May 22, 2022

Pandemics and the Kingdom of the Beast

Timothy Birdnow

The Left may be inventive, but they like to reuse the same old themes. And the Biden Junta is especially bereft of original thinkers; they are probably going to try to ride the same wave that put them in office (or allowed them to steal it anyway.)

Case in point; they seem to be gearing up to stoke fears of a new pandemic, this time using an African relative of smallpox - monkeypox.

From Fox News:

President Joe Biden said Sunday the new monkeypox outbreak should concern "everybody," as it continues to baffle medical officials around the world.

"Everybody should be concerned about [it]," Biden said in South Korea, while speaking with a group of reporters before he boarded Air Force One for Japan, Reuters reported.

The president’s remarks come as numerous outbreaks of monkeypox were reported in Africa, followed by other reported cases in Europe and the U.S.


Christian Happi, director of the African Centre of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Diseases, similarly said he’s "never seen anything like what's happening in Europe."

According to WHO estimates, monkeypox could be fatal for up to one-in-ten people, though its similarity to the smallpox virus allows smallpox vaccinations to provide some protection.


Welcome to the latest panicdemic! And if not this then they have something new in the deck.

CNN gives away another part of the game:

"Treatment is generally supportive as there are no specific drugs available. However, a vaccine is available that can be given to prevent the development of disease," Jimmy Whitworth, professor of international public health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, said in a statement.

So, more vaccinations from the people who have killed a bunch of elderly and young athletes.

More money for the drug companies and Bill Gates.

And then there is this little tidbit:

Transmission between people occurs primarily through large respiratory droplets, and because such droplets typically travel only a few feet, "prolonged face-to-face contact is required," the CDC said.

Got that? It means MORE MASKING! Yes, just when you thought it was over, like a bad Dracula movie the face tampon will return.

Dr. Evil himself, Mr. Vaccine, Bill Gates, has threatened us with another pandemic

And he warned about distrust of government:

But, a particular problem could slow or derail much of that progress, he predicted: people’s distrust of governments. "It’s one of the issues I’m most worried about heading into 2022,” he wrote.

Basically it's "shut up and let your betters run things."

Gates and Ruling Class types like him have no faith in free markets or the efficacy of a free and informed public. Instead he sees the average person as requiring constant supervision and guidance. Sadly he's right, because people like him have dumbed down education to make it easier for people like him to insert themselves into this role.

I would add Gates is urging governments to pour billions into research in this field. I ask; isn't that what gave us this pandemic in the first place? Government "gain of function" research likely created the souped up version of SARS Covid 2 that came to be called Covid 19 (rather than the China or Wuhan virus, as it would customarily be named). I don't know about everyone else but I think governments have done quite enough research on pathogens.

Meanwhile the Chinese-dominated World Health Organization is attempting to seize world power with an update to a treaty that will allow it to overrule national sovereignty in the event of a pandemic, thus imposing international pandemic conventions on any state (such as Sweden) whether they like it or not.

It's a way to backdoor world government. Does anyone doubt there will be a new pandemic? And the Biden junta has been quietly working to implement this thing, hidden by the many other disasters the lawless Administration has engendered.

And, as Rahm Emmanuel famously stated, a leftist should never let a good crisis go to waste. It has been clear they have been using this pandemic to advance their cause, and no doubt they would like another.

Pandemics can cause massive societal upheaval.

According to Andrew Latham, who teaches a course on the historical effects of pandemics:

Three previous plagues could yield some clues about the way COVID-19 might bend the arc of history. As I teach in my course "Plagues, Pandemics and Politics,” pandemics tend to shape human affairs in three ways.

First, they can profoundly alter a society’s fundamental worldview. Second, they can upend core economic structures. And, finally, they can sway power struggles among nations.


The Antonine plague, and its twin, the Cyprian plague – both now widely thought to have been caused by a smallpox strain – ravaged the Roman Empire from A.D. 165 to 262. It’s been estimated that the combined pandemics’ mortality rate was anywhere from one-quarter to one-third of the empire’s population.

While staggering, the number of deaths tells only part of the story. This also triggered a profound transformation in the religious culture of the Roman Empire.

On the eve of the Antonine plague, the empire was pagan. The vast majority of the population worshipped multiple gods and spirits and believed that rivers, trees, fields and buildings each had their own spirit.

Christianity, a monotheistic religion that had little in common with paganism, had only 40,000 adherents, no more than 0.07% of the empire’s population.

Yet within a generation of the end of the Cyprian plague, Christianity had become the dominant religion in the empire.


The Black Death broke out in Europe in 1347 and subsequently killed between one-third and one-halfof the total European population of 80 million people. But it killed more than people. By the time the pandemic had burned out by the early 1350s, a distinctly modern world emerged – one defined by free labor, technological innovation and a growing middle class.

Before the Yersinia pestis bacterium arrived in 1347, Western Europe was a feudal society that was overpopulated. Labor was cheap, serfs had little bargaining power, social mobility was stymied and there was little incentive to increase productivity.

But the loss of so much life shook up an ossified society.



And here is the money quote:

None of this is to argue that the still-ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will have similarly earth-shattering outcomes. The mortality rate of COVID-19 is nothing like that of the plagues discussed above, and therefore the consequences may not be as seismic.

But there are some indications that they could be.

Will the bumbling efforts of the open societies of the West to come to grips with the virus shattering already-wavering faith in liberal democracy, creating a space for other ideologies to evolve and metastasize?


Got that?




If the Left is thinking along these lines (and most Leftists believe in the inevitability of their worldview even while they fight desperately to promote it's implementation) then they see this as The Revolution handed to them via CRISPR technology.

Read more on the WHO power grab.

So look for a new pandemic soon - and a new demand for world government to "protect" us. Welcome to the Kingdom of the Beast.

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1 A pox on all of them...

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at May 24, 2022 10:12 AM (usxcn)

2 That's what they are wishing on US alas Dana.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at May 25, 2022 08:17 AM (1XaoE)

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