February 24, 2008

The Shrieks of War

I`ve advocated in the past using Shrillary`s shriek as a weapon of war; much like the ``killer joke`` from Monty Python`s Flying Circus, this weapon is so terrible it could destroy the enemy-and probably should be banned by International Law. 

Jack Kemp made the following observation:

I just heard Hillary's shrewish "Shame on you, Barack Obama" speech, where she criticizes his health care plan comments. This from the woman who stole White House furniture.
If I were Barack Obama, I'd immediately say that my health care plan will provide treatment for anyone with nervous palpitations, loss of hearing and nightmares as a result of having to listen to Hillary speak on television.
If I were John McCain, I'd immediately say that Guantanamo inmates  will now be subjected to videos of Hillary's speeches in place of waterboarding.

Were he to suggest it, McCain would be a cruel man; even the thought of subjecting those powerless prisoners to such horrendous torture is beyond decency.  Couple Hillary with implant technology, and you will break the subjects inside of 45 minutes!  I`m sure McCain would rather face bamboo shoots under the fingernails (something I`ve come to appreciate of late) or other VC torture to an evening with that voice.  (I`ll bet Bill`s face would deflate if he could get away from her.) 

Actually, as a weapon of war, Hillary would be particularly bad-on the order of a meta plague or major thermonuclear exchange.  Civilization could crumble, survivors could secrete themselves deep underground or puncture their eardrums in madness-not that it would do them any good.

We must not translate so powerful an emanation into an engine or war-it is just too dangerous.


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Our friend from Down Under had trouble posting here, so he e-mailed this to me:


 "If I were John McCain, I'd immediately say that Guantanamo inmates will now be subjected to videos of Hillary's speeches in place of waterboarding."

 Yep, much more effective, though it could be regarded as cruel and unusual punishment...



Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at February 25, 2008 07:02 AM (e6n2C)

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