February 27, 2024

Court Rules Against Alien Voting in NY

Timothy Birdnow

A court has stayed a New York City law that would have allowed non-citizens to vote in municipal elections.

This will stop 800,000 aliens from voting in Gotham.

Think about that; over three quarters of a million people who cannot vote being allowed to tamper with elections there.

The Sour Apple can appeal the ruling to the state supreme court.

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No Bail for Man Who accused Biden of Taking Bribes

Timothy Birdnow

No bail for whstleblower Alexander Smirnoff, who is being prosecuted for allegedly lying to the FBI about Biden bribery.

The judge in the case is ordering the man held without bond until after his trial.

The double standard is astonishing.

The  whole point  of this sort of thing is to have a chilling effect on any other whistleblower - no other reason. It is to crush enemies of Der Fumbler.

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Gravity and Climate

Richard Cronin

More stuff about changes to Earth’s orbital eccentricity, this time as our solar system passes by another star, and thus changing our climate.

Millions of Years Ago, Stars Passed in the Night—and Changed Earth’s Climate

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The Return of the "Cold From Warmth" Meme

John Lees

I joined a pro-climate-alarm group, for some odd reason.
One of the admins posted a meme in which they promoted the theory that extreme cold in the N. Hemisphere is caused by warming. That's a now popular idea. That cold is caused by warming.
So, I posted the National Geographic illustration from the late 1970's in which it is explained that such extreme cold should be expected to result, not from warming, but from cooling.
So, that was the theory back then. That cooling causes more cold.

Tim adds:

I wrote about this some years back. https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2010/12/snow_blind.html and at my own site. http://tbirdblog.blogspot.com/2012/02/its-not-cold-because-its-warm-judah.html

Climatologist Judah Cohen was the prophet of this notion, that it's "cold because it's hot".

He belleved warming is causing more snow, which is being trapped in the Himalayas and leading to dropping temperatures as the snow reflects more sunlight.

To quote myself:

"Also, if warming is causing an increase in ice in Siberia, why is the Greenland glacier not growing? Look; the AO moves water vapor in a circular pattern around the Arctic, and while this could mean more snow in Siberia, it should equally mean more snow in Greenland, in Svalbard, on Novaya Zemla. Cohen's argument is that the Himalayan peaks create a pool where snow can be deposited, but Greenland forms a similar barrier. If Siberia is gaining ice then why isn't Greenland doing likewise?

If I may quote my American Thinker piece:

"Several points to ponder here; first, Arctic sea ice has melted in the past. For example, George Ifft, the American consul at Bergen, Norway, reported in 1922 the disappearance of icebergs, seals, and glaciers in general in both the sea and on land. Hunters and fishermen reported a dearth of ice as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes, and warm waters to a depth of 3,100 meters. Strangely, we did not witness this extra cold and snow that Cohen has predicted.

One must also question the assertion that Global Warming (alias Climate Change, alias Global Climate Disruption, alias Global Climate Flatulence) is responsible for melting Arctic ice. As Roger Pielke Sr. has pointed out, if carbon dioxide were driving Arctic melt we should see changes in the thaw and freeze dates -- earlier thaws and later freezes. We see nothing of the sort. And, despite claims to the contrary by James Hansen, we have seen no statistical warming since 1995 -- and that according to Phil Jones, he of the CRU scandal at that!

Furthermore, what do we mean by unusual weather events? We have had blizzards -- many of them -- in the past, and will continue to have them in the future. What is different is that now we are studying every patch of the globe intently, using satellites (and satellite data has only been available since the end of the '70's) and other high-tech gadgets. Are these really unusual weather patterns or simply things we are only now noticing? For example, Sioux Falls, SD received 21 inches of snow in the blizzard of 1909, and 20 inches in 1917. The snowiest year on their record was 1968, when they received 96 total inches.

You will notice that the year of drastic snow melt in the Arctic -- 1922 -- did not make honorable mention there. In fact, Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Area (SCA) in winter did rise by the end of the 1920's, not during the melt of 1921, according to the IPCC and as of 2005 was down considerably. If Arctic ice melt is causing more snow, then we should see this happen when the Arctic is ice free. The IPCC's own work shows less snow in spring and summer, I might add."

End excerpt.

And here is a graph of Northern Hemisphere snowcover since 1967.

Please note that 1978 saw a spike in snow cover in Eurasia - during a cold period, not a warm period. It does show an increase in snowfall in recent years - to early 1970's levels. Mr. Cohen's theory is predicated on increased temperatures leading to more water vapor in the atmosphere to fall as snow. But it is the cold periods that show increased snowfall historically. Also, we have been in a period without rising temperatures, a break in global warming. Why is snowfall increasing now?

The reality is Cohen is just another theoretician using computer models that do not explain reality."

End quote.

I didn't bother to go into the fact that water vapor is earth's primary GREENHOUSE GAS and as such actually warms the planet.

People who believe "it's cold because it's hot" are likely to have hidden under their beds from Martians after listening to Orson Wells.

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February 26, 2024

Wade Led Willis' Transition Team

Timothy Birdnow

Nathan Wade,the boy-toy of Big Fani Willis in Georgia, was much more involved than we've been led to believe; he was making decisions about firing career people in the prosecutors office during Willis' transition.

From Breitbart:

The revelation of Wade’s previously unreported position as the former personnel decision-maker for the District Attorney’s Office raises ethical and conflict of interestconcerns. It also raises questionsabout whether Wade and Willis have been forthright about the timeline of their affair.

"Wade is a prosecutor on the Trump case and he selected the office employees,” a source told Breitbart News.

Wade led a transition team of ten to twelve people who interviewed and evaluated current employees to remain in Willis’ newly won office just weeks after she won the election in November, said the sources, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution due to their direct knowledge of theenvironment inside the District Attorney’s Office, which they characterized as "corrupt.”

Wade and Willis claim she barely knew him until after she hired him to lead the prosecution of Donald Trump. So we know THAT claim was a lie - and as they both made the claim under oath it was an act of perjury.

I hope they do more than just administrative punishment. She needs to serve time in prison.

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Haley's Money Pit

Timothy Birdnow

Loose Nikkers Haley spent $8 million in her home state while Trump clobbered her on a meager $370 thousand.

Talk about a poor return on your investment!

No Labels wants to run her on their third party ticket. Good luck with that. She  couldn't win a single Republican primary.

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Coke Defends "Be Less White" Campaign

Cindy Schumacher

Try to put less high fructose corn syrup in your condescension.

Coca-Cola, Facing Backlash, Defends 'Be Less White' Learning Plan

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Climate Change; a Many Splendored Tjomg

Richard Cronin

I’m pretty confident in Tidal Heating due to Milankovitch cycles ripping open the Tonga Trench or the Peru/Chile Trench as the drivers of the short term weather conditions. El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO).

The longer term climate change events are due to Gravity Waves emanating from the active Galactic Core, which also exhibits wave-like behavior.

Many astrophysicists describe major cosmic ray events as causing major increase in cloud formation and thrusting the Earth as well all as causing by the eruptions of the Tambora eruption and Mount Pinatubo eruption to a cooling event.

Venus & Jupiter elongate the Earth's orbital eccentricity on a 405,000 year cycle and these conditions affect our climate. Kent & Olsen, Rutgers, May, 2018

Earth’s Orbital Changes Have Influenced Climate, Life Forms For at Least 215 Million Years

Tim adds:

I agree. And gravity waves influence what's happening insde the sun too and THAT undoubtedly influences our climate in ways that are as yet unclear. We've only scratched the surface of what makes climate tick.

Magnetic effects too. I don't think we really understand how things like solar magnetic storms or magnetic reconnect events influence our weather/climate but I have little doubt they do.

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February 25, 2024

Biden, U.N. at Bottom of Illegal Invasion

Timothy Birdnow

The United Nations is colluding with Joe Biden to promote the invasion of the United States, according to the former director of Panama's border service.

Oriel Ortega blames the U.N., saying it goes back to a 2016 scheme to manage immigration in the U.N. He saw a major jump in aliens moving from Surinam and Ecuador through Panama (neither have any entry restrictions). He says it goes directly back to the 2016 changes to international immigraiton laws.

The U.S. is funding this too - to the tune of $1.3 BILLION last year just handed to the United Nations for immigration resettlement aid.

We are being colonized by the corrupt international bodies and nobody wants to stop it. Nay, Biden has taken every step to import as many aliens into America as he can stuff.

This must end. If the Federal government won't take action the states must follow the lead of Texas and do the job themselves. If the courts restrain them then it's time to openly defy the courts. This is about our very survival as a country.

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NOW Biden Supports the Cops

Timothy Birdnow

The first time any Democrat has wanted to support the police - just this isn't our "local" police.


Biden demanded Israel stop targeting Hamas "police". Bibi told Biden to pound sand.

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Phantom Fears

"The people, being deceived with a false imagination of good, do many times solicit their own ruin, and run the commonwealth upon infinite dangers and difficulties."

--Machiavelli, Discourses, Book I, Chap. 53.

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Haley Creamed by Trump in S. Carolina

Timothy Birdnow

Nikki Haley got annihilated in her home state, losingby 20 points in what should have been a given for the ex-Governor.

"Loose Nikkers" Haley vows to stay in the race to the bitter end, thus draining Trump's war chest and dividing the party. This proves she doesn't care about anything but Nikki Haley.

America will be well-served when she exits the national stage.

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Erasing America One Hero at a Time

Timothy Birdnow

The war on America's history continues. Here in St. Louis Charles Lindbergh is a great hero. The man who flew across the Atlantic was funded by investors from the Gateway City, and he named his plane the Spirit of St. Louis. His connections to this area is huge, and he used to be considered an American hero by many.

But Lindbergh was an isolationist and offered some sympathy to the Nazis early on, and so the Left, ever eager to find any excuse to go after one of our heroes, is now busy trying to erase Lindbergh from our national litany of great men. I mean, he's an old white dude so he must go after all.

Writing in The Riverfront Times libbie hippie ex-editor of said rag argues for the erasure of Lindbergh from our fair city. Ray Hartman, who now stars on Donneybrook, a local PBS debate show between local media dopes, wants Lindbergh gone. He wants the inner belt road renamed for someone else (probably Barack obama blvd. or something). He wants the monumenets torn down. He no doubt wants the mock-up of the Spirit of St. Louis in Lambert Field removed.

This is just another effort to erase the America that was and create new hereoes, new cultural icons, new history and traditions. This is how you wipe out a culture - one hero at a time.

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Teamsters to Strike A-B

Timothy Birdnow

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is going on strike to demand job security from A-B Inbev as jobs are increasingly be replaced by robots.

The contract being put forward by the Teamsters would strengthen job security for union members.

Inbev has been systematically modernizing their production facilities, and Anheuser-Busch's facilities have been antiquated. The flagship plant in St. Louis is particularly antiquated as has been kept in "classic" condition out of nostaligia. But Inbev isn't in business for nostalgia and does not care about the company's ties to St. Louis. It may well close the plant (laying off a LOT of St. Louisans).

The Teamsters have backed the Democrats for years and they have supported this international order which has so hurt their industries. Also the immigrants have squeezed wages and benefits. Now the unions are unhappy but they have only themselves to blame.

The auto makers union did the same to their members.

This is a case of the unions laying down with dogs then not oliking the flees. The Teamsters did not support Donald Trump last election, despite Trump being good for both the American economy and American labor.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, has always supported the unions in word but not deed. Now his policies are coming home to roost.

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February 24, 2024

Vote Fraud in Michigan and the FBI Remains Silent

Timothy Birdnow

More on vote fraud in Michigan. The FBI is trying to run out the clock on the matter.

Group Wants to Know What Happened in Michigan Election Probe


Pressure is mounting for action concerning a 2020 incident in which Brianna Hawkins, an employee of GBI Strategies, a campaign services vendor, allegedly attempted to submit 12,500 new voter registration applications to the city clerk of Muskegon, Michigan, in the weeks leading up to the presidential election. Both Ms. Hawkins and GBI Strategies are named in an otherwise heavily redacted police report.

Dozens of the applications were quickly found to contain erroneous names, addresses, and signatures that appeared to be signed by the same person. The western Michigan community has a population of 38,000.

The clerk called the local police, and an investigation was launched that involved the Michigan State Police, the Criminal Investigation Division of the state Attorney General’s office, investigators from the Secretary of State’s office, inspectors of the United States Postal Service, and an agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATFE).

Within days, investigators found financial records linking GBI Strategies to the campaigns of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden and the Democrat candidate for the U.S. Senate Gary Peters, according to the Michigan State Police (MPS) incident report.

It was also discovered that the operations of GBI Strategies extended to half a dozen of Michigan’s urban centers and multiple states. In the 2018 midterms, the company was paid $188,000 by the National Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and $1.5 million by Alabama Democrat Doug Jones’s campaign for U.S. Senate.

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Google Goes Plaid

Timothy Birdnow

The ridiculous  bias at Google News.

It was always bad but now it's gone into hyperdrive. Nay, Ludicrous speed! (It's gone plaid. )

Why isn't this election tampering? Violation of campaign finance laws? Google is giving huge amounts in free advertising to the Democrats.

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Erasing America

Timothy Birdnow

The erasure of American history and culture continues.

Virginia Senate Votes to Revoke Tax-Exempt Status for United Daughters of the Confederacy

The Democrat sponsoring the bill argues the NAACP doesn't get "special privileges" in this way - meaning exemptions from property taxes and whatnot. So instad of exempting them (a political organization while the Daughters of the Confrederacy is clearly a charitable one) his solution is to assault the DOTC. And that to "make the Commonwealth what we want" as opposed to recognizing her unique history and heritage.

If you want to fundamentally change a country you must first erase it's history. The modern Left is doing this as we speak.

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Dems: We Won't Certify Trump

Timothy Birdnow

Will prosecutors charge Democrats with election tampering or insurrection? Somehow I doubt it.

Democrats Signal they May Not Certify 2024 Election Results if Trump Wins

This is the exact thing Fani Willis is going after Trump for. Ditto Jack Smith.

Will they call any protests at the Capitol an "insurrection"?

You know the answer.


Senior House Democrats signaled Friday that they may not certify the 2024 election results if former President Donald Trump wins, according to The Atlantic.

During oral arguments earlier this month to consider a Colorado ruling finding Trump ineligible for the ballot under the 14th Amendment’s "insurrectionist ban,” the Supreme Court did not appear persuaded that a single state should be able to remove him, though it is unclear whether the justices will address the eligibility question directly. Despite criticizing Republicans who voted against certifying President Joe Biden’s victory in 2020, several senior Democrats who spoke to The Atlantic reportedly left open the possibility of not certifying a Trump 2024 victory if the Supreme Court does not clearly rule on his eligibility.


Democratic California Rep. Zoe Lofgren told the Atlantic she believes Trump is "clearly ineligible” but said the process of challenging it is "very murky.” She said "there’s no procedure, per se, for challenging on this basis,” according to the outlet.

Nevertheless, Lofgren said she "might be” among the legislatures who would seek to disqualify him.

Democratic South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn told the Atlantic he thinks Trump is "an insurrectionist.”

So  the presumption of innocence before proven guilty is no longer applicable in America.

No, Trump is guilty because the political class has so judged him, and his day in court be damned.

I think we need to de-certify these folks.

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The Eye in the Sky is coming Back

Timothy Birdnow


Like a bad Dracula movie, the blood sucker is returning and there is little we can do to stop it.

The City of St. Louis wants to bring back traffic cameras and other passive surveillance tools to fleece the public.

The City had taken them down after a judge ruled against their use several years ago.

Mayor Tishuara Jones (whose father went to prison for corruption) is asking the Board of Alderman to sign onto this, using a couple of high profile pedestrian injuries as justification.

But the fact is the most high profile of them all - when a high school volleyball player in town for a tournament was hit and had her legs crushed in downtown St. Louis - would have happened regardless because the perp was under house arrest and had violated his incarceration multiple times - including the time he hit the girl.

In point of fact Prosecuting Attorney Kim Gardner refused to take legal action against the black youth, who was free to act as he pleased. It was a matter of a failure to enforce the law in the first place.

Cameras wouldn't have stopped this thug.

So her injury is being used to promote harassment of law-abiding citizens.

I would point out that accidents actually went up because of the red light cameras. This was especially true of rear endings because people stopped short to avoid tickets. I would add there was a dirty trick where yello lights were cut increasingly short so that more tickets would be handed out.

The companies that own the cameras get 50 cents on the dollar for every ticket so they are eager to give as many out as possible. In theory the police review the tape - but the reality is that is pretty much a rubber stamp.

The Missouri Supreme Court ruled red light cameras unconstitutional. Not only is it difficult to impossible to verify the vehicle owner is the driver but also the accused cannot confront their accuser (a camera) in a court of law.

But Tishuara Jones wants the money they will bring. She and her Democrat homies have squandered all the taxes collected and driven out the tax base and so the city is facing a serious looming budget crisis which she hopes to mend by using spy gadgets and stealing money from motorists.

Americans have become far too willing to allow cameras to watch their every move. A nation which allows government to spy on the citizenry is not a free society. And even if it is just red light runners now (and there are plenty of those and they anger me too) it will be cameras everywhere else reporting on what you do. Tyrants love surveillance. Just look at the Stasi record in East Germany.

We have an amendment against illegal search and seizure, and cameras on the road most certainly are a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Surveillance on citizens always starts with some good goal in mind. But once you go down that slippery slope you are doomed. Broad and easy is the path that leads to damnation.

St. Louis County, and even the conservative St. Charles County are watching this develop with great interest. If St. Louis does it and finds a way to get away with it these cameras will blanket the whole area. No good will come of it.

There will be blood on Tishuara Jones' hands. And on the St. Louis Board of Alderman. People will die from accidents caused by this.

A pox upon all of their greedy mercenary tyrannical hearts!

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Soylent Green Coming =to a McDonalds Near You

Diane Kimura

First, the left changed the definition of racism to identify whites as the perpetrator of racism.

Then they added the term, "privilege" to identify anyone who is white, male, comes from a two-parent home, is Christian, has an education, and did I say white?

Discrimination against whites is not racist and antisemitism is celebrated and encouraged on campuses and throughout the government.

Certain words became "harmful" and equated with committing violence upon another.

The list of gender pronouns and the delusion that we all have to bow at the altar of narcissists who demand that everyone else refers to them by their "preferred" pronoun.

We can no longer assume a biological woman is a woman.

Groups on social media are allowed to promote the normalization of pedophilia as a "victimless" crime.

The grooming and sexualization of young children is now a right and supported by the DoE and educators.

Now, the descent into h*ll continues with the normalization of cannibalism.

An article in New Scientist reports on groundbreaking research that would suggest eating another human wasn't a terrible source of nutrition, a source of awful diseases, or just a despicable practice that God says is a punishment of sin.

"Ethically, cannibalism poses fewer issues than you might imagine. If a body can be bequeathed with consent to medical science, why can't it be left to feed the hungry? Our aversion has been explained in various ways. Perhaps it is down to the fact that, in Western religious traditions, bodies are seen as the seat of the soul and have a whiff of the sacred. Or maybe it is culturally ingrained, with roots in early modern colonialism, when racist stereotypes of the cannibal were concocted to justify subjugation. These came to represent the 'other' to Western societies - and revulsion towards cannibalism became a tenet of their moral conscience."

Is it time for a more subtle view on the ultimate taboo: cannibalism?

Tim adds:

"Soylent Green is People!"

This is the final line the Leftist rebellion against God and decency have to cross and it was inevitable they would do so. Oh, and making us eat human beings is just the end game for these malthusian dimwits.

The whole Davos crowd were young in the '70's when Paul Ehrlicht wrote The Population Bomb and the Club of Rome "Limits to Growth". These two things profoundly influenced so many of these moral midgets. It was the thing which gave environmentalism it's big push forward (and both of these lead to draconian govenrment.) Population became the tool to backdoor socialism, and environmentalism was it's handmaiden. And still is, apparently.

Soylent Green was a cautionary tale about this very thing, and suggested people would have to eat people because by the year 2000 mass starvation would be immanent. Of course it was monumentally wrong but that hasn't stopped these people from using it as a BLUEPRINT for the future!

I would add this serves another purpose to the Left - to make human life not sacred but mundane, pure meat to be employed for the greater good as those in power see fit. Huxley saw that was coming. If you eat people they are not sacred, just nutritious food to be utilized. They become THINGS. That was and is close to the hearts of Communists who believe in nothing but the material world and want to make Humanity reject God and God's laws. How better to do that than to make everyone turn cannibal? Cannibalism is the ultimate in selfish acts (yes, it is permissible in a situation where it's eat someone who is already dead or die yourself,but that's not the issue here).

Also, you can catch almost anything from a corpse. Koru (laughing sickness) is but one example.

Cannibalism has always been disreputable, even among cannibals. In Typee Herman Melville recounts his time among the cannnibal Typee on Nuka Hiva and even they wouldn't admit they ate human flesh; they expressed to him their revulsion at it (and he was largely their prisoner).

So we are becoming even more barbaric than the most primitive savages. GREAT!

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