July 25, 2017

The Ungreening of Greenland

Timothy Birdnow

Greenland has expanding ice mass and is experiencing one of the coldest summers ever recorded.

According to Not Tricks Zone:

"Citing the Danish Meteorological Institute, the BAZ comments that the -33°C reading earlier this month was "the coldest July temperature ever recorded in the northern hemisphere", smashing the previous record of 30.7°C.
Expanding ice mass, media ignore

The BAZ adds that also the "ice cover has grown strongly over almost all of Greenland".

End excerpt.


Greenland has been the crown jewel of Global Warming prophetic success, in that, unlike Antarctica which long ago showed no signs of overall warming, Greenland was showing glacial melt and apparent temperature increases. Well, despite being decades into the big rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide, we now have a pause in Greenlandic warming. Funny, since no computer models were able to predict this.

In fact:

"Recently NTZ reported here that Greenland in fact has been cooling over the past decade, as three recent studies alarmingly show us. According to one published in May of this year by a team of researchers led by Takuro Kobashi of the University of Bern, mean annual temperatures at the summit of Greenland have been showing "a slightly decreasing trend in accordance with northern North Atlantic-wide cooling".

End excerpt.

North Atlantic wide cooling? It can't be!

As a commenter pointed out:

AndyG55 12. July 2017 at 1:19 PM | Permalink | Reply

And Greenland Ice was ALREADY pretty much at its peak area in over 8000 years !!!


Only time it was slightly higher was during the Little Ice Age, the coldest period in 10,000 years.


Global Warming aka Climate change aka Global Climate Flatulence is sure a strange duck; it seems to have stopped completely despite the "missing heat" and no decrease in atmospheric CO2. As in the O.J. trial "if it does not fit you must acquitt. Well, O.J. was trying his glove on over another pair, but in this instance the advocates for this theory have tried to fit their pairs over AGW and failed in every case. Nothing is going according to the predictions.

Science is determined by Nature, not by our minds or desires.

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