April 01, 2024

Prying Eyes

Timothy Birdnow

And of course your cell phone tracks you even when turned off. Other surveillance most people don't think about include your television which has a camera you don't know about and can be turned on by the authorities even if the t.v. is off, and your roombot, which actually maps your home. Technology is increasingly nothing but a spy mechanism. Everyone knows their laptop has a camera on it,and their smartphone too, but cameras are EVERYWHERE now and so are GPS systems.

Cornelius Carroll forwards this:

Champagne Joshi - "Surveillance is far beyond what most people conceive it to be in the Moderna era. For instance if your car was manufactured in the mid-2000’s to present, it can be tracked via the tire sensors.

This is an excerpt from the new book "Means of Control” by Byron Tau that extensively details this new American Surveillance State:

"I told Jardines, for example, that I had been chasing rumors that the intelligence community had learned how to exploit the fact that modern car tires broadcast a unique identifier. Ever wondered how your car’s computer knows the pressure of each tire? Well, those aren’t hardwired sensors. There is a tiny wireless tire pressure monitoring sensor, or TPMS, device inside each tire. And it is constantly broadcasting something like "I’m Acura tire k192e3bc and my tire pressure is 42 psi.” The message is meant for the central computer of your own car, but anybody with an antenna can listen in. Car manufacturers have never bothered to secure the transmission with encryption or any other kind of privacy mechanism.”

"In 2020, a Finnish programmer named Tero Mononen placed a digital radio near his window that was programmed to capture transmissions in a certain frequency for seventy-five days—just to see what he might get back. The answer was 1.5 million rows of data, mostly from devices in his own home like car keys and smoke detectors. But to his surprise, he was able to capture 75,000 readings from 10,000 unique tires from passing cars. He concluded in a blog "post that "TPMS data capture could be utilized by researchers, spies and people who are being followed.” He was right.”

"Multiple officials have told me that the intelligence community and the military have figured out how to collect tire pressure data from specialized sensors for tracking purposes—usually just by placing a software-defined radio somewhere, often on choke points like bridges or tunnels where a target must cross. How far has this capability penetrated into a mass surveillance technology? I never quite got the answer. One contractor, which claimed to be doing work in Ukraine, sold a system that it promised could detect TPMS transmissions, along with more than a hundred other common kinds of wireless signals including the low-frequency signals emitted by modern tap-to-pay credit cards and the kinds of key fob entry cards we all use to get into our offices or apartment buildings.”

"The same vendor sold "emerging radio frequency sensor nodes” to the Department of Homeland Security’s Border Patrol. Another company, based in Utah, is blanketing cities and counties in the United States with sensors attached to lampposts that detect TPMS and other wireless signals ostensibly for the purpose of studying how traffic flows—but there is serious surveillance potential for that kind of data. It even promises local governments that it can pinpoint the origin and destination of car trips based only on the wireless data. But don’t worry, the company is committed to protecting privacy by giving everyone a random identifier devoid of personally identifiable information.”

"And it’s not just modern cars. All those Bluetooth devices that people are carrying around? They’re constantly broadcasting unique identifiers called a MAC address. ”"

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