January 23, 2020

The Total Myth of Ocean Acidification

Dana Mathewson

I generally let our site proprietor, Timothy Birdnow, have the fun of writing about Global Warming Climate Change, and engaging with the zealots who support it on Fakebunk and other platforms. But I encountered the following article today and couldn't resist sharing.

Guest myth-busting by David Middleton

From the American Association of Science of America [1]…

Ocean acidification could boost shell growth in snails and sea urchins

By Katie Camero Jul. 23, 2019 , 2:00 PM

The world’s oceans are acidifying rapidly as they soak up massive amounts of the carbon dioxide (CO2) released from burning fossil fuels. That’s bad news for tiny marine critters like coral and sea urchins that make up the base of the ocean food chain: Acidic water not only destroys their shells, but it also makes it harder for them to build new ones. Now, scientists studying sea snails have discovered an unexpected side effect of this acid brew—it can help some of them build thicker, stronger shells by making their food more nutritious.

Often called climate change’s "evil twin,” acidification happens when the ocean absorbs atmospheric CO2. As CO2 dissolves, the process releases hydrogen ions, lowering the water’s pH and increasing its acidity. That acidic water…


To find out what is happening in the wild, Sean Connell, an ecologist at the University of Adelaide in Australia, and colleagues traveled to underwater CO2 vents off the coast of New Zealand’s White Island (Whakaari). Water near the vents is about as acidic as most of the ocean is predicted to be by the end of the century. The researchers collected five sea snails (Eatoniella mortoni), along with five samples of turf algae, a staple of the sea snails’ diet.

Well, yes, but no. Middleton points out that
The phrase "ocean acidification” was literally invented out of thin air in 2003 by Ken Caldiera to enable liberal arts majors to sound sciencey when scaring the bejesus out of the scientifically illiterate masses. The geochemical process has been well-understood for about 100 years… But didn’t get a crisis-monger nickname until 2003.


Why do you think the Science! journalist is a Liberal Arts major?

Well… There’s this…

Katie Camero
Katie Camero is a Diverse Voices in Science Journalism intern for the News section ofScience in Washington, D.C.

Science! As in, "she blinded me with…”[2]
A journalist? Things are becoming clearer now.

Then there are the things she wrote in this article…

Note: Most of my rebuttals are from these two WUWT posts:

  1. The Total Myth of Ocean Acidification
  2. The Total Myth of Ocean Acidification, Part Deux: The Scientific Basis

The world’s oceans are acidifying rapidly…

Katie Camero, Liberal Arts major

Horst schist!


Good fracking grief! Seawater can’t become acidic, at least not under real world conditions. A study of seawater pH near active volcanic CO2vents in the Mediterranean (Kerrison et al., 2011) found that the pH immediately adjacent to the vent was still alkaline, despite being subjected to the equivalent of nearly 5,600 ppm CO2.

There's a lot more, with charts and other real honest-to-goodness science in it, found here https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/07/25/the-total-myth-of-ocean-acidification-science-edition/ and I hope you'll take time to check it out! It will introduce you to the Watts Up With That site, which is NOT fake stuff. It helps to have a background in chemistry (I do not) but don't let that scare you away. I guarantee that the True Believers do not either.

What, you thought that St. Greta of Thunberg does? Ha!

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1 Thanks for posting that, Dana!  It's important.

Sea water is alkaline - very alkaline, and "acidification" does not mean, as Al Gore poetically stated, "an acid sea".  You won't find that anywhere. Ocean ph is about 8.1, wich means it is nowhere near acidic (a ph of  7  is considered neutral, so the seas are alkaline.) The author of that article being debunked clearly did not understand that (or she was lying.) The whole notion is entirely a computer projection, too, with no real-world evidence carbon dioxide is being absorbed in large amounts by our oceans. There is some minor localized de-alkalinization in spots where seawater is shallow, but nobody has a shred of proof that the oceans themselves have absorbed large amounts of carbon dioxide. This is a trick used to explain where the carbon is going - and by extension the "missing heat".

Sea water does not retain the carbon dioxide, but rather it is absorbed by the sea floor and joins with calcium carbonate to become limestone (calcium bicarbonate).

It doesn't just float around in the seas.

That DOES release hydrogen ions, and it is that which is the center of the cliam that the oceans are "acidifying".  But hydrogen is very reactive and doesn't just sit there looking ugly (that would be Greta's job.) 

And the claim by some alarmists is the oceans went from 8.2 to 8.1 on the ph scale, which sounds very similar to the way planetary temperatures have changed - in other words, it falls within a rounding error. You cannot check all the seawater on Earth for ph, any more than you can check the whole Earth for temperature. It's a statistical analysis, and there is considerable data smoothing aka fudging. It's open to interpretation.

And nothing is said here about the intense de-alkalinization of local sea water after an undersea volcanic eruption. Sea life is used to decreases in alkalinity.  The notion that it's going to kill all shelled creatures is ridiculous.

But the woman who wrote the piece doesn't understand any of this. She's been told what to think and so plugs the words into the formula. It's typical science journalism, nay, typical journalism in general.

Journalists are some of the least intelligent, poorest educated people you will encounter.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at January 24, 2020 08:48 AM (LSJJY)

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