June 30, 2021

Stupid Journalist Tricks; NW Heat Wave Edition

This from John Lees:

Apparently overhead railway cables have now "melted" at 46°C due to climate change.

What were these now molten cables made of? Chocolate?

If these cables are made of copper (as a majority are) then they have a melting point at 1,985 f. I don't think it got quite that hot...

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Liberals Destroy

Warner Todd Huston

Remember, folks, liberals hate excellence and standards because their goal is not to build things, it is to destroy things. They want malleable criteria so that they can change it on a whim when ever they feel it suits their agenda. Standards block their way for changing all requirements on a whim in order to fully control whatever it is they are targeting. Standards stop them from absolute control.

Tim adds:

Agreed. Progressivism/

Leftism/ liberalism is essentially an heterodoxy, a desire to smash that which exists in order to replace it with what they want. And what they want is indeed capricious, as Warner points out here, because it needs to be flexible as they may not want it tomorrow. Basically it's despotism dressed in the garb of charity.

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This isn't Hell it's Iowa

Timothy Birdnow

Looks like, contrary to the doomsday predictions, corn is busting out all over in Iowa.

Media Fail: Iowa Crops Setting Records, Not Failing Amid Modest Warming

A little extra carbon dioxide and a little warmth is good for plants. That's why we build greenhouses and increase co2 in them.

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Progressive War Pigs

Timothy Birdnow

Here's a decent article:

Military Generals Aren't Conservative, They're Socialist

"For anyone under the control of the federal government want to remain employed it seems they must support the progressive movement and we all know what that really means.”

That's why they want everyone on the government payroll; if you work for them you are beholden to them.

It's even worse with the military top brass as they are all educated at the same place (West Point, Annapolis, the Air Force Academy,) and those are basically Ivy League schools with the same leftist professors. So the top brass are nothing but indoctrinated children of privilege. Poor kids don't become generals.

And the top levels of the military have been more politicians than warriors anyway. Look at George Patton (as long ago as WWII.) He was perhaps the last true warrior general. Now they are all diplomats and political hacks.

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June 29, 2021

No Charges Against Trump

Timothy Birdnow

After promising the kooks in the Democrat Party Trump would be going to prison forever, now Cyrus Vance has to admit he's got squat.

Trump lawyer: Manhattan DA won't charge former president

This headline is misleading; Vance himself said he would not be bringing charges "for now".

From the article:

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance has indicated he does not currently plan to charge the Trump Organization with crimes related to allegations of "hush money" payments and real estate value manipulations, according to a personal lawyer for Donald Trump.

Ronald Fischetti, a New York attorney who represents the former president, said on Monday that in a meeting last week, he asked Vance’s team for details on charges they were considering.

According to Fischetti, members of Vance’s team said they were considering bringing charges against the Trump Organization and its individual employees related to alleged failures to pay taxes on corporate benefits and perks. It has been widely reported that those perks included cars and apartments and appear to only involve a small number of executives.

"We asked, ‘Is there anything else?’” Fischetti told POLITICO. "They said, ‘No.’”

"It’s crazy that that’s all they had,” he added.

When asked if the meeting touched on allegations made by Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen and by adult film star and director Stormy Daniels, Fischetti replied, "Nothing. Not a word on that.”

Fischetti also said that Vance’s team told him they will not bring charges against Trump himself when the first indictment comes down.

How much do you want to bet he finds something to charge if Trump runs again? They won't need a conviction, just an indictment so they can say Trump is under indictment and we have never knowingly elected a criminal to office (even though an indictment does not make one a criminal.)

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On Bended Knee

This from Steven Chase:

The National team will 'take a knee' before its match with England.

Is it because of the horrible conflict in Tigray? Famine in Yemen? Plight of the Uyghurs? Because of climate change? Yet another Islamist terror attack in Europe? No. They're doing it because of American police misconduct.

It's a socially and economically compelled 'oath of allegiance' to an ideology that is fashionable. Not doing so would draw the wrath of the ESTABLISHMENT'S MEDIA and end their careers.

In other words, if the Establishment would currently support Nazism, they would instead be doing a Nazi salute. Which makes the gesture completely void of moral relevance and veracity.

Based on an observation by A. Kruel.

Oh, and They're also wearing rainbow armbands to protest the death penalty for homosexuals in Islamic countries....Just kidding, it's because of Hungary banning LGBTQ content to minors.

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Deep Freeze

This from Frank Lasee

Wow. And they will tell us that warmth cause cold. And the end of snow. Will now be snow is caused by climate change.


Winter Storm 'Wreaks Havoc" in Captetown South Africa as Greenland Logs Yet More Record-Breaking Gains

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The Quiet of the Grave and Climate Change

Selwyn Duke


In late February, globalist group World Economic Forum posted a tweet with an embedded video proclaiming, incredibly, that "lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world.”

"Earth’s seismic noise has been the lowest in decades due to lockdowns,” the organization enthusiastically explained. "Scientists saw a ‘wave of quiet’ around the world in 2020. Ambient noise fell in some cities 50%, as fewer people used transport and factories closed.” My, wouldn’t it be wonderful, then, if we could just make lockdowns a recurring phenomenon?

This quip may not be a joke to some people, warned Fox News host Tucker Carlson Tuesday. For World Economic Forum passions may be more widespread than we think. In fact, asserted the commentator, according "to Joe Biden … we could get another round of lockdowns” — to combat the boogeyman of climate change.

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The Modern Lysenkoism

Timothy Birdnow

A scientist debunks cargo cult science:

"Lysenkoism’s parallels to anthropogenic global warming (AGW) mania and climate alarmism (blaming virtually EVERY disaster on "global warming”) in the West are profound: pseudoscientific theories, scientific consensus (an oxymoron), governmental actions and boondoggles, suppression of dissent, pseudo-religious hysteria, a blending of pseudoscience with leftist politics and socialism, etc.".

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NSA Spying on Tucker Carlson

Timothy Birdnow

During the Obama era the Feds were spying on anyone they thought might be an enemy. They spied on Sharyl Attkisson, for example. They spied on James Rosen. They spied on the Associated Press. There were other journalists spied on, as well as foreign leaders. It got so bad Angela Merkle had to issue an ultimatum to Obama to quit spying on her. They spied on Benjamin Netanyahu. They spied on Sarkosy in France.

And of course they spied on then candidate Donald J. Trump.

Well, I spy appears to be back.

Now that Obama II: the Wrath of Con is playing at a local District of Columbia near you, the spy game is back.

This time it's Fox News' big gun Tucker Carlson.

Chadworth Osborn Jr. (as Rush Limbaugh affectionately called Carlson) says the NSA is wiretapping him and he has filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the documents to prove it. He was so informed by a whistleblower.

"The NSA captured that information without our knowledge and did it for political reasons. The Biden administration is spying on us. We have confirmed that this morning,"

In another time it would seem ludicrous, but we know Obama did it on a regular basis and this Administration junta is even worse than the BHOs. I would add they are now trying to invoke national security against "domestic terrorists" to crush all dissent. It would be amazing if they WEREN'T spying on Carlson.

This isn't America. We are fast becoming a Soviet Republic.

The whistleblower from the NSA knew intimate details of Carlson's private e-mails.

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Another Bolshevik at BLM

This from Kurt Womack:

Another whacked out Warmunist appointed to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). If she gains Power, you can bet all grazing permits will be revoked, because eating meat causes Globull Warming. Funny how Doomers don't set an example, why is that.

Biden nominee called for population control to protect environment: 'We must breed fewer consuming humans'

From the El Zoro article:

Stone-Manning has already come under fire in recent weeks for her connection to a tree spiking incident – an ecoterrorism tactic – in Idaho in the 1980s, where she traded her court testimony for legal immunity.

But her past links to ecoterrorists aren't the only controversial material in her background. In her graduate thesis, a copy of which was reviewed by Fox News, Stone-Manning also urged Americans to have no more than two kids in order to protect the environment.

"The origin of our abuses is us. If there were fewer of us, we would have less impact," states the thesis, which was first flagged by the Daily Caller on Thursday. "We must consume less, and more importantly, we must breed fewer consuming humans."

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Left's Power Agenda?

Warner Todd Huston

Step 1). Declare Biden mentally unfit and begin ushering him out of office right after the 2022 midterms (especially if GOP wins the House)

Step 2). Usher in Kamala Harris as President

Step 3). Offer Michelle Obama as Harris' appointed vice president

Step 4). For the 2023 presidential campaign season, dump Harris and run Michelle Obama for president

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Covid Less Than Flu in U.K.

David Redfern

The number of patients dying from/with Covid in the UK is around 10% of those dying from seasonal Flu. (ONS Data)

Has anyone rushed out to get a conventional Flu vaccination?

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Bigotry of Condescension

Warner Todd Huston

Democrats think blacks are stupid. They are too stupid to understand math, too stupid to grasp grammar, too stupid to know how to get an ID, too stupid to open a bank account, too stupid to take tests, and too stupid to even take care of themselves in the smallest of ways. How do Democrats get away with this racist point of view?

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Unnoticeable Carbon Dioxide

David Redfern

This is the calculation. It's basic Arithmetic, nothing fancy, no hidden agenda, just something you can calculate by taking your socks and shoes off.

Atmospheric CO2 levels in 1850 (beginning of the Industrial Revolution): ~280ppm (parts per million atmospheric content).

Atmospheric CO2 level in 2021: ~410ppm.

410ppm minus 280ppm = 130ppm
÷ 171 years = 0.76ppm of which man is responsible for ~3% = ~0.02ppm.

That's every human on the planet and every industrial process adds ~0.02ppm to the atmosphere per year on average.

At that rate mankind's CO2 contribution to the atmosphere would take more than 20,000 years to double the CO2 content in the atmosphere which, the IPCC states, would cause around 2°C of temperature rise. That's ~0.0001°C increase per year for 20,000 years.

One hundred (100) generations of humanity from now (assuming ~ 25 years per generation) would experience warming of ~0.25°C more than we have today.

The Manua Loa CO2 observatory (and others) can distinguish seasonal variations of atmospheric CO2, but does not distinguish between natural and man made atmospheric CO2. Hardly surprising really, despite mankind’s CO2 emissions being completely independent of seasonal variation. It should reveal itself as a straight line, but is so inconsequential , this ‘vital component’ of Global Warming is not illustrated.

The global fall in output of man made CO2 over the last 16 months of the Covid-19 pandemic, estimated at ~14% (around 14% of ~0.02mmp CO2) does not register anywhere on the Manua Loa data.

Why am I not surprised?!

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Increased Snowfall Over the Last Few Decades

Jim Church forwards this:

'Covert' Nasa Data Reveals Snowfall has Increased over Last Forty Years

You wouldn't gather that by reading the news, or even press releases from Nasa.

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Defend Us in Battle

Timothy Birdnow

Given the terrible spiritual war we are finding ourselves in I thought this morrow might start out with the Prayer of St. Michael:

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the Power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits, who prowl through the world seeking the ruin of souls.


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June 28, 2021

Hydrothermal Vents and the West Coast Heat Wave

From Richard Cronin:

In his Theory of Plate Climatology, James Edward Kamis describes that heat flow from the Earth’s interior is not uniformly conducted thru the Upper Mantle. Heat is delivered to the Earth’s surface via hot spots marked by hydrothermal vents. One hydrothermal hot spot is the bottom of the Mariana Trench, centered in the warm waters of the western Pacific Ocean. This pool of warm water drives the El Niño cycle.

Another hot spot is the "Blob” of warm water extending from the Gulf of Alaska down to the coastal waters of Washington and Oregon. These coastal waters are home to large hydrothermal vent fields.

The Pacific Northwest is now suffering under a dramatic heat wave and Liberals are again in a panic about Man-Made Climate Change.

Underwater Forest of 527 hydrothermal Vents Mapped for the First Time

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Disqus Deplatforms Front Page Mag

Timothy Birdnow

Disqus, the comment hosting site, has deplatformed David Horowitz's Front Page Mag based on the Southern Poverty Law Center's listing them as a hate group.

From the article:

On March 3rd the Editors at FrontPage received an email from Disqus, the networked community platform used by hundreds of thousands of sites all over the web. The statement reads:

It has come to our attention that your site is included in the Hate Groups listed onthe Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Map:

As fostering Hate is a violation of the Disqus Terms of Service and Basic Rules, we can no longer support your site on the Disqus network. Disqus will be removed from your site on March 17th, to allow time for transition and a comment export. If you will need a manual export, please let us know before the removal date.

That was it. As of today, Disqus is de-platforming us. They have refused to respond to inquiries seeking further explanation. Disqus has taken on faith the libelous accusations of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a widely-discredited, partisan group that frequently characterizes mainstream conservative organizations as "hate groups.”

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Egypt Destroys Ancient Christian Monastery

Timothy Birdnow

Check this out; Egypt has seized an ancient Christian monastery for slow payment on taxes due to Covid, and will probably turn it into a mosque.

On May 30, 2021, authorities arrived with bulldozers and police at the Monastery of Saint Macarius in the deserts of Wadi al-Rayan in Fayum. They demolished a fence of the annex-farm and other structures, including a church that had been erected by the monks living there. Several monks who protested or tried to prevent this state sanctioned destruction were arrested but shortly released.

The reason for this takeover is that the monastery has been unable to pay the exorbitant levies that the government imposed on it a few years ago, in large measure due to the many government enforced COVID-19 restrictions, including on tourism, which would have helped keep the ancient monastery afloat.

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