May 30, 2022

Thank you Vets!

Timothy Birdnow

Thank you veterans for all you have done for us! And especially those of you who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend the rest of us.

God bless you!

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Women in Cages

Gaetano Catelli

[The ACLU supports giving rapists access to caged women in order to defend the Marxist absurdity that gender is nothing more than a patriarchal social fiction.]

"Speaking on the settlement between state officials and the ACLU, Diggs remarked that she believed women’s rights were being "tossed out the window” in order to secure votes and political careers.

"As I sit back and play everything over in my head the conversations that I’ve had with the Commissioner, administration, lawyers, and reporters, I came to the conclusion that this is all about politics at the end of the day. The women here are caught up in the game of politics and it is sad.”

'This is a Nightmare': Female Inmate Speaks Out Against Trans-Identifying Male Transfers

Tim adds:

When, after a court order demanding families be kept together at the border, our government complied and this led to the "children in cages" outrage from the Left, we were told the only solution was to reimpose "catch and release", allowing the illegal aliens to go into the country on a promise. But now, they are perfectly willing to cage up men in dresses with women prisoners. Strange how their sensibilities have changed! And where will this lead? Will they then demand the release of these women prisoners because the jails are now unsafe? The Left never worries about logic, decency, or hypocrisy. They are willing to sacrifice people whenever it suits them.

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May 29, 2022

No worries

Willis Eschenbach

I keep reading about U.S. folks who are scared to be in schools, restaurants, and the like because of MASS SHOOTINGS!!! EVERYONE PANIC!!! BAN "ASSAULT WEAPONS"!!!

In 2019, for every person who was killed by a so-called "assault weapon" (which is actually just a scary name for a semi-automatic rifle that we've had for a century now, not a fully-automatic military assault rifle), a HUNDRED people died in car accidents.

So people should worry a hundred times more about being killed driving to/from the school or the restaurant than about being shot while they're there.

But then, humans are not famous for being logical ...

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My Little Tranny

Selwyn Duke

Disney took it on the chin after getting political and opposing Florida’s parental-rights bill. Netflix recently told its employees that if they were offended by the company’s politically incorrect content, they could quit. But this hasn’t stopped Mattel from leaning heavily into the sexual devolutionary agenda and birthing a freaky first:

The toy maker has created the world’s first "transgender” Barbie doll.

So now a toy maker is committing child abuse.

Tim adds:

Why should LGBTQEIEIO get their own dolls and not others? Why not Sambo dolls for racists? You could then have Klan dolls and that way there is something to do with the Sambo doll. Maybe sell a little plastic gallows separately.

Why not infidelity dolls; you could put a big scarlet A on her and place her head in a little plastic stock.

Maybe a "handmaiden doll" who is forced to go barefoot and keep her head bowed before her master?

Maybe a white supremacist terrorist doll? He can carry high powered weapons, wear tactical armor, and shoot little kids. (Actually these last two might actually appeal to the Left as that is who they think we are.)

Strange; we wouldn't dream of doing something like that, but it's o.k. to do this. Well, why is it? What makes this qualitatively different?

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Power Outages Coming This Summer

Lyle Hancock Sr.

North America is at dire risk of significant power outages this summer. The North American Electric Reliably Corporation (NERC) warns that there may be insufficient energy generation capacity in their 2022 "Summer Reliability Assessment" report. Click this link for the report.

The NERC cites fossil-fueled power plant closures, coal mine shutdowns, supply chain woes, and labor shortages as the key factors that may contribute to major power outages.

Buy your backup generator now as they won't be available in the summer.

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The Incredible Shrinking Biden

Timothy Birdnow

Even a CBS poll shows the public thinks Biden is a loser.

CBS News Poll: 51% of U.S. Adults Say Biden is 'Incompetent'

You know this was cherry picked too. 51% was the lowest they could possibly get that number. And of course this was a poll of "adults" not registered voters and certainly not likely voters - the ones who pay attention.

65% think Biden is "slow to react" to critical situations.

They should have asked about Biden's solutions too; they wouldn't dare.

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Goes Rome so Goes Russia

Timothy Birdnow

Today marks the 569th anniversary of the final fall of Rome.

On this date, May 29, 1453 the Ottoman Turks finally captured the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire - Constantinople.

While we often refer to it as the Byzantine Empire (named after the original name of the city - Byzantium) it was in fact successor to the Roman Empire. The government remained in continuous operation. Yes, it was more Greek than Roman at the end, but it still was the vestige, albeit shrunken and withered, of the mighty Rome of yore.

I've always found it fascinating that Rome lasted that long.

But that's not the end of the story! This has important international implications today.

In 1472 Ivan III aka Ivan the Great, Prince of Moscow, married one of the Byzantine Emperors nieces, a woman named Zoe Palaiologina (She would change her name to Sophie) which gave Russia the claim they were the "Third Rome". Granted, the Empire had already fallen, but in the Middle Ages that didn't matter so much as the familial relationship.

That is why the king of Russia was called Tsar, a Russification of Caesar.

Much Russian policy today stems from this very claim. They believe they have a right to the Black Sea and have always dreamed of taking Constantinople to make this claim of the "third Rome" solid by controlling the old Imperial capital. So this date in history is germane to the Ukraine war ongoing today!

The Russians want complete control of the Black Sea, thus making any trade that goes through the Bosporus and Dardenelles Russian trade.

Ukraine's possession of any port on the Black posed a problem to the Russian claim of Roman hegemony.

And the Russians stayed in World War I far longer than their public wanted for one simple reason; to take Constantinople. After the Revolution the head of the Provisional Governrnment - a rather dopey fellow named Alexander Kerensky - kept Russia in the war because he knew the war was winding down and after it was over the allies would carve up the old Ottoman Empire and Russia would get the pigslice - Constantinople. But he misread the public on this, who wanted the war over no matter what. They had kicked out the Tsar to end it, for crying out loud! Kerensky tried to keep Russia in and the end result was the Bolshevik October coup. The milder socialism of the Provisional Government people - the Mensheviks, S.R.'s, etc. fell to the violent and despotic Bolsheviks.

Rome was the central concept of Russia, and remains a powerful idea there to this day. Putin fancies himself the new Emperor.

A title claimed from a this date in History, ultimately.

Hat tip: Gaetano Catelli.

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Defund the Police and you Get Uvaldi

Timothy Birdnow

You can thank Defund the Police for the horror of Uvaldi.

This is what happens when you spend several years demanding to "defund the police". The police stop coming. The police stop taking risks. I have little doubt the standdown order was given because they feared an accidental shooting or whatnot; they wanted the SWAT team to take the risk. That was entirely predictable given the endless assaults on the police over the last decade. Why risk it? Accidentally shoot one kid and you will wind up being crucified by the Media. So do nothing and hope someone else deals with the problem.

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Time to Take Matters in Our Own Hands

Paul Cantwell

Tim adds:

Means we need to start hiring private security with the authority and force of the police. We used to do that in the old days; the Pinkertons are a prime example. With all the ex-military people around it shouldn't be that hard to start a security company that handles such things. Instead of dialing 911 you would have to call the company you have under contract and let them sort it out. I guarantee you there wouldn't be a 75 minute wait before going in!

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More Fake Science from Climate Mandarins

Timothy Birdnow

They're doing it again!

More Data Manipulation by NOAA, NASA, HADCRUT...Cooling the Past, Warming the Present

If the science was on their side why would they have to manipulate the historical temperature record?

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The Pandemic Fair

Timothy Birdnow

Sung to the tune of Animal Fair.

We went to the Pandemic Fair
Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos were there
Those big baboons played Fauci's tunes
while publicly trying to scare
the monkeys got the pox
the elephants hid in their box
the People fell on their knees
in fear of disease
they seriously need to detox

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What's Deeper Than a Bottomless Pit?

This from Jim Shepherd

The lame stream media is going full guns on this Monkeypox narrative. I'm just wondering as for those who give the narrative to the media to follow, are they just trying to see how stupid the public really is? Unfortunately, this stupidity is deeper than a bottomless pit. Behold a sample of the headings from MSM:

Monkeypox: experts urge WHO, governments for faster action to contain spread

Monkeypox in Canada: Act now to stop it, expert urges, before it's too late

Monkeypox outbreak could be just ‘the peak of the iceberg’, WHO warns

Canada investigating 'a couple dozen' suspected monkeypox cases: Tam

CDC identifies 9 monkeypox cases in 7 states

Monkeypox cases near 200 in more than 20 countries: WHO

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Mo Brooks Tears Fox Poll Dancer a New One

Timothy Birdnow

Caught Mo Brooks on Fox News Sunday. Brooks was discussion gun control and his runoff in Alabama, but the subject of the 2020 vote fraud came up. The bleached blond Stepford Wife infobabe said Trump claimed fraud with no evidence.

Brooks done us proud! He refused to let her get away with this claim, repeating multiple examples of fraud and disputing every one of her points. She first argued there was no evidence. When Brooks disproved that she argued the Courts dismissed many cases. Brooks pointed out that the Courts really don't have jurisdiction over election law - Congress does.

He really let her have it - and good for him! She was combative and kept trying to get in the last word denying fraud, and Brooks even told her "you're not getting the last word in on this".

He really let that pole dancer have it!

Boy we need more guys like that!

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May 28, 2022

In Hock

Steven Chase

On Feb. 17, 2022, THE UNITED STATES TREASURY... issued a 258-page report which accurately placed the Government DEBT PER HOUSEHOLD at nearly ONE MILLION DOLLARS. ($955,407)

You never hear about this, because politicians and the Media report only about deficits and budgets, never liabilities, commitments, and unfunded obligations.

The Treasury report shows that the federal government currently owes $10.2 Trillion in pensions and benefits to federal employees; $43.2 Trillion for Social Security and $47.8 Trillion for Medicare shortfalls.

The "Financial Report of the United States Government,” is mandated by a federal law which requires the Treasury and White House to produce a full accounting of the government’s "overall financial position” each year. Beyond the national debt, this also includes the government’s explicit commitments. This methodology uses STANDARD ACCOUNTING practices that the federal government imposes on all corporations.

Posted only as a public service. It is up to us to vote accordingly.

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Leftism to Blame for Transgenderism

Selwyn Duke

"The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” the saying goes. This could come to mind in light of longstanding research showing that the majority of mothers of boys with "gender identity disorder” (GID) are "mentally ill” themselves. It’s yet more evidence that "transgenderism” is not biologically induced, as is the now-fashionable claim, but is a psychological problem stemming from early childhood influences

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Gun Control Already Failed

Timothy Birdnow

Since the Uvaldi shooting gun control is back as a major topic of conversation. I pointed out years ago that we've tried it and it failed. It's worth rereading my article on the subject.

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Kissinger Counsels Ukraine to Surrender

This from John Poynter:

Kissinger BOMBSHELL! Zelensky Should SURRENDER Eastern Ukraine!!! -- 24 May 2022 --

Ukraine should resign itself to being a smaller country. Details in the video.

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Off They Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Warner Todd Huston

OUTRAGEOUS: U.S. Air Force Hosts Drag Queen Story Hour for Pride Month

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Global Temps Decrease

This from John Suhr:

Meanwhile NASA is now showing a DECREASE in global temps from around 1 C. where it had been for years to 0.85 C. What climate emergency, crisis, etc.?

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Trump is Not the Antichrist Part II

Timothy Birdnow

Part II of my argument with the man who thinks Trump is the Antichrist.

Read part I here.

Jonathan Dane says:

Just a short addendum if I may. Daniel 7:25 does not say that the AC will change the "calendar." It says he will try to change the appointed time (זְמָן - zeman, appointed period). Contextually, seeing that the same verse gives his length of rule, the AC will likely seek to have that extended.

https:// interlinear/ daniel/7-25.htm more...

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