July 27, 2017

Trump was Right to End Transgenderism in the Military

Timothy Birdnow

A FORMERLY transgendered man supports President Trump's military ban.

From the Daily Signal:

"When I discovered Congress voted earlier this month to not block funding for transgender-related hormone therapies and sex change surgeries, I wondered if it considered how devastating this will be to the fitness, readiness, and morale of our combat-ready troops.

In July, the House of Representatives voted down Missouri Republican Rep. Vicky Hartzler’s amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, which would have banned the military from funding such treatments.

Paying for transition-related surgeries for military service members and their families is beyond comprehensible.

Perhaps they have forgotten that our military was forged to be the world’s strongest fighting force, not a government-funded, politically correct, medical sex change clinic for people with gender dysphoria."

End excerpt.

Get that? Congress - the REPUBLICAN CONGRESS - refused to stop funding for the most elective medical proceedure around. Funny; they don't fund nose jobs, or silicone implanted breasts, but they will fund the very expensive proceedure to make a man or woman appear to be the sex other than that which Nature and Nature's God intended.

Congress won't fund a border wall to protect the citizenry of the United States but they will fund medical services so a dude can feel like a woman.

The article continues:

"Gender dysphoria, the common diagnosis for one who feels at odds with his or her birth gender, develops from prolonged anxiety and depression. People are not born that way.

The "proof” for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria is having strongly held feelings—but feelings can and often do change over time.

The military is expected to prepare its members in warfare: to kill, destroy, and break our enemies. The most important factors in preparing a strong military are not hormone therapy, surgical sex changes, or politically correct education.

We need psychologically fit, emotionally sound, highly trained troops to protect our nation from its enemies.

While countless homeless vets are currently sleeping under cardboard boxes, or waiting for life-saving care from the Department of Veterans Affairs, we learn that transgender military recruits now qualify for preferential coverage for sex change procedures that are scientifically unproven and extremely costly."

end excerpt.

Indeed. The military is not there to promote societal change or act as a laboratory for social experimentation, or to give people jobs or special benefits. It is there solely to protect the public, and to do that the military has to be, well, tough. A person who is confused and distraught is hardly one who will fit in well with the cohesion of a military unit.

I am going to committ a mortal sin in the pc era, but until just a decade ago men who dressed in women's clothing were considered weird, and, frankly, they are; if there are societal norms, then a minority as small as the "transgendered " - what we used to call transvestites or less sensitively "sissies" are out there. It is not just another condition, like having brown eyes or a tendency to a belly; it is a very deep psychological dysfunction in which a person is confused by a fundamental issue. If a man says he is Napoleon Bonapart we put him in a hospital and give him loving care, but if he says he is Josephine we say he is a persecuted minority and should have special legal status.

The television show MASH portrayed Corporal Klinger as a aguy trying to get out of the war by dressing as a woman, and it was fodder for high comedy because of the ridiculousness of it. In fact, that they wouldn't kick him out was part of the comedy (and they would have even if they knew he was faking because NOBODY goes to that extent - and risks their future that wrecklessly - if they are normal.) Cross-dressing has always been grist for comedy; look at the humor of Monty Python, for example. It's funny because it is illustrative of an unsound psyche, something we all fear and so laugh at. Not that we fear the trans individual so much as the unbalanced mind. It is our fundamental fear of chaos.

And that is precisely what is wrong with this; we are promoting chaos in the minds and hearts of our citizenry by turning a sickness into a civil right.

Transgenderism is at odds with reality. It is a fundamental denial of what is real. As author Phillip K. Dick once stated "REality is that thing which, when you stop believing in it, won''t go away" and he was right. But America, staring into the abyss as devotedly as Narcissus stared into his mirror, has come to believe that we are gods unto oru own right and that what we choose to believe defines reality. Well, it just won't go away.

The article continues:

Yet, no matter how skilled the surgeon, or how much money is spent, it is biologically impossible to change a man into a woman or a woman into a man. The change is only cosmetic.

The medical community continues to recommend this radical "treatment” in the absence of scientific evidence that people are better off in the long run. This population attempts suicide at a rate of 40 percent.

Even after the full surgical change, they attempt to end their lives, or tragically succeed.

Over 60 percent of this diverse population suffer from co-existing mental disorders. Consider Bradley Manning (now Chelsea Manning), a former Army soldier who was so psychologically and emotionally unbalanced that he stole confidential documents from the military and forwarded them to WikiLeaks."

End excerpt.

It is one thing to allow someone to choose to mutilate themselves, another to demand you and I pay for it.

Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth, disabled from injuries received when her Blackhawk was shot down in combat "if the American troops risking their lives to help save me were gay, straight, transgender or anything else. All that mattered was they didn't leave me behind." Here we see illogic on several levels:

a. The primary mission of the military is NOT to rescue injured personnell but rather to injure the enemy's personnell.

b. This ignores the importance of cohesion for the rescuers, who may be less then working as a unit when they have such "diversity" in their midst. The military functions when everyone is a soldier; there are no differences that can or should be nurtured. Placing transvestites into the mix means adding an indigestible ingredient to the soup, making it a salad. If Duckworth wants to be rescued she needs to understand that her chances are better without the distractions of a man who thinks he is a woman.

c. The whole purpose of transgenderism is to make a man into a woman, which is, quite frankly, antithetical to the fundamental core of the military. There are women in the military who do a good job - primarily in suppport roles because they don't have the natural aggression, by and large, taht is required for combat, nor the physical strength. Now, the purpose of transgender medical treatment is to make the man physically into a woman, which means by it's very nature making the soldier weaker physically and less aggressive. In other words, it is a intended to make someone less competent as a fighting man. Woman soldiers are largely overcoming their natural femininity on purpose to be soldiers, but transgendered are purposely trying to be less masculine. Does anyone really want to put his or her life in the hands of someone who is actually seeking to be weaker and softer? Not in that situation.

In the final analysis there is no logic to this; it is just a new politically correct thing. Service in the military is not a right but a privilege, and the transgendered can find other ways to serve their country.

Yesterday Michael Gallagher - a radio host I admire - kept pushing the question "what do you say to someone who wants to serve but is told they can't because of this?" I would say get over it. There are all manner of things we cannot do in this life. I can't play pro football and never could because I am not big enough, for example. Nature ultimately deals us our hand and we have to play it. If you think of yourself as transgendered you are free to pursue that, but then you have to give certain things up (like your male genitalia) and one of those things is military service. You can choose NOT to be transgendered; while you may FEEL like a woman, nobody is forcing you to get hormone replacement, or to have surgery, or forcing lipstick on your mouth. If you have enough masculinity to be a soldier you have enough to not be a woman. Suppressing urges is what it means to be an adult.

If you want to serve your country try other ways. I've never served in the military but I feel I have served my country nonetheless. How about volunteering your time helping with, say, the Wounded Warrior Project?

But that's not the point and never has been. The point of all of this is to dismantle the military as a fighting force. Imagine how our enemies will feel when they meet Corporal Klinger on the battle field! This is horribly destructive to military readiness and the Left knows it. It is horribly destructive to the society at large and the family, and they know that too; they want to transform America and the world, and to do that they must break every and all traditional institutions and practices. Transgenderism - the idolatrous belief that a person is his own god and can choose reality for himself - is clearly a disastrous idea for society at large. Being male or female is at the root of human nature.

Donald Trump absolutely did the right thing here.

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