April 14, 2020

Please Don't Feed the Spammers

Dear readers,

(This post will remain on top for a long while.)

The Aviary is under attack from a blizzard of spammers. We ask all readers in the strongest terms not to click on any suspicious link in the comments section, or any commercial link therein. Links in posts themselves are fine. The Aviary staff and management are in no way responsible for these ads and encourage everyone to avoid them in the strongest terms.

These people are despicable weasels. Please do not feed the animals.

BTW we are going to report have reported spammers to the DOJ, especially those trying to illegally sell narcotics. We are working with the authorities to stamp out this behavior.

Tim, Dana, Jack and the Aviary team.

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October 31, 2020

Biden Really Wants to Lose So the Supreme Ct. can "Elect" Him

Jack Kemp

PJ Media reports that:

On Wednesday, the Democratic nominee told Philadelphia Gay News that President Donald Trump has given "hate” a "safe harbor” by protecting religious freedom and enabling what Biden condemned as "discrimination.”


Throughout his interview, Biden condemned as "discrimination” the idea that faith-based homeless shelters, adoption agencies, and other charities would refuse to endorse same-sex marriage, transgender identity, and experimental cross-sex drugs and surgeries. He acted as though any desire to follow a traditional Christian, Jewish, or Muslim view of sexuality and gender must be rank "discrimination.” This falls in line with the radical pro-LGBT Equality Act, which Biden said he would pass in his first 100 days, should Democrats win the Senate and hold onto the House.


Perhaps Biden still thinks Ruth Bader Ginsburg is still on the Supreme Court - along with some Justices who raise unicorns.

Another Biden attack on normalcy, complete with intolerance for mainstream Americans. I was thinking about what cartoon character Biden most resembles in behavior. The obvious choice is Captain "Wrong Way" Peachfuzz of the classic Rocky and Bullwinkle show. And Bullwinkle was a lot smarter than Biden.

I wonder what Biden's staff are thinking about this speech calling Christians and others "haters" for following the teachings of the Bible and other holy books. Either they, too, believe this approach is a winner for Biden - or they are wondering if their last paycheck will bounce or not.

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October 30, 2020

Ozark Hilton Tales

Timothy Birdnow

For fans of the Ozark Hilton tales, below is a compendium of posts from over the years. I was unable to find some - particularly my travelogue about the trip there and back (which was hugely popular) but I have a lot of stuff to keep everyone happy. Sorry if some are duplicates; I had a hard time gathering them together.

Please copy and paste; I won't be able to imbed the links.





















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Wuhan by the Numbers

This from Joe Bastardi

Hopefully the math is okay cause dealing with numbers this small a misplaced decimal changes alot

40% of the deaths are from .5% of the population, that means 60% are from 99.5%.
This means there are about 120k deaths out of population pool of 190 million. So of that 0.00063157894 have died
Covid EXCLUSIVE deaths are only 6% ( no pre existing conditions.) This means, that of that 99.5% 6% of .000063 yields a fatality rate of. 0.000003789473
Now lets look at new cases vs deaths using a 3 week lag. We will use Johns Hopkins and a. 7 day running total On April 5. The 7 day moving average was 31k with a. 20% positivity rate. 7 day moving average deaths was 2.2 k. Which meant about a. 15 to positive to death ration, much of it of course due to the blunders in the nursing homes. I never blamed Cuomo, he didn’t know at the time as we did not know what was going on for sure, So I cut him slack, But to say the way he is acting now is disgusting. In any case 15 to 1
What is the most recent. 3 week lag. 50k on Oct 8. Oct. 29 7 day running death total 828 That’s a 60 to 1 ratio or 4 times less be it healthy or unhealthy
.So lets predict what the total deaths will be in 3 weeks and see if I am right. If we know that had a 7 day running total of 1.3 million and the death rate for about 315 million then that contributor should be 1181.25 from that segment, But that is only 60% of the total since we know the other part of the population ( high risk) is contributing 40%. So we should see at current rates of tests vs positives vs known death rates, close to. 2k deaths a week in 3 weeks if this is truly a surge vs what has happened. If not, then it is still a surge since deaths have increased, but relative to previous times, be it because this has mutated, or we are getting better at stopping it then it is much less. But you have to go digging in to see such things. So the forecast is 2k a week in 3 weeks which by the way would bring us back to what we were seeing in April! BUT WE COULD NOT TEST AS MUCH. So it checks itself, if less, than we know we have rounded what is a huge bend and admittedly can still drive off the road
Now here is another factor, Churchill famously said socialism is shared misery, In those societies there is a ruling elite the masses must obey, In my gyms since May 8 NO COVID. None. Why? We are responsible as individuals, I have weighed as much as. 223 in my life. I used to compete at 175lbs ripped, You know what I weighed in at Oct 13 at nationals? 151. Stupid me cut into the lightweights when I would have won the middleweights. Oh well. But I know darn well the better care I take of myself, the lower my weight the less the stress on my system to tax my immune system, I can not help if other people wont cut weight or whatever or be responsible enough to not hang out in places this can be spread. But why should an individual busting their tail be forced to the rules of people who are not? Shared misery. Its a giant exercise in what is coming.
BTW summer did make a difference no question, If we turned off all air conditioning and let it get into the 80s and 90s in bars etc instead of keeping it at a prime Covid temperature of 68 in all these building, I venture to say the surge when we opened up would not have occurred, That would have been smart, but then again it would mean we would have to put up with what those that came before us had as a fact of life. Winter is coming, viruses love colder temps, immune systems have to work harder etc. So it is having an effect
This is my last Covid contribution, I am sick of it all, sorry for all that have gotten sick and sad for those that have succumbed. It also makes me sick to see people think they could have done better. Maybe they could have, but a lot of the biggest mouths screaming at the POTUS were ripping him for the other reason, Cuomo gave the infamous we are New Yorkers we can handle this in early March, Easy to sit in the stands Easy to say more testing now that we are testing close to 1.5 million people a day and the vaccine is coming at record speed, Always easier to say you could have done better.
God help us all.

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Stealing America's Soul One Mask at a Time

Selwyn Duke

My latest.


"Yet there’s a deeper issue, one almost never addressed: What does it profit a nation to gain the world but to lose its soul?

The most zealous mask imperialists want us to don a (too often) filthy face burka even outdoors. Yet with interpersonal connection already diminished in our screen-addictio n society where people are conjoined with electronic devices, does it really behoove us to turn them into 'faceless' creatures whose countenance is unreadable? Heck, just add some dark shades and we can turn everyone into the invisible man."

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The Silence of the Twits

This from Steven Chase:

Yesterday, the CEO's of Facebook, Twitter and Google were unable to name a SINGLE LIBERAL ENTITY or individual that has been 'censored' by them.
(actual exchange): "I just want to be clear, I’m just asking you if you could name for me, one high-profile liberal person or company who you have censored, I’m not asking for an exhaustive list, I’m asking for a single example. Just one individual, one entity,” - Senator Mike Lee said.
Silence from the Oligarchs. They could not.

Dorsey, Twitter CEO: "We don't censor; we take down tweets." ( is this laughable?!) And this: "Twitter has been far and away the biggest offender, labeling, fact-checking, and removing Trump’s tweets and the tweets from his campaign accounts 64 times since the president’s election,” the Media Research Center.

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October 29, 2020

The most honest Democrat Party ad this time around

Dana Mathewson

Yeah, it's not from Tom Perez and the DNC, but it really means what they are pushing.

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More proof that millennial Leftists are lacking in self-awareness

Dana Mathewson

One of the main Leftist politicians whom we love to hate has just painted another target on her back.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez solidified her position in the celebrity firmament by agreeing to an interview with Vanity Fair. You know you’ve hit the celebrity big time when the entertainment/fashion rag published by Conde Nast gives you the cover and a full spread of worshipping copy to go with it.

AOC didn’t waste the opportunity or disappoint her radical drooling hordes who think the world can be explained in 140 characters or less. She lambasted Donald Trump and Wall Street for not paying taxes and not agreeing to pay everyone’s college tuition for free.

And she did it while wearing a reported $14,000 in fancy designer clothes. I guess if you make your fortune dressing the famous, you get eaten last.

Fox News:

AOC lambasted Trump in the magazine interview saying:"These are the same people saying that we can’t have tuition-free public colleges because there’s no money,” she says, "when these motherf*****s are only paying $750 a year in taxes.”

She also defended herself as a powerful woman against right-wing attacks that have painted her as a socialist and a villain.

"It’s very dehumanizing in both ways, strangely, both the negative and the positive,” the congresswoman said. "It’s not an accident that, every cycle, the boogeyman of the Democrats is a woman,”Ocasio-Cortez said. "A couple of cycles ago, it was Pelosi. Then it was Hillary, and now it’s me.”

Poor little AOC — everyone always picking on her for being a socialist loon. And she obviously doesn’t read the newspapers. Several men have served as the right’s "boogeyman,” most recently Senator Bernie Sanders. That AOC happens to be a woman is immaterial to the dangerous, unbalanced, vengeful policies she supports.

But don’t tell her that. She’s on a roll.

"It’s legitimately hard being a first-generation woman . . . and being working class, trying to navigate a professional environment,” she said in the interview. "It continues to take me so long to try to figure out how to look put-together without having a huge designer closet.”

I love the humblebrags. It takes sooooooo long to figure out what to wear when the spotlight is going to be on her. If she’s so worried about that, why not just wear jeans and tank top like she did when she was a "working class” bartender?

She certainly wouldn’t have worn this to work.

Ocasio-Cortez wore a white suit by Aliétte to grace the cover of the magazine, her outfit choice an homage to the women’s suffrage movement.

Photographs dispersed throughout the magazine with her interview include multiple outfit changes, including a polka dot Wales Bonner dress and a black suit with multicolored tassels by Loewe. She also sported a pair of black Christian Louboutin heels, iconic for their red bottoms.

Who knew our little socialist could be such a clothes horse?

I might have said "clothes horse's ass" if I were feeling nasty, but as you know, here at the Aviary we try to stay above such stuff. Generally.

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Experts Now Saying Don't Mail Your Ballot; Vote in Person

Dana Mathewson

From PJMedia:

The Democrats’ ploys to draw out the ballot-counting process have largely failed across the country, so now, election and postal experts are saying it’s already too late to mail your ballot. If you want your vote to count, you need to vote in person.

It appears that about 10 percent of all first-class mail is being delayed because of the massive volume of election mail. Despite extraordinary measures by the USPS to get every ballot where it needs to go to be counted, it won’t be enough to ensure that every single ballot mailed before Election Day arrives in time to be counted.

This wouldn’t have been a problem if Democrats hadn’t terrified voters into thinking it was deadly to show up to vote in person.

Daily Caller:

"If you haven’t requested a mail ballot yet, it’s too late,” David Becker, executive director of the Center for Election Innovation & Research, told The Post. "I don’t care about the legal deadline; it’s just too late in terms of getting it processed, getting it mailed to you and you being able to fill it out and return it.”

He added: "You’re just putting too much pressure on yourself. At this point, if you haven’t requested a mail ballot yet, plan to vote in person and vote early, if possible.”

The extraordinary measures the USPS is taking to speed up the delivery of ballots are unprecedented.

Postal workers are allowed to sort and postmark ballots themselves, a departure from regular protocol, the memo added, according to The Post. Also, post offices are now authorized to create ballot-only lines and drive-through ballot drop-off areas.

Meanwhile, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign has started encouraging Americans to submit ballots in person rather than through mail-in, The Post reported. Biden has been a strong proponent of voting by mail throughout the election, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

An interesting dynamic has created a unique correlation between support for Donald Trump’s re-election and in-person versus mail-in voting.

Well, well! My wife and I have planned all along to vote in person. It's pretty easy for us, and I hope also to take our landlady along. She lives next door, had a knee replaced early in the year and is saying she's afraid to walk on it (some people love to make excuses).

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Bidens' small hospitals hurt people in Penn. & elsewhere

Jack Kemp

Daniel Greenfield reports about the shady activities of the Beau Biden Foundation, run by Hunter Biden, in operating hospitals. This also involved the bankruptcy of the St. Alexius Hospital in St. Louis in a low income black neighborhood, a location now turned into a homeless shelter. Here are some quotes....

After they sued Biden and his partners, they received an envelope filled with "blood-stained currency from a Middle Eastern country" linked to terrorists and a "torture ticket" resulting in an FBI investigation.

But the real price is being paid in Ellwood City, in St. Louis, and Izard County.

Joe Biden has run on a promise to tackle the pandemic. But when coronavirus cases shot up 40% in Lawrence County over the summer, the Ellwood City Medical Center wasn’t there.

New cases have been rising sharply in Izard County and in St. Louis, there is one hospital less able to help and treat the sick.


After you read the full article, you can also read a follow up piece by Daniel Greenfield showing how Hunter Biden cashed in on a foundation that did nothing to help child abuse victims and may have contributed to the abuse. The article located here. This one involves $22,000 doled out by the State of Delaware to fight COVID-19.

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October 28, 2020

Michigan judge strikes down ban on open carry guns at polling sites on Election Day

Dana Mathewson

Say what you want about the beauty of the state, especially the Upper Peninsula: I wouldn't want to live there! But at least one judge has his head on straight.

A judge on Tuesday blocked a ban on the open display of guns near Michigan polling places on Election Day, agreeing with gun rights advocates who had claimed the Democratic secretary of state failed to follow state law with her sudden order.

Gun rights groups accused Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson of exceeding her authority in banning people from openly carrying guns within 100 feet of voting sites.

The Oct. 16 order came after the FBI recently busted an alleged plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, execute an armed raid on the state Capitol, and target and kill law enforcement. But Benson failed to go through a formal rule-making process required under state law, Judge Christopher Murray said.

Compliance "is no mere procedural nicety,” Murray said. "Instead, our appellate courts have repeatedly emphasized the importance of the democratic principles embodied in the [law], which requires notice and an opportunity to be heard on the subject under consideration.”

Earlier in the day, Assistant Attorney General Heather Meingast said lawmakers have given secretaries of state discretion to set certain election rules, including safety. Separately, armed critics upset with the governor's orders about controlling the coronavirus have rallied at the Capitol.

"There are dozens — we’ve had numerous complaints,” Meingast told the judge. "There are voters who are afraid. There are election workers who are afraid to go to work on Election Day.”

Taking bets that this AG is a Soros plant!

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When it rains...Light blogging

Timothy Birdnow

The fates seem to be conspiring against me - or at least the IRS.

I'll explain.

First, I was trying in vain to clean out a backup of sewage in my basement yesterday. After trying to open the branch I realized it was not in said branch but rather in the main line. I called Rotorooter and they came out promptly. I had to stay outside in the cold with the tech while he worked on the sewer, and then I had to clean up after he left (that sludge sets like concrete.) It cost five large but it was worth getting it done right. But that's not the main problem.

The mailman showed up while I was ankle deep in human excrement with a friendly little note from my local Internal Revenue Service. Two notes actually; one telling me the refund I expected was adjusted down to nothing, and the other telling me that that return my accountant filed back in July was "incomplete' and they needed a form, one I certainly don't have. They did this ONE WEEK before the election! Is this a coincidence? I don't believe it is; the IRS is the swampiest of crocodiles and they have no reason to want another four years of Donald J. Trump. I suspect I'm not the only person to get a notice from these bloodsuckers at this time. They probably want to create an atmosphere of discontent at this moment in the hopes that disgruntled voters will vote for "change" meaning a return to the gator hole.

So now I've got to screw around with this, and I am not getting the refund.

To top it all off I found out I am going to have to have surgery on election day and will not be able to vote. They tell me I can go downtown city hall to vote at the Board of Election Commissioners, but that's going to be a huge hassle, with a long walk and paid parking.

It's too late to vote absentee.

So I suspect I'm going to be rather busy for a while. Please be patient.

Dana Mathewson adds $.02:  I've been in contact with Tim; he'll be out of action for an unknown amount of time, but he DID get to vote after all! I'll be doing what I can to prevent the Aviary from falling into wrack and ruin, and I'm hoping to have the help of the faithful Jack Kemp from time to time. So please keep checking the site as you usually do.

And PLEASE ignore the increasing number of advertisements for "weed." Currently there is nothing we can do about these, but be assured that the management of the Aviary does not support or condone commercial advertising of any kind, especially for drugs, on this site!

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October 27, 2020

Buyer's Remorse

Timothy Birdnow

Buyer's remorse.

'Can I change my vote' trends on Google: What you need to know

Bet most of these are people who wish they hadn't voted for Joe Biden.

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Bumper Crop in Australia

Timothy Birdnow

I thought global warming was going to destroy crops.

Australia Prepares for Bumper Harvest as Rain Boosts NSW Winter Crops 300%

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Probing Biden and China

This from Joseph Bast:

Another article about Biden’s China connection. "The possibility that China may be using ‘anonymous donations’ in order to impact presidential politics should alarm all Americans, regardless of political affiliation. I sincerely hope this is not the case,” Rep. Matt Getz wrote.

GOP Lawmaker Wants Probe of UPenn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement

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Schumer and the Rule of Law

Timothy Birdnow

After running an almost four year long illegal coup against President Trump the hypocrite Chuck Schumer calls for an end to investigations of Joe Biden's son! The hypocrisy is astonishing.

Schumer sends letter to FBI director to ignore Biden scandal, says investigation could ‘undermine the rule of law’

Chuck Schumer took it upon himself to write the FBI Director to put the brakes on.

The laptop that was turned in by a Delaware computer repair shop has spawned a lot of information, and none of it is good for the Biden campaign.

Information contained on the computer seems to show that Hunter and his daddy Joe were possibly involved in some international hijinks with countries such as Ukraine and China, mostly as a result of Joe Biden’s position as vice president.


That brings us to the Senate minority leader. Schumer is doing his best to suppress the investigation into the laptop which belongs to Hunter Biden.

"We write regarding press reports concerning materials allegedly describing activities by Hunter Biden, and found on a laptop at a Delaware repair shop,” Schumer, along with fellow Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), wrote in a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray.

"We are deeply concerned,” the letter said, "about the possibility that in response to these reports the Trump Administration will take actions before Election Day that would seek to damage the Democratic presidential candidate and undermine the rule of law.”

Not sure exactly what law they are accusing the Trump administration of "undermining,” but clearly, they are trying to get the FBI to hold off investigating the Biden’s until after the election, where if Biden were elected and the House stays in Democratic hands, any impeachment inquiry would be moot.

The letter continues, urging the FBI Director "to resist pressure from President Trump and other partisan actors to take any actions intended to benefit President Trump politically on the eve of the election.

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Blacks Breaking Big for Trump

Selwyn Duke

My latest:


"It has been called the "Rainbow Coalition,” and Democrats rely on it to win elections. One of its bulwarks has long been the black vote, of which Democrats often capture 90-plus percent. But this may change this election cycle if a recent Rasmussen poll is any guide, one showing that President Trump’s job approval has soared to a whopping 46 percent among black voters.

Oh, it’s not that black Americans voting Republican is unprecedented; it’s just unprecedented since the waning days of flapper fashion. And while no one believes Trump will capture the black vote the way Herbert Hoover did in 1932, even winning 20 percent of it likely would spell doom for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden."

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Why Adjust the Records if the Planet is Warming?

James Doogue:

If the climate was warming, they wouldn't need to adjust the temperature records. It would be showing at every weather station in their raw data.

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No Correlation between Covid Cases and Deaths

Timothy Birdnow

No correlation between Covid "cases" and deaths.

Image may contain: text that says 'Total confirmed COVID-19 deaths and cases per million people, United States The confirmed counts shown here are lower than the total counts. The main reason for this is limited testing and challenges in the attribution the cause of death. LINEAR LOG Our World in Data Change country 15,000 10,000 Confirmed cases per million 5,000 Mar 26, 2020 Apr: Source: European CDC- Situ OurWoridinDeta.org/icoronavins OurWorldinData CCBY 2020 Confirmed deaths per million Sep 8,2020 0:05 (London time) Oct 24, 2020'

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Thirty Cops Injured, Media Silent

This courtesy of Steven Chase:

More than 30 police were INJURED last night in Philadelphia during a 'protest'. 10/26/20

When was the last time you heard white supremacists doing that?

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