November 30, 2022

Either Or

"The issue is always the same: the government or the market. There is no third solution." - Ludwig von Mises

Tim adds:

There is no "theory" of capitalism. It is a matter of Natural Law. It is what people will do if left to their own devices. All other theories of economics stem from some sort of control of the economy, even if a corporate control. Capitalism is the basis of all economic activity, even in Communist countries; the black market is purely capitalistic and is what keeps most Communist nations afloat. As the People of Cuba are wont to say "if you pretend to pay us we'll pretend to work". That is true of a statist economic system. They make their living off of work done outside the system. That is always the way of things where free markets are abrogated.

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The "Myth of Elon"?

Lance Sjogren

The ‘Myth Of Elon Musk’ Was His Most Valuable Asset. The Twitter Debacle Means It’s Over

Yeah Tesla, SpaceX, the Boring Company, all just hype, right? Musk is just a myth. What utter nonsense. Those are real companies that build real products that do things that couldn't be done before. The reason Musk is hated is not that he's fake but that he exposes the naked emperors of the Establishment.

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German Companies Buying Generators

Jim Church

"I have no choice but to vote ‘Aye’ or I will be arrested and charged with a felony "

— Alexander Nicoll (@realalexnicoll) November 29, 2022

German Companies Scramble for Generators Amid Collapse Crisis Fears

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Moonbat Arrhenius

Richard Cronin

The original paper by Svente Arrhenius, April 1896. "On the influence of carbonic acid in the air upon the temperature of the ground.”

Moon rays ?? Say WHAT ?!?

"Now the temperature of the moon is nearly the same as the earth….” Say WHAT ??

"As unit for the aqueous vapor I have taken the quantity of aqueous vapor that is traversed by a vertical ray, if the air contains 10 grammes per cubic metre at the earth’s surface.” Say WHAT ?!? Humidity is constant ?

Tim adds:

For those who do not know it was this paper that is the basis for the entire climate change/global warming/ planetary flatulence theory. And it is this paper - which talks of moonbeams warming the Earth - that is at the heart of the push to eliminate our primary energy sources and remake our entire civilization.

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Perception and the Constitutioin

chael Smith

Why is the Constitution of the United States simultaneously powerful and priceless?

The answer is simple.

It isn’t because someone or some authority says or decrees it is, it is because we treat it as if it is powerful and priceless, largely because if it isn’t, our entire system of justice and governance collapses into a smoldering pile at our feet.

Treating the Constitution, the way we do creates the perception that it is supremely valuable.

It is an interesting, but true, exercise in circular reasoning. The Constitution is powerful and priceless because we perceive it is and we perceive it is because it is powerful and priceless.

That would seem to be a logical fallacy. Perhaps by definition, it is – but some philosophies state circular reasoning cannot be avoided in some cases because the arguments always come back to axioms or first principles. In such cases, the circles tend to be very large and do manage to share useful information in determining the truth of the proposition, as is true for the Constitution – it is based on bedrock principles and we have proof throughout its existence that, when followed, it yields results consistent with those principles. Conversely, when it is not followed, the results are inconsistent with our founding principles.

In a very meaningful way, we have been able to test the validity of the Constitution by falsifying the premises surrounding it. We have proof. more...

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Just Another Year

Richard Cronin

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Nicole dissipated on November 12 and no activity since then. 14 named storms in all for 2022. 8 strengthened into hurricanes and 2 became major hurricanes (Category 3 +).

NOAA: Based on a 30-year climate period from 1991 to 2020, an average Atlantic hurricane season has 14 named storms, 7 hurricanes, and 3 major hurricanes.

Ho-hum. So much for "Extreme weather”.

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Seamounts and Submarine Volcanoes

Here is an excerpt from a paper currently being written by Richard Cronin. It's still in rough draft form, but I think everyone may find it interesting (I certainly did):

Seamounts and Submarine Volcanoes

Via bathyscaphic ocean floor mapping, Hillier and Watt (2007) provided an estimate of 3.0 to 3.5 million oceanic seamounts which by definition are formed by submarine volcanoes. This estimate excludes estimates above latitudes 60 degrees North and South. Reference: "Global distribution of seamounts from ship-track bathymetry data”. Oregon State University

Per the Smithsonian’s ‘Volcanoes of the World’ database, there have been 1350 volcanoes identified since the beginning of the Holocene. This resource also describes 56 - 88 active eruptions per year. Therefore, the percent of actively erupting subaerial volcanoes ranges from 4 to 5 %.

Applying these percentages to 3 million seamounts indicates that actively erupting submarine volcanoes at the low end ranges from 120,000 to 150,000 in any given year and this excludes estimates for latitudes above 60 degrees even though the polar regions are very seismically active. The height of these submarine volcanoes range down to h > 0.1 km, as magma is quenched immediately upon contact with ocean waters, forming pillow lava, rather than building into a higher peak.

"Global distribution of seamounts from ship-track bathymetry data”
J.K. Hillier, A.B. Watts, Geophysical Research Letters, July, 2007. See Table 1.


Oregon State’s Volcano World website estimates that 75% of Earth’s magma flow comes from submarine volcanoes, but their data is just from 1997 and earlier.

Moreover, SO2 and other sulfur-bearing acids discharging into alkaline ocean waters yield the Heat of Neutralization and Heat of Dilution.

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November 29, 2022


Timothy Birdnow

Mauna Loa volcano on Hawaii's Big Island goes Kaboom!

Volcanoes are erupting all over the planet. One must wonder if this isn't the source of the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide. Certainly this has been coming on for decades, particularly undersea volcanoes which are not well understood. Gerlach et. al. is the primary study of undersea volcanoes and it is mortally flawed. It only looked took a sampling of actively erupting undersea volcanoes; it did not look at vents, or volcanoes that erupt intermittently.

One wonders how much co2 has been outgassing and we haven't taken it into account.

So why the uptick in volcanism now?  Probably Milankovitch cycles (changes in the motion of the Earth in space). That probably explains all the planetary warming too.

BTW this paper suggests we have been grossly underestimating undersea volcanic eruptions because of a dearth of SO2, which this paper argues is characteristic of undersea volcanoes. It states:

The ∼0.4–0.5Tg SO22 yields may be characteristic of submarine volcanism, with the emissions and atmospheric impacts likely dominated by water vapor. The origin of the low SO2 loading awaits further investigation but scrubbing of SO2in the water-rich eruption plumes and rapid conversion to sulfate aerosol are plausible, given the exceptional water emission by the 15 January 2022 HTHH eruption.
discharged by the paroxysmal 15 January 2022 HTHH eruption is low relative to other eruptions of similar magnitude, and a review of other submarine eruptions in the satellite era indicates that modest SO

In other words, we have based our estimates of undersea volcanism on SO2, which is not making it to the atmosphere. So we are probably grossly underestimating the amount of volcanic activity.

But what IS making it to the atmosphere is no doubt carbon dioxide, which is outgassing from the oceans.

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Biden's Gay Bag Thief

Maurizio Morabitu

The US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy in the Department of Energy "has been charged with felony theft for allegedly stealing a woman's bag at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport”, 5 months and 10 days after being nominated to the rather vital Government job.

The published details are beyond parody, with the alleged crime committed in front of security cameras by someone who hadn’t checked in any bag so could not possibly have been confused about retrieving one from the baggage carousels.

It’s painfully obvious that gender variety and identity and cross dressing are not the issue. The issue are the nutters who are taking advantage of the latest fads to get access to power.

Tim adds:

Well, the handbag matched his outfit...

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LA Times Bemoans "Inequality in Anti-Theft Protections"

Bill Weisberg

On page 15 0f the LA Times it reads "Inequities in anti-theft measures. Drugstores are locking up merchandise in some neighbors more than others." The implication is that it is "racist" to stop outright theft. What is inequitable is that lawful taxpayers have to pay for all these thefts.

Tim adds:

I am speechless at the chutzpah of this. They promote "defund the police", then have prosecutors say they won't prosecute property crimes, then blame the locking away of valuables as racist. I would never in my wildest dreams believe someone would have the elephant balls to say that!

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The Great Biden Success Story

Michael Smith

I keep hearing from the leftist pundits on the cable networks that Biden isn't getting credit for his success. I finally realized that he is successful in their eyes for implementing his agenda, whether his agenda is successful, they won't debate.

But it isn't. It won't achieve what it is intended to achieve - the complete transformation of the American hydrocarbon based economy to run on Unicorn pee or end racism (or any of their chosen "ism's) because the approach is just wrong in every possible way. Unicorn pee is no substitute for oil and gas and discriminating harder against targeted unfavored groups is still discrimination.

But they think it is success anyway because actual success doesn't matter, it is all about the agenda.

Tim adds:

Michael, I think your assumption is wrong. You assume Biden and the Progressives want to transform the way we power our nation. They do, but not in the way everyone thinks. They want to limit our energy consumption, not replace it. With limitations they can control who gets energy and who does not, and by that they can control how we live, where we live, how we move about, what we eat, and ultimately what we think and believe.

Google Hydraulic Empire; a Hydraulic Empire was a totalitarian state where the emperor/
Pharoah/what have you controlled the waterways and as a result controlled water. He could cut it off to any who did not toe the line. A province in rebellion would wither and die if they lost water. Egypt and China are two prime examples. What the Progressives want to do is cut off our electricity and gas, then dole it out as they see fit. We either toe the line or shiver in the dark.

As a result they have no interest in actually replacing oil or gas as a fundamental energy source so much as getting us to accept a Trojan Horse that will kill the current energy system, then replace it with an inadequate one that they then will heavily regulate. They can force everyone back into the cities, into corrals like cattle. Force everyone onto public transit. Institute a social credit score as in China and reduce our energy based on a bad score.

Global Warming was a brilliant trick to allow them to do this. Now that the young people all buy into this doomsday scenario they know they have us, and they will institute the "green energy" scheme.

We are allowing them to build a prison. Heck; we're building it for them.

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Abortion on Demand

John Lees

I'm not an advocate for a total ban on abortion. But this topic came up recently in a group I visit and so I did a deep(ish) dive and looked up some stats. Three points that seem noteworthy.
1: Here is a 20 week old unborn child, in the womb. (Pic1)
2: Here are the stats from the UK revealing that thousands of abortions are indeed occurring each year, at around that stage of gestation 16-24 weeks, in the UK alone.
3: In the UK such an abortion is permitted on the grounds that proceeding with the pregnancy and birth may represent a potential risk to the mother's mental health.
This last detail is important, because it can be interpreted simply as the likelihood that the mother may suffer from prolonged anxiety or depression due to the fact that she is unhappy about the situation. So, via a liberal interpretation of that rule, it is possible for basically any woman to demand such a late stage abortion in the UK. (As far as I can tell from the information I looked up, on wikipedia!!)
So, there are some interesting facts. A healthy 20 week old girl or boy, yes we do abort such babies. No, it is not legally required that the abortion only occurs in cases where the baby is malformed or the woman's life or health are in danger.

Tim adds:

I favor a near total ban, because the child is a separate person who is unfortunately dependent on an unfit mother and whose life is of importance.

Yes, you can abort if the life of the mother is at stake, but not the "health" as that was indeed intended to find a workaround for a ban; anything can influence the "health" of the mother. Just gaining weight carrying the baby theoretically does.

In the end abortion is an act of violence.

And almost all abortions are done for convenience sake, not health or any other high moral principle.

I would add that abortions should have dropped off as society stopped holding out-of-wedlock pregnancies as immoral, but in fact they have started to rise again after some decline. Why is that? This proves that abortion is not about anything but the convenience of some.

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Whatever happened to equal justice?

Bill Weisberg

The California Attorney General is reviewing multiple hospital's algorithms looking for racism???? In short, it is alleged that when whites check in to a hospital, the computer automatically assigns them better care.

Tim adds:

I don't know if hospitals note the race of patients, but if they do they certainly don't stamp that on doctor's medical reports. Doctors and nurses work to save lives - period. Race doesn't enter into it.

This is just another way to promote a two-tiered system in America, one where minorities are favored over the majority.

Whatever happened to equal justice?

BTW, who created the current medical system? It's not a laissez fairez system of medicine at all, but a ne-socialist entity. Doctors are trained under the watchful eye of the State, who license them and guarantee their competence. So, who is responsible for "systemic racism" in medicine if indeed there be such a critter?

The Progressives have had control of this for decades. If it is a problem it is of their making.

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Would You Like Some Salt with Your Words?

Willis Eschenbach

"Over the last month, VERS, a gay bar in Hell’s Kitchen, has experienced four separate incidents of an individual throwing bricks through its windows.

Immediately, New York leftists declared it was evidence of something sinister.

"The epidemic of anti-LGBTQ+ violence is national,” Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine tweeted. "A well-known gay bar on Manhattan’s west side has been attacked repeatedly in recent weeks. We can not stand for this.”"

Care to guess the sexual orientation of the person finally arrested for throwing the bricks?

If you guessed anything but "gay", you haven't been paying attention. The market for "hate crimes" in the US greatly exceeds the supply, and so the Left is doing its best to manufacture them.

Timothy Birdnow adds:

Never occurs to these people that "defund the police" and other soft-on-crime measures will increase such acts everywhere. No, it has to be some sort of Dueling Banjo types attacking because they fear gay people.

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You Do or You Don't

Willis Eschenbach

Webline of the day, after the FBI Director claims they had no advance warning of Jan6:

"The two cannot coexist… you either have eight confidential human sources who’ve been working for a year and placing them in specific groups and locations for January 6, or you don’t have evidence that January 6 was going to happen." – Kash Patel

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November 28, 2022

Advertisers Boycott Musk, Twitter

Lance Sjogren

These advertisers should be boycotted themselves. They are participants in a fascistic effort to stifle political speech that's contrary to the pseudo-elite agenda. Apparently, though, they had no problem with the child-porn-oriented links that were on Twitter previously.

The people making these decisions are disgusting creatures.

Full List of Advertisers Boycotting Twitter to Protest Elon Musk

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J-6 Protestor Committs Suicide

Lance Sjogren

January 6 protester persecuted by the US regime commits suicide.

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Ice is up this year

"This year snow extent is running much higher than average and according to existing global estimates, it is now beyond the highest ever observed so far. Winter forecast, especially in its early phase and in Europe, might be strongly influenced by such a large snow extent, although many other factors need attention."

Snow Extent in the Northern Hemisphere now Among the Highest in 56 years Increases the Likelihood of Cold Early Winter Forecast both in North America and Europe

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CO2 Good for Pot but not Anything Else?

Kurt Womack

This is funny, they pump greenhouses with CO2 to make it grow faster and stronger. Wonder if they take into account all the lighters/matches contributing to Gullible Warming?

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Aussie Climate Council

James Doogue

As Australia continues to suffer a year of devastating floods, Climate alarmists are moving to take advantage. Flannery’s Climate Council is leading the pack, pushing the narrative that climate change is responsible for more floods – which is hilarious, given a few years ago Climate Council founder Tim Flannery was pushing the narrative that we had entered a period of endless drought. "… even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and our river systems …” – remember saying that, Tim?

At the center of this debate is the embarrassing evidence that past floods were worse than recent floods.

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