February 28, 2022

Climate Change to Blame for Ukraine

James Doogue discusses the role of Climate Change in the Ukrainian War:

There's no doubt global warming is to blame. Or at least the focus on global warming.

The useful idiots for Russia, China, North Korea and Islamic States have been curtailing economic growth and distracting from strategic defence by claiming human CO2 emissions for alleged catastrophic global warming.

The useful idiots in high levels of government, including many of the leaders in the West, have given Russia the opportunity to improve their economic position relative to the West.

While Russia grew their economy and defence ability on the back of growing their fossil fuel production, the West have focussed on reducing CO2 emissions, which hamstrings economic growth, and places defence expenditure at the bottom of the list.

Tim adds:

Amen James. It's clear that Putin is flush with cash from oil and gas, a result of Europe eschewing those necessary commodities. And Europe won't defend Ukraine now because they are afraid Russia will cut off natural gas in mid-winter. What Russia and China see is we have voluntarily tied one hand behind our backs. Our Western liberals see it as virtue, they see it as weakness. Weakness begets attack, always has.

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NZ Supreme Court Ends Vax Mandate

James Doogue

Too late for all those who were coerced into being vaccinated in NZ.

This is a good reason to have a Bill of Rights in Australia.

New Zealand High Court ENDS Jacinda Ardern’s Vaccine Mandate: "It’s a Gross Violation of Human Rights”

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It's all about the Petroleum

Steven Chase

In 2021, the U.S. imported an average of 209,000 barrels PER DAY of crude oil and 500,000 barrels PER DAY of other petroleum products from Russia.

Biden is either 1. Stupid, 2. Corrupt, 3. Compromised, or 4. Evil

Oil and Petroleum Imports from Russia Explained

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February 27, 2022

Biden Gave China Intel Which They Gave to Russia

Timothy Birdnow

Incompetence or did he want Russia to have this?

Report: Biden admin gave China intelligence on Russia in bid for help — then China handed it off to Russia

According to an eye-opening new report from the New York Timespublished Friday, the Biden administration since late last year endeavored to enlist Chinese assistance, only to have its plan turned on its head.

Unnamed U.S. officials told the Times that over the past three months, senior administration officials arranged urgent meetings with Beijing during which they shared intelligence showing Russia's troop build-up on the Ukraine border in hopes that China would step in and tell Russia not to invade.

Each time, the officials said the Chinese rebuffed the Americans, playing coy about Russia's intentions — and at least one time, the Chinese turned around to hand over the intelligence to Moscow.

"After one diplomatic exchange in December, U.S. officials got intelligence showing Beijing had shared the information with Moscow, telling the Russians that the United States was trying to sow discord — and that China would not try to impede Russian plans and actions," the Times reported.

Where is this story on cable news?

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Secret Service "Loses" Hunter Biden Travel Records

Timothy Birdnow

Well isn't this convenient.

Secret Service says it can't find Hunter Biden travel records for 2010, 2011, or 2013

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China Begins Moves on Taiwan

Timothy Birdnow

So it begins.

#BREAKING:🚨Amid Russia-Ukraine conflict, China announces "military exercises" in the #SouthChinaSea across a 6-nautical-mile-radius from Sunday to Tuesday. pic.twitter.com/qMqDTQz1BG

— OSINT Updates 🚨 (@OsintUpdates) February 26, 2022

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The Great Compromise

Michael Smith

Tim adds:

Well said. Civilization was not something anyone wanted. It was a necessity, born of the need for security and material wants. For a million years humanity lived as hunter-gatherers in small tribes. They starved in winter. They were cold then, and hot in summer. They were always fearful of being raided. They had to make everything themselves. It was not an entertaining way to live. With the coming of agriculture we found a way to thrive, but the land can be a terrible tyrant. Cities were born, and then empires. Finding the balance between a central power and human autonomy was very difficult, and usually ended in statism or barbarism. Western Civilization found that balance, albeit a shaky one. Concerns with rights and liberties couple with loyalty to one's people, one's country and kin. But it is a messy process, something that a lot of people do not like. There are people who want everything sorted, organized, pidgeon-holed. Sadly, the increasing complexity of our civilization favors those who want that and they are imposing their vision on the rest of us.

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Russian Drilling in Mexico

This from Christopher Lee:

All the carbon demonizing left is doing is guaranteeing more profit for despotic regimes.
The oil is going to be extracted.

Russia has no EPA equivalent. Frankly no other country does.

Russia's Lukoil Completes Purchase of Stake in Offshore Oil Project in Mexico

Btw: this is the Gulf of Mexico. Russia is going to be drilling right off our shores.

We aren’t allowed to expand our own efforts there.

Guess which underwater oil formations will be drained while we not only sit and watch them do it but we PAY MORE FOR IT because of wrong-headed green new dealers.

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Abiotic Gas and Oil

Richard Cronin

There are no "fossil fuels”. Gas and oil do not come from squished trees. Go to Google Scholar and enter "Abiotic Hydrocarbons abiogenesis” and confine the search to 2021. Your computer screen will be flooded with papers of Serpentinization (producing Hydrogen) plus methanation of CO (& oil) via Fischer-Tropsch reactions and methanation of CO2 (& oil) via Sabatier reactions also producing methane and oil. All planets do the same.

How much ? Unimaginable! Most of it just spews out of hydrothermal vents or seeps out of the ocean floor, where the crust is thinnest.

And we have a hernia over natural gas ?

Methane vented at ground level is just decomposed by photodissociation in the upper atmosphere (MAK Khalil 1988).

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1 in 20 Vaxxed Germans End Up in the Hospital


German health insurance provider BKK Pro Vita is claiming that 1 in 20 Germans stabbed with covid vaccine are requiring hospitalization because of it. Selwyn Duke at The New American reports .

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February 26, 2022

No Warmth in Canada

Timothy Birdnow

Global Warming? Not in Canada this year:

Canada Sets a Slew of Record Low Temperatures

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Data Doesn't Support Harsh Pandemic Response - We Must Have A Royal Commission

James Doogue

If I catch a cold or flu I won't need a test to tell me I'm not well and should stay home. If this pandemic has taught me anything it is that personal decisions and personal hygiene has the greatest impact on the spread of disease.

Even with Omicron being rife most people who think they need to be tested and have a RAT produce a negative result. But the continued unnecessary scare campaign about Covid-19 has people getting tested at the slightest sniffle.

We don't know exactly how many RATs are being done, because only positive tests are reported. But it's estimated that only about 1 in 100,000 RATs test positive.

Lots of occupations are required to do RATs daily, some weekly. In one article the ABC claimed various pharmacy groups, warehouses and retailers, were selling 4.75 million RATs a week to private companies and individuals. Federal and state governments have already supplied 210 million RATs to public hospitals, testing clinics and the federal and state public service authorities and schools in January and February.

Assuming Government authorities are providing supplies to cover peak needs say 3 months in advance, and wholesalers are sticking 2 month's supply in advance, then a very conservative guestimate is that between 5 and 10 million RATs are being done in Australia each week.

In most states it is compulsory to report all positive RAT results. If you have symptoms, most states provide RAT kits for up to 5 tests spaced out to check when you are clear.

In some circumstances you are required to have a PCR test. States are averaging about 560,000 PCR tests per week with just 4.3% returning a positive result currently.

From the 5.5m - 10.5m Covid-19 tests currently carried out weekly, (multiple times on many people), only about 140,000 tests are positive. Which is 1.3% - 2.5%.

Who knows how many asymptomatic people aren't tested. Or people who feel a little off, who don't bother getting tested but would be Covid-19 positive?

I know quite a few people who only knew they had Covid-19 from a routine close contact or obligatory occupational Covid-19 test.

Some have gone on to develop typical cold and flu symptoms, some have had no systems, and some complain of lethargy or fatigue. The latter group may just be spending too much time watching TV as they are forced to isolate.

We've now had 3.17 million cinfirmed cases of covid-19 in Australia. That's about 12.4% of the population. Or 12.4 per 100 people, have had confirmed Covid-19.

We have had just over 5,000 deaths 'with' Covid-19, with a median age of over 83yrs and an average of 2.7 serious co-morbidities.

Most of those cases have occurred in vaccinated people. Clearly the vaccine isn't great at stopping infection.

A very high percentage of the population who are vaccinated, and many unvaccinated people who wind up in hospital or die, have multiple co-morbidities.

It's possible vaccines might help people with serious co-morbidities from becoming hospitalised and dying. But it's very difficult to make the claim that vaccines stop healthy people from becoming hospitalised and dying from Covid-19, because vaccinated or not, healthy people with no comorbidities are not winding up in hospital and dying. That except for rare outliers who may have had an undiagnosed co-morbidity.

The only way the health authorities or media have been able to claim healthy young people can get seriously sick from Covid-19, is if they overlook obesity as a co-morbidity.

We don't have dead bodies stacked in the streets. Currently there are just over 200,000 active cases in Australia. Of those just 2,005 (1%) are hospitalised, with just 150 (0.07%) in ICU.

Australia's health system isn't collapsing, at least any more than it was before Covid-19, given the extra billions of dollars spent in the sector.

In Australia we have had a 99.84% survival rate, with the 0.16% death rate primarily made up of elderly people with serious co-morbidities.

There's absolutely no question that the State Governments over-reacted with harsh Covid restrictions and mandates and/or maintaining them for much longer than justified.

Untold damage has been done to our economy, massive debts incurred, and people's lives and livelihoods destroyed.

The single most important step taken in slowing the spread of the disease and allowing our health system to cope with Covid-19, was taken by the Federal Government when our international borders were closed.

We had leakage of the borders through States mismanaging hotel quarantine.

Vaccines, which were also provided by the federal government, not state government, has probably provided some protection to the part of the population who were always succeptible to covid-19, that is the elderly and medically vulnerable.

It was never necessary to lock down healthy people. All we ever had to do was help the elderly and medically vulnerable to isolate or wear effective PPE. Not the almost totally useless surgical or cloth masks which are still required in many venues.

Thanks to health bureaucrats and State Premiers drunk with power we will be entering the endemic phase of Covid-19 with hundreds of billions in debt, a weaker economy, a more divided society, and lives and livelihoods severely damaged or ruined.

This was done under the guise of 'keeping us safe'. That propaganda message is still being used by some State Premiers. Yet the data shows most people have little to fear from Covid-19. Despite this the scare campaign is sadly still believed by a large part of the public because they've only ever heard the one-sided message from the government and media in lockstep.

Even so, surely even a cocky state premier like Mark McGowan in Western Australia, who claims other states have managed Covid-19 poorly, wouldn't claim the government response to Covid-19 at a state and federal level was perfect?

Surely nearly every section of the community would like to see some things handled differently when another pandemic hits?

This is why we must demand a Royal Commission be held by the federal government into all aspects of the pandemic response.

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Collateral Damage

Timothy Birdnow

This is how wars spread.

This  courtesy of Andrei Piriutko:


Turkish bulk carrier YASA JUPITER was hit by either air strike or missile off Odessa, Black sea, on Feb 24, while en route from Dnepro-Bugskiy to Constanta Romania. According to Turkish MRCC, the ship sustained damages in cargo hold area, but she remained under way, continued voyage. Crew are, thankfully, safe.

Bunker tanker MILLENIAL SPIRIT was fired upon 12 nm south of Yuzhniy port, Ukraine, Black sea, in the afternoon Feb 25. Tanker was damaged, communication lost, last AIS dated 0930 UTC Feb 25.

Japanese bulk carrier NAMURA QUEEN was hit by a missile on Feb 25 at "Yizhniy Port” outer Anchorage, Ukraine, Black sea. Superstructure was hit, inflicting serious damages. 2 crew members were injured. There was fire, but it is already extinguished.

By the end of the day MILLENIAL SPIRIT is said to suffer fire, destroyed lifeboats, other equipment, and crew reportedly, abandoned the ship.
Overall, by evening Feb 25 shells, bombs and missiles hit at least 3 ships, including Turkish bulk carrier YASA JUPITER, bunker tanker MILLENIAL SPIRIT, and Japanese bulk carrier NAMURA QUEEN.

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Tin Foil

Timothy Birdnow

And now for some tinfoil hat stuff.

First, I hardly ever link to Alex Jones website. While he does some good journalism he often goes into the flying saucer anal probing type stuff, and I steer clear as I tend to disbelieve it.

But a stopped clock is right twice a day. Perhaps this is too.

Russia Strikes Target U.S. Run Biolabs in Ukraine

Well, we KNOW the U.S. has been playing around with dangerous viruses; it's established Covid came from a Chinese bio lab funded in part by the U.S. to circumvent the ban on "Gain of Function" research. It is conceivable we've been doing this research in the Ukraine, which is a corrupt country crazy enough to do it.

Apparently the U.S. has several labs under its Orwellian named Biological Threat Reduction Program.

If I were Putin I would want to destroy these labs too.

And it got me to wondering if all of the missiles striking Ukraine are in fact Russian. I wonder if we haven't lobbied a few things at some of these labs to burn them out before the Red Army gets there.

In other conspiracy theories, the Blaze speculates that there are documents that may need shredding:

DNC Corruption: What's on the Hacked Democratic Computer Server in Ukraine?

This is the same server that fired-FBI Director James Comey and the Justice Department have been looking for as part of the Russia investigation. If it was so important then, why shouldn't President Trump be looking for it now?

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February 25, 2022

You Don't Own Your Tesla

This courtesy of Franz Unterreiner:

You Don't Own Your Tesla

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Biden is Not too SWIFT

Timothy Birdnow

This is absolutely correct. Suspend Russia from SWIFT and their economy will shrink faster than a bottle of fixodent from Biden's medicine cabinet.

So why hasn't the Brandon Administration taken this course of action?

Why have they not taken steps to reduce the price of oil and gas? That is the primary funding for the Russians. It's what made Putin end the invasion of Georgia.

Why isn't he stopping Russia vessels in the Bosporus or the Baltic sea?

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Russia Arrests Anti-War Protesters

Timothy Birdnow

The longer this goes on in Ukraine the harder it will be for Putin to pull it off.

UN condemns arrest of more than 1,800 Russian anti-war protesters

So where was the U.N. when people protesting the theft of the American Presidency were arreested and held without trial? Where was the U.N. when Trudeau arrested a bunch of people peacefully protesting in Canada? Seems it is just a matter of whose ox is being gored.

Where was the U.N. when my friend and our contributor James Doogue was being arrested for protesting Covid lockdowns in Australia?

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Chechen Assassins in Ukraine

Steven Schueler

Squad of Chechen special forces 'hunters' is unleashed in Ukraine to detain - or kill - Kyiv officials.

Tim adds:

This is vaguely reminiscent of the "bounty" supposedly put on U.S. troops by Putin. Actually, it's pretty standard fare in modern warfare. But it is a nasty trick no matter how one looks at it.

Putin is big on assassinations,

BTW. He's always poisoning people with radioactive material. So it's no surprise he's sending assassins in to kill Ukrainian officials.

A sword has two edges, I might add.Putin and his cronies better watch their backs.

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Millions Starving inAfghanistan


In case you missed the reports coming out of Afghanistan 23 million including 1 million children are starving to death. The nitwits overnight said that 5 million wont make through the winter. Go BIDEN!!!!! The official response from the newly formed and democrat approved afghan govt, "It will be allahs will if they starve". . https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/afghanistan-is-starving/

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February 24, 2022

Nero Fiddles

Steven Milloy

"You know, this is just more clueless timing,” Steve Milloy, a member of former President Donald Trump’s transition team in 2016, told reporters during a press call Thursday in reference to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

"We have this major situation going on, one that definitely affects us and what’s the White House doing?” Milloy said. "They’re trying to figure out how to cripple our economy with their pointless energy policy.”

White House to Hold First Ever 'Climate Denial Roundtable'

Tim adds:

Nero fiddles while Kiev burns.

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