April 15, 2018

Global Warming's Continuing Failure

Timothy Birdnow

Tropospheric temperatures are dropping like a rock

Most people are aware that we are having a cold spring, and snow is hitting late and hard. But this is not just local weather, but planetary temperature dropping.

From the article:

"Should the cold temperatures persist, April, 2018, could fall below the zero anomaly for the first time since 2012, foremost with the UAH satellite data. The following UAH chart shows lower tropospheric temperatures (1500) continuing their decline after the warm peak caused by the natural El Niño phenomenon:


"Much of the last 2 years has been in the globe-cooling La Niña phase (blue). And as satellite instrument temperatures tend to lag the El Niño temperature anomalies by some 4 months, further surface cooling is expected to show up in the satellite data over the coming months.
ENSO indicates more cooling ahead

The Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) is an indicator for the development of the easterly trade winds at the equatorial Pacific and thus tells us what’s ahead for the ENSO. Recall that the ENSO has a powerful impact on global surface temperatures. SOI values over +7.0 indicates La Niña conditions 2 months ahead, while an SOI under -7.0 points El Niño conditions.

Currently the following chart shows the SOI is at +13.7, which means the globe-cooling La Niña should continue on two months from now, and thus means cooler satellite measurements showing up 6 months later."

End excerpts.

Global Warming just keeps failing.

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Mueller and Comey - Then and Now

Timothy Birdnow

Here is a fine discussion of the pardon of Scooter Libby and how it pertains to the Mueller investigation. Authors Lee Cary & Marty Watters connect the dots between the MO of Mueller and Comey during the Valerie Plame travesty and what is happening now, and argue that Donald Trump knows what they are doing. It's a fascinating read.

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Painting California White

Dana Mathewson

Los Angeles has it all figured out. Expensive, but "if it saves even one life," I guess. I'd been hearing California was darn near broke, but what do I know?

Found on Tammy Bruce's website, quoting Fox News. No, I swear it's not from The Onion!


Isn't that racist? Won't WHITE paint make people of color feel threatened? Especially the Illegal aliens, er, undocumented workers, who will fear that ICE (which is usually white too) is coming for them.

They really should be painting the town red for Native Americans instead of that old racist white....

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Minutemen; Why Guns are Worth Fighting for

Dana Mathewson

There are some things one MUST fight for, or submit to the creeping belief that when "they" come for him, there will be no one left to fight for him.

And it's because the Left knows there are many of us who would fight, that they are waging a never-ending battle to take our weapons away from us, through any means necessary. I didn't send it, but you may have seen the news item a few days ago about British police confiscating normal toolbox items such as knives, pliers and screwdrivers and calling them "deadly weapons." Sanity has left the UK, but it's what you expect when their total gun confiscation schemes did not reduce gun violence. Let me see if I can find it. . . Yep, here it is: https://twitchy.com/brettt-3136/2018/04/09/omg-take-a-look-at-these-weapons-found-by-british-police-during-a-sweep/

One can never call Britain "Great" again.

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Don't Know Much About History - and Proud of it

Dana Mathewson

Anecdote: I was doing my grunt work correcting test papers yesterday. These are Missouri kids, and frankly, I doubt they are dumber or smarter than any representative similar group of kids from anywhere in the country. In fact, most of 'em seem darn smart.

The essay job was as follows: they were given two source readings (one was about the new Museum of the American Revolution, which just opened last year in Philadelphia, and the museum in Stockholm of the warship Vasa, which has recently been raised from the watery grave it has occupied since it sank on its maiden voyage back in, what, 1623. The students were to write an essay referencing both source readings and making a case for which museum they though would be more interesting to visit.

Without going heavily into this one kid's answer, it was snarky and full of "why would I want to see the Revolution Museum, I know all about it already; and anyway, my parents and grandparents lived through the war, so they can tell me anything I need to know that I don't know already."

I stress that this kid was NOT typical of the ones we've encountered!

2c from Jack Kemp:

When I went to Mt. Vernon, VA, to Washington's home, a guide said that she encountered visiting teens who thought the British won the Revolutionary War.

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Don't Know Much About History, and Mocking it

Jack Kemp

In 2002, the Jewish Museum in NY City had an exhibit mocking the Holocaust. There was a Lego concentration camp and superimposed image of young man with a can of Diet Coke with emasciated concentration camp inmates behind him. I was one of the protesters who stood behind a police barracade on the day the exhibit opened.

Demystifying Nazism, or Trivializing Its Victims? A Debate more...

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You Go First

Dana Mathewson

One of her best, in my not-so-humble opinion.
Ammo Girl

2c from Jack Kemp:

As I once wisecracked to Dana and Martha,

If tax money from cigarette sales can be earmarked for cancer research, then tax money from the sale of Judy Garland CDs purchased by single men should be used to fund AIDS research.

Dana replies:

At the very least! Also, Barbra Streisand CDs.

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April 14, 2018

Be Wise as Serpents and Innocent as Doves

Timothy Birdnow

Here is a terrific article illustrating why Pope Francis' view that we must accept all immigrants is hogwash.

Here is a little nibble:

"When he does send his disciples out into fearful situations, he makes sure that they understand the danger and take precautions against it: "Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves” (Mt. 10: 16).

Christ understood that some men were as dangerous as wolves and he wanted his disciples to understand it as well. By contrast, Francis seems oblivious to the danger posed by the lone wolves that mix in with the Muslim migrants coming into Europe—this despite the fact that Islamic State leaders have repeatedly talked of their plans to seed Europe with thousands pf lone-wolf terrorists."

End excerpt.

Read the whole thing; it will reward you handsomely.

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Pentagon Papers Pusher tries to Undermine President

Timothy Birdnow

Another liberal fossil seeks to tamper with the duly elected President and events he knows nothing about.

Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg has called for Secretary of Defense Mattis to ignore lawfully given orders by President Trump.

From the Yahoo article: more...

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Timothy Birdnow


On Friday night (the Islamic sabbath) a coalition of American, British, and French forces bombed the Syrian chemical weapons sites, firing over 100 missiles and making numerous bomber plane sorties against the Assad regimes weapons caches. The attack was in response to the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime against U.S. backed rebels.

According to the Financial Times: more...

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Without Due Process; the Impeachment of Eric Greitens

Timothy Birdnow

The Missouri legislature is beginning the process of impeaching embattled Governor Eric Greitens, according to NPR. A panel is going to make recommendations on impeachment shortly.

This is being driven by a report issued by the House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight which was full of allegations by the woman in question. Greitens has yet to have his day in court.

According to the NPR article: more...

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Mulvaney Shrugged

Timothy Birdnow

Now they are finally starting to get it.

For years Democrats and the liberals they embrace have used the rules and flipped America the bird whenever possible, and yet Republicans have always played nice, obeyed the rules, did what was expected. Well, Mick Mulvaney just fired off a huge raspberry to the arrogant Democrats in Congress and there is not a thing they can do about it.

From the LA Times: more...

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April 13, 2018

John Boehner Goes Literal

Daren Jonescu

Creating the best consumer-focused cannabis experiences and brands in the space.

John Boehner, along with his partner in crime Mitch McConnell, perpetrated the greatest fraud in modern political history, quietly facilitating the Marxist transformation of America while loudly pretending to be leading the resistance. That is, he made his fortune selling a palliative for America’s suffering while actively exacerbating the causes of that suffering. Like a drug dealer. Well, now he really is one. more...

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Muddled Marchers Miss the Mark

Timothy Birdnow

SLU News discusses a local March for their Lies, er, Lives. The quote a protest sign held by a mother and daughter combo which reads:

"trained to be a teacher not a sharp shooter.”

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SLU News Promoting Terrorist Linked CAIR Event

Timothy Birdnow

Why is a Catholic Jesuit university in Missouri (and my alma mater) promoting "muslim art" via the terrorist connected Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR)?

Saint Louis University is promoting the CAIR event. According to the student newspaper: more...

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Russians Going to the Moon, Plan Lunar Space Station

Timothy Birdnow

Vladimir Putin confirms the Russians are going to the Moon and are planning to stay a while.

From Itar-Tass:

'"As you may know the program extends up to 2030," he went on to say. "The finishing touches are being put to the spacecraft Federatsiya and research and development is on for building a super-heavy rocket to be used for the lunar program. So there can be no doubts we will be working actively and implementing this program."

Putin recalled that in the first phase a space station would be created in the Moon’s orbit.

"A Moon orbiter will come first. Then modules on the Moon itself will emerge. At least that’s what the plans are," Putin said. "I hope they will come true."

End excerpt. more...

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Don't Know Much 'bout History; 4 out of 10 Millenials Deny Holocaust

Timothy Birdnow

Yeah; the Millenials really don't know much about History.

From CBS News:

" More than one-fifth of millennials in the U.S. -- 22 percent -- haven't heard of, or aren't sure if they've heard of, the Holocaust, according to a study published Thursday, on Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day. The study, which was commissioned by The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany and conducted by Schoen Consulting, also found that 11 percent of U.S. adults overall haven't heard of the Holocaust or aren't sure if they did.

Additionally, 41 percent of millennials believe two million Jews or fewer were killed during the Holocaust, the study found. Six million Jews were killed in World War II by Nazi Germany and its accomplices.

Two-thirds of millennials could not identify in the survey what Auschwitz was."

End excerpt.

And one in three Millenials aren't even sure the Earth is round. So we have a bunch of Holocaust denying flat earth children who hold absolute moral authority and MUST be listened to when they tell us we have to ban the Second Amendment and treat the National Rifle Association as terrorists.

You know, if the German Jews had been as well armed as Americans they might have prevented the Holocaust, or at least gone down swinging. Nobody wants a fight when your prey is going to fight back. But if you don't know about the Holocaust, or think it didn't happen, it's little wonder you think grabbing guns is a good idea.

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Department of Education Data Breeching Far Worse than Cambridge Analytics

Timothy Birdnow

While the media and their liberal allies are screaming bloody murder about Cambridge Analystics gettinf Facebook data, they conventiently ignore the theft of children's online data by corporations IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION.

Michelle Malkin has the story:


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Never Say Never; Black on White Hate Crime Prosecuted

Timothy Birdnow

In a recent discussion online I pointed out that hate crimes are not really applied to minorities, and are primarily a way of granting special rights to minorities - and shutting up the white majority. I stated:

""Hate speech" is a way around the First Amendment. That was the whole intent of the notion. It was intended to make it possible to shut certain people up rather than allow them to speak and be refuted and rebuked.

And of course "hate crimes" mean some are more equal than others before the law. A crime of violence is a crime of violence. I don't give it more weight because the person who committed it didn't like some people and that was a motive. Oh, and isn't it funny they NEVER charge minorities with hate crimes...."

End excerpt.

Well, reader Mike points our attention to this rare case where a group of black thugs beat up a mentally disabled white man:

Never say never, it might come back and bite you.

Crimes against whites equals small percentage of hate crimes, FBI ...

Jan 6, 2017 - In Chicago, two men and two women — all black — are facing hate crime charges in connection with the brutal beating of a mentally disabled white man that was streamed on Facebook Live. The video shows the victim is tied up and the suspects are making racial slurs and references to his mental capacity ...

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April 12, 2018

The Hogg Waller Claims Jamie Allman's Scalp

Timothy Birdnow

In the media Hoggasm, the deification of potty mouthed teen David Hogg, the guy who happened to be at the Parkland shooting and has now stolen more than his fifteen minutes of fame as the face of the gun grabber "March for their lies, er, lives" another scalp has been taken.

Jamie Allman is a radio talk show host in St. Louis as well as host of The Allman Report on local television. Allman has been a familiar face here for a long time; a news reporter and former spokesman for the St. Louis Archdiocese, Allman has also guest hosted frequently for Laura Ingraham. But Allman made a big misstep when he joked about swatting the Hogg with a fireplace poker. more...

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