June 03, 2024

The Verdict

Doug Thornburn

I will post below a number of articles taking a look at the travesty of justice we witnessed yesterday, from a variety of different writers with vastly varied backgrounds. They make an interesting bunch, and they each have a take on the events you likely haven't thought of.

Just remember: yesterday was the single most important day in American jurisprudence, because it gave us proof that those who do not toe the line can be taken out. You, my dear friends, are next.

This writer and author of several fiction and non-fiction books, John Leake, discusses Arthur Koestler's book on the Soviet "show trials" of 1938-1940, portrayed in "Darkness at Noon," which we found yesterday can happen in the land of the formerly free.

One quote from the article: "How could any adult citizen of this country be so childish to think that personal animus can justify such blatant politicization of the judiciary?" And yes, I apparently--and sadly--have childish friends.

The Banana Republic Mind

An ordinary mom who voted for Hillary in 2016 and who was distraught when she lost, Etana Hecht, writes: "Dark authoritarian and tyrannical forces are openly and proudly demanding more power and receiving it from a weak Western world, so obsessed with tolerance that their brains fell out."

The Global Tipping Point

Eugyppius, who writes about the total failure of policy, medicine and science, observes America from across the pond in Germany. He writes: "The naked political motivations of the prosecution are so obvious that they preempt all possible commentary."

Trump Guilty Verdict Open Thread

Novelist Michael Giere writes: "The new world order wants compliance, not justice....Using the corrupt legal system against political opponents is only the first step. The use or even the threat of legal annihilation of citizens is the goal. Suppose your objective is to cow the population into submission on public policy or personal finances. What better way than to...threaten and jail anyone who causes trouble or sticks their head up. (Next will be the assault and replacement of county sheriffs nationwide.)" He's a brilliant and woefully underfollowed writer.

It’s Not Just Trump – They’re Coming After You

Zero Hedge's Tyler Durden quotes Democrat lawyer Jonathan Turley: ""Merchan just delivered the coup de grace instruction," Turley wrote on X. "He said that there is no need to agree on what occurred. They can disagree on what the crime was among the three choices. Thus, this means that they could split 4-4-4 and he will still treat them as unanimous..."" The comments, which are rife with gems on many of the posts linked above and below, must be accessed near the bottom of the screen "open comments."

"This Is Insanity": Judge In Trump Case Issues Unbelievable Jury Instructions

Lawyer, writer, researcher and investigative journalist Techno Fog explains: "You can read all 55 pages of the jury instructions here. They’re complex (even for lawyers)....these instructions weren’t given to the jury."

One of the commenters agrees with me. I'm sure she's among many: "There will be so many people celebrating this, and they have no idea how terrifying all this crap should be. Doesn’t matter if you love him or hate him, this kind of lawfare will be coming for EVERYONE."

The Trump Verdict: Guilty

John Leake again, this time on one of the signal events that led to Hitler taking absolute power. Writing about the "Historic event reminiscent of Blomberg–Fritsch Affair in Germany in 1938:....Increasingly I wonder if Congressmen are being blackmailed by an operator reminiscent of the evil genius Reinhard Heydrich, who amassed files on everyone who could potentially oppose the regime."

My biggest concern as Ely, a chiropractor and brilliant outside-the-box thinker puts it is, "There is something much bigger going on."

The Verdict Is In; Banana Republic It Is

The actor Dennis Quaid said this: Quaid Will Vote for Trump, Citing Weaponization of Justice System: He May Be an 'A******', But 'He's My A******'

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