or persecution then they can apply for asylum in every country they cross through getting here! We’re done as a country if the 50+ million illegals here are granted amnesty & a path towards citizenship! It will also incentivize a billion people who want to live in America to come here!

Johnson: Biden administration amnesty focus amid border crisis 'unconscionable' - American Press[/link=]

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December 28, 2023

The Volcanoes of Venus

Richard Cronin

More about Tidal Pumping and the gravitational effects of Earth and Sun upon Venus. Consideration of a "Super” Gravity Wave impacting both the Earth and Venus.

Venus has a clockwise or retrograde rotation, like Uranus and Pluto. The Sun, the Earth and all other planets rotate counterclockwis e.

Venus has an almost circular orbit. A year on Venus is 225 Earth days.

The Obliquity (tilt) of Venus is very slight, at 2.64 degrees off the orbital plane. That tilt precesses over a cycle 29,000 Earth years long.

Venus has a heavy, dense atmosphere comprised of 96.5 % CO2 which is supercritical for some distance off the surface. The surface pressure is 93 bar (1350 psi). There are all-enshrouding clouds of sulfuric acid and it rains sulfuric acid during the night.

The CO2 and sulfuric acid were delivered to the atmosphere from extensive volcanism about 500 million years ago. The surface of Venus is entirely comprised of basaltic lava flood plains. In 2023 it was confirmed that Venus has active volcanism continuing today.

Although much closer to the Sun, Venus does not have the orbital eccentricity and greater Obliquity of Earth. This would seem to minimize Tidal Pumping. However, as Venus passes between an alignment with Earth and the Sun, it would be pulled apart by its major neighbors. When the Earth and Sun are in opposition to Venus (Earth on the far side of the Sun), Venus is pulled closer to the Sun. These planetary positions would logically seem to deliver Tidal Pumping stresses.

Moreover, it is known that Venus’ heavy atmosphere rotates faster than the surface of the planet and "sloshes around”. This would definitely impose stresses on the surface.

It would appear that Venus does undergo Tidal Pumping but with different conditions than the Earth.

It is known that Jupiter and Venus working together impose Tidal Pumping stresses upon the Earth and affects our climate on a 405,000 cycle (Kent, Olsen et al Rutgers 2018). It is likely that Venus is likewise affected by the gravity fields of Earth and Jupiter.

Curiously, the extensive volcanism on Venus 500 million years ago coincides with events on Earth.

Cyanobacteria and photosynthetic life began approx. 3.5 billion years ago and the photosynthetic process began to oxygenate Earth’s atmosphere. 500 million years ago was approx. the end of the Great Oxygenation Event when we arrived at our current atmosphere. This timing also coincided with the emergence of the first vertebrates, the Cambrian Explosion of Life. Finally, 500 million years ago was marked by much warmer ocean temperatures. Warmer ocean waters provide more evaporation, thus snow and glaciation in the Northern Hemisphere. Note also, that Dr. Gerta Keller has identified that the Great Extinctions were caused by extensive volcanic ash blocking the Sun plus acidification of forests and ocean waters due to acidic discharges from volcanic activity.

It seems counter-intuiti ve but periods of great volcanism, especially submarine volcanoes, warm the waters of the ocean floor in specific locations (i.e. trenches, where the crust is thin, cold, and brittle) and produce more surface evaporation, driving snowfall and glaciation on the continents of the Northern Hemisphere.

Million years ago
650–600 Later Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth or Marinoan glaciation, precursor to the Cambrian explosion

502 Dresbachian extinction event
Note: Vertebrates take over ?

485.4 Cambrian–Ordovi cian
extinction event

450–440 Ordovician–Silu rian extinction event, in two bursts, after cooling perhaps caused by tectonic plate movement.

Note - Observe the waves in temperature variations going back 800 thousand years ago. Note also that the uptick in CO2 concentrations lagged the uptick in temperatures.

Question - It seems that both Venus and Earth experienced extensive volcanism approx. 500 million years ago. Could this be due to a "Super” Gravity Wave ?

Tim adds:

Venus has a very thin crust and is and has been highly volcanic. Do you think that might tie in with it's slow rotation? I have often thought about it; seems to me a rotating body would naturally spin more heavy materials to the crust than a planet like Venus would, and hence the thin crust, and hence the greater volcanism (Venus has no ring of fire; the whole planet is a ring of fire.)

Venus also doesn't have a magnetic field to speak of, no doubt in part due to it's slow rotation. (Well, actually Venus has a weak induced magnetic field but no internal dynamo to produce one like the Earth has.)

I strongly suspect the unusual rotation of Venus ties in with it's lack of a global magnetic field and that this both ties in with the planet's volcanism. more...

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A Third of Israeli Arabs Approve Attacks by Hamas

Jim Church

National Post, December 27, "A third of Arab Israelis polled see Oct. 7 massacre as being in tune with Islamic values.” The result was among the findings of a new poll carried out by the Center for Democratic Values and Institutions.

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How the Zuck Stole the Election

C. Greg Carroll

The article below is about one big way in which the Zuckerbucks monopoly "meddles in elections.” All speech, whether Russians sewing discord on the internet or illegal immigration advocates using Facebook to organize caravans of Central Americans to enter the U.S. illegally, "meddles in elections.” But Zuckerbucks abuses his role as a massive speech platform to instead "moderate,” "provide context,” and censor speech, alternently trumpeting and muffling speech to suit his particular vision of the common good.

Zucked up: private election funding’s new form

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December 27, 2023

We Oppose Abortion Because We are Sexually Repressed?

Timothy Birdnow

This is ridiculous and pathetic. Pure junk science.And it's being promoted by the media; I thought fake news was supposed to be bad.

Here's the crux of the argument:

"The crux of this argument is that, for sexually restricted people, other people’s sexual freedoms represent threats. "

Gee; I thought it was because we believed children shouldn't be murdered where they are most vulnerable!

How could I not realize that I am threatened by the sexual liberty of women who just want to have fu-un.

And here's their ridiculous claim:

It’s common to hear religious, political and other ideologically driven explanations – for example, about the sanctity of life. If such beliefs were really driving anti-abortion attitudes, though, then people who oppose abortion might not support the death penalty (many do), and they would support social safety net measures that could save newborns’ lives (many don’t).

This is idiotic. The death penalty is a completely different issue and they know it. It's not just the sanctity of life but of INNOCENT life; someone being put to death has forfeited their right to life, generally by taking it,  and usually in a way most heinous. Unborn children can in no way be equated with a murderer.

We do not execute thieves or others who commit property crimes. Only really,really bad people.

As for social safety net measures, the reality is these government-run social safety nets are the very reason many women become pregnant in the first place. Supporting those only creates more neglected children. And the private sector does a much better job of it than a government run entity. Also, those paying for it have no say in the matter; the government merely steals their money and gives it out to those who have not earned it, ostensibly to help  the children but in reality it often goes to alcohol or drugs or whatnot.

You will notice how the authors of this study did not even consider any of this; they just decided to dust off an old idea of puritanical prudes v. cool hipsters.

The article continues:

Other women’s sexual openness can destroy these women’s lives and livelihoods by breaking up the relationships they depend on. So sexually restricted women benefit from impeding other people’s sexual freedoms. Likewise, sexually restricted men tend to invest a lot in their children, so they benefit from prohibiting people’s sexual freedoms to preclude the high fitness costs of being cuckolded.

So it's all about holding women back!


Nowhere is abortion ever looked at as the taking of innocent lives. If it is not why do we punish murderers? I mean, it's little more than retroactive abortion after all.

Sadly this will give justification to the stupid and the dishonest to support abortion, and young people may actually fall for this idiocy.

We live in an era of gaslighting.

Then it says:

This attitude is perhaps best illustrated by a statement from Mariano Azuela, a justice who opposed abortion when it came before Mexico’s Supreme Court in 2008: "I feel that a woman in some way has to live with the phenomenon of becoming pregnant. When she does not want to keep the product of the pregnancy, she still has to suffer the effects during the whole period.”

Force people to "suffer the effects” of casual sex, and fewer people will pursue it.

I guess the authors don't realize that women suffer emotional trauma from abortions?  I suppose they never heard of Post Abortion Stress Syndrome? I guess they don't realize there are medical problems often associated with abortions?

No; it's because others just resent women taking charge of their own lives!

The article also says:

Also note that abortion restrictions do not increase the costs of sex equally. Women bear the costs of gestation, face the life-threatening dangers of childbirthdisproportionately bear responsibility for child care. When women are denied abortions, they are also more likely to end up in poverty and experience intimate partner violence.

Yet these very problems have increased since abortion became "safe and legal". How odd.

The article goes on to say opposition to gay marriage proves "sexually restricted" people are just jealous kill-joys doing it to empower themselves. Not that gay marriages only normalize a cultural-destroying thing that leads to much suffering. No, it can't be THAT!

I wonder who paid for this study? No doubt we all did.

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Chicken v. Egg

Lawrence Fornier

Talk about a gorgeous illustration of the "Chicken vs the Egg" relationship between our Sun and one of the most powerful global climate modulators.

In this reconstruction of the Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) we see clear evidence of the superposition of the 11ish year solar cycle and the 60 to 70 year solar cycle at work over the past 170 years. The rising baseline is said to be evidence of anthropogenic influence, while others suggest that it is evidence of longer period cycles (i.e., 180, 360 or 1000 years) at work.

The astronomical processes associated with the variable TSI is said to be due to complex tidal forces at work in the solar system, where the planets induce gradual inversions in the Sun`s internal magnetic dynamo and in turn the magentosphere of the entire solar system.

As the AMO is associated with the variable Gulf Stream, and in particular the North Atlantic Deep Water formation current and the global oceanic overturning cycle, it makes sense that the massive interia of the 1.4 billion cubic kilometers of sea water would take time to respond to variable solar dynamics.

Some view this lagging relationship akin to the response of a massive flywheel to an variable externally applied torque.

I will attach below in the comment section additional references that deal with these broadly known processes.

May be an image of text that says 'Annual Averaged Time Series of the Undetrended North Atlantic Multidecadal Sea Surface Temperature (AMO) versus the Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) System Research Laboratory 21.4 ( 21.2 Lurnt 21.0 20.8 turct at Saa 20.6 20.4 1.5 0.5 (ưાư) -0.5 Almmy TS -2 20.2 3 1852 1862 1872 1882 1892 1902 1912 1922 1932 1942 1952 1962 1972 1982 1992 2002 2012 2022 AMO t TSI Connolly -2.5 Dr. Joseph Fournier MDPI Climate,'

Here is a post and embedded link to a study that shows that oceanic over turning in the North Atlantic is driven by a 60 to 70 year cycle.


Here is a post and embedded link that makes use of complex solar harmonics and the concept of the ocean overturning process to a flywheel.

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Living the Dream

James Doogue

A successful Arab Muslim Woman Interviewed About Life In Israel

This 45 minute interview with Sophia Salm Khalifa contains a stark contrast to the claims made by pro-Palestinian protesters in the West who have never been to Israel, and who do not understand the truth about HAMAS.

Key Points:

- Israel is not an Apartheid state

- Arabs hold high positions in the Police, the IDF, the High Court and in parliament

- Arabs have positive discrimination to assist them to enter University and to hold civil service jobs.

- Palestinians are suffering under HAMAS. The majority of Israeli Arabs support what Israel is doing in Gaza.

- In 2005 when Israel unilaterally pulled out of Gaza all their industry and agricultural glass houses and residential developments were left in place. HAMAS destroyed most of it because they didn't want the Gazans using what the Jews had left behind.

- In 2006 when HAMAS won the general election in Gaza, many Fatah leaders and other outspoken critics of HAMAS were rounded up and executed.

- There have been no democratic elections in Gaza since 2006. HAMAS take the resources meant for the Gazan population and uses much of it to build 300 miles of tunnels and underground ammunition and weapons manufacture. The key HAMAS leaders are corrupt billionaires living in Doha, Qatar.

- HAMAS execute gays.

- The Gazan population are afraid to speak out against HAMAS because they will be killed. Gazan people who have escaped to Europe speak out against HAMAS.

- HAMAS hide behind the Gazan population as human shields. They want high civilian casualty rates because the World will turn against Israel.

- The idea that Israel should only respond proportionately to HAMAS killings, is a weak argument which has never been used in any previous wars. It's designed to disadvantage Israel because HAMAS has no regard for human life.

- Israel do not want to kill civilians. They warn civilians to evacuate areas which are going to be attacked because the IDF have identified HAMAS command centres. HAMAS have been known to physically stop civilians from evacuating by shooting those who try to leave.

- Gazan children are taught from kindergarten to hate Jews. For Palestinians to live peacefully with Jews, the funding which is being taken from the UN and other donor countries needs to be used for a proper education for the children not one of hatred.

- As an Arab she felt safe living in a Jewish state. Jews can't feel safe living in an Arab states.

- Fundamentalist Muslims will not stop at killing Israeli Jews. If successful they will go for Jews around the world and then Christians. They need to be stopped.

- Western countries need to fight against the anti-Jew narrative which is being spread around the world.

- She recalls a 13 year old Muslim girl she knew at school had been so radicalised that she declared she wanted to be a suicide bomber. She says that allowing the anti-Semitic narrative in the West is creating an environment for similar radicalisation. It only takes one person to cause a catastrophic terrorist attack.

- The 7 October atrocities against Israel based on population, is 17 times greater deaths than the 9/11 attacks on the US. But that attack against the US was by Muslims from two continents away. For Israel, the HAMAS are from the neighbouring country and have said they will commit these attacks again and again. Can you blame Israel for committing to destroying HAMAS?

As further background, Sophia's father is a Colonel in the IDF, her sister is an officer in the IDF and her brother is currently serving in the IDF.

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