March 12, 2018

Thoughts on Pageant Man and Rocket Boy

Fay Voshell states

Remember when they were appalled, flabbergasted, floored, and outraged that President Trump would dare confront Kim Jong Un, that doing so was starting a nuclear war? And now that the results of that tough talk have resulted in the pot-bellied little dictator wanting to talk it out, they are opposed to that too?

(mainly because they don't want him getting credit for peace negotiations)

Dana Mathewson says: I'm not so sure I want them talking face to face. Little Rocket Man stands to gain more than The Donald does. Frankly, I'd rather have Trump "talking turkey" to Xi, in ways that no American head of state has yet done. Xi holds the key to all this.

I imagine what will happen is that we will demand that this or that be done before the meeting can take place, and what's that's been proven, then that will establish that they are coming to the table not as an equal but someone who's begging to get along.

Tim Birdnow chirps in:

That's an excellent point Dana. Talking to Kim Flung Puh or whatever his name is only confers stature on him, which is what he wants. If he gets that he'll go for more, and I guarantee you he'll cheat on any deal. Better to send some flunky, the WH janitor or old Scharamucci or somebody.

As you say, the real crux of this is China, and that is where pressure must be applied.

North Korea would not do this if the Chinese didn't want him to. That's Sun Tzu 101; the unfought victory is the best. Win by letting your enemies or in this case an erstwhile friend fight your enemy, then pick up the pieces. China is N. Korea's primary trading partner, and if they ever really impose sanctions Kim Possible there will fold. He'll have no choice.

Fay Voshell says:

As I remember The Art of the Deal, Trump likes to have all the pieces of the negotiations in place before he announces the deal. So I suspect he is going to NOKO to sign a deal already accomplished behind the scenes.

I think China has been the chief entity with whom Trump has negotiated; Rocket Man has already been told what he must do. Now the formal show will take place.

Trump would never go to negotiate. He is going to close the deal.

Now details about what China has wanted before they made RM knuckle under will gradually be leaked out. I suspect it all has to do with more favorable trade for the US while still allowing China to save face.


From Dana:

That could well be the case. Over the years we have been entirely too easy on China, especially as regards NK, with the result that Little Rocket Man's got his big rockets. I suspect China is not any happier about them than the rest of the world is, because if Kim shoots one off "for real" and rockets come back in retaliation, China stands to get hurt badly.

So I think you're right, Fay. It will have all been worked out in a manner where everybody "saves face," especially Li'l Kim, even when he eventually has to give up his toys. He'll be able to say he made us blink even when he's the guy who eventually has to do the blinking.

Fay replies:

There will be a big show of diplomacy, with Trump extending the "right hand of fellowship" as if RM and he were equals. There will be grand, choreographed spectacles typical of RM's regime, with all smiling faces. Trump will politely watch; RM will save face and Trump will get what he wants. At least most of it.




Trump didn't get as far as he got in the business world by losing deals. This will be interesting to watch. For one thing, his ego will demand that he comes out on top.

And everybody wins, pretty much. We will not have to worry about waking up one morning, living back in the 19th Century due to Little Rocket Man's having set off an EMP over our country -- but still, our military will have awakened to the possibility of it and started making plans to prevent such an eventuality (one hopes).

AND when all the dust settles, China will be in a stronger position in the Far East, able to keep the Norks in control, while Trump will (one hopes) have a better relationship with Xi -- or at least they will understand each other a bit better.

Not one bit of this would have happened under Madame Clinton.

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