September 30, 2018

Plan to Decentralize the Internet

Jack Kemp forwards this:

Exclusive: Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the World Wide Web

With an ambitious decentralized platform, the father of the web hopes it's game on for corporate tech giants like Facebook and Google.

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Please Pray for America

Lloyd Marcus forwards his latest and asks us to pray for America:

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The Psychology of Dr. Ford

Jack Kemp

The "money quote" from the article that sums up the anger, mostly on the Ford side...

The encounter between Charlie Kirk and an unidentified woman in this video encapsulates the transference concept. Kirk is arguing a point about presumption of innocence, yet the woman says, "People like you are everything that is wrong with everything. You believe in s***ting on every woman in this country"¦ you are embarrassing to humanity, why on earth would you be here and do this to the women of this country?"
She doesn't see a person. She is engaging in transference and sees an abuser, because all men who do not immediately accept Ford's account, or are even on the fence, get an earful of transference vitriol directed at them.

What of the men who take Kavanaugh's side? There is transference here, too. American men place value in their accomplishments -  job, family, parent, husband, career, and reputation. To us, Kavanaugh represents the man who has accomplished great things and risks losing it all  and our identity along with it  to the injustice of being wrongly accused. Look to John Proctor in Arthur Miller's The Crucible.

The full article is here at

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How to debate "Democratic Socialists"

Jack Kemp forwards this:

Here's How To Successfully Debate A Democratic Socialist

As the democratic socialists become more prominent, both nationally and at our dinner tables, it's very likely you will find yourself debating one, like I did recently.

Read the rest!

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Bill Bennett rings in on the subject

Dana Mathewson

We can always count on Bill Bennett to have some good remarks on subjects like the current "matter of interest." Were I president, I'd want him close by. ill-stop-at-nothing-to-keep-him-off-supreme-court.html

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Dr. Ford is a Professional

David Dickinson

One thing I've not seen anyone address in the Ford allegations against Judge Kavanaugh is that Dr. Ford is a psychologist. If this is a hoax and her story is a complete fabrication, who better would know how far to go, what factors to include, what to exclude, what memories are the most compelling and what details need be left out because they can be used to dispute the allegation than a trained psychologist, particularly one with multiple degrees in the field? Dr. Ford certainly seemed to have a very selective memory and here's a point that stood out to me, that was missing. If Ford was assaulted at a party, remembered all the details about the encounter itself, the boys "ping-ponging off the walls", the music was turned up, the music was turned down, and most importantly that she thought she might "inadvertently" be killed, wouldn't she remember the getaway to freedom with exacting and lasting detail?


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Did Ford Simply Misunderstand?

Timothy Birdnow

As I see it, there are five possible scenarios in the Kavanaugh/Ford saga. They are:

1. Kavanaugh tried to rape her.

2. Something happened to Ford but she is mistaken in thinking it was Kavanaugh.

3. Ford is delusional.

4. Ford is mistaken.

5. Ford is lying.

we have discussed the fifth option to death, and I believe it is the most likely. Ford had a history - now well scrubbed from the internet - of left wing social activism. Oh, and that scrubbing suggests she or more likely her Democratic allies knew her radical views with impeach her credibility so they got rid of it. Professionally. Ford also had a reason to hold a grudge against Kavanaugh since his mother was the presiding judge who tossed her family out of their home in a bankruptcy case. There are no witnesses who corroborate her story, she can't remember exactly when this happened or where, all she knows for sure is it was Brett Kavanaugh. Suspicious. And she didn't come forward with this until now - although she was laying the groundwork in her couples therapy in 2012 when Mitt Romney was rumored to be looking at him for SCOTUS. The timing is hard to believe. Oh, and she told her therapist there were four boys present, not just Kavanaugh and Mark judge. Except she didn't use Kavanaugh's name, either.

Meanwhile, she left the other girl with a rapist, and told no one. Doesn't know how she got to the "party" or how she got home. Can 't really explain why she was still wearing a bathing suit after leaving the pool (where were her clothes?)

It should also be pointed out that she has co-authored over 14 studies on abortion or abortion treatments over the years. And her husband works for Big Pharma and Big Medical Equipment. There are reasons to believe she feared Kavanaugh on abortion, on Obamacare, and a host of other issues.

Sounds like one big, fat lie. Which means we can ignore number one as well.

Number two is possible. As has been pointed out, a fellow who looks a lot like Kavanaugh lived in a spot that seemed a likely place for the "gathering". She says she was sober "only one beer". Well, she was fifteen at the time (and it was illegal for her to drink so we know she's a lawbreaker) and this may well have been the first time she ever actually drank anything. How does she know she was sober? I knew a girl in college who could get quite drunk on one beer. If she was looped she may not have gotten the right person.

Which brings us to number three.

Many psychologists are a burger short of a Happy Meal themselves, and by her own admission she suffers from PTSD. Is it PTSD or is she suffering from psychosis? We don't know and we won't find out because medical records are sealed. One thing is certain, this was a "recovered memory" which so often have been shown to be false. Anyone remember the McMartin Preschool incident? All sort of children were claiming they were raped at McMartin because a psychologist began working with them. In the end a lot of them had "recovered memories" and truly believed it had happened. But luckily it was proven to be an artifact of the work of the psychologist, who was more zealous than careful.

Maybe nothing happened but she thinks it did. She could have had a vision, an hallucination. Also, she may have done more than drink a beer; the early eighties was a time of heavy marijuana use as well as other narcotics. She might have been tripping.

Or she might just be a crazy white woman.

Now we get to one that I think has a good deal of potential. Maybe she completely misinterpreted what occurred.

 Her description of the "assault" could be seen as something quite different. She says Kavanaugh grabbed her, threw her on the bed, climbed on top of her, covered her mouth, all the while Kavanaugh and Judge were laughing diabolically. The "rape" ended when Judge jumped on top of them both and they all fell to the floor at which point she got up and ran out of the room.

Sounds bad, doesn't it?

But what if it happened the way she described it but not the way she saw it? Teenagers roughhouse. It's a common thing for them to do. Now, Ford was three years younger than they, which in a few years wouldn't matter, but most 18 year old boys weren't that interested in 15 year old girls, at least when I was growing up. They were becoming men and these were still kids. How many seniors dated freshman in high school? I imagine there were a few, but not many. At least, it didn't happen much in my neck of the woods.

But that wouldn't prevent them from goofing around together. She might well have been fairly drunk and giggly, and - all in fun - got sassy with the boys, who gave chase while she ran. Nothing sexual, mind you, just roughhousing and the type of play boys and girls have indulged in for all of history. Yes, he might have grabbed her and tossed her on the bed. Yes, he might have gotten on top of her (as she squirmed and giggled) and he might have covered her mouth when she said she would scream (it would all be part of the game, and Kavanaugh figured she was just playing). Kavanaugh and Judge were laughing - playfully, not malevolently. And then Judge jumped on them in teenage fashion, and they all toppled to the floor.

The point is, they may have had every reason to think they were just goofing around. In fact, she probably saw it that way too, until later when she thought about it, or probably much later when she dove into academia where every touch that is not contracted and notarized is considered sexual assault. Kavanaugh and Judge may not remember this because it was not a memorable event, just teenagers acting goofy.

I think this scenario is the second most likely, next to her simply lying about it. Oh, she might be a crazy white woman, but it may be her lunacy is constructed on a foundation of innocent acts.

She might, just might, be mistaken.

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Sauce for Goose but Not for Gander -- again

Dana Mathewson

Here's a great Andy McCarthy article from Fox News.

Rest assured that if there’s a rumor that, in third grade, young Brett Kavanaugh yanked on the ponytails of the girl in the second row (war on women!), The New York Times, NBC News and phalanxes of their journalistic colleagues will be all over it.

Meanwhile, Rep. Beto O’Rourke had a pair of felony arrests in his mid-to-late 20s, including a reckless drunk-driving incident in which he crashed into a car and allegedly tried to flee from the scene. The cases appear to have mysteriously disappeared without serious prosecution, notwithstanding that O’Rourke continues to deny basic facts outlined in at least one police report.

So, what really happened? We don’t know. See, O’Rourke is a Democrat. [emphasis mine]

O’Rourke appears to be quite the character, notwithstanding the media’s indifference.

In the wee hours of the morn on Sept. 27, 1998, at age 26 (i.e., considerably older than Kavanaugh was at the time of his alleged misconduct), O’Rourke lost control of his car while speeding eastbound on route I-10 in El Paso. According to the police report, after he struck a truck, O’Rourke’s Volvo careened through the center median and finally screeched to a halt facing eastbound on the westbound side. Police say that O’Rourke attempted to flee from the scene of the crash but was stopped by a witness who, simultaneously, had to warn oncoming traffic of the danger.

When he was ultimately apprehended, O’Rourke told police he’d had only two beers. In reality, a breath test indicated a blood-alcohol level of 0.136, well above the 0.10 legal limit — a fact police discovered after he slurred his words so badly he could barely be understood and could not pass simple walking tests.


The point here, we should stress, is not that people can’t redeem themselves. The question is whether we should tolerate a blatant double standard in the media reporting on which we rely to make important decisions.

Yes! We've heard such things before, haven't we?

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September 29, 2018

Ford's Lawyers Done Her Dirty

Dana Mathewson, with hat tip to Eddie Engebretson
***(My best guess would be the DNC. They may be the one paying the billing charges in spite the claim of working pro bono - $530,000 in a gofundme website account not withstanding?

Fox News"

"As a result, the attorneys ostensibly representing Ford may have breached their client's trust and violated their ethical responsibility to act in her best interests. They may instead be motivated primarily by a desire to block President Trump's appointment of a conservative justice to the nation's highest court. An investigation of their conduct is warranted to determine if this is the case."

[...] more...

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Exhaust-ing ordeal

Dana Mathewson

I am embarrassed that this took place in Minnesota. California I could understand... ipe
(Not slammin' YOU, Brother David!)

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The Bizarre Testimony of Blasey Ford

Timothy Birdnow

here is a good one from ConservativeHQ. They illustrate the weakness of Mrs. Ford and her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

From the article:

"In this bizarre world, Christine Blasey Ford cannot fly, due to the posttraumatic stress syndrome caused by the Christine Blasey Fordmanhandling she allegedly received at the hands of Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge. Unless of course, the flight is to Tahiti, Hawaii, or the East Coast of the United States just a few weeks before her attorneys cited that alleged PTSD as the reason to delay her testimony for another week.

In this bizarre world, Christine Blasey Ford, a university professor, educated at an elite high school and some of America’s top universities – who holds two masters degrees and a doctorate – cannot compose a letter that would garner better than a C at any public high school in America, and doesn’t know how to contact her Representative in Congress.

In this bizarre world, the university professor speaks in a little girl’s voice, cannot remember or does not know elementary things about how she came to sit before a Senate committee to air her claims of an attempted rape and destroy the good name of Judge Brett Kavanaugh"

End excerpt.

The article goes on to some meat-and-potatoes examples of inconsistency.

The problem is, we can point these things out until doomsday and nobody is going to know about them outside of our own circle. The woman prosecutor they brought in to question Ford never brought any of this to light during her testimony - which is what most Americans saw. Now, going back with this, we aren't going to be able to use any of this effectively.

Mrs. Ford's story resembles the bones of a woman with severe osteoporosis; they may look solid to the casual observer but the inner portions are full of holes. Sadly, the only real opportunity we had to bring this beforel the public consciousness was the testimony, and the GOP completely flubbed that.

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On Kavanaugh, the Democrats are not honest players

Dana Mathewson

From William Katz:

"HOWEVER, through the good or bad auspices of Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, a retiring Republican senator who is part of the never-Trump movement, an understanding was reached that a request would be made by somebody in some room with a working light bulb, that the full Senate consideration of Judge Kavanaugh be delayed for a week while the FBI conducts an additional background check on the judge. The check would be restricted to the charges made by Professor Ford.

So that's where we are. The full Senate is not legally bound to honor that request, but some Republican senators who are on the fence are supporting it. We now learn that the Senate leadership, at least on the GOP side, has come to an agreement on how to proceed, but we don't know what the agreement contains. It is clear, though, that there will be a brief FBI check.

Some say this new approach, which gives the Dems the FBI check they've asked for, may have a silver lining for Judge Kavanaugh. If the FBI comes up with nothing, this reasoning goes, it will give cover for some of the fence sitters to vote for the judge. Maybe so, but I fear this also has the potential to doom him. The Democrats are not honest players. If there is one sentence in the FBI report that intrigues them " "Mr. Kavanaugh dated a girl named Jenny" they'll seize on it and demand a full probe of his relationship with Jenny, whether she exists or not."

End excerpt. more...

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Conservatives for Feinstein!

Jack Kemp

From a 9/28/18 Monica Showalter blog piece at Amer. Thinker:

"I've always been content voting for Feinstein, or at least held my nose and voted for her, given the crazed lefty alternatives we have seen on the California ballots. But this may be the end of it."


Feinstein was a shoe-in for many years without Monica Showalter "being compelled to vote for her to ward off the angry harder left Democrat mobs." Voting for an independent write in candidate or not voting were options available to Showalter all these many years, an option she did not take.

And Showalter still may vote for this despicable Feinstein and has voted for her in the past. I am a bit surprised but not all that much. Amer. Thinker contains many "JFK Democrats" who are not at home with the current Democratic Party. But that doesn't make them effective pro-Constitution Republicans or conservatives. And it really doesn't make them independents, either. more...

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No, a charge does not deserve attention if it didn't happen

Dana Mathewson

A good one from Ammo Girl.

She's old enough to relate to my age group. . .

From the article:

"Even after Tawana Brawley, and Mattress Girl, the Duke LaCrosse team accusers, and the fraternity gang rape that never happened, after every poop swastika and banana peel in a tree, all men and most women feel they HAVE to give an obligatory genuflection to "but, of course, the #MeToo movement is an important and wonderful thing.” No. It is not.

It is a deadly cocktail of Professional Victimhood, Neo-Victorianism, the hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials and the certainty of being found guilty of the Stalinist Show Trials. No man is safe, no matter how many decades go by, from being accused of sexual crimes. It is the weaponization of the fantasies or distorted accounts of minor, unprovable, or consensual sexual incidents redefined later by unhinged women. Which is akin to giving razor blades to female rhesus monkeys who are on an experimental program of PCP and estrogen."


"The truly sickening thing – well, after the end of Statutes of Limitation, Presumption of Innocence, picky little things like Evidence – is that these lunatics don’t really care a fig about women if they are assaulted by Democrats. In the case of Judge Kavanaugh, all the hysterics care about is stopping a man who might not support their right to kill unborn babies. That’s it. All the rest is embarrassing"

Fay Voshell adds:

How often have we heard the seriousness of the charge merits attention? No, a charge does not deserve attention if it didn't happen.

Good acting doesn't mean she's authentic. I once had a step uncle who impersonated a doctor, an FBI agent, a Marine and many other characters. He lied, stole and cheated. He was so good at it that people believed him and distrusted my aunt, who told the truth.

It is hard for me to believe men once again are falling for the age old trick of a woman's tears accompanied by bad acting. She should not be treated gently. She is a tool being used to destroy a good man. She is an impersonator--just like my uncle, who destroyed a good woman and her children. more...

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September 28, 2018

Fire with Fire

Dana Mathewson

Can anybody help on this? Sounds like fun! -we-can-play-that-game-too-n2523041

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The Senate Judicial Committee's "hearing" was not a trial...

Dana Mathewson

But if it had been, Kurt Schlichter should have been Defense Attorney for Brett Kavanaugh.

'Nuff said!

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The Votes are there for Kavanaugh

Fay Voshell

A FB friend sent this!


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Wow! Lindsey Graham! Wow!

Dana Mathewson

I think Rush said that since John McCain died, Lindsey Graham developed a spine -- and a few other things. Well, here he is during the Senate Judicial Committee circus. I think we have a new sheriff in town, guys! /
We've called him a lot of unpleasant names. Well, maybe he's making up for those times.

From Tim:

I heard him; he did us proud!

Remember, Graham was one of the House impeachment managers for the Bill Clinton impeachment, and Kavanaugh worked on the Starr committee and helped write the Starr report which led to Clintons impeachment for perjury and obstruction of justice. I rather suspect Graham knows that this is - at least in part - aimed at payback for Clinton. If they can destroy Kavanaugh in this way, will they allow Graham to continue unmolested? The Cracker Graham has a personal stake in Kavanaugh beating this.

We all do, though.

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We must all sacrifice for the environment

Paul Driessen

Being "hoisted by his own petard” means the bomb maker gets blown up and lifted sky high by his own explosive device. Former Colorado Department of Natural Resources director Greg Walcher notes that the term applies with delicious irony to the in-your-face, holier-than-thou environmentalists who inhabit and run San Francisco.

Determined to save locally endangered salmon populations, they and the State of California have long demanded and imposed water use reductions by Central Valley farmers. But now the California Water Resources Board wants further water use reductions – and this time those reductions will also hit city residences, schools and businesses, and hit them hard: a hefty portion of 98 billion to 220 billion gallons less water per year! Imagine how many baths, showers, laundry and dishwasher loads, and other "essentials” that would mean.

But those rules and reductions were supposed to apply only to OTHER people, the once ultra-green urbanites are wailing.


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September 27, 2018

GOP Dropping the Ball in Hearing

Timothy Birdnow

Listening to the Blasey Ford testimony.  Ugh. The female prosecutor - Rachel Mitchell - doing the questioning is terrible, treating her like a REPUBLICAN witness rather than pressuring her to make mistakes. The Democrats are getting more time than this woman, too. 

Why can't the GOP learn how to handle things like this?

There has been no challenge of Ford's credibility, and no effort to discredit her. The most she's doing is questioning Ford's memory - not her motivation or honesty.

This is making me sick.

I found this at Fox News about the prosecutor:

"Grassley said he hired Mitchell because he wants a hearing that "is safe, comfortable and dignified” for both Ford and Kavanaugh. He said the "goal” of Mitchell’s hiring is to "de-politicize the process and get to the truth, instead of grandstanding and giving senators an opportunity to launch their presidential campaigns.”

End excerpt.

That is stupid beyond words; the Democrats politicized this, and it is a lie straight out of Hell. Grassley has sealed the fate of Judge Kavanaugh, and now we are going to lose our choice for SCOTUS, and the GOP may well lose their majority in Congress.

This is disgusting.

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