October 31, 2023

Tie Israeli Aid to Border Security?

Charlie Kirk -

"It is a mistake to pass a clean Israel funding bill.

Democrats and some neocon relics want to pair aid to Israel with more Ukraine funding. That's obviously a non-starter, but at least the Democrats are attempting to use political leverage to get what they want. They assume they can exploit conservative sympathy for Israel to get Ukraine funding in return for nothing. Republicans should flip the script and do the same to Democrats.

Speaker Johnson should tie Israel funding to Border Security.

If there is so much enthusiasm for defending Israel, shouldn't our leaders be equally enthusiastic about defending our own border domestically?

But this can't just be more generic funding for "border security." It needs teeth. We need deportations, not paperwork processing and expedited catch and release.

Nothing else matters without a border."

Tim adds:

I love Charlie Kirk but think he is wrong here. We have a chance to pick off a sizable number of Jewish votes with this. We'll lose them if we muddy this thing up - which will guarantee the Senate kills it before Biden ever sees it (thus sheltering the Creep). Ordinarily I would agree but this is a critical historical moment. And we have a lot of our own people held hostage; we NEED Israel to be able to act decisively.

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Israel to Hold PA Tax Revenue

Jack Chen

Israel’s finance minister told Netanyahu: I will not transfer the tax money to the Palestinian Authority this month in light of its support for the Hamas massacre and its appeal to The Hague. Demands an urgent cabinet discussion on the issue.

Clarification: Due to the PA's lack of statehood status, Israel is responsible for collecting customs duties and other tax revenues on its behalf. It transfers them to Ramallah on a monthly basis, providing funds that amount to nearly 65 percent of the Palestinian annual budget, which is roughly NIS 18 billion ($5.27 billion).

The Palestinian Authority has for decades provided financial compensation and other benefits to families of terrorists jailed in Israeli prisons and "martyrs” killed while carrying out attacks against Israelis. These payments cost the PA more than $300 million annually, at 8% of its budget.

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To the Death

Willis Eschenbach

As long as Israel is willing to leave Hamas in possession of and ruling over Gaza with the tunnels intact, it is guaranteeing hundreds or thousands of future Israeli deaths. Guaranteeing. No question.

However, getting them out will also involve thousands of deaths.

This is a very difficult issue because ALL ROADS LEAD TO BLOOD. I have no simple answer.

What do you do when your neighbors have sworn to kill you, your family, and all your friends, and your neighbors are actively doing their best to fulfill their sworn word?

What do you do when everyone in your country knows someone who was killed by the jihadis of the "Religion Of Peace", and the killing is continuing with no sign of an end?

What is the "proportional response" to endless disproportional murderous insanity?

Peace to everyone,

Tim adds:

I agree Willis; there will be blood, much of it innocent. Israel has no real choice though; they MUST treat this as war and see this throough to the end. It's bitter but if the Palestinians don't know they are beaten, feel it, understand it, this will simmer on and on and there will be repeat attacks. More lives will be lost with an armistice .

There comes a point when war is thrust upon someone and it has to be fought and won.

Yes, the hostages will probably be killed. But there is no way around that. The international community has repeatedly restrained Israel at times like these and the result has been seventy five years of endless warfare. Until there is a clear winner and clear loser this thing will burn and burn and burn.

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No, Palestinians are not Aboriginals

Willis Eschenbach

The book "Palaestina ex Monumentis Veteribus Illustrata" was written in Latin in 1695. The author, Adriaan Reland, was a geographer, cartographer, traveler, philologist, and linguist who was well-versed in several European languages, Arabic, Ancient Greek, and Hebrew.

He meticulously documented nearly 2,500 settlements mentioned in the Bible. His research was conducted as follows:

He first created a map of Palestine and marked each settlement mentioned in the Bible or the Talmud with its original name.

If the original name was in Hebrew, he marked it as "pasuk" (a passage in the Holy Scriptures where the name was mentioned).

If the original name was of Roman or Greek origin, he provided the Latin or Greek equivalent.

In the end, he compiled a census of the population based on these settlements. Here are some key findings and facts:

The land was mostly empty, abandoned, and sparsely populated, with the primary population centers in Jerusalem, Acre, Safed, Jaffa, Tiberias, and Gaza.

The majority of the population was Jewish, with almost all others being Christians, and very few Muslims, mainly Bedouins.

The only exception was Nablus (now Shechem), where about 120 people from the Muslim Nashash family lived alongside approximately 70 "Samaritans."

In Nazareth, the capital of Galilee, about 700 people lived, all of whom were Christians.

In Jerusalem, there were around 5,000 people, mostly Jews, with a few Christians.

In 1695, it was well-known that the roots of the country were Jewish.
There was not a single settlement in Palestine with Arabic origins in its name.

Most settlements had Hebrew originals, with some having Greek or Latin origins, which had been adapted into Arabic names that held no meaning in the Arabic language. For example, names like Acre, Haifa, Jaffa, Nablus, Gaza, or Jenin had no philological or historical Arabic roots.

Reland only mentioned Muslims as seasonal agricultural or construction laborers who came to the cities.

In Gaza, around 550 people lived, with half being Jewish and half Christian. Jews were engaged in successful agriculture, including vineyards, olives, and wheat, while Christians were involved in trade and transportation.

In Tiberias and Safed, Jews lived, but their occupations were not specified, except for their traditional fishing activities in the Sea of Galilee.

In the village of Umm al-Fahm, there were about ten families, all of whom were Christians (approximately 50 people). There was a small Maronite church in the village.

Reland's book thoroughly refutes theories about "Palestinian traditions" and a "Palestinian people" and establishes very little connection between this land and the Arabs, who even adopted the Latin name of the land (Palestine) and claimed it as their own.

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Biden Has to Stop Cutting the Fence

Timothy Birdnow

A judge has ordered the Biden Junta to stop cutting Texas' razor wire fence on the border.

Judge orders Biden admin to stop cutting razor wire at border

How long before the Junta finds a pet judge to overturn this order? Anybody?

If Biden is about border security why would he do this? This isn't about protecting anything or anybody. He claims it is to protect wildlife. So I guess wildlife is more important than Americans?

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Mistaken Identity

This courtesy of Chester McAteer:

"Some of the biggest cases of mistaken identity are among intellectuals who have trouble remembering that they are not God.”

Thomas Lowell

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The Rising Cost of Debt

Diane Kimura

What comes after trillion?

Nearly 1/3 of all outstanding US debt is set to mature over the next 12 months.

52% is set to mature over the next 36 months, meaning this debt needs to be refinanced.

Since this debt was last financed, debt service costs have doubled from 1.5% to 3.0%.

This means that maintain this debt is now 2x as expensive and it will soon be 3x as expense as rates rise.

US interest expense will continue to rise over the current $1 tril/yr.

$2 tril in annual interest expense is coming quickly.

The higher debt service and diminishing returns on our increased debt levels will place a drag on GDP.

May be an image of money and text that says 'Treasury Debt Outstanding by Maturity 2013 2023 12 months 24 months 26% 31 36 months 39 43 50 50 52 Source: US Treasury Figures reflect Q3 of the fiscal year and add up to more than 100% due to overlaps in maturities.'

Tim adds:

I think they had no intention of ever paying this back. I think they figure we will create a new, cashless society and all national debts will be erased so there is no reason not to run it up now. Who wouldn't blow through borrowed money if you knew you were never going to pay it back? I doubt we'll ever see a Quadrillion in debt not because it's impossible but because the whole world will default first.

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Biden in Big

Timothy Birdnow

This was a crust defense; if Biden can be linked to the pseudonym he's toast. So there will be a firewall to protect him. But it's going to require one person to testify it is Biden. Without a true smoking gun he'll get off. We actually have a smoking gun, contrary to what the media claims, but will the GOP hav e the will to act? And what will the next election bring? Probably massive vote fraud as the Democrats will be desperate to take Congress so as to save the jerk.

82,000 PAGES of emails where Joe Biden used a pseudonym are uncovered

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Tempest at Sea

Tempest at Sea

Timothy Birdnow


To our alarm warm winds turn cold
and lose their charm as we grow old
the gentle breeze that rocks the trees
will toss our seas in tempest rolled

to tarniished brass it turns our gold
like withered grass our maps unfold
on bended knees, our bells will toll
we make our pleas to save our soul

The captain silent on the dek
whilst tempest rages on our treck
the ages pass the sextant checked
the captain sees our ship won't wreck

The folly of a man is to believe he holds the wheel
when the hourglass sand drips as fast as fate can deal
a ship unmanned will find it's fate soon sealed
trapped on the sand or overweight and keeled

When the cold wind blows one needs a firm hand
when the stars do not show a wise head must find land
wither will you go on the rolling main of the damned?
will you drown with the rats in the hold overcrammed?

will you stow away on the day the insane get their pay? Will you stay in the bay as your skies all turn gray?
will your captain you obey?
will you bow down to pray?

the mate growing horse
while the captian charts the course
soon all the winds will grow calm
as you call out your psalm
on your knees you will cry in remorse

You have sailed to the shore
through the great golden door
all the tempests to cease
as you rest in your peace

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October 30, 2023

Virginia – Don’t follow net-zero lemmings over the energy cliff

Paul Driessen

Seventeen states – including Virginia – tie their vehicle emission standards and electric vehicle sale mandates to California, the most climate-centric state in the Union. Unless current laws change, by 2035 all their new cars, pickups and SUVs must be electric (or hydrogen-powered).

In further obeisance to California, most of these states also require that their utility companies generate 100% of their electricity from "renewable sources” by 2045 or 2050. They and the federal government also mandate that electric models replace gas-fueled furnaces, water heaters, driers, stoves and ovens within a decade or less.

Citizens in European countries are revolting against net zero laws

This means electricity demand will double in the near future – at the same time that reliable, affordable fossil-fuel (and nuclear and hydroelectric) electricity generation plummets. Charging massive batteries to ensure power on windless, sunless days would double demand yet again.

Home, hospital, school and business lighting, heating, cooling, cooking and computing costs will likely double or triple, hitting poor and minority families hardest. Blackouts could become commonplace.

No wonder citizens in European countries are revolting against net zero laws, forcing politicians to delay or terminate their green dictates.

And yet Democrats in Virginia and elsewhere have refused to budge. They’re so convinced that climate cataclysms are imminent – and government mandates will magically usher in a renewable energy era – that they are willing to compel families and businesses to follow them and other virtue-signaling lemmings off the net-zero cliff.

That’s why – even with attention now focused on Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan and other global hot spots – voters also need to think long and hard about looming US energy cataclysms.

This total transformation would require literally millions of wind turbines, billions of solar panels, and tens of thousands of miles of new transmission lines

Democrats, some Republicans, and their media and environmentalist allies are determined to sweep vitally important energy realities under the rug. Voters mustn’t let that happen.

Not one village on Earth – much less a city or state – has shown that wind and solar power backed up by grid-scale batteries can enable them to function normally ... or merely survive ... for even a week, winter or summer. And yet President Biden and the Climate Industrial Complex want to impose an all-electricity "green energy transformation” on the entire United States.

This total transformation would require literally millions of wind turbines, billions of solar panels, and tens of thousands of miles of new transmission lines. Billions of Tesla-EV-equivalent battery modules would be needed to stabilize increasingly large and complex electricity grids ... and back up sporadic, weather-dependent electricity ... to prevent repeated and widespread blackouts.

Building this equipment would involve billions of tons of steel, aluminum, copper, cobalt, lithium, concrete, plastics and other materials; hundreds of billions of tons of ore and overburden from thousands of mines; fossil fuels for mining, processing and manufacturing; and unprecedented greenhouse gas emissions, toxic air, water and ground pollution, and wildlife habitat destruction.

The costs would be astronomical

Installing all that equipment would impact thousands of square miles of habitats, scenic areas and croplands – decimating wildlife all across rural America – to serve major urban areas that have the votes to impose their views, but not the room or desire to have those impacts in their own backyards. Disposing of worn out and broken solar panels and wind turbine blades would require hundreds of huge landfills, also in rural America’s backyards.

The costs would be astronomical. Net Zero Reality Coalition experts have calculated that grid-balancing and backup batteries alone would cost up to $290-trillion, depending on which capital cost, hourly or daily or weekly electricity generation data, and other factors are employed.

The wind industry loves to say such-and-such wind or solar project has the "capacity” to power 100,000 homes. That may be true – when the wind is blowing or sun is shining at optimal levels. However, that rarely happens. On an annual basis, those unreliable systems would likely generate electricity 20-40% of the year, in short intervals, at totally unpredictable times.

Since the Biden Administration and environmentalists steadfastly oppose mining in the USA, most resource extraction will be done overseas. The raw materials will mostly come from or through China, which often employs slave and child labor, zero to minimal environmental standards, subpar wage and workplace safety standards, and minerals as a political weapon.

Personal needs and choices will disappear

That means wind, solar and battery power is actually the antithesisof clean, green, renewable, sustainable and ethical. All the dirty, evil, unsustainable activities just get done in faraway places, where they can be ignored; so they needn’t be mentioned in slick product and campaign ads.

An all-electric economy also requires that home, neighborhood, local, state and national transmission systems be significantly upgraded to handle the massive additional electric loads. That’s more trillions of dollars, further increasing the cost of electricity and every product and service.

Personal needs and choices will disappear. You will be told what cars you can buy and how far you can drive them; how big your home can be, and how warm or cool you can keep it; how often and how far you can travel on vacation; even what foods you can eat.

Where’s the beef?Not on the menu. And just imagine being in your EV, in a massive traffic jam, during a blizzard or a hurricane evacuation. But as California goes, so will you if your legislators demand it.

Delving into specifics: President Biden wants 30,000 megawatts of offshore wind electricity by 2030. That would require 2,500 gigantic 12-MW wind turbines. But even if the wind is blowing optimally, their output would barely meet New York State’s peak summertime electricity needs – today, prior to its transformation to a fossil-fuel-free, all-electric economy.

Equally crazy, New York’s plan for 24,000 megawatt-hours of battery storage would provide backup for barely 45 minutes on a sweltering windless day – with today’s power demands. And even that minuscule storage would require 300,000 Tesla 80-kilowatt-hour battery modules.

Mandates for electric vehicles, wind and solar power, and a magical transition to a fossil-fuel-free energy utopia are critical issues this year

The 2020 Virginia Clean Economy Act requires that utilities have 3,100 megawatt-hours of electricity storage. If that’s provided with 19-MWh Tesla Megapackbattery modules, costing $10-million apiece, Virginia taxpayers and ratepayers would have to lay out $1.6 billion. For that they’d get one-half-hour of statewide windless/sunless day backup!

Ask your elected officialshow many offshore turbines would be needed to power your state – or the entire USA. How many onshore turbines with a nameplate capacity of perhaps 6 MW. How many solar panels sprawling across vast scenic areas, croplands and wildlife habitats – in sunny Arizona or frosty Wisconsin. How many battery modules for a full week of backup storage.

Demand to know how much all this will cost– and how much mining, processing, manufacturing, toxic pollution, CO2 emissions, slave and child labor, and habitat destruction would go into making all that equipment. Watch the politicians bob and weave, run for cover, or have the police remove you for asking such impertinent questions.

Mandates for electric vehicles, wind and solar power, and a magical transition to a fossil-fuel-free energy utopia are critical issues this year and in 2024. Think carefully about them before you head to the polls.

Your vote – and whether you help your friends vote wisely – will determine whether we end this insanity ... or must live beneath the iron fists of increasingly oppressive climate authoritarians.

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Hidden Marxism: Treating Immigrants Like Robots.’

Selwyn Duke

No matter which prominent side wins in our immigration debates, the U.S. loses for a simple reason: The contest pits people who hate the point against people who miss the point.

On one side are the large-I Immigrationists, individuals who behaveas if immigration is always good, always necessary, must never be questioned and must be the one constant in an otherwise ever-changing universe of policy; they’re usually identified as "leftists.” On the other are small-i immigrationists, people who believe immigration is generally good, generally necessary, should never be questioned in principleand must in some form be the one constant in an otherwise ever-changing universe of policy; they’re usually identified as "conservatives.”

Battling of a nonsensical argument with a one-dimensional argument

The debate between the two sides often goes like this: Leftists welcome inundation with even uneducated, unskilled foreigners (as long as the aliens aren’t sent to their neighborhood; see Martha’s Vineyard et al.) with the argument "Our strength lies in our diversity!” Conservatives counter this by reassuring all and sundry "I’m all for immigration!” "But,” they add, "it should be done legally and be merit based, with possession of economically valuable skills a prerequisite for entry.”

The problem with this is that it’s the battling of a nonsensical argument with a one-dimensional argument. After all, there’s a name for entities defined merely by the job-related role they can perform: robots. There’s also a name for thus characterizing people: a Marxist mistake.

I’ll explain this by beginning with a story. Many years ago, during a dinner-table conversation, a quite wonderful man I know remarked that the dissolution of the black family was all caused by government welfare, by the funding of single motherhood. While such policy is destructive and surely exacerbates problems, is it really true that it’s entirely responsible? If it were true, how could it be that some Hasidic Jews accept the same government assistance but keep their families wholly intact?

You may now say, "Of course! They’re radically ‘religious.’” But that’s the point: Man is not just an economic creature. He also has intellectual, emotional, psychological, moral and spiritual dimensions.

If you contemplated taking an outsider into your home, would you consider just economics?

The late Pope Benedict XVI mentioned this when critiquing Karl Marx, saying that the latter’s mistake was his viewing of man as a purely economic being; human behavior was explainable, and problems remediable, the thinking goes, solely via an economic approach (e.g., eliminating economic inequality will end human strife).

The point is this: Anytime we ourselves instinctively treat man as a purely economic being — as even that intelligent, conservative man I mentioned did — we are unwittingly repeating Marx’s mistake.

Yet this is common today even among conservatives. So do you see, now, how easily such errors can be mainstreamed and inform (read: deform) our thinking?

Now let’s return to immigration. Do the work skills and ethic newcomers bring with them define them? Are those qualities the most important things they bring to our shores? Since they’re not robots and won’t actually just be cogs in the economy, no. Rather, the most important things they bring are their beliefs.

To further illustrate the economic-being approach’s folly, let’s apply the standard not to (what should be) our national family, but our actual one. If you contemplated taking an outsider into your home, would you consider just economics? Would it only matter that he was going to contribute another $800 monthly to the family budget? Or would you first consider what beliefs and behaviors he’d bring into your home — how he, for instance, would influence your kids?

Hindus also voted for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden by wide margins

It’s likewise with the national family, of course. Absorb 10 million Muslim jihadists or 10 million Nazis over time, and it will have some political and social effect whether they’re low-skilled or high-skilled. For either way, their skill at "being American” will be fatally poor.

For a real-life example, consider radical, anti-American representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.). Herself a product of migration (she was granted asylum by Immigrationist Central), she was vaulted to power in her district largely by other immigrants from her native country, Somalia. Now, would you feel better about this if she and her voter enablers were "high-skilled”? Would you aver, "Oh, who cares that they’re undermining our political system? They can code!”?

Some may now say such immigrants would vote differently were they skilled and wealthy. History says otherwise. Consider that Hindus (i.e., Indians) are the highest-earning religious group in the U.S. next to Jews, out-earning native-born white Americans markedly. Yet unlike outlier and GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, they’re also notably left-wing.

Rivaling blacks’ numbers, 90 percent supported Barack Obama.

Hindus also voted for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden by wide margins.

In fact, upwards of 70 percent of Hindus are firmly in the Democrat Party’s camp.

Low-skilled and high-skilled socialist immigrants

None of this, however, means there’s no difference between low-skilled and high-skilled socialist immigrants.

The wealthy, high-skilled ones are far more likely to be politically active and influential and therefore will more aggressively alter our national landscape.

As the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace wrotejust before the 2020 election, "Even though Indian Americans comprise [sic] slightly more than 1 percent of the total U.S. population — and less than 1 percent of all registered voters...Indian Americans are unexpectedly in the spotlight thanks to their growing affluence and influence in political circles….”

Lest anyone think I’m picking on Hindus, know they’re just par for the course: 85 to 90 percent of our post-1967 immigrants have come from the Third World, and 70 to 90 percent of them have voted Democrat upon naturalization. What’s more, despite #WalkAway fantasies, this shows no actual signs of changing — certainly not enough to make the pro-invasion Democrat Party fall out of love with their voter-importation scheme (aka immigration).

In reality, this also reveals why the economic-being approach falls flat even in its calculation of economic benefit. How much will "high-skilled” immigrants improve our economy if, over time, their influence transforms it into a socialist one? They’ll be coding while wealth is eroding.

All immigration should be halted

All immigration should be halted, given how balkanized we already are. Yet insofar as we do allow it, the aforementioned again underlines why beliefs must always come first when vetting newcomers. A nation does not live on bread alone, and what does it profit a land to gain the world but lose its soul?

In truth, it would be better if our immigrants were robots (which, incidentally, are poised to fill many jobs in coming years, a fact underlining why immigration isn’t necessary "because we need workers”). Robots, after all, really do just perform an economic role and don’t come with beliefs, intellect and free will (at least not yet). Immigrants do because they’re human beings.

So treat them as such, is the lesson here. This means evaluating them based on alltheir human dimensions and not just reckoning them as economic cogs, as objects. "They pick our grapes” or "They do our tech” may be a good argument for automation, but for immigration it’s Marxist to the core.

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Canada Boots God

Timothy Birdnow

Judi McLeod tells us that Justin "Baby Doc" Trudeau is kicking God out of Remembrance Day ceremonies, thus making the Dominion of Canada into a spiritual vaccuum.

Judi says:

Even as pictures of the war dead line the highways and byways in memory of all of those who paid for our freedom with their lives, in villages, towns and cities throughout Canada, tyrannical Trudeau dares to try to replace their indelible memory with the now legislated devil called "Diversity”.

A directive from on high in Ottawa is messaging chaplains who lead prayers for our War Dead that they will no longer be "allowed” to mention God’s Holy Name when addressing this year’s crowds at cenotaphs, Legion Halls and other gathering places across Canada

Any mention of the Creator is out; respect for "spiritual diversity” is in, according to a Canadian Government directive that urges chaplains to 'adopt a sensitive and inclusive approach' during ALL public addresses.

"New directives for military chaplains that tell them to be "respectful of … spiritual diversity” during public addresses, to employ "Gender Based Analysis” and replace religious symbols like crosses and stars of David with a generic chaplain’s crest could spell the death of the role in Canada’s Armed Forces, says one long-serving veteran of the chaplaincy. (National Post, Oct. 27 2023)

    "It’s a further trek down the road of trying to eliminate religion altogether in the military,” said Father Timothy Nelligan, who served over 35 years as a Canadian Armed Forces member, two decades of those as a Roman Catholic chaplain.
    "The director of chaplaincy services for the Royal Canadian Chaplaincy Service has also said it would mean that any mentions of God and religious language should be left out of any public ceremonies at Remembrance Day.
    "Because it came from the Chaplain General’s office, the thing that hurt me the most was to hear someone, supposedly a person of faith, supporting the removal,” said Nelligan, who served providing spiritual support for Canadian troops in Afghanistan. Now retired from the military, he is pastor at Blessed Sacrament Parish in Ottawa and a priest of the Military Ordinariate of Canada.
    "The directive, issued earlier this month by Canada’s Office of the Chaplain General, urges Canada’s military chaplains to "adopt a sensitive and inclusive approach” during public addresses.”

How about "adopting a sensitive and inclusive approach during public addresses for all of those who believe in God?

As one of its cherished prime members, minority PM Justin Trudeau worships at the altar of the World Economic Forum (WEF), where central figure Yuval Noah Harari, Klaus Schwab’s lisping right hand man, says that "we are becoming gods” and that "the story of Jesus is Fake News”.

Cringeworthy Harari has also publicly stated that: "God is dead. It just takes awhile to get rid of the body.”

That’s inclusion and diversity style advocated by Schwab and his downright despicable ‘altar boys’ Harari and Trudeau, whose personal pronouns should be attached to the cry of "EEK!”

A nation that forgets God will be forgotten BY God.

And as for our being gods and God being dead, good luck with that. Even now the angels are at the four corners of the Earth prepared to unleash the plagues we have just been begging for.

Baby Doc and his friends are in for a rude awakening.

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Trump Ballot Trial to Begin in Colorado

Timothy Birdnow

A trial is set to determine if Donald Trump can be kept off the Colorado ballot for violating the 14th amendment.

The claim is he led an insurrection and is not eligible to run.


"Donald Trump tried to overthrow the results of the 2020 presidential election,” says the lawsuit, which was filed on Sept. 6 in Denver District Court. "His efforts culminated on January 6, 2021, when he incited, exacerbated, and otherwise engaged in a violent insurrection at the United States Capitol by a mob who believed they were following his orders, and refused to protect the Capitol or call off the mob for nearly three hours as the attack unfolded.”

Similar lawsuits have been filed, and in some cases dismissed, in states including Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan. But the Colorado case — the first to be filed by CREW, a nonprofit based in Washington, D.C., and the first to go to trial — represents the most substantial test for such efforts to date. CREW represented plaintiffswho cited the 14th Amendment in a successful suit to remove from office Couy Griffin, a county commissioner in Otero County, New Mexico, who had participated in the Jan. 6 attack.

How do you do that when Mr. Trump was exhonerated by Congress in his impeachment, and never convicted of insurrection  in a court of law?

The Democrats and other enemies of Mr. Trump are vile tyrants. They do not follow the rule of law. IF this law were applicable then Mr. Trump should have first had to be convicted. 

We are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in America. Or used to be anyway.

Only a tyranny does that.

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Winds of Armageddon

Timothy Birdnow

Nuclear war is growing ever more possible.

Putin rehearses delivering ‘massive nuclear strike

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Arrest Gates!

Timothy Birdnow

The son of the co-founder of the World Economic Forum wants Bill Gates arrested:

WOW — Pascal Najadi, the son of WEF co-founder Hussain Najadi, is calling for the arrests of Bill Gates, WHO leadership, the WEF, Klaus Schwab, Big Tech and Pfizer.

He says he and his mother are now dying from the vaccine, which he calls "poison”. pic.twitter.com/L9EPkMxMA4
— Ben Swann (@BenSwann_) October 27, 2023

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October 29, 2023

CNN In Denial

Timothy Birdnow

Baghdad Bob is green with envy at CNN.

Politico Claims No ‘Smoking Gun’ of Biden Corruption After $200K Check Surfaces

Featuring an article by CNN, Playbook alleged:

Now that they have a speaker again, House Republicans can return to their impeachment investigation into Biden — but it’s unclear where it’ll go now,CNN’s Annie Grayer reports. Not only have they failed so far to turn up any smoking gun showing Biden corruption, but their momentum was sapped by the speakership chaos.

It appears Playbook did not know the House Oversight Committee remained active during the speakership battle, during which the committee revealed James Biden wrote a $200,000 check to Joe Biden in 2018.

The committee believes the $200,000 check is suspicious because the money flowed through a distressed entity, Americore, which loaned James Biden a total of $600,000. On March 1, 2018, AmericorewiredJames Biden $200,000. That same day, James Biden sent Joe Biden a $200,000 check.

The White House and James Bidendenythe $200,000 check James gave Joe Biden was due to a pre-existing business relationship. They insist the money was a return payment for money Joe Biden lent him but have not provided the committee any evidence to prove their claims.

In a Thursday letter to the White House, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY), a former bank board member, requested the loan agreement, along with any applicable IRS tax filings.

"The Internal Revenue Code has specific requirements for delineating and reporting ‘below-market [rate] loans’ from gifts,” he wrote. "While there are some exceptions, for example loans of $10,000 or less, the payment in question would not appear exempt from such requirements if it is a loan. Indeed, there appears to have been no interest paid on the "loan” based upon the White House’s own representations.”

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House Defeats Motion to Condemn Hamas

This from the Tea Party of WJ courtesy of Jerry S. Rainforth:

With members of the progressive "squad” forming a solid bloc of opposition, 16 House members in all refused to support a resolution condemning Hamas for its Oct. 7 slaughter of Israeli citizens.

Read the full story.

Tim adds:

Sadly the media will intimate that the REPUBLICANS are the ones who refused to pass this and so many foolish Democrats will believe it, including many Jewish Dems.

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The Power of Stupidity

Timothy Birdnow

I don't know how that tiny brain manages to get her dressed in the morning. She makes the walnut sized brain of the t-rex look huge by comparison.

"If you shoot with an AR-15, let's say you shoot a deer, you can't eat it because you basically demolish the animal." – Joy Behar

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October 28, 2023

Obama Judge Steals House Seat

Timothy Birdnow

An Obama-appointed Federal Judge has just stolen a House seat from the GOP by ordering a new, all black Congressional district be drawn up, throwing out a plan by the Republican-controlled state legislature.

The GOP plans to appeal but the U.S. Supreme Court allowed a similar steal to stand in Alabama recently.

The ruling applies to five congressional districts – including the closely watched 6thDistrict in the northern Atlanta suburbs – as well as 10 state Senate and 11 state House districts. Jones has ordered the state to draw additional majority Black districts in metro Atlanta and near Macon.

"The remedy involves an additional majority-Black congressional district in west-metro Atlanta; two additional majority-Black Senate districts in south-metro Atlanta; two additional majority-Black House districts in south-metro Atlanta, one additional majority Black House district in west-metro Atlanta, and two additional majority-Black House districts in and around Macon-Bibb,” Jones wrote.

Courts were never supposed to have this kind of power over the political process. Madison and Jefferson are rolling over in their graves over this.

The whole point of redistricting being controlled by the state legislature was to empower state governments and give the citizenry of the states the power to decide such things. This is basically Federal veto of state authority. And it is one man who gets to overturn the authority of an entire state.

It's time to tell judges like this to go to He, er, Chicago.

This is how you steal a nation, one judge at a time.

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How Pfizer Lied

Timothy Birdnow

Pfizer hid eighty percent of vaccine-related deaths from the FDA to gain approval of the clot shot.


Pfizer-BioNTech delayed reporting vaccine-associated deaths among BNT162b2 clinical trial participants until after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the product.

The vaccine makers also failed to account for a large number of subjects who dropped out of the trial.

Together, these strategies kept regulators and the public ignorant of a 3.7-fold increase in cardiac deaths among subjects who received the vaccine, according to analysis in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research.

The authors of the paper described it as a "forensic analysis,” defined by the U.S. National Institute for Standards and Technologyas "the use of scientific methods or expertise to investigate crimes or examine evidence that might be presented in a court of law.”

What the analysis shows

Corinne Michels, Ph.D., retired distinguished professor of biology at Queens College, New York, led the DailyClout Pfizer/BioNTech Documents Investigations Team on what the authors claim was the first independent examination of original data from the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA vaccine (BNT162b2) clinical trial.

Investigators looked at each of the 38 deaths occurring between July 27, 2020, the start of phase 2/3 of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine trial, and March 13, 2020, the end date culminating in Pfizer-BioNTech’s 6-month interim report.

This trial phase involved 44,060 subjects. Half received a dose of BNT162b2, half got a placebo consisting of an inactive sterile salt solution.

The trial was unusual because at week 20 after the FDA issued the EUA for the vaccine, trial subjects in the placebo group were allowed to switch to the vaccinated group and receive their first BNT162b2 shot.

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