June 14, 2024

Saudi Arabia Disses Ukraine, West

Sandy Thrasher Ourso

Wow! Just...............wow! Looks like Zelensky is not a very good salesman. The U.S. and NATO are totally screwed.
After meeting with Zelensky, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, abruptly refused to participate in the G7 summit, which began on July 13 in Italy, citing "religious reasons."
Instead, he has committed to attending this year's BRICS summit in Russia, hosted by Vladimir Putin.
This is all unfolding as Saudi Arabia's 50-year-old petrodollar agreement with the United States has expired, with no new agreement in place.

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June 13, 2024


Chester McAteer

Judging the efficacy of an institution by its policies, decisions, and outcomes reveals that the Federal Reserve System has been a significant failure. Despite the adoption of a fiat monetary system leading to severe currency depreciation, the Fed has also failed to stabilize the economy, instead fostering numerous boom and bust cycles since its inception in 1913.

The long-term monetary policies promoted by the Fed, supported by the government and other nations, are inherently destructive. These policies are predicated on the illusion of value and the false notion of wealth through debt, creating a catastrophic situation. Relying on a system that perpetuates gradual monetary depreciation is profoundly unwise and short-sighted, posing a significant threat to the future well-being of society.


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Dominion On the Hot Seat Again

Timothy Birdnow

Just when you thought it was safe to vote with Dominion machines....

Domion Machines Under Scrutiny After Hundred of Discrepancies Detected in Primary

They stampeded the cowardly Fox to settle for big bucks and fired Tucker Carlson and now we are finding increasing proof they were guilty of fraud all along.

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Monkey Poxalypse

Timothy Birdnow

No wonder they got all jacked up about monkeypox:

Dr Fauci led a department of dangerous miscreants that are a threat to world health
Dr Anthony Fauci's department hid plans to create mutant monkeypox virus that 'could've started pandemic,' bombshell Congress report find

Dr Anthony Fauci's former department 'deceived' Congress over its plans to create a Frankenstein monkeypox virus that had pandemic potential, a new report says.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) submitted plans to create a more transmissible and more lethal strain of Mpox in 2015, when Dr Fauci was still in charge of the agency.

The plans only received widespread attention in late 2022 - amid concerns that Covid may have been borne out of similar experiments using US government grant money in China.

This guy should be in jail for this. Someone needs to hold to him to  account.

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A Bad Precedent

Timothy Birdnow

He's absolutely right on this. This set a very dangerous precedent.

The dangerous precedent of the Trump-Bragg trial...an FEC Commissioner lays it out
EXCLUSIVE: FEC Commissioner Rips Biden DOJ’s ‘Dangerous’ Decision Not To Intervene In Bragg’s Trump Prosecution


Republican FEC Commissioner Trey Trainor will criticize the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) "dangerous” failure to intervene in Democratic Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s prosecution of former President Donald Trump, according to congressional testimony obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

During the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on Bragg’s case against Trump, Trainor will explain that the DOJ’s decision not to intervene in the case sets a "dangerous precedent of local prosecutorial overreach in matters of federal concern” and unpack how Bragg "usurped the jurisdiction that Congress has explicitly reserved for federal authorities” when he attempted to enforce campaign finance law. A violation of federal campaign finance law was one of three possible crimes Bragg alleged Trump sought to cover up by falsifying business records.

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Leftists Storm Congressional Baseball Game

Timothy Birdnow

Remember a few years ago when a radical leftist from Illinois shot up the Congressional Republicans practicing for their baseball game?

Apparently nobody learned their lesson:


You would think they would have had adequate security to stop this.

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Record June Snowfall

Timothy Birdnow

Not only was snow supposed to be gone, we were also told it was the hottest year ever by the Gang Green. So how is this possible?



Many European ski areas that have remained open since last autumn owing to the incredible snowfall.


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Our Cup Bubble Over

Carl R Franklin

New FHA Loan Requirements Repeat Mistakes of 2008 Crisis

Biden directed Fannie May and Freddie Mac to loosen loan requirements (lower interest rates, lower down payments, shift payments to balloon payments) for those with low credit scores and make up the difference by raising rates for those with higher credit scores. Banks are complying. Sounds like Communism to me.

UH OH: Banks Are Going Full "2008" With Frightening New Loans - Survival 101

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Garland in Contempt

Timothy Birdnow

The Republican House has held Biden Consiglier, er, Attorney General Merrick "The Moyle" Garland in Contempt of Congress for his willful refusal to turn over tapes of the interview between Joe Biden and Special Prosecutor Robert Hur, the one Hur used to determine Biden was too senile to prosecute for his mishandling of top secret documents going back to his days as a Senator and Vice President (with an emphasis on vice). Mr. Garland apparently has taken the fifth, or at least simply refused to turn the tapes over for Congressional oversight.


"The Committees need the audio tapes to verify the accuracy of the written transcripts given this White House has been known to heavily edit the President's statements," Johnson said. "This is a simple matter -- we have the transcript, and we need the audio."

The contempt resolution directs the House speaker to refer the case to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia for possible criminal prosecution.


So basically it goes back to the DOJ. Why do I think that nothing will happen?

IF that is the case then Congress needs to completely defund the Department of Justice. Cut it's budget to the bone. Maybe find new quarters for them - like a decomissioned prison (which is where they belong anyway at this point.)

Every Democrat voted against the charges and accuse Republicans of playing politics. REALLY!

The reason Garland stated for not releasing the audio in the first place was he claimed Republicans would edit it and make a deep fake to make Biden look bad. But we have the transcript so we know what he said and they can compare the two. It's a damnedable lie.

Garland reminds me of an old Mafia Consiglier testifying there is no La Cosa Nostra.

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June 12, 2024

Putting the Squeeze on Orange Juice

Timothy Birdnow

I'll mention the elephant in the room. WHY are these diseases sweeping orange groves worldwide? Could it be, just maybe, that it's because we are using "environmentally friendly" pesticides and not effective ones to kill the hosts? I suspect DDT would eliminate the insects spreading this, but so too probably many others our overlords won't let us use.

Warner Todd Huston

Price of Orange Juice Has Spiked Worldwide - Now We Know Why

Also,"Green" policies about flood control and water management probably has a lot to do with it as well.

I wonder if the WEF has put out a policy paper about the need to get rid of citrus fruit in favor of more "friendly" substances like ground up worms or crickets?

I wondered about this and it appears weed problems make citrus crop failures worse. Guess what? The war to ban Roundup has led to weed problems in most citrus growing areas and this contributes to the spread of the insects that spread this disease.

When anything bad like this happens they blame climate change but it's almost always bad policy by government promoted by the Gang Green.

I found this So as of this winter Florida's orange juice output is unchanged. Brazil not so much. What is the key difference? Florida has Governor DeSantis and Brazil the Leftist Lula de Silva. This suggests to me bad management policies to promote "justice" and to reduce the "human footprint".

I strongly suspect weather is secondary to activist policies in the squeeze on orange juice.

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Goebbles Public Television

A Greg Delany

If you want to fund a Coup of the US Government and turn the people against the Constitution. You must first control the airwaves and set a plan for a New Agenda. Lyndon B Johnson Implemented that Plan in 1967 when he signed the "Public Broadcasting Act of 1967". The new organization initially collaborated with the National Educational Television network—which would become the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). The Democrats eventually added NPR in 1970.
NPR= National Propaganda Radio
CPB= Communist Propaganda Broadcasting
The CPB's annual budget is composed almost "Entirely of an annual appropriation from Congress",plus interest on those funds. 95% of the corporation's appropriation goes directly to content development, community services, and other local station and system needs. "COMMUNIST ACTIVISM!"
For fiscal year 2014, its appropriation was US$445.5 million, including $500,000 in interest earned. The distribution of these funds was as follows:
$222.78M for direct grants to local public television stations;
$74.63M for television programming grants;
$69.31M for direct grants to local public radio stations;
$26.67M for PBS support;
$22.84M for grants for radio programming and national program production and acquisition;
$22.25M for CPB administrative costs;
$7.00M for the Radio Program Fund.
Public broadcasting stations are funded by a combination of private donations from listeners and viewers, foundations and corporations. Funding for public television comes in roughly equal parts from government (at all levels) and the private sector.
Stations that receive CPB funds must meet "certain requirements", such as the maintenance or provision of open meetings, open financial records, a community advisory board, equal employment opportunity, and lists of donors and political activities. "This is the Propaganda Politburo!"
So if you are in Radio and TV Broadcasting. Do you want a Candidate that wants to REDUCE Federal Spending? Do you think Maybe they use this money to provide Programming content and development to brainwash the public,. To keep the Federal Funds coming into Their Stations every year? They want a Government flush with Democrats that keep funding for their Propaganda Program every year? If we only allow businesses to operate in the FREE MARKET. We will see which ones can stand on their own without Political backing and Taxpayer Funding. "End ALL Federal Programs that Support Radical Socialism! Social Security, Medicare, US Postal Service, Farm Subsidies, University Grants, NPR, CPB, PBS etc...
If there is a need for a program. Let the Free Market Manage it and make a profit from it. Th only way to eliminate waste and fraud is get it out of Governments hands! The conservative number given to loss of Taxpayer funds to Fraud and Waste is 30 Percent of all Federally funded programs. If these programs were in the private sector they would be out of business, but Government has your money to waste and spend to buy more votes! If you want to stop a coup! Stop Funding The Enemy!

Tim adds:

I had my fifteen minutes of fame when I wrote about how PBS altered a transcript to an Obama speech. It said "transcipt" on it yet mistakes made by Obama (calling Lincoln the founder of the Republican Party, for instance) were strangely missing. They later claimed that was not a transcript but the text sent out and they added "as prepared" but Thomas Lifson caught a screen shot proving they were lying. It made quite a stir for a day or two and had a bunch of liberals very upset. Why are taxpayers paying for propaganda?

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Biden's FU to Vets

Diane Kimura

A travesty. Those who served deserve better.

Veterans were removed from their housing to accommodate illegals in some cities and now, with over 20,000 veterans who are homeless, the VA is redirecting funds from services to support illegals who never sacrificed or served our country.

Biden must hate our military.

Biden Shoots Down $24 Billion Pay Raise For Enlisted Troops — After Spending 7 Times More On Ukraine and even more on illegals.

The dems are pushing out vets for illegals and redirecting much needed funding for vets because illegals are the new victim class for them to manipulate and expand the welfare state, hence, the government.

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No Cash for Sergeants

Diane Kimura

Biden must hate our military.

Biden Shoots Down $24 Billion Pay Raise For Enlisted Troops — After Spending 7 Times More On Ukraine and even more on illegals.

Tim adds:

And this while the military is missing recruitment quotas and is looking to take in illegals to cover the deficit. Astonishing.

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June 11, 2024

Biden at the Bottom

Timothy Birdnow

Biden is at 37.4% according to the liberal's favorite pollster Five Thirty Eight.

The Democrats are going to have to dump him.

This is his lowest rating yet.

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FBI Lies About Crime

Timothy Birdnow

Crime is plummeting according to the FIB, er, FBI.

According to the folks who brought you Russian Collusion:

The first three months of 2024 saw a continued drop in levels of violent crime and murder across the country, according to data released by the FBI on Monday -- a trend that Attorney General Merrick Garland called "historic."

Reported incidents of violent crime dropped 15% between January and March of this year compared to the same period last year, according to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Data.

Murders dropped by more than 26% in the same time period, the data shows.

The FBI has not released details about the number of incidents for the categories of crime. It will do so when 80% participation levels are met, the agency said.
MORE: Homicide numbers poised to hit a record decline nationwide. But most Americans think murder is on the rise

"This data makes clear that last year's historic decline in violent crime is continuing," Garland said in a statement highlighting the new statistics.

Does anyone at all believe this?

First, absolutely nothing has changed to reduce crime. Enforcement is way DOWN, not up. Even if liberal theory were correct about law and order the fact is there is nothing happening that would discourage crime. On the contrary, the high cost of  living would mean a rise.

IF these statistics are not dishonest (a big if) then it is a coefficient of the stoppage of crime enforcement; we aren't keeping records because otherwise we'd have to actually do something about the matter.

This is clearly an attempt to help Joe Biden shore up support from middle America. It's a damnable lie.

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Bragg Will Only Testify After Trump Sentenced

Timothy Birdnow

Alvin Bragg, the "Get Trump" prosecutor from New York, says he'll testify before Congress but only AFTER Trump is sentenced.


According to a letter from Bragg's general counsel, Leslie Dubeck, the DA is "committed to voluntary cooperation" with the committee regarding its investigation into the New York trial. However, Dubeck claimed that Bragg would be unable to attend the upcoming session due to "scheduling conflicts."

"That cooperation includes making the District Attorney available to provide testimony on behalf of the Office at an agreed-upon date, and evaluating the propriety of allowing an Assistant District Attorney to testify publicly about an active prosecution to which he is assigned," Dubeck wrote to Jordan. "However, the proposed date that the Subcommittee selected without consulting the Office presents various scheduling conflicts."

Additionally, Dubeck claimed that the committee failed to make "clear the scope of the proposed testimony." The letter further stated that Bragg may be unable to testify before Congress until after Trump's sentencing, which is slated for July 11.

In other words Bragg refuses to testify at all and is stalling for time. It's pretty obvious.

Bragg's going to try to footdrag until after the elections in the hopes that the House will be in Democratic hands (not an unreasonable hope from his perspective with Mike Johnson running the show.)

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Missouri AG Fights the Dragon

Timothy Birdnow

Here in Missouri we've had some awesome Attorney Generals for the last few years. We had now Senator Josh Hawley. We had now Senator Craig Schmidt. And now we have Andrew Bailey.

Bailey is suing Planned Parenthoodfor taking minors across state lines to get abortions without the permission or even knowledge of the parents.


In the thread that followed, Bailey explained that the lawsuit, originally filed on Feb. 29, 2024, was a "culmination of a multi-year campaign to drive Planned Parenthood out of Missouri because of its flagrant and intentional refusal to comply with state law."

"Planned Parenthood’s most recent unlawful behavior was captured on video, when Planned Parenthood staff admitted they traffic minors across state lines to perform abortions without parental consent," Bailey added.

The lawsuit alleges that Planned Parenthood took minors out of the state of Missouri in "violation of the laws of Missouri regarding parental consent for minors traveling for interstate abortions" and that the abortion provider has a "long and troubling history of failing to comply with the law."

Other lawbreaking alleged by Bailey against Planned Parenthood included using moldy equipment to perform abortions, failing to file reports when women experienced medical complications from abortion, and minors were seen on video getting transported out of Missouri to receive an abortion with parental consent in 2020 and that the entity did it "every day."

God bless him! Certainly God blessed Missouri WITH him!

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Biden Guilty

Timothy Birdnow

Hunter Biden GUILTY on all charges!

Of course they had little choice but to convict him after finding Trump guilty of imaginary crimes. If Biden  walked Trump would be a shoe-in.

Analysts think Biden will not face jail time but kept saying "these are serious charges". If so why no jail time? It can't be very serious if that is the case.

As these were federal charges Hunter's old man can pardon him.

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U.K. Chicken Grab

Elizabeth Ferguson

ITS HAPPENING: The UK is forcing the registering of all backyard chickens…

On the 19th March 2024 the UKs Governments Department for the Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) announced that that a mandatory scheme of registration will come into effect later in the year for all poultry keepers in England, Scotland and Wales.

That means if you have one chicken, or one duck, you'll be legally required to register, starting Oct. 1st. This is a big change to the requirements in the UK for poultry keepers...

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The Center Cannot Hold

Timothy Birdnow

The "right-wing” agenda today is just the centrist agenda of 20 years ago. The left has become an extinctionist movement.

Elon Musk

And they try to claim the GOP has become radical right-wing. Musk sees through them.

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