December 31, 2022

Why the Third World Handled Covid Better

Timothy Birdnow

Africa is also much warmer. Covid is a cold and flourishes in cold climates. Viruses thrive in colder climates than in warmer (which have bacteria and parasites).

Also, there is less obesity and the people are used to catching all manner of diseases, so their immune systems are likely stronger than ours. And they come into contact with fewer people in much of Africa than in the West.

And finally they simply ignored a little sniffling so there probably were far fewer tests done for Covid. Here in the West we tested, tested, tested. Trump was mocked for blaming all the testing but he wasn't wrong; not only were there multiple false positives but it just stands to reason more testing will find more "cases". Cases don't really matter.

Daniel Jupp

In the West we are told that we have the best medical systems in the world. We are told that we are rich nations who can afford a level of clinical care and medical infrastructure which simply doesn’t exist in the Third World.
At the same time we were told that within the West black people are disproportionately affected by health issues due to racism, poverty and apparently some conditions like covid being more harmful to some ethnicities than to others.

What we aren’t told is that Africa and the entire Third World dealt with the covid pandemic far better than the West or parts of Asia that are relatively wealthy as well. The lowest death rates and the lowest number of cases are all from Third World nations. Africa, India, Oceania, and large parts of Asia were all much less affected by covid than the rich European nations or North America.
This should be the exact opposite of what would happen if 1. Our health systems were great and saved many lives 2. Poverty actually does translate to lower survival rates in a pandemic and 3. Black people actually are more at risk from covid. One or all of these things must be untrue for the Third World to have much better covid figures than the First World.
Covidians have been remarkably silent not only on all the evidence that has gradually emerged showing that every measure they insisted on either had no statistical impact or was actually harmful, but on the disparities of outcomes between the First and Third world.
How is it that the UK or the US, France or Germany should do so much worse, whilst blessed with all the resources others lack, than Haiti or Burundi? Places which barely quality as functioning states did better than the West. Places which had virtually no medical infrastructure, places dependent on charity, places that are war zones, places where disease and famine are usually more prevalent than anyone in the West has ever experienced, places where corruption might significantly impede access to care, and places which had no masking, no lockdowns, and most especially no mass vaccination, all did better than us with our tens upon tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and trillions of pounds of spending.
Headlines now read that ‘experts’ are "baffled” as to why Haiti, one of the most badly run, corrupt, poor and failing countries in the world, has among the very best covid statistics in the world. The same experts are equally ‘baffled’ by why excess death rates post mass vaccination are much higher than excess death rates at the height of covid.
The lesson from covid is if you want the very best chance of surviving a pandemic, be somewhere so poor, so isolated and so unnoticed that nobody can turn up and inject you with a ‘cure’. Witch doctors literally did better than our doctors. For personal power and profit, the professional medical and governmental class in the West abandoned perhaps its greatest claims and greatest achievements. It can no longer claim that it’s ethics are better than those of the Third World. It can’t even claim any more that it’s science is rigorously tested, appropriately applied and unusually effective.
In breaking the Nuremberg Code and enforcing draconian measures including coerced medical experiment on a vast scale, it lost its moral authority. In a small group of people using this crisis for vast profit it lost any claim to be less corrupt than the likes of Haiti or Zimbabwe. In adopting utterly irrational measures reliant on mass hysteria, propaganda and magical thinking, like believing that a virus obeys arrows on the floor, it smashed the Western reputation for rationalism, acquired painstakingly over centuries, to pieces. And in allowing the State to eradicate basic freedoms on so little actual evidence and with so little actual cause, it abandoned the love of at least some form of liberty which had defined the West in opposition to Eastern despotism since the days of Ancient Greece.
Most people have yet to fully realise just how vast a crime all this was. As vaccine deaths exceed virus deaths, some who went along with it all will do so. Some will wake up, and we are seeing that. But until those responsible are punished, until consequences occur, the West will never again be what it was. And that is a tragedy for all mankind even if not one more person dies due to these policies and these disastrous covid vaccines.

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Reduced Carbon Footprint

Michael Smith

I can't believe Secretary Mayor Pete isn't congratulating Southwest for all the carbon they are saving by not flying planes.

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U.K. to go Nuclear

Carlos Velazquez

The U.K. to build SMRs as the reality of the insufficiency and unreliability of "green" energy hits home. The U.S. should do the same.

UK plans a fleet of small nuclear reactors to fight energy crisis

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The Search for Life

Life is not just a succession of events or experiences. It is a search for the true, the good and the beautiful. It is to this end that we make our choices; it is for this that we exercise our freedom; it is in this – in truth, in goodness and in beauty – that we find happiness and joy.

─ Pope Benedict XVI (1927 - 2022)

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Auld Lang Resigned

by Timothy Birdnow


Ald Lang Syne an old Scottish Rhyme
Reminiscing of times long past
a time to pine
and drink some wine
and think of the things that last

But the darkness of the geriatric year
the dying of things long held dear
to be replaced with what we fear? We know not the course or the star by which to steer

The future awaits ready or not
it's coming now like a cannon shot
prisoners of our past
players in the cast
time we know not the lines though the floodlamps are hot

What course do the stars fix for our journey
our trip from the cradle to the gurney? A man scarcely knows which way the winds of life blows
in our long short stay in this strange tourney

So another Ald Lang Syne has come along
is it the beginning or the ending of our song?
Will all be right or all be wrong?
Will we be cut short or our lives prolong?

We of the mortal coil
we grub around in this dank soil
always are we far too obtuse
to understand what fruit it produce
from all our days of struggle and toil

How we long for the Ald Lang Syne! For those days we will surely pine But the past is gone and to pine is wrong
and in truth it was not all benign

So look to the future sky
and do not question why
a new year is about to dawn
say goodbye to the old with a sigh and a song
and be thankful your number's not drawn

For the grave awaits all
on this dusty old ball
But it won't get you yesterday  or last year
so hoist up your glass for the time that's gone past
for the moment put down all your fear

Ald Lang Syne never was full of cheer.

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Santos Should Go After the Democrats

Timothy Birdnow

So, Republican Rep.-elect George Santos padded his resume' prior to his election to Congress. Now it's being demanded he resign and there is talk in left-wing media about what can be done about him. Even the New York Post through Santos under the bus.

In an ideal world this would be an issue for both parties. But we do not live in an ideal world. The fact is the Democrats likely stole a number of House seats, and certainly stole the Arizona Governorship. The GOP would be insane to take this guy out.

But more importantly, why is there no parity?

What about Big Smelly Sqwah Cherokee Lizzy Warren?  She was caught lying about being Cherokee and ran for President after that. No fallout for her.

What about Hillary Clinton?  She claimed she landed under sniper fire - a lie. She claimed she was named for Edmund Hillary - before he climbed Mt. Everest. She claimed a lot of things that were untrue.

And her husband was even worse. He claimed he smoked pot "but didn't inhale" when busted with the news. He lied repeatedly about his many affairs. In fact, he was convicted of perjury by a court of law.

But, but, but...that's different!

What of Al Gore, who invented the internet, according to his own claims?

What of Barack Obama? Obama went to American University as a foreign student and had attended a Madross in Indonesia. You can only attend a Madross if you are Muslim, yet he claimed he was a Christian when he ran for Senate/President. And if he was taking money at A.U. for his education then he defrauded the taxpayers. He LIED, about that and a good many things.

And what of Joe Biden's career-long lies? He lies and [/link=]lies some more. He knew nothing about his son's dealings with Ukraine, even while he is on recorrd openly bragging about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor who was looking into his son fired. His lies are innumerable - and have not been numerated by a media which kept a "Trump lies list" of dubious accusations of dishonesty against Mr. Trump (who was often proven correct.)

There are so many other Democrats who simply have been given a pass by the media. So why start now?

Well, it's obvious; the GOP has a majority in the House of only the slimmest majority, and if they can flip a seat or two the Democrats can retake control of that body. It was inevitable that anyone with any skeletons in their closet would be raked over the coals.

And of course our idiot Elephant friends are all on board here, ready to toss a guy who won on Long Island for resume' padding. Well, when the aforementioned liars resign then Santos can do likewise.

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December 30, 2022

Please Be Patient

Timothy Birdnow

I'm very busy the next two days. Blogging will be light, alas.

Please be patient.

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Putin was For NATO Expansion before He was Against It?

Bryan Alexander argues:

Those who weren't paying attention to Putin or Ukraine until February of this year, and insist "NATO expansion" somehow "goaded" Putin into invading Ukraine (which is literally nonsense, and nothing but Russian propaganda), literally don't know what they're talking about. Here's a quote that proves it:

"I am absolutely convinced that Ukraine will not shy away from the processes of expanding interaction with NATO and the Western allies as a whole. Ukraine has its own relations with NATO; there is the Ukraine-NATO Council. At the end of the day the decision [on Ukraine joining NATO] is to be made by NATO and Ukraine. It is a matter for those two partners.”

Who said it? Vladimir Putin, May 17, 2002.

Tim replies:

Conditions had changed Bryan. Back then Putin wanted to make it clear that Ukraine was indeed a sovereign country. France and Germany both opposed Ukrainian membership, and Ukraine did not meet the qualifications of membership anyway. All that changed with the CIA backed coup against the lawfully elected government.

In his 2007 Munich Security Conference speech Putin said:

"NATO has put its front-line forces on our borders, We have the right to ask: Against whom is this expansion intended?”

It was clear back then he was not willing to tolerate NATO expansion into the heart of the old Soviet Republics.

And it should be pointed out that Russia wanted to join NATO back in 2000 but were largely rebuffed. So then NATO expanded eastward.

The Baltic States were accepted into NATO in 2004, after Putin made his statement.

And missile defense systems have since been deployed in Poland and the Czech Republic, changing the equation.

I'm sorry Bryan but a 20 some-odd year old quote is hardly smoking gun proof that Putin only now is opposed to Ukrainian membership in NATO. He may have been o.k. with it (when it wasn't going to happen anyway) but when faced with a stark reality things change. And no doubt the Russian populace is upset by it.

I appreciate your position on this but I think there is zero attempt to see the Russian side here. I also must ask, who is it that is beating the war drum in the West? The Leftists and mainstream media, that's who.

I purposely link more than one post from WaPo, as they and the rest of the media are all on board with this. But even some of their own writers admit this is not so clear-cut.

Oh, and Bryan you say "At the end of the day the decision [on Ukraine joining NATO] is to be made by NATO and Ukraine." Note that "joining NATO" is in brackets, meaning he didn't say that. He spoke of NATO Ukrainian relations. I would have to look it up to see it in the Curillic, but I rather suspect this is an interpretation and not perhaps a good translation of what he said. Certainly he didn't say he was o.k. with them JOINING NATO, just having good relations. He may have been saying Ukrainian membership in NATO was fine too, but I would want to see the original Russian to determine that. At any rate it certainly was the case that, at the time, Putin had little to lose by making such statements. Again, he wanted to join NATO himself.

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Kiddie Culture of Death

Selwyn Duke

Kiddie Culture of Death? Canada Funds Assisted Suicide ‘Activity Book’ for Children

As we travel down the slippery slope toward the abyss....

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December 29, 2022

Oh Say Can You Sea Level Rise?

John Lees

Sea level rise acceleration in the satellite altimetry record is statistically equivalent to zero. According to this paper in Nature from scientists at Delft Uni. Remote Sensing.
A rare confirmation of the null hypothesis. As far as we can tell from 27 years of satellite data, nothing is happening.
This is oddly in conflict with the claims from Columbia University that the altimeter record shows unequivocal strong acceleration.
"We provide a new and more accurate estimate of the intra-mission bias, which leads to a much reduced GMSL acceleration over the whole record."

A revised acceleration rate from the altimetry-derived global mean sea level record - Scientific Reports

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Why the Difference?

Bryan Alexander

Want to know why it matters if you have a gay governor who is "married" to another man?* Check out this provision in a job notice I just got:

COVID-19 Vaccination Notice:
In compliance with state and federal guidance, Colorado Access has adopted a policy addressing vaccination and testing requirements to protect the health of employees and their families, our members, vendors and visitors of Colorado Access. All new hires must present proof of COVID-19 vaccinations or agree to testing protocols at the time of hire.

*No, this isn't because he's gay, but it IS because, as a (liberal) gay dude, he is totally on board with the full menu of "woke" liberal BULLSHIT. And obviously, the idea of being vaccinated being to "protect the health" of ANYONE is obviously absolute, utter bullshit at this point.

Tim adds:

Remember the Ebola pandemic during the Obama years?  We handled that so very differently.

 The Obama Administration had a policy to bring Ebola infected people into the United States for treatment. Non-citizens. So we could actually import people with a very deadly disease (Ebola Zaire had a 60 to 90% mortality rate. Sudan 40 to 60% and the "gentle" Bundibugyo 25%, but we were told we had no right to stop people from coming here for treatment.

Then we were told Covid - with a mortality rate below 1% and we were stampeded into a panic and quarantined and denied jobs for not getting the clot shot or not masking. Strange how different these two diseases were treated.

And it's even stranger than the way we treated HIV when it first surfaced. We were told we had absolutely no right to quarantine AIDS patients, or restrict htem in any way. (Fauci was involved in that too.) Odd.

In the early days we didn't know if HIV was transmittable through saliva or could become airborn. We just rolled the dice on it.

Why the different treatment? One involved a protected class and the other affected the majority of citizens. Is's fine to oppress ALL Americans but not some who want to march to the beat of their own drums and don't much care for the resultant hearing loss.

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December 28, 2022

Shapiro on Ukraine

Timothy Birdnow

I've never been overly impressed with Ben Shapiro, but he's right here by and large:

Ben Shapiro


Dec 22
Ukraine is singularly interested in pushing Russia completely out of Ukraine, including Crimea; we are interested in upholding NATO deterrence, preventing Russian escalation, standing back China, and yes, preventing Russia's absolute collapse.
We have achieved most of our goals; Ukraine has not achieved its goals yet. This means we are eager to bring Russia to the table, where Ukraine is less eager. Ukraine has no incentive to end the war short of absolute Russian surrender.
The United States has every interest in ending the war in a negotiated line that will undoubtedly fall short of Ukrainian expectations. This means that the United States must (1) give Ukraine aid to push the Russians hard and prevent the internal collapse of the country...
and (2) make clear to Putin behind closed doors that a negotiated solution is available. This will also mean that at some point in the near future, Biden will have to be the bad guy to Zelensky and tell him "no."
The question is whether Biden is willing to do that, or we just keep doing (1) ad infinitum, with no actual view as to America's end goal independent of Ukraine's. I have serious doubts Biden is willing to take the hit of being the bad guy here. And herein lies the problem.
None of this analysis requires that we ignore the very serious problems within Ukraine, ranging from corruption to questions of religious discrimination to use of Nazi-ideology-o rigin battalions like Azov. Foreign policy is constantly about choices between ugly alternatives.

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Understanding History

Nikki Grace

History rhythms, Zelenskyy's trip to DC, puts one in mind of Diem's trip to DC and the Vietnam war. The PTB were intent on invading Vietnam, Kennedy ended up assassinated and Diem murdered and 550,000 young Americans went to Vietnam and 50,000 came back in body bags. A war on the Asian mainland with a corridor directly into China was a fools errand, but still they did it.

The perverse in DC seem hell bent on confronting Russia on their borderland, this time it won't only be young soldiers, which are expendable to governments, it will be the truth expressed by Sherman on his march to the sea, enemies do not relent or surrender until civilians have died on their homeland. Russia understands history.

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Who Knew?

William E. Davis observes:

The Constitution could be described as the sum of all fears. All the states feared the power of a federal government. The small states feared the economic and political dominance of the big states. Ordinary citizens feared the powers of all forms of government, hence the bill of rights.

Who knew...they were all right!

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Biden's Fake News

This courtesy of Lou Koncsol:

Emails Reveal White House is Funding Foreign Climate Journalism

Who is engaged in Fake News and misinformation? 

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Untrueing the Vote

Timothy Birdnow

Biden Admin jails True the Vote people.

True the Vote Patriots Jailed by the Corrupt Biden Regime Over the 2020 Election - American Liberty Report

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Shovel Off in Buffalo

Timothy Birdnow

For those in a panic over global warming and the big Buffalo New York snow, I submit this for your consideration:

Buffalo has had such snowfalls before. In December of 2001 it got 82.7 inches, well above the 558 inches this month. So it's gone down since 2001; what does that tell us about global warming? Does that mean it's getting colder? Hotter?

It means nothing of course. Normal variations.

And while the lakes have all seen slight SURFACE temperature increases(please note that surface warming could just as easily be caused by a number of other things, like heat pollution from growing cities on the shores of the lakes (Roger Pielke Sr., professor emeritus at UC Boulder,  always argued that land use changes explained all planetary warming; a blacktop parking lot is hotter than a green field), or from increased solar insolation  - which we know to be happening. Yes, the Sun has been getting hotter. or rather the TSI (Total Solar Irradiance) has increased.

So there are plenty of explanations for the big snow in Buffalo. And of course anyone blaming Global Warming for this is a pure partisan; we got a lot of snow all around the country, and bitter cold too. It wasn't just Buffalo or western New York.

Yes, this was a huge snowfall for a single day.

Here is a list of Bufallo snowfall highs. Note that in 1995 it received 86.1 inches.

Now Buffalo has had 97.2 inches of snow this season, according to the National Weather Service. That is admittedly a lot of snow. But it has happened before. In 1976-77 it had a snowfall of 199.4 inches. So yes, it's on track to beat that year, but by how much? 

And Buffalo is not exactly an ancient city, so records only go back to the last century. Likely it's been hit this hard in bygone days - especially during the Little Ice Age. Buffalo was founded in 1803 and it is doubtful any meaningful snow records were kept until late in the century.

Attempts to tie this to global warming is just that - an attempt. A nice try perhaps. But is it really grounds for panic?

The National Weather Services says this about lake effect snow:

Lake Effect snow occurs when cold air, often originating from Canada, moves across the open waters of the Great Lakes . As the cold air passes over the unfrozen and relatively warm waters of the Great Lakes, warmth and moisture are transferred into the lowest portion of the atmosphere.

Get that?  COLD air moving across the warmer water. So it has little to do with warming water in the Great Lakes and everything to do with cold, humid air moving across those lakes. In other words, it's snowing because it's cold, not warm.

But Climate Change is the Goldilocks Theory; if it's too warm, too cold, or just right it's all evidence of Global Warming.

Sheesh!  What a racket.

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December 27, 2022

Oh St. Greta!

Timothy Birdnow

With Apologies to Stephen Foster:

I come from Alabama
for to hug a nice green tree
I've been comin' to these conferences since COP number 23
It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry
The sun so hot I froze to death; oh Greta, don’t you cry.
Oh dear Greta, oh don't you cry for me!
I've been going to these conferences since the COP in Germany!

Had a dream the other night that all machines were still,
I thought I saw Al Gore up there a blowin' on Capitol Hill,
Some caviar was in his mouth, a tear was in his eye,
He said it's awfully hot down south, so you had better cry.

I soon will be in New Orleans and then I’ll find a mohel
An environmental activist who grubs around in soil
I'll anger him with climate change
I'll bring him to a boil
And I'll set him loose on the caboose of an exec from dirty oil!

And when I go and find him, this man will surely die
And although it's freezing cold right now, I know this world will fry.

This world will fry, and a lot of folks will die, and the Revolution's comin gonna poke 'em in the eye!

Oh, Greta Thunberg, oh don’t you cry for me
cos’ I come to sell some windmills
and to steal your liberty.

Thanks to Tom Gelsthorpe for inspiring this.

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