November 30, 2017

Lauer's a Drag

Jack Kemp

If Matt Lauer wasn't weird enough on the air, how about these female Halloween costumes he wore, dressed as JLo, Paris Hilton and a Baywatch Babe (Pamela Anderson?) with some obvious differences in bottom front of the swimsuit.

See more here and here.

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Lower with Lauer

Dana Mathewson

Here's one from Fox News today that doesn't exactly make Lauer look good. 

OTOH, there's always a "liberated woman" who takes the other view.

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Both Men and Women Can Be Sexual Predators

Fay Voshell

Men accused of sexual taint continue to be beheaded by the media, falling like aristocrats trundled to the guillotine. The latest in the tumbrel full of miscreants to go under the blade is Matt Lauer, who was fired from NBC’s Today show for sexual misconduct. Apparently, Lauer’s tribe numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

Or more.

But just as it seems every man is a predator and every woman has been wrongfully fondled, there is a small cloud on the horizon that augers a storm. The cloud may portend a new revolution.


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The Best Protection for Women

Timothy Birdnow

Fox News has a real gem in Todd Starnes:

A government shutdown would ensure the safety of female congressional staffers. #ToddStarnesShow

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A Month of Miracles

Jack Kemp

Nov. 19th started the Hebrew month of Kislev, the Month of Miracles. So far it is living up well to its name.

By the way, Matt Lauer is banned from tonight's Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting. So you can watch it on tv without being grossed out or snickering at NBC.

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Lauer's Olympian Ideal

Jack Kemp

Matt Lauer allegedly sexually
assaulted staffer during Olympics

What is Matt Lauer's favorite Olympic sport?


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A Clinton Misinterpretation

Jack Kemp

When Bill Clinton was told as President, he should be a role model, he misunderstood. He went out and rolled models in the hay.

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Why Mooch will Run

Dana Mathewson

Dear Lord, deliver us! This was passed along by Eddie, and I'm sending this along and replying to him at the same time.

Maybe she'll be the next liberal to have been discovered sexually abusing somebody. This morning it was revealed that Matt Lauer was the latest.

I won't bother to send this to Friend Ken, because he'll just give his usual "the country's not ready for a woman president" wheeze. I'll admit I don't think the country's ready for THIS woman, or at least I hope they're not!

Jack Kemp replies:

I don't think that so many whites will be lined up to vote for Moochelle after the NFL taking a knee to half empty stadiums. This anti-NFL protest is like The Tea Party part 3 (Trump being part 2). It's becoming a lot clearer that these black scolds are anti-white racists.

And from Dana Mathewson

Right. And we saw last year just what happened to a candidate who supposedly represented B. Obama's "legacy." I don't think it will work that much better for one who even shares his name. Yes, she'd get more black votes, but fewer white ones, as you say.

Tim's 2 cents:

I don't know enough about her to say for certain, but she IS the only game in town for the Donkeys and she strikes me as power mad too. I despise the woman for her obvious hypocrisy and sense of entitlement.

Jack, I think you are right; the country won't want her. We can't keep going to the past - especially a past that just wasn't that great. People supported Obama because he was the first Black President, but I suspect nobody was very happy with him and Michelle will just be more of the same. Trump's election was a sign that the public was sick of identity politics and rule by elites. Michelle, coming from her position as political royalty, is clearly an elite

Jack Kemp responds:

Yes, Michelle Obama is the woman who said that she was only prowd of America while her husband was President. And she once in 2009 wore a pair of $540 tacky sneakers to a poor person's shelter. I think she still doesn't get it. I could see her campaigning by taking a knee (or supporting those that do) at NFL games.

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Another article about Keillor's firing -- with a truly indispensable photo of him

Dana Mathewson

It also details an NPR executing getting the axe. Will wonders never cease?

This from Jack Kemp

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CNN Crybabies, er, Reporters, Will Boycott WH Christmas Party

Dana Mathewson

Can you believe it? The photo is worth accessing the link. Also Sarah Sanders' tweet.

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November 29, 2017

Keillor Fired for Sexual Misconduct

Timothy Birdnow

And down goes Garrison Keillor

Guess he's heading for Lake Woebegone.

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What About Dunham?

By the way, since everyone now wants to take sex abusers to task, what about Lena Dunham? She admitted that she used to sexually abuse her baby sister. Maybe instead of writing about Harvey Weinstein, she should occupy a prison cell with him.

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Alien Life Discovered on ISS?

Timothy Birdnow

A Russian cosmonaut claims he has found alien bacteria on the outside of the International Space Station.


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Moore Accuser has ties to drug dealer, WaPo

Timothy Birdnow

Recently we published an article from our contributor Selwyn Duke about Faye Gray, the Gadsden Alabama ex-cop who has made accusations against Roy Moore. Selwyn contacted the woman and found she was a radical leftist who hated Moore and had an ax to grind. She has been portrayed as a disinterested party by the media.

She has never claimed direct knowlege; just says she was warned to be on the lookout for Moore around schools and the like. When pressed she has nothing definite, no names or dates.

Well, this story keeps getting stranger.

Gateway Pundit is reporting that the woman's brother was a drug dealer and Moore sent him to jail years ago.


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Matt Lauer fired from "Today Show" over sexual behavior

Jack Kemp

Holy Cow! This is stunning!

NBC has fired news anchor Matt Lauer over sexual harassment allegations by an employee, the network’s president for news said in a memo to his staff on Wednesday.
The "Today” show host was canned for "inappropriate workplace conduct,” according to NBC Chairman Andy Lack.
"On Monday night, we received a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by Matt Lauer. It represented, after serious review, a clear violation of our company’s standards. As a result, we’ve decided to terminate his employment,” Lack wrote.

Read the rest!

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I see a fine new Christmas movie

Jack Kemp

Recently I saw a film called "The Man Who Invented Christmas," about the backstory of how Charles Dickens came to write (quite quickly and under pressure) the novella "A Christmas Carol" which has become, as you know, a most beloved movie about how spiritual values confront cynacism and pessimism and...well...humbug.

I actually was assigned to read this story cover to cover in a private school in Eighth Grade. I can still recall the half size pages and the roughly 128 page count. I considered the story a moving religious allegory. After seeing the movie trailer and reading short reviews online, there was a part of me that was fascinated by the description of Dickens, the writer. This is a story about a man with a growing family who, after "Oliver Twist," had three books in a row not well received by the public. And at this same time he bought a too grand home for his wife and children. How Dickens struggled to overcome his money problems and how he used his relationships to build and shape literary characters in a new inspiring story is quite a tale. The veteran senior actor Christopher Plummber plays a ghostlike "Scrooge" come to life and is Dicken's Devil's Advocate, his anti-Muse, as it were. The setting is a beautifully recreated 19th Century London. And the story, while addressing Dickens' own fears and poverty wrenched childhood memories, brings everything together in a reconciliation at the end involving both Dickens and his own father's flights of fancy.

This is a gritty back story to the Christmas tale which has its own share of cynicism and difficulties. There is no secret on how this story ends happily. But the secret is in the process of how this story evolves in its creation, in how Charles Dickens all but literally writes his own life.

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November 28, 2017

Split Vote in Alabama would Benefit Moore

Timothy Birdnow

A quick thought on Lee Busby, the ex aid to Gen. John Kelly who is running as an independent write-in candidate for the Senate in the Alabama election.  Why would his candidacy take votes away from Moore?  He's running as a centrist, which would seem to benefit Moore. Alabama is not a moderate, RINO-loving state.

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Earthquakes Increasing as Planet's Rotation Slows; Donald Trump to Blame

Timothy Birdnow

The Earth's rotation is expected to slow down next year, triggering an increase in earthquakes. according to new research by the University of Colorado Boulder.

According to an article in Livescience:

""The numbers of earthquakes that have occurred each year in the past century are well known. The changes in Earth's rotation rate are also well known," study co-author Roger Bilham, a geophysicist at the University of Colorado Boulder, said in an email to Live Science. "All we have done is to compare these two well-known lists of numbers and report an interesting and useful relationship

The basic idea is that as the Earth's spin slows slightly, the equator shrinks. However, tectonic plates don't shrink as easily, meaning the edges of the plates get squeezed. Although this amount of squeezing isn't huge, it does put added stress on plate boundaries that are already under stress, where earthquakes are more likely, Bilham said more...

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Ecology does not Explain Economics

Timothy Birdnow

So now trees show us that socialism is good. Crazy liberal scientists are actually making that claim.

According to an article in physorg:

"The laws of nature are what drive wealth inequality within a given society – unless society takes action to counteract their effect, such as by adopting laws on taxation. The larger the scale, the greater the inequality. Today's globalisation trend is thus a process that naturally reinforces inequality. At the same time, globalisation also makes it more difficult to provide societal counterbalance


"Economically speaking, most societies are dominated by a small elite. In the same way, communities in nature are typically dominated by a small portion of the total number of species. "It's estimated that 1 percent of the world's population own half of total wealth. In the Amazon, 1 percent of tree species account for half of all biomass. Our work shows that this curious fact may be more than just coincidence," according to Marten Scheffer. "In this special collaboration between economic historian Bas van Bavel and our Wageningen team, we have demonstrated that major similarities exist between the patterns of inequality in nature and society. Inequality naturally grows as scale increases."

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EPA Propoganda and Lawbreaking

Timothy Birdnow

The BHO's EPA broke the law by using social media to gin up support.  From Judicial Watch:

Judicial Watch Obtains Records from EPA Showing Obama Agency’s Illegal Use of Social Media Platform for Propaganda

‘I don’t want it to look like EPA used our own social media accounts to reach our support goal’ – EPA Director of Web Communications

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch obtained 900-pages of documents from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which reveal the agency’s use of the mass-sharingThunderclap social media platform to covertly promote its policies in violation of federal law.

Read it in it's entirety!

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