July 31, 2020

Schumer Wants D.C. Statehood Power Grab

This from Cornelius Carroll

Chuck Schumer said D.C. statehood is a "top priority" should his party gain control of the Senate, which would hand the overwhelmingly Democratic city two seats in the chamber Schumer would be in charge of.

Top Dem Senate Challengers Silent on Schumer's Push for D.C. Statehood

A word from Tim:

McConnell ought to offer to fold D.C. into Maryland and see what Schumer's reaction would be. It would be a good tool to use against the Democrats on this issue, because they will become quite indignant when the offer is made. It would be proof this is just a power grab.

Sadly, Mitch isn't that swift.

D.C. was supposed to be outside of the political territory of the United States, a truly non-partisan town not subject to political pressures from the big states. It was not really supposed to have a large permanent population. It certainly was not supposed to become a stronghold for one political party who treated the other like an unwanted guest. That is the reality of D.C. today. Frankly, the city ought to be reduced in size to the mall area and run entirely by the Federal government. The rest should be given to Maryland and Virginia. Or it ought to be forcibly vacated and salt sewn in the Earth (my particular favorite). But statehood is absolutely out of the question; it doesn't have enough people, and it is hopelessly corrupt.

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Terror Camps and Protests

Timothy Birdnow

The FBI - being overworked in their search for a way to overthrow the legally elected President - is ignoring radical jihadists and allowing dozens of terrorist training camps to continue to operate in the U.S.

Read the post from Cheri Berens.

There are over 35 terrorist training camps open for business here, and any number of terrorist financiers walking around loose. I rather suspect these people are training the Antifa/Black Lives Matter (BLAM) groups in how to stage their riots. And meanwhile there is funding, much of it coming from China and overseas, feeding BLAM and the FBI does nothing. Or are they helping them? Given the efforts to overthrow the Will of the People I wonder if our friendly national police aren't giving at least tacit support.

We are reaching critical mass in the collapse of the U.S.

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Deal to Pull Federal Agents from Portland?

Timothy Birdnow

Did the Feds cut a deal to leave Portland?  Leftie Oregon Governor Kate Brown says they did.

The moonbat Governor tried to blame the violence on Federal agents, who arrived there a scant two weeks ago. She referred to them as "an occupying force". They have been solely occupied with protecting Federal buildings during the rioting.

Brown claims she made the agreement with Vice President Pence. The Vice President has yet to comment.

That would be a mistake on the part of the Trump Administration; President Trump needs to be seen as backing the rule of law, even when it is not popular. Caving on this sort of thing will not be seen as an attempt at reconciliation but as a sign of weakness. You have to maintain the appearance of strength.

I hope Trump isn't being seduced by the lure of believing media lies. He may think he's being perceived by America as overly harsh and thinks this will make him appear reasonable. It won't work. This is a political and cultural and spiritual war. Trump needs to understand that.

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Trader Joe’s Mans the Ramparts After All

Dana Mathewson

From Power Line:

We noted in one of our Crazy Chronicles recently that Trader Joe’s was said to be following Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben in expunging product names (like "Trader Giotto” and "Trader Jose”) that someone—it turned out to be some hopped-up 17 year old kid—found offensive.

Trader Joe’s has corrected the record with this announcement:

A Note About Our Product Naming

In light of recent feedback and attention we’ve received about our product naming, we have some things we’d like to say to clarify our approach.

A few weeks ago, an online petition was launched calling on us to "remove racist packaging from [our] products.” Following were inaccurate reports that the petition prompted us to take action. We want to be clear: we disagree that any of these labels are racist. We do not make decisions based on petitions. [emphasis in the original]

We make decisions based on what customers purchase, as well as the feedback we receive from our customers and Crew Members. If we feel there is need for change, we do not hesitate to take action.

Decades ago, our Buying Team started using product names, like Trader Giotto’s, Trader José’s, Trader Ming’s, etc. We thought then—and still do—that this naming of products could be fun and show appreciation for other cultures. For example, we named our Mexican beer "Trader José Premium” and a couple guacamole products are called "Avocado’s Number” in a kitschy reference to a mathematical theory.These products have been really popular with our customers, including some budding mathematicians.

Good news. Trader Joe's is a good place to shop, with many products that you just can't get anywhere else, at least of comparable quality. I happen to like various canned fish products: red salmon, oil-packed tuna, kippered herring, smoked trout, smoked mackerel, etc., and TJ's is the place to get it. Charles Shaw wine is underpriced for the quality.

And Steve Hayward adds, at the end:
By the way and for what it’s worth, Trader Joe’s in my area always has the lowest price for Laphroaig 10-year old [Scotch].

Go here https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2020/07/trader-joes-mans-the-ramparts-after-all.php for the entire article.

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U.S. Troops Moving Out of Germany

This is way overdue. We should have done this back in the '90's right after the Soviet Union fell and Russia was a fledgeling democratic republic. Our failure to do so helped Puting rise to power in no small measure. And Germany has been thumbing us in the eye for decades now. It's past time we let them stand on their own. Oh, and by the way, this is proof positive that Putin didn't want Trump; it means Germany will have to step up in her own defense. The Russians had little reason to support Trump but EVERY reason to support Hillary.

U.S. to Withdraw 12,000 Troops from Germany in Sweeping Reorganization

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Real Woman

Timothy Birdnow

I'll bet she also supports the "transgender" movement. So, a dude in a dress is a real woman while a woman who thinks women should be born that way is a man? These people are seriously deluded...

Liberal Writer Trashed Conservative Women: They're "Honorary Men" not Real Women"

So, a real woman is like these cartoon character superhero shows where she beats hell out of a man who is double her weight, she is a ball-busting corporate executive, swears like a sailor, screws like a rabbit, and her bowel movements peel the paint off the walls?  Yeah; that's a REAL WOMAN for sure!

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Burning Down the House

Timothy Birdnow

So, it's all about the welfare of the black community, is it?

Riots Destroy New 30M Affordable Housing Project in Minneapolis

From the May article:

"The six-story, 190-unit apartment project known as Midtown Corner, which was set to provide housing for low-income families and individuals in the community, was torched and burned to the ground Wednesday night in a series of 16 structural fires set by protesters, "

Now these people are going to be homeless, but what does that matter? Hey; the "protesters" got to have a grand old time!

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Titanic Lockdown Failure

Timothy Birdnow

I was in a Facebook argument about this very thing and my interlocutor argued "Sweden has 19 times the mortality rate of Norway". I pointed out Sweden has a lower mortality rate than many of the other countries in Europe and it was sneaky to use Norway for comparison; Sweden has lots of immigrants, had a lot of people vacation in Italy earlier in the year, and has a lot of elderly. He turned quiet after that. But the point is, Sweden didn't lock down while others did - others, like Britain or France - who have higher infection and mortality rates. Sweden is now largely death free and the number of new cases is way way down. Locking down at best did nothing and wrecked the world economy.

Are Lockdowns Necessary? What Data from Ten Countries Show

Oh, and Taiwan did very well without a lockdown, too. In population Taiwan is about on a par with Australia, but Australia - which locked down - is way ahead of Taiwan in terms of infections.

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Inflating Wuhan

Timothy Birdnow

I came across this on a post on Facebook. It's a snippet from a list of comorbidities from the CDC with the Wuhan virus. Guess what? The person doing the review - one James Hatem - found 3,954 examples of people dying from other diseases and being listed as Covid. Here is the table:
Image may contain: text that says 'Alzheimer disease G30 4,555 Vascular and unspecified dementia F01, F03 15,637 Renal failure N17-N19 11,050 Intentional and unintentional njury. poisoning and other adverse events S00-T98, V01-X59, X60-X84, X85-Y09, Y10-Y36, Y40-Y89, U01-U03 3,954'

The numbers of this disease are horribly inflated. Now why would they do that?

Muchos Gracias Doug Danhoff.

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An Infantile Culture

In a recent post Bill H. analyzed why so many "woke" types are, well, just crying babies. Bill observes:

Drool cups indeed, and not just because they cannot tell the difference between the Norwegian and Confederate flags. The whole list of liberal "causes” is about "feelings” and not reality, and as such is entirely infantile.

"Your display of the confederate flag, your use of certain words, although harmless in physical terms, makes me feel bad,” they say. "Therefor I must expend every effort to prevent you from displaying that flag or using those words to assure that I’m not made to feel bad.”

When I was a child, and I mean a little kid, four or five years old, I would come home crying that some other kid had called me a name and made me feel bad. My parents would shrug it off. "You cannot control what other people do,” they would tell me. "People are not always going to be nice to you, nor should they. You are not that special to them.”

They would finish with:

"We always treat you nicely,” they would continue, "and require that you kids treat each other nicely because you are special to us and to each other. But you are not special to the people out there in the real world and there is no reason for them to treat you nicely. Some of them will anyway, but many of them will not. You cannot change that.”

"What you can change,”"is the manner in which what people do affects you. People can say nasty things to you and, as you become more grown up, you can learn not to let those nasty things damage you.”

If you are dependent upon making others comply with your demands for your security and comfort, then you are a perpetual victim, enslaved by the actions of people you cannot control. When, on the other hand, you determine by the use of inner resources what keeps you mentally and emotionally safe, then your freedom is assured.

Today's political actors, those who are on the streets creating mayhem, have never been taught what every parent should have taught their child; how to be an adult.

Tim adds:

Absolutely Bill! So many parents coddled their children in the last few decades to make up for their not being there for them; divorce, or pursuit of a career led to guilty feelings in the parents who made up for it with "helicopter" parenting when the kids weren't shuffled off to daycare or some other regimented thing. It used to be if you got in trouble in school you got in trouble at home. Now the parents come in and let loose on the teachers! This has led to a sense of entitlement to avoid having hurt feelings. Also, the idea of everyone having their own independent reality has led to this situation; people can make their feelings substitute for an objective standard.

Basically our culture has gone insane.

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July 30, 2020

Largest GDP Drop in History

Timothy Birdnow

I've warned that the big economic crunch wouldn't hit right away, but that it would come down the road as the dominoes inexorably fall.

Well, we now learn the U.S. economy fell during the lockdown at a rate never before seen - 32.9% GDP drop!

Fox Snooze Business:

The Commerce Department’s estimate of the second-quarter decline in the gross domestic product, the total output of goods and services, marked the sharpest such drop on records dating to 1947. The previous worst quarterly contraction, a 10% drop, occurred in 1958 during the Eisenhower administration.

Last quarter’s drop followed a 5% fall in the January-March quarter, during which the economy officially entered a recession triggered by the virus, ending an 11-year economic expansion, the longest on record in the United States.

The contraction last quarter was driven by a deep pullback in consumer spending, which accounts for about 70% of economic activity. Spending by consumers collapsed at a 34% annual rate as travel all but froze and shutdown orders forced many restaurants, bars, entertainment venues and other retail establishments to close.

And a lot of small businesses are going to be unable to dig their way out of the hole. Bankruptcies are going to rise catastrophically this fall, I fear.

You can't just turn the economy on and off like that.

And people are going to die from this.

I hope these people are proud...

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Cain was Ill Before Wuhan

Timothy Birdnow

Herman  Cain's passing is providing ammunition to the Wuhysterics, but the man was a dead man walking, it seems.

From the article:

"Cain was diagnosed in 2006 with stage 4 colon cancer that metastasized to his liver and was given a 30 percent chance of survival. He successfully underwent chemotherapy and has been in remission since.”

I don't know how this made it onto NBC, but I assure you it will disappear quickly. He died of Wuhan and that's that!

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Playing Politics with Lives

Timothy Birdnow

Michigan Doctors Fight Coronavirus and Governor's Office

From the article:

"Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs literally threatened all doctors and pharmacists in the state who prescribe or dispense hydroxychloroqu ine to treat COVID-19.”

If this is about science why would she do that? If she wants the epidemic to end why resist this drug?

Seems to me the lady is playing politics with people's lives. But then, we knew that already.

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More LIes from the Gang Green

This from Russell Cook:

BBC Radio 4, in a series of short podcasts under the collective title "How They Made Us Doubt Everything" has already impugned the integrity of skeptic climate scientist Dr Willie Soon, while not airing any of his rebuttal ( https://wattsupwiththat.com/2020/07/13/bbc-asks-dr-willie-soon-to-respond-to-climate-conspiracy-claims/ ). On Monday August 3, the episode they intend to air will attempt to implicate Rush Limbaugh as being part of a fossil fuel industry funded/orchestrated disinformation campaign, using ties to the supposedly leaked "reposition global warming" memos. Those of you who follow my work will guess correctly what my next blog post at GelbspanFiles.com will be all about.

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Sweet Sweet Sweden

Timothy Birdnow

Sweden is humming along, as David Horowitz observes.

From the Blaze article:

On Tuesday, Sweden reported 0 deaths and just 77 cases. Over the past week, deaths have been no higher than two per day. What is so remarkable is that while there are other countries that have had near-zero deaths for even longer, Sweden has achieved this through herd immunity; prevented the lockdown deaths, emotional abuse, drug deaths, suicides, and financial ruin plaguing other countries; and – most importantly – is more fortified against a resurgence than these other countries that delayed herd immunity.

The benefits of herd immunity, shown in Sweden's actual day of death chart. Deaths have been declining for well ove… https://t.co/m2i3gTLYmK
— Jordan Schachtel (@Jordan Schachtel)1595955384.0

We are now seeing a resurgence in many countries that were thought to have skated through this with minimal exposure, such as Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Germany, Australia, and Israel. The hallmark of all these countries is that they have had strict mask-wearing regimens for months.

While Sweden has had a higher death rate THAN OTHER SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRIES it is still below many of the countries that locked down early. And there are reasons for Sweden's higher numbers, including more immigrants, a high percentage of Swedes who visited Italy when this was first breaking, and one of the oldest populations in Europe. Most deaths occurred in nursing homes.

So now Sweden has come through and there will be few if any more deaths. Meanwhile their economy is humming right along. The rest of the Continent, and indeed the World - not so much. They listened to the Chinese World Health Organization and America's CDC.

The Swedes did what we always used to do. And it worked better than this imbecilic policy imposed on everyone.

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Herman Cain RIP

Timothy Birdnow

Herman Cain RIP.

Read about it here.

He passed away from Coronavirus.

May God grant eternal rest unto him, and let the Perpetual Light shine upon him. May he rest in peace.

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And the Dumb Shall Speak...

Timothy Birdnow

Those racist Norwegians! It's past time we ban their flag of hate!

Norwegian Flag Removed from Bed and Breakfast After Locals Think it's a Confederate Flag

These people need drool cups...

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"Peaceful Protests"

Timothy Birdnow

BLM rioters shoot an EMS worker in the face with a ball bearing.

From Prntly

During the violent scene, 37 year old Herman Bates shot a metal ball bearing from a slingshot directly into the face of an EMS paaramedic, in an attempt to blind him. He was arrested by police immediately after. A crowd of rioters attempted to stop his arrest but were not successful.

After his arrest, he was found to be in possession of a ccrowbar, a switchblade knife, a gas mask, flares, an umbrella, another gas mask, spray paint, fire crackers, glass slingshot ammunition, and two slingshots.

He was arrested on suspicion of assault, assaulting a public safety officer, interfering with a police officer, carrying a concealed weapon, and disorderly conduct.

If we want this to stop we are going to have to use lethal force at some point. I don't see any way around that. Like the Kent State shootings by the National Guard, there would be hell to pay, but Kent State effectively ended the violence on campuses around the country. These people are not true revolutionaries, but rather juvenile delinquents who are enjoying a free punch.

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Where There's a Will

Timothy Birdnow

When life gives you lemons...

After Covid Cancels All Flights One Man Sails Solo Across the Atlantic to Reach his 90 Year Old Father

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The Era of Lies

James Doogue

Long gone are the days when you can simply accept what an academic, scientist or journalist might say as a simple reporting of the facts.

I wrote the above exactly a year ago. If anything it's more relevant today. The information the public have been getting about Covid-19 from academics, scientists and the media, (not to mention the government and the WHO), has been atrocious.

We are equally misinformed about the BLM 'protests' and black deaths in general. Climate change and power generation continue to be political rather than scientific issues.

In this instance last year, that first paragraph above, was motivated by WA's former Chief Scientist Lyn Beasley. She was quoting alleged gender pay statistics which, without qualification, were so misleading, they were outright lies.

Below I've cut and pasted what I wrote last year as a stark reminder that even the title of 'Chief Scientist' doesn't warrant your automatic respect and trust.

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency is a government funded feminist organisation which produces misleading statistics used as propoganda, designed to support their push for discrimination in the workplace. The discrimination is against men, in favour of women, and is dressed up as affirmative action, designed to make up for past wrongs against previous generations of women.

In a wide ranging presentation last night WA's former Chief Scientist Lyn Beasley, advocated for women in the workforce and a need to correct their financial positions, by showing this statistic in one of her slides:


The comes straight from the February 2019 report from the WGEA and relates to the claimed gender pay gap between men and women in Western Australia. The worst ranking state in Australia probably reflecting the high paid mining related jobs, often requiring fly-in, fly-out work conditions.

What Professor Beasley failed to point out, and what many people who use such statistics fail to make clear, is the accompanying note by WGEA about this statistic:

'The gender pay gap (GPG) is the difference between women’s and men’s average weekly full-time equivalent earnings, expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings. It is a measure of women’s overall position in the paid workforce and does not compare like roles.'

The WGEA also mention other factors which impact the gap including:
- women and men working in different industries and different jobs,
- women’s greater time out of the workforce

It is bad enough when a feminist activist, or a journalist quote statistics without clarification, leading to a misunderstandin g by the general public. It is worse when it comes from a scientist or academic. Unfortunately it happens all too often, and across all disciplines.

Long gone are the days when you can simply accept what an academic, scientist or journalist might say as a simple reporting of the facts.

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