July 17, 2017


J.D Leatherwood

The information below demonstrates the lunatic fringe in this nation: it shows what they are attempting to accomplish, in their own words and deeds. The information demonstrates their complete disregard for the American people and our system, our liberty based system.

To these people it matters not, for through their words and actions, they show us who they truly are - fascists (communists). They are funded in large part by a fascist - George Soros; they practice fascist tactics and strategies - Saul Alinsky; and they are "led," organized and orchestrated through the "expertise" of all Soros sock puppets - the "democrat" national socialist party.

Fascism lives and it lives through the national socialist "democrat" party and its auxiliaries and institutions.

This is a warning to America about those in this nation seeking the demise of your way of life; for they seek to overthrow it and replace it with "democratic socialism," which of course, is oxymoronic. It is not "democratic" and certainly socialist.

Socialism in all its varieties is totalitarian in its objective to seize, maintain, consolidate and extent their political power; control the apparatus of the State as its governors; and regulate or nationalize all human actions under its direction ...

Socialism in all its variations is nothing more than organized crime taking (monopolizing political control) over government with the intent of using its instrumentalities to benefit its organizers and allies, all couched under the rubric of "humanity" and "compassion."

The evil doers (criminals) are marching in our streets, destroying property, not to help others, seeking to intimidate the citizens of this nation and to restore themselves in power and establish control over you and your life...


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