March 25, 2020

The COVID Revolution

Timothy Birdnow

Daren Jonescu has some great observations about the "crisis" and the "stimulus" at his website.

See it here.

From the essay:

Let’s clarify the situation you are witnessing (assuming you are not hiding your head under a pillow, as you probably should be) just a little further: The U.S. Federal Government is responding preemptively to an economic "crisis” that has not yet proved to be particularly crisis-like — it is less than two weeks old, after all — except in public perception, which perception the government itself has played a large role in fostering.

In other words, the government has manufactured a crisis, or a prospective crisis, and is now "responding” to that manufactured crisis by stealing two trillion dollars from the American people, or rather from their children, in order to ameliorate economic hardships which, if they do in fact occur, will have been largely the direct result of the government’s unwillingness to stand up for common sense, the rule of law, and the principle of liberty when it counted, i.e., when the corporate media was doing everything in its power to make blood money from the American people by fomenting mass panic over a virus that has shown itself to be far less catastrophic than some had initially feared.

What is being stimulated by this stimulus package, then, is mostly the following:

  • The artificially-induced perception of a dire emergency;
  • The sense that a normal social problem, such as a new virus, requires and warrants massive and "unprecedented” government intervention;
  • The ever-expanding national debt, which entraps Americans forever on the steep mountain of confiscatory taxation, in a Sisyphean climb to the unreachable goal of solvency;
  • Metastasizing government paternalism.

It’s classic progressivism: Government creates a problem, or makes a small one exponentially worse; government then insists that the only way to correct this growing problem is by enlarging the government; and the new powers and expenses created by this alleged government solution — which will prove, after the fact, to have solved nothing — will become entrenched in the national budget and psyche in perpetuity.

And bear in mind all of this new spending will become the next budget's baseline. So government will continue to spend far more money.

If I wanted to bring down the United States I couldn't think of a better way to do so.

In a related essay from his site Daren has some great insights:

The easily predictable future results of this strategy: millions of people will lose their livelihoods and life savings; there will be a massive spike in suicides, as people collapse into despair over losing everything they have worked for; the legal precedents for unlimited government coercion, and the moral precedents for mass popular dependency on government redistribution, will be firmly entrenched in the social fabric of all hitherto semi-free nations; there will be a huge increase in looting and other property violations as people devoid of a moral compass compete for scarce necessities in an environment of general fear.

And I emphasize that all the above results are easily predictable, which is to say that any semi-rational adult can see them coming, which is to say that the power-players imposing this strategy are fully aware that their current actions will cause all of the above results, and that they have chosen to pursue this course with this understanding.

All this in reaction to a virus that has proved to be dangerous almost exclusively to the very old and weak, or other people with serious underlying health conditions.

Okay, the Virus that Ate a Civilization is spreading like wildfire — well, like a bad flu virus, actually — in spite of all government attempts to maintain the pretense that state-manufactured action plans can solve this problem (state-manufactured action plans having proved so effective in solving so many other societal problems over the centuries).

The current worldwide solution of preference: tear up the roots of individual liberty and representative government; destroy the global economy for the foreseeable future; encourage citizens to behave like selfish cowards towards their fellow men, in hysterical overreaction to a bad flu virus.

So I guess that leaves us with today’s operative global strategy: mass panic, susceptibility to mass manipulation, and cowering under the table hoping that our masters in the government will save us.

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