June 02, 2024

The Pucillanimous GOP

Timothy Birdnow

I caught Republican House Squeeker Mike "tiny" Johnson on Fox News Sunday this morning. When host Shannon Bream asked him about responding in kind to Democratic lawfare he answered:

"we are the party of the Rule of Law. We don't do that."

(Not an exact quote.)

He then went on to say the remedy is Congressional investigations.


The monumental stupidity of the GOP Establishment never ceases to amaze me. Congressional investigations only uncover criminal activity, and if they find something they have to go to the Justice Department for redress. Who controls the Justice Department? Does the well-named Johnson think Merrick Garland will follow up on anything they uncover? The House doesn't have enforcement abilities.

And this assumes they will control the House after the next election, something not at all certain.

And this only addresses one particular abuse by one particular prosecutor at a time. The Democrats can choose the time and place for their attacks and simply keep handing the baton to new players. It's a game of cat and mouse and the mice always lose.

And as these were done at the state level in the case of the Trump convictions the House has little authority over it. Legal matters in the states are legal matters in the states by and large.

It is axiomatic that the aggressors set the rules of engagement and we have been in an asymmetric war for a long time now. Anybody remember Ted Stevens, former U.S. Senator from Alaska? He was taken out with a bogus prosecution quite similar to the one they just ran on Trump. The GOP let them get away with it; there was no retaliation for Stevens back then. Investigations into the behavior of the prosecution slammed it, and the presiding judge found the prosecution in contempt for it, but it didn't matter; they took Stevens out. He died shortly thereafter.

If this didn't deter them what would?

A more recent case was here in Missouri where a Soros-funded radical Circuit Attorney (Prosecutor) named Kim Gardner led a crusade to take out the Republican Governor Eric Greitens on charges revolving around his affair with a woman and his taking photographs of her. Gardner violated multiple ethics and legal standards, hiring a private investigator rather than using the police, and she suppressed evidence and committed perjury in court, yet the judge let her get away with it. So did the GOP. In the end Greitens resigned and Gardner remained as part of the agreement she made with the Republicans. (Gardner would later resign before being forced out on unrelated issues of corruption and dereliction of duty, and is currently on the lam to avoid being forced to testify in an investigation on some, uh, creative accounting in her former office.)

In both of these incidents the GOP refused to respond.

This pattern of behavior goes all the way back to Richard Nixon's tenure of office. The Democrats systematically removed his people, including his Vice President Spirow Agnew, over often baseless charges of corruption. Eventually they were ready to impeach Nixon and he resigned. They then followed up with Reagan, taking out numerous Reagan cabinet members in the same way, including some really good people like Interior Secretary James Watts. Oh, and don't forget what they did to Robert Bork, Reagan's pick for SCOTUS.

And don't forget what they did to Clarence Thomas. And Brett Kavanagh.

This is a pattern of behavior and it has now reached the point where they are openly tampering with an election and attempting to put the Republican candidate and former President in prison. And STILL Mike Johnson doesn't think we should retaliate.

At what point will Johnson and the rest realize that they are in a war and losing?

The Democrats followed the playbook, sending multiple Trump aids to prison or charging them with crimes, including people like the former hero of New York, Rudy Giulliani. They have systematically abused the law to go after Trump's hands, and now they are after Mr. Trump himself. And don't forget they sent all the protesters at the certification of Biden on January 6, 2021 to prison and STILL they hunt for anyone who was there. Many of these folks have gotten decades for attending a protest against a stolen election.

When is it time to fight fire with fire in Johnson's mind? At what point do we say "ENOUGH!"?

This is how Communists took over the countries in Eastern Europe. They strongarmed the opposition out of power and used the law to destroy their enemies. Yet now the GOP is full of doves unwilling to use the same weapons as those who are not just their enemies but the enemies of the American People and the Constitution.

If the GOP fails to strike back then they will wither away as did the Whig Party. There is no reason for their existence if they don't take a stand. I'll vote for the Constitution Party next election if it comes to that.

Mike Johnson has become as big a disaster for Republicans as was Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan, and John Boehner.

While we're discussing it, anybody remember Bill Clinton and his 900 raw FBI files? The Republicans were terrified of Clinton and no doubt for good reason. Trent Lott ran a farce of a trial when Clinton was impeached; he didn't allow many witnesses, including Betty Curry, Clinton's chief secretary,the woman who knew where all the bodes were buried. BTW Clinton had tried to buy off several of the women who accused him and nobody said that was "election tampering" then. Clinton even got Monica Lewinsky a job out of town (a real job, not that kind of job) and nobody tried to prosecute him then. But the fact remains Clinton had a private investigator working for him, and undoubtedly was blackmailing Republicans.

When Newt Gingrich stepped down as Speaker he was replaced by Dennis Hastert, a pedophile who was paying blackmail money to his victim. Does anyone believe Clinton didn't know that when he was in office, or any Democrat? It was why Hastert was so ineffectual; he dared not fight lest he be outed.

The Democrats have been using these kinds of tactics for decades and there has been no Republican response. At the same time the Nation has made a long, horrible slide into the cesspool of leftism and degeneracy. The two are linked.

If Johnson is too squimish to do what must be done at this point he needs to step aside and let someone with the stones to do it take charge. Many women in the GOP have more gonads than does the eunuch Johnson.

If we won't fight back now we never will. And we are done if we don't.

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