June 30, 2023

Things Go Sour with Koch

Timothy Birdnow

So, the supposedly right wing Koch Network raised $70 million to defeat Donald Trump.

So stopping Trump is more important than defeating the Democrats who are turning America into a Communist state?

If anyone needs any more proof that there is a ruling uniparty and that many of our "conservative" institutions are in fact part of this Deep State Ruling Class I don't think it can be found. This is pretty much rock solid evidence that America doesn't matter to those running things.

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Durham's Potemkin Village

Timothy Birdnow

Yep- Durham threw the investigation to make it appear we had accountability when in reality it was his job to close the book on this.

From the Uncover D.C. article:

UncoverDC was one of the first to point out that the Durham Investigation was nothing more than The Mirage of Accountability. This became even more evident when Special Counsel John Durham recently testified before the House Judiciary Committee. Representatives Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Matt Gaetz (F-FL) took Durham to task during the hearing—calling him out for his halfhearted investigation.

Joseph Mifsud is the mystery man who started the Russia hoax. He's mentioned 89 times in the Mueller report, but, strangely, not once in Durham's. @RepMattGaetz and I want to know if Mifsud is associated with a Western intelligence agency. pic.twitter.com/KZtl6PL6Sp

— Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie) June 23, 2023

It was perfectly encapsulated when Durham stated, "That was not something that we were asked to look [at]” when asked about illicit acts by the Mueller Special Counsel Team. Rep. Gaetz reacted in bewilderment and shot back, "That is not true, Mr. Durham … because I am holding the document that authorizes your activity, and it specifically says ‘the Investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller'”.
Durham Scope Memo

The "charging document” referenced by Rep. Gaetz was the Order (commonly referred to as a "scope memo”) issued by Attorney General Bill Barr to appoint John Durham as Special Counsel and detail the matters to be investigated.

To understand the degree to which Durham failed to investigate the events of "Spygate meaningfully,” it is useful to look at the original scope laid out in the memo and compare it to the Durham Team’s interpretation of their assigned tasks as detailed at the beginning of their final report (i.e., "The Durham Report").

Do read the whole piece.

I never had any faith in Durham from the beginning, and I have not been proven wrong. The report is damning, but nowhere nearly enough. Durham clearly wanted to keep his reputation in tact but exonerate the Swamp.

Here is a bit more:

To understand the depth Durham went to avoid doing his job, one only needs to go to Footnote 7 at the bottom of Page 2of the report. Again, we will dissect the footnote to demonstrate how Durham completely eviscerates his assigned duties from the onset.

"We have not interpreted the Order as directing us to investigate the Department’s handling of matters associated with the investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.”

Right off the bat, Durham states he has no intention of looking into the DOJ’s handling of the Clinton private email server investigation. Durham was explicitly tasked with investigating "law-enforcement activities directed at the 2016 presidential campaigns”. That would certainly include the Clinton classified email investigation. This was the entire reason the Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax was concocted in the first place—both to distract the public’s attention from Clinton’s mishandling of classified information and assist the FBI in covering it up. It is simply inconceivable any serious effort to investigate Spygate could be done without looking into the FBI/DOJ’s handling of the Clinton email investigation.

"For a review of those matters, see Office of the Inspector General, U.S. Department of Justice, ‘A Review of Various Actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in Advance of the 2016 Election’ (June 2018).”

In order to justify this glaring omission, Durham instead points to a previous reportprepared by Michael Horowitz and the DOJ’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) in June 2018. Let’s not forget Durham was asked to begin his investigation into these matters in May 2019 while still U.S. Attorney for Connecticut. This following a review by the newly appointed Attorney General (Bill Barr) into issues with those investigations—nearly a year after IG Horowitz issued his report. So the OIG report clearly was not considered sufficient at the time of Durham’s original appointment.

We must also point out that OIG is not a criminal investigative agency. OIG is a creation of Congress that acts as a fact-finding organization to assist Congress in its constitutional oversight role. OIG does not even have subpoena power to compel former or non-government employees to submit to questioning. By punting the Clinton email investigation to OIG, Durham has now ensured there will never be any meaningful review of that investigation by any law enforcement agency.

"We also have not interpreted the Order as directing us to consider the handling of the investigation into President Trump opened by the FBI on May 16, 2017. See FBI EC from Counter-intelligence, Re: [Redacted] Foreign Agents Registration Act – Russia; Sensitive Investigative Matter (May 16, 2017). (The following day, the Deputy Attorney General appointed Special Counsel Mueller "to investigate Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election and related matters.” See I Mueller Report at 11-12 (describing the authorities given to Special Counsel Mueller).”

This is the most bewildering passage in the entire Durham Report. It’s hard to fathom how they could bring themselves to put it down on paper, and this is what most stunned Rep. Gaetz in the hearing. The Durham Team actually said they interpreted the order as notdirecting them to investigate the actions of the Mueller Special Counsel Investigation, even though it says precisely the exact opposite.

It should be obvious this was nothing but a Potemkin Village, a false front to hide the truth.

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Until it Sticks

Timothy Birdnow

So, Jack Smith, the rogue out-of-control radical calling himself a prosecutor, is planning to hit Trump with 45 more charges if his case fails.

He just plans to keep throwing mud until something sticks.

When will conservatives take actions to destroy this thug? When will we start investigating HIM? Targeting HIM? Prosecuting HIM?

That is the only way to stop this sort of hyper-partisan weaponization of the law.

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Weaponized SEC Going After Trump Investors

Timothy Birdnow

When you fall afoul of the Ruling Class they will destroy you utterly. In this case they are going after Trump investors so as to make everyone understand Mr. Trump is a pariah and anyone associated with him is facing the fury of the American legal system.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is going after three top investors in Truth Social, Mr Trump';s alternative to Twitter.

Anone who believes this is anything but pure spite and reprisal is a fool.

According to Yahoo Pravda:

The regulators allege that the trio—brothers Michael and Gerald Shvartsman and Bruce Garelick, who worked for Michael Shvartsman—rolled up $23 million in October 2021 thanks to non-public intel about the corporate maneuvers, violating confidentiality agreements and insider trading rules in the process.

I seriously doubt that. And I imagine the SEC does too, but they have these fellows in the crosshairs.


If they can't get Trump the man they can go after his people. The Left has done that for years. I remember when they went after Ronald Reagan's people, good people like James Watts, so as to make governing impossible for him.

Remember The Firm?  At the end the law firm was taken down - not the Mafia Dons. When asked about it the main character said "take away their lawyers and you break them". He was right, and that is exactly what they are doing to Trump. They have already made it plain that any lawyers who work for Trump face blackballing at a minimum. More likely trumped up charges and disbarment. Look at how they are now going after Rudy Guilliani, the hero of New York and former Presidential candidate; they are pushing all sorts of legal attacks against him, and will probably send him to jail before it's all over. NOBODY had better work for Trump, or anyone who bucks the system in the way that Mr. Trump did.

Now they are going after investors. We have seen this with ESG and other "woke" investment bans and with boycotts. Now we are seeing the legal weaponization of the SEC to attack any and all opposition.

America has become a Fascist state, driving headlong to Communism.

I hope the money and power soothes people like Joe Biden and Barack Obama and all of these prosecutors when they spend eternity in Hell.

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Jerry Rivers Out at Fox

Timothy Birdnow

That pretentious pseudo-intellectual windbag Geraldo (Jerry)  Riviera (Rivers) was fired from The Five and is on his way out at Fox News.

Bumpy day on the North Atlantic. Anyway, I got fired from @TheFive so I quit Fox. After 23 years tomorrow Fox and Friends could be my last appearance on the network. Thanks for the memories. pic.twitter.com/74Qgalz8sF

— Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) June 29, 2023

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, sez I!

Riviera was a dufus moderate liberal who had been out of the journalism business for years when he somehow fooled Roger Ailes into bringing him on at Fox.

I've wanted to see him gone for a long time now.

This is probably Fox's way of throwing a bone to Conservatives, who have been boycotting Fox for firing Borngino and Tucker Carlson.

So who are the going to replace him with? Joy Behar?

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The Price of Power

Timothy Birdnow

Here is what the enemies of all mankind want to do with Trump in America:

The Communist Brazilian elections court has banned former President Jair Bolsonaro from running for office for 8 years because he claimed the election was stolen from him by voting machines that were rigged by the Communists to install Obama's pal - Lula.

It was.

They are trying to put him in prison. This is what they want here.

Tierney’s Real News

Power is all that matters to Communists. They will do whatever it takes to seize it.

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HEROES to Zeroes

Timothy Birdnow

SCOTUS has vacated the Biden scheme to forgive student loans. Biden argued he had the authority to do so under the HEROES act (Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students Act) but the Supreme Court disagrees:

Biden v. Nebraska (22-506)
The Secretary of Education does not have authority under the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students Act of 2003 (HEROES Act) to establish a student loan forgiveness program that will cancel roughly $430 billion in debt principal and affect nearly all borrowers. Department of Education v. Brown (22-535) Respondents lack Article III standing to assert a procedural challenge to the student-loan debt-forgivenes

s plan adopted by the Secretary of Education pursuant to Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students Act of 2003

But wait! There's more!

All this leads the Court to conclude that "he basic and consequential tradeoffs” inherent in a mass debt cancellation program "are ones that Congress would likely have intended for itself.” West Virginia, 597 U. S., at ___. In such circumstances, the Court has required the Secretary to "point to ‘clear congressional authorization’ ” to justify the challenged program. Id., at ___, ___ (quoting Utility Air Regulatory
Group v. EPA, 573 U. S. 302, 324). And as explained, the HEROES Act provides no authorization for the Secretary’s plan when examined using the ordinary tools of statutory interpretation—
let alone "clear congressional authorization” for such a program. Pp. 19–25.
REVERSED AND REMANDED: ROBERTS, C. J., delivered the opinion of the Court, in which THOMAS, ALITO, GORSUCH, KAVANAUGH, and BARRETT, JJ., joined. BARRETT, J., filed a concurring opinion. KAGAN, J., filed a dissenting opinion, in which SOTOMAYOR and JACKSON, JJ., joined.


For these reasons, respondents lack standing, and we therefore vacate the judgment of the District Court and remand the case with instructions to dismiss. By vacating the District Court’s judgment, we obviate the need to grant the interim relief the Department requests in its application in No. 22A489. We therefore deny the application as moot.

Tim adds:

I had hoped they would rule this unconstitutional. Now they may be able to bring it back in some other incarnation.

Oh well; half a win is better than no win at all.

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Scoldilocks Advising Zelensky

Timothy Birdnow

Ih yet more proof the whole Ukraine conflict is a kabuki dance, we now see Volodomor Zelensky taking advice from - Greta Thurnberg!

Yes, the quarter-witted blond finger-pointer is part of an advisory group complaining about environmental destruction as a result of the war in Ukraine.

According to the article:

Zelensky said forming the group is "a very important signal of supporting Ukraine. It’s really important, we need your professional help.”

I'll say; anyone who is taking advice from Scoldilocks needs professional help.

Someone kindly explain to me how this young dufus is in any way qualified to act in this capacity? What has she done other than travel about, burning copious amounts of fossil fuels, to hector everyone on what she thinks is a crisis? Anyone could do what she has done if the media backs that person up.

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Michigan House Makes Wrong Pronoun a Felony

Timothy Birdnow

So, now it's going to be against the law to call someone by a pronoun not of their choosing in Michigan.

I guess the Michigan House never heard of the First Amendment?

This should be struck down in court, but you never know these days.

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Biden Thinks Russia is at War with Iraq

Timothy Birdnow

I wonder if anyone told Putin about this?

Biden says Putin is losing the war in … Iraq - POLITICO

Hey Joe; the two thousands called and want their foreign policy back!

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June 29, 2023

Straight Up, No Rocks

Warner Todd Huston

The above post demands Facebook. For those of you who don't have that uncivilized software, go here https://lidblog.com/next-in-the-crosshairs-of-climate-change-nutcases-taking-away-the-ice-from-your-drinks/ to read the article. And North-Central states editor Dana Mathewson cheekily states that although for years he and his wife have drunk their booze European style -- without ice, in the face of this new push, we've turned over a new leaf and started drinking mules, which use quite a bit of ice.

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Front Groups

Lynn Chu

It is obvious that Democrats, like communists worldwide, use multiple front groups, to evade all laws and taxes, campaign finance and otherwise. (Campaign finance laws have always been feckless, indeed, themselves a kind of front of legality under which particular individuals are targeted, justly or unjustly for fairly meaningless punishments of administrative failures that divest the lapses of all morality and reduce to whether the right paperwork was filed) and otherwise. SPLC is just one of the more full frontal egregious front groups in America that pursue the communist agenda.

Florida Republicans probe whether Biden admin is using Southern Poverty Law Center to target parents - Real America's Voice News

Tim adds:

The Devil is known by many names. "My name is  Legion for we are Many". The Liberals in America just change the name of their organization when they get in trouble.

Remember ACORN? They are still operating, just under a new name. Same people, same donors, same everything. Still stealing elections. But they no longer go by the name ACORN.

We've got to learn to pull these same dirty tricks. You cannot win an asymmetric war, not easily. We must adopt their methods or perish.

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A Rousing Success is Ended

Michael Smith

The Democrats are fired up about SCOTUS ending race-based college admission practices for one reason - it covered up their failures in public elementary and secondary school education in majority black school systems.

Admitting a black student with a weaker academic record than a comparable white or Asian student was the mechanism by which they could stifle the discussion over why black kids are not performing at the same levels as those students.

They would have to reconcile why. St. Augustine High School, a predominantly black high school in New Orleans, sent every 2022 graduate to a college or university and broke a school record in scholarships. The 100 St. Aug grads were awarded a combined $9.2 million in scholarships.

They would need to address why St. Mary's Academy, also predominantly black and in New Orleans, has had a 100 percent college acceptance rate for the past 20 years.

The black middle class in America was growing faster in the decade before the implementation of Affirmative Action programs that it has at any time since, so a sober look at these programs would seem to indicate they hurt black students rather than helped them.

Good riddance.

Tim adds:

Affirmative action ruined the black community. Of course it's whole purpose was to keep black people on the government plantation, beholden to the Democrats. In that way it was a rousing success.

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Race Neutral Now Law of the Land

Richard Cronin

"Race neutral” is the law of the land.

I can see droves of "DEI advocacy coordinators” headed to the unemployment office ….. just as a Recession looms.

I can also see the Democrats playing the race card …. again and again.

Supreme Court strikes down affirmative action, upending decades of precedent

Tim adds:

High time. I remember when this came up years ago and Sandra Day O'Connor shot it down,saying we "still needed preferential treatment". How can any Justice say such a thing? It violates both the spirit and letter of the Constitution.

Of course the Harvards of this world will still find a way to keep preferential treatment in place. They'll just ignore the law, and with Merrick Garland and others in office will get away with it.

For decades the Feds employed race norming, in which they gave ten extra points to minorities. They always denied they did this, but eventually just admitted it and kept doing it.

They do it to this day, I believe.

Discrimination is discrimination. Somebody's grandfather's history doesn't change that fact.

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Gays Threaten Raping Children

Timothy Birdnow

The sodomites have been saying this for years but the media has covered it up. Now they have been caught and they are trying to defend it.

LGBTQ activists defend 'We're coming for your children' chant

Most gay men admit that they had sex when very young - and at the hands of an older man. In other words they were raped by sodomites. That is precisely how the gay community and no doubt the transgendered as well grows.

Now this community is feeling powerful enough to openly mock parents and the normal folks. And corporate America is happy to underwrite it for them.

It's amazing; the gay community always plays the victim, but why do they think they are "mistreated" when they threaten to rape and sodomize children? If there ever was grounds for getting a beating it is to threaten to rape a child.

In short, they bring it on themselves. In a normal world the police would have come down with batons and dogs and broken up this degenerate spectacle.

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Putin's Reprisals

Nikki Grace

Putin gives short speech that Wagner is funded by the Russian State, also there will be investigation into their books. Prigozhin's mother runs the Catering Company that provides for miitary food, sort of like our Halliburton. So that isn't going to go well for Prigozhin's family. Putin has put an end to other oligarch's when they strayed into politics. There will be a cost to this farce.

Putin's Eye-opener Re Wagner PMC

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Carlos Velazquez

Transgenderism was started clandestinely by doctors experimenting on children according to Matt Walsh , author of renowned documentary "What is a Woman" which documented the inability of woke people to define what is a woman.

The Sick Tests That Inspired Trans Ideologyhttps://www.dailywire.com/news/horrifying-origins-of-left-wing-gender-ideology?utm_campaign=rp&utm_medium=paid&utm_source=facebook&utm_content=creative01922_subscriptions&cid=rp&mid=f&xid=0&fbclid=IwAR3IfNwuZ1BNUTnMvsq_7qz4nvLsMFcx5IYjsFnLmYrQQHzeF8mpxsDVLio

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June 28, 2023

War and Drugs

Nikki Grace

The spiders in any army are the drugs that seep into the troops.

The west brought opium to the east. After hundreds of years of the infection, the Chinese people chose communism to root it out as an incentive. They wanted the decadence gone. There were many purges.

Vietnam pot and hallucinogens destroyed a generation of returning vets and infected the USA.

Ganga Weed fuels much murder in some countries.

Now we see that Ukrainians use cocaine, a drug that gives a sense invincibility and high risk taking, but paranoia and mental and physical collapse comes soon.

Zelensky clearly is on it and likely many Wagner troops. Wagner will be disbanded, the clean ones will be brought into the Russian military, but expect that to be few. Wagner as the tip of the spear has lost their usefulness. Russian military has had time to build and change their character. The drug infected will be rooted out of Russian society.

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Library Ass "How to Censor Conservati vees"

Joseph Bast

The march through the institutions continues. "These actions by the ALA are disturbing but sadly not surprising. The ALA last spring elected a self-proclaimed lesbian Marxist as its president.”

American Library Association Coaches How to Censor Conservatives

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