January 26, 2021

Vote Fraud Debate

In a discussion on Facebook a fellow named Joe Birkman says there was no evidence of vote fraud in the last election, that the courts weighed the evidence and rejected all claims.

He says:

So far all the evidence has been debunked or non-existing. So much so that when pressed to present facts and evidence news sources reporting the election fraud story have had to run very clear retractions and statements that they were lying and promoting a false narrative.

So who was promoting this false narrative?

I reply:

And how is presenting best evidence arguments at the time a criminal offense Joe Birkman? High crimes and misdemeanors is the word used for impeachment. What the President did can not be described as either. And just because one or two points were retracted hardly means there was no vote fraud; statistics suggest strongly otherwise.

He didn't like that:

What statistics? If a legal team had proper statistics to support their case wouldn't they present them in court? Fox News and Newsmaxx are not court.

I reply:

Joe Birkman none of these cases ever made it into court; they almost all were thrown out via summary judgement, meaning on technicalities. I would present to you a number of posts by statistician William Briggs https://wmbriggs.com/post/33400/ and https://wmbriggs.com/post/33377/ also there are other studies. https://votepatternanalysis.substack.com/p/voting-anomalies-2020 It should be pointed out that Trump was ahead in most of the battleground states until vote counting was suspended (almost unprecedented) in key precincts in the battle ground states - at the same time. After that the vote came in almost unanimously for Biden. That cannot be ignored. Also, the bellweather counties, which are quite reliable in predicting the winner - all failed. Not some of them - all of them. That suggests fraud. No investigation has been conducted and no evidence give over to Trump's volunteer attorneys. IF there was nothing to hide these precincts would have been happy to prove their innocence, but many have fought turning over data. Also, there are things that suggest vote fraud prior to election day. For example, the Democrats sued to prevent matching signatures on vote cards with those received in the mail. They won, too. There is no reason to do that if you do not plan on cheating. There is certainly enough circumstantial evidence to call this election into question. We never see a President removed but his party do very well; there are always coattails. This is a statistical anomalie that suggests something was wrong with this election. And turnout was beyond unusually high. Wisconsin had a ninety percent turnout of registered voters, for instance. Do you believe that? Milwaukee had an 84 percent turnout. That is unprecedented. Also, do you really believe Joe Biden had a higher turnout of minorities than Barack Obama? Especially since black and latino unemployment was at record lows until the lockdowns came. Biden was, after all, the architect of the anti-crime bill that put so many minorities in prison and led to property forgeitures. I could go on and on but I think everyone gets the point. There is great statistical evidence something was not right in the last election. But there is a complete denial of any fraud whatsoever, which is like a criminal denying he was even in the same city when accused of a crime. Methinks thou dost protest too much. IF there was nothing wrong then there is no reason to not have a thorough investigation to quell the doubts of those who think the election was tainted. That there is an almost desperate effort to shut the door on this suggests something is there to hide.

Oh, and why did Biden hire over six hundred lawyers before the election?


Trump, I might add, was stuck with B-team lawyers working pro-bono, largely because the GOP didn't back him and most top lawyers feared angering the permanent political class in D.C., upon whom their livelihood was dependent.

Also, why did judges and governors change election laws by fiat? That alone is clearly illegal as election law may only be made by state legislatures

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