June 23, 2018

We Need a Little Malice for the Border Invaders

Timothy Birdnow

Jeffrey Rendall, writing in Conservative HQ, makes the argument that we need to defend the border "with malice toward none" and I disagreed with that fundamental point; we should have some malice, for we are being attacked. As long as we keep playing this Jimmy Carter-esque game of St. Francis of Assissi politics we are going to fai to stop the invasion. We have to have punishment for invading our country, not just kind words.

I wrote the following response to Jeff and posted it on the message board:

to Jeffrey Rendall

Nice Piece.

I do disagree with this:

"We believe the illegal border crossers should be treated with dignity and respect – but the law still needs to prevail."

If there is no punishment for a crime there is no deterrence. We can't continue to treat these invaders with the sort of dignity and respect we have until now been affording them. We have to treat them like criminals, and they have to not want to come back - and tell their friends. I advocate making them do community service. Force them to wear prison jumpers and build the wall! Everyone on the opposite side of the border should see them doing it. Then they should be deported south of the wall they just constructed. I know; the media would go nuts, but if we are serious about stopping the invasion we have to do something like this.

We should have a little malice; these people are flipping us the bird, invading our country, stealing our social services, our jobs, our resources, and threatening to destroy our very nation. It is an invasion, an act of malice. Why wouldn't we be angry at them?

You made a great point with this:

"Hardworking American parents are separated from their children for longer than that practically every day"

In fact, liberals have labored to separate kids from parents for years, by encouraging women to work outside of the home (feminism fostered that), by extending the school day and school year, by promoting ever stricter child welfare rules that allow Family Services to take a child away from a parent for what they consider inappropriate parenting, some of which were old, traditional methods. The Left has been very quick to separate families, because they have always wanted to reduce the influence of parents over children and increase the influence of the government and the intellectual elites. Now they have the gall to be upset about temporarily splitting a criminal from his or her child.

Clearly the long, arduous, dangerous trip to Norte America can be viewed as child abuse. Why shouldn't these kids be taken temporarily from their parents?

And you hit the nail on the head with this:

"This begs a question: should Republicans support bad policy (i.e. capitulating on DACA and other elements of the immigration debate) in order to please a key, but small, segment of the voting public?"


Trump was elected largely on his promise to do exactly what he is trying to do here. The media ginned up this firestorm and the consulting class of the GOP are trying to tell him he's going to lose for fulfilling a promise, one that got him elected. I'm not buying it. I don't believe for a minute that the people who voted Trump to restore sanity to this alien invasion business are going to turn on him over some fake news story with photos from the Obama era. Yes, the GOP might lose a few votes from the weak and wishy washy but how many more will they lose for failing to act, or their own cowardly behavior?

Timothy Birdnow

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