January 21, 2021

"Our President" Rams His Agenda Down Our Throats

Timothy Birdnow

Usurper Joe Biden gave his speech calling for unity and saying he would be everyone's President. But then what did he say?

He gave a long list of the things he intends to shove down the throats of those who didn't vote for him. No olive branch, no peace offering, not even the slightest suggestion he would moderate some of his actions. No; he has already killed the Keystone Pipeline, put us back in the Paris Accord (both of which will kill jobs and drive the price of gasoline through the roof).

Here are his plans:

"After being sworn in on Wednesday, Biden will rescind the travel ban on several majority-Muslim countries, rejoin the Paris climate accords, extend limits on student loan payments and evictions instituted during the pandemic and issue a mask mandate on federal properties and for interstate travel. Incoming White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain outlined the flurry of activity for Biden’s first 10 days in office in a memo to senior staff on Saturday."

End excerpt.

That travel ban was from countries in the throes of Jihadist revolution, so Biden doesn't care about our safety. The Paris accord will strangle our economy and drive energy prices through the roof, and his plan to continue the pause on student loan repayments and evictions is costing the economy real money and will hurt landlords who have mortgages to pay. And he's going to keep Americans bound and gagged.

But it continues:

"On Biden’s second day in office, he will sign executive actions focused on addressing the Covid-19 pandemic, including ways to help schools and businesses reopen safely, expand testing, protect workers and establish clearer public health standards. The next day, Biden will direct his Cabinet to work on delivering economic relief to families most affected by the crisis.

In subsequent days, Biden will expand "Buy America provisions,” take action to advance "equity and support communities of color,” begin to reform the criminal justice, expand access to healthcare and work toward reuniting families separated at the border. Klain did not specify what these actions would entail, but the memo follows Biden’s introduction this week of his legislative agenda, which includes a $1.9 trillion relief bill."

End excerpt.

So he's going to keep the closures and masking going in perpetuity. He's going to promote BLM rioters and empty the prisons, triggering a major crime wave. He's going to open the border and let millions of illegal aliens flood the country. He's going to reinstate "catch and release". He's going to bankrupt the country to boot.

In other words, Biden is going to cram his leftist agenda down America's unwilling throat. But he's going to be everyone's President, yessirree!

How is he going to do that pray tell? He has offered absolutely NO policies that a Conservative might back.

In other words he's a liar. But we already knew that. He's a cheat and a liar and a thug who will use the force of law to promote his power and the "remake America" into something unrecognizable and evil.

This man was not elected President; he usurped the office through massive vote theft. His promise to be President for all of us is just a ruse to get the half of the country who didn't vote for him to be quiet until he can muzzle us. It's really that simple.

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