June 25, 2017

Global Warming - the Original Russian Collusion

Dana Mathewson

Yep. The Left is so-o-o-o incensed about (supposed) collusion between the Russkies and Trump's campaign, but they sure don't want you to find out about THIS: http://www.aim.org/aim-column/why-the-russians-conceived-the-global-warming-scam/?utm_source=AIM+-+Weekly+Email&utm_campaign=Weekly%20Email%20Jun-24-2017&utm_medium=email

This article contends that the international Global Warming (read: transfer of money) scheme/scam was cooked up under the Gorbachev administration, as a way to destabilize the West. Makes sense. Spoiler alert: watch for the name Al Gore!

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Target Digging it's own Grave

Dana Mathewson

Put another way, Target obviously still "doesn't get it."


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The Whalebacks

Dana Mathewson

We got a glimpse into tough way of life. Took a tour yesterday of the only surviving "whaleback" steamer, the SS Meteor, moored in Superior, WI. Launched in 1896 as the next-to-the-last of its kind, it stayed in service longer than any other whaleback, finally being taken out of service in the early 1960's and converted into a museum. In its last manifestation it was an oil carrier, and it had most of the modern amenities such as radar and radio. Looking around, it appeared to be pretty comfortable, all things considered (after all, they wanted to keep the same crewmen coming back to sail on her). The beds didn't have mattresses but they looked decent enough. Certainly a lot nicer than the hammocks the British Navy used to use! The tour guide blew the whistle and they must have heard it twenty miles away! What a beautiful sound!

Her designer, Capt. Alexander McDougall, had a number of innovative designs to his credit, not limited to the whaleback steamship and whaleback barge. (In the late 1800's, the best way to haul a lot of cargo was with a loaded steamer towing a loaded barge.) Later, as locks were widened and deepened, it became more economical to build larger ships, and due to their design, whalebacks could only be built to a certain length. After 1896 or so, no more were built.

Among other things, McDougall designed a very innovative rudder. Also some ahead-of-their-time warships and machinery that never were put into production.

Whalebacks were designed for the Great Lakes, but -- mission creep being alive and well in those days too -- one actually went down the St. Lawrence (in the days before the Seaway, basically acting like a whitewater raft), down the Atlantic Coast all the way to Cape Horn (this being in the days before the Panama Canal), through the Straights and up the Pacific Coasts of South and North America to eventually deliver cargo to the Pacific Northwest. McDougall would have been proud of that feat!

Great Lakes ships tended to do poorly out on the ocean because the distance between swells is greater there and it stresses hulls differently. Nowadays ships can apparently be designed for both environments. My mother and my aunt once watched a couple of "salties" pass eastward through the Welland Canal. The first was a Danish cargo hauler that, I later learned, had been on Superior and had helped search for the Edmund Fitzgerald the night she went down.

And that's your nautical lesson for the day.

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June 24, 2017

All Bets(y's) are off; Department of Edwina still pushing transgenderism

Timothy Birdnow

I was not happy about the appointment of Betsy Devos as secretary of Education. Devos may have been a proponent of school choice but had little else in the way of conservative credentials, and she did little to dispel my fears, appointing a string of deputies who promote the insanity of Leftist identity politics. According to the New York Times:

"But while Ms. DeVos has been reluctant to express sympathy for those groups, she has stacked her administration with appointees whose personal and professional backgrounds challenge the narrative that she has no interest in protecting those vulnerable students.

Among her appointees: a progressive Democrat who believes a broken education system is a form of white supremacy; a sexual assault survivor who is currently in a same-sex marriage; and a second-generation American who ran a federal program that helped undocumented immigrants."

End excerpt.

Devos and her husband founded a "green energy" company. She is very rich and very connected, a classic swamp dweller albeit in Michigan. Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney both really liked her, which speaks volumes.

And then there is this:

"In their opposition to DeVos, Republican moderates have unlikely company. If the election of Trump as president and the presence of Steve Bannon in Trump’s inner circle has proved anything, it’s that the far-right fringe of the party wields clout. In DeVos, they don’t like what they see. Some members of this constituency—which includes states rights activists, nationalists, and small-government conservatives (not to mention the outright racists and xenophobes)—voted for a Trump administration in the hope it would bring an end to Common Core, their favorite education policy bête noire. But that isn’t on DeVos’ radar. Coupled with DeVos’ pledge to keep implementing the requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act—the bipartisan successor to the Bush administration’s No Child Left Behind Act that cleared Congress in 2015—conservative activists see the president’s choice as an abject betrayal. "Despite Trump’s lambasting of Jeb Bush’s education policies, the list of staffers looks more like the choices that would have been made under a Jeb Bush administration,” wrote Erin Tuttle of Hoosiers Against Common Core last month, citing a Politico story pointing out the number of former Jeb staffers hired by the new administration. On Breitbart, writer Susan Berry has been driving home this argument too. DeVos won’t put "the needs of students and their parents’ decision for their education first,” she’s declared."

End excerpt.

Yes, old Bets has supported Common Core in the past and probably still does.

She is a member of Jeb Bush's think tank promoting Rotten Core, and hobnobs with the likes of Bill Gates and other Progressive educzars.

She believes in Federal control of education.

Well, turns out that under her watch her deputies are
pushing transvestism in public education with nary a pause. According to Breitbart:

"The instruction was part of a jargon-filled memo dated June 6, and signed by Candice Jackson, the Acting Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights in the U.S. Education Department, which provides instructions to staff concerning "complaints involving transgender students.”

The memo tells department lawyers how to respond when they get complaints involving "transgender students.” It says the department’s left-wing lawyers can use recent and disputed federal court decisions — not the elected President’s popular policies — to justify high-pressure lawsuits against teachers who have normal attitudes about the equal, different and complementary status of males and females.

For example, lawyers can investigate a case of "hostility” where school personnel are "refusing to use a transgender student’s preferred name or pronouns when the school uses preferred names for gender-conforming students or when the refusal is motivated by animus toward people who do not conform to sex stereotypes,” the document says.

The his-her pronoun issue is especially sensitive because federal support for the transgender ideology would mean that a child can use federal lawyers to threaten other students and teachers in school until they submit by referring to the child by the biologically incorrect pronoun, even in science class."

End excerpt.

Harry Truman had a sign on his desk saying "the buck stops here" which meant he was the final authority. Devos is the boss at the Department of Education and she is ultimately responsible for this sort of thing.

Funny how the these un-American values continue to be pushed by our government even after we won the political fight. And it violates a specific Trump politcy which reversed Obama's mandated fake speech injunction.

If Betsy, billion heiress, can't handle her own department she shouldn't be there. If she is actually showing her true blue-blood colors she lied about her beliefs. Either way, this is despicable and in stark violation to everything the American People voted for in the last election.

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June 23, 2017

James Comey Leaking on Camera

Timothy Birdnow

James Comey and his wife were caught on camera going into the offices of the New York Times.


Comey isn't even trying to hide the fact that he is violating his oath of office and leaking.

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Mike Brown Family Hits the Jackpot

Timothy Birdnow

Michael Brown, the "gentle giant" who robbed a convenience store and assaulted the clerk, then assaulted a police officer and was shot to deeath, has won a posthumus victory as his family reached a settlement with the much maligned Ferguson Missouri.

According to cNN:

"While the details of the settlement were not disclosed to the public, US Federal Judge Richard Webber called the settlement, "fair and reasonable compensation."

Brown, who was black, was shot and killed by white Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in August 2014. The incident sparked outrage and protest across the country. An investigation by the Justice Department into the incident brought no charges against Wilson, who argued he shot Brown in self-defense as Brown charged at him.

The civil lawsuit brought by Brown's family said Wilson "unjustifiably shot and killed (Brown), using an unnecessary and unreasonable amount (of) force in violation of (Brown's) constitutionally guaranteed right to life."
Details of the settlement were not made public, however, the original lawsuit shows the Brown family was seeking punitive and compensatory damages in excess of $75,000, in addition to attorney's fees. "

End excerpt.

This is proof that in our liberal controlled post-America, crime actually does pay. Brown's step father shouted "burn this bitch down!" when the police officer who shot Brown - a huge man who had just punched him in the face and tried to take his gun (and forensics showed this version of events was clearly correct) and now his family gets money, money, money!

You can't blame Ferguson; with limited resources they simply did not have the money to fight this thing to the end. The U.S. government was pushing this, as was a plethora of Soros-funded organizations (Soros spent 33 million dollars to promote the rioting that burned half the town down.) But it is galling that these people hit the jackpot when they raised a punk who met a bad end.

I never met Mike Brown but I saw him in Ferguson on one or two occasions occasions walking down West Florissant; he was HUGE and I remember thinking "boy I'd hate to tangle with that guy!" Also it's important to remember Brown had an accomplice who looped around behind Wilson's squad car and posed a threat. A lone police officer would have little choice but to shoot him if he attacked. Many liberals try to say "(officer) Wilson didn't know that Brown had just robbed the store, so he had no justification shooting him) as though BROWN didn't know what he had just done. OF COURSE Brown attacked a cop who stopped him after a robbery.

The St. Louis area has some of the highest crime rates in America, and for reasons like this. Crime must be punished or it flourishes. That was why there were nightly riots and looting in Ferguson; the authorities simply refused to stop it. It would ahve been easy; close the protests when violence first erupted. There is no right to protest when violence breaks out. When criminals shot at cops they should have shot back. But Obama and Eric Holder were leaning on local authorities, and the Governor was AWOL. This was a purely political issue, ultimately.

I have pointed out in the past that black politicians in the area were furious at the loss of black St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley in the Democrat primary. They wanted to show black power, and so many of them supported - often quite enthusiastically - the rioting in Ferguson.

So now the Brown family is being compensated for raising a thug in training. And this tells everyone that you can attack police officers and beat up store clerks and get away with it.

No wonder St. Louis is getting to be as dangerous as Guatemala.

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Hawaii Goes All in on Marxism with Guaranteed Minimum Income

Timothy Birdnow

Hawaii, the state that cursed America with Barack Hussein Obama, continues the vengence of Queen Liliuokalani on the nation that overthrew her with this little slice of Marxian hell. Yes, they want to be the first state to impose a basic minimum income on the body -politic.

Hew boy! This is straight out of Marx "from each according to his ability to each according to his need". And it has been tried time and again with abject failure.

You are stealing money from the productive to give to people just for existing. What could go wrong with that?

According to the Daily Mail article:

"Hawaii's cost of living - the highest in the country - motivated the passing of the resolution in May along with the states reliance on low-paid service industry jobs.

According to Lee, Hawaii has a very limited manufacturing and tech sector which puts the service-focused economy at risk.

The text of the measure mentions the impact of technological advancements which have helped kill jobs in the state."

End excerpt.

Gee, now THAT'S the way to deal with rising prices! Why is it that liberals can never grasp the most basic fundamentals of economics? You can't help afford expensive things by just giving them money; it drives prices even higher. A casual look at the healthcare disaster in America should have disabused anyone of that notion; prices of health insurance have skyrocketed since the creation of Medicare, and doubly so since Obamacare. Doctors charge more because there is more money in the system. Where a person could afford minor medical care in the old days they now must pay a fortune out of pocket.

Never would the liberals in Hawaii consider promoting economic growth and free markets. Instead they seek to take money from the productive and give it to the unproductive, the freeloaders, and the lazy.

Of course, if Hawaii enacts this every other Democrat in America will seek to do likewise.

I despair of the stupidity of Man.

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Antarctic Sea Ice at 35 Year High - Global Warming to Blame

Timothy Birdnow

Last Saturday Antarctic sea ice reached a 35 year high. There hasn't been as much of it since 1982! Naturally, global warming is to blame.

Smithsonian twists itself into pretzel knots trying to explain it and still keep the meme alive:

"In the last 30-odd years, though, the world has been slowly warming due to global climate change—which is not usually associated with an increase in ice. So what's going on?

Well, honestly, no one really knows. "It's really not surprising to people in the climate field that not every location on the face of Earth is acting as expected – it would be amazing if everything did,” said one scientist with NASA.

Researchers, according to NASA's release, do have a number of hypotheses about why is the ice extent going up, though:

Melting ice on the edges of the Antarctic continent could be leading to more fresh, just-above-freezing water, which makes refreezing into sea ice easier, Parkinson said. Or changes in water circulation patterns, bringing colder waters up to the surface around the landmass, could help grow more ice.

Snowfall could be a factor as well, Meier said. Snow landing on thin ice can actually push the thin ice below the water, which then allows cold ocean water to seep up through the ice and flood the snow – leading to a slushy mixture that freezes in the cold atmosphere and adds to the thickness of the ice. This new, thicker ice would be more resilient to melting."

end excerpt.

First, there has been no warming of the world since 1997, at best (from their perspective) so the point the author makes is moot. But let us consider the rest:

Yes, there is ice loss on the western side of the continent, but the Eastern is gaining ice, so this explanation makes little sense. IF the notion that cold water from melting land ice is driving an increase in sea ice is true then the sea ice should be much more prominent on the warmer side. And research has shown a largely largely stable continental temperature over the last fifty years.

As for changing water circulation patterns bringing cold water to the surface? Antarctic water patterns are fairly well understood and dominated by the circumpolar current, a very cold, very deep, and very wide water pattern that keeps Antarctica frigid. There is little chance for deep, cold water to move to the surface past the Antarctic convergence. This is sophistry.

And it ignores the basics of global warming theory. The theory works like this; sunlight reaches the Earth's surface and is reflected back toward space (warming the rocks and water and whatnot in the process). Increasing levels of carbon dioxide (an additional molecule of CO2 has been added to every 10,000 molecules of air by human emissions) creates a "blanket" in the troposphere which reflects this escaping infrared radiation back to Earth. This means that the atmosphere should warm. Naturally, a warmer atmosphere means a warmer world, but a. there is no evidence]/link] of any real tropospheric warming and b. warmer air would mean less ice, not more. Certainly snowfall has remained fairly constant over the last half century. Nobody has any good mechanism to explain how the "missing heat" somehow dives deep into the oceans against the fundamental laws of thermodynamics.

In the end, this desperate attempt to keep an exploded theory alive and causing trouble leads to ridiculous nonsense like this Smithsonian piece. They simply refuse to accept that global warming just isn't happening.

It's sad really; like watching geocentrists argue against Copernicanism after Galileo and Kepler.

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Oregon Legalizes Murder of Senile Patients

Timothy Birdnow

It is said that the best way to judge a nation is by how it treats it's most vulnerable. America has for years been quite bad about that, allowing children to be ripped from their mother's wombs because they are inconvenient. Well, now we are going farther.

The West Coast is always the place for madness, and Oregon appears prime for mental disorders (I guess it's all the rain falling on people.) The Oregon state legislature just made it legal to starve dementia patients to death if they are bothersome.

From Lifesitenews:

"SB494 would remove safeguards in Oregon law that protect the right of patients to receive food and water as part of basic treatment. It would give healthcare representatives power to potentially coerce doctors into starving patients against their will.

Under current Oregon law, if it's unclear what a mentally incompetent person desires or wants, the person's healthcare representative does not have the authority to end the incompetent person’s life unless the person is in a specific end-of-life situation.

SB494 was introduced after a dispute between the husband of an Alzheimer's patient and her nursing home. The patient, Nora Harris, had filled out an advance directive saying she didn't want to be fed intravenously.

She began needing helping using utensils. Harris could still eat with her hands and was still expressing a desire to eat.

Her husband filed a lawsuit to get her nursing home to stop feeding her.

The nursing home, Fern Gardens, said it would not force Harris to eat but that it only wanted to continue providing her the option of basic food and water. Mr. Harris lost; the Harris family maintains that their mother would want to be starved and dehydrated rather than live in such a state.

The way advance directives currently work in Oregon preserves Oregonians’ ability to receive food and hydration even if they lose mental competency. SB494 would undermine this."

End excerpt.

We knew this was coming when the Left fought so desperately to kill poor Terri Schiavo in Florida back in 2005. I wrote about it then and explained that the Left seeks the power of death over people as a way to ape the Creator. If you can't create life you can at least take it. Since Man is the measure of all things in the Progressive mind he is the one to choose the time and place for death.

If I may quote myself:

"Liberalism also prides itself on championing reason, and sees the life of the individual as deriving its meaning and purpose from the service that individual can render. The Deathheads are utilitarian; when the individual can no longer contribute in a meaningful way to the betterment of the larger community, that individual no longer has any real worth and should be removed in the least painful manner possible.�

We already see this principle applied at the other end of the life spectrum with abortion; the fetus is unwanted and contributes nothing to the community, and therefore can be eliminated.� This is what we see in Brave New World with the sick and the elderly; they no longer serve a useful social purpose and can thus be disposed of.

The matter of human reason cannot be emphasized enough.� What the liberal movement did was substitute man and reason for Jesus and God, and early on they began a war to exterminate the 'superstition' of Christianity.� (Remember, the French had their 'cult of reason' in which a nude prostitute, representing a goddess of reason, paraded about the streets of Paris.)�

The liberals have fought a three hundred year war against Christ, and if man and reason are to make suitable replacement gods, they must have certain divine powers.� But what powers can a substitute god have?� God is the Author of life, but man can be the author of death."


"By controlling the time, place, and manner of death, the deathheads have a semblance of the powers of the divine.� Possibly, that is why the death of Terri Schiavo is so important to them.� They want the right to control the end of life as a means to reinforce and sanctify their own inner beliefs. They also know that the Schiavo case is going to set a memorable public precedent.� If they could force the death of Terri despite the pro—life forces arrayed against them, they would establish their right to command death for the innocent.� If they have the right to kill when their reason adjudges it necessary, they have established their coequality with the Creator."

End excerpts.

The "death with dignity" crowd is really championing utilitarianism and humanistic power. Little else.

As someone who just laid my mother to rest I can attest that there is no such thing as "death with dignity"; it is an undignified, messy, and generally painful experience. And as my mother suffered from dementia I have an unique perspective on what they are trying to do - and think it is abominable. Mom may have been out of it for the last few years but her life still held a great deal of meaning and purpose. My father, who is suffering greatly from her loss, would agree. HE didn't see her dementia as a dehumanization of her.

In the end this is a powser grab of the ultimate sort. The Left has followed Lucifer into the abyss, and arrogates itself the right to sit as God. Well, there is only one God and they aren't Him.

But so many in this country are slowly adopting the utilitarian mindset, and that is a terrible thing for the future of our country. God is just, and He isn't going to put up with this forever.

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McConnell Care

Robert Romano at Ameicans for Limited Government has an analysis of the proposed Obamacare replacement deal.  Some hopeful signs:

By Robert Romano

The GOP Senate majority has released itsdiscussion draftof its plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, which Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the floor that "There will be ample time to analyze, discuss, and provide thoughts before legislation comes to the floor."

The American people should be pleased that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has not rushed to bring the final version of the Senate proposal to repeal and replace Obamacare to the floor, for there is much to discuss.

The discussion draft ends the tyranny of the individual and employer mandates, phases out Medicaid expansion although perhaps not soon enough but also provides states more flexibility in implementing Medicaid.

The Senate bill even improves on the House version by eliminating the"continuous coverage" penalty—which as reported by Kaiser Health News, "increases premiums for people who buy insurance if they have gone 63 consecutive days without a policy during the past 12 months. Their premiums would rise by 30 percent and that surcharge would last for a year." That's gone now, leaving no vestige of the individual mandate.

Overall, the Senate bill appears to stick to many of the parameters of the House legislation, including creating a meaningful opt-out for states to get out from under Obamacare's crushingSection 1302 regulations as the House version did via the MacArthur amendment.

These state waivers should be strengthened by providing for automatic approval as the MacArthur Amendment does, that way, a future president cannot attempt to administratively reinstitute Section 1302 nationwide.This is critical. State opt-outs were the cornerstone of the compromise that got through the House, and should be fully reflected in the Senate version—and protected to avert any future implementation of Obamacare regulations without a vote of Congress.

Elsewhere, there is obviously more that can be done.

Neither the House nor Senate bills endthe American Medical Association's monopoly on doctor certification via control of medical schools,the Food and Drug Administration monopoly on approving new drugs, and the government-created state-by-state insurance monopolies. They do not address medical malpractice reform.

Also, solo physicians and small practices could be given a waiver toMACRA, which requires electronic medical records in order for doctors to treat Medicare patients. At a time when there are more seniors than ever entering the Medicare program, they will need as many doctors as possible to treat them.

Forcing electronic medical records on Medicare doctors is compelling many doctors to simply stop treating Medicare patients. With a limited waiver for smaller practices, seniors could get at least a few more options for care.

Other obvious areas for improvement would be to give consumers the option of going across state lines to purchase insurance, as Republicans have been promising on the campaign trail for several election cycles.

Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) opened the door for additional changes focused upon lowering consumer healthcare costs in a joint statement saying, "Currently, for a variety of reasons, we are not ready to vote for this bill, but we are open to negotiation and obtaining more information before it is brought to the floor. There are provisions in this draft that represent an improvement to our current healthcare system but it does not appear this draft as written will accomplish the most important promise that we made to Americans: to repeal Obamacare and lower their healthcare costs."

And this is how legislation should happen, drafts proposed, individual Senators providing input and negotiating changes, the public informed in advance of votes, and eventually passage through both houses with the President's signature. A far cry from the you'll have to pass it to read it approach taken by Obama, Reid and Pelosi that delivered the nation the failed Obamacare plan.

The framework for a deal is basically in place, and if through the efforts of Cruz, Johnson, Lee and Paul the health care system becomes more free market and less state-control focused providing more individual choices, the legislative process will have worked the way it is supposed to. And most importantly, the American people will no longer be compelled to buy health insurance packages that they cannot afford with deductibles that make it useless in all but the most extreme circumstances.

The Obamacare replacement bill has turned an important corner and with a few improvements, will hopefully soon be heading for home.

Robert Romano is the senior editor of Americans for Limited Government. Rick Manning contributed to this report.

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Sniper Makes World Record

Dana Mathewson forwards this:


Shooting experts say a Canadian sniper’s fatal shot of an ISIS fighter at a world-record distance of 2.2 miles or 11,316 feet, underscores just how scientifically sophisticated military snipers have become.

Sent via the Fox News App. Download the app here.

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Gun Control Does Not Work

Wil Wirtanen

Good article some of the comments not so


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James Hodgkin son - Look for the Union Label

(Here is my article that was published at American Thinker yesterday.)

Timothy Birdnow

A good deal of analysis has gone into James Hodgkinson, the Friend of Bernie and neosocialist wacko who tried to murder the Republicans in Congress by an act of terrorism. Yes, he hated Trump and all Republicans. Yes, he waxed poetic over high taxes and MSNBC. Yes, he was abusive to his foster children (one committed suicide by immolating herself with gasoline while the other ran away - after Jimmy beat her up - and eventually died of a heroin overdose as a young adult.) Yes, he was estranged from his wife (gone since March to live in his van in the D.C. area.) But one aspect of his life that caught my eye is that he was a union carpenter.

Many years ago I worked at a grocery store. I was responsible for opening up for deliveries and checking in the product. Once there was a strike against a major beer distributor, a particularly ugly one. The distributor hired temporary delivery workers. One day I opened the door for a delivery and the driver came in - white as a sheet. He said "look at this" and showed me the shotgun blasted windshield of his truck; the striking union thugs tried to MURDER him to keep him from doing the job that these union people just wouldn't do.

Now our good friend Hodgkinson was a union man. A member of the Carpenter's Regional Council - a carpenter's union - and was an independent contractor before becoming a home inspector. I think this is important.

The fact is, union thuggery has always been a tool of the Democrats and the Progressive Left. It is generally laughed off as harmless pranksterism by the media and local authorities, who are infuriatingly unwilling to crack down on violence by union thugs. Take, for example, the assault on a vendor at a St. Louis townhall meeting a number of years back. Kenneth Gladney, an out-of-work black man who was trying to earn a few bucks selling flag pins at a townhall meeting held by then Democratic Congressman Russ Carnahan - was viciously assaulted and beaten by SEIU members who didn't like a black guy leaving the plantation. Gladney's attackers were naturally acquitted by a kangaroo court in ST. Louis County. St. Louis is a union town.

I met Gladney at a rally for justice for the man. He was in a wheel chair and clearly in pain but felt it was his duty to come to the rally in his defense. I felt bad for him; he was accompanied by a nurse who frequently checked his vitals.

At the rally a couple of SEIU thugs tried to incite violence, getting in the faces of Tea Party protesters and generally causing trouble. Heavy police presence and good sense kept the situation calm, but the intent was clear.

This is standard operating procedure for many of the union thugs, who act as shock troops for the Left and Democrats.
And it's been this way for longer than I have been alive.

So it should come as no surprise that a loyal union guy would think nothing of shooting up Republicans; his experience was always that union people got away with it.

Labor unions are little more than an arm of the Democratic Party. They donate almost entirely to the Democrats, and are generally exempted from campaign finance laws. They force people to join their organizations then take money to promote radical leftist ideology and violence. Fourteen of the nation's top political donors are labor unions. They donated almost entirely to the Clinton campaign, even while a large number of their members voted for Donald J. Trump.

Labor unions have a long and nasty history of violence in the United States. And the Courts have supported this as excusable

From the Blaze:

"It’s a huge caveat worth noting anytime union members spiral down toward lethal behavior: The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that certain labor union violence—even when involving homicide—cannot be prosecuted under federal law. The controversial U.S. v. Enmons verdict deemed in 1973 that labor violence against employers—including property damage, assault, and homicide—isn’t federally punishable when it’s carried out for legitimate union pursuits, such as wage or benefit increases."

End excerpt.

U.S. v. Emmons was the 1973 case where the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers was indicted under the Hobbs anti-racketeering act for firing rifles at electrical substations and damaging company equipment (and thus impacting interstate commerce). SCOTUS ruled that the union may not be tried under Hobbes, which subjected the union members to be fined "not more than $10,000 or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both." Wit this ruling by the Supreme Court prosecution of unions for violence dropped precipitously (even though state laws against individual violence are still supposed to apply.) According to a 1998 report by the CATO Institute:

"Under the Supreme Court’s 1973 Enmons decision, vandalism, assault, even murder by union officials are exempt from federal anti-extortion law. As long as the violence is aimed at obtaining property for which the union can assert a "lawful claim”—for example, wage or benefit increases— the violence is deemed to be in furtherance of "legitimate” union objectives. By the Court’s peculiar logic, such violence does not count as extortion.

The result has been an epidemic of union-related violence. The National Institute for Labor Relations Research (NILRR) has recorded 8,799 incidents of violence from news reports since 1975. Those reports show only 258 convictions, suggesting a conviction rate of less than 3 percent. Moreover, local law enforcement authorities often get many more reports of strike violence than journalists can possibly cover.

Many states have taken a cue from the high Court by enacting their own extortion laws with exemptions similar to those established by Enmons. As a result, employees trying to support their families during a violent strike are now denied protection against extortion under both state and federal laws."

End excerpt.

No wonder the Progressive Left has enlisted the unions. And they have been happy to oblige, supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement and endorsing Black Lives Matter violence. And don't forget the violence in Wisconsin perpetrated by the labor unions from across the country in opposition to Scott Walker.

So why would the Congressional shooter NOT attack Republicans? He has been told all his working life (and probably his youth as well) that it is o.k. to use violence if you are a union man. While most grounded individuals who are union members won't do this, those less balanced, egged on by the endless stream of hatred from the media and their political buddies, can decide it's time for a good old-fashioned bloodletting.

Back in the '70's labor unions ran a television commercial with a catchy song "look for the union label". Well, I see that label on the blood soaked hands of James Hodgkinson.

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June 22, 2017

A Message From Georgia

Tom Joseph

To The Democrat Party Establishment In Washington

Georgia is not for sale. The People of the State of Georgia can not be bought.

Take your money, your lies, and your false promises back to Washington where your friends work against the Freedoms and Rights of all Americans.

One day soon, "We the People" will come for you, and that will be the end of your plots against our Democracy.

The People will deport you back to where you came from.

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Missouri Opposes Continued Immigration

Timothy Birdnow

Missourians want to cut the deluge of LEGAL immigrants. According to Breitbart:

"In the survey by Pulse Opinion Research of 1,000 likely midterm voters in Missouri, 59 percent said they supported a 40 percent or more reduction of legal immigration.


Additionally, when voters were asked how many legal immigrants should be admitted to the U.S. and given lifetime work visas every year, 63 percent said they favored only 500,000 or less gaining the privilege.

When that figure is broken down and voters were allowed to choose more specific levels of yearly immigration, 25 percent said no lifetime work visas should be given, while 22 percent said only 250,000 legal immigrants should be given the work visas.

On family-chain migration, the process which currently runs the U.S.’s legal immigration system where family members of immigrants take priority of merit-based immigrants, 64 percent of likely voters said they favored a system that would eliminate this option.

About 56 percent of likely voters also said they want to see the elimination of the visa lottery, where 50,000 new legal immigrants from all over the world are brought to the U.S. after they are randomly selected. The lottery is solely based in adding "diversity” to the U.S. and does not weigh the skill-sets or education."

End excerpt.

One in five people in this country are immigrants - sixty million. There comes a time when the "No Vacancy" sign needs to be lit. America is the third most populous nation on Earth, behind only China and India. Isn't it time to try to assimilate some of these people?

We are immigrating ourselves out of a country.

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LGBT Attacks Christian Charter School

Jack Kemp forwards this:


Several years ago, the state of Indiana ushered in an aggressive school voucher program that allowed parents to take a portion of the tax dollars they were spending for the public education system and apply it towards tuition at a private school of their choice. It was aggressive because the Indiana legislature stipulated that those vouchers could be put towards explicitly Christian schools so long as the institution met or exceeded the state’s educational curriculum requirements and were accredited by the Indiana Department of Education.

To those that objected to such a practice on the basis of modern courts’ flawed application of a separation of church and state doctrine, Indiana replied with an important correction: these dollars are not "government dollars;” they belong to the individual. In other words, Indiana is not paying to run an explicitly Christian school. It is offering every citizen the opportunity to keep a portion of their own money that would otherwise be confiscated by the state, which the citizen could then use as they see fit within the educational boundaries established by the legislature.

As with all voucher systems, the opposition to Indiana’s program from the state teachers’ association and other progressive entities has been strong. To this point they have failed. But one Indiana Christian school now stands perhaps the most serious and alarming threat yet – a challenge that if successful could strangle the First Amendment rights of every Christian institution in the state.



This is the model used in the Soviet Union. The Soviet Constitution enshrined freedom of religion, only you couldn't have a christian school and couldn't prevent "anti-religious propoganda" meaning the State could drown you out. In the end this is the same strategy.

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EPA’s suspect science

Paul Driessen

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been roundly criticized in recent years for numerous errors of omission and commission, for secret email accounts designed to hide questionable official dealings and activities, and for being increasingly dictatorial in implementing policies that are often rooted in highly "liberal” interpretations of federal laws and scientific research. What many people don’t realize is that problems like these have plagued the agency since its inception in 1970.

Energy and environmental consultant John Rafuse presents some of the unsavory details in this fascinating article. Thank you for posting it, quoting from it, and forwarding it to your friends and colleagues.

EPA’s suspect science

Its practices have defiled scientific integrity, but proposed corrections bring shock and defiance

John Rafuse

President Trump’s budget guidance sought to cut $1.6 billion from the Environmental Protection Agency’s $8.1 billion expectation. Shrieks of looming Armageddon prompted Congress to fund EPA in full until September 2017, when the battle will be joined again.

Then EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said he would prioritize Superfund cleanups based on toxicity, health-impact and other factors. The ensuing caterwauling suggested that EPA had no priorities since Bill Ruckelshaus (EPA’s first administrator, 1970-1975). But consider some standard EPA practices:

1. EPA advocates claim the US is unhealthy and dirty. They won’t admit that US water quality has improved dramatically since 1970. They deny that factories, cars and power plants are far more efficient and clean. They ignore that, while most nations continue to cut down forest habitats for fuel, the Lower 48 states have more forest coverage than when the Pilgrims landed in 1620.

They never mention that the US did not sign the 1992 Kyoto Accord, nor that it is the only nation to meet its Kyoto targets. Is it ignorance? malignance? eco-professional propaganda? Yes, yes, and yes.

The United States is one of the cleanest, healthiest nations on earth. Our progress will continue because we rejected the Paris Accord and thus will not cripple our economy, jobs or environmental progress. Other nations must work hard to catch us. They may work hard, but they won’t catch up, and they’ll blame us.

2. Eco-militants at EPA tricked the Supreme Court into letting it label plant-fertilizing carbon dioxide a pollutant. Meanwhile, professional enviros demand "zero tolerance” for pollutants – because they claim "any dose kills.”

However, CO2 is plant fertilizer, the trace gas that makes plant and animal life possible on our planet. Atmospheric CO2 is just 400 parts per million (ppm), or 0.04% of the air we breathe, compared to 21% oxygen and almost 1% argon. Classrooms average 1,000 to 2,000 ppm; US nuclear submarines average 5,000 to 8,000ppm. We inhale 400 ppm and exhale 40,000 to 50,000 ppm.

That means 100 to 125 times the "fatal dose” of a "zero tolerance pollutant” is always in our lungs. We don’t die, because CO2 is not a pollutant and because real scientists know that dosage, not microscopic presence, is the key.

EPA keeps cheating, but dosage always determines poisonous impact. In fact, EPA experiments illegally exposed human test subjects to 10 and even 30 times the levels of fine soot particles that EPA claims are lethal. No one got sick or died, and yet EPA continues its "standards” and lies.

3. DDT saved millions in World War II from death by typhus. By 1970 DDT had helped wipe out malaria in 99 countries, including the USA. Administrator Ruckelshaus appointed a scientific committee to examine claims that the pesticide caused cancer and other problems. The experts said it did not, because dosage determines effect.

Ruckelshaus ignored them, never attended a minute of their hearings, never read a page of their extensive report. He simply banned DDT in 1972. He later said he had a "political problem” due to Rachel Carson’s misinformed book Silent Spring and pressure from the Environmental Defense Fund, and he needed to "fix it.”

Other nations followed suit, banning DDT. Since 1972, some 40 million children and parents have needlessly died from malaria. Today DDT is partially reinstated, but P.A. Offit, Pandora’s Lab, Seven Stories of Science Gone Wrong, quotes Michael Crichton, MD: "Banning DDT is one of the most disgraceful episodes in twentieth century America. We knew better, and we did it anyway, and we let people around the world die, and we didn’t give a damn.”

4. EPA knowingly relies on fake science. Data from point-source "pollution” are used to "project” thousands of asthma cases and cancer deaths. EPA "validates” the analyses by "assuming” that each projected death and illness happened to someone who had spent every second of a 70-year life at the point-source – within 6 feet of the measurement point. But Newton’s Law of Inverse Squares proves that dosage wanes by the inverse square of the distance; 5 units of distance cuts dosage impact to 1/25 what it was at its source. At 10 units, the impact is 1/100th. EPA’s analysis is a dishonest, purposeful scam.

The 70-year/6-foot/no-movement assumption makes a joke of all its calculations and projections. EPA has relied on that scam for decades to "prove” need for a non-scientific regulatory remedy for every newly invented threat.

5. EPA colludes with professional environmentalists to "fix” "inadequate” draft regulations. EPA then "settles” cases, pays co-conspirators’ fees with taxpayer funds and wins excessive regulatory powers it sought from the beginning. Parties who oppose the decision never get a day in court, and the "sue-and-settle” cases ensure high costs but provide no health or environmental benefits.

6. EPA covers up crimes. As the auto industry cratered since 2000, Flint, Michigan has lost 25,000 citizens and become poorer and more minority. The 2010 Census Report concluded that 42% of the population was in a "level of poverty and health … not comparable to other geographic levels of these estimates.” Yet EPA (and state and local authorities) did nothing to protect them. What happened?

The 1974 Safe Drinking Water Act delegated compliance to EPA, which typically approves a State Compliance Plan, re-delegates authority, and oversees State and local enforcement. Flint’s drinking water has been lead-poisoned for three years – ever since state and local officials switched water sources to save money with no hearings, approvals or notifications to EPA or affected citizens.

Drinking, tasting and smelling nauseating newly-brown water alerted residents to potential dangers. An EPA expert tested the water in 2014 and wrote repeated warnings to Agency officials. A February 2015 Detroit News report said EPA’s Regional Administrator knew the facts but claimed her "hands were tied.”

Then-EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy forbade the staff expert from meeting, writing or speaking about the issue, and reassigned him. Thus the two most senior and directly responsible EPA officials "washed their hands” of the problem.

But Flint Medical Center tested for lead in the water and sounded the alarm. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention added powerful voices. Flint’s mayor and Michigan’s governor took heat until the state’s attorney general initially charged five Flint and Michigan officials with wrongful issuance of permits, and tampering, altering and falsifying evidence. That has now expanded to more than 50 criminal charges against 15 state officials; including one of involuntary manslaughter (an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease took 12 lives).

The two "clean-handed” EPA officials kept mum until June 12, 2016, when Gina McCarthy wrote to Michigan’s governor and Flint’s mayor. Citing "major challenges” and her "long-term” clean water goal, she blamed state and local staffs and old and (newly) over-large piping. She said EPA had no money to help. Will Michigan’s AG indict EPA officials involved in the EPA cover-ups? That would be logical, but don’t bet on it.

McCarthy’s was a nasty letter from a culpable official. Later in 2016, Congress voted $110 million to repair Flint’s drinking water, no thanks to EPA. The work will go on for years as Flint residents get bottled water from EPA and the state.

President Trump’s budget guidance exposed decades-old EPA abuses. The evidence exposes EPA’s lack of mission, commitment and integrity. If EPA would use honest, evidence-based science to protect the nation’s health, it would be a welcome and long overdue change – perhaps a miracle. What’s your bet?

Independent consultant John Rafuse worked for government agencies, a think-tank and an international oil and gas company on energy, trade, environmental, regulatory and national security issues.

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Another Great Piece by VDH

Wil Wirtanen


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It Can Start You on Your Way (to Hell)

Timothy Birdnow

Looks like it really IS fun to stay at the YMCA, at least if you are a Friend of Dorothy:


"Christian youth organisation the YMCA unexpectedly found itself the subject of a gay anthem when the Village People released what was intended to be a "filler” track as a single, in 1978.

Soon, whether you were five or 50, you weren’t just humming it but could do the dance too. These days, somehow, each new generation seems born knowing it – yet in 1978, rather than embracing it, the YMCA in America threatened legal action.

"The YMCA that didn’t like [the song], and they were going to sue us,” Felipe Rose, the Native American in the band, told News Limited. "But they realised they didn’t own the copyright to four letters.”

It’s taken almost 40 years for any branch of the organisation to capitalise on the enormous popularity of the song – but on Tuesday, YMCA Australia took the leap, partnering with British singer Boy George to rerecord the song in support of the Why Not? campaign which aims to shine a light on issues that are important to Australian young people: marriage equality, mental health and youth unemployment."

End excerpt.

Somebody forgot what the C in YMCA stands for, it seems.

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