April 30, 2018

Jackie Mason Clip

Fay Voshell

I loved this guy--watched a lot of his stuff in the 80's. But could he get away with it today?

Jackie Mason - Jew at the Restorant.mp4

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Ending secret science at EPA

Paul Driessen

In a long overdue action, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has proposed to end his agency’s decades-long practice of using secretive, questionable, even deceptive or fraudulent science to support policy and regulatory initiatives. His changes will help ensure that any science underlying agency actions is transparent and publicly available, so that independent experts can examine it and determine whether it passes basic tests for sound, accurate, honest science.

Predictably, various politicians, environmental activists, government-funded scientists and journalists have railed against the proposal. My article presents examples of past EPA junk science, discusses why the critics are misinformed and underscores why these reforms should be implemented immediately.


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April 29, 2018

In Honor of Baby Alfie - the Witches

Timothy Birdnow

While we're doing poetry based on recent events, I figure it's time to dust this one off, too, in honor of the late Baby Alfie. Rest in Peace, dear child:

The Witches

In dead of night the witches creep
like spiders in a bed.
In dread delight their riches reap
from young girls they`ve misled.

With lies their Devils Plot unfurls;
cajoling with forked tongue
the Witches try to trick young girls
into murdering their young.

They claw inside scared mothers womb
the unborn child their feast.
Denied the covers of the tomb
forelorn, defiled, deceased!

Stoke the furnace hot with coals!
The unborn won`t be missed!
Pour out the bowls of children`s souls
Hells` scornful Eucharist!

Then take the head; the blood runs red!
While wet with death, the Coven
they bake their bread of children dead
in Margaret Sanger`s oven!

And they devise to hide the cries
of the myriad tiny souls
whose blood decries the Witches lies
while their bodies rot in holes!

Young mothers used and then discarded
are tossed aside, confused
while at great cost and broken-hearted
they stand alone, accused.

To snuff out life before a breath
In a land where evil`s good
is Satan`s manna; the Bread of Death.
They`re called ``Planned Parenthood``.

And in the night they find delight
in Sin which brings forth Life,
then out of sight those wolves may bite
and murder with a knife.

In cursing God do all abet;
no supplication do they pray,
while with a nod and small regret
the Nation turns away.

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WHCD Day of Rage - The Dance of the Marionette

Timothy Birdnow

In honor of the White House Correspondents Dinner, I give you this poem from my archives:

The Dance of the Marionette

See the wooden marionette dancing on a string.
Upon your set it does a show, prancing like a king!
A hollow mouth on wooden head carved out of Eden`s tree
Into your home, into your bed, in stereo color teevee!

The dummy Head lively and gay, or sorrowful and grave
The words it said or didn`t say, those stories that it gave
To tell you how to think and feel, and which way you should go
Before the puppet all should kneel and worship at the show!

The puppet master tugs the threads-the words the puppet brings.
Its mouth moves faster; words of dread, or marvelous shocking things.
It does not matter what is on, CNN or NBC
The buzz and chatter`s never gone, the spin rolls constantly.

The marionette would rule the Earth if left to its` device
But it`s a fool of little worth with empty, vain advice.
A mouth without a living brain, an eye that cannot see
A bout of madness, reign of pain, a lie, a left wing spree!

The puppet thinks it pulls the strings and whispers in the ears
The Master spreads out full his wings, and laughs at what he hears!
The puppet is the slave, you see, and works its` lords` desire
And in the end its grave will be as kindling for his fire!

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Trump Betrays America on Immigration, Calls for Guest Worker Program

Timothy Birdnow

Trump throws America under the Guadelajaran bus.

Speaking at a rally in Michigan, President Trump - who won election largely on his promises to end the invasion of America by foreigners and open jobs for native born workers - is now calling for a George W. Bush style guest worker program and more H-2B Visas. From the article in Breitbart: more...

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Ken Bone's Son Suspended for Gun Range Photo on Facebook

Timothy Birdnow

Anyone remember Ken Bone? He was the unassuming man with the handlebar mustache and red Christmas sweater who made a big splash as a panelist of undecideds at the debate between Hillary clinton and Donald Trump at Washington University in St. Louis. Bone seemed to catch the imagination of the public, and Ken Bone halloween costumes were big sellers last year.

WEll, Ken's son was suspended from school briefly for posting a photo of the two of them at a gun range on Facebook. more...

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The Yellow Peril at the ISS

Timothy Birdnow

The Russians are blaming lime buildup in a water heating device for the appearance of "yellow water" at the International Space Station.

Acccording to Itar-Tass:

"Some media outlets reported earlier on Tuesday that problems had emerged with the quality of hot water and yellowish admixtures of unknown origin had been discovered in the space station’s Russian segment. Reports stated that the cosmonauts allegedly had to use water in the US segment.

As Solovyov noted, the use of water from the American segment is prescribed in this case in the flight program."

End excerpt.

In a place where urine must be recycled for drinking water, you do NOT want your water heater putting out yellow liquid.

I think the Russians may be fibbing about this; since water is recycled it does not make a lot of sense that there would be lime buildup. The water in the station is distilled, not from places where there is high mineral deposits. One has to wonder if rather the distillation units in the Russian section of the station hadn't broken down.

The Russians have replaced the "samovar" and now say it is working.

Now, if the water starts turning brown, I'd head for home, even without a Soyuz...

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Suspicious; Trump Tower in Azerbaijan Burns

Timothy Birdnow

Blaze at Trump Tower in Azerbaijan. Considering the recent fire at Trump's New York property, one has to wonder if this isn't some sort of terror campaign against the President.

Bear in mind the New York tower had not one but two fires. Threes a trend, if you ask me.

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Sea Level Gimmickry

Timothy Birdnow

How NOAA reports sea level rise

From the article in Wattsupwiththat:

"These charts (and the original graphs of Sea Level change over time at individual tide gauges) do not show how much the surface of the sea is rising (or falling) — they do not show Absolute Sea Level rise or fall. They show Relative Sea Level Trends for individual tide gauge locations and taken together simply demonstrate visually the differing rates of vertical land motion between the stations. more...

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The Best Medicine

Dana Mathewson

Ammo Girl discusses the power of laughter and friendship at Powerline.

And please read the comment (currently the first one) by Stephen Shiell, about his kid learning to add. As I was recounting this to Martha, it reminded me of something moderately similar I read somewhere, at least forty years ago, about a youngster composing his first thriller novel, which contained the immortal line "Useless to talk,” said the French spy. Which gets richer and richer with possibilities, the more you think about it. Doubtlessly that’s why the line has stuck with me for lo these many years! more...

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April 28, 2018

Muslim Slave Holder in Texas

Timothy Birdnow

While scanning The Drudge Report I noticed a link to a Fort Worth newspaper article about a couple holding a young African girl as a house slave. This piqued my curiosity because Texas isn't the kind of place where people covertly own slaves; too many guns and a willingness to use them make it tricky to perpetrate such a long term crime. While normally I ignore lurid headlines like this one, I was sufficiently intrigued to take a quick gander.

I wasn't surprised when I heard the name of the slave master. It was Mohamed Toure.

Muslims still keep slaves in parts of Africa, and are at the epicenter of the sexual slave trafficking in the U.S. It's no big deal to enslave people in Islam, and black Africans have always been fair game to them.

OH, and the article points out that the girl had long overstayed her visa. She was an illegal alien.


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The Revolutionary Sixties

Brian Birdnow

Hey folks,

There are some great talks about the New Left and their destructive influence, here. This is a Hillsdale symposium from back last Fall, I believe...it is time well spent!

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A scary prediction

Wil Wirtanen


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April 27, 2018

The Brave New World Discarding Baby Alfie

Timothy Birdnow

With the babie Alfie story hot in the news I thought it was time to dust off an oldie but goodie. As you know, baby Alfie is a child being held by a British hospital against the will of his parents. The hospital is essentially euthanizing the child and will not allow the parents to take him away. The reason? Just read Aldous Huxley's Brave New World; they want to assert the authority of the State over the individual, make it clear the State has the power of life and death and that children belong to the State and that the parents are mere caretakers granted their authority by government.

As I argued in my American Thinker article about Terri Schiavo back in 2005, it's all about the godhead, about asserting the right of the Left to exercise the power reserved to the Almighty to decide life and death. more...

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Illegal Aliens; the Life of Riley

Timothy Birdnow

The U.S. government is paying close to fifty grand per person to house illegal aliens detained by ICE. That cost is per adult, I might add, and does not figure out the cost of any children with them, or any other costs involved in the matter.

Strange; many Americans live on less - sometimes far less - and the aliens in question come from places where they live on far, far less.

This tells us that we are treating these people not just with kid gloves but with diamond encrusted ones. They are living far better in custody than most of their childhood chums are living in extavagant wealth in their home country. Is it any wonder they are all coming here? more...

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Mid Ocean Seismic Activity May be Cause of Global Warming

Timothy Birdnow

The Climate warming of the late 20th century may have had little to do with carbon dioxide and plenty to do with mid ocean seismic activity, which moved warmer water into the Arctic ocean. According to recent research:

"Two previous studies, The Correlation of Seismic Activity and Recent Global
Warming (CSARGW) and The Correlation of Seismic Activity and Recent Global
Warming: 2016 Update (CSARGW16), documented a high correlation between
mid-ocean seismic activity and global temperatures"

End excerpt. more...

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Medieval Wine Grapes in Polar Bear Country

Timothy Birdnow

Here is a blogpost at No Tricks Zone about wine grapes in northern countries during the Middle Ages. Seems that wine was grown in regions now inhabited by polar bears and with permafrost - north of the 55* latitude. They were growing wine grapes in North England, in Norway, in Russia.

From the article: more...

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April 26, 2018

Comey's Leaker had Access to National Security Information

Timothy Birdnow

James Comey appears to have granted special access to the FBI database to Columbia Law Professor Daniel Richman Conservative Treehouse has the story.

Looks like Comey used Rickman, his personal friend outside the Bureau, to leak confidential and classified information. According to the story: more...

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Did N. Korea's Nuke Test Site Collapse?

Timothy Birdnow

Chinese scientists from the University of Science and Technology are reporting that North Korea's nuclear test site has likely collapsed and is no longer usable.

Explosions at the site likely collapsed the terrain, making the site dangerous. The AP story naturally tries to say this is why Kim Jong Uhn has stopped his nuclear program and is negotiating with the Trump Administration; it's not that they realize the jig is up but that they can't do the testing right now. Typical media bias.

And of course the Chinese have reason to put forward this scenario as well, as Trump has proven to be less than their best friend.

At any rate. the Chinese researchers claim geological research suggests the site collapsed based on tremors detected by their equipment. They do not measure any dangerous radioactivity coming from the site. It would be small wonder if the Norks didn't have such problems, given their lack of money and the fact that they are forcing scientists and technicians to do this work.

In the end, I don't care why the Norks are negotiating as long as they stop their program and it ends for good.

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Hillary, Dems Huge Campaign Finance Crime

Timothy Birdnow

The Clinton campaign illegally laundered $84 million dollars in illegal campaign contributions according to The Federalist.

A lawsuit filed in D.C. District Court alleges that FEC records show the Democrats didn't just break campaign finance law, they ground it into fine powder. From the article: more...

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