January 11, 2016

The Trumpet that Forever Calls Retreat

Timothy Birdnow

Recently I blogged about the pucillanimous approach of the Catholic - and other Christian - Church. Catholic churches have become no-go zones for thought or moral courage, empty vessels full of the thin vapors of political correctness and happy horse poop, places where toddler wisdom dominates. I have made the argument that this complete failure of the Church to stand for anything is a result of fears of government cutting off their tax-free status and fears of offending some of the few attendees who still show up on Sundays.

What is interesting is that this cowardice, this fear of saying anything and taking a stand, is almost identical to the fear and cowardice we see in the Republican Party. I would argue the causes are precisely the same.

First, the Church has been under attack since the 18th Century at a minimum. This started with the post-Reformation era, when the Liberal movement came into existence. The Liberals were essentially Protestant reformers without any Christianity. They saw how the Reformation was successful in rebelling against the Catholic Church; the printing press had given the Protestants a tactical superiority in terms of propoganda, and they were able to win in the political arena as much as in the spiritual. The Liberals understood exactly what had happened, and so they were keen enthusiasts on establishing newspapers and other organs of propoganda. They also saw the power of schools, and they founded many institutes of learning, both for children and at a higher level.

The rebellion broke the power of the catholic Church and in the end has laso largely destroyed the Protestant. Liberals kicked Christianity out of the public square and has been assaulting it ever since.

So many Christians act as if they are ashamed of their faith. The same holds true for the GOP, where the Establishment is ashamed of the hillbilly base, prefering the accolades of their political opposition - and the media they control - to the spears and arrows of outrageous fortune that one must take if one is to take a stand. Beter to kiss the fanny of the bully than be his next victim.

But I fear it is deeper than just fear of being beaten; I suspect that both Repubicans and Christians have simply lost their faith, being overcome by the endless flood of propoganda and lies put forth by the Enemy of All Mankind.

Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military tactician, said that the acme of military skill is to defeat the enemy without fighting, and this is precisely what the Left has done to both the Church and the public at large. They have so cowed those who have a duty to stand for the truth that our side surrenders before even engaging the enemy. We declare defeat before we even reach teh field of battle and look with longing to the next fight, planning our surrender before we even have left the entry to the current field.

God and America have been in full retreat for years, and that is entirely the fault of the post-modern belief that reality is subjective, a matter of what one believes and not what God ordaines.

The idea of moral relativism comes to us through Nietzche and the other 19th century German philosophers, who preached a gospel of self-willedness, of a malleable reality. They were powerfully buttressed by the discoveries of Einstein and Quantum physics, which illustrated the imortance of the observer in a physical event.

But what the Left has done is turn an observation about our ability to perceive events into a claim that events have no concrete, independent reality. Quantum mechanics and Relativity are scientifically valid hypotheses, but they are about the MEDIUM in which we observe the perceptual universe rather than the reality itself. We perceive reality through our senses, and what occurs in Relativity and Quantum mechanics represents a reality we may not be able to grasp.

Here is my point; liberals are interpreting a great movie based on the pixles they perceive. Pixles are the medium that transmits the movie to our senses; they are not the reality itself but the building blocks of the images we see on the television screen. Liberals concluded reality is the pixles, that we cannot judge a thing in the movie because it is composed of pixles that someone else may interpret differently.

So, because we cannot know both the position of an electron and it's energy state we cannot KNOW anything! If time moves differently at different speeds or under different gravitational gradients then we cannot know what time means. All is but a subjective view.

We saw this in the Star Wars movies; the ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi told Luke Skywalker that "many of the Truths we cling to are dependent on our point of view" which is purely moral relativism, the notion that there is no ultimate truth. But this is the opposite of older thought which argues that the physical is the ephemeral, that there are eternal truths that transcend our physicality. Liberal have twisted that notion on it's head, arguing FOR materialism by pointing out the ephemeral nature of matter.

This has become modern thought. We cannot judge because we cannot claim there is any thing that transcends personal opinion. We therefore have come to believe that reality is what we choose it to be; if we want to believe we are a 12 year old girl, even if we are a 55 year old construction worker, who can say otherwise? Nature no longer means anything; only what we choose to believe.

This was a long-held goal of some people, and indeed was the goal of the angels who rebelled against God in the beginning. Someone who creates their own reality is a god.

And our side has fallen victim to this, too, becoming moral relativists or at least not willing to impose a system of universal truths. Christianity and conservativism have absorbed this viewpoint.

Until God is placed back on the throne, until we stop being ashamed of believing in Truth, we will continue to be beaten.

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