April 30, 2022

NY Times Doxxes Carlson

Austin Ruse

New York times writer actually doxxing Tucker Carlson’s home and studio in Maine.

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Biden Diverting VA Funds to Illegal Aliens

Willis Eschenbach


"During his recent testimony before Congress, Mayorkas slipped in one option that Joe Biden is reportedly considering. In order to provide better care for the tens of thousands of illegal aliens streaming across the border, the White House is looking at the possibility of diverting funding from the Veterans Administration for that situation. Additionally, some of the doctors and nurses tasked with caring for our veterans could be reassigned to providing care for the illegals."

Seriously? They're going to take money from providing health and PTSD support to US military veterans, and use it to provide medical care for illegal aliens?

I know the Biden Administration are scum-sucking bottom-feeders, but I never thought they'd go this low.

Tim adds:

That son-of-a-bitch!
Why aren't the Republicans challenging this? Where are our heroes? Licking their filthy fingers after dipping them into the tasty treats offered by the U.S. U.S. la Chamba el Commercio and the CCP.

Our entire government hates America.

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Many a Tear Must Fall...

Steven Schueler

I'm all atwitter about this:

'An open homophobe and transphobe': Furious Twitter staffers slam Elon Musk and say his ownership will hurt recruiting as they fret over layoffs in emergency staff meeting with CEO Parag Agrawal

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The Establishment Claws

Fay Voshell

The establishment of a federal Disinformation Board, also known as the "Ministry of Truth” is nothing new. It is merely a ratification and amplification of the federal government’s long -standing commitment to the political Left, most recently in the form of the religion of wokeism.

The board is an inquisitorial attempt to force the conversion of the American public to a federal public religion by brainwashing the citizenry and by forcing contradictory voices out of the public square. It is an open and raw declaration that the federal government now owns the only bull horn and those who will not listen, those who attempt to create alternate vehicles of expression, be it by publications or media, will suffer the wrath of the federal government.

In brief, the federal government, in direct defiance of the Constitution, has established a state religion from which there can be no dissent.

Church leaders should be aware that the devoutly woke will tolerate no dissent and will readily employ the new Inquisition of Woke against them. Any non-woke church adhering to biblical, orthodox Christianity will inevitably be targeted as proclaiming disinformation.

Woke church leaders will not be disturbed.

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Sea Wind Turbine Cables Cause Deformities in Lobsters

Frank Lasee

All things have trade offs. Sea wind turbine cables cause deformities in lobsters.

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Overwhelming Support for Musk's Twitter Buyout

Lance Sjogren

Americans approve of Musk's takeover of Twitter 62% to 13%.

Does that mean only 13% of Americans are wokies? That is a troubling thought. I mean it's good if the cult is that small, but it's bad that such a small group has gained control of our society and its institutions through its belligerent evangelism.

That disproportionate influence is unacceptable in a country based on government by the people. The takeover of Twitter may be one tool that assists in the democratization process.

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Ford Loses Shirt Over EV's

Warner Todd Huston

Ford Motors Posted a $3.1 Billion Loss over Electric Car Gamble

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The Big Money

Richard Cronin

Student loans from private lenders required a co-signer, just like any other loan. Then the govt. intervened because the poor darlings were subject to "predatory lending practices”. Universities were elated since it kept more students on the campuses and feeding the academic indoctrination programs.

Given that we are in this mess because of the govt. holding hands with the universities, how about the govt. tossing this back into the laps of the universities ? The universities can re-negotiate deals with the students. Most of those most severely in debt are on the grad track to useless PhDs in Neanderthal Floral Arrangement studies.

Universities can withhold degrees until the little darlings come to the negotiating table . The air heads can work off their debt via service work around the campus. Universities will have to tighten their belts and purge their bloated administrative staffs. As it is, there are legions of "Liaisons” for every self-proclaimed grievance group on campus.

One way or another, academia will be forced to curtail useless programs and teach financial responsibility — the sternest lesson of all.

Tim adds:

It won't happen, alas. The Universities are the Democrats power base and they know it. It is there that all the crazy ideas that help drive money into the Democratic coffers are devised. And it is there that the young are radicalized and vote for the corrupt party. The Democrats would rather lose any other power branch, except perhaps the black community.

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April 29, 2022


Roy W. Spencer

Pretty soon we'll be asked to drive delivery trucks to stock the store.

Kroger Launches new Belted Self-Check out Option at More than 40 Stores

If you're heading to a Kroger store, you may notice some checkout lines looking a little different.

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A Very Dangerous Game

Dennis O'Brien

One gets the impression that the rest of the world has no concept of how dangerous the situation in Ukraine now is. Russia has made it very clear in the past that any aggressive military action aimed specifically at the territory of the Russian Federation will be met by a nuclear retaliation. The Russians don’t tend to make false threats. Despite this, the West, and in particular the United States under the umbrella of NATO is continuing to supply Ukraine with arms and war materials and is openly encouraging Ukraine to strike outside its borders — presumably such strikes would be against Russian targets inside Russia. This is madness. While Russia it seems was willing to put up with the West fighting a proxy war against it by using Ukraine, at what point does Russia decide that the West has gone beyond that point and is in fact effectively waging war against Russia directly?

America, led in theory by a sick and pathetic old man, but in reality controlled by hawkish and dangerously naive and corrupt players behind the scenes, is playing with fire. The Western governments, using their lackeys in Big Media to broadcast an overwhelming pro-Ukraine propaganda campaign, and with the Military-Indust rial Complex in cahoots, are displaying what could only be described as a reckless, amateur, and juvenile response to a conflict that should be between Ukraine and Russia only. They are playing Russian roulette with all the chambers loaded.

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The War on Cops

Timothy Birdnow

Well, the Democrats are finally admitting they are essentially the sponsors of the rise in cop-killing.

Heather MacDonald dishes:

The Biden Justice Department is finally acknowledging the war on cops: FBI Director Christopher Wray denounced the 59% increase in cop murders in 2021.

An officer is murdered nearly once every five days, yet violence against law enforcement "doesn’t get enough attention,” Wray said Sunday on CBS’s "60 Minutes.”

That is an understatement. Wray’s bosses — Attorney General Merrick Garland and President Joe Biden — have instead focused almost exclusively on alleged white-supremacist criminality, which they claim is the biggest domestic threat facing the country today.

That charge is preposterous. It is violent street crime — drive-by shootings, sadistic robberies, carjackings — that has been destroying lives at an increasing rate since the George Floyd race riots. White-supremacist violence played no role in the record-breaking 29% national homicide increase in 2020 or in the ongoing crime surge since then.

As startling as that 2020 homicide increase was, cop murders rose at twice that rate in 2021. A significant portion of those fatalities were ambushes, which were up 91% by mid-2021. Through April 26 of this year, gun murders of cops are up another 13% over the same period in 2021. Shootings of officers, lethal and nonlethal, were up 43% by early April.

These cop killings emerge from a national rhetoric of cop hatred and racial animosity. The Floyd riots and their long aftermath featured the graffiti tag ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards) sprayed across public buildings from New York City to Seattle.

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The Test of Time

"New opinions are always suspected, and usually opposed, without any other reason but because they are not already common." ~John Locke

Tim adds:

As they should be. New ideas have to be tested. We do not wish to run headlong into the new and untried because they may be horribly wrong. That is where Progressivism fails; it is all about the new and untried and this worship of "progress" as they see it often leads us downa blind alley.

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Tears of a Clown

Timothy Birdnow

Well, we were all victims of his behavior. Remember how he ran interference for Joe Biden against Trump in the debate? Trump - and we - were victimized by that creep. Now he wants pity. Well, he burned his bridges at Fox and with his audience and now wants sympathy because his new gig failed and the other leftists won't take him and we don't want him back. He made his bed but doesn't want to lie in it.. Boo-hoo!

"I've Been a Victim of All This" Chris Wallace Says He's Unsure of What the Future Holds

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Biden's Disinformation Tsar

Steven Chase

Who is Nina Jankowicz?
Biden's new pick for the Ministry of Truth...
1. Ukrainian
2. Dismissed the Hunter Laptop as Russian disinformation.
3. Supported as real the Clinton-Russian dossier slandering Trump.

Looking at Biden's picks reminds us he's been wrong on Everything. Always.

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America's Massive Economic Bust

This courtesy of Sherrie Mathieson

Kyle Smith

I can’t even wrap my mind around this: GDP growth just went from +6.9 percent last quarter to - 1.4 percent this quarter. That’s worse than the swing from the last quarter of 2019 to the first quarter of 2020 (+1.9 percent to -5.1). Absolute disaster.

Tim adds:

Two quarters of negative economic growth mean a recession. Watch for some very dirty tricks next quarter to push the numbers to at least show neutrality. They won't allow Biden to preside over an admitted recession.

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Anthropogenic CO2 NOT the Driver of Warming

This from physicist Tomer D. Tamarkin:

The published analysis of ClimateCite’s Pinatubo Study Phase 1 will be released this week.

Digital signal processing technology was used to analyze daily carbon dioxide data from NOAA’s Global Monitoring Laboratory. The period surrounding the 1991 eruption of the Pinatubo volcano was rigorously investigated and analyzed for slope and acceleration of net global average atmospheric CO2 concentration and found to be consistent with the theory that Henry’s Law, the Law of Mass Action, and Le Chatelier’s principle control net global average atmospheric CO2 concentration rather than human-produced CO2 emissions. The background and theory are explained. A method of using common physics and math for a novel purpose is presented to compare natural CO2 emission or absorption with human-produced CO2 emission. The claim that human-produced CO2 emission is causing increasing global CO2 concentration and therefore AGW or climate change is shown to be without scientific merit.

Roy W. Spencer asks:

Does the study address the observation that forests took up more atmospheric CO2 after Pinatubo, due to more scattered sunlight (indirect sky radiation) penetrating forest canopies? (Despite a total 2-4% reduction in total absorbed sunlight). https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12663919/#:~:text=Volcanic%20aerosols%20from%20the%201991,in%201993%20under%20cloudless%20conditions


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April 28, 2022


Tom DeWeese

The Cattle Industry - The Last Frontier - With only four global meat packers controlling 85% of the US feed cattle market, prices for cattle ranchers have dropped while consumers face shortages and record high prices. Tom’s guest Bill Bullard describes the broken marketplace, and how it is driving the loss of our independent ranchers at an alarming rate – all to satisfy global regulations meant to control the industry and you.

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It's a White Cars' World

Sherrie Mathieson

I just found out the color "white" was the most popular car color last year. I fully expect our gov't to now spend more of their "free" (pun intended) time to demand we now have only black cars--or 'of color'!
That,(sic) like all their other 'efforts" should make a huge difference in our world.

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GDP Declines

Bob Clasen

From CNBC:

"U.S. gross domestic product unexpectedly declined in the first quarter by 1.4% from the year prior, compared with the 1% growth expected by economists surveyed by Dow Jones. Stock futures came off their highs slightly after the release Thursday morning.”

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Ice at Near Normal

Timothy Birdnow

This from Climate Change Express:

Arctic Sea Ice Stabilizes, No Trend Reduction In More Than 10 Years As Solar Cycle Starts Off Weakly. Overall, the 2021 extent was very close to the 1991-2020 mean and well above the lowest value in 2012 and also above what was recorded in the year 2020.

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