June 30, 2018

Apologies for Light Blogging

Timothy Birdnow

My apologies for light blogging. I have had a lot on my plate these last few days.  I should have things back on track soon.

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Crowdfunding restores money stolen from Oldest U.S. Veteran 112

Jack Kemp forwards this:

Scumbag: Some Jerk Drained the Bank Account of America's Oldest Living Veteran

From the article:

Some thief committed identity fraud and stole every penny out of the bank account of America's oldest living veteran, Richard Overton. The good news, though, is that a previously created GoFundMe has already accumulated more than $300,000 to help recoup the losses.

Richard Overton, aged 112, is the oldest living veteran in the United States. His personal information is readily available online, and his family members say that somebody must have taken it to "hack" into his personal bank account and take his life's savings.

End excerpt.

Read the whole article at Townhall.

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The Janus Decision and the Fate of the Labor Movement

Timothy Birdnow

The recent Janus decision by the Supreme Court, which said public sector unions may not force government employees to join against their will - has triggered a chain reaction of splintering atomic nuclei in Progressive heads. The High Court ruled that it is unconstitutional to force someone to join an organization and pay dues which are then used to promote politicdal speech that is in contradiction to their own beliefs. The exemption of labor unions from any restrictions on THEIR freedom of speech (using members money) has long been a bone of contention and a sore spot for those who think it wrong to force a person to finance the Democratic Party when he or she votes for someone else.

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Less government means less SCOTUS drama

This from Americans for Limited Government:

Printus LeBlanc

Following the Janus decision on Wednesday, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he is retiring from the Supreme Court. Liberal progressives’ heads proceeded to explode throughout the U.S. Every TV and radio station had a Democrat Senator or consultant hyperventilating at the thought of President Trump getting to appoint another Justice to the Supreme Court. Maybe if the governmentwasn’t so involved in every person’slife, the fate of the Supreme Court wouldn’t be such a big deal?

The question to ask is why is the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) so important? The court is one of the three branches of government designed to check the other two institutions, the Presidency and Congress. As the highest court in the land, it is up to SCOTUS to ensure the other two branches of government do not violate the law of the land, the Constitution. Seems simple enough, but the more government interferes in the lives of people, the more there is for the Supreme Court to rule on.


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Possibility for Supreme Court vacancy

Dana Mathewson

Or not? http://stiltonsplace.blogspot.com/

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June 29, 2018

Highlights of the Harvard/Harris Poll

Jonathan Dickinson

I just read a detailed analysis of the Harvard/Harris poll that just came out, I thought I'd save you time and highlight the most significant items in the polling results. That's not to say that I will only list the things that help Trump and Republicans and leave out the things that don't, there simply weren't a whole lot of things that helped Democrats. more...

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June 28, 2018

What About the Children!

Daren Jonescu

Lately, America’s progressive mainstream media, along with their surrogates in the Democratic Party (yes, that’s how the relationship seems to work these days, so incompetent has the party become), have been trying to act scandalized and appalled at the separation of illegal immigrant children from their parents when the parents cross the Mexico-U.S.A. border. more...

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CO2 Close to Lowest Level

Timothy Birdnow

Helen sends this our way:

Carbon Dioxide is the lowest in 600 million years . Plants flourish best at 1,200 ppm, which is the average level of the last 300 million years.


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Republican leadership is determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

This from Americans for Limited Government:

Printus LeBlanc

Thishas been a banner week for the Republicans, the Supreme Court favorable for conservatives on several key issues this week, the left showed just how crazy it has become by condoning violence against political opponents, and the economic news is stupendous. Republicans are on a roll, whatcould possibly stop them? Enter GOP leadership.


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Anteddy Kennedy Retires

Jack Kemp

Justice Kennedy is retiring.

From Towhall:

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement Wednesday. Kennedy, who was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Ronald Reagan in 1988, has had a significant impact on the Court, having authored landmark rulings relating to gay rights, the death penalty and campaign finance. Judicial experts have begun reacting to the news...


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Shamed into Silence by the Liberals

Jack Kemp

Ann Coulter hits a home run

Here's the Minnesota related "money quote:"

Hmong girls in Minnesota are regularly gang raped by Hmong men, but the Hmong community -- even the girls' mothers -- blame the rape victims, and the attacks go unreported. These aren't cultures of strong women and criminal men. It's more like criminal men and complicit women.

(One of the major articles reporting on the Hmong rape culture, helping diversify America, was Pam Louwagie and Dan Browning's "Shamed Into Silence," published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune in 2005. It used to be here: startribune.com/local/11594631.html. The detailed story won first place for In Depth Reporting from the Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists, but it seems to have disappeared from the Tribune's website. Welcome to the Soviet Union!)

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Maxine Waters' resignation

Bill Been

Last evening, my wife and I were discussing what we could do to remove one of the worst elected officials to occupy a seat in the US House of Representatives. When Ed Rollins sent out the following petition to demand Maxine Waters’ resignation, it seemed to be the best available approach which is why I am forwarding it to friends. She must be held accountable! more...

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"Family Separation" Anxiety Among Democrats

Dana Mathewson

Pretty good article. More than mere politics, I'd say.

Of course, the donkeys are preaching to their base, for whom they can do no wrong. But I think they are not convincing other voters.

From the article: more...

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Ball & Harris commentary: Ontario's new premier must save the province

Paul Driessen

In a bid to help then-Premier Kathleen Wynne win reelection, Al Gore recently told Canadians thatOntario was an example of a government that was doing everything right. Canadian climate analysts Tim Ball and Tom Harris say Gore’s claim is completely off base. In reality, Ontario’s climate change and green energy policies were a disaster – an extreme example of what governments in Canada, the United States and around the world shouldnot do.

Ontario voters apparently agree with Ball and Harris. Ex-Premier Wynne lost to Doug Ford, who will be sworn in as the province’s new premier on June 29.

Here, the two authors explain how Ontario went wrong, and how climate science went off the rails – to become a highly politicized justification for controlling and reducing fossil fuel use and economic development throughout the world. In the process, Ontario’s consumer and small business electricity prices skyrocketed from 4.3 cents per kWh 24/7/365 in 2002 to 13.2 cents per kWh in 2018 during peak usage times. The predictable impact on jobs and families was ignored.


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June 26, 2018

You Say You Want a Revolution - and 'we're about to Get One

Timothy Birdnow

The left is at the point of open revolution, and America is facing something unthinkable just ten years ago - an actual, bloody civil war. Leftists have shot up Congress, seriously wounding a Republican lawmaker. They have assaulted a sitting U.S. Senator (Rand Paul). They have harassed and abused numerous officials in the Trump Administration. During the campaign they beat up Trump supporters and continue to do it to this very day.

And yet, strangely, the Southern Poverty Law Center makes dire warning of Right Wing terrorism, with nary a peep about the radical left. We had riots all over the country led by Black Lives Matter - a radical left wing group that supports socialism and revolution (read their website.) Strange how the media and the internet complex uses the SPLC to determine "hate groups" when they ignore so many on the Left, the ones who have actually engaged in acts of terrorism.

Consider; when has any right wing group held a fake bloody severed head of the President, as Kathy Griffin did?  Or called for a President's child to be locked in a cage with pedophiles to rape him to death, as did Peter Fonda?  The rhetoric has become wildly violent, just as Mr. Barack Obama promised "if they bring a knife we'll bring a gun".

Fairly soon the guns will come out. The only thing stopping the Left at this point are all the guns in the hands of us "bitter clingers" who had the good sense to not let those firearms be taken away.

At any rate, Printus LeBlanc gives a dire warning at Americans for Limited Government. more...

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People who Harass Adminstration Officials should be on Not-Fly List

Jack Kemp forwards this:

anti-Trump zealots should be on no-fly list

From the article:

"Once again, now on a different issue, all are seeing an awakening movement blaming those who are engaged in safeguarding America as they make personal attacks against those enforcing our immigration laws. It is now time to effectively fight back against an emerging threat by making a suggestion for aviation safety.

If an official of the U.S. government is attacked in public and those responsible are legally charged, because we must be careful never to infringe on First Amendment free speech rights, no matter how annoying, then the names of those responsible should immediately be placed on a "no fly list."

It is simple: if some zealots cross the line into violence or even chargeable "menacing," then by their very action, they have made it known that they cannot be trusted on an aircraft with all different types of passengers."

End excerpt

Read the rest at American Thinker!

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Prager on the Trivialization of the Holocaust by Alien Advocates

Jack Kemp forwards this:

Donny Deutsch, Michael Hayden and the Moral Collapse of American Jewish Institutions

From the Townhall article:
Deutsch, Hayden and the myriad other fools who compare Trump to Hitler and the Nazis have utterly trivialized the Holocaust. As everyone who isn't on the left knows, there is nothing morally analogous between the way the last three presidential administrations dealt with some children of immigrants who are in the country illegally and what the Nazis did to Jewish children.

American children are routinely separated from their parent when that parent is arrested, and if the arrestee is a single parent, the child is taken into government custody until other
arrangements can be made. With regard to immigrants who are in the country illegally, the only way to avoid separation is to place the children in detention along with their arrested parent(s). But this was expressly forbidden by the most left-wing court in America -- the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals -- if detention lasts longer than 20 days, as it nearly always does when either a not-guilty plea or an asylum claim is made"

Read it all at Townhall! more...

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Dem Manchin Turning Trump

Dana Mathewson

This one will make some waves! Manchin says he regrets Clinton support, could back Trump in 2020

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When Peter Fonda "understood" illegal immigration

Jack Kemp

Or the writers of the Robert Wise film Peter Fonda starred in understood it. Mr. Wise supplied the, well, "Wise" dialogue.

In 1973,Peter Fonda and Lindsey Wagner were the leads in a movie called "Two People." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two_People_(film)   In the film, Fonda portrayed Evan Bonner, a U.S. Army deserter from the Vietnam War who lived overseas in Moscow, Sweden and (at the beginning of the film) in Morocco. In Morocco, Evan Bonner starts an affair with fashion model Lindsey Wagner. The both fly from Morocco to Paris. In the course of all this, Fonda's character explains to Wagner that he got tired of living as a stateless nomad and has met with American government officials and worked out a plea deal to return to the U.S. to serve some time in prison so he can get on with the rest of his life. This leads to The Great Scene.

The deserter and the fashion model were at a location that has appeared in many a romantic fashion and perfume advertisement, the outside of Paris's Notre Dame Cathederal. The Cathedral is located on the island that was the origin of the City of Paris and also the home of nearby government buildings. Lindsey Wagner pleads with Fonda, saying that they could just stay in Paris, live on her fashion model earnings, and he wouldn't have to return to the U.S. and face legal consequences. In response Fonda's "Evan Bonner" character then grabs her hand and shows her the crowd of people standing on line outside the Prefecture of Police waiting up to eight hours for a temporary visa once every month so that they can stay in The City of Lights. He then starts to pull her towards the line and says they should practice living like stateless nomads and join the line to wait all day for a French Government temporary visa. The fashion model withdraws her hand from Fonda's, as he knew would happen, because the reality of living like a stateless but well dressed vagabond is not something that appeals even less to Wagner's character than to Fonda's. I thought it was one of the best scenes showing the difference between romantic escapism and harsh reality that was ever put on film.

Apparently Peter Fonda has long forgotten the lines his character read in "Two People," a character who understood the problems of being a stateless person who had to deal with governments and national (and nationalistic) policies which made such stateless people a less than welcome guest, and - to borrow two literary titles a permanent Stranger in a Strange Land and a Man Without a Country. But Fonda's tepid apology to Pres. Trump is a realization that while he now won't have to stand on line at the Prefecture of Police, the federal police just might be coming to visit him if he doesn't tone things down very soon. As for his part, President Trump realizes that Peter Fonda has now just added a significant number of swing votes to the GOP this November - and during President Trump's reelection campaign in 2020.

Thank you for your service, Peter Fonda.

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June 25, 2018

Antarctic Land Rising while Global Warming Shrinks

Timothy Birdnow

Reuters tries to explain the lack of acceleration of sea level rise by claiming that the land is rising as a result of declining ice weight and thus keeping sea levels relatively constant.

According to the article: more...

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