May 31, 2021

Fake Pandemic Numbers

Chester McAteer

So... Have you heard? The WHO has now confirmed that the PCR test, (just as serveral Scientists have been saying), that has been used around the world to confirm COVID-19 infection is a flawed procedure. Meaning that all of the reports of Positive Cases are absolutely and totally meaningless.

Now think about the entire lock-down and all of the edicts of Governments, all based upon meaningless estimates, and extremely dangerous vaccines, all based upon "pandemic" numbers that didn't actually exist.

Are you angry yet?

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Dr. Moreau Unleashed

Timothy Birdnow

And don't forget they used clones in the development of the Covid vaccinations by Pfiser and Moderna.

Clones are essentially embryos without two parents. We cobbled up a bunch of unborn babies to make this vaccine (even though they would never have been viable or born.)

From Jim Church:

Years ago the authorities who were advocating abortion on demand assured the public that no experimentation would ever take place on aborted babies nor would they ever permit the cultivation of human embryos in petri dishes. Those who said otherwise were labeled "conspiracy theorists".


Still today those who question authorities hollow statements and promises continue to be branded with epithets meant to shut up debate and to fool the public.

Controversial New Guidelines Would Allow Experiments On More Mature Human Embryos

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The Marching Chinese

Timothy Birdnow

China's one child policy has led to a shrinkage not seen since Joe Biden tried to swim with the Polar Bears club.

According to NBC News:

"China will now allow couples to have up to three children amid worries that the number of working-age people in the world’s most populous country is falling too fast, state media reported on Monday.

Xinhua news agency reported that the change was approved during a Communist Party Politburo meeting chaired by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The news follows census data that showed China’s working-age population shrank over the past decade while the number of people older than 65 rose, adding to strain on the economy and society. The growth is its slowest in decades, and could pose a major threat to China’s ambitious economic goals, experts have warned.”

One wonders; how many people did China actually lose from the Wuhan virus? And how many more are they preparing to lose?

They are starting to realize that what they thought was an inexhaustible supply of cheap labor may be finite after all and they could wind up with a society that is unworkable as there are no younger workers to carry their elders.

And what will this mean? They will need Lebensraum for these extra Heroes of Labor and that means moving out - into greater Asia at the expense of the Russians, most likely, as well as into India and possibly the United States territories and Alaska.

The Marching Chinese are marching again!

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Why "Systemic Racism" Theory is Wrong about Economic Advancement

Timothy Birdnow

Here is a good article about the economic disparities between classes in the white community. It puts the lie to the notion that "systemic racism" is at the root of the failure of the black community to achieve economic parity.

From the article:

The idea that persistent outcome disparities between racial groups necessarily reflect or result from discrimination rests on a narrow, misleading, and politically motivated portrayal of the empirical reality. In what follows, I introduce and briefly discuss a number of data points that call this narrative into question.

He goes on to do a detailed analysis of disparities among white groups showing how this is a function of a number of different factors, including I.Q., education, etc. and shows how different ancestry groups tend to stay in their own socio-economic group.

It's a good read.

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Happy Memorial Day

Timothy Birdnow

To all the veterans who fought and died for our freedom - THANK YOU!

Today we remember you and all you sacrificed, even unto death. May God be with you and reward you good and faithful servants!

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May 30, 2021

The Four (Military) Chaplains

Jack Kemp

This true story was common knowledge in the 1950s. A lot of young people have never the heard of the four military chaplains whose ship was torpedoed in the Atlantic and the chaplains who gave up their life vests so that four other service members could live. It is a story worth telling one's children and grandchildren. The Four Chaplains received many honors, including stained glass windows and paintings made of them in various houses of worship. The U.S. Post Office issued a stamp in 1948 in their honor. President Harry  Truman dedicated a chapel in their honor in 1951. There have been many other honors in this unique group's name.

From Wikipedia:

Four Chaplains

The Four Chaplains, also referred to as the "Immortal Chaplains" or the "Dorchester Chaplains", were four World War II chaplains who died rescuing civilian and military personnel as the troop ship SS Dorchester sank on February 3, 1943. The Dorchester was a civilian liner converted for military service in World War II as a War Shipping Administration troop transport. She was able to carry slightly more than 900 military passengers and crew.[1]

The ship left New York on January 23, 1943, en route to Greenland, carrying approximately 900 others, as part of a convoy of three ships escorted by Coast Guard Cutters Tampa, Escanaba, and Comanche.[2] During the early morning hours of February 3 the vessel was torpedoed by the German submarine U-223 off Newfoundland in the North Atlantic.[3] The chaplains helped the other soldiers board lifeboats and gave up their own life jackets when the supply ran out.[4] The chaplains joined arms, said prayers, and sang hymns as they went down with the ship.

The impact of the chaplains story was deep, with many memorials and coverage in the media. Each of the four chaplains was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and the Purple Heart.[5] The chaplains were nominated for the Medal of Honor, but were found ineligible as they had not engaged in combat with the enemy. Instead, Congress created a medal for them, with the same weight and importance as the Medal of Honor.[5]

The chaplains

The relatively new chaplains all held the rank of first lieutenant. They included Methodist minister the Reverend George L. Fox, Reform Rabbi Alexander D. Goode (PhD), Catholic priest Father John P. Washington, and Reformed Church in America minister the Reverend Clark V. Poling. Their backgrounds, personalities, and denominations were different, although Goode, Poling and Washington had all served as leaders in the Boy Scouts of America.[6] They met at the Army Chaplains School at Harvard University, where they prepared for assignments in the European theater, sailing on board Dorchester to report to their new assignments.


The chaplains were honored with a commemorative stamp that was issued in 1948, and was designed by Louis Schwimmer, the head of the Art Department of the New York branch of the U.S. Post Office Department (now called the USPS).[49] This stamp is highly unusual, because until 2011,[50] U.S. stamps were not normally issued in honor of someone other than a President of the United States until at least ten years after his or her death.[51]

The stamp went through three revisions before the final design was chosen.[52] None of the names of the chaplains were included on the stamp, nor were their faiths (although the faiths had been listed on one of the earlier designs): instead, the words on the stamp were "These Immortal Chaplains...Interfaith in Action."[52] Another phrase included in an earlier design that was not part of the final stamp was "died to save men of all faiths."[52] By the omission of their names, the stamp commemorated the event, rather than the individuals per se, thus obfuscating the ten-year rule in the same way as did later stamps honoring Neil Armstrong in 1969[53] and Buzz Aldrin in 1994.[54]

Chapel of Four Chaplains

The Chapel of the Four Chaplains was dedicated on February 3, 1951, by President Harry S. Truman to honor these chaplains of different faiths in the basement of Grace Baptist Church of Philadelphia. In his dedication speech, the President said, "This interfaith shrine... will stand through long generations to teach Americans that as men can die heroically as brothers so should they live together in mutual faith and goodwill."[55]

The Chapel dedication included a reminder that the interfaith team represented by the Four Chaplains was unusual. Although the Chapel was dedicated as an All-Faiths Chapel, no Catholic priest took part in the dedication ceremony, because, as Msgr. Thomas McCarthy of the National Catholic Welfare Conference explained to Time magazine, "canon law forbids joint worship."[56]

In addition to supporting work that exemplifies the idea of Interfaith in Action, recalling the story of the Four Chaplains, the Chapel presents awards to individuals whose work reflects interfaith goals. 1984 was the first time that the award went to a military chaplain team composed of a rabbi, priest, and minister, recalling in a special way the four chaplains themselves, when the Rabbi Louis Parris Hall of Heroes Gold Medallion was presented to Rabbi Arnold Resnicoff; Catholic Priest Fr. George Pucciarelli; and Protestant Minister Danny Wheeler—the three chaplains present at the scene of the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing. The story of these three United States Navy Chaplains was itself memorialized in a Presidential speech by President Ronald Reagan, on April 12, 1984.[57]

In 1972, Grace Baptist Church moved to Blue Bell and sold the building to Temple University two years later. Temple University eventually decided to renovate the building as the Temple Performing Arts Center.[58] In February 2001, the Chapel of the Four Chaplains moved to the chapel at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.[59]

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Poulation Bomb

Jim Church

Nearly 50 years ago, the book "Population Bomb" by Paul Ehrlich, a Stanford biologist, prophesied that the "battle to feed all of humanity" was over, and that the rapid growth in population would lead to environmental catastrophe and wipe out hundreds of millions of people. I well remember reading the book and being a good farm boy and knowing that food production, contrary to the doom sayings of Ehrlich, was advancing more than enough to feed everyone. Distribution and political interference was more an issue than production.

But the world fell for Ehrlich’s false prophecies and lies — lies repeated on the first Earth Day, and by countless others ever since. For the past 50 years apocalyptic doom predictions by climate alarmists have proven utterly false but because the media, and now academia, have been compromised, the world, instead of rejecting these charlatans out of hand, continue to be deliberately gaslighted by them! We are told to "believe the experts” or "the science” but when honest scientists point out the glaring errors and contradictory predictions they are censored, fired, shut down, demeaned, smeared and so on. Their science and the carefully considered observations of history are ignored in favour of "the big lie”! What dupes we have become!

The fact is that great advances, made largely possible by the use of cheap energy generated by fossil fuels, advances in areas like food production, health care advances, transportation, medical breakthroughs, mechanization of labour, etc. & etc. have not only fed the world, but lowered death rates, massively improved infant and adult health, made widespread education available (because not as much time needs to be devoted to production of food and other life-sustaining necessities), lowered poverty rates around the world, and so on. By ANY metric the human condition has improved immeasurably since the introduction of fossil fuels some 200 years ago. Back then 90% of the world was reasonably deemed "poor” and life was hardscrabble. Today the UN admits that less than 10% are what they deem in abject poverty.

But today, instead of rejecting the doomsayers like Ehrlich of the world the media, the politicians, academics, and even the UN are embracing them! We totally ignore the great benefits afforded us, we ignore the great advances we have made, we turn our backs upon one of the main drivers (fossil fuels) which has made all this possible, and we embrace failed ideas, failed ideologies, technologies which cannot —EVER— replace fossil fuels and which will make EVERYTHING not only unreliable but horrendously expensive, and therefore out of reach of great masses of humanity. This will plunge most back into mere existence living and will condemn many, many more to death sooner than later. And wasn’t this what Ehrlich was calling for? Because indeed he was! Only he was advocating mass sterilization. But the end result is the same. Population control.

The virtual deification of this apocalyptic ideology has come full circle and will get its wish if people of common sense do not rise up in revolt before we are all destroyed.

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The Church of Laodecia

Fay Voshell

My thoughts on newly appointed Evangelical Lutheran bishop Megan Rohrer, who is an activist for the trans movement. She has had her breasts surgically removed and prefers the pronouns "they," "theirs," and "them." Self-mutilation is regarded as a Christian virtue and progress for humanity.

Tim adds:

The Great Apostacy is here, I fear Fay. What else can you call this?

How many Biblical admonitions can they violate here? Let me see; women are not supposed to be in leadership roles in the Church, because Jesus didn't chose any. "The Effeminate" are said to not enter the Kingdom of Heaven (and that would include the Masculine female). Self mutiliation is not acceptable. This is an astonishing act by a mainstream church.If the church refuses to obey Christ's word they are no different than any worldly club. I seem to remember the Book of Revelation saying the Church of Laodecia would be spewed forth from Christ's mouth for trying to please the world rather than their Founder. Are we not in the Laodecian days?

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Snakes in the Swamp

From Steven Chase:

Buried in Biden's many spending proposal bills is a provision for Congress to subsidize the 'space project' of Billionaire, Jeff Bezos, who just so happens to own the Washington Post. Oh, to the tune of Ten Billion Dollars. But you don't consider D.C. to be a 'swamp'.

And at this moment, Bezos is buying another chunk of the communication network: MGM, the film behemoth for $9 Billion Dollars.

Tim adds:

And how much of that will be laundered back to the DNC?

Oh, and how much did Bezos profit from the Covid lockdowns? Amazon made a killing from that.

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My Vaccine Experience To Date, And What I'd Change

James Doogue

This may help in your approach to Covid-19 Vaccination

My motivation to get vaccinated had nothing to do with protecting me from Covid-19. From all the research I had done, and that was a lot, I was confident that if I did catch Covid-19 my symptoms would be treatable. While I have some significant underlying health conditions they don't include being severely obese, elderly, diabetic or pre- diabetic, uncontrolled blood pressure, blood clotting disorder or history, kidney disease, heart disease, or dementia. I do have a history of bronchitis, but Covid-19 treatment can cope with that as long as you don't have those other co-morbidities.

I got the Covid-19 vaccine simply because of the multiple threats that in order to travel I would need to be vaccinated. These threats were made by the UN WHO, the EU, by the two upper layers of Australian government, and by multiple airlines and cruise lines, not to mention various other governments of countries I wish to visit.

When you go for the vaccine there is a questionnaire asked by the nurse which I signed at the bottom as correct. I lied on two questions. One asked if I was being coerced to have the vaccination. Clearly I felt coerced. The other question was, did I give informed consent. I know That a great deal of research has gone into the development of the vaccination, but given the rush to market, the fact the manufacturers demanded government indemnity, and the government is seeking indemnity by asking this question, I certainly don't believe I, the government or the scientists really know everything we should know about these vaccines.

Remember when blood clots first started to be reported, the public were told it was unlikely to be related to the vaccine. Then the connection was made but we were told the risk was minimal, 1 in 1 million. Now we are under 1 in 200,000. I know that's still a low risk, though how many people think 1 in about 56 million is good enough odds to buy a lotto ticket?😏If the odds of a blood clot has multiplies 6 fold in such a brief time, what about the odds of other adverse reactions we are told are a possibility?

So maybe the overall risk of an adverse reaction of some sort is not 54% as advertised by AstraZenaca? And maybe the risk of severe adverse reactions are greater than we are told? The point is, anyone who thinks they can give informed consent are kidding themselves. The purpose of that question is simply an attempt to get the government off the hook when adverse reactions occur.

So what has been my experience?

Three days after the AstraZenaca jab and I'm still feeling pretty bad. I think my body has just been weakened from the amount of pain I went through, starting a few hours after the jab, peaking within 24 hours and going for 48 hours.

My temperature peaked at 38.8°C, all my joints ached, very painfully at locations where I have arthritis. My body ached all over. But by far the worst part was the headache which brought back memories of viral meningitis when I was 21.

I have suffered from migraines. This was worse. The scary thing was I'm already on pain medication for my chronic pain conditions. I also have access to even stronger pain medication for breakthrough treatment when the pain becomes unbearable. I used all of that, and still I suffered.

I know most people will have no reaction or just a mild reaction, initially. Who knows what the long term effects are? And all the focus is on blood clots, but why must people risk a day or two of severe pain at all?

Remember not everyone who isn't vaccinated will get Covid-19. In fact the highest infection rate in the world is Czechia at just over 15%. But between 30% and 70% of covid infected are asymptomatic. Many just have mild symptoms. In the UK and US those seeking hospital treatment is about 6%. So a worst case might be that in a society with no vaccines about 1% of people might be sick enough from Covid-19 to seek hospital treatment.

Choice of Vaccine?

The government knows that Astrazeneca has had a lot of bad publicity because of the clotting. But that happens to be the vaccine they have the most ready access to. So they are still recommending it for those over 50 years where the chance of blood clotting, due to a lower immune response, is lower.

The Astrazeneca jab is what's known as a Vector Vaccine, different from the Pfizer jab which is a messenger mRNA vaccine.

a vector vaccine, involves genetic material from the COVID-19 virus being placed in a modified version of a different virus (viral vector). When the viral vector gets into your cells, it delivers genetic material from the COVID-19 virus that gives your cells instructions to make copies of the S protein. Once your cells display the S proteins on their surfaces, your immune system responds by creating antibodies and defensive white blood cells. If you later become infected with the COVID-19 virus, the antibodies will fight the virus.

The Pfizer messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine uses genetically engineered mRNA to give your cells instructions for how to make the S protein found on the surface of the COVID-19 virus. After vaccination, your immune cells begin making the S protein pieces and displaying them on cell surfaces. This causes your body to create antibodies. If you later become infected with the COVID-19 virus, these antibodies will fight the virus.

Both the Pfizer-BioNTech and the Moderna COVID-19 vaccines use mRNA.

From this description it seems to me that the Astrazeneca vaccine puts your body through a lot more, just in case you become infected, than the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine.

Given my time again, I would have gone to my GP and demanded I be given whatever is required to get me a Pfizer had, not an Astrazeneca jab.

After all, if Pfizer is good enough for Scott Morrison and most of the celebrity vaccine recipients, it's good enough for others.

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May 29, 2021

Fauci - Worth the Risk

Timothy Birdnow

Fauci was a big advocate for "gain of function" research in which scientists monkey with the genes of viruses to mutate them into something dangerous. He said a pandemic was worth the risk.

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Schumer Power Grab

Timothy Birdnow

Chuckles Schumer, the most partisan man in America, is going to force a floor vote on the election reform bill.

From the  Epoch Times:

S. 1, also known as the For the People Act, will be voted on during the last full week in June,Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) told Democratic colleagues in a memorandum.

Schumer called the bill, which mirrors a version the House of Representatives passed in March, "legislation that is essential to defending our democracy, reducing the influence of dark money and powerful special interests, and stopping the wave of Republican voter suppression happening in states across the country.”

The act would federalize components of the election system, eliminating nearly all qualifications such as photo identification. It would also require states to implement a system of automatic voter registration and to allow same-day registration on any day voting is allowed.

Critics havepromised to bring a flood of lawsuits if it’s passed by the Senate and signed into law by President Joe Biden.

This is clearly nothing but a naked power grab. In a sane world the public would rise up against this. But we no longer live in a sane world and a majority of Americans ignore this sort of thing. It's how we ended up with Biden in the first place.

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The Evil Left

This from Michael Smith:

The Passion of Winston Smith.

Tucker Carlson is devoting his entire show tonight on the "war on science”, focusing on how our scientific community is divorcing itself from facts and data and attaching itself to fads, social pressure, and ideology.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot – because you need to understand a problem factually before you can even begin to solve it – and when I think about how creative people are in constructing elaborate ruses to support what they want to believe (actually they aren’t "supporting” anything, they are pasting over their wrongness with a tissue paper thin layer of veneer), it occurs to me that these people must have some degree of intellect and creativity to create those ruses.

I do not want to be right about this because, if I am, it leads to a damning endpoint. People who build their camouflaged duck blinds to hide from reality are smart enough to know they are wrong and simply choose to deny what their own intellect is telling them. That proposition leads to one irrevocable conclusion, those people are evil.

That is a hard thing to say about our fellow Americans. At least it is for a thinking person who wants to believe the best about people but even the reaction to people like me and others who refuse to start with ideology and work backwards to define reality confirms it. This willingness to justify anything and everything, even the most irrational, more or less proves the evil thesis because those folks have absolutely no compunction about calling us evil.

There is no denying the ideology they are protecting is collectivist in nature. It runs the gamut from socialism to communism, but that seems a distinction without a difference.

I have always classified science by dividing the population of science into two categories: reactive sciences seek to explain events and proactive science, taking what is learned from the reactive sciences and building something new. An oversimplificat ion to be sure, but for the general purposes of discussion, these seem adequate.

It is not just "science” under fire, it is the very basis for science, the same basis upon which our republic was founded – the truth of natural law. Everything about science is an attempt to theorize about and explain the characteristics of nature.

I recall what F.A. Hayek wrote about the real victim of collective systems:

"A further point should be made here: Collectivism means the end of truth. To make a totalitarian system function efficiently, it is not enough that everybody should be forced to work for the ends selected by those in control; it is essential that the people should come to regard these ends as their own. This is brought about by propaganda and by complete control of all sources of information.

The most effective way of making people accept the validity of the values they are to serve is to persuade them that they are really the same as those they have always held, but which were not properly understood or recognized before. And the most efficient technique to this end is to use the old words but change their meaning. Few traits of totalitarian regimes are at the same time so confusing to the superficial observer and yet so characteristic of the whole intellectual climate as this complete perversion of language.”

Thinking people can see Hayek’s prescription at work in the defenses of the COVID-19 failures and those "scientists” and "doctors” who promulgated and promoted the lies of the past year and a half. When you carefully consider why careers, incomes and reputations were destroyed by the media, by academicians, by Democrat officials and operatives, and their allies in the various tribes of the Woke, Hayek’s truth is unquestionably confirmed.

Why would people do this? Why would they abandon self-evident truth for self-evident falsehood? For what purpose would they promote untruth over truth, claiming that 2+2=5 and torturing anyone who refused to BELIEVE?

It seems clear, for whatever the reason or motivation, they were defending something they wanted and desired to be true and did so at the cost of the lives (and livelihoods) of others.

It was not good enough to simply mouth the words, you must BELIEVE that 2+2=5.

In Orwell’s 1984, O’Brien tortures Winston to convince him to believe that truth is subjective: it is whatever the Party tells him it is. At first Winston says what O’Brien wants him to say, but O’Brien tells him saying the words are not enough, the torture will continue until Winston BELIEVES it.

In the beginning, it is sheer brutal physical torture, incessant blows all over, that reduces Winston to a cowering animal that will confess to anything and everything, implicating everybody if only the pain would stop.

But in the end, it was not that physical torture that made Winston believe in the ideology. It was the breaking of his spirit, values and principles that drove him to the point of acceptance. He was made to betray and sacrifice Julia, whom he loved, for his own sake. By breaking Winston’s core values, no refuge remained for him other than the acceptance of the party's ideology in place of his own.

If you have deduced, as I have, that the left is not stupid and it is not about them believing in unreality, it is about them holding out long enough to break our spirit, crush our values and smash our principles in the same manner O’Brien broke Winston.

And in that, we find both the reason and the motivation - and the concomitant evil - of the contemporary American left.

Over the past 18 months or so, Americans have lived through "1984”, "Animal Farm”, "The Road to Serfdom” and "Atlas Shrugged”.

It is not like we were not warned.


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This from E. Calvin Beisner:

Democratic senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona released a statement supporting a Congressional investigation into the January 6 breach of Capitol building in which, in part, they said, "We could never have imagined an attack on Congress and our Capitol at the hands of our own citizens." Well, they need to go back to 4th grade American history. No doubt the British colonial governors never imagined that Americans would attack them---but when they had patiently endured "a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism," they finally concluded that "it [was] their right, it [was] their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security." Congress is the American people's servant, not master. It's about time it remembered that.

No photo description available.

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None Dare Challenge the Planners

"The planners pretend that their plans are scientific and that there cannot be disagreement with regard to them among well-intentione d and decent people."

--Ludwig von Mises, 1947

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Teacher Suspended for Saying Only Two Sexes

Warner Todd Huston

Virginia Teacher Who Said There are Only Two Sexes Suspended

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Biden STILL Giving Hamas Money

Warner Todd Huston

Even After Unprovoked Rocket Attacks on Israel, Biden Gives Hamas $100 Million

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Facebook Doesn't Censor Incorrect Covid-19 Information When It Supports The Approved Narrative

James Doogue

I came across the meme below and frankly found the numbers surprising. I decided to Fact-Check them as Facebook hadn't bothered. I'm not interested in the Pill or Smokers, just comparing getting the risk of getting a blood clot from the Azstrazenaca vaccine versus the risk of getting a blood clot from Covid-19.

I've just had the AZ jab, so I'm not an anti-vaxer, but this is a great example of how data can be manipulated to show almost anything, and even just completely made up!

The latest research shows that the number of blood clots resulting from the AZ jab to be 6 blood clot cases per million. Admittedly not a big difference to 4 per million figure in this meme.

But the number of 165,000 per million blood clot cases for those who contract Covid-19 seems very much higher than I can find in the literature, which is just 39 per million.

See: https:// u/newsgp/ clinical/ blood-clots-up-t o-10-times-more -common-with-co vid

However, comparing the two numbers, is a false dichotomy any way.

Not everyone will contract Covid-19 if left to run its course, just like back in 1917/18 not everyone in the world caught the Spanish flu. Some people have a natural immunity, others simply have a strong immune system.

Currently in the world today, the country with the highest rate of infection is Czechia at 15.4% last time I looked.

We can apply that rate to Australia's population. I know the countries aren't comparable, but this is just a mathematical exercise. So a worst case scenario might be that 15.4% of 25,500,000 people in Australia get Covid-19. That's 3,927,000. If 39 per million get blood clots, that's 3.927 × 39 = 153.15 people getting a blood clot because of Covid-19.

On the other hand, if we have the entire population vaccinated with AZ, that's 25.5 X 6 cases per million which equals remarkably, 153 people getting blood clots from the vaccine.

So apart from the dodgy statistics in the meme, the logic error is to assume that if you don't get vaccinated, you will definitely get Covid-19.

In fact with the AZ vaccine the risk of a blood clot is line ball with not getting vaccinated, if Australia had an infection rate as high as that in Czechia.

Incidentally I had a terrible adverse reaction from AZ which lasted about 36 hours. Every joint and muscle ached, I had a splitting headache, and a temperature of 38.8°C. And I had some pretty strong pain killers and still felt terrible.

Some 52.4% of people have reported adverse reactions to the AZ vaccine.

1. The 16.5% of Covid-19 cases having blood clots is obviously dodgy because only about 5% - 10% of cases globally receive hospitalisation treatment for Covid-19.

2. Yes it's possible the infection rate in Czechia could rise, but it's also likely Australia's infection rate would be nothing close to Czechia's.

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Chinese Temperatures and War

From Jim Church

In light of the many findings presented in this paper, it would appear that temperatures in this portion of the Shanxi Province of China are no warmer than during the Medieval Warm Period and not quite as warm as the Sui-Tang Warm Period, revealing there is nothing unusual, unnatural or unprecedented about modern temperatures and that rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations are having little, if any, impact on them. Wang et al.'s work also demonstrates that social unrest and war are far more likely to occur when temperatures are cooling as opposed to warming, which relationship is in direct contrast to that promoted by climate alarmists.

A 4000-Year Record of Climate and War in China

As shown in the figure, although there have been multiple centennial-scale fluctuations, there has been an overall decline in temperature over the 4000 year record, which finding is not surprising, given that the record begins at the warmest interval of the current interglacial period, or Holocene. Notable warm events in the record include what the authors refer to as the Sui-Tang Warm Period (1270-1040 cal yr BP), the Medieval Warm Period (~970-570 cal yr BP) and the modern warm period, during which times the percent cold taxa reached a similar low of around 15%, suggesting comparable warmth. Notable cold events, in contrast, included the Chinese Period of Disunity (~1700-1270 cal yr BP), the Era of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms (~1040-970 cal yr BP) and the Little Ice Age (~570-270 cal yr BP), the latter of which periods had the highest percent of cold taxa in the chironomid reconstruction (~65%) and was thus likely to have been the coldest interval of the 4000-year record.

In examining the relationship between climate (their chironomid temperature proxy and an independent pollen-based reconstruction from the same lake by Chen et al., 2015) and societal change, Wang et al. report that wars "occurred more frequently when temperature and precipitation decreased abruptly," although war events were more strongly correlated with temperature than precipitation. And in this regard, the most severe era of war events occurred during the coldest period of the record, i.e., the Little Ice Age.

With respect to population, Wang et al. report that "an increase [in population] often occurred during warm periods," which provided relief to the harsh economic pressures brought about by poor crop harvests during colder periods, when yields were reduced by as much as 50%. Not surprisingly, reduced crop yields during cold eras would trigger higher food prices and famine, creating "large numbers of homeless refugees and outbreaks of plague," eventually resulting in "wars and social unrest which acted to reduce the population size."

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More Vaccine Doubts

Timothy Birdnow

Another top doctor is very disturbed by the Covid vaccination policies.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark with this insistence everyone get this shot.

Thanks to Chester McAteer.

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