May 31, 2017

More Rats in the Swamp

Timothy Birdow

More swamp critters in need of the exterminater. From Gotnews:

"Debra Benavidez, the wife of the acting U.S. ambassador to Belgium Matthew Lussenhop — whose embassy just OK’ed $200,000 to promote the Islamic invasion of Europe — endorses Democrat propaganda insulting President Donald J. Trump on her social media accounts, despite herself being employed by the U.S. State Department as special assistant to the ambassador at the United States Mission to the European Union.

That makes President Donald Trump her boss!""

End excerpt.

Donald Trump has shown his political naivete'; he always hired people who didn't agree with him in his businesses, but his efforts to throw bones to the swampies has nearly destroyed his fledgeling Presidency. He needs to get serious about removing these types of traitors.

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Ex Goldman Sachs Democrat Killed Crowdfunding for Border Wall

Timothy Birdnow

According to Got News former Goldman Sachs boss and lifelong Democrat Whte House Economic Adviser Gary Cohn killed plans to crowdfund the border wall.

"White House Chief Economic Adviser Gary Cohn—a liberal, registered Democrat, and former Goldman Sachs executive—killed a proposal that included crowdfunding the Mexico border wall with wall bonds, GotNews can exclusively confirm through multiple sources.


In March, Alaska Republican Congressman Don Young proposed that the government could sell bonds to finance the wall, and offer public financiers 2.5% interest.

According to public records from the New York state Board of Elections, Cohn’s registration as a Democrat is still active Tuesday.

Cohn left his role as Goldman Sachs chief operating officer in January to join the Trump administration. Goldman is coming come under fire for its purchase last week of $2.8 billion in bonds propping up the regime of Venezuelan socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro."

End excerpts.

So a liberal registered Democrat from "Government Sachs", an infamous swamp dwelling corporation, has taken steps to kill the border wall. Any surprise? What I couldn't figure out at the time was why Trump appointed such a penultimate insider and Democrat in the first place.

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Pournelle on Comey

Timothy Birdnow

Jerry Pournelle has a fine analysis of the Comey affair at his website.

Yes, it is strange a corporate lawyer was put in charge of the FBI, and even stranger that his boss recused herself and left it all up to him.

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Dear Mr. President: Please Exit Paris

Paul Driessen

The G7 summit is in full swing – and President Trump is under intense pressure to Remain in Paris – to force the United States to bow to global demands contained in the treaty that former President Obama insisted is not a treaty, but will nevertheless be made binding on the USA. Many G7 leaders want him to ignore his repeated promises to the Americans who voted for him and continue to support him – by locking the United States into the extensive constraints of the Paris climate agreement.

Mark Carr and I have written an open letter to the President, urging him to Exit Paris … and giving him multiple reasons for doing so.

We want to bring our letter to his attention … to the attention of White House, State Department, EPA and other Administration officials … and to Americans everywhere – to help them understand why the United States must Exit Paris.

Dear Mr. President: Please Exit Paris

Are you are still wondering whether to Exit Paris? Overseas and US officials, environmentalists and bureaucrats urge you to Remain. But you promised voters you would Exit. Please keep your promises.

Exit Paris isn’t about the environment. It’s about letting us utilize our fossil fuel energy to create jobs, rebuild our economy, and Make America Great Again. It’s about avoiding immense transfer payments from the USA to foreign governments, bureaucrats and parties unaccountable to Trump-voting taxpayers.

Worse, even if the USA Remains, and the repulsive payments flow, Paris offers no help in removing real air pollutants. Carbon dioxide isn’t one of them, by the way: it’s plant food, not poison.

Exit Paris: Business

Some high profile American companies recently signed a note urging Remain. Follow the money. Many leaders of those companies didn’t support your election and voted Hillary. And they expect to get billions from us taxpayers and consumers, for locking up our fossil fuels and switching to renewable energy.

We who voted Trump, your base, want Exit. Just as you promised.

Remain, so that we maintain markets for American energy technologies? Some companies will make off like bandits. The rest of us will get skewered. Global buyers of energy systems understand the benefits of America’s world-beating fossil technologies. They understand the life-cycle value of after-sales support poorly delivered by our international competitors. Trust Chinese warranties? We don’t either.

Why ask corporations about Remain or Exit Paris? They pass Remain-driven energy costs on to consumers. Instead, ask consumers about ever-increasing energy bills. You’ll get a different answer.

Corporations have shareholders in the USA, of course, and some of them elected you. But corporations also have European shareholders. Corporations there must survive political economies aligned with Paris’s unaccountable bureaucratic control of energy, jobs, economic growth and living standards. You have to choose: shareholders, entrepreneurs, consumers and families – or rent seekers and bureaucrats.

Renewable energy lobbyists, Obama holdovers – and misguided souls in your own administration – say Remain, to keep a seat at the table. That’s nonsense. Businesses were flogged by the past administration and no longer recognize their obligations to shareholders, much less to societies they are supposed to serve with reliable, affordable power that creates and preserves jobs.

Those companies responded to incentives in a massively hostile American political economy. Those hostilities represent decades-long campaigns by anti-energy groups that got rich while claiming to represent shareholders, and by foreign governments seeking transfer payments. You promised change.

Exit Paris: Group of Seven

Mr. President, you’ll be pressured mightily at the G7 to Remain Paris. Hugely-invested and conflicted world leaders will give you no peace. Your delegation will hound you. Keep your Exit staff close. Why?

Because America got snookered into signing the Arctic Council’s May 11, 2017, Fairbanks Declaration. Now the same pro-Remain forces will claim America wants that language. What language?

Start with Perambulatory Paragraphs 8 & 9: "Reaffirming the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the need for their realization by 2030.” And this: "U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 13.a: Implement the commitment undertaken by developed country parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to a goal of mobilizing jointly $100 billion annually by 2020 from all sources to address the needs of developing countries in the context of meaningful mitigation actions and transparency on implementation, and fully operationalize the Green Climate Fund through its capitalization as soon as possible.”

They want to take our money, while they shackle our economy. But there’s more.

Paragraph 31 (p. 6): "…we welcome the updated assessment of Snow, Water, Ice and Permafrost in the Arctic, note with concern its findings, and adopt its recommendations.…The Arctic states, permanent participants, and observers to the Arctic Council, should individually and collectively lead global efforts for an early, ambitious, and full implementation of the Paris COP21 Agreement….”

Your State Department Obama-carry-overs slipped this one past their boss, Secretary Tillerson – and you, by extension. This is where the real art of the deal comes in. Take a leadership role and terminate this. Don’t get sandbagged. Don’t sandbag the people who voted for you. Resist the pressures you’ll face in Sicily. Anything but Exit Paris undermines your credibility and betrays voter trust and America’s future.

Exit Paris: Diplomacy

One reason cited to Remain Paris and Remain UNFCCC and their climate treaties is to "avoid diplomatic blowback.” There certainly will be that, but it’s a cost far more easily borne than the sum of what we paid yesterday and will be told we must pay tomorrow in lost energy, jobs and money. Follow the money:

Emerging nations want the USA to Remain because they expect billions in cash from us every year – plus free technology transfers – at US corporate, taxpayer and consumer expense. Advanced countries want us to Remain because we will inadvertently fund and sign onto programs that they use to seize ever-greater bureaucratic control over energy, resources, jobs and living standards, within their own borders and ours.

The Chinese want us to Remain because it protects access to our market for energy technologies. Do you believe Chinese press releases and speeches that claim they are switching massively to renewable energy? Neither do we. But we see them building more coal-fired power plants in China, Africa and elsewhere.

Europeans want us to Remain in Paris to ensure that our fossil fuels, energy prices, economy, jobs, living standards and ability to compete globally are as shackled by climate insanity as theirs already are.

Some say Remain Paris for a seat at the table. Will the planet otherwise forget American leadership? Better that the deal crumbles without us making huge transfer payments and shackling our economy. Even better is that you lead America and the world back from the climate hysteria precipice.

Anti-America, anti-energy forces unite at the UN and its UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Its director, Ambassador Espinosa of Mexico, spoke recently at Georgetown University – to advocate greater bureaucratic control over energy, natural resources, jobs, living standards and human lives. The past administration was in lock-step with this. You should absolutely be against every part of it.

Exit Paris: Science

Paris is a horrible idea, since unassailable empirical evidence demonstrates that: Carbon dioxide makes plants grow faster and better. Atmospheric CO2 levels trail rather than lead warming. Water vapor is a much more potent greenhouse gas. Thanks to carbon dioxide, agricultural productivity has increased over recent decades by over $3.2 trillion. Scientists project up to $10 trillion more in improved crop yields over the coming decades.

Climate science is absolutely not settled. Smart scientists who support you prove there’s no credible path to climate cataclysm due to fossil fuel use and CO2 increases. Doomsayers have gotten rich by peddling false, alarmist, anti-scientific claims, while the rest of us have suffered. This must not continue.

To support Exit Paris, you should reverse the absurd, scientifically unsupportable claim that carbon dioxide "endangers” our welfare. Doing that will substantially remove the ability of subsequent administrations to restore policies that demonize fossil fuels and CO2. Many of the policies addressed and corrected by your recent environmental Executive Order are vulnerable until the endangerment finding disappears. Much of the mischief and job killing of the last eight years can be laid at that doorstep.

Exit Paris, because even outgoing EPA officials admit it will not noticeably affect Earth’s temperature.

Exit Paris: US Politics

Paris intentionally provides for ever-tightening restrictions on American citizens and businesses – thus far with no vote by us or the Senate. Who rewrote our Constitution to allow a president, in his final days in office, to impose such a far reaching treaty on us without our advice, consent, approval or vote?

If you need Exit support of fellow elected officials or a constitutional avenue, submit Remain Paris to the Senate. The measure will crash on that rocky shore, giving you all the support you need to Exit Paris.

Your voters heard you promise to Exit Paris. The support you still enjoy from your voters is because we see that you are keeping your promises. Keep this one, too, Mr. President.

Please Exit Paris. Those who voted for you will remember and approve. Those who detest and resist you will still detest and resist you if you Remain.

Thank you for considering our heartfelt analysis.


Paul K. Driessen and Mark J. Carr

Driessen is an environmental policy analyst and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power - Black death. Carr consults on energy, environmental, transportation and agricultural policy. (To contact President Trump about this vitally important Exit Paris issue, go here to sign CFACT’s Say No to Paris petition.)


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What Dennis Prager Gets Absolutely Right

Jack Kemp

What Dennis Prager Gets Absolutely Right
By Erick Erickson

No need to rehash all of Dennis Prager’s column, but in my disagreement on a few of his points I overlooked what is also worth noting — what he got absolutely right.

A lot of folks who do not like the President do not understand that there are a lot of Americans who really feel under attack, overwhelmed, and with no solution on the horizon. They turned to Donald Trump and are sticking with him because all the professional politicians who came before him have failed them.

They don’t expect the President to behave like a normal politician. In fact, they expect he will make different mistakes. But they know the system before Trump failed them and even if Trump fails, they do not think he can make their lot in life any worse. They will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Prager noted that a lot of those opposed to Trump fail to recognize how many people think their lives are in existential crisis and I think he is right. A lot of people could stand to understand Trump voters instead of writing them off as racists and bigots. The reality is a lot of them are hurting and politicians from both parties have let them down.

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May 30, 2017

Russia Bans Blackberry

Timothy Birdnow

Russia continues it's horrible slide into totalitarianism under Putin. Now the Russian government is blocking websites associated with Blackberry because the smart phone maker will not divulge client information to the Russian government.

Pravda reports:

"Russia's telecom and media watchdog Roskomnadzor has blocked all BlackBerry websites, having thus deprived owners of BlackBerry smartphones of the possibility to access their settings and personal accounts. In response to complaints, Russian officials redirect all questions to Canada, where BlackBerry devices are made.

BlackBerry smartphones are known for their security protection and thus enjoy popularity among business people and politicians. The Canadian producer of these devices refused to provide data about its users to the Russian supervisory agency. As a result, the websites associated with BlackBerry have been blocked in Russia. The move has not affected the work of the messenger service, although other services that the company offers to its clients have been restricted. Those who buy a BlackBerry phone in Moscow, for example, are now unable to activate their device or visit the applications store. In addition, searching for a lost device has become impossible too. "


"Earlier, it was reported that the Russian Ministry for Communications prepared a bill to take the processing of personal data under the control of the state. If the document is accepted, Roskomnadzor will be able to access all systems in the country that collect data from citizens. The agency will thus be able to access Russian citizens' personal data. For the time being, the agency can access only servers but not the information stored on them."

End excerpt.

In other words, Putin wants unlimited access to the network.

I am certain Barack Obama is green with jealousy; he could only dream of unlimited access to a person's phone records. Well, actually, he did that through the NSA...

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More Apostacy at SLU

Timothy Birdnow

St. Louis University is a Catholic University in midtown St. Louis (and my alma matre). The Catholic Church forbids contraception as sinful, yet the editorial board of the U. news, the official student newspaper, are calling for the Jewuit institution to provide birth control.

They argue:

"Although SLU is a Catholic university whose policy is against premarital sex, the University should not force its students to adhere to Catholic doctrines. As a university, the institution’s main role in the lives of students is not to influence their private affairs. The school may be a private institution with a religious affiliation, but its focus is largely academic. The United States is becoming increasingly secular, and the University should adapt to this changing reality. SLU has a large social justice presence and should concentrate on how this social justice aspect aligns with the Jesuit mission."

End excerpt.

Now, there are no rubber police, no raids in search of illicit contraception. Students may indulge their carnal desires if they wish, but the university simply does not provide the means. If you want to act like rabbits you can go to the gas station just off campus and buy your own.

But this is not adequate to the liberal students at SLU, who demand the school provide these things. And while the editorial does not call for the University to pay for them, there is little doubt that is the ultimate intention.

This illustrates the incidious nature of leftism, how it divides and conqueres. SLU is a Catholic institution, and promotes (or supposedly promotes) Catholic doctrine. The editors at the U. News argue that the cafeteria still sells meat on Fridays during Lent, which is true, but food and drink are not sex and one does not require sexual congress to survive. Also, not eating meat does not rise to the level of contraception in Church law.

But that is neither here nor there; the point is if these students want condoms supplied at their school they should attend a secular university. Certainly UMSL would provide. Liberals work this way; demand a more "open' and "welcoming" institution then demand that those who started the institution surrender their fundamental beliefs to make accomodate the people who at first came hat-in-hand. The end result is a move to secularize, a move to the left which is intended ultimately to destroy the old order aka the Catholic Church.

It's a profilactic revolution.

Another point to ponder; we are told endlessly about how unsafe college campuses are for women and how much rape is occuring. Men are all predating on the college coed, and yet the student paper demands condoms and birth control pills to ramp up the sexual activity. Go figure.

These students should either be Catholic or go elsewhere.

One must wonder why the Univeristy let them publish this. If there were grounds for disciplining the official campus paper it is this. One does not voluntarily associate with an institution and then demand to set the terms under which they attend. All Americans have freedom of speech, but when you use University resources to distribute an officially recognized paper on campus you must accept certain restrictions. Maintaining Catholic standards is hardly an abridgement of civil rights.

It's little wonder the universities are starting to crumble.

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Illinois passes Automatic Voter Registration

Timothy Birdnow

In an act of partisan madness the Illinois state legislature has passed autolmatic voter registration. Now everyone gets to vote, no matter how poorly informed or uncaring!

According to CBS' local affiliate KMOV in St. Louis:

"The Illinois Legislature also has overwhelmingly endorsed a plan to automatically register qualified voters.

The proposal would register eligible individuals automatically when they visit Secretary of State’s offices and several other state agencies unless they opt out.

The House endorsed it 115-0 Monday. The plan gained Senate approval earlier this month.It now returns to the Senate for agreements on changes."

End excerpt.

So, you get automatically registered if you visit state agencies. Do they inform the people they are now registered? Which offices? Do you get registerd if you visit the DMV, the welfare office, unemployment? And who gets registered? Illinois is chock full of illegal aliens.

I don't see any problem here at all.

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WH Com Director Resigns; was he one of the leakers?

Timothy Birdnow

White House Communications Director Mike Dubke is out.

According to Breitbart:

"Dubke resigned on May 18, according to Politico’s Mike Allen, after taking the job in March. He was viewed as a professional close to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, both familiar with the workings of Washington, D.C.

Mainstream media reporters also respected Dubke’s background as a behind-the-scenes operative who worked in Karl Rove’s orbit."

End excerpt.

Question; is Dubke one of the leakers in the Trump Administration? Given his RINO background it seems somewhat credible. Anyone the mainstream media respecdts is probably a traitor.

Trump needs to rid himself of Preibus too, if you ask me. I suspect both Preibus and Dubke have been working behind the scenes to stab the insurgent President in the back.

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Republican Texas Rep. Calls ICE on Illegal Protesters, Gets Assaulted by dems

Timothy Birdnow

Now here is the way to handle unruly illegal immigrants.

State Rep. Rep. Matt Rinaldi (R-Irving) called ICE on the rowdies, who were protesting the passage of a bill outlawing sancturary cities.

This led to an altercation between Rinaldi and an Hispanic legislator:

"When I told the Democrats I called ICE, Representative Ramon Romero physically assaulted me, and other Democrats were held back by colleagues," he added.

Protesters were seen wearing tee shirts saying "lucha" or "fight" - clearly an act of aggression - and shouting at lawmakers, in violation of state law (protests are not permitted in sessions of Congress.)

Needless to say, Democrats denied the allegation that they assaulted Rinaldi. Who believes that? Liberals are busily assaulting Republicans all over the country, especially Trump supporters who are getting beaten up on a regular basis..

And all of this because the great state of Texas wanted to enforce the laws on the books.

The Democratic Party ahs become nothing but a band of brigands, a criminal enterprise, a cheap imitation of Al Capone's crime gang. They will break laws, incite violence, and use whatever other tactics they deem fit. It is no longer a matter of defeating them politically but of destroying them as a movement, for they have become as bad as any crime syndicate. They are desperately trying to drive America into civil war.

So good for Rep. Rinaldi! He stood up for the rule of law and refused to be bullied by Democrats and their illegal alien allies.

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Trump Poised to Reverse Obama´s Cuba Policies

Report: Trump Poised to Reverse
Obama´s Cuba Policies

President Trump is set to roll back a series of policies former President Obama put in place toward Cuba, according to a report from the Daily Caller. The changes regarding the policies will be announced in a June speech in Miami, the U.S.-Cuba Trade and Economic Council said in the report. Sources told the DC the reversal was pushed by a group of bipartisan lawmakers: Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Bob Menendez (D-NJ), and Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL). Obama, who became the first U.S. president to visit Cuba in almost a century last year, put in motion a series of policies to thaw relations...


Gee, and I was planning to vacation in Havana, go to those night clubs and get a souvenir pinata. Wait, that's Mexico. I wonder if they sell a pinata with Che Guevera's image on it to hit with a stick in Cuba..

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Honoring Vets on Memorial Day

Dana mathewson

My former U.S. Rep was a Marine. His replacement's a pretty good guy, too. This is what I received from him today.

Honoring the Fallen on Memorial Day

Rep. Lewis honors the fallen and discusses
VA reform efforts in the House.

Dear Friend,

Throughout our nation’s history, Americans have answered the call to fight for our freedoms.

Today we remember these men and women, who gave their lives so that we may live in peace. We remember that the freedoms we hold so dear would not be possible without the willingness of our neighbors to make the ultimate sacrifice to guarantee them. We remember that while all gave some, some gave all.

Please join me today in taking a moment to remember the price that our men and women in uniform have paid, including members of our own families. Like many of us, I remember seeing my brothers go to Vietnam, and heard my Dad recount his own memories of service.

Just recently, I supported a number of initiatives in the House to make sure that our veterans are properly taken care of. The No Hero Left Untreated Act would help treat larger numbers of veterans for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Disabled Veterans would be able to receive support from adult day care services through Veterans Administration (VA) partnerships with state-owned veterans’ homes.

As you may know, there have been some highly-publicized scandals at the VA over the past few years. I have a casework team dedicated to helping constituents and veterans resolve problems they may encounter with the federal government. The number to call is 651-846-2120. I’m also a cosponsor of the WINGMAN Act, which would allow my team, with the veteran’s permission, to have access to their VA records in order to solve problems with the claims process more quickly.

I’ve also been proud to support ways for veterans’ appeals to be resolved faster at the VA, like the Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act, and to get benefits claims assessed speedily through the use of a local doctor for exams- the Quicker Veterans Benefits Delivery Act.

Let’s be grateful to the men and women who laid down their lives, grateful to our veterans, and respectful of the sacrifices made in war by those generations that have gone before us.

They advanced the ideals that our nation is built on, and as I represent our district in Washington, I’ll keep doing my part to safeguard those freedoms, and support our troops, military families, and veterans. We won’t forget the fallen.

Please share your thoughts by sending an email through my website, and sign up for my e-mail newsletter for the latest updates from Washington, D.C. and around the district. You can also stay on top of my work by following my Facebook and Twitter pages. Please feel free to call my Washington, D.C. office at 202-225-2271 or my Burnsville office at 651-846-2120 with any comments or for assistance with a federal agency.

Jason Lewis
Member of Congress

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May 29, 2017

Centennial of the Cocktail Party

Timothy Birdnow

This day one hundred years ago the first recorded cocktail party was held in a stately St. Louis mansion.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

"According to Felton’s piece, the landmark liquor gathering in May 1917 was orchestrated by Mrs. Walsh (no first name was given), who was described by the St. Paul newspaper as "a leader in society activities” in St. Louis.

Apparently, the Walshes were no strangers to liquor-aided festivities, or odd parties. Felton reported that the couple had previously hosted a "baby party” at the St. Louis Country Club, at which guests dressed as toddlers and drank their libations out of baby bottles.

According to other information in the Pioneer Press article, the cocktail party began at noon, with some of the 50 attendees coming straight from church. It lasted for only one hour, after which dinner was served.

According to other information in the Pioneer Press article, the cocktail party began at noon, with some of the 50 attendees coming straight from church. It lasted for only one hour, after which dinner was served.

Mrs. Walsh took no chances with the event, hiring "a white-coated professional drink-mixer who presided behind a mahogany” bar in the home.

The menu of potables included many Highballs, "some with Scotch and some with rye or Bourbon whisky;” as well as "Bronx Cocktails,” described as gin, dry and sweet vermouth and orange juice; and Clover Leafs, which was a mix of gin, grenadine, lime juice and egg white. Manhattans, martinis and gin fizzes were also served, as well as one mint julep "for a former gentleman of Virginia.”

After that spring fling in 1917, the cocktail party became all the rage in St. Louis and other cities, the Wall Street Journal article said, adding that Prohibition a few years later put a crimp in the emerging trend.

In 1924, the Walsh family sold the property to the Catholic Church, and it became home to Archbishop John J. Glennon."

End excerpt.

Why did no one ever host a cocktail party before this? I suspect it was the lack of ice; who wants a warm drink? Ice was hard to come by before refrigeration became common. You used to have to buy ice cut from the river and stored in an insulated ice house. Also, mixers were at a premium in the old days, making the cocktail a unique thing. Coca-Cola was not invented until 1866 after all, and many other chasers just weren't avalable.

So next time you receive an invite to a fancy lush hour event, do remember that this is barely older than your grandfather.


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Fwd: Navy SEAL dies in NY Fleet Week parachute jump

Jack Kemp

And this could have been the reason why the US Army Golden Knights parachute team did not jump at Republic Ariport in Farmingdale, Long Island yesterday.

This cancels my plans to see the Navy parachute team, the Leap Frogs, jump into Citi Field today at the NY Mets home game against the Brewers. I don't even know if they'll jump at Citi Field around 4 pm at all. No announcements are being made as to cancelations - or going ahead with plans to jump. May this unnamed Navy SEAL Rest in Peace. He is a reminder of how dangerous serving one's country can be, even in a peacetime activity.

Navy SEAL dies after parachute fails to open at Fleet Week demonstration

BERGEN COUNTY, N.J. — A parachutist involved in a Fleet Week demonstration in New York Harbor died today following an apparent chute malfunction that sent him into the water near Liberty State Park.
In a press conference this afternoon, Navy Rear Adm. Jack Scorby described the parachutist as a SEAL and a member of the Navy’s elite Leap Frogs parachute team.

The team was conducting a demonstration around 12:10 part of planned Fleet Week activities, Scorby said.
"The parachute malfunctioned and failed to open properly and he landed in the water adjacent to Liberty State Park," Scorby said. "He was retrieved immediately by U.S. Coast Guard personnel and the Jersey City Fire Department marine unit, who were specifically standing by in vessels to support the event."

The parachutist was taken to Jersey City Medical Center.

"We are sad to say, unfortunately, he was pronounced dead at 1:10 p.m.," Scorby said. "Our hearts and prayers go out to his family, and I ask for all of your prayers for the Navy Seal community, who lost a true patriot today.."

The cause of the mishap is under investigation, Scorby said, and the SEAL's name is being withheld while next of kin are notified.
Initial reports that other people were injured during the demonstration proved to be false, a Navy spokesperson said.

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Why Democrats want you to forget the Confederacy

Jack Kemp
Why Democrats want you to forget the Confederacy

Have you noticed the movement to remove statues, memorials, flags and markers that commemorate the historical reality of the Confederacy in America?

Earlier this month, we saw another vivid example of this when New Orleans removed the last of three statues of Confederate heroes – Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and P.T. Beauregard.

It’s happening in dozens of states – not just Southern. Some of these monuments have been around for nearly 150 years.
What’s this new war on the Confederacy all about?

I have a theory. I don’t think it explains the phenomenon in its entirety. But I definitely think it’s part of the explanation for the scorched-earth policy against American history, the attempt to erase any historical vestige of the most costly war in our history.

First, you will notice that Democrats are nearly always at the forefront of this kind of activity.
Why would that be?

Could it be because they are embarrassed and ashamed of their party’s own history?

Read it all!
Exclusive: Joseph Farah spills dirty little secret behind left's assault on statues, flags, memorials

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Good, though short, article. But read the comments down a ways...

Dana Mathewson

Some of 'em may be a bit over the top, but when it gets to the Clinton body bags and stuff like that, well. . . Lots of people who read these articles CAN connect dots.

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Liberal Short Term Thinking

Dana Mathewson

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Apparently the White House leakers have been caught

Dana Mathewson

Three of 'em, anyhow. And when Trump gets back home he can swing the axe again.

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May 28, 2017

Real World Consequences of Obama's Coal Wrecking Policy

Timothy Birdnow

Here is what happens when hig government rolls over the public. Peabody Energy, the largest coal company on Earth, went into bankruptcy as Barack Hussein Obama fulfilled his pledge to bankrupt coal producers. No big deal, we were told; "green energy" would more than make up for the losses of jobs, and all would soon be better.

But there are consequences, often unforseen, for the do-gooderism that is liberalism.

From the Belleville News Democrat:

"When you play "Let’s Make a Deal,” you might get a car and a vacation or you might get the Zonk.

Marissa finds itself winning a goat instead of a valuable cash prize following its decade-old deal with Peabody Energy Co.

The 818 water and sewer customers in the village have a $1.06 million debt after Peabody’s bankruptcy. They are repaying the government loan that built water lines and a better water tower to service a Peabody fishing and hunting community that never happened."

End excerpt.

So a small town in Illinois goes belly up and residents are stuck holding a massive debt because Obama wanted to appease the Gang green and their environmentalist cronies.

The good people of Marissa invested in a rock-solid energy company, a local company. But they didn't count on Barack Obama and his Martian tripod warriors at the EPA, who created such draconian regulations on coal fired plants that Peabody, the big dog in coal, and the second biggest coal company on Earth - Arch Coal - bot filed for bankruptcy before The ONe left office.

In 2008 then candidate Barack Obama told the San Francisco Chronicle:

" Let me sort of describe my overall policy.

What I've said is that we would put a cap and trade system in place that is as aggressive, if not more aggressive, than anybody else's out there.

I was the first to call for a 100% auction on the cap and trade system, which means that every unit of carbon or greenhouse gases emitted would be charged to the polluter. That will create a market in which whatever technologies are out there that are being presented, whatever power plants that are being built, that they would have to meet the rigors of that market and the ratcheted down caps that are being placed, imposed every year.

So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it's just that it will bankrupt them because they're going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted.

That will also generate billions of dollars that we can invest in solar, wind, biodiesel and other alternative energy approaches.

The only thing I've said with respect to coal, I haven't been some coal booster. What I have said is that for us to take coal off the table as a (sic) ideological matter as opposed to saying if technology allows us to use coal in a clean way, we should pursue it.

So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can.

It's just that it will bankrupt them."

End excerpt.

Well, when you seek to choose winners and losers in society, you cause a lot of collateral damage. A number of states sued the Obama EPA but Obama simply ignored the courts in a power grab that makes anything Trump has done look like a kiddie game.

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St. Louis Archbishop has some stones

Dana Mathewson

This article is the featured story on a site that pops up on my e-mail.


The city of St. Louis recently passed an ordinance which criminalizes "discrimination" based on, among other things, abortion. The St. Louis Archbishop has blown the trumpet that shall never call defeat, asking Catholics to openly disobey the unconstitutional and abusive law.

"We will not comply!"" was the Archbishop's rejoinder to the new mayor Lydd Krewson and the eternal Democrats who use St. Louis as their personal handkerchief.

You go, Archbishop Carlson!

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