April 30, 2023

Einstein the God-Hating Socialist

John Madric

This having been written just a year before his death, likely expresses his final conclusions on the matter. Was he right? Maybe. As one of the most intelligent people ever, it's difficult to challenge his viewpoint, given few of us are at his level. However, brilliance in math, doesn't necessarily translate to brilliance in matters philosophical. I agree with much of his thrust here, and as an atheist of many decades, still hold the view that religious beliefs are a preferred method of creating and holding cultures when comparing to the alternative. Those with the objectiveness to think their way to atheism will do so regardless of indoctrination. And those who would render harm were it not for the threat of damnation, are best held down by the shackles of their beliefs.

Infamous Einstein Letter That Calls God 'A Product Of Human Weaknesses' Fetches Fortune At Auction

Tim adds:

Einstein was also a self-avowed socialist, so his judgment on matters of political or philosophical matters is suspect. In 1949 Einstein wrote in an essay entitled "Why Socialism" " I am convinced there is only one way to eliminate these grave evils, namely through the establishment of a socialist economy, accompanied by an educational system which would be oriented toward social goals". He may have been a genius where physics is concerned but he was a dufus otherwise.

Oh, and I agree with that last comment too; if atheism is true it should be  big enough to overcome theism based on logic and evidence, and if it must be protected from religion, then what does it say about the value of it?

And for that matter so what if some people accept a religion that tells them to do good to others and be kind? Is that so terrible a thing to believe?

In the end there is nothing to lose by Belief. There is everything to lose by atheism.

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Cancel Tucker, Cancel America

This from Jayne Freedman

Tucker Carlson represented freedom of speech. I am sure that as much free-speech as he endorsed, there’s a lot of speech that he left dormant.

To me, there’s a huge, dark, lights-out cloud above our heads. The elite, the left, the uniparty, corrupted media and corporations all have a stake in eliminating our first amendment. What they did not accomplish with many of us by brainwashing, they intend to do by canceling free-speech. The ignorant become compliant tools for the ruling class!

So, while we may have temporarily lost a soldier on the battle ground, we are quickly sliding into communism. Government controlled information!

I had to marinate the whole Tucker Carlson situation yesterday and this morning. I see a much larger context. I, most likely won’t be here to see the ravages of communism in the United States. The country that I passionately love. But I’ve read enough to know that communism is a killer much worse than any pandemic the government can conjure up. It’s a fight for our God-given rights. It’s a fight for our Constitution. It’s a fight to keep alive the dreams of all those who fought and died for our flag, and what it stands for. It’s a fight for which our forefathers would have fought and sacrificed. It’s a fight for our children and grandchildren.

Are you down for the fight? Unlike our early revolutionaries

, our fight is harder (sarcasm). We have to fight back with boycotting FOX. We have to deliver them a viewership that leaves them, stunned, deer-in-headlig hts, frantically searching for the meaning of their own existence. If you continue to watch Gregg Gutfeld or Laura because you like them, you are having trouble seeing the forest through the trees. It’s the First Amendment that’s at stake here. Either we fight back and drive a stake into the left’s ability to cancel us or we watch Gutfeld because he makes us laugh!

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U.S. Funding Illegal Caravans

Jerry Rainforth

How accurate is this assessment?
Quite controversial for some, likely. But may be close to what is happening.

Federal Government Behind Massive Operation to Send Illegal Immigrants into U.S.

Migrants are funneled towards the U.S. southern border via a sophisticated logistics operation paid for by American taxpayers

Tim adds:

I'm prettty sure it's accurate. It costs a LOT of money to move all these people. Just look at the caravans; they are arriving clean, with good shoes and new backpacks and whatnot. The aren't walking the whole way. And somebody is recruiting them and organizing this.

How do you prevent Mexico from stopping them at the border? Somebody with pull is telling them to let the caravans pass.

And there is zero effort to find out who is organizing and funding this effort at lawbreaking. So to me it's clear the U.S. is doing it itself.

Years ago a guy named Arias King, an aid to then President Vicente' Fox - spilled the beans. He pointed out that both parties wanted massive immigration. He realized that they wanted it to create a permanent class that would let them run things as is common in Latin America. He theorized that they were trying to replace Americans with an underclass of voters who would simply hand power to them. These people came for the money, not for the reasons immigrants of the past came here. I suspect this is true, or some variant on this anyway.

Also, when Bill Clinton promoted and signed NAFTA there were voices saying the purpose was to create a North American Union similar to the E.U. that would include most of the Continent. How do you do that with the huge cultural differences between Anglo and Latin America? You have to have an anschlus, a merging of cultures. No doubt some of the more pointy-headed eggheads in our government think this is the way to accomplish that. Then we will merge together into one political entity and eventually those will be the provinces of a new world government.

I have no doubt at all this is being done by the U.S. government. It is waging war on it's own citizens.

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April 29, 2023

The Cover Up that Never Ends

Selwyn Duke


This is an interesting take on the Watergate scandal. If accurate, it means the Deep State manipulating matters then just as it does now.

Tim adds:

Indeed. Nixon was a dry run for much of this stuff (including taking out a President, which they employed against Trump.) They have run things since Roosevelt, certainly, as he expanded the bureaucracy, and even before - Wilson and T.R.

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The Hope in the East

Phil Taylor

Sebastian Milbank, The Critic

Anglosphere commentators generally agree that younger voters are almost exclusively, emphatically left-wing. The picture on the continent, however, is quite different. In Italy, Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria, populist right-wing parties are not only in power, but enjoy their strongest support from the young.

Tim adds:

They are bearing the brunt of the European Union's obsession with nulticulturalis
m and at the same time these were countries that already did the whole socialist thing. I'm not surprised. I AM surprised that it has taken this long. They should have resisted the whole woke program from the beginning. The U.S., Britain, France, and other countries never under the Communist yoke never really learned the horrors of such a system. We now want it and think it will work. The young - easily bored and also easily led by their professors in school - support it because it's counter-culture , it's revolutionary, it's "cool" to their minds. They can walk around wearing Che' Guevera t-shirts and barets and pretend they are romantic revolutioary heroes. Kids in Poland or Hungary have been there, done that and know how terrible it was. There is absolutely nothing cool about communism. You would think that the whole world would understand that at this point. Sadly too many still believe the fairy tale.

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Chinese Masking

John F. DiLeo

Ever since the plandemic hit in 2020, Americans have noticed how comfortable the Chinese are with wearing facemasks.

Many Americans - especially on the Left - assume that we should be more openminded about the things, because after all, ever since SARS hit, the Chinese have been aware of their value.


This is simply spin. The reason that so many Chinese are accustomed to wearing facemasks all the time has nothing to do with viruses or bacteria at all.

Many Chinese cities, especially their most industrial, like Beijing, are simply drenched in industrial air pollution.

These masks are reasonably effective at keeping soot out of your lungs. That's about all they're good for. (soot comes in much bigger particles than viruses).

If you want to learn from China, wearing masks isn't the way to do it.

The lesson to learn is that communism produces industry that pollutes.

By contrast, in the capitalist west, we have developed and implemented filtration systems as we have industrialized. Concurrently. American factories often put the air back cleaner than they bring it in, through various technologies for pollution capture and disposal.

Don't let anybody get away with telling you the Chinese just wear those things to keep viruses out.

They wear them because otherwise, you'd gag on the smog in the communist hellholes they live in.

Tim adds:

Amen John! AND were I Chinese I would wear a facemask out in public; it keeps the party Comissars from spoting you and maybe cutting your social credit score.

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Why the FBI Won't Release the Nashville Manifesto

Kim Rogalin

Many leftist protagonists are inheritance welfare liberals, the effluent of generational wealth and privilege, who choose to live in the safety and comfort of suburbia, with their enclaves of clubs and finer eating establishments.

These left-wing elitists harbor fear of and contempt for grassroots Americans, in part because they have little social intersection with those who form the backbone of our nation. They arrogantly deride the foundational family and faith values that are common among grassroots folks. And they certainly don't understand our embrace of American Liberty, the antithesis of the statist government power they advocate.

After the virtue signalers elected biden, who promptly enabled putin to invade Ukraine, they laughingly replace their biden yard signs with Ukrainian flags. The vast majority of these suburban leftists have never raised their hand to support and defend our country, or anything else. They depend on the grassroots folks for their protection, whether from gangbangers who venture into their neighborhoods or despots in foreign lands.

One of the virtue-signalin g signs that reemerges once the other signs have worn out their usefulness is the rainbow mafia version — variations of rainbow colors that also adorn the backs of vehicles. That theme, in support of the left-wing's gender destruction cult, has become the most prolific of the left-wing virtue projections, an excessive emphasis that at first glance seems curious. Amid all the issues that left-wingers/ dems should focus on if they're serious about lifting up their constituents, why do their national, state, and local leftist cadres expend so much highly visible political capital defending abject gender deviance? That deviance now increasingly includes the most offensive of the aberrant offenders, including transgender men competing as women in sports, trans groomers infiltrating elementary schools as teachers, drag queen kindergarten groomers, and now, even the most grotesque of the bunch, child gender mutilators who are profiting from cutting body parts off of children. left-wingers/ dems are even passing legislation to remove children from parents who won't allow their child to be chemically or physically mutilated. Every House lib/dem voted against a bill to restrict men from competing as women in sports. biden had already signaled he would veto it.

So quick is the left-wing to defend these special constituents that after a gender-confused assailant murdered six people at a Nashville Christian school, they pulled out all the stops to deflect attention from the assailant's gender pathology, including by promoting yard signs that note Protect Kids, Not Guns. Ironically, those signs include rainbow lettering. The Nashville case provides the evidential trail exposing the left-wing deviant defense political strategy.

Follow along...recall that the Nashville attack occurred just ahead of the Trans Day of Vengeance. And on that day of vengeance, a gender-confused Colorado Springs man was arrested after the discovery of his hate manifesto detailing his plans to attack schools and churches. (Notably, information about that case was not released to the public until 6 days after the suspect was arrested for reasons not explained.) Now, weeks after the Nashville assault, the assailant's writings indicating her motive have still not been released. No dots to connect here; move along.If you question that--you're a fascist.

As for why her sociopathic rants have not been released, professor Joseph Giacalone of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice speculated: "I think what the FBI is really concerned here with ... is that if there is something in there that is truly damaging for the transgender community, I think they are hesitant to do it because they are afraid of a violent backlash against that protected class of people." And herein lies the answer to the question of why libs/dems expend enormous political capital defending deviance.

The delay in releasing the assailant's writings is because she is among the Left's prized protected class of gender-confused constituents. If the release of her rantings indicated that the motive for her attack was hatred for those who disagreed with her identity and ideology, thus fitting the criterion for a hate crime, the Dept of Justice would be obligated to classify it as such. And that would result in an immediate political backlash from the left-wing base — those who support the whole LGBTQ+++ ad nauseam spectrum of gender deniers, especially if that hate crime declaration implied a connection between her gender confusion and mental illness.

liberals/ democrats know they can give no ground regarding defense of their deviant gender-outlier constituents because that connects the dots to the 5% of their constituents who are in the gay and lesbian category, and that group is supported by a majority of the libs/dems' largest and most critical voting bloc, women. Yes, another irony being that a large number of leftist biological women support the tiny but very vocal nonbinary miscreants. lib/dem strategists believe their female voters are emotionally incontinent idiots who can be manipulated into dependably voting lib/dem by promoting emotionally provoking issues.

In 2022, men voted Republican by a 14-point margin, while women voted Democratic by an 8-point margin. That's a 22-point gender gap. So, rather than libs/dems risk offending women voters, make the issue about guns instead of gender pathology. And then give all those emotionally incontinent white privilege virtue signalers Protect Kids Not Guns yard signs. Throw in some statehouse protests to bolster that diversion.

Of course, we ALL want to protect kids from the rising generation of sociopathic killers, the vast majority of whom are killing each other, not schoolchildren. And fortunately, most school kids are protected by resource officers with guns. If those suburban leftists were really concerned about children, they would be posting yard signs that read: Protect Kids, Not Groomers. Tag team that with Protect Kids, Not Failed left-wing Social Policies.

Through executive orders and budget requests, the biden regime has sought to embed "diversity, equity, and inclusion” principles across the entirety of the federal government – and in turn to touch the lives of every American. Now members of the Republican House majority, who see this whole-of-govern ment effort as a woke assault on America and its core values, are working to combat it using the power of the purse.

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El Nino v. La Nina Warming

Richard Cronin

By examining images of sea surface temperatures under La Niña conditions vs. El Niño conditions it strikes me that sea temperature rise during the La Niña is spread widely across the Southwest Pacific and produces a gentler warming, like a low simmer. Gentler impacts on global conditions, principally in broad precipitation.

With the El Niño spawned close along the Peruvian coast, the waters of the eastern and central Pacific warm more dramatically. This body of warm water produces a low pressure convection cell. The Pacific Jet Stream is pulled further South and strengthens. It blows along the latitude of hurricane formation in the Atlantic and suppresses hurricane formation. The Gulf Stream remains warm and the U.S. East Coast swelters during the summer months.

Queue the histrionics.

La Niña (Sept. 2022) vs. typical El Niño (Oct. 2015).

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Green Energy Delusion

Diane Kimura

Germany embarked on an ambitious, grandiose plan in 2010 titled: "Energiewende” to transition their economy from coal and nuclear to a low-carbon and environmentally friendly renewable energy.

"Energiewende” has done more harm than good for Germany. You will be astounded to know that after the closures of the last three nuclear power plants a fortnight ago, Germany has dramatically increased its electricity imports.

No money for guessing; these imports are from coal-fired plants or nuclear power plants from the neighboring European countries.

The target was to reduce emissions drastically while providing households and corporations with an adequate "affordable” energy supply.

Nevertheless, it has been termed as preposterous and a catastrophic failure by some of the market participants for the reasons listed below:

Energiewende resulted in a drastic upsurge in the cost of electricity for households. In fact, many people are unaware, but Germany, along with several other European nations, pays one of the world's highest electricity prices.

This harms the poorest people in the country.

Taxes and fees account for more than 30-40% of the total electricity price in Germany. The supposedly high taxes and fees originate from the imposition of Energiewende to support the renewables projects.

Thus, it’s mind-boggling that households in the industrial powerhouse of Europe pay, on average, 41% more than the Euro Area to sustain the green transition, which is going nowhere.

Germany was the biggest coal importer last year as the closed coal-fired plants were reopened to meet the energy needs post the Russian weaponisation of natural gas.

One of the most significant impediments to the "Energiewende” implementation will be the unreliability of renewable energy sources. It has been time and fact proven that the elevated volatility in the production of wind and solar power can cause havoc with the grid stability (transmission grid).

As a result, a 100% transition to renewables, especially without nuclear power, is unviable. In fact, as Germany closed its nuclear plants, the void was filled by the "dirty” coal power (see the black area post the end of red) instead of the "clean energy”.

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April 28, 2023

Dominion; the New Normal

This from John F. DeLeo:

In a way, the Trump team was more at fault in this business with Dominion and Fox than anybody.

It was blatantly obvious to the entire world that there was massive vote fraud… But the Trump team was laser focused on blaming dominion.

That was foolish from the beginning, because if they couldn’t prove it against dominion, their whole case fell apart.

But Sydney and Rudy and all of them focused on the dominion machines, putting all their eggs in one ballot box .

This gave the left the opportunity to frame the debate, such that if we couldn’t prove dominion stole the election then the election wasn’t stolen.

An insane jump, but it was our side that made it possible.

Instead of focusing appropriately on all the dozens of different methods, such as nursing home fraud, multiple homeownership fraud, illegal alien voting, 2000 mules style fraud, patronage bus tour fraud, and so forth.

Tim adds:

Very astute observation John and I agree. I've had that fight with a number of Nevertrumpers who insist that the failure to prove Dominion was guilty destroys all claims of vote fraud.

The fact is it was massive, it was ubiquitous, and it was in mulitiple forms. The Trump team should have pursued all of those avenues. I don't know why they didn't.

(Of course Trump was staffed by double A players and not the major league team because everyone feared being permanently out of work if the challenge failed and they wound up blacklisted.)

I think they went after Dominion because they are a private company and would have to hand over everything in discovery. Much of the rest of this stuff involved confidential voter rolls and the like.

I also suspect they did it because they did not want to confuse the public with too many varied ways the Democrats cheated. They figured that they should stick to one primary point so the public could understand it.

You may remember how the Clinton camp got away with so much by simply having overly complex and multiple criminal enterprises running at the same time. It is the Big Lie. You get caught telling small lies; nobody believes you would have the cajones to tell so big a lie. I think that is how Clinton always got away with it, and they thought that if they pursued too many of these the public would not believe it possible. So they focused on Dominion to the exclusion of everything else.

But it was a tactical error, no question. And now everyone is crowing, saying "nothing to see here" when in fact the whole stinking election was a farce. And having gotten away with it they will continue to get away with it. Vote fraud is the new normal.

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Joe Biden 666

Timothy Birdnow

Joe Biden is quietly laying the groundwork for the Mark of the Beast.

According to Fox

InMarch 2022,the Biden administration released a sweeping executive order that directed numerous federal agencies to crack down on digital assets, including on popular cryptocurrencies, as well as to study the potential development of a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

A CBDC would notbe a digital version of the existing paper-based dollar, but rather an entirely new currency that would exist exclusively in digital  (meaning an electronic, non-physical) form.

In September 2022, the White House announced the completion of the CBDC reports. Although the administration did not officially propose a CBDC following the release of the reports, it did announce that it had developed "policy objectives" for a U.S. CBDC system.

Biden also directed the leadership of the National Economic Council, National Security Council, Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Treasury Department to "meet regularly" with the Federal Reserve to further design a potential CBDC.

Since the flurry of action in September, the administration has worked tirelessly – and quietly – to advance the creation of a CBDC, through various working groups, speeches and coordinated efforts with non-government groups.

The Book of  Revelation says the Beast will have a cashless economic system that is accessed through some sort of technology "a mark upon the left hand or forehead" that they may neither "buy nor sell, save those that have the mark of the Beast". 

Sounds very similar, no?

And even if it is not it will be a way to steal all our wealth and given them control of it.

This is a grand criminal conspriacy, to put it mildly.

I would add only Congress has the authority to do such a thing. This isn't in the President's job description anywhere.

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Republicans Fund Government - Women, Minorities Hardest Hit

Nikki Grace

The House raised the debt ceiling. However the Senate and Biden will not sign onto the bill. So, a kabuki show. The White House and the Dems are squealing that the government is going to default. The annual revenues are north of 4 trillion, they can meet all their contracted obligations and social security and Medicare as those are funded with 15% from the working public plus whatever Medicare collection is these days. We are on Medicare and we still pay for it. In fact it is a big chunk. The continued printing of money to cover the deficit takes money from the populace in the form of inflation. We went grocery shopping yesterday. Some products have increased 100%. Many products are no longer available. I have started ordering some food stuffs from Amazon.

Tim adds:

Republicans raised the debt ceiling. Women, minorities hardest hit! https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/house-republicans-eye-wednesday-vote-debt-limit-bill-making-changes-rcna81326 Funny; Biden and his merry bandits won't take the deal, even though it fully funds the government. They want MORE, MORE, MORE! They remind me of Tony Montana in Scarface "The World is yours!" And who will be blamed by the media for any government shutdown? The guy who actually shut the government down or the ones who went ahead and raised the debt ceiling (that thing which is supposed to be a hard limit on spending)?

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Winkin' Blinkin Conspriacy

Diane M. Kimura

Now that there is substantial proof that Anthony Blinken was the corrupt politician who orchestrated the fake letter, signed by 51 former intelligence officers, that claimed Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation, it is time for Blinken to be impeached. Providing untrue information with the intent to affect votes in an election is a crime. So is lying to congress about it.

There are several people currently in federal prison who have been convicted for posting untrue information on Twitter and Facebook with the intent of affecting votes in elections. What Blinken and his coconspirators did was far worse.

Blinkin and Hunter Biden are lifelong friends. They had numerous texts and telephone communications every day the week before Blinken arranged the letter. He had to know from Hunter that there was very damaging information on the laptop. Blinkin knew he was lying to the American public. He is not the man anyone wants being our primary contact with the rest of the world.

The sad thing is that he is not the most corrupt Secretary of State in the last two Democrat administrations...

REVEALED: Antony Blinken Was Behind Effort to Organize and Gather 50+ Members of Intel Community to Lie and Sign Bogus Letter on Hunter Laptop Being Russian Disinformation | The Gateway Pundit | by Joe Hoft

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As the World Burns

Steven Chase

In the past 24 hours...
In prime-time last night, CNN had 775,000 viewers, FOX had 1.7 million and Tucker's video tweet had an audience of 66 MILLION.

Trudeau, Fauci and Weingarten (head of Teachers Union) are out there denying that they forced jabs and shutdowns. Funny?

Dem candidate Robert Kennedy has 19% of the vote, but the DNC (Dem National Committee) reiterates: There will be no debates! Biden is not to be challenged.

Sharp press photographers spot Biden's cue cards at a supposed 'press' conference. The cards identify exactly who to call on and in what order, plus the PRE-SUBMITTED questions and the pre-arranged answers.

And...the Chinese Yuan overtakes US dollar as most-used currency in China's international transactions for the first time in history.

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Rootin' Tootin'!

Warner Todd Huston

WATCH: Biden Says He is Rooting for Flyers to Win Stanley Cup…the Flyers Didn’t Even Make the Playoffs

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The Incredible Inflating Inflation Reduction Act

Diane Kimura

The Inflation Reduction Act Price Jumps From $385 Billion to Over $1 Tril.

U Penn Wharton revised its estimate of the cost of the inflation reduction act significantly higher based on Biden's actual implementation of the deal.

In other words, the "Inflation Reduction Act" was inflationary!

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April 27, 2023

American Oligarchy

Timothy Birdnow

Yes, the U.S. is now an oligarchy.

The two professors came to this conclusion after reviewing answers to 1,779 survey questions asked between 1981 and 2002 on public policy issues. They broke the responses down by income level, and then determined how often certain income levels and organised interest groups saw their policy preferences enacted.

"A proposed policy change with low support among economically elite Americans (one-out-of-five in favour) is adopted only about 18% of the time," they write, "while a proposed change with high support (four-out-of-five in favour) is adopted about 45% of the time."

On the other hand:

When a majority of citizens disagrees with economic elites and/or with organised interests, they generally lose. Moreover, because of the strong status quo bias built into the US political system, even when fairly large majorities of Americans favour policy change, they generally do not get it.

They conclude:

Americans do enjoy many features central to democratic governance, such as regular elections, freedom of speech and association and a widespread (if still contested) franchise. But we believe that if policymaking is dominated by powerful business organisations and a small number of affluent Americans, then America's claims to being a democratic society are seriously threatened.

America was founded on a two-tiered system and it was actually a good thing. The Founding Fathers weren't poor men; on the contrary they were the wealthy and educated class. BUT they had diverse interests and were essentially at odds and so when they created their system they put checks and balances in place, and gave the People a say in matters.

What we created was a system that worked smoothly. The wealthy were by far the smallest group in the country, and they had to have the support of a lot of others to implement any policies they wanted. Also, newspapers were local and had a local flavor and reasoned like their neighbors, so there was no monolithic propaganda machine manipulating the public as now.

This made the wealthy class uniquely suited to being in charge. Any other class would have been oppressive.

But even then there were problems. The Bank of the United States, for instance, was universally hated by Americans but the very wealthy made out well through it.

And that income gap has widened. In 1774, the top 1 percent of households got 9.3 percent of income. Compare that to America today, when the top 1 percent is bringing in about 20 percent. And corporations have made it possible for a few key individuals to control vastly more sums of money.

So the power of the wealthy class has grown all out of proportion. And so has the lower class, which, due to their wealthy benefactors who are utilizing a divide and conquer strategy now hold disproportionate influence in America.

The middle class, once America's backbone, is being squeezed to death. And that suits the Ruling Class just fine; their main competitor is the middle class. They know that they can lose to some upstarts who can't be bought. Now they co-opt many newly rich middle classers, but that doesn't always work. Trump is an example.

And these people all atttend the same schools, vacation in the same resorts, enjoy the same sports, and live in the same places. They isolate themselves from middle America.

So what had once been a benevolent governance is now a tyranny. And it gets worse all the time as they assert themselves, their power, and their depraved minds on the rest of us.

In many ways America always was an Oligarchy. The idea of The People being sovereign was a fiction; the oligarchs ruled by persuasion and a bit of guile in the past. Now they rule by manipulating everything the public sees and hears and is allowed to say. What was once gentle persuasion is increasingly the iron boot in the face. They have turned our national security apparatus into a giant psy-op machine. We created the most powerful such weapon in human history, with groups like the CIA, NSA, FBI, etc. to resist the Communists, then to fight drugs, then terrorism. Now these groups have a new mission; to fight America and compel it to obey the Ruling Class.

In short, the aristocracy has broken the covenant. When they were content to take their share and share power we were content to let them make their profits and play with government. Now they are abusing their privilege. They became very greedy. And many of us are pushing back. They don't like that and are unleashing the might and power of the almighty State against us. They are absolutely convicned they are the best and brightest and know bettter than do we.

But they don't know America at all. Most have never even been to Nebraska or Iowa or anywhere in the heartland.

This disconnect has made them arrogant and abusive. And it will only get worse as they get their hackles up at the people of this country for not recognizing their superiority.

The oligarchy will indeed be replaced at some point by a pure democracy. We see the movement in place now. And that will wreck everything. It always does.

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Remove the Blindfold

Our friend Down Under, James Doogue, takes a dim view of modern America:

I think the US needs to remove the blindfold on Lady Liberty at Ellis Island, and anywhere else she is portrayed.

In the US there is no guarantee of equality under the law. Sadly, it is clear from an outsiders view looking looking in, the US legal system has become overtly politicised. So you may as well abandon any pretense and ditch the blindfold.

The US may as well ditch any test for citizenship. Applications should be allowed and automatically granted for a small processing fee. The only reason you would need US citizenship now would be to gain a passport and then legally travel from the US, to another country.

US citizenship doesn't seem to be a requirement to enter the country, be provided with healthcare, education, welfare and housing, and you could even vote to elect the people who are wrecking the US.

Sadly Australia is heading in the same direction. I have a shortlist of countries to which I may have to flee. I hear some good things about Paraguay, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, Montenegro, and Czechia. At least in those places justice is based on how much you are prepared to pay not politics

Tim adds:

Lady Justice should ditch the blindfold and extend the middle finger, methinks. And put her thumb on the scale. You're right; there is now no longer any reason to have citizenship at all. Everyone gets all the benefits of it now. I see Australia turning People's Republic too. I had hoped you guys would have had better sense than do we.

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Limited Knowledge and the Brain

Timothy Birdnow

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, they say. We live in an era of very limited knowledge boldly proclaimed as wisdom.

When a baby is gestating it produces multiple synaptic connections, far more than it requires.

Between the ages of 2 and 10 the child's brain loses HALF of all it's synaptic connections in a process called synaptic pruning.

This tells me something. It suggests to me that the person is far, far greater than what he will become in this particular life alone. He has the potential to be so many different things, to develop in so many different ways. In fact his body is an endless well of potential. It is the occupation by a spirit that prunes away the possibilities and molds the person.

That and their unique experiences on Earth.

In many ways we don't start out as just empty vessels but rather as overful ones. The conscious mind is overwhelmed. To make sense of reality it must chop back the endless possibilities, the multiple perceptions and capabilities. That forms the person, but it also limits them.

One wonders what would happen if these synapses weren't pruned away?

One also wonders about the nature of this; children often have very lively fantasy worlds, with imaginary friends, with magical thinking, etc. Is this a coefficient of the multiple neural pathways they need to shed? Are they living multiple lives? Certainly people with multiple personality disorder (very rare) do; is that a function of their not pruning the multiple synaptic connections?

I think this is a fascinating bit of science that many overlook. And it dovetails with metaphysics. Who are we? Are we the sum of our parts or is the sum of our parts a reflection of who we are? I think this suggests the latter; our bodies conform to us, become what we are as individuals. We are not just hard-wired. It takes our shape over time. Of course events can help shape that, and no doubt our bodies can help shape our personality as well. I think there is synergy.

We often think of life as a kind of testing ground, and a school. If so, is it not true perhaps that we can shape our brains? We know we can; Jeffrey Schwarz's work on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder patients and mindful meditation show that by an act of will we can alter the architecture of the brain. This is probably even more true of the young, whose brains are more plastic than in old codgers. So we make ourselves who and what we choose, and our bodies help make us fit into them.

And our bodies help us fit into the world around us, which determines who we are to no small degree. The soldiers of the Second World War were molded by the hardships of Depression and war. Take an old vet from that time and put him in a kid's body today and he'll be a different man. He'll still be himself, but different.

God says in the Bible that He knew us in the womb. That comports with this well; it suggests we shape our bodies after being placed in them. Not the other way around.

At any rate, the whole transgendered business suggests a brain that has failed somehow to find it's physical pathways. Like Multiple Personality Disorder the child struggles with vestigial neural pathways that confuse the kid. That will prune away in time. But we are now altering the body of children when it is their brains that are still shedding possible neural paths. It would correct itself in time.

But by altering their bodies we will alter the process of synaptic pruning, and that will lead to all sorts of problems as the child is not growing into himself.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, they say. Our society has become very, very dangerous.

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