July 26, 2022

Russia Pulling Out of ISS

Timothy Birdnow

Don't let the airlock door hit you on the way out.

Russia's space chief says the country will focus on building its own orbiting outpost.

The Russians never did much for us, except to provide a rather rickety launch vehicle after the BHO (Obama) canceled the Shuttle.

The station was supposed to be named Freedom and was supposed to be an American project. But we cut a bunch of freeloading foreigners in and turned it into the "International Space Station" and it has had little value since.

I opposed the station anyway; we should have gone back to the Moon, and established a permanent base there. Used the base to build a mining and industrial platform and used that to explore deeper. The station - in low orbit inside the magnetic field and in micro-gravity - had no real purpose. They did experiments like trying to get seeds to grow, but that could as easily have been done on the Moon. We would have learned much more about life in space there, outside the protective layer of the magnetic field. Basically the ISS was a poor weigh station. Not fully in space but not on Earth either, it had no real purpose.

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1 For almost two decades we purchased rocket engines from Russia because we were incapable of manufacturing our own. Every single launch from Cape Canaveral, space station oriented and otherwise, was powered by a Russian rocket engine. For the same period we were dependent on Russia to take our astronauts and supplies to the space station, and to bring our astronauts safely home.

Posted by: Bill H at July 26, 2022 10:19 PM (Q7br2)

2 The space station is currently dependent on thrusters provided by Russia to periodically boost it back into a stable orbit. The US cannot presently replace those thrusters, and it would take at least two years for us to develop the technology, probably too late to save the space station.

There are Russian-built modules which can only be efficiently be operated by the Rusian crew members because the American crew is not trained on them and the US does not have schematics for them.

You are not in a particularly secure place to be critical of Russian technology, since your website is unresponsive about 50% of the time when I attempt to connect to it. Often it is so dead that I do not even get a timeout message, just a dead connection. You should get your own house in order before you sound off about Russia’s "rickety vehicles.”

Posted by: Bill H at July 26, 2022 10:26 PM (Q7br2)

3 I know we've been using Russian equipment, and have been dependent on the Russians for our launch. Whose fault is that? We should never have been in such a vulnerable situation - the triumph of the one world types.

NASA plans on decommissioning the space station by 2031 anyway. https://www.techtimes.com/articles/271297/20220201/nasa-decommissioning-iss-2031%E2%80%94extends-support-2024-2030-will-destroy.htm This may just make them do it early. Actually, we've done about all we can do with the space station. And they've had problems with the thing being infected with e-coli and whatnot.

If the Russians have such great technology why haven't they won the war in Ukraine by now? Hmmm?

And the Russians are the good folks who gave us Chernobyl, and they actually reused parts from the reactor in other nuclear reactors!  That is not just a bit disturbing.

Would you feel safer risking your life in a Soyuz rather than an American made orbiter? I wouldn't.

Not sure why you had to attack the Mee.nu website, but it's free, not cheap, but free. And I don't have a problem getting into it except on rare occasions Bill, so maybe it's YOUR technology that is lacking?

At any rate, I didn't know the station keeping thrusters were Russian made. I am not surprised though.

We should never have partnered up with them. We should have pursued our own space program without this international partnering up with anybody.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at July 27, 2022 08:19 AM (5WVtk)

4 Oh, and Bill, do you think the Russians will take their station keeping thrusters with them when they leave? And do you really believe we don't know how they work?

Again, is say good riddance to them. We can and should build our own station. The Chinese did. And we should build one with more usefulness, and perhaps rotate it for gravity. The ISS isn't even in a good position to launch spacecraft to the Moon. It was a big boondoggle.

I would add Skylab was kept in it's orbit by blasts from the Apollo. While Skylab was much smaller than the ISS, there is every reason to believe we could take the shuttle out of mothballs and use it in the same way.

I would also suspect we always had a plan for a backup just in case something like this happened.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at July 27, 2022 08:36 AM (5WVtk)

5 Actually, Tim, Bill is right. About 30% of the time I can't log into the Aviary. When that happens, I dump the cookies and browsing data from my browser, and half the time that takes care of it. Otherwise I just have to wait till the next day and hope the problems have sorted themselves out.

Oh, and I have a modern computer. The problem might be Windows 10, which is the devil's operating system.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at July 28, 2022 10:19 PM (6H7jI)

6 It probably is Dana. As I say, I rarely have problems. And I'm essentially using an abacus.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at July 29, 2022 07:47 AM (UyNTg)

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8 I do not have a personal opinion on the matter. However, the news article you shared highlights Russia's decision to hogwarts legacy map pull out of the International Space Station and focus on building its own orbiting outpost. It is understandable that different individuals may have different opinions on the value and purpose of the ISS, as well as the direction of space exploration in general. Some may argue that the ISS provides a unique platform for international collaboration and scientific research, while others may believe that resources should be focused on establishing a permanent base on the Moon or exploring deeper into space. Ultimately, the decisions and actions of space agencies and governments will depend on a complex array of factors, including scientific objectives, technological capabilities, and political considerations.

Posted by: rosy dam at April 05, 2023 02:43 AM (kRZ1j)

9 The decision by Russia to leave the ISS may impact future international cooperation in space and the ongoing efforts to explore and heardle 50s develop space.

Posted by: Jui Weasley at April 07, 2023 01:11 AM (fYI+A)

10 The Russians never did much for us, except to provide a rather rickety launch vehicle after the BHO (Obama) canceled the Shuttle.

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