February 29, 2024

The High Cost of Green

Cindi LaCourse Posey

More cost. I have always said this green agenda isn't cheap.

Pentagon is panicking over Biden’s proposal that would increase water costs by $10,000 per household - Washington Examiner

2c from Tim:

Part of it always was to transfer wealth, to make the rich richer and the middle class poor (and thus dependent).

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Global Warming Pet Gulag

Our contributor Mike directs our attention to this:

My thought is that the Global Warming gang may have cut their own throats by now going after household pets. I just cant see people standing by while the govt sends their pets off to the gulag.

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February 28, 2024

Thick Ice in Antarctica

Timothy Birdnow

I thought global warming was melting Antarctica.


"This year, the fast ice in McMurdo Sound was exceptionally thick due to the winds and temperature at the end of last season” said Lt. Cmdr. Don Rudnickas, operations officer. "It challenged our ship and our crew in almost every way, but we met those challenges to achieve our ultimate concern – the resupply of McMurdo Station by sea.”

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McConnell McGoing

Timothy Birdnow

The good news? Mitch McConnell, the rampaging RINO of the Senate, is stepping down from his position as Majority Leader come November.

The bad news is he isn't going away until he's up for re-election in 2027. So he plans to stay in control of the Senate Republicans through the entire Trump Presidency (assuming Mr. Trump wins.) He may not formally be the Majority/Minority leader but he will be the man who makes the decisions.

McConnell worked behind the scenes to screw Trump last time and now he'll just openly knife Trump in the back.

I imagine this is McConems way of quelling any potential rebellion against him by conservatives. Seehere and here.

Mitch jumped the shark when he tried to ram that faux immigration reform bill down America's collective throats and even some moderate Republicans realized he must go. So he announced he's leaving but not for three years. This, he hopes, will cool everyone's temper. I suspect he plans to run things from behind the scenes.

He needs to go NOW. It was his poor leadership that cost Republicans in the last two elections, not Donald Trump's. McConnell has always been fine with losing as long as his people remain in power.

We got rid of Romney's niece, Rona McDaniels. We got rid of Kevin McCarthy. Now it's time to take out the third Mc. He needs to be McGone.

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China Tampering with American Auto Industry

Carlos Velazquez

I'm a free market, free trade advocate with one exception, China, because they are not friends or allies or just a "country with a different system." China is our declared enemy. With democratic allies, I favor free trade.

I fully support all export bans and import tariffs on Chinese goods. Especially bans on anything electronic having to do with I.T. or with communications technology. Including soul sapping, addictive, spy apps like TikTok. Or any Chinese app like TEMU which is used to spy on US markets and consumer choices.

Almost as serious as security concerns is the fact that China is currently positioning itself to qualify for US government EV incentives by expanding EV manufacturing into Mexico and Brazil. As Elon Musk warns, if we allow cheap Chinese cars to be imported, it will be worse than Japan's takeover of the US's car market of the 70s. Cheap Chinese EVs and hybrids will bankrupt most if not all US car makers.

Elon Musk relied on China to fuel Tesla's rise. Now Beijing is turning on him.

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The Blind Leading the Blind

Jerry S Rainforth

What can explain how the most powerful in governments and intelligence agencies miss the obvious warning signs (9/11 and a host of others).

This is a thoughtful article.

"What can possibly explain a decision to ignore repeated training sessions several times a day, holes being dug and explosives being placed along the border? It couldn’t have been because they didn’t recognize or understand what was happening right before their eyes. It was because they had likely been told to ignore what their eyes were seeing (something which is being done quite a bit these days) and to trust the higher ups "who have the situation well in hand.”

The real reason for October 7 - political delusion

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Causes of Climate Change

Michael J. McGrath

CAUSES OF NATURAL CLIMATE CHANGE…… James Mcgrath, PE 14 Aug 2021 last revd 23 Jul 2022
1. VARIATIONS IN SOLAR INPUTS, especially SUNSPOTS – Every 11 years elevated sunspot activity occurs on the Sun and is transmitted to earth as heat.
2. PRECESSION – The Earth’s axis moves in a cycle that lasts 26,000 years during which time it varies by 23 degrees from the neutral axis which is perpendicular to the Suns rays. This changes the locations of deserts and forests.
3. ECCENTRICITY OF EARTHS ORBIT - Changes the distance from the Sun to Earth. This varies the amount of heat the Earth receives from the sun. It warms and cools the Earth, relatively. Called the Milankovich Cycle.
4. METEORS OR COMETS – Are plentiful but every so often can cause devastating changes in the Earth when they impact. One has been blamed for the extinction of the Dinosaurs at least in part.
5. VOLCANOS - Caused by tectonic plate movements, occur in unpredictable ways and have been known to create extreme global temperature variations. The eruption of Tambura caused the 1815 "Year without a Summer” with effects that lasted 3 years. There are approximately 1500 active volcanoes, 500 of which have erupted in modern times, and 60 of which are currently active in approx. 60 countries around the world. Yellowstone is a Super volcano that will really change the climate when it blows again…….. SUBMARINE VOLCANOS , or Seamounts, of which there are about 120 that have erupted in modern times, create about 75% of the magma of the Earth and also heat the oceans. Added by Stuart Munro.
6. SHIFTS IN THE EARTH’S MOLTEN CORE…. In unpredictable ways, changes the magnetic poles and moves them approximately 35 miles per year, and can lead to pole reversals every 7000 years.
7. GULFSTREAM (ancillary)– And other currents are generally consistent but variations of hundreds of miles can cause huge environmental changes.
8. JET STREAM SHIFTS (ancillary). They move heat energy in unpredictable ways.
9. INTERMITTENT INTERACTING CYCLES (ancillary) El Nina, El Nino, Atlantic Multi-Decadal, Pacific Multi-Decadal, Arctic/

Antarctic and Madden-Julian Oscillations, etal. Periodic variable Warming and Cooling effects of atmosphere and water throughout the world. Added by Jim Mundy.*
11. CONTINENTAL DRIFT – over the very long term.
12. MOON - Gravity sucks on all parts of the ocean and land and has world wide effects but localized based upon its immediate position. Added by Alecia Schmidt.
AS TO GLOBAL WARMING……….. The only measurements I have found are from NASA. They say that the Earth has warmed 1.53 deg F (+/ - ?deg tolerance) since 1880. That is 142 years. THE PRESUMPTIONS OF WARMERS ARE: 1. That this trend will continue forever; and 2. That man caused this heating problem; and, 3. That man can cool down the earth. They further discount the evidence of the history of recorded weather that show that changes are natural and cannot be shown to be caused by humans*. They are so certain of this that they are willing to spend trillions of dollars on these prognostications that are ruining our economy. … MANMADE GLOBAL WARMING IS A GUESS, UPON A GUESS , UPON A GUESS........ AND NEEDS TO BE STOPPED.

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What's Wrong with Climate Alarmism

Richard Cronin

I’m a bit biased here but I’m a a Chemical Engineer and Thermodynamics is taught as a part of Chemistry — not Physics nor Geology.

The outlandish idea of CO2 "trapping heat”, at a minimum, violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Energy flows from a point of higher potential to a point of lower potential. Earth’s surface and atmosphere is warm. Outer space is very cold. The Earth does not exist inside an enclosure of glass panes.

Gilbert Plass was a physicist. Gavin Schmidt of GISS is a mathematician.

Michael Man obtained a B.A. in applied mathematics and physics. MS in physics, Master of Philosophy in physics, a MPhil geology, PhD geology & geophysics.

James Hansen obtained a B.A. in physics and mathematics in 1963, an M.S. in astronomy in 1965 and a Ph.D. in physics in 1967.

Roger Revelle obtained a B.A. & M.S. in geology, and a PhD in oceanography. He was a prime player in taking CO2 measurements on the north face of Mauna Loa volcano and along the way changed his analytical measurements from wet chemistry to IR instruments.

Al Gore obtained a B.A. in Government Studies from Harvard. The only science course Gore ever took was under Roger Revelle and he really got the religion from Revelle. Al Gore subsequently attended Vanderbilt University to be a minister but he lost interest (or flunked out) to become a politician.

In later years when Revelle started to express some doubts about man-made climate change and the significance of meager changes in CO2, Al Gore turned on his mentor and called him senile.

Dr. Terry Isson is a geochemist. I like guy already.


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February 27, 2024

Court Rules Against Alien Voting in NY

Timothy Birdnow

A court has stayed a New York City law that would have allowed non-citizens to vote in municipal elections.

This will stop 800,000 aliens from voting in Gotham.

Think about that; over three quarters of a million people who cannot vote being allowed to tamper with elections there.

The Sour Apple can appeal the ruling to the state supreme court.

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No Bail for Man Who accused Biden of Taking Bribes

Timothy Birdnow

No bail for whstleblower Alexander Smirnoff, who is being prosecuted for allegedly lying to the FBI about Biden bribery.

The judge in the case is ordering the man held without bond until after his trial.

The double standard is astonishing.

The  whole point  of this sort of thing is to have a chilling effect on any other whistleblower - no other reason. It is to crush enemies of Der Fumbler.

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Gravity and Climate

Richard Cronin

More stuff about changes to Earth’s orbital eccentricity, this time as our solar system passes by another star, and thus changing our climate.

Millions of Years Ago, Stars Passed in the Night—and Changed Earth’s Climate

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The Return of the "Cold From Warmth" Meme

John Lees

I joined a pro-climate-alarm group, for some odd reason.
One of the admins posted a meme in which they promoted the theory that extreme cold in the N. Hemisphere is caused by warming. That's a now popular idea. That cold is caused by warming.
So, I posted the National Geographic illustration from the late 1970's in which it is explained that such extreme cold should be expected to result, not from warming, but from cooling.
So, that was the theory back then. That cooling causes more cold.

Tim adds:

I wrote about this some years back. https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2010/12/snow_blind.html and at my own site. http://tbirdblog.blogspot.com/2012/02/its-not-cold-because-its-warm-judah.html

Climatologist Judah Cohen was the prophet of this notion, that it's "cold because it's hot".

He belleved warming is causing more snow, which is being trapped in the Himalayas and leading to dropping temperatures as the snow reflects more sunlight.

To quote myself:

"Also, if warming is causing an increase in ice in Siberia, why is the Greenland glacier not growing? Look; the AO moves water vapor in a circular pattern around the Arctic, and while this could mean more snow in Siberia, it should equally mean more snow in Greenland, in Svalbard, on Novaya Zemla. Cohen's argument is that the Himalayan peaks create a pool where snow can be deposited, but Greenland forms a similar barrier. If Siberia is gaining ice then why isn't Greenland doing likewise?

If I may quote my American Thinker piece:

"Several points to ponder here; first, Arctic sea ice has melted in the past. For example, George Ifft, the American consul at Bergen, Norway, reported in 1922 the disappearance of icebergs, seals, and glaciers in general in both the sea and on land. Hunters and fishermen reported a dearth of ice as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes, and warm waters to a depth of 3,100 meters. Strangely, we did not witness this extra cold and snow that Cohen has predicted.

One must also question the assertion that Global Warming (alias Climate Change, alias Global Climate Disruption, alias Global Climate Flatulence) is responsible for melting Arctic ice. As Roger Pielke Sr. has pointed out, if carbon dioxide were driving Arctic melt we should see changes in the thaw and freeze dates -- earlier thaws and later freezes. We see nothing of the sort. And, despite claims to the contrary by James Hansen, we have seen no statistical warming since 1995 -- and that according to Phil Jones, he of the CRU scandal at that!

Furthermore, what do we mean by unusual weather events? We have had blizzards -- many of them -- in the past, and will continue to have them in the future. What is different is that now we are studying every patch of the globe intently, using satellites (and satellite data has only been available since the end of the '70's) and other high-tech gadgets. Are these really unusual weather patterns or simply things we are only now noticing? For example, Sioux Falls, SD received 21 inches of snow in the blizzard of 1909, and 20 inches in 1917. The snowiest year on their record was 1968, when they received 96 total inches.

You will notice that the year of drastic snow melt in the Arctic -- 1922 -- did not make honorable mention there. In fact, Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Area (SCA) in winter did rise by the end of the 1920's, not during the melt of 1921, according to the IPCC and as of 2005 was down considerably. If Arctic ice melt is causing more snow, then we should see this happen when the Arctic is ice free. The IPCC's own work shows less snow in spring and summer, I might add."

End excerpt.

And here is a graph of Northern Hemisphere snowcover since 1967.

Please note that 1978 saw a spike in snow cover in Eurasia - during a cold period, not a warm period. It does show an increase in snowfall in recent years - to early 1970's levels. Mr. Cohen's theory is predicated on increased temperatures leading to more water vapor in the atmosphere to fall as snow. But it is the cold periods that show increased snowfall historically. Also, we have been in a period without rising temperatures, a break in global warming. Why is snowfall increasing now?

The reality is Cohen is just another theoretician using computer models that do not explain reality."

End quote.

I didn't bother to go into the fact that water vapor is earth's primary GREENHOUSE GAS and as such actually warms the planet.

People who believe "it's cold because it's hot" are likely to have hidden under their beds from Martians after listening to Orson Wells.

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February 26, 2024

Wade Led Willis' Transition Team

Timothy Birdnow

Nathan Wade,the boy-toy of Big Fani Willis in Georgia, was much more involved than we've been led to believe; he was making decisions about firing career people in the prosecutors office during Willis' transition.

From Breitbart:

The revelation of Wade’s previously unreported position as the former personnel decision-maker for the District Attorney’s Office raises ethical and conflict of interestconcerns. It also raises questionsabout whether Wade and Willis have been forthright about the timeline of their affair.

"Wade is a prosecutor on the Trump case and he selected the office employees,” a source told Breitbart News.

Wade led a transition team of ten to twelve people who interviewed and evaluated current employees to remain in Willis’ newly won office just weeks after she won the election in November, said the sources, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution due to their direct knowledge of theenvironment inside the District Attorney’s Office, which they characterized as "corrupt.”

Wade and Willis claim she barely knew him until after she hired him to lead the prosecution of Donald Trump. So we know THAT claim was a lie - and as they both made the claim under oath it was an act of perjury.

I hope they do more than just administrative punishment. She needs to serve time in prison.

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Haley's Money Pit

Timothy Birdnow

Loose Nikkers Haley spent $8 million in her home state while Trump clobbered her on a meager $370 thousand.

Talk about a poor return on your investment!

No Labels wants to run her on their third party ticket. Good luck with that. She  couldn't win a single Republican primary.

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Coke Defends "Be Less White" Campaign

Cindy Schumacher

Try to put less high fructose corn syrup in your condescension.

Coca-Cola, Facing Backlash, Defends 'Be Less White' Learning Plan

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Climate Change; a Many Splendored Tjomg

Richard Cronin

I’m pretty confident in Tidal Heating due to Milankovitch cycles ripping open the Tonga Trench or the Peru/Chile Trench as the drivers of the short term weather conditions. El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO).

The longer term climate change events are due to Gravity Waves emanating from the active Galactic Core, which also exhibits wave-like behavior.

Many astrophysicists describe major cosmic ray events as causing major increase in cloud formation and thrusting the Earth as well all as causing by the eruptions of the Tambora eruption and Mount Pinatubo eruption to a cooling event.

Venus & Jupiter elongate the Earth's orbital eccentricity on a 405,000 year cycle and these conditions affect our climate. Kent & Olsen, Rutgers, May, 2018

Earth’s Orbital Changes Have Influenced Climate, Life Forms For at Least 215 Million Years

Tim adds:

I agree. And gravity waves influence what's happening insde the sun too and THAT undoubtedly influences our climate in ways that are as yet unclear. We've only scratched the surface of what makes climate tick.

Magnetic effects too. I don't think we really understand how things like solar magnetic storms or magnetic reconnect events influence our weather/climate but I have little doubt they do.

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February 25, 2024

Biden, U.N. at Bottom of Illegal Invasion

Timothy Birdnow

The United Nations is colluding with Joe Biden to promote the invasion of the United States, according to the former director of Panama's border service.

Oriel Ortega blames the U.N., saying it goes back to a 2016 scheme to manage immigration in the U.N. He saw a major jump in aliens moving from Surinam and Ecuador through Panama (neither have any entry restrictions). He says it goes directly back to the 2016 changes to international immigraiton laws.

The U.S. is funding this too - to the tune of $1.3 BILLION last year just handed to the United Nations for immigration resettlement aid.

We are being colonized by the corrupt international bodies and nobody wants to stop it. Nay, Biden has taken every step to import as many aliens into America as he can stuff.

This must end. If the Federal government won't take action the states must follow the lead of Texas and do the job themselves. If the courts restrain them then it's time to openly defy the courts. This is about our very survival as a country.

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NOW Biden Supports the Cops

Timothy Birdnow

The first time any Democrat has wanted to support the police - just this isn't our "local" police.


Biden demanded Israel stop targeting Hamas "police". Bibi told Biden to pound sand.

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Phantom Fears

"The people, being deceived with a false imagination of good, do many times solicit their own ruin, and run the commonwealth upon infinite dangers and difficulties."

--Machiavelli, Discourses, Book I, Chap. 53.

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Haley Creamed by Trump in S. Carolina

Timothy Birdnow

Nikki Haley got annihilated in her home state, losingby 20 points in what should have been a given for the ex-Governor.

"Loose Nikkers" Haley vows to stay in the race to the bitter end, thus draining Trump's war chest and dividing the party. This proves she doesn't care about anything but Nikki Haley.

America will be well-served when she exits the national stage.

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