July 31, 2018

Giving Until it Hurts; Crazy Libs offer their Organs to Justice Ginsberg

Timothy Birdnow

The Left is in sheer, utter panic these days and when they are they are often hillarious. Here is a fun one; SCOTUS Justice, Ruth Buzzy Ginsberg, has publicly stated her desire to remain on the Court for at least five more years, and liberals are offering to donate organs to the old bat to deny Trump an appointment!

Read about it at the Daily Wire.

It has become impossible to write comedy in the modern era; fact is more ridiculous than fiction these days.

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Florida Gun Grab

Dana Mathewson

Outrageous! And I thought Rick Scott was a Republican! This is what happens when some jerk makes a knee-jerk reaction to what looks like public opinion.

http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/07/30/more-than-450-people-in-florida-ordered-to-give-up-gu ns-under-new-law-report-says.html

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July 30, 2018

DNC Chair carrying $1,840 designer bag

Jack Kemp

Why am I not surprised? He called for "socialism for thee but not for me."

Will Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez feel compelled to get one of these bags as well?

DNC Chair Tom Perez spotted
carrying $1,840 designer bag
at airport after calling Socialism
"Future of the Party"

Daily Caller, by Benny Johnson    Original Article
A sharp-eyed sleuth snapped a picture Friday of Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez at DC’s Reagan National airport. The former Obama secretary of labor was standing in line, carrying a travel bag that looked outside the working man’s budget.The bag appears to be a Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandoulière 55 Damier Cobalt Canvas bag, which retails at $1,840 on the Louis Vuitton website. "In Damier Cobalt canvas, Louis Vuitton’s iconic Keepall 55 travel bag is both timelessly elegant and distinctively modern,” the company describes its bag.

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Mass Murder was Planned in Canada

Timothy Birdnow

The shootings in Danforth in Canada were more than just a street thug getting caught by police. In fact, mass murder and Jihad were the dish of the day, and the media dutifully covered it up (as usual.)

Canada Free Press has the story:

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Zuckerberg Shorting Facebook

Timothy Birdnow

Lookie here; Mark Zuckerberg was shorting his own company.

He and other top Facebook executives have sold off nearly $4.13 billion dollars worth of stock since the Cambridge Analytuca story broke. Zuckerberg alone cost the stock 85% of it's sell-off.

Why? One could theorize. Perhaps they wanted to drive Facebook stock down in price for some reason? They could swoop in and buy it back at a fraction of its market value. In the meantime they could make Congress and the American People believe they are being hurt by "fake news" and must regulate it - meaning they must censor Conservative content. Oh, and it helps stop the government from regulating them. See, we are losing money; we're not a monopoly after all. Or if we are we are one losing money, like the Amtrac.

This is promoting calls for an investigation for insider trading of Zuckerberg and the executive staff.

It is unfortunate because Facebook may be deemed "too big to fail" since a lot of pension funds hold stock. The end result may be a quiet non-investigation. But Zuckerberg and Facebook have made their bed with pythons and should be investigated, and the company should be treated like any media outlet rather than as a tech company.

If you have editors of news you are a media outlet. And as such you are subject to FCC oversight.

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Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man: Mel Brooks in His 90s

Dana Mathewson

This is long. But since Mel Brooks is 92 years old, how can it NOT be long? It's worth the time to read every word! Trust me. Would I lie to you, especially about somebody like Mel Brooks? Oy Vey!

https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2018/07/portrait-of-an-artist-as-an-old- man-mel-brooks-in-his-90s/564683/

Look for the Donald Trump reference! It's not negative. . .

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A Hole in the Pocket at UN

Dana Mathewson

UN warns it is 'running out of cash' in urgent appeal to members


It's conventional wisdom that it's good news when the government is running low on money, so why not when the U.N. is strapped, too?

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Parting the Waters; the Prophet Maxine says God Commanded she attack Trump

Dana Mathewson

Man oh man, I think she's going overboard here. This is dangerous territory she's on.

http://insider.foxnews.com/2018/07/26/maxine-waters-says-shes-been-sent-god-stop-president -trump

I know a lot of people don't like Trump, but I think this is going a bit too far. . .

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Environmentalist scare stories – Never mind!

Paul Driessen

Environmental activists always claim they merely want better public policies, to save the Earth and its endangered species. Far too often, their real goal is acquiring more money and power – by misdiagnosing and misrepresenting, exaggerating and fabricating, ecological crises. It’s the road to the hell of bad public policy. And it’s not always paved with good intentions.

A perfect example is their use of the (temporary) decline in domesticated honeybee numbers to drive fundraising campaigns – and demands that regulators ban neonicotinoid pesticides, the low-risk crop protection insecticides that are mostly applied as seed treatments that get taken up into plant tissue, so that they only attack pests that feed on crops. Now suddenly, the Sierra Club and Xerces Society have finally admitted that "honeybees are at no risk of dying off. While diseases, parasites and other threats are certainly real problems for beekeepers, the total number of managed honeybees worldwide has risen 45% over the last half century. Honeybees are not going to go extinct.”

But now they’re claiming that multiple species of WILD bees face extinction, likely because of neonics. The recurrent "crises” remind me of Emily Litella’s misguided rant about "endangered feces.” It’s a good time for these environmentalist pressure groups to say, "Ohhhhh. Never mind” – and act a little more honestly and responsibly.


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Kid's a great contrast to David "Camera" Hogg

Dana Mathewson

Don't you think?

From Fox News:

Parkland tragedy survivor Kyle Kashuv has emerged as a role model for young conservatives across the country -- and it was never more evident than this week, when he helped plan the largest-ever high school conservative conference.

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Cardinal Sin

Timothy Birdnow

U.S. Cardinal Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the radical Progressive Bishop Emeritus of Washington D.C., has been stripped of his titles and ordered into penitent seclusion by Pope Francis after a series of credible allegations were made against him of sexual molestation of young men. One was only 11 years old at the time.

read more about it at the Daily Wire:

Cardinal McCarrick has been a huge proponent of "social justice" and has promoted open borders and a host of other leftist concepts that will destroy America. Seems he's also treated himself to sexual perversions at the expense of little boys.

Doesn't surprise me; the Left holds themselves to a different standard than they hold others, and sex is always one of the "perks" of being one of them. That you took a vow of celibacy really doesn't matter to a liberal, who sees things like vows as more suggestions or guidelines. Reality is what you choose it to be.

That, my friends, is the sin of witchcraft - thinking you can change reality by an act of will.

Sexual perversion is called witchcraft in the Bible for this very reason. So NcCarrick is a witch, in the end.

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Canadian Man Identifies As A Woman To Save On Car Insurance

Jack Kemp

In America, we have Flo, the perky Progressive Insurance gal, telling us how to save money on car insurance. In Canada, because of psychological transgenderism claims, everyone CAN BECOME Flo, even without sex reassignment surgery.

Kassy Dillion at the Daily Wire reports:

In an attempt to save on car insurance, a Canadian male legally changed his gender to female resulting in almost $1,100 in savings.

According to CBC News, a man in his early 20's and only identified as "David" wanted to buy a Chevrolet Cruze and was given an insurance quote around $4,500. He then asked the insurer if his costs would change if he was a woman. He was told his yearly insurance bill would be reduced to $3,400, or $1,100 less.


So instead, he changed his gender on his birth certificate and license by first obtaining a doctor's note by telling the doctor he identified as a woman.

"It was pretty simple,” he said. "I just basically asked for it and told them that I identify as a woman, or I’d like to identify as a woman, and he wrote me the letter I wanted.”

When David applied to change his gender, he was required to have a doctor's note, but since then, the requirement has been removed.

David claims he "took advantage of a loophole” and that he felt like he "beat the system.”


Of course, if enough guys do this in Canada, the insurance rates for women will have to go up as the factors that made rates lower for females are diluted by many new "identifying as female" males.


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July 28, 2018

You ask me, this Amazon robot is pretty smart....

Jack Kemp

click on title to see the full article at the NY Post.

Amazon robot mistakes members of Congress for criminals

Identifying a criminal can be tricky for law enforcement when they’re on the hunt for a wanted person, which is why many agencies have begun to lean on technology for help. Facial recognition systems have gone from a goofy sci-fi plot device to real-world use, but they’re not always super accurate.

In a new series of tests by the American Civil Liberties Union, a whopping 28 members of Congress have been matched by Amazon’s Rekognition facial identification software with mugshots of known criminals. The software, which is reportedly already in use by a number of law enforcement agencies, apparently has some very serious limitations...


This recalls another thing that I learned decades ago on a vacation. I was visiting the Harrah's Auto Museum in Reno (today part of that collection is in the Reno based National Automobile Museum). Listening to a tour guide describe some fancy 1930s Packard automobile that cost $40,000 in those days (cigarettes were five cents a pack). The guide said that the only people who bought these Packards were gangsters and politicians - and then he noted the similarities.

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July 27, 2018

Republican Promoting Carbon Tax

Timothy Birdnow

In yet more proof the Republican Party wants to join the Democrats as junior members, House Republican Carlos Curbelo has introduced a carbon tax to Make America Poor Again (MAPA).

From Jeff Rendall at Conservative HQ: more...

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Did Tariffs Make America Great?

Timothy Birdnow

Pat Buchanan argues that Tariffs made the United States great and while I may not agree with his overall conclusion he makes a great point.

Tariffs were intended to be the sole source of revenue for the U.S. and as such acted as a limiting factor in the growth of the central government.

Anyway, Buchana argues; more...

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House Republicans Poison the Immigration Bill

Timothy Birdnow

In an utterly despicable display, the House Appropriations Committee completely overturned the Trump Administration border policy, essentially nullifying America's ability to stop anyone seeking to enter the United States.

According to The Hill: more...

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U.S. Prepping for War with Iran

Timothy Birdnow

The Turnbull Administration in Australia says that they are assisting the U.S. in identifying potential targets in Iran.

According to the the Australian Broadcasting Company:

"Senior figures in the Turnbull Government have told the ABC they believe the United States is prepared to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities, perhaps as early as next month, and that Australia is poised to help identify possible targets.


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Russians hackers targeted Sen. McCaskill

Jack Kemp

The NY Post reports that:

Russian hackers reportedly set their sights on a Democratic senator from Missouri last year and tried infiltrating her 2018 re-election campaign — around the same time President Trump encouraged people to "vote her out.”

A forensic analysis conducted by the Daily Beast found that Sen. Claire McCaskill was one of three congressional candidates to be targeted.

The website says it stumbled upon the attempted McCaskill hack while investigating statements made by a Microsoft executive last week during the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado.


Read the rest here.

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Trolling for communty organizer complaints

Jack Kemp

A few days ago I got a phone call from some guy at a non-profit firm in New York, my home town. It was the latest leftist wrinkle.

The clown started to talk about how gas boilers were more efficient that oil burners and would I call the City Council to demand that every landlord put in a gas boiler. I stopped the kid and rhetorically asked him, "Do you think every landlord has money to go buy a new gas boiler? I'm not signing." The kid was very calm while accepting my rejection. But it seemed to me he was looking for the Greater Fool who had a lot of time on their hands and nothing better than to assume every small landlord in New York was infinitely rich and resembled Daddy Warbucks from the musical "Annie" - or Donald J. Trump.

This request has a resemblence to the type of malicious prank that Sasha Baron Cohen has been pulling on his tv show where he recently made a fool of state legislator in Georgia who dropped his pants and later resigned his political office. Actually, the request also had similarity to some kid who told me that solar energy was cheaper than oil and handed me a business card from his non-profit that just so happened to have an office on Broad Street in Lower Manhattan's Financial District. I am not joking when I say he might well have been working for the Russians who have commercial reasons for discouraging oil drilling and fracking in America, as such curtailing would limit the supply of world oil and make Russian oil more expensive and Putin's Russian oil more politically powerful as well. By the way, the kid's non-profit office I later found out was in a building directly across the street from the New York Stock Exchange. Yeah, the low rent office space any non-profit could NOT afford. more...

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July 26, 2018

Water Lake found on Mars

Timothy Birdnow

A large lake of liquid water has been found on Mars, reviving hopes that a microbial life form may exist on the Earth's second nearest neighbor.

The lake - a 12.5 mile long subterranean watershed under the south polar ice cap strongly resembles lakes found beneath the icecap in Greenland. The lake is apparently being heated enough to keep the water liquid in a very frozen environment.

This has excited exobiologists, who theorize it may be possible that microbial life forms reside int he water on the ice.

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