July 25, 2022

Pigs in a Poke

Timothy Birdnow

Rahm "Dead Fish" Emmanuel, former Mayor of Chicago and Obamabot, once famously said "never let a good crisis go to waste".

Well, they aren't letting the high prices of food go to waste. Congress is desperately working to get a deal allowing vast numbers of aliens legal access to America so as to provide farm labor.

From the Caesar Chavez propaganda article:

Without action, Congress could miss an opportunity to try to tamp down runaway food inflation, since prices are being driven in part by a shortage of farm labor. The struggle to find farm workers has only intensified in recent years, thanks to tighter immigration restrictions, the Covid-19 pandemic and the highly competitive labor market. And increasingly, the farm economy is dependent on foreign-born workers, including migrants brought in via the H-2A guest worker program.

But even Crapo was not optimistic about the prospects of any immediate moves on the bill. "I don’t see it happening before the August recess,” he said, when asked if there would be action before then.

Still at issue are several House-passed provisions, including wage policy, caps on the number of expanded visas for farm workers and the extension of certain legal rights to those workers.

According to a source familiar with the negotiations, a deal has been reached on wages and the senators are close to agreement on the cap issue. But the expansion of worker rights — particularly the extension of the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act to cover H-2A workers — continues to be a sticking point.

Food economists say the availability of migrant labor correlates directly with lower food costs. Labor is the "one thing that I think matters,” said Jayson Lusk, a food economist at Purdue University.

"Some of that, to the extent immigration is involved, is certainly controversial,” Lusk said, but improving the labor supply would be "impactful in terms of food prices and agriculture.”

Labor is just one aspect of the farm economy being creamed by the Covid response. In fact, the loss of diesel fuel, the loss of fertilizer, and the multiple restrictions being placed on farmers by government overreach is all at work in the coming food crisis. But what do they address? Bringing in more aliens! They've wanted to do that since the Reagan Presidency.

And as always a number of Republicans are falling for this. It's just a way of changing the complexion of America, changing American voters and giving the Democrats eternal power.

The House version of the bill would establish a process by which farmworkers in the U.S. illegally could apply to become a "certified agricultural worker,” a designation that would last five-and-a-half years, removing risk of deportation. Applicants would be required to have a work history in the U.S. and would also have a pathway to receive a green card or citizenship further down the line.

It would also establish 20,000 year-round H-2A visas for farmworkers. H-2A, a program where agricultural workers can receive visas to work on farms in the U.S., has increased in popularity as farms have been unable to find domestic workers. But the program has a timetable that doesn’t allow recipients to work year-round — a problem for operations that need workers at all times of the year, like dairy farms.

The article says one of the things that has stalled the bill is an argument over wages and OSHA working conditions.

In other words, they want to unionize the farm workers so they can be milked for donations to the Democrats. And this kills any value they have; the whole reason to hire illegal farm workers is to pay them less then minimum wage. Give them legal status and you ruin their value.


So what happens is these newly legalized move on to take good jobs from Americans and a whole new crop of illegals are broght in.

It's an amnesty, plain and simple.

We've beaten back amnesty multiple times, but they just keep bringing it back. At a time when Americans are suffering they are using that pain to promote this idea which they have been hell-bent on imposing for decades. Why?

I think we know it has nothing to do with food inflation or anything else.

BTW we were told we wouldn't NEEd agriculture, or manufacturing in America any longer. We could just buy everything from overseas. How has that been working out for us?

Now, suddenly, farmers are so very important to the Ruling Class and we simply must have cheap labor for them! After decades of policy designed to wipe them out - NAFTA, for example - we are now supposed to beleive the Ruling Class cares.

No they don't. China has been buying up farms and houses. So have giant corporations. This influx of aliens will only accellerate that process. The family farm isn't going to profit as much as the big corporate farms.

Illegal aliens took over the meat packing industry years ago, and it wasn't until Trump that we began to crack down on them. We were told these were jobs "Americans just won't do" but guess what? Hundreds of Americans applied for those jobs after government raids on plants. These are indeed jobs Americans will do - if given the chance. But they won't do it for nothing, which is what the Ruling Class wants. And they won't act as a source of illegal votes, or for laundering money back to the DNC.

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2 Rahm "Dead Fish" Emmanuel, former Mayor of Chicago and Obamabot, once famously said "never let a good crisis go to waste".

Posted by: Fake Watches at June 22, 2023 09:33 PM (0b23z)

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