January 31, 2021

Then and Now

Jack Kemp


"You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns; you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold." - William Jennigs Bryan, 1896


"You shall not press down upon the brow of homebound labor this crown of pipeline contract torn; you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of Goldman Sachs shorts."

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Not Wearing Mask Now a Federal Crime

Timothy Birdnow

So now it's a Federal crime to not wear a mask out.

When will the American People say enough is enough?

CDC - No Longer Constrained by Trump - Issues Orders that makes not Wearing a Mask on Public Transportation a Federal Crime

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January 30, 2021

Biden Dividing America

Warner Todd Huston

Poll: Most Americans Believe Biden is Further Dividing the Nation

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The Hypocrisy of the Left

This from Anthony Watts:

This is why if the left didn't have double standards they wouldn't have any standards at alll.... hilarious.

Troll Replaces "Trump" with "Cuomo" in Maxine Waters Call to Violence and Dems Lose It

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Killing Campfire Stories

Timothy Birdnow

Lookie here.

Spoils a good scary campfire story with facts and truths. Killjoys! We want the deliciously frightening Covid scare!

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Disinfecting Does Not Work

This from Jim Church:

All those instructions to disinfect everything at the start the pandemic may have been for naught — or made matters worse — according to scientists who are coming clean about an early COVID-19 misconception.

Disinfectants were worth their weight in gold in early 2020 after the medical community advised people to wipe down packages, groceries and any other foreign items entering the relative safety of their bubble. It may have been overkill, according to Emanuel Goldman, a Rutgers University microbiologist, who said this manner of transmission has proven extremely unlikely.

"In hospitals, surfaces have been tested near COVID-19 patients, and no infectious virus can be identified,” Goldman said, according to NPR. "They don’t find infectious virus, and that’s because the virus is very fragile in the environment — it decays very quickly.”

All that is left behind is viral RNA — what Goldman describes as the corpse of the virus — which does not pose an infection risk. It is a substantial sea change from January and February when preliminary research suggested the virus could live on surfaces for days, raising fears that people could infect themselves by simply touching the wrong countertop. "All the evidence points toward breathing in the virus from the air as being the most important route of transmission,” said Linsey Marr, an engineering professor at Virginia Tech specializing in the airborne transmission of infectious diseases.

Still Disinfecting Groceries? Don't Bother

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The Purpose of Public Education

Timothy Birdnow

"The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality.”

~H.L. Mencken, The American Mercury (24 April 1924)

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Scot Free

This from Willis Eschenbach:

This turns my stomach. FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith has been sentenced to PROBATION.

He was a main player in the attempted coup to oust a President. He altered a CIA email, lied to his FBI supervisor, and caused the FBI/DOJ to lie to the FISA Court. Those are very serious crimes, and he was found GUILTY of them.

And he got one year of probation from an Obama-appointed judge.

Probation! No punishment of even the slightest kind!

Meanwhile, Roger Stone told a couple of meaningless BS lies, and was only rescued from a long prison sentence by being pardoned by President Trump.

If you ever had any question that we have two distinct systems of justice, one for liberals and one for conservatives, Clinesmith getting probation puts all those questions to rest.

Democrats, I truly don't know how you can live with yourselves. This is truly despicable. Clinesmith wasn't just anybody. He was an FBI lawyer with a SWORN DUTY to do right. Instead he cheated and lied, and he got probation. "Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity" my okole.

Ex FBI Lawyer Kevin Kleinsmith Sentenced to One Year Probation for Altering Russian Probe E-mails

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PC Trading Policy

This from Steven Chase:

Nearly all of us have missed the BIG issue on this story:
The Gov't regulators SHUT DOWN the Reddit GameStop buyers (little guys) - thereby protecting the Hedge Funds - BECAUSE:

"There were anti-Semitic posts on Redditt" (official reason given)

UNDERSTAND - If we need Gov't approval to INVEST based on one's beliefs, hate-thoughts, prejudices or level of political correctness, we are really in for a dark journey.

In the ultimate unconstitutional market distortion, the government refashioned life itself with its draconian lockdowns in a way that forced entire chains of commerce only through narrow, well-connected giant companies while crushing small businesses. Just like the GameStop investors on Reddit who were shut down from making profit and could only take a loss in order to transfer wealth to the hedge funds, small businesses were shut down so that the consumer capital would flow to Zoom, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Netflix. Amazon's stock price has nearly doubled since the lockdowns began last March. - Daniel Horowitz 1/29/21


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Head Fakes

This from Richard Cronin:

Can’t you just visualize Fauci and his buddies at the WHO giggling and sharing a doobie ?

Hey ! (giggle !) I’ve got one that will really f*ck with their brains !

Fauci: Wearing Two Masks is Better than One

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January 29, 2021

Head of Proud Boy is Fed Informant

Timothy Birdnow

Well, well, well...the Hispanic/Black leader of the supposedly white supremacist Proud Boys works for the Feds!

From the article:

Extremist leader repeatedly worked undercover for investigators after his arrest in 2012, former prosecutor and court files reveal Enrique Tarrio, leader of the far-right group the Proud Boys leader during a march into Freedom Plaza, in Washington DC on 12 December 2020. Photograph: Gamal Diab/EPA E...

Thanks Willis Eschenbach.

Makes you wonder who else is running the supposed "right wing terrorist" groups and how legitimate the "insurgency in D.C." really was.

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January 28, 2021

Going to the Dogs

Timothy Birdnow

So now they are going to sick the DOGS on Americans!

The Dogs Trained to Sniff Out Covid 19

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Biden Ends Petitions

This from Roy Spencer

If you were thinking of petitioning the White House over anything, forget it. Your new president took down petitions.white house(dot)gov a week ago. It now redirects to the WH home page. So, don't be a complainer.

Tim adds:

One of the complaints of the Colonists about George III was his refusal to accept petititoins of grievances: "In every stage of these oppressions, we have petitioned for redress, in the most humble terms. Our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people". The Declaration also points to other things Biden has done or plans to do: "He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us", "He has abdicated government here, by declaring us out of his protection, and waging war against us.", "He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his assent to their acts of pretended legislation:", "He has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.", etc. Biden is increasingly looking like King George, including the madness...

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Bolshevik Power Grab

Timothy Birdnow

Here is proof that the Left is making its move to seize America, and that the D.C. "riots" were a Reichstag fire.

John Brennan's Dark Fantasies Become a Homeland Security Bulletin

The Junta is making a full court press to consolidate power and destroy any opposition. This is frighteningly Orwellian and something we've seen wherever Bolsheviks seize power.

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Obama's War on America and Property

Timothy Birdnow

Since Biden is reinstating this Obama-era scam, I reproduce my article below:

Recently Baltimore County came to a settlement with the City over a scheme to colonize affluent County neighborhoods with HUD housing. According to Fox News:

"With crime in the inner city soaring and many of Baltimore’s neighborhoods plagued by gang violence, there was a push to integrate those communities into neighborhoods in the surrounding county. The NAACP and others sued Baltimore County over alleged housing segregation – and the county has now settled, agreeing to spend $30 million over the next 10 years to build 1,000 homes in affluent neighborhoods.

On top of that, the Baltimore County executive is planning to put forward legislation outlawing the practice of landlords denying – or as some see it, discriminating against – Section 8 tenants.

"I think it’s important that we make sure that opportunities are available to everyone within the region,” County Executive Kevin Kamenetz said.”

First it should be pointed out that integration was never the primary purpose of the Fair Housing Act or any subsequent legislation; the purpose was to grant civil rights to protected classes, allowing them to live where they choose. Integration was a tool used to enforce civil rights in education, not in housing. Nowhere is integration even implied as a fundamental right in the Constitution, nor is the benefits of living in a good neighborhood.

What is very interesting is that the County plans to force landlords to accept government funding of unqualifiable tenants via Section 8. Section 8 is a difficult program to deal with; they require a series of inspections, often very demanding and far above what local municipalities require of landlords, and they have a bad habit of simply stopping funding at inopportune moments for any and every reason. This should not stand in court, but in the era of Obama - who has appointed fully 324 Federal judges as of April 12 of 2016 - chances are good that it will not be struck down.

And since when is opportunity a civil right? Opportunity is the fallout of civil rights, not a right in itself, and property rights are by far the cornerstone of all civil rights. President Calvin Coolidge once said;

"Ultimately property rights and personal rights are the same thing. The one cannot be preserved if the other be violated.”

And the philosopher John Locke, so influential to the Founding Fathers, said;

"Government has no other end than the preservation of property.”

Or as John Adams put it:

"The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the law of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.”

HUD has been pursuing a scheme to build low-income housing in affluent neighborhoods nationwide

Yet here we are in modern America promoting the idea that property rights must be abridged to "grant” civil rights to a certain protected class. And this is not just a quirk of Baltimore; HUD has been pursuing a scheme to build low-income housing in affluent neighborhoods nationwide, ostensibly as a way to redress discrimination. According toCNS News:

"On Wednesday, two weeks after getting the Supreme Court’s okay, the Obama administration issued a final rule intended to move poor people "into communities that are rich with opportunity,” as HUD Secretary Julián Castro phrased it in his news release.

The new regulation is all about "affirmatively furthering fair housing,” HUD says.”

In short, the Administration plans to colonize predominantly white and Asian communities with likely Democratic voters. This is a dirty political trick, one designed to overcome the predominance of Republicans in governorships and state legislatures, who control redistricting. The Obama Administration found an easy way to make the power to control districts mute by simply colonizing those districts and thus diluting the vote. It is a sort of reverse gerrymandering, where instead of creating districts they create demographics.

Blockbusting is illegal. Blockbusting is a conscious attempt to trigger panic selling by suggesting something dire is coming - like large low-income housing being built in a neighborhood thus reducing property values. Essentially HUD is blockbusting on a national scale here. This can also be seen as a due process violation, because the construction of HUD housing will lower property values, thus constitute an eminent domain taking without due compensation. http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/eminent+domain

Not content to rest on his laurels with this triumph over America’s fundamental right, Julian HUD director Castro (fitting name) now wants to force landlords to rent to convicted criminals, a non-protected class.

His reasoning is that, since minorities make up the preponderance of convicted criminals, a prudent policy of denying criminals tenancy is de facto an act of racial discrimination and thus grounds for punitive action by HUD.

"Right now, many housing providers use the fact of a conviction, any conviction, regardless of what it was for or how long ago it happened, to indefinitely bar folks from housing opportunities,” Mr. Castro said in a statement.

"Many people who are coming back to neighborhoods are only looking for a fair chance to be productive members, but blanket policies like this unfairly deny them that chance,” added Castro.”

Mr. Castro intends to use the full power of his office to compel property owners to rent to people they would never rent to otherwise, and to put their good tenants in jeopardy in the process. There have been a number of court rulings on this very thing, and in point of fact it has been made plain that landlords are legally responsible for knowingly renting to potentially dangerous felons.

Eugene Volokh gives us the rundown on that:

"According to the case that I cited (a case where the University of Kansas knowingly rented to an ex-convict who raped another resident), a landlord’s duty of reasonable care to his tenants would require him to take steps to protect the tenants against criminal attack by cotenants — presumably, according to some of the commenters who were defending the Kansas decision, by evicting the tenant, and (I take it) by not renting to the tenant in the first place if the landlord knows or has reason to know of the past conviction. And if indeed criminal background checks are cheap, it would be reasonable for the landlord to do that check and learn of the conviction.”

Landlords are liable for illegal activity on the premises

Indeed, landlords are liable for illegal activity on the premises, and can face the following penalties:

  • You could face fines for allowing the illegal activity to continue to occur
  • You could face criminal penalties for knowingly allowing the illegal activity to occur
  • The rental property can be confiscated by the government, but this is only in extreme cases
  • In addition to criminal penalties, there can be other negative consequences for landlords. These can include:
    1. Rental property value can drop, thus making it hard to find and keep tenants
    2. If a tenant or anyone else in the neighborhood is injured or annoyed by the drug dealing, you could be sued on the grounds that the rental property constitutes a public nuisance that threatens public safety and morals.

The most potent defense in the landlord’s arsenal is the application process; the landlord has the power to deny tenancy. It is the most prudent and logical course of action. Yet HUD is going to force landlords to accept criminals, and do so in a manner that will keep the government’s hands clean; no legislation or executive orders involved, so the landlords wind up bearing all of the legal liability.

Interestingly enough, this will have the reverse of the desired effect; landlords will have to tighten their screening process, making credit and employment requirements far stricter. The end result will be that poor people will be denied more frequently, as will the self-employed or under employed. Right now there are a number of places that specialize in low income housing and they will have to change that, driving retirees into the streets. Contractors and other seasonal workers will find it hard to rent property since their credit is often less than perfect during the slow season. The self-employed will be out. And always the applications will have to be run, lest an accusation of bias be leveled by HUD, so a person who is likely to be denied cannot be told that is the case, and he or she will have to lose the application fee, costing them money.

This will destroy low and middle- income housing.

It is also a violation of a number of state and local ordinances. Here in St. Louis an unconstitutional law that required landlords to obtain licenses from St. Louis County (see here) over and above obtaining clear occupancy inspections - even when letting a relative live on the premises for free - requires the following:

” The [Director of the Department of Public Works] may provide written notice to the owner of residential rental property licensed under this Code that an occupant thereof, within a period of one year, has been convicted of having violated a felony, misdemeanor or ordinance related to the following acts:

a. illegal sale, manufacture, storing, possession, distribution or use of narcotics or other controlled substances or


b. illegal sale, manufacture, storing, possession, distribution or use of drug paraphernalia or precursors;
c. illegal sale, storing, possession, use or distribution of a firearm, weapon or explosive device, or other

violation of law related to use or possession of the same;

d. prostitution;
e. illegal gambling;
f. illegal sale, distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Within 30 days of receipt of such notice from the Director, the owner shall initiate eviction proceedings against such occupant or occupants, and shall thereafter diligently pursue them… An owner who fails to begin eviction proceedings with regard to such occupant or occupants within 30 days of receipt of the Director’s notice, or who fails diligently to pursue such eviction proceedings, shall be subject to license suspension.

And here are the penalties the bill would levy on a landlord for not evicting a tenant who, for example, had been convicted in the past year of violating the county ordinance prohibiting consumption of alcohol in a massage parlor — or something equally innocuous:

Every person or entity convicted of a violation of any of the provisions of this chapter shall be fined not more than

One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) or imprisoned in the St. Louis County Jail for not more than one year, or be punished by both such fine and imprisonment.

Each day in which a person or entity allows occupancy of residential rental property in violation of any provision of this chapter shall constitute a separate violation.”

Evil is on the march

This law was passed by the County but has not been implemented pending a legal challenge. But it should be pointed out that a landlord will be in a terrible bind if he rents to a tenant who has a criminal background. It is not easy to evict tenants, by the way.

Couple this with the war being waged in conjunction with the EPA on large landholders, on farmers and developers, and it becomes obvious that whole scale redistribution of land is the overarching scheme.

Of course, there is more to it than political and social engineering; the Left has always taken delight in rubbing the noses of prosperous whites in their powerlessness to stop this. It was once said that whites wouldn’t be allowed to retreat to the suburbs and school busing was designed precisely to force this on the white community. Here in St. Louis we’ve had a court-ordered city/county desegregation. Black children are bused out of the failed City district to what were once excellent suburban schools, and now many of these schools suffer from crime and declining test scores. The Julian Castro idea that people will be uplifted by a better environment is astonishingly wrong and has been proven so by decades of forced integration. Man is not inherently good, and it worth noting that poorly educated and ill behaved children are rarely lifted up but rather tend to bring others down, and forced integration empowers the very worst of human impulses. And with the decline in the ability of schools to punish unruly children, with the pressure on the schools to make the transfer students appear to succeed, standards of behavior that applied to well-off children are downgraded to accommodate the "cultural diversity” of the new students. It is what Patrick Daniel Moynihan once referred to as "defining deviancy down”.

Breaking the notion of ownership

There is an all-out assault on what was considered traditional America, and the white community is where the idea of America still lies. Whites cannot be allowed to cluster, in the liberal mind, because they will start talking about the old days and perhaps stop kowtowing to the progressive scheme of "imagine there’s no country” and everyone is mixed up in a multicultural hodgepodge where they retain their own particular culture while living cheek-by-jowl. I remember the 1980s where the liberal college professors (and back then you did have to still preface that) were all a-twitter about "cultural diversity”. I remember how insane I thought the concept; the Balkans were one example of how you cannot have different cultures occupy the same space, and history is replete with endless warfare between peoples who are stuck together in too close a proximity without sharing a common cultural tradition. But the left can only think about how to break things, and they realize that they can break America with diversity and "tolerance”. They want to isolate and bully white America since that is the repository of the old ideas.

Integration without first enculturating peoples is one of their tools. It breaks down any resistance from anybody since they feel threatened and will simply keep quiet. That immigration may be external or it may be internal, forcing the poor and criminal classes into close proximity with the mainstream in order to isolate and atomize the mainstream culture. Divide and conquer is an old adage for military success, and this is the goal of these abrogations of the most fundamental of human rights, the right to own property. American property rights extend to our nation as well as our individual holdings, and it extends to ourselves. We own ourselves. That is a fundamental concept that is increasingly under assault in these modern times by the Left. Obamacare, for instance, is a direct assault on self-ownership. If one wants to establish a socialist mindset one must break the notion of ownership - and that includes ownership of country and of family and of self. President Obama and his Democratic allies are busily doing exactly that, with the complicity of a Republican Party that prefers to stand silent. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

Evil is on the march.

By the way, I have worked in property management for 19 years, so know a thing or two about this subject.

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Understanding Our Trajectory

Mark Musser

To understand the current trajectory of where we are headed today, Carl Teichrib's Game of gods is the best overall explanation I have seen yet. While many today are well aware of the destructive secular ghosts of the Marxist-Sociali st past, they are overlooking the coming Brave New World which holistically blends together Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, Transhumanism, Techno-Eugenics , Postmodernism, Environmentalis m and then crowned with Pagan Re-Enchantment that are all arrayed directly against the Judeo-Christian worldview. Yet, such a broad movement is trying to assimilate the Christian faith into its own evolutionary trajectory as a way to transcend it. They want to fuse together religion, philosophy, and science into a new revolutionary faith of technological mysticism surprisingly popular in a world filled with growing madness.

Much of Teichrib's work is based on his own personal eyewitness account of this growing tide of scientific mysticism represented perhaps best by Silicon Valley and its annual "Burning Man" festival. It thus concretely describes difficult philosophical, political, scientific and esoteric subjects with all too real-life illustrations of what is going on in the world all around us. Teichrib has spent perhaps more than 25 years of investigating this utopia of holistic oneness by first detailing its history on the North American continent by going back more than 100 years before bringing us up to date as to what is happening now describing any number of personal conversations and visits to world summits, forums, conferences, seminars, events, festivals, and meetings. Such a described panoply reveals a quasi-private worldwide pro-government platform that is desperately trying to weld together modern secularity with mysticism, nature worship, and technology into a religious holistic oneness undergirded by postmodernism - but trying to answer its nihilism with a new focus on spiritual re-enchantment which the Judeo-Christian worldview left behind long ago after the growth of Christianity eventually overshadowed paganism, particularly in the West. In addition, Teichrib cites from a vast array of groups, foundations, coalitions, agencies, associations, councils, federations, unions, movements, and institutes, which, in spite of their great diversity, still cut across secular, religious, scientific, and philosophical lines to emphasize holism as the way to a better utopian future adorned with peace, social justice, techno-eugenics , and political agendas that is all intended to finally come together in establishing a new pagan eschaton.

Religious, political, and philosophical holism, i.e, pagan re-enchantment, is a constant theme throughout Teichrib’s book from beginning to end. With such an emphasis, Teichrib uses Dr. Peter Jones’s Christian apologetic work on the great problem of holism where he distinguishes between what he calls pagan oneism and biblical twoism:

In Oneism, everything shares the same essence … in a word, everything is divine. The Biblical view, as Jones explains in his study of the topic, is categorically different: Twoism – the God who is separate, and then everything else. Although advocates of world unity tout this revolutionary shift as a ‘new paradigm,’ it is anything but. Peter Jones asserts that the oneist worldview ‘eagerly resuscitates the ancient worlds of pagan philosophies and priests.

These two terms, oneism and twoism, were coined by Jones to explain and illustrate the great dilemma between Paganism and Christianity. Oneism emphasizes holism and divine immanence apart from any transcendence as the true basis for all spirituality. The Bible, on the other hand, strongly emphasizes a transcendental Other – hence twoism – which underlays its entire worldview that emphasizes holiness and separateness from the world rather than communion with it as a basis for spirituality and sanctification. These two opposing worldviews cannot be synthesized together without destroying the biblical faith, which, for all practical purposes, has perhaps pretty well already been accomplished when you look at the magnitude of what Teichrib explains in his Game of gods. Even Dr. Jones thus warns, "The pagan past is our planetary future.”

With no small interest, Teichrib defines paganism from the ancient "Roman concept of pagus, a tract of agricultural land with a familial guardianship and attached spiritual meaning. Pagus also carries a communal flavor. One British Druid defines pagus this way: a village community, one that was reliant upon the cycles of nature for its wealth and well-being.” While Christians later used the term in a derogatory manner, Teichrib warn that such a dismissive view underestimates the seriousness of what paganism truly is, and what it has become in our postmodern world today:

For the purpose of this book, paganism with a small-p is a general worldview that affirms interconnection and interdependence in essence. Immanence is therefore experienced through a communion of Nature and spirit, group and self, emotion and action, will and power. The pagan assertion can be articulated this way: The idea of a transcendent God is illusionary and alienating, whereas the pagan expression of deity is discovered in what is tangible, organic, and unifying.

While there are discussions about the Greek pantheon of gods and goddesses, particularly Gaia, Ms. Mother Earth, left untouched is the feudalistic political order which undergirded the Greco-Roman empire of the pagan past. Yet Biblical history and prophecy has much to say about this spanning from the books of Daniel to Revelation which presumes a confederation of apocalyptic monarchies that has yet to appear. Biblical prophecy asserts a revival of European and Middle Eastern monarchies which the aftermath of World War I greatly undermined. Perhaps the pagan reemphasis upon re-enchantment and nature mysticism will in some way help revive a neo-feudalism of sorts that perhaps might need some more light shed on it.

What is for sure is that the United Nations has played a very large role in representing the intersection between politics, religions, science, economics, and technology that is undermining the democratic order of the West in particular. Teichrib shows how the United Nations and its plethora of world-wide connections is surprisingly reviving the ancient city state of the Greco-Roman Empire by bypassing the national sovereignty of countries around the world by working directly with large cities as it develops strong ties, connections, and power structures which are highly integrated into the bureaucratic government superstructures of such localities. Agenda 21 looms large in this interconnection which was kicked off in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 to save the world. Agenda 21 is the "Convention on Biological Diversity, and the Convention on Climate Change” which have since become "bedrock documents used to build environmental agendas at global, national, state/ provincial, and local levels. More than any other Summit, Rio acted as ground zero for a rippling revolution in green regulations.”

Some outstanding facts and features of Teichrib’s book presents a strange world of growing madness which includes even eco-sex where people develop sexual relationships with trees and bushes echoing the prophet Jeremiah’s denunciation of Baalism and nature worship of his own day practiced so many centuries ago in Judah and Jerusalem, "Because of the lightness of her harlotry, she polluted the land and committed adultery with stones and trees (3:9).” Conversely, as recent as 2017, Saudi Arabia gave a robot, citizenship. Teichrib even describes how some are trying to develop the capital city of Astana, Kazakhstan into a futuristic capital city of the world blending a strange mixture of western secularism, Islam, and Turkish nationalism. Teichrib’s personal participation in the 2018 Burning Man festival in the Nevada Desert perhaps represents the climax of the book where Silicon Valley leaders and followers blend technology, environmentalis m, sustainability, sexual permissiveness, and the arts into a holistic festival of oneness as this annual event "is the tech-industry’s creative commons, its unofficial United Nations; a place for networking and envisioning the future.” Such a break out festival also betrays the holistic vision of our coming New World Order since so many are so devoted to transcending the past. Such an immanent contradiction betrays their commitment to re-enchantment, oneness, and holism.

The only negative criticism I can give is that the book is heavily dependent upon English speaking sources so that it is largely separated from what has been going on in the European continent for well over a century which demands much more research in this particular area. North America reflects events in Europe rather than the other way around. A similar book on what is going in Europe awaits to be written.


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A Liberty Emergency

This from Willis Eschenbach:

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said on Monday night that President Biden should consider declaring an emergency when it comes to the climate.

"It might be a good idea for President Biden to call a climate emergency," Schumer told MSNBC's Rachel Maddow.

I'm unclear on this ... could someone point out the start of the "climate emergency" on this graph?

May be an image of text that says 'Global Death Risk from Climate and non-Climate Catastrophes, 1920-2018 250 facebook.com/bjormlomborg Climate-related deaths Floods, droughts, storms, wildfire, extreme temps 200 milior year per per decade 150 risk across Death 100 වද 50 Non-climate-related deaths Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanos 0 1920 1940 1960 OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database, www emdat.b 1980 2000 averaged over decades 1920-29, 1930-39, 2010-2017 2020'

Tim adds:

What we have is a Liberty Emergency, not a Climatic one.

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Crowning Achievements

Mark Musser

In addition to Watergrate, Nixon gave us the madness of the EPA and a mixture of Chinese communism/ capitalism. Such a lethal recipe is actually a form of fascist corporatism which is at the very heart of all the rot in New York, DC, and the Left Coast that is now well on its way to destroying anything and everything decent left in America these days. Carter gave us the madness of the Iranian Mullas and terrorism as a way of life ever since. Bush Sr. betrayed the entire Reagan legacy, which his son furthered, and left Iraq a total disaster in the Middle East. Clinton's entire presidency was of the playboy variety. He was party boy who cashed in on the great economy and peacetime that the Gipper (eventually - such things take time) bequeathed to him with no small thanks to the great victory in the Cold War. Clinton's foolish antics in the Baltics siding with the Muslims against the Serbs following Germany's lead in the 1990's has lead to a new, unnecessary cold war that only grows worse by the day on the other side of the Russian front.

Obama crossed so many lines that there was little left of America's constitutional republic after he got done as he stuffed the national bureaucracies with so many corrupting landmines it is now impossible to return back to anything that it was before as our new masters are such federal bureaucracies - all of whom are unionized at all levels. A senile Biden is just Obama III where now the government can do anything and everything it wants to without any consequences as it no longer has to pay attention to the voters of the USA as far as I can tell. Biden has already signed almost 40 executive orders since becoming president.

In contrast to our previous president, Reagan put a stop to the destructive madness of the hippy movement in the 1960's after a 2 month siege of Berkeley. Reagan's campaign of let's "Make America Great Again," was not based on a hollow nationalism that said very little about anything important, but imbibed deeply from the founding fathers of America whose teachings and principles were on the lips of the Gipper at every speech, interview, and press conference that has not been repeated since. Nationalism by itself is almost always bad, unless you have folks like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, John Adams, Patrick Henry, and Alexander Hamilton,. etc. who defined what it would be and protected it with individual liberty and a republican government. Reagan's mouth was very disciplined and controlled thanks to his rich readings from the founding fathers as he taught the American Republic daily of what they so richly gave to us that demands much thanksgiving.

Reagan's first order of business was to fire the Air Traffic Controllers which sent a huge message to what is called the Deep State today. Reagan would have never allowed a bureaucrat doctor to destroy the whole country in two months without ever saying one word about the critical importance of maintaining our constitutional liberties, particularly when times are strangely difficult - a time when those liberties must be maintained even more at all costs. Reagan continually harped on the abject absurdity of our national debt virtually every day during his entire presidency, which finally paid off in the 90's when Clinton signed a balanced budget bill into law and famously said, "The era of big government is over." The Supreme Court then overturned that law, and government spending has been on a rampage ever since now into the trillions and trillions of dollars with each passing year. No president has complained of the madness of the federal budget since. Reagan also sued and won over the big tech monopoly of AT & T, which led to the plethora of computer gadgets that people are now all too satiated with. Just as important, the Reagan administration beat back the acid rain false prophets that never returned as this was just another false alarm among oh so many.

Most importantly, unlike our previous president, Reagan also won over the communists hugely. He did this using not only great wisdom and patience, but also with much grace. He did not reduce the fight with communism to a simple trade war padded with ethnic slurs. Reagan never, ever, criticized the Russian people in person - only corrected the great doctrinal errors and totalitarian excesses of atheism and socialism. Such things have not been done since the Gipper. No wonder America is now filled with communism, socialism, and fascism.

Neither did the Gipper sign a two state solution for Israel that divided the promised land which Carter, the Bushes, Clinton, and Obama had been trying to get done for decades. This was extremely foolish as our last president turned the promised land into the real estate deal of the century perhaps pushing the envelope on the coming of the antichrist more than any person yet to date in history. Israel has been completely locked down and locked up ever since.

We live in very serious times, and people need to be more serious and objective even about the very people they may have enthusiasticall y voted for. Our last president had many, many deep personal flaws and weaknesses that we have known all along - all of which showed up big time in March when the crown virus madness was unleashed upon the world.


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Biden Implementing Colonization of Suburbia

Timothy Birdnow

Dopey Joe Biden, the Great Pretender, is planning to abolish suburbs by colonizing them with the inner city and reliable Democratic voters.

I warned about this scheme back in 2016. Read my article here.

From the Trending Politics article:

In his second term, then-President Barack Obama launched an ‘equal housing’ plan that had been in the works for years.

Early in his first term, his social change artists at Housing and Urban Development and other agencies began crafting new rules called the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) initiative, which essentially allowed the federal government to dictate state and local zoning laws while forcing subsidized housing into middle- and upper-middle-class suburbs.

"We recognize that a growing body of research supports the benefits of socioeconomic and racial diversity in schools and communities, and that such diversity can help establish access points for opportunity and mobilitythe then-heads of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Transportation, and the Department of Education said in a letter informing state and local officials of the plan.


Well, turns out the president is exactly right. If Biden wins in November, he’ll pick upwhere his former boss left off and begin urbanizing the mostly white, GOP-leaning suburbs by allowing multi-family dwellings under Section 8 housing rules to be built on lots that were originally designed for single-family dwellings.

"Once Biden starts to enforce AFFH the way Obama’s administration originally meant it to work, it will be as if America’s suburbs had been swallowed up by the cities they surround,”reportedNational Review’s Stanley Kurtz.

"They will lose control of their own zoning and development, they will be pressured into a kind of de facto regional-revenue redistribution, and they will even be forced to start building high-density, low-income housing.”

"The latter, of course, will require the elimination of single-family zoning. With that, the basic character of the suburbs will disappear,” Kurtz noted further.

I warned you!

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Rules is Rules

Warner Todd Huston

Here's how liberals work:
--Liberals set rules to make sure you can't win.
--The rules are the rules, they chirp.
--If you figure a way to win anyway, they change them to stop it.
--When you complain they say we need rules for a "fair" society.

Tim adds:

And they violate the rules to suit them. Rules are made to hamstring their opponents, nothing more.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at 10:16 AM | Comments (4) | Add Comment
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