January 27, 2023

Paul Pelosi Insider Trading

Timothy Birdnow

Paul Pelosi, the prancing geriatric husband to Madam Botox, sold three MILLION dollars in Google stock a month before the DOJ filed suit against the company.

American Thinker has the 411:

Just yesterday the Washington Free Beacon reported that former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul may have used privileged information to cut their losses in the stock market.

Financial disclosure filings that Nancy submitted to the House Ethics Committee revealed that Paul sold 30,000 shares of Google worth approximately $3 million between Dec. 20 and Dec. 28.

A month later, on Jan.24, 2023, the Justice Department and attorneys general from eight states—includingPelosi's home state ofCalifornia—sued Google for monopolizing digital advertising technologies via serial acquisitions and engaging in other anti-competitive practices.

The lawsuit may compel Google to break up into smaller units and have other restrictions instituted.

The news of the lawsuit caused the price of Google's stock to plummet by 6 percent.

This trade is the latest in a string of questionable transactions by the Pelosi couple.

A Washington Free Beacon analysisrevealed that the Pelosi couple have seen their fortune grow to $140 million since 2008, due to Paul's stock trades.

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Canadian Pol: Americans Need a Pay Cut

Timothy Birdnow

Canada's Deputy PM: U.S. Middle Class 'Needs a Pay Cut'

The Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and confirmed WEF goon
Chrystia Freeland has determined that the American middle class "needs a pay cut.”

First, what business is it of hers? Second, maybe it is she who should have her pay cut - to nothing.

Amazing the arrogance of these Progressive Ruling Class types.

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Forgotten Left Wing Terrorism

Warner Todd Huston

Remember the Domestic Terrorist Who Sent Donald Trump Poisonous Ricin? The Biased Media Doesn't

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African Cat Wandering in Ozarks

Timothy Birdnow

Years ago I had brought my two cats to the Ozark Hilton. At night there was some THING outside. It cooed and then roared like a lion. Never did know what it was, but it scared me pretty badly. My two cats were both males; I figured it was some sort of cat that wanted to mate. There seem to be all sorts of strange things down in those Ozark woods!

Leigh's Lost and Found: Wild African Serval cat found wandering ...

 (KY3) - In today's Leigh's Lost and Found, what's probably the most unusual found animal we've ever featured. Imagine people's surprise when an African Serval cat started being seen in Ava. A brave family ended up trapping it and called the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Eureka Springs to take over from there.

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Brain Janitors Mop Away Distinctions

Timothy Birdnow

The AP is trying to erase the word THE from public discourse:

May be an image of text that says 'Tweet AR @AP The Associated ciated Press We recommend avoiding general and often dehumanizing 'the' labeis such as the poor, the mentally ill, the disabled, the college-educated. Instead use wording such as people with mental illnesses. And use these descriptions only when clearly relevant. 08:21 27/01/2023 92.1K Views 121 Likes 21 Retweets 81 Quotes'

So it is "dehumanizing" to say the before mentioning a group? 

This is no idle issue. What it does is erase boundaries between categories, a form of monism that makes everything a part of everything else. (The Nazis were monists, as most of them were neo-pagans following the theosophy of Helena Blavatsky and the German Thule Society.)

The intent here is to make it impossible for people to see distinctions. It is those distinctions that are the root of all wisdom when it comes to understanding issues. This monistic salad that we are told to adopt makes understanding difficult if not impossible.

How do you deal with, say, problems involving poverty if you cannot see the distinctions between those who are not poor and those who are?  But that is precisely what they are seeking to do.

And why is the AP the arbiters of language and of kindness? Isn't their job to impart information and not to change emotional views of people?

Precision is what their use of language should be about. Not making people feel good about themselves. If they want to do that they should stop calling themselves journalists.

But of course we know the "journalism" profession is all about emotions and manipulating how people think rather than about precision or reflecting current views. They are propagandists and brain janitors.

Hat tip: Marizio Morabito.

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Pfizer Admits They Helped Create Covid for Profit

Carlos Felix Velázquez

Project Veritas managed to get Pfizer R&D Director to admit that the virus was made in Wuhan and they had a hand in it and its continued mutation for profit.

HT: Bryan Whitaker

Pfizer Exposed For Exploring "Mutating" COVID-19 Virus For New Vaccines Via 'Directed Evolution'

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The Ugliness of Atheism

Timothy Birdnow

On Facebook Mary Kay Barton [posted about a [link=https://bit.ly/3HxTSef?fbclid=IwAR1i3ZmmeMxzVyX-jNGaEWWTiIQ8HXGijUfyh3EYg-nPC4LMJNK-3WhtOQo]pro-abortion statue and about the ugliness of modernism.

I replied:

They hate beauty because they first hate God, the source of all beauty and kindness and joy. So they build monuments to their own monstrosity. Evil walks among us.

An atheistic buffoon named Caleb Lassiter Lassitered out at me:

Your imaginary friend isn’t real. Grow up.

I liked being so well tee'ed up! My reply:


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Coffee Clutch

Timothy Birdnow

They are coming for our coffee now.

Beware; every good thing will be snatched from you by these people.

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January 26, 2023

Chasing Justin

Timothy Birdnow

Canadian despot Justin Trudeau was chased down the street by a mob of protesters after visiting the Bread Bar in Hamilton, Ontario. The protesters were shouting at him as police held them back.

This was the anniversary of the Freedom Convoy.

See it on Youtube here.

I wonder; was this a real mob or was it a setup, like the J-6 "insurrection". Was this a kind of Reichstag fire designed to help Baby Doc Trudeau and crack down even further on what was once a free nation? 

We know leftists like Trudeau will pull stuff like that.

I don't know, but I am happy to see him take some abuse for the tyranny he has imposed on a once gret nation.

Canada went from standing on guard to "Oh Canada, you post a guard, on me!"

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Iran May Have the Bomb

Timothy Birdnow

Iran says it has enough nuclear material for several bombs - and will use them if they feel threatened.

Joe Biden was damned and determined (with the former being the long term trend) to restore the Iran nuclear deal, which essentially acknowledged Iran's right to atomic weapons.

Now we face the real prospects of Iran nuking someone.

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Whites Need No Come to Viking Carving Class

Timothy Birdnow

A free course in Viking spoon carving offered by a Minnesota library is, drumroll please! Only for "those IDENTIFYING as People of Color".

You can't make this up; it's why it appears in NOT The BEE instead of the Babylon Bee.

Remember, it's a class about Viking wood carving but the descendants of Vikings are not invited. Nor the descendants of any other European people.

The outcry against this led them to backpeddle, but the fact is they sought to do this.

What kind of country are we building? The majority is now openly discriminated against and sent to the back of the bus.

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Plastic Paradise

Steve Roten

The ignorance of people who buy the nonsense peddled by leftist totalitarians never ceases to amaze me.

There's a problem with excess plastics. It's everywhere. There is so much plastic waste in the oceans that plastic is found in many of the digestive tracts and bodies of sea creatures. It's filling up our landfills. It's in every trash can and on every road in America. And like most waste and pollutants the accumulation of it is worse in many other places around the world than it is here, but of course they hate America and convince you that it's worse here.


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Great Horney Toads: RGB Nakede and with Horns in NYC

Timothy Birdnow

America is fallen, is fallen:

Have you seen the new goat-horned demon that now stands atop a New York courthouse?

I'm saddened but not surprised "Fallen is Babylon the Great!' She has become a dwelling for demons and a haunt for every impure spirit, a haunt for every unclean bird" America has become one with Babylon.

And somebody please, for the love of all things holy, gouge out my mind's eye!  The image of RBG emerging naked is too much for me to bear.

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Afghanistan Selling America's Weapons to Russia

Carlos Velazquez

Found this using Duckduckgo search engine. And it's a leftist source.

Vladimir Putin plots to seize US weapons from Afghanistan

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Ukrainian Gulf of Tonkin

Timothy Birdnow

In my best James Earl Jones voice "This from CNN":

First on CNN: US considers dramatically expanding training of Ukrainian forces, US officials say | CNN Politics

This is exactly how America became embroiled in Vietnam. We are going down the same path only this time with a nuclear power.

In Vietnam the Gulf of Tonkin resolution gave the President the authority to escalate the military actions in Vietnam. This may well be comparable.

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Why Ukraine?

Timothy Birdnow

On Facebook Jonathan Maud Cawthorrn asks:

2 questions:

1. What is our national interest in Ukraine?

2. What is our endgame? When do we decide and on what basis to go home or go nuclear?


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Franky Does Barrywood

Dana Mathewson

This article from WND suggests that Pope Benedict was "forceably retired" by a cabal consisting of the soon-to-be Pope Francis and (are you ready) President Barack Obama. I'll let you draw your own conclusions. https://www.wnd.com/2023/01/pope-benedict-recently-revealed-antichrist-letter/

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January 25, 2023

McCarthy and Santos

Timothy Birdnow

The GOP is the stupid party, and the leadership are mental pygmies. Take Kevin McCarthy - please!

The new House Squeeker plans to remove Republican tall tale teller George Santos for fibbing on his resume' prior to his election to the House from Long Island.

One can almost hear the flies buzzing into and out of McCarthy's mouth.

First, isn't it the concern of those who elected Santos and not his? The People of New York 3 elected this guy. Perhaps it was on false grounds, but isn't it their decision and not the Mc's? I mean they only have to wait two years.

Second, the GOP holds the slimmest majority in the House, and that balance could tip quite easily. They need this guy. There is no guarantee the GOP will hold this seat in a special election.

Finally, why is it the Republicans feel they must hold themselves to a higher standard. The Democrats are full of people who told such tall tales.

Look at Cherokee Lizzy Warren; she lied about her ancestry because her family had high cheekbones. Used it to advance her career, claiming to be a minority. And she STILL makes the false claim.

Look at Joe Biden himself; he's told innumerable, demonstrably false stories about his life and career. He plagiarized multiple foreign leaders speeches. And here he is still at it.

Talk show host Bill Cunningham chronicles the lies of the Democrats.

Don't forget the Clintons; they lied all the time. Remember Hillary claiming she was named for Edmund Hillary, who was two years away from climbing Everest when the norn was born? Or he claims to have arrived at Bosnia under sniper fire? I am barely scratching the surface.

Or Bills. "I did not inhale", "I never had sexual relations with that woman", etc.

Or Al Gore, who "invented the internet".

I could  go on and on. But only the GOP risks throwing away their majority over some fudging by a political candidate.

I think McCarthy needs a drool cup.

The fact is the GOP will get no good will from tossing Santos overboard. And there is no moral value in doing it either as it's not their responsibility. The Republicans pushing this are simply posturing just like the people in Antifa or any other leftist moral high horse organization. They want to say "I am better than you because I don't tolerate this" but in the end it is an empty gesture.

If McCarthy were a real leader he would have said he was awaiting the results of the ethics investigation and said nothing beyond that. That he is already talking about booting Santos before the investigation is underway is illustrative of the cowardice and weakness of the Republicans, and this particular Republican RINO.

If Republicans worried half as much about removing bad Democrats as their own people they would have solid control of government. That they spend more effort fighting their own shows their stupidity and is why they always lose - and I suspect the RINO wing likes it that way as it makes them indispensable.

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Pope Francis - the Sugarplum Fairy Pontiff

Timothy Birdnow

Pope Francis - the Sugarplum Fairy Pontiff.

Yes, he really did call for "re-education" of bishops who cling to the antiquated notion that homosexuality is a sin that leads to eternal damnation and should be illegal.

He spoke of "recognizing the dignity of everyone" but who is it that is degrading and disgracing themselves? Does playing with the sewer of another man not in itself degrade a person?

Pointing that out is not the problem. The Bible is quite clear that homosexuality is a mortal sin, punishable by eternal damnation. It is a most grave thing and it requires of the shepherds a response that is not flattering to the sinner but rather calls them to repentance. Francis wants to excuse it.

Do we use a similar standard for other sins? Do we complain of violating the dignity of a serial killer because we condemn his eating his victims? One must first point out the fact of sin and recognize it as such before offering forgiveness. Now the Catholic Church wants to extend forgiveness to those who do not want it. Without repentance there can be no forgiveness.

So many are going to go to Hell because Pope Francis wants to play nice and be liked.

I don't favor laws against homosexuality, but there are countries that do and perhaps it's better as it makes the line clear. Can anyone argue we are better off now that we allow any sort of sexual behavior? Can we really claim that this has made society better?

I don't know, but I do think it's none of the state's business, as most thing are not. I am more concerned with the power of government than the sexual degeneracy of some. But Francis speaks not as a civil libertarian but as leader of the largest Christian denomination in the world. He is a moral teacher, not a political leader. Its his job to keep people out of Hell.

And he isn't doing that here. There is no value to publicly spouting this off. If he worries about it he should speak privately with the bishops in question. But he does no such thing; he interjects this into the public square, leading people astray. There are going to be many who will use this to justify their deviant lifestyles.

But this shouldnt surprise us; Pope Francis was put in power by the "Lavender Mafia",  a cabal of homosexual priests who have promoted a "gay friendly" Church for decades.

God will not be mocked. Pope Francis will have a lot of 'splainin' to do".

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Follow the Science?

Timothy Birdnow

So, our government is "following the science" and wanting to compel people to take yearly Covid vaccinations.

Following the science, eh? What of this, or this
or this?

In fact the boosters probably cause more harm than good. See this, and this.

In fact, the risk of getting Covid increases after the second booster.

And there are multiple bad side effects, according to peer reviewed studies.

So who is following the science? The government or the "deniers"?

The fact that they are proceeding full steam ahead with booster vaccine campaigns illustrates this is NOT about science or even the public health and has everything to do with - something else. Pharmaceutical profits, for one. Probably the power and control this mandate can give them. And probably to keep the Covid scam pandemic going for at least one more election cycle (and they can thus keep mail-in voting going, allowing them to steal the next election.)

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