September 30, 2021

The Infrastructure Abomination

Timothy Birdnow

So what else is in this so-called infrastructure bill? An inheritance tax that would eliminate most independent farms. a tax on the mileage you drive. The "Healthy Streets Program" to make roads more "environmentally friendly" and mapping tree canopies, "Pollinator-friendly practices on roadsides and highway rights of way.". Studies driving under the influence of marijuana ( a problem the Democrats caused by insisting on it being legalized, and frankly they are legislating under the influence if you ask me), and a provision in similar vain forcing everyone to have drunk-driving detection equipment in their cars so nobody can get in the vehicle and drive it if they've had a drink. It will monitor the driver's driving; if someone is not performing up to the machine's standard it will shut the car down. Oh, there won't be any trouble with faulty devices, you know! I imagine this will narc on the operator too. It will create a "Women of Trucking Advisory Board.", because, well, it's just sooo important to get women behind the wheel of a big rig. Any Republican who supports this needs to face the political grim reaper. This economy busting pile of steaming poo must not become law.

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Fake Hate at Parkway

Timothy Birdnow

A big story here in St. Louis - and likely across the nation - involved a vandalization of a restroom at Parkway High School. The racist graffiti led to a student walkout of class in protest. The media hyped it as proof of massive white supremacism.

Well, guess what...

You got it!

The racist graffiti was done by a black student.

Once again, a minority is attempting to frame the white community with a calumnous effort to feed into the media narrative.

The Parkway school district is a predominantly white school district in St. Louis County. The neighborhoods it serves are generally upper class (Huntleigh, for instance, which is home to the Busch family.)


Decades ago a Federal judge ordered St. Louis schools desegregated. He created the "voluntary" desegregation program in which poor black students could transfer to rich white schools. So Parkway has been integrated - and quite peaceably - for decades now. (Rush Limbaugh's uncle Stephen was the presiding judge over the program for a number of years.)

There has never been a race problem at Parkway.

But why wouldn't black kids do this? They have learned to wield race as a weapon, and to simply lie about "white supremacism" because it benefits the black community and allows them to punish their white neighbors. It's fun. And it is largely without consequence.

So we have this sort of thing happening all over the country, further rubbing the wounds raw. And the media is quick to jump on board with any such claim even if the evidence is scant or nil. They WANT to believe America is full of racists. And they want to use the notion of domestic terrorism to stifle opposition to their evil schemes.

Well, this is yet another fake. But I wonder if the media will report this with the same zeal with which they reported the original claim.


If America is so racist why do they have to fake the evidence? It's worse than climate change alarmism.

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How it works in a criminal regime

This courtesy of Alexis Warlock

How it works in a criminal regime

by Bartholomew Chiaroscuro

General Milley phoned a foreign general and explained that he would disobey orders received from a serving President and notify the foreign general of the orders he received. He did this without informing anyone higher in the chain of command and as a direct expression of his political hatred of a serving President.

General Milley has faced no scandal and no punishment. He is still in post.

Marine Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller, who stated to a western journalist that General Milley and Lloyd Austin the Secretary of Defence are ultimately accountable for the military disaster of the Afghanistan withdrawal, was censured, forced to resign and is now currently sitting in a military prison awaiting a hearing on his case.

Stating the truth about General Milley gets a prison cell. It is factually accurate of course that Milley has accountability for the Afghanistan fiasco, both in terms of his job description and in terms of specific orders and advice he issued. He was on record advising that no collapse was imminent, and on record after the collapse claiming there was no evidence it would happen.

Meanwhile Milley can treasonously communicate with leading Chinese generals assuring them that he will inform them of US military actions with no consequence for that.

It is Milley who should be in a cell, but that does not happen in a criminal regime backed by a corrupt media. In those circumstances, only those who offend or embarrass the criminal regime are put in prison.

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Psocialist Psaki

Timothy Birdnow

Proof the Biden regime is full of socialists:

Jen Psaki:

It’s "unfair and absurd” that companies would increase costs for consumers in response to higher taxes

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China Going Dark

Timothy Birdnow

China's flirtation with "green" energy is bearing bad fruit:

"People’s Daily government media outlet reported on Sunday that a power shortage in the north-eastern industrial province of Liaoning was at a "severe level”, partly due to declining wind power (which has been a problem in Europe and the UK, along with a shortage of gas)."

See also this. and this.

China is having an energy crisis. Many northern provinces have had to cut traffic signals and street lights, and cut power to elevators in high rise buildings.

In Guangdong they are shutting off air conditioners and lights. Guangdong is deep in the south.

Last July China started a carbon trading market. Is it any wonder?

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The Devil in the Details

This from Jennifer Marohasy:

If you go across to my website you will see there is a subscribe button ( ), if you do subscribe you will get my monthly e-newsletters. What I sent out last night to subscribers follows: The wonderful thing about our 21st Century theory of climate, with its focus on human-caused emissions of carbon dioxide, is that it makes us so relevant in the scheme of things. We are told that by making ethical investments we can fundamentally change the climate’s trajectory. Over the next month we will be told if our leaders fly to Glasgow and promise certain things, they can save the Earth.

But that doesn’t necessarily make it true. If we really care about something, we should even be prepared to become irrelevant, especially if that gets us closer to the truth.

But how do we get closer to the truth?

New Zealand born physicist Ernest Rutherford claimed more than 100 years ago that all science is either physics or stamp collecting. I tend to agree. But what he calls stamp collecting I call ‘evidence’. What he calls ‘physics’ I tend to call ‘theory’.

I’m occasionally accused of bothering too much about the detail, while ‘Rome burns’— so to speak. As though bothering with the stamps/the evidence/the data is irrelevant because we should all just get on with saving the climate. (I personally believe we would all be much better off if we knew how to forecast the climate, rather than save it, but that is a story for another day.)

Of course, once you stop bothering with the detail and become an activist you stop being a scientist. Anyway, I have always much preferred to sit with a book or data of an evening, rather than socialising. So, when I visited Lady Elliot Island – ostensibly on holidays back in May – I spent most evenings in the little library with the books, rather than drinking and talking.

I chanced across a photograph very similar to one I saw in the Sydney Morning Herald some weeks earlier it was in a book entitled ‘Coral Whisperers’ by Irus Braverman published by the University of California Press in October 2018. I’ve since tracked down the original photograph and it appears to have been taken on October 22, 2014. Yet the caption in the book suggests it was taken in February 2016. Perhaps Professor Braverman got the caption wrong because she was copying from the ‘Stop Adani’ Flickr page where the image is promoted for free use by the news media and educators to communicate about the global bleaching event?

Is it so difficult to find bleached coral that the news media and educators must all use pictures of the same stand of coral, that as I explain in a recent blog post, is not even bleached? It may look bleached, but that is a consequence of the physics of light and the type of coral as I explain here:

There is a comment in the thread following that post:

"I think we may have lost the war, the elites and their politicians have got the momentum, but we need stuff like yours as ammunition, so at least we can go down fighting.”

I don’t doubt that some enjoy the fight, and I’m happy enough if my scrutiny of the stamps helps them with the battling.

Thanks for caring!
Dr Jennifer Marohasy

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U.K. Labor Minister Blames Capitalism

Jim Church

Kwasi Kwarteng, the UK business secretary, has blamed the capitalist free market for global warming and said that governments around the world have a duty "to legislate and intervene” to protect the environment.

Kwasi Kwarteng Blames Free Markets for Global Warming

Tim adds:

Does anyone else see the irony of Britain's labor secretary having an African name? Anyone?

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Fleeing Sodom

Selwyn Duke

Before the Sexual Devolution and immigrationist agenda, every knee must bend. That seems to be the message of the European Union’s pseudo-elites, who are upset about a pro-sexual-virtue law in Hungary and the country’s refusal to be balkanized. Yet the Hungarians are firm in their resolve.

This was made clear in a recent interview granted to the Associated Press by the nation’s foreign minister, Peter Szijjarto. In fact, there are even murmurings that Hungary, along with political bedfellow Poland, may leave the EU, with a Polish statesman saying this month that EU overlords had to be fought as were "past Nazi and Soviet occupiers.”

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China's Hidden Debt

Timothy Birdnow

I've long argued China is a paper tiger. Well...

$385 B of China's Belt and Road Lending Left Undisclosed: Report

CHINA'S HIDDEN DEBT | A staggering $385 billion of Chinese debt to other countries has been hidden from the World Bank and IMF in the way it is structured, U.S.-based AidData revealed on Wednesday.

Any command economy will have staggering debt, and China, who is in a bid for world hegemony, is guaranteed to wind up with massive debt. They are trying to bump the U.S. from the perch as economic world leader, but to do that they must go up to their eyeballs in hock. They can't rely on unleashing their national economic power because in the end it's all artificial, something they created by monetary manipulation and leveraging and the help of western countries who have purposely hamstrung their own economies to help China and the rest of the world catch up. (The Paris Accords are one example of this hamstringing.) In the end China is a paper tiger, and will fall from internal inconsistencies much as the Soviet Union did. And, as their economy is so closely tied to the U.S., they will go down when we go down.

China dare not show her weakness. Should this debt become known to investors they would rethink investment in China and Chinese companies.

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Double Minded Media

Warner Todd Huston

These insincere, illogical liberals are a hoot. So, one basketball player (Steph Curry, for instance) goes all in for the vax and liberals pat him on the back and say, "YEAH, this guy's advocacy is important. You should listen to him." But another basketball player (Jonathan Isaac, for instance) voices his concerns over the vax and liberals say "If you are taking advice from a basketball player, you are a fool."

So, wait.... basketball player Curry is pro vax and libs say his words are important, but Isaac is anti-vax and he should be dismissed because he is a mere basketball player.

Do liberals have any shame at all?

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Questions on Arizona Report

Steven Schueler discusses the Arizona election audit:

The damning conclusion statement is not in any of the documentation I've been able to find, posted on scribed, link at although some unreliable websites I've seen posit "Arizona audit final report was watered down: reports from Cyber Ninjas were edited, most damning statements were removed. One removed section was as follows : "In the 2020 presidential election, the margin of victory was only 10,457 votes, a small fraction of the 57,734 ballots with known issues. Again, this is almost 6 times the margin of victory in the Presidential race and is multiples of the margin of victory in other races. Based on these factual findings, the election should not be certified, and the reported results are not reliable.” Also from the Yahoo link, "Randy Pullen
Washington Examiner
Senate spokesman: Draft audit report calling for Arizona election decertification is fake
Kaelan Deese
Tue, September 28, 2021, 10:51 AM·3 min read
In this article:

Randy Pullen
American political activist

The Arizona Senate spokesman for the Maricopa County 2020 election audit said that a draft report calling for the decertification of the November general election is fake.

"This is a fake document," Senate audit spokesman Randy Pullen sent in a text message to the Arizona Capitol Times. The "fake" report in question was previously posted to conservative news site the Gateway Pundit.

The draft report that spokesman Pullen was referring to is similar to draft reports obtained by the Arizona Republic and other local media outlets the night before the state Senate dived into its hourslong live presentation of the final report from the Maricopa County election. The draft was published alongside a Gateway Pundit article titled "Arizona Audit Final Report Was Watered Down" and includes a line that states, "Based on these factual findings, the election should not be certified, and the reported results are not reliable."

Pullen, a former Republican Party of Arizona chairman, added that "there was never a discussion about decertifying."

The sentiment was repeated by state Senate President Karen Fann, who commissioned the election recount, numerous times throughout the months long audit process."

End excerpt.

Tim adds:

If true I still ask "so what"? Nobody expected the state to decertify the election and it would be surprising for that call to be in an audity. The point of the audit was to identify the problems and make it possible to deal with them.

It doesn't change the outcome of the election even though Biden clearly lost the state. Our system doesn't work that way. Ours is like musical chairs and the guy in the chair at the end of the song wins - even if he yanked the other kid out of it.

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More on the Port Mess

Timothy Birdnow

On Facebook I asked why we have the backlog in the ports. I asked what it is that "they" doing this.

Dean Mellor replies:

"Why are they doing this?"--a curious question which assumes there is some "THEY" which controls the global shipping and distribution industries. 🧐 CEO of Freightos, a shipping broker, says it's cuz you people are buying more imports. (??!!)
"Congestion won’t be fixed until everyone steps up and does their part,” said Frank Ponce De Leon, a coast committeeman at the ILWU [the longshoremen's union, which controls the docks]. "The terminal operators have been under-utilizing

their option to hire us for the third shift,” he said. (Docks are not working 24/7. It costs overtime premium to get workers for 2nd & 3rd shifts.)
Meanwhile, there's a shortage of shipping containers and a mountain of empty containers tying up space on the docks. They can't get truckers to pick up loads on time at the docks.
All it takes is one hiccup anywhere to snarl traffic around the world. Plenty of hiccups lately. Not sure if they've even caught up from that ship that parked sideways in the Suez Canal last March. 😎

Tim adds:

Dean, the "they" are primarily government entities and hanger-ons (like the longshoreman's union or the Teamsters.) There is clearly bad policy involved here. The big question is, why and who does it serve? If they aren't working three shifts why not? What is making it unprofitable for the third shift? Shouldn't the Biden Administration suspend labor laws temporarily and allow the hiring of temps to do this? Inquiring minds want to know.

And I REALLY don't get the trucker shortage. Trucking is a solitary business which should largely have been Covid immune.

Danny Winget added:

You can go to and see this in real time. Right down to the name of the ship, company and type. Scary stuff. The trucks are in a mess because of this too. They get dispatched to meet the ship…ship doesn’t dock…truck leaves… ship docks …no truck. And around and around we go.

Not to mention also Biden raised the minimum liability per truck to almost unaffordable levels for the small fleets. This is a controlled demolition. Ask yourself …if you wanted to destroy the economy , would you do anything different from what they are doing ?

Eric Chapman adds:

You should hope that stuff stays on the boats. It's packed with goods that cost $25k per container instead of usual $4k per container because of this madness. As soon as they unload it the prices start to go up this October....again.

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Sucking America Dry

This from Jim Church:

The Federal Reserve held its September Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting last week. While there was a lot of talk about the central bank tapering its quantitative easing program, the Fed didn’t announce any concrete plans to slow asset purchases. The lack of concrete action was no surprise to Peter Schiff. After the Fed meeting, Peter appeared on NTD News to talk about it and the Fed’s apparent reluctance to take any concrete steps toward monetary tightening. He said the central bank is in the process of replacing America’s economic foundation with a money printing press.

Peter Schiff: The Fed Is Destroying The Foundation Of The Economy

Chester McAteer adds:

If one is to judge the efficacy of an institution by the policies it promotes, the decisions it makes and the results of its actions then the Federal Reserve Bank System has been one of the most dismal failures in history. Aside from the side-effects of an absolute fiat monetary system, such as the drastic depreciation of the purchasing power of the currency; the FED has not performed well in the prevention of instability in the economy, just the opposite, it has created a long list of boom and bust cycles since the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913.

Just look at its record: 3 Depressions in the 20th Century; the first was in 1920-1921, the next was 1929-1933 and the next was 1937-1938. There were sharp Recessions: 1923-1924, 1948-1949, 1953-1954, 1957-1958, 1973-1975, and 1981-1982. 1987. Then there were 7 mild Recessions: 1926-1927, 1960-1961, 1969-1970, 1980, 1990-1991, 1999 and 2001 brought on by the events of 9/11 and of course the latest FED fiasco that we are now witnessing. That is not the best record in the world for the Federal Reserve System and Keynesian Economics.

The long-term monetary policy promoted by the FED, this government and other countries, is ruinous. It is based on a game that relies solely upon the illusion of value, the deception of debt wealth. It is simply a catastrophe that is literally unfolding before our very eyes. Any dependence by any society upon such an inconspicuous system of gradual monetary depreciation is, to say the very least, unwise, shortsighted and poses a very real danger to the future well being of the People.

Of course, such an inflationist fiat monetary system allows the government to expand everything politicians can dream up without resorting to a drastic increase of taxes on the People, this helps the government avoid such nasty and potentially dangerous acts of over-taxation; nevertheless, inflation is, perhaps the most insidious means of tax ever devised. It not only drains a great deal of productive wealth from the country, but it promotes government expansion, poor decision making and misguided policies.

The loss of productive wealth is probably the most damning result of fiat money; it impedes progressive commerce in ways that few understand. It is so damaging to the ability to judge the time value of our money that businesses, particularly those involved with long-term capital investments cannot accurately rely upon the future value of their money. Thus the true cost of capital always evades commerce, encouraging malinvestments and bad decisions; it is a sloppy system of money. Since there is never a clear signal upon which businesses can draw upon, especially when it comes to the manipulation of interest rates by the FED, it is an unreliable indicator of time preferences which, under a free-market system, coupled with sound money, would give such indicators and allow for far better decision making with both monetary and business movements.

Based upon the monetary and credit policies of the FED, commerce should have experienced a steady growth due to the injection of money and credit into circulation; however, this does not appear to be the case. Now, based on FED figures, monetary growth and credit there has been an increase close to a factor of 90% between the periods of 1950 and 2019, yet we do not see a comparable rate of economic growth, the truth is that we see just the opposite, a declining growth rate and a drastic decrease in the purchase power of the dollar. In fact, judging from other indicators, such as the amount of debt it now takes to generate even a dollar's worth of economic growth, our country is on a precipice from which there can be no retreat, at least as long as this monetary system continues to drain away all viability from the economic system.

Tim adds:

Chet you forgot the post-war depression of 1919 in your list. Of course we were paying for the war, and had a lot of returning soldiers out of work, and then had the Spanish flu pandemic to boot.

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Why the Ports are Backlogged

Bill H.

The reasons for the backlog at the ports.

Part is a massive buildup that started when the ports were closed to pandemic shutdowns. Once the ports are reopened, the clog does not clear up quickly. In fact it gets worse for some time before it gets better because the port is so crowded that nothing can move.

Shortage is there now because there is a worker shortage everywhere. Part is overpayment of unemployment benefits, but even as those are ending labor shortage remains.

Some is the fear mongering which makes people want to avoid work for fear of catching Covid and, of course, dying.

Some is people refusing to get a vaccine in order to work, and people who are working are quitting because of vaccine mandates.

Many are so deep in debt they don't want a job which has wages that can be attached.

The labor situation everywhere is gruesome and is going to remain so for a long time. The lockdown destroyed our economy in ways that cannot be repaired easily, if at all.

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September 28, 2021

The Crashing Moons

Timothy Birdnow

The Moon has two faces. The side facing the Earth is quite lively, with massive craters, huge rilles, and great maria (seas) which are in fact lava plains. The side facing away from us - not much to write home about. Tsiolkovsky is the largest crater and it isn't much. There are a lot of tiny craters just a couple of feet across; nothing like Clavius or Tycho. The so-called Dark Side is pretty boring and dull.

So why is our side so different from farside?

Well, perhaps because the Moon is actually two entirely different astronomical bodies?

Moon Origin Revealed in New Study: was Born out of Two Violent Impacts

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Jim Crowing

Steven Chase

Today's progressive universities are reserving dorms by race. Yesterday, Washington University joined University of Colorado, Stanford University, American University and Cornell University in providing 'Black Only' housing on campus.
Will these new residences also have separate lunch counters and water fountains?

Surveying 173 schools, we found that 42 percent offer segregated residences, 46 percent offer segregated orientation programs, and 72 percent host segregated graduation ceremonies. - 'National Review'

Tim adds:

The goal is, as an Hispanic activist once proudly proclaimed, to begin "pushing the majority into the shadows" and making us live under a minority run Jim Crow.

Selwyn Duke has the exact quote:

Payne opened the interview by explaining that what Obama actually did on November 21 – the day he signed his supposed executive amnesty – was create the "Task Force on New Americans" (TFNA) for the purposes of implementing his legalization scheme. And it won't be applied to just 5 million illegals, but "13 to 15 million to give protection [to] and move...on to citizenship," reports Payne.

Payne then said that the illegals, labeled "seedlings," would eventually "take over the host." She continued, "And the immigrants will come out of the shadows, and what I got from the meetings was that they would be pushing the citizens into the shadows. They would be taking over the country; in fact, one of the members of the task force actually said that we would be developing a country within a country."

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Thoughts on the Port Labor Shortage

Timothy Birdnow

I have some thoughts on the port backups that are about to drive the costs of goods sky high.

First,  this is supposedly being caused by a shortage in longshoremen and truck drivers. If so...

Maybe those Haitians and others who are storming across our border should be made to do those jobs "Americans just won't do" while awaiting their amnesty hearings? Establish camps near the port cities and put them to work, make them earn their keep while they stay.

We're going to wind up with them inside the country anyway with this Administration,

so why not have them unloading ships or whatnot.

Granted, we can't use them to drive the trucks; they probably don't have licenses. But we can certainly put them to work as longshoremen, at least until their hearings.

Maybe this is what the Democrats want? I doubt it; they want these people in the heartland to turn red states blue, and they want to buy them with social programs to become good Democrats. To be a good Democrat you must first learn to be a good mooch.

BUT I could see them proposing this as a way to alleviate the "crisis" which they created by giving eternal covid relief benefits, and to "solve" the problem with more immigrants, with a general amnesty.

They are always thinking a step ahead. The Dems play chess, the Repubs checkers.

This is clearly a result of bad policy on multiple levels, and I believe it is intentional. But why? Not exactly sure what the endgame is here. Punish America for voting for Trump? Driving up inflation to cause chaos and make America more willing to accept socialism and big government? Perhaps to push against American resistance to unrestricted immigration? I think there are multiple reasons for what is happening and it has little to do with labor shortages.

By the way, just to toot my own horn, I predicted something like this back when they first shut everything down. Disruptions in the supply chain were inevitable. I did wonder at the time if the world economy would recover from it. I would point out the Bronze Age was a time much like ours, with easy commerce throughout the Mediterranean and international trade. But a series of disasters, especially the coming of the Sea People, ground commerce to a halt and the Bronze Age cultures were overspecialized
and overdependent on that trade. The Bronze Age saw the collapse of their world order as a result. It was all tied to their overreliance on international trade and vulnerability as no country was self-sufficient at that time.

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Stoessel Sues Facebook

Timothy Birdnow

See John run. Run, John, run!

John Stossel Sues Facebook Alleging Defamation Over Fact-Check Label, Seeks at Least $2 Million

In one video, "Government Fueled Fires,” about the 2020 wildfires in California, Facebook and its fact-checking partners "falsely attributed to Stossel a claim he never made, and on that basis flagged the content as ‘misleading’ and ‘missing context,’ so that would-be viewers would be routed to the false attribution statement.” The complaint says that Stossel’s video "explored a scientific hypothesis” that "while climate change undoubtedly contributes to forest fires, it was not the primary cause of the 2020 California fires.” Per the suit, Stossel says he never made the claim that "Forest fires are caused by poor management. Not by climate change,” which was in Facebook’s fact-check.

On the second video, "Are We Doomed?”, Facebook added a "partly false”/"factual inaccuracies” label. That video questioned claims made by those Stossel refers to as "environmental alarmists,” including "claims that hurricanes are getting stronger, that sea level rise poses a catastrophic threat, and that humans will be unable to cope with the fallout.” Stossel claims the Facebook fact-check didn’t actually challenge any facts in the video, and he argues that the company’s fact-check process "is nothing more than a pretext… to defame users with impunity, particularly when Defendants disagree with the scientific opinions expressed in user content.”

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Global Warming Blankets Northern Hemisphere in Snow

Frank Lasee

From Electroverse:

"Northern Hemisphere snow cover has been on the increase since 2010 (see above).

The IPCC are pushing an agenda.

The data proves this.”

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September 27, 2021

Agenda 21 Transforms America

Tom DeWeese

The Agenda 21 Manual: The Wrenching Transformation of America

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